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Days: 105.3
Mean Score: 4.54
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  • Episodes6,494
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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin - Advent of the Red Comet
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin - Advent of the Red Comet
Aug 15, 7:00 PM
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Jikuu Tenshou Nazca
Jikuu Tenshou Nazca
Jun 14, 10:26 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
Jun 14, 9:57 PM
Watching 24/39 · Scored 8
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Days: 11.9
Mean Score: 7.12
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  • Chapters2,135
  • Volumes180
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May 24, 9:26 AM
Reading 10/? · Scored 9
Apr 27, 7:24 PM
On-Hold 358/? · Scored 9
Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
Apr 20, 9:24 AM
Completed 147/147 · Scored 8


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literaturenerd Oct 4, 8:08 PM
I'm only on episode 12. I've heard it collapses in the 2nd half, but that's rather sad considering all the talent involved. It has Chiaki Konaka, Ryutaro Nakamura, and I believe the man who did the sound editing for Lain. Of course both Konaka and Nakamura have had a few duds, but together those 2 could make some real magic. So sad Nakamura died young! Nakamura's death along with Satoshi Kon, and Yasuhiro Takamoto earlier this year were the 3 HUGE blows for the anime industry.
MisatoXGriffith Oct 4, 7:45 PM
Sent y a FR on discord again

TBH dont recall why i removed ya sorry no idea how tat has happend
literaturenerd Oct 1, 10:29 PM
Have you made any progress in Witcher? I'm currently reading the 4th novel. Typically I prefer classic novels, but for pulp fantasy the Witcher novels are quite fun. As for anime, I've been watching Ghost Hound, which apparently a LOT of people hate but I'm enjoying so far.
literaturenerd Sep 6, 10:49 PM
That makes total sense. Thanks for the explanation!
literaturenerd Sep 5, 11:44 AM
I've noticed most people on MAL heavily prefer the 2nd season of Ashita No Joe. You're one of the few people with the first season in your favorites. Do you count them both as one series, or do you prefer the first season? I'm just curious. Not everyone takes their top 10 too seriously, but some people are very passionate about why they chose particular entries. My favorites list, while quite silly, is deeply personal. There is a background story for why I put each entry there.
literaturenerd Sep 4, 9:04 PM
That's ok. I made a Myvideogame list last month and haven't put more than 10 things on there. I hate the user interface on that site! Not that I could do better designing a website, so I guess it isn't my place to criticize.

I actually beat Sekiro a little while ago. I got the "Return" ending, which is considered the "good" ending. Oddly enough, it isn't the hardest one to get. Usually they make the best ending the hardest! I then played though a very short game called Wolf Among Us, and I'm now playing Yakuza Zero. If you haven't heard of Yakuza, it's like a more lighthearted GTA with insanely stupid side quests. For example, a porno shop owner gets bored because he's seen it all and can't get hard anymore. Your character has to go to a haunted alley and trade a hot cup of noodles to a ghost in exchange for a cursed video tape and give it to the clerk.
Huss Sep 4, 3:43 AM
good taste
literaturenerd Sep 3, 8:16 PM
shadysamishere Sep 1, 11:23 PM
Hey, thanks for accepting my friend request.
How are you?
literaturenerd Jul 15, 7:34 PM
BTW, do you a Letterboxd or Goodreads?
literaturenerd Jul 8, 5:57 PM
At least among my generation, relatively few Americans are members of the PC Master Race, thus why it became a meme. In Eastern Europe, all gamers are PC gamers because consoles and console games are absurdly expensive and often don't get translated and released in that region. To this day, I mostly use my PC to play Civ 5 or Master of Orion and other strategy games. Also for pokemon emulators. I primarily use my PS4, although I also own a PS3, PS2, and old school Sega Genesis.

Biochemistry was my major when I started college, but I was interested in psychiatry or neurology for medical school, so I actually changed my major to Psychology and minored in chemistry. After I burned out of medical school in my 3rd year (long story there), I worked as a pharm tech for while. Now I'm working as an assistant behavior tech, so I can work with kids with autism. I'm taking my GRE in August and should hopefully start my Masters degree in January!

So what year are you in? Do you plan on getting a lab job?
bioeffect Jul 6, 10:31 PM
Awesome glad to hear it.
bioeffect Jul 6, 8:52 PM
Don't mean to interrupt your convo with Litnerd but Witcher 1 is a lot like Neverwinter nights and other old school PC WRPGS it's completely understandable why you don't like it back then there wasn't good enough technology to make seamless and well animated 3D combat systems and it was expensive to make 3D combat systems so developers especially western RPG ones had to use a rhythmic battle style or the Isometric RPG system where you commanded your chaarcter to go into certain places and got to choose whether to atatck, upgrade, rest, plan and other stuff examples being Baldur's gate or Dragon Age Origins. The game hasn't aged well combat wise or graphically although graphics wise you could always use mods to enhance the graphics a bit.

I would recommend you either watch a walkthrough of the game or just skip it and move to the 2nd one since the 2nd is a lot like The Witcher 3 where you don't need to have played the prequel to understand it and it's combat is a lot like the 3rd's and you get to see how the developer CDPR has evolved from the 2nd to the 3rd which is a pretty cool experience but yeah the first while sharing many similar things with the other two, combat wise is vastly different so it's understandable for someone who's used to modern games to either want to skip it or watch a walkthrough of it.

But if you do get used to the combat system then go ahead and try to finish the game because the rest of the game is pretty good. I'd personally recommend using the Isometric view in the Witcher 1 where you have an over the top view it's much better for me anyways you can give that a try if you already haven't.
grotesia Jul 6, 8:03 PM
of course
grotesia Jul 6, 6:54 PM
i don't like all of them but they're not bad when compared to ecchi etc. i just think it looks weird to have exactly those in your favorites. they have nothing in common other than being listed as "anime for elitists"