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Jan 2, 2020
Does Pokémon really need an introduction at this point? It's been around for over 20 years, it's a monolith in the world of marketing. But it was a huge hit in Japan when it first came out, and in 1999, it took the rest of the world by storm. So much so, that on November 10, 1999, the first film, “Mewtwo Strikes Back”, came out a year in America after its debut in Japan, with a second film having already been in Japanese theaters for months. But children outside of Japan didn't know about that, the Internet was still young at the time. All we ...
Jun 19, 2017
“If you try to arouse me, you will fill me with lust.”

Let that set the tone for this review. Just really let that sink in, which shouldn't take long.

Based on the three versions that were broadcast, this had to have been some kind of experiment to see what they could do with adult anime. Clearly, the “all-ages” version is a joke from the way it was going to be butchered to hell and back, and the “15+” version has some laughable censorship this side of “Pupa” and “Okusama ga Seitokaichou”, albeit with the latter, it's more toward the cut-out puppet segments to cut away from ...
Feb 27, 2017
Note: Given the nature of this series, this review will be split into two parts to cover both the Hoenn League and Battle Frontier.

Regardless of what we think of Pokémon, it's a successful franchise, and the original series was popular even with its ups and downs. However, its popularity began to decline during the Johto season, and the Pokémon phenomenon that rocked the world lost its luster. That didn't mean Pokémon was done with, as the Ruby and Sapphire versions rolled around for the fairly young Game Boy Advance on November 21 of 2002 in Japan, and then March 19, 2003 in North America (April ...
Sep 3, 2016
It's time to d-d-d-d—d-d-d-d-d-d-do a review! *checks that off the overdone memetic references list*

Every dubbing company has their golden goose: FUNimation has Dragon Ball Z. ADV Films had Evangelion. Animaze had Cowboy Bebop. 4KIDS had two: Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, although it was the latter that defined their dubs.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is most well-known for being about card games, although the series originally was just a dark shounen that used games in place of the typical shounen battles. Indeed, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” directly translates to “King of Games!”, and arguably it's kept that title, at least when it comes to game-related anime. The franchise as a whole had been in ...
Aug 25, 2016
Mixed Feelings
April 29th, 2006, is the day that lives in infamy in the Pokémon fandom. Kids' WB's promo(s) and the official Pokémon website hyped the “Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon” special up for the 10th anniversary, showing fan favorites such as Misty, Mewtwo, Entei, and Mew, and it was specially created for the fans—so much so, it was first aired overseas months before Japan got to see it. It was the first of its kind. But they were careful not to have actual audio playing from the special itself.

Ten years may have passed since it was first released, however, the controversy is still felt among Pokémon fans ...
Jun 23, 2016
There are some series that leaves an impact on the consumer, whether positive or negative, influencing or degrading, enjoyable or painful. They fall into a specific spectrum of very good or very bad. But then there are the in-betweeners, some which have good qualities but still missed their mark more times than acceptable, or are of the “so bad, it's good” due to managing to hold on to some charm that saves it from the trash bin. Others, however, manage to find comfort in the very middle by just “being there”, not picking a side and not making an impression good or bad enough to ...
Jun 6, 2016
Ushio to Tora (Manga) add
Shounen has a long history in the manga industry—or hell, in just about the entire entertainment industry, mostly in marketing. Catering to young boys is guaranteed to be the big money-maker whether it's because of the robots, the fight scenes with whatever superpower they wield, the really cool designs for all sorts of outfits the heroes put on, the fact young male characters are off saving the world, it just pushes all the right buttons. Regardless of any saturation that may have happened over the years, it's one of, if not the most successful demographics (which may mostly be because of its periphery demographic), and ...
Mar 20, 2016
“I also cry a lot at school. But Ms. Ushizawa says that crying and laughing a lot shows that we're alive.”

When I was a child, there was a young man in my primary class at church who had cerebral palsy. I never sat next to him, I never talked to him or his family, but he was always there at the end of the front row in his wheelchair, smiling and attempting to sing along. I remember the day the teachers announced proudly he had gone on his first date (as he was sixteen at the time), and he tried to tell us through his ...
Feb 23, 2016
Brain Powerd (Anime) add
I apologize if I somehow don't use a lot of big words, or just a lot of words in general in this review. I lost enough braincells watching/half-watching this show that it's affected my vocabulary and my memory, and I've just stopped caring altogether to give this a proper review. I'll be mainly going off Wikipedia and TV Tropes for information simply because I can't be bothered enough to go off my own memory for this. I pity the poor bastards who watched this weekly when it first aired, because I bet they couldn't remember jack shit every week—thus why the main character clearly had ...
Dec 28, 2015
Execution is important when telling a story. An idea may sound good on paper, but when implemented, many things can and will go wrong. Sometimes, this is the fault of the talent or lack there-of putting it together, as there was too much going on and they had to cut it down. Other times, it was too vague and it goes someplace the creator didn't originally want it to go, or wasn't open to experimentation. Or it was just all slapped together, and/or relied on too much ass pulling and so it just falls apart. But then there are ideas that simply just don't work, ...

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