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Sep 15, 12:58 AM
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Sep 15, 12:10 AM
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Chrno Crusade
Chrno Crusade
Sep 9, 3:35 AM
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Saki-chan wa Konya mo Pekopeko
Saki-chan wa Konya mo Pekopeko
Jul 21, 12:29 PM
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Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi
Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi
Jun 5, 5:15 PM
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Jan 1, 2:16 AM
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Aoboba Aug 11, 10:41 PM
Oooh, is there a video of TAS completing that level? You would need to be frame perfect each time if its THAT difficult for a human to beat. More competition means more motivation to me tbh. It would get me pumped up trying to be the first person to clear a stage that has never been beaten yet. At least youre friends with them online. Do you guys help each other out?

Must be nice to be a creator. How long does it take to create a hack? And im assuming that the hack must be completed by the creator in order for it to be published? Otherwise it would seem like an impossible run.

Oof, good thing your mom is getting the treatment. I saw this one article where someone paid a million(?) just from staying at a hospital for like 2 weeks (due to covid). How was her bill? Covered by insurance? I also started doing things besides watching anime: crossfit, manga...., and school. At the time of this message, im actually in my first day of class xD
Aoboba Jul 8, 2:07 AM
Im assuming that after all this time ive been away, that you have any news for your speed running journey?

Bro same as me, Ive been slowly getting back into anime. Been trying to watch at least 3 episodes a day (If not every other day). I wish I can watch anime with friends, I have many anime friends, but we dont watch anime together. Would be nice though, at least I can watch them with my wife.

Yeah, usually gacha games are the ones that catch my eye. Im mostly mobile gamer because Im away from home most of the day (work). If the character design is super cute, I might invest a couple $20 to get the character I want.

Yup, busy again bro. I only ever go on MAL to update my list via the mobile app. So if you think Im online or something, I probably just watched/read something and updated it quickly. Nothing personal xD
weltmano Jun 1, 7:08 PM
No problem, thanks for accepting :)
LunarStarGirl345 May 29, 1:36 AM
You’re welcome :3.
Aoboba May 26, 10:19 PM
Oh wow, thats pretty impressive about clearing the 1st and 3rd hardest stars. Especially within 2 weeks, I would be jealous but theres no competition going on between us so i will just congratulate you.

I havent watched Symphogear yet. I barely watch anime on my free time and when I do its with the wife or when I need to catch up on last seasons anime. Im thinking about putting them on hold while I watch the anime this season. And then once im caught up Ill get to watching them.

Stocking items seems easy if you dont mind heavy lifting or sweating from them. It even kills time since all youre doing is repetitive tasks. I feel like I would get tired of it and start half assing them. Yeah regular classes resume on August, so I got to be working till then.

Im in the same boat to where I would buy/try out a couple of games and eventually get tired of them within 2 weeks. I only continue playing them if theyre from a franchise im passionate about (nintendo). I recently got into Dead By Daylight and so far Ive been playing that every chance I get. Its really addicting and Im frustrated that I wasnt into it years ago when it was released.

Damn another hack? its no wonder your other games are collecting dust. You have your priorities on one game only lol.
Kikkili May 15, 10:59 AM
Oh wowww!! You are a key worker!!
Thank you so much for your service D: I really mean it
Like people like you need to be paid a lot more respect than everyone else
you basically hold the world up with your working hours!!! Bless you~
Kikkili May 12, 5:03 PM
uwaaaa I've been offline and neglecting my MAL profile for sooo long!!!
I don't even know where to pick up the conversation now DDD:
How have you been all this time???
Aoboba May 12, 5:12 AM
I would ask you how terrible working at a grocery store is... but I already hear devastating stories from my friends that already works there..

I mean, isnt it already implied that you should be the first person to clear your own hack? How else would you test to see if its possible/impossible to complete a stage? I feel like youre at that stage where you know you made it in the competitive SM64 community if your own hack gets recognition. Must be nice to see people rage doing a blind run of a new stage. I guess all this quarantine got you busy building stages huh (well, besides working... rip) congrats on your new hack!

What reminded me of MAL and replying to everyone was that I was in the app store for my Iphone and i Saw Symphogear has a new game? I didnt know if it was released yet or still waiting but it reminded me of you. I was like shitt, im forgetting someone... I guess If i havent found that game that day, I wouldve taken a longer time to log into MAL.

Hmm, nothing interesting happens when you stay home all day during this pandemic. Although I did start working as a helper for a construction site with my dad. Its pretty boring but at least it gives me extra cash. And once school resumes, I should be done with that job and focusing on becoming a full time student. That pretty much sums up my end... hmm.

Ive... also been playing lots of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Probably my most addicted game after Smash Bros. I was suuuuupre excited when I saw its reveal. Ive waited several years for a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game and it finally came <3
NERo0o May 7, 12:22 AM
Nice to meet you too, well you would not acepted it if it were not, right ? I dont plan on bothering anybody so it schould be fine.
NERo0o May 6, 10:41 PM
No need to thank me for that, you r welcome. I add you randomly, nice to meet you.
Aoboba May 5, 2:40 AM

Holy shit man its been soo long (2 months...) Ive been really busy lately and have been neglecting watching anime for a while... Too many work, school, and video games has taken my time away from other shits. Sorry its been like forever, but I hope you are fine and handling this pandemic good. I hope you are safe and that you havent forgetten about me!
Aoboba Feb 19, 2:29 AM
Its all good, its harder for me because Ill be responding with my Iphone and i accidentally click a link out of nowhere so I usually cant recover whatever I spent a good 10 minutes replying on.

Ah, I actually love Jibril in NGNL, easily my favorite character there. I only listed Shiro because we were on the topic of imouto. Umaru was actually very enjoyable for me. Ofc, her chibi form got me most of the laughs and entertainment. Probably because her life was relatable to mine without the mature version of her. Kirino has gotten a shit load of hate especially after the ending of the anime OVA. I actually preferred her over Kuroneko believe or not.

Yea part of the reason why I didnt enjoy TLR was because of Rito. If theres one thing I hate about harems/romance anime, its spineless, pervertted MCs. I mean if there was some progression with them I wouldnt mind but he was a pervert till the end LOL

Maybe try finding someone with an interest of anime like you. Last thing you want is for them to shame/ridicule you for it. Or, its up to you, but many of my friends portray anime as just "hentai" and pervertted so I was lucky to find a girl that was into anime

Id rather spend more time making hacks then actually playing them so I can enjoy the pain others feel trying to complete something I made. And then it would be even more better if it made the top 10 of challenging/randomest/funniest game.
PiinkSparklesxx Feb 9, 7:04 PM
You're welcome, hopefully we can be great friends!
Aoboba Feb 8, 10:41 PM
My memory cant remember all the girls in DxD besides Rias. I know the manga for To Love Ru is still on going, (I think) but I havent had the time to pick it up because its too long. I know theres that blonde hair girl that wears black all the time. Shes popular and cute... Imoutos? Lemme check all the anime Ive completed and see if any comes to mind...

(20 minutes later)

You gave a lot of detail for anime girls. Unfortunately these dont apply to real life woman because a ditsy, confident girl is rare and they dont resemble a lot like anime waifus :( I usually stray away from choosing anime characters whose breasts are larger than C because I find i... unsettling? Or its just not my preference LOL. A cheery attitude in waifus are a bonus too. Characters like Yui Hirasawa and Nadeshiko are the ones to come into mind for happy girls.

Haha I always saw Eila as that overly protective guardian for Sanya. Especially in that one scene where the bug was in Sanya's pajamas, that was her the perfect moment for some yuri fan service.

Thanks for clarifying that STUPID BALLZ had to be typed in all caps in reference to the reveal trailer. I honestly think shitpost levels would be more popular from SM64 hacks as opposed to actual hardcore level SM64 hacks. Now THAT is some entertaining shit
Aoboba Feb 8, 4:19 AM
Ayanami is definitely a character thats super cute with all that extra detail! She actually looks like an SSR gacha character from an anime mobile game. Rias Gremory without a doubt is everyones favorite character at some point. I was pretty sure she was my favorite when I watched a bit of DxD. AND Mikan <3 I havent finished To Love Ru, but shes hands down one of my favorite Imoutos. All the doujins and fan arts of her are absolutely god like.

I just find plain characters more appealing? Like their personality can make up for their lack of details and im find with that. Im also a HUUGE fan of anime girls with short hair (Except Aoba LOL). Basically I go for short hair, normal size breasts, plain designs, and shy/introverted personalities.

Well you sure caught me off guard with that video. Would I watch it again? If I was drunk and if I wanted to get a good laugh for no reason xD