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8 hours ago
Watching 20/32 · Scored 7
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Yesterday, 4:47 PM
Watching 6/12 · Scored 7
IDOLiSH7: Third Beat!
IDOLiSH7: Third Beat!
Jun 14, 9:24 PM
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
May 14, 4:22 PM
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May 7, 12:38 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
BJ Alex
BJ Alex
Mar 15, 11:17 PM
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Dottachin 5 hours ago
Yees I'm pretty good! Thanks for your concern :D
Coolest1234D Jun 11, 11:11 PM
Thanks. You seem to have nice taste as well.
Jereektorias Jun 8, 2:18 PM
As she should be :D
Auron_ May 24, 7:44 AM
Thank you!

As for the prev message, yes I can understand you perfectly. Oftentimes people make it out like you have to commit to a "side" and basically pick your political positions on that catalogue of "acceptable opinions for people who subscribe to X", which is truly a cancerous notion. I think it's absolutely fine to take whatever you feel is useful from any kind of system of thought and mold it to suit to your needs, being dogmatic about it doesn't help anyone. That said though I really am unable to find much good in the conservative ideology lol. Even things that are initially seen as innocuous like traditional family values is often used as a vehicle to condemn homosexual relationships, so I'm really in a bind trying to find good ideas espoused in it.

In either case, I am curious which ideas generally you agree on that'd more commonly be associated with the right. We don't need to be arguing over it but just broadly discuss the merits I'd appreciate.

On an unrelated note, your profile character is very captivating. May I ask the series where he's from? It's probably idol trash and I needn't even ask, but a man can dream.
-YaoiBoy- May 24, 1:45 AM
Oh, thanks for the friend request :3 it's a bit intimidating to send it myself to someone , who has been here for a long time, maybe they don't accept any anymore :)

I prefer plot oriented BL, so I'm hoping to enjoy Given. That's actually what impressed me so much about BL visual novels and why I came to hold them in such a high regard over the years: because of how great, impressive and atmospheric a lot of their stories were :) often gory, scary and depressing, but that's good too, in a different way :p and even those that were "meh" still somehow felt more rewarding than BL anime or manga. I wish they'd stop making anime adaptations that ruin them, it triggers me to no end. If they want to successfully adapt a visual novel, they'd need to make several parallel anime series that contribute each other and come together in terms of plot, but they just make convoluted linear crap that makes little to no sense. An if someone watches it, but then decides to play the original VN, most of the story will be already spoiled, so it's kind of sad.

And yeah, I've heard about Manhwa being overall better in many ways, can't say I'm that familiar with it yet :) I may have encountered some one-shot manhwas at MyReadingManga, which I use often as "fap material", but I can't say I've read anything serious and long running yet.
-YaoiBoy- May 23, 12:14 PM
I keep encountering people, who were bullied on Discord, looks like some kind of a nasty pattern. I mean, most likely different servers, but still feels weird.
-YaoiBoy- May 20, 8:10 AM
Why do I like so much when people rate FMA:B lowly, you just recently wrote "FMAB: 9.17 My score: 5" in one of the topics and I feel a sense of twisted pleasure after reading it lol. I'm a sick person, I've contracted FMA:B hating disease :p seems nothing makes me more happy these days than hate on FMA:B or Luffy (am I the only one who wants to punch him in the face because of his annoyingly happy attitude? maybe that's just me).

Anyway, I prefer anime over manga too :) sometimes I'm very much interested in manga despite having watched a finished anime (NGE, Akira). But it's a bad example, since NGE manga is based on anime, and not the other way around, but my point still stands. Anime ftw :p I'm definitely going to watch Given sooner rather than later, but considering I still haven't watched anything after registering here, I need to get my thoughts in order and finally start watching stuff.

Hope I'm not imposing on you with my (relatively) long ass comment :p
Kenzolo-folk May 19, 10:29 PM
I cant believe this, its really hard for me to take in..
thank you for letting me know, you were the first to tell me. Ive been off the internet for a while.

This is so sad..

I hoped to see Berserk to its end, but Miura was very old to begin with. Its so hard to believe still.
StormxNightmare May 19, 3:25 PM
Thank you :)
-YaoiBoy- May 18, 12:10 PM
First time I've heard of it, I think :) also, thank you, through you I've accidentally discovered the existence of Given anime, which looks extremely tempting to watch, maybe I should make that my priority. A really good BL anime? Blasphemy! Such a thing cannot exist :p
-YaoiBoy- May 17, 2:43 AM
Your profile picture hypnotizes me, I just want to take his hand, hoping that he will take me away into an anime world, right into a harem full of hot anime guys.
red-tomato May 14, 8:20 PM
amen my brudda
hammonlordofham May 13, 7:18 AM
Thank you! he is the best boy! I'm seeing the Misato love going on within your profile, she is one of my favourite characters. If I hadn't watched DITF then it would of been a close tie between Saber or Misato being my favourite female.
Harucchan May 12, 8:13 PM
Oh, I've got to admit that I haven't had time to watch the movie yet haha. I've been a bit busy lately.
Strong May 9, 7:59 PM