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Sep 28, 2018
This is one of the most boring and unfunny shows that I've ever seen in my life.

Our main character moves into his uncle's diving shop, Grand Blue where he met almost all of the cast. I expected to find creative jokes and interesting characters but I was very disappointed.

The show barely try doing something new and becomes repetitive easily. The predominant jokes are: naked guys drinking, Kouhei and Iori fighting, forced misunderstanding and, to a lesser extent, Iori's friends harassing fellow virgin friends. I don't have any problems with this type of jokes (except the last one) but they are introduced so read more
Apr 4, 2018

Violet Evergarden, another anime of the popular studio KyoAni. Let's start.

The anime occurs after a war. Our MC is called Violet, a blond girl with prosthetic arms. She is working as a Doll (a woman that writes letters) because she needs to know the meaning of 'I love you'. Then, she will know many people in her journey. A nice story awaits us. What could go wrong? Everything!

The story. Most of the anime is episodic (3-8 and 10-11). The ploblem is that the writing is very bad and repetitive. No matter how good the production quality or the soundrack is, read more
Mar 24, 2018
Ahhhh, Dragon Ball Super, the canon version of some weird fanfiction called Dragon Ball AF. Let's start!

*Movie recaps: you can't start an anime with just a recap of the first two (bad) movies. It's feels more like filler and just a waste of time. The episodes are excessively long and the terrible animation is over the top. EXAMPLE? Remember episode 5? The story is bad just like that movies. Retcons, asspulls, resurrections, lazy designs of 'new' transformations. 1/10

*Super Tournament Arc: the reason of this Tournament makes no sense in the first place. Champa can gather the Super Dragon Balls without discuss with Bills. I read more
Dec 29, 2017
An original anime that have a lot of potential to be great but ends so disappointing.

[Story: 3/10]

The story is slow (and with bad pacing) in most of episodes, mostly in the episodes 1-4 and 9-11. Sometimes some scenes are out of place, for example the baseball scenes with the adults in the middle.

[Character: 3/10]

Besides Komiya and maybe Haruto, all the characters feels boring, lack of personality and are one-sided. Komiya and his outgoing personality makes great moments for the anime, more that most of the main cast. Haruto in some scenes is good, in others not so much. Eita is boring character unless he read more
Dec 23, 2017
Story (2/10)

Except for the last two episodes, there is no plot in none of the 10 episodes. Some are just background of Libra members (4,6,7), others are nonsense ( 1,8,9) and some are rushed (2,3,10). The episodes 8 and 9 are the worst of the season. The episodic episodes feels like a bunch of OVA mixed together.

Art (7/10)

In this aspect the show in much better than the other options. The fights have very good animation and the colour is beautiful.

Sound (6/10)

Besides the opening and the ending, i don't remember much of the soundrack.

Characters (3/10)

Despite the show have episodes dedicated to Libra members, after that, read more
Dec 19, 2017
A show that could be much better if had at least 24 episodes:

Things that i like:
+The opening
+Some characters designs
+Rat so some degree
+Some parts of episode 10
Things that i don't like:
-Too much flashbacks
-Some episodes are predictable
-Bad animation in most episodes
-Rushed battles.
-The twins are boring and they have TWO episodes of flashbacks.
-Anticlimatic and dumb deaths (The Horse, Sheep)
-Overpower Rabbit (and no flashback)
-The wish in the last episode
-Ox past is not fully explored.

Also the series could be better if they explain more about the presentator of the game that we never know where come from. Whose are those people that are betting for the game? read more
Nov 5, 2017
Ousama Game the Animation. The comedy of the season. The characters are so funny how they died (the girl that falls from the windows, why is so much blood when she falls?? that's not making any sense) all the side characters are plot device, for example: first episodes when some boys are beating the MC for reasons and the girl suddenly becomes pyscho in the second episode (and we don't talk about how they believe her when she accuses the MC of rape but that bitch wants sex early with another guy). Other intelligent character is the girl that wants to know who is the read more
Sep 23, 2017
Story: 8/10. We have the main characters,Hiraga and Nicholas, and they need to investigates the "miracles" around the world. The first arc and thrid arc are puzzling and even frightening to some degree. The second arc is more character development than mystery but is good anyway. The episode five and the ending may have you think that they are filler but nope, they are interesting and you have to consider.
Art: 8/10 The art is very good overall despite some background characters in some episodes.
Sound: 8/10 The soundrack is good, I love the opening and the ending is fine. It have perfect read more
Sep 17, 2017
Story: 2/10. We have the main cast and they need to the find MC adult form. First, the plot is confusing because it was better if they follow the travel time like i was supposed to find. Second, they even don't know what place need to go to recover his memories unless the plot advances. The only good thing about it is Victo past with his parents, nothing more. And the episodes with the highschool girl and the gamer boy feels like fillers. The fights are bad executed and ends with asspulls.
Art: 2/10. They had bad animation in early episodes but now read more