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Royal-Guard-Reli Yesterday, 11:24 AM
I hesitate to say I'm completely comfortable getting ahold of this "new incarnation" of my Opera of Death (ugh, there I go calling them my nickname for them again), but I am learning my ground with them, so to speak. I'm just trying to guage how they're reacting to my presence now, for instance, they work 53 hours a week and said they don't have a lot of energy and that will effect the time they reply, yet they have been replying to me daily so far without even my intervention. I just want to establish that this is a "new" me, and I wont judge them by their past, I just want to see what I'm really working with now, ya know? It seems to be going good, yes. And I admit, I still have anxiety from their previous traits, for instance, I am a little on guard with the nature of gaps in my replies, but maybe with enough exposure that'll fade.

That's absolutely beautiful, Lisa. ;-; And quite inspiring. Honestly, it reminds me of one of my favorite boss-battles in gaming - in Devil May Cry 5 the main character faces his life-long nemesis, his twin brother, Vergil, who officially sacrificed his humanity to become a full blown devil, sacrificing his memories, ability to love, etc, during your final battle with him Vergil says to Dante: "Dante. . . how are you so strong?! . . . you never lost anything!"
And Dante, the once nihilistic teen who didn't care if anyone lived or died, says to his brother: "It's not about loss. Strength is a choice. To fight like hell to not let the past define you, and be strong for what's important now. You threw everyone who could have ever cared about you away. No wonder you're still so weak."
I really want to find a way to incorporate those words into my profile somehow. ;-; They're especially beautiful to me if you know the past of the characters, and because, for the longest time, I kind of wanted to be like how Vergil wanted to be, to just not be human and feel nothing to never be hurt again from inferioty complexes. So those words have personally resonated with me, I am ashamed to say that I actually, and nearly teared up meeting Dante's voice actor, a voice of my childhood, for the first time at Katsucon and saying how inspiring he was to me personally, and how Dante has always been, and always will be, my version of Superman haha. Ah, I'm such a dork.

Isn't it ironic that we're finally talking about anime again on this anime site? lmao. How are you enjoying food wars? As nuanced as my pallette is; Food wars is one of the few anime I legitimately cannot watch to this day due to personal reasons; I cannot take food and sex mixing and it has always unnerved me to the point of repulsion. Is poor Robert being exposed to this as well? lol. I hope he's not wondering wtf you're watching every time he comes into the room.
Royal-Guard-Reli Yesterday, 3:12 AM
Also, when I feel down I replay some of my most chokingly intimate and favorite games to help me think straight and give me a warm, comforting feeling with coffee. In this case I'm playing Halo Reach again; it's about super soldiers trying their best to save, at best, a near dead-planet from entirely being destroyed from an alien threat. What I really love about the game is that it's painfully obvious that, ultimately, you can't save the world, but do your damn best to slow the fall so civilians can get off-world safely. This is taken from the start of one of the missions and is one of my favorite images in gaming.

Thought you may like it.
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 26, 6:03 AM
Haha I guess you’d have to ask them that. Speaking of which…. Yeah, we talked quite a bit last night for three hours. I haven’t felt more emotionally drained in a long time - in fact, I can count on hand the times in my life this stoic guy has been emotionally drained in general. It didn’t go nearly as bad as I expected. They talked about the bunnies they now own for an hour, then their many hair styles, past stuff, why I'm talking to them again, even made a nostalgic joke about my "big-ass-words to sound smart" when I talked about math rock. Honestly, they're uh... much lower on energy. Clearly down and full of anxiety. I think this is the "real her" they are now, and maybe have been for quite a long time, I said goodnight and hope we can do this again sometime. And that was that.
Thing is, I had never felt so grown up, yet so childish as well. I’m still the art-geek they met all that time ago, beleguarding them with the lore, symbolism, and thematics of dark souls lmao. When they asked what they meant as in talking to them is a way to help me, I made a reference to that movie we used to watch together - The Wizard of Oz - Dorothy is a girl full of ambition and intelligence, but she doesn’t believe in herself and nobody believes in her, on top of that she’s on a corner of the world - so she’s forced to go to Oz, herself, to converse with and solve manifestations of her anxieties and fears to take her knowledge back into the real world. In this case, I called myself Dorothy, and she was Oz - and I had to return to Oz again, to help sort some things out and see how my fairy tail was doing. She laughed out loud for a while and it seemed like she almost missed someone speaking in such a passionate way, or maybe that’s just my projection.
Overall, it’s almost like a Shakespearian irony. As if our roles were reversed. I'm upbeat, they're down. I remember everything that happened with us, they remember only a bit. Truly ironic.
I was so drained last night I listened to all of Holy Wood 3 times, and teared up each time In The Shadow of the Valley of Death played each and everyone of them, I woke up with dried tears lol.
It’s just weird seeing them on my phone again, like, with recent messages? Like they’re a contact now. It’s weird seeing all the old messages we sent, hell there’s even some burlesque, if you will, pictures and comments far back into the log. Ugh, I’m rambling now, so I’ll get to the point; maybe this can help me create a more present, stable, and defined, ya know; “me”, by talking to an almost avatar of pain from my past with a different mindset and intentions. So Dorothy and can take that knowledge back into the real world.
Plus, ha, this time of the year almost reminds me of her - for obvious reasons - if you’d like to know their name you can actually find a reference to them on my tags: specifically tag; 71.
Have you ever been in a similar situation with a partner?

I’m so glad philosophy has also helped you in life as well. It’s always important to remember that philosophy is extremely reactionary, not just based on the person but the time period they live in, so they make coping mechanisms and outlets, in a sense, to help get their knowledge in a distilled state overtime - that’s what makes philosophy so interesting to me and what makes conversations with my grandmother so fascinating. She argues that because of this fact it’s makes it of less value, but I argue it’s because of this convention it holds even more significance. Once again, it’s quite interesting that the person I can have the most conversation with about these topics is an bigoted Jehovah’s Witness. Lol, life is funny.
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 25, 3:50 PM
Really? It seems that didn’t rub off on you, Lisa, you seem like quite the hugger haha.

14 hours a day?! Do you know how jealous I am of you?! Ugh, I wish I could do that to such an extent, I’m lucky to get seven, let alone 8. I’m not a big fan of energy drinks, they always make my head and heart feel weird but with coffee it is more natural to me and helps me relax more. But Robert is correct lol.

She has. And please no haha I beg you to not misunderstand; I do NOT want to get into a relationship with her again, it’s just - around this time, these last 4 months of the year, I think about them slightly more than usual because that’s the time of the year we got into… things. From intimacy to more arguing. The reason I’m talking to her again, at least attempting to is; I kid you not; they were not just the creator of many negative tendencies but enhanced some I already had; for instance; she would get sad or mad when I didn’t spend at least 8-9 hours a day with her in some extent, and if I said I had to do something (like play a game) and she figured out it was qualifying as free/hobby time not spent with her, it’d annoy her - imagine that…. And 12 other things, some even worse. Due to just that one thing; I have a complex of not knowing if I'm spending too much or too little time with someone and get extremely anxious.
Thing is, there’s always a choice. Besides having a mental illness that literally and impulsively forces you to do something; there’s always a choice. And I don’t believe in fate, I don’t believe people are fated to be a way from a certain event in their lives, and that we have control of our own destiny - but that we have to take that destiny back from something else. In my case? I think they hold a near essential part of that destiny because i’ve projected that pain of them onto so many other people who tried to help me. I romanticize them, surely, but can you blame me? They’re almost like an avatar for so much pain I felt - and maybe, just maybe, seeing that this almost ethereal force isn’t that - but just another soul who got broke by life and took it out on people like me - can help nurture that pain I feel? They make up a significant part of my "Shadow", so, by talking to one of its aspects, so to speak, maybe I can be at peace with it further?
Believe me, as someone pansexual, you know, attracted via emotions and personality - I can literally not get erections anymore thinking about them in many respects. So, we’ll see how this goes haha.
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 25, 6:14 AM
REALLY?! How adorable lol. And yes, Korey was a bit of an eccentric child. To be honest none of the boys really liked or cared for me but the girls all took a liking... which probably made them even more jealous and annoyed lmao.

HA! I knew the stubborn old geezer had a heart. I'm sure he just needs a hug too. Do you two hug often?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! >:D .... because it's now my ringtone lmao.

Haha thank god I sometimes think it's a little too rough but also a perfect metaphor for how I feel l when it happens. I just don't understand them.
Lol Lisa please don't worry, I accepted a long time ago that people can take months and years to reply; they got lives; and to never except someone to reply in the length that matches mine; because I write way too damn much lol.

Though and if I'm being truthful I was slightly worried about you, not to say worried I wouldn't get a reply for my own selfish reasons (if... there is a selfish reason possible?), but because, ya know, we're creatures of habit. Has everything been going alright in your life?

Also, well, I did something either very brave, stupid, or both last night - I messaged my first girlfriend from years ago who cheated on me and start ed as well as enhanced even more negative traits i already had. I messaged her earlier this year, but it felt like, hmm, I held a candle to the darkness, ya know? And that's a good start. But I wasn't ready to walk through that darkness, and I think I am now because I still have her shadows hanging over me. Maybe by talking to her decently consistently (like once a week or something) I can reconcile and nurture my Shadow more by talking to one of the major people that spawned it into the forms it takes today. So, well, we'll see how this goes.
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 22, 6:18 AM
I see, and think that’s amazing! <3 Personally I think Jesus should and will accept anyone from any past as long as they want to improve themselves and try to be better than they were the previous day. Believe it or not, Lisa, I never would have expected any sort of religious element being apart of your life. :o… cuz you know, you already made the ironic joke - satanic black metal and the shirts lol. Did I ever tell you I’ve read the bible front to back around 15 times now? You can blame my grandmother for that - believe it or not, I love the Bible too and many of its characters, I think it’s some of the greatest precursor set of stories we have ever made and sets the stage for great storytelling - in particular I love the tragedy of Lucifer and he’s actually my favorite character of all time - Cain and Abel is amazing - and dear GOD of love Book of Revelations. Oh, that’s actually a funny story. Let me take you back to Korey’s 6th grade reading class, Lisa.

I got sent to the school counselor that day…. *Sigh* It didn’t help that I gave an elaborate explanation about why I love Lucifer and how he’s a personal role model to me lmao. And your answer was far from wishy-washy, it was as honest as you could make it and I appreciate that very much.

Indeed, as long as this world is covered in just two different colors, some will hate white and some will hate black, I suppose it’s an unfortunate flaw to our free will.

Well… in a way, yeah. The funny thing is: I don’t know why exactly. I think it’s because as I’ve referenced before; you give me that “feminine nurture” that makes me feel at peace when speaking to you, even when we disagree on something which is seldom, I can always count on you to be honest, caring, and good natured - and in case you haven’t noticed, Lisa, that’s rather rare during these times lol.

You know, I’m happy he lives far away too. I don’t think I could deal with that constantly, no wonder you don’t like him showing up unannounced. I can just imagine the swearing-storm he would make if one of the cats annoyed him. O-o

I’ll do my best to keep that in mind ;-; It’s quite a difficult habit to break… once you’ve been doing it.. For nearly two decades of your life. But I’ll do my absolute best to trust people in that regard.
Well that’s a strange one. O.o And a reason I don’t think I can answer, from the sounds of it you lived a pretty good life with your mother so I can’t make any calls. Maybe your therapist can help you on it? :o

LISA! A new theme came out for one of my favorite characters for this franchise since he’ll be made playable in just a few weeks, this is the longest composition ever made for the franchise! At a whopping 9 minutes! <3 Sadly, I’m not the biggest fan of the vocals as they can be a bit sloppy but I think the final 4 minutes are amazing. ;-;

And finally…..
Is this too mean lol
How random friend request will be treated without a conversation first

Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 20, 1:23 PM
Oh, to be honest I’m a bit saddened (cuz we can’t go shopping together in this hypothetical where we hang out it would be awesome shopping with you T_T) but also very happy! Lisa, was kinda worried your life was a little too mundane, I mean, being cooped up in that place all day, doing the same routines with the same kitties, I was hoping you had a “me” day sometime in between the show you run with Robert and the kitties haha. But damn, am I jealous of you, Lisa! A whole bookstore like that?! ;-; Man do I want to go…. But in reality, it’s best I probably stay away. If I were to be surrounded by such an ambrosia of literature, I fear I’d probably pass out on the spot and have a wet dream…. Awkward scenario with the paramedics get there as you can imagine. I wish you great luck in that book, though - surely the pathos in that work is so potent it’ll make all of Shakespeare’s work blush lmao.

It does make quite a bit of sense, human beings have always applied a sort of religious connotation with a variety of activities; from sports; literature; building, etc. It creates some unearthly feeling that almost imitates the warmth of a higher power, or lack thereof depending on belief. Oh, that’s another question; maybe we should talk about faith, it’s never appeared in our discussions and would be an interesting way to shake things up. Me personally being raised to be a Jehovah’s Witness; I always tried to believe in the concept of the Christian god and rhetoric attached to it but it was too easily seen through, ya know? All the stories in the bible and their relation to the human condition, the ethical implications, etc, it was all obvious to me that man created the concept of it - for the longest time I identified as a nihilist, but that’s more of an philosophical ideology than a faith based thing - I stopped identifying as one after Cate a while ago; and what do I believe in? Eh; I’m sure there is something out there we can call: “God”, maybe God is thought; maybe God is creation; maybe destruction; maybe fate - or maybe what we call “God” was a precursor species that created us beyond our comprehension. I don’t really know - and I don’t really care - I’m sure we’ll all meet our maker eventually, no matter what form they appear in. If you were to force me to pick a religion to believe in though, I’d probably just be a Shinto buddhist lmao. I find their beliefs soothing. What do you believe in? If I’ve earned the right and trust to ask such a question.

Hahaha, that “racism” is ambiguous if anything; people will see insults in the tiniest of things if they project that idea onto them inherently. Don’t worry about it, it was just a coincidental placement in wording - Quincy is always like that, I’m the more pragmatic of our duo, them? They’re like a Chihuahua; short but always looking for a fight. And boy, can they - I remember teaching them the basics of boxing…. We have a special, thick, thick, thick pillow we use for training new people and hold it to our stomach, it’s design to absorb as much impact as possible yet they were still able to push through it with raw strength. My tummy hurt for a while. ;-;
I’ve always held the people of Germany sympathetic in this regard and already thought of it; the shadow of Hitler’s regime and ideology still hangs over you all like malicious specter than can be used as a scapegoat; even when you were born long after the man died. It must really suck too because; as you said; they can get away with it; honestly; I find calling someone a Nazi as an insult when they’re German just as offensive as someone calling me a Nigger because I’m African American. Ugh, like, doesn’t that just frustrate you?! It’s a freak-show-menagerie of political correctness that ironically is bordering as fascist as ideology they used to insult you? Like, pardon my rant, Lisa, but I get really pissed when contradictions like this come up because they are LITTERED in the African American community and have always pissed me off.

Thank you for not castrating me, I’d like to hold onto “Little Korey” just a bit longer…..I kid you not that’s what I actually call my penis sometimes - let me be childish dammit lmao.

Awe thank you, Lisa! I feel like your weeb-sensei hahahaha. Hopefully you’ll get a kick out of it, I will admit on the surface level it can seem kind of boring and pandering but there’s such a fine use of cinematography, visual storytelling - etc. Speaking in clarity, I hold a high opinion of you as well. . . uh, and have grown rather attached to you over our time talking. I haven’t told you this… but you seem like one of the most sane and honest people I can talked to in my life in some respects. And I admire you quite a bit. >.<

I’m all for a last minute-bash occasionally, but most of the time I’m like you and enjoy plans in advance - and I don’t mean to be rude, Lisa, but I’ve always wondered why you seem to hold your father in an admittedly poor contempt - and I think I see why now. Perhaps I’m missing the nuances of German culture, but that was quite an aggressive way he spoke to you. O.o I-is that common? You are aware you just got peer-pressured into drinking, by your own father?! You seem to have a very estranged family… actually, we both do. I think I’ll open up a little to you as well.

Perhaps I’ve told you this before or caught onto it in some respect; but I have an extremely difficult time trusting people. I’m self-centered. Self-taught, and push through any objective I have with sheer attrition and force of will 90% of the time. However, when I do have to have help from someone - I freak out and feel very weird. I don’t trust people, logistically, easily - for instance, I can open up to you about any part of my life like that *snaps* because those are with emotions, but if you are a minute or two late to an event, I get worried, anxiety, and eventually become slightly malicious because I detest incompetence. And I’m convinced that it’s a trait I get from my mother; she’s… not exactly the same way, but she is the way who made me hate that incompetence. She would always promise me things. Always say she would do things - and would never do them. I had to do them on my own. It also doesn’t help that the: “Do things on your own” message got jammed into my head even more because she was a detective and embodied this ideology, yet also had to be my mother figure.
This raised its ugly head again when, actually, my earbuds stopped working recently - I had to go through a hell-loop of trying to get them sent back to manufacturing for a warranty replacement but could not find the shipping address, my mother, for days, said she would help me find it but proved less than useful, she never even looked in the slightest despite saying she would - we got into an argument and said: “You can look too”, and I replied: “If I found it I wouldn’t be asking for help.” My grandmother and Aunt said they’d just pay for a new pair, and for some reason, I nearly broke down crying at work when they sent that message to me and said they loved me with a barrage of heart-emojis. I just couldn’t take it. I couldn’t take that actually asking for help from someone turned advantageous for me because all my life I was taught that others in a logistical situation would just bring me down and it’s best to do things on my own.
Then I figured out; that if I don’t accept help from people that way; aren’t I just being the person in the past I disliked? The same person who hurt so many people? That pushed away the love of my life? The point is; I always say for, fight, and advocate for a better tomorrow and becoming better each day; take risk; accept different viewpoints; but by yourself, you’ll eventually hit a wall and just be closed off - so I’m being an ideological hypocrite by not accepting help from others. I think the reason I almost broke down is because I realized that, and that despite my mother, just like my past, it cannot define all relationships and maybe I just need to learn to accept help from people. Well, that was my rant/story lol.
Do you find it hard to accept help from others?

Till our next message, my German Confidant. <3
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 20, 3:04 AM
Hey Lisa. You know how I disdain commenting in succession like this without reply, but I found this amazing animated show that I truly believe is the best animation to come out in this year. The best part is it's all told with little to no dialogue, gory but not edgy, and is a tearjerker overall. It's also from the creator of Samurai Jack! :D I hope you and maybe even Roger can enjoy it sometime.

You can even watch it all legally on adult with ads.

Till our next engagement! <3
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 19, 7:13 AM
Oh yeah, please don't castrate me but your little section in the bottom of your profile with your goodreads and letterboxed inspired me to do the same at the bottom of mine too:

Don't mow me down with MP-40's please ;D ... God I want to fire one of those things.
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 19, 7:08 AM
DUH GIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLL! It’s on Manson’s website haha. Though, and sadly good luck getting any for your size practically every size has been sold out, all they have left is extra extra extra dummy thicc large….okay I added the dummy thicc part but you get the point lol. Some of his older stuff is still on sale though. But sweet! I’m trying to save some money personally myself so despite my love of black and white aesthetic fashion. ;-; No spending for me like that for about 3 weeks or so haha. Man, life style inflation is funny how. There’s thousands of dollars in my bank account and when I first started working, I would have thought myself rich then, I was so poor i waited 4 weeks to get a haircut, now I can get dozens upon dozens, possibly hundreds of them and still think I’m poor. Jeez, life is a bitch like that sometimes lmao. Do you enjoy shopping? I seem to repent the trope of the guy who hates going shopping with girls; I actually love it lmao.

First of all, Lisa; I want to greatly apologize - as while I knew you have enacted self harm in the past I did not know it was still an element in your life now. T_T And it sounds like your therapist has the right idea, instead of trying to repress the element she wants to integrate it in your life in a different way because it seems to be an impulse of sorts. Do you feel a form of almost religious purification from the act? I know we’ve touched upon the topic lightly before; but have you considered exercising when you get that urge? It pumps literally the exact same adrenaline into your body because you’re being harmed. I highly suggest you give it a try, like, anything, from forcing yourself to do push ups, sit ups, etc.
Oh, Lisa, please, no matter how macabre the topic I’ll listen to you talk about anything on your mind in any depth. It’s only befitting and a way to pay you back after you’ve read my many, many novels.

Eh, it’s a little complex. Oh, so on average it’s a mix of 60% tone, and 40% slurs. If you could call “black” a language, it’s but a linear yet nuanced mix of slurs, phrases, and just the way you exert tone. For instance, let’s once again say “black: is a language hypothetically, a “black” greeting would go; “What’s good?” Mine usually is: “Hey hey, how ya doing?” Let’s do it again
“Wassup Shawty?!”
Vs my:
“Sup crew-cut (ha that’s my nickname for Quincy)
We can keep going
“Nah bruh I’m good.”
“Not my cup of tea my friend.”
It can go on and on and on and on. It’s just that black people on average have a more “rough” and aggressively lingual way of speaking, this also covers most sects of African as well as Jamacian dialect, and it’s in a specific slur that many other races and nationalities do not possess at least exactly; though I’ve spoken to many Russian teenagers (don’t ask lmao) and they possess similar nuances. It’s not so much “black culture” and more so “street culture”, yeah, that’s more fitting. And I think it’s because I don’t talk like that and speak more “eloquently (which I… still barely see/believe)” that people say my voice is unique. I remember the first time I showed my face online and nobody believed me because they all said I sounded “white” haha. But the truth is, anyone can talk like me, it’s just a difference in upbringing and culture. It’s a bit difficult to understand, so I hope I mostly answered your question lol.

Oh, a funny thing with Quincy; I told them that someone recently told me I sound like the main character from Monkey Island, and they said: “Woah are they trying to be racist?! DO I HAVE TO FUCK SOMEONE UP?!” (Monkey is a common racist slur against black people haha) And I tried explaining the situation to them and how it MORE than likely, in fact, definitely was not the case and they were German so they can’t possibly account all the little trinkets of the English language, they then went; “OH SO SHE’S A NAZI!” *Sigh* People can be funny.
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 17, 8:15 AM
Haha I used to have that problem ALL the time Lisa - well just in different ways, as you know I don’t have a cat lol. So here’s my tip; write your comment in a google doc file like I do, so that if Yami does that again it wont make a difference as every word you type is saving immediately after writing it.
I’d really like to learn! As well as learn some more history about Germany and its military, for better or worse you guys are like one of the major pioneers of firearms and technology as well as boasting some strong philosophers. And Lisa, like we have both agreed on - Nazi’s suck bur damn did they have some awesome outfits. ;-; Why do the bad guys always have to dress so cool…

Ah! I know the one you’re talking about - man I am really glad they could not understand English that well known - funny enough I’m not the biggest fan of Lest we Forget’s compilation since it wants to show the “best” of Manson, I suppose? It has some of his best-bangers on there ( Fight Song, Rock is Dead, Reflecting God), but a lot more of his mediocre covers and more forgettable works from Golden Age of Grotesque. O.o Always found it very confusing. OH! Are you going to preorder some We Are Chaos merch!??!?!? :”D

AWE LUCKY! ;__; Now, this is just me - but ofc while a cat cafe is aesthetically pleasing, uh, isn’t there some sanitary concern?! O-o Still, I’d love to go to one. ;-;

Do you drink any other flavored drinks or…? When’s your next session!? :D excited? What do you think you’ll talk about?

Reminds you of it?! Lisa, Demon’s Souls was the first souls game!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 If it wasn’t for Demon’s Souls Dark Souls wouldn’t exist haha. I’m really excited to play it, has a special place in my heart. Is your fiance excited about any games that were announced yesterday?

Lisa, your voice is SOOOOOOOOOOO coooooooooll!!!!!! >:3 And don’t worry I understand you perfectly! To answer some questions; I have not played Monkey Island but did google some clips of the character you referenced, and I must say…. I don’t think I sound like him, but I do think we have very similar personalities which cause us to have similar linguistic nuances in our pronunciations/tone/word-pacing/etc.
Funny enough, someone always has something quirky to say about my voice - some people say I sound English - some people say I sound eloquent - some people say I don’t even sound black and like some history professor lmao. I don’t really know which at this point but I’ve tried asking multiple people and it always comes down to: “It just sounds unique” I … once again don’t see it, but appreciate it. xD Seriously your voice is AWESOME! >:D And now I kinda wanna play Monkey Island……

“Oh”, I didn’t even notice. ;3
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 17, 5:50 AM
Really?! Wow, I’m glad I’m not the only one who barely remembers a dead language they had to take - kinda sad though because that’s literally the only other language I know besides English lmao. They really did push you students to learn French though, huh? To be honest, I’m sure I’ve said this before; but i’ve always wanted to learn German. I know you guys get a lot of flak for it sounding “angry all the time” haha but I really do think it’s fucking amazing.

Awe that is such a cute story! <3 <3 <3 ….. But uh, what kind of songs played at this party?! Oh my, I’m hoping it was some of the less vulgar songs like Tourniquet and not exactly Little Horn that was playing. <_<
I for one got into Manson just browsing the internet and randomly discovered Disposable Teens; I thought; “Huh… so actual music (god I was and still am a little pretentious lol) with actual songwriters who want to get across an actual ideal still exist. Granted this isn’t exactly Chopin but let’s see what else they have.” Listened to Angel with the Scabbed wings 30 times and studied each and every lyric - fell in love with it and eventually went through his entire catalogue of music.

I ALWAYS DID TOO! ;-; Unfortunately my mother has told me again and again she isn’t just allergic to cats - but hates them even without the allergy. T_T Why I don’t know, but I have always wanted a long-haired-evil-looking James Bond cat, you know, the ones villains stroke in a chair with a glass of wine lmao.

I don’t think we should ever go to a cat-cafe or pet store we’d faint….

Haha you’re talking about it like Fullmetal Alchemist. xD But yeah it’d be fun! >:3 Even though I don’t think I recorded anything too substantial. xD

Well and believe it or not - uh anime is like… my third favorite artistic medium. Books have always been my favorite, films come after and anime is in 3rd with video games being fourth so I’ve spent a lot of time with them. I find film EXTREMELY digestible, far more than even anime. Speaking of which; okay possible projection; but is it me or did people just a few years ago say they didn’t have the “attention span” for series, so they watched films which are shorter - but now they say the same thing, yet they can binge series and not pay attention to a film at all?! Most people I know either fast forward the film or watch it in parts wtf lol. But yeah, been watching movies forever, when I was homeschooled I watched about 2-3 a day lol so it all stacked up. In fact, I'm pretty sure this isn't even all the films I've watched. >.> Just the ones I can remember in the course of two days and accurately give a rating one, I've watched probably a few dozen or hundred more black and white films with my grandmother.

Are you coping with the no alcohol rule well?

Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 16, 4:56 PM
Lisa!!! *tackles and hugs* Guess who finally made a letter box! It was a bit tedious admittedly considering all the stuff I've watched but I finally found time for it Maybe we share a few likes in common! <3

Maybe... just maybe. >.> Catch ya later! <3
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 14, 12:03 PM
Woah, what an awesome skill. ;-; I myself unfortunately am not as well versed in such matters - though I oddly enough can speak some sects of Latin competently due to my Grandmother's onerous bible studies, yes - I know - it's a dead language lmao.

Oh, it was even worse than I planned to get; that being the good I acquired. I got 3 different types of fries; one had lump crab meat as well as old bay sauce on it; another had buffalo chicken, bacon, and cheese on it - and another consisted of melted cheese and pepperoni. We also got a whole pizza; eggrolls stuffed with meat; ice cream; gyros; it was quite decadent haha.

Speaking in regards to us both being Manson fans; tell me; how did you first get into his music? Were you a fan for as long as you can remember?

Haha I guessed you would enjoy that one. Also, I have so many because I have multiple monitors; two in fact. You know, basically two computer screens lined up side by side- it helps me be more productive when working on something. For instance; right now one monitor has your reply on there, and the other one I’m using right now is replying to you via typing into a google doc file. Once I’m done, I copy and paste the text from the file onto the other screen, and hence, reply to your comment. It really helps out. So, having two computer screens let’s me use double the amount of start and home screen… it also helps I’m an aesthetic/art/fashion-dork, so you get the point. xD Yours looks really pretty too though! :3

Oh, speaking of cats; I remember I had a very interesting, uh, you could say relationship with a girl a bit of time ago and she had THE CUTEST FUCKING CAT YOU’VE EVER SEEN! Named Mikus. I loved this cat SOOO much, she would get jealous of how much time I spent with it instead of her.

I have a thing with grumpy looking cats, I really do love them; but the thing is…. For the longest time I didn’t know, the girl was inviting me over her house in an attempt to get into a relationship with me but didn’t want to say it because, ya know, “guy is supposed to ask out girl”, but it went RIGHT over my head every single time. Looking back on it; signs were everywhere. I remember I ran for the cat, hugged it, and went: “GET OVER HERE ON MY LAP PUSSY I WANNA STROKE YOU!” She then went: “... I want some of that”, but I didn’t hear her because I liked the cat so much! xD It’s one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Ugh, I’m a dork.

Lisa, it’s our 200th! comment, my friend! How shall we celebrate? I’ve been trying to brainstorm and idea and I figured:

Ugh that was embarrassing lmao if you’re against it I get it, just seemed like a cool idea haha.
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 13, 2:05 PM
Let’s rock, babes! >:D Yes, they very much are. And speaking of that…. Well, and sadly, as I suspected; the store had no Death Korps of Krieg models. But they did have….

That one miniature took 6 hours to fully prime, basecoat, undercoat, then paint specific details around. Lisa, let me tell you; there’s no experience like painting a miniature. It’s tedious, but also incredibly fun. I had to paint every little intricate detail the best I could and while I don’t think I did the best i’m really, really proud of him; and the best part is I still have 15 more goddamn things to paint. The guy was super nice too, my grandmother said he looked mean at the start; but he actually was very sweet and gave me 3 free things; pliers; a hobby knife; and a magazine showing me how to build a figure in general. He explained everything perfectly, eloquently, and went through quite literally every single question I had; down to the most minute and specific. You can tell the man was a proud nerd and happy to own that shop. I admit, I teared up seeing the models that were always on my computer screen, but to see them in real life; it’s a completely different experience. The mountains of tables set up with people working on half finished miniatures; all the gaming set ups. It was like a little slice of heaven. <3 <3 I have many more to paint, but once I get those done; I think I’ll order some Krieg figures to test my stuff. I’m so happy I sometimes tear up a little again looking at this little figure on my desk I hand-crafted lol.

Yes, I do haha. Though I admit I don’t mention it often because Quincy very much discourages it; being a social media influencer to some extent, even if small - they have various…, stalkers, and for that reason does not feel comfortable with people knowing where they work at; it’s why they don’t want to take work selfies and is out of a lot of company pictures we do every year or just wearing something different; even though they have an insane amount of make up on when they’re doing their instagram stuff they want to take no chances; some people have gone so rampant they have slashed their car tires….. And that’s just one example. >.> Haha, I’m glad you got off a little knowing you’re taller than Quincy. xD

Yes, Korean Drama. *Sigh* it’s hard trying to explain anime enough to a moderately elderly gentlemen, let alone super sentai. He didn’t even think it was Power Rangers; BUT A KOREAN DRAMA! Ugh. That really stung.
But oh, I didn’t know you all spoke English in the house most of the time? I assumed it was German mostly. Oh, that reminds me; you are highly fluent in English to the point I’m the one making more grammatical mistakes than you; were you taught/learned English from an early age?

Mwahahaha entities; well I assure you, Lisa, it was sadly all too real. Even the boss was laughing slightly behind his mask but it was a hellstorm trying to find every fry in the store he just left, it was disgusting and the customers were complaining about it for hours; not to mention the janitor had a field day trying to clean ketchup, mustard, and pickles…. Off a ceiling. =.=
“I’ll show you a disturbance!”

Haha well at heart, Lisa, I have told you before; but I’m a foodie. I love the pleasure food gives you; it’s why as a kid I was very chubby and on my way to being fat before I turned 13 and got into exercise. Oh, that reminds me; did I ever tell you my motivation for exercising? It’s actually minute but mildly amusing. I am SUCH a big fan of Devil May Cry, the video game series - and specifically the character of “Dante”, the main protagonist of the games; so much so I have constantly called him as a kid, and even now my version of Superman that is a tad more relatable because we have similar past and coping mechanisms; but that’s a story for another day. Basically, I really admired and still do admire Dante; so when I was this picture of him growing up:

I just said to myself; “God I want to be like that! I want a six pack! I want to get girls like it’s nothing! I want to be a badass!” And for that day forward I exercised my ass off because I had nothing else to do being homeschooled already; I remember when I was so proud of myself for being able to do one push up. Look at me now haha. I actually got to speak to Dante’s voice actor, Reuben Landghon, at a convention a few years ago, and told him what an inspiration Dante was to me as a kid and how his voice was basically the voice of my childhood. But I’m rambling now. Let me get back to the question at hand: I’m able to eat and keep all of it down because of years of basically self indoctrination I’ve forced my body to go through. I know this cheesy line gets passed around about your body; “Adapting”, but I swear to god; it’s true. If you set a conscious goal and physically work towards it; your body will work with you and understand what you’re trying to do. For boxing, I had to eat 6 meals a day; all of the most bland shit you could imagine, each and every day; and the food was so clean with no preservatives; no pesticides or artificial flavors, etc - that it digest and just went through me like that. I had to go to the bathroom about 3-4 times a day, couple that with drinking 1-2 gallons of water a day, and already genetically inclined with a higher metabolism from my weird-ass-cocktail of male and female hormones; and you get someone who is able to gullet down food like that *snaps* I’ve only thrown up 5 times in my entire life. So in basic: my body digest food faster than most people as long as I give it the right fuel, like 2 gallons of water and fiber which is apart of my daily diet.
Also, another funny thing; my family commonly says that: “An easy way to tell if a restaurant gives you food poisoning is to make Korey eat there: If you he throws up; the food is poisoned. Why? This boy eats 12 plates of food at a buffet - if he ever throws up, trust me - it’s the food that’s wrong - that kid can keep down anything.” xD
Though and sadly, as I get older, I can already feel my body slowing down in that regard; since I have less and less time to exercise my indoctrination is beginning to break even if slowly for the first time in almost 7 years. I’m eating less, even if it’s by 1 or half of one meal - growing up is weird lol.

I had a great time at the county fair drive thru, btw. Basically, they gave you a menu, you marked what you want - you ride around the fair and they bring it to you. I tell you; you will never be more embarrassed at eating than at that place because they say OUT LOUD what you ordered, within ear shot of other drivers: “So I see you got a whole pizza; kelbasa; crabby fries; buffalo chicken bacon ranch fries; two philly cheesesteak egg rolls; fudge sundae; chocolate covered cheesecake with sprinkles and nuts on a stick--” “Yes I did”--Korey LMAO. Like I said, I seldom eat unhealthy so when I get to go wild--I GO FUCKING WILD! xD

Awe nuu how sad I think there’s a misunderstanding; it’s not a “Warhammer” game specifically; it’s a “Total War”, which your fiance is a fan of; but the Total War game is set in the Warhammer universe; it’s a slight semantic but he may get it now. I can see he hasn’t played Total Warhammer though now. I hope he gives it a shot one day! It’s a great game. And I don’t blame him, most games nowadays are pretty bad in general. <.<

Awe I see! Can’t wait to hear from you about it! <3

What’s sad to me is: I got away from anime discussion to get away from the toxicity; but it seems now that casual discussion is even MORE toxic than anime discussion; at least on the anime board you have people being toxic over anime; just one topic; but in casual it can be rampant political correctness; gender politics; etc.I mean, don’t we go to this place to get away from these topics? It’s quite sad, hell, I thought I found a fellow Warhammer 40K fan some time ago who had a character on their profile, I sent them a message saying I’m actually going to paint a 40K miniature for the first time soon and asked if they’re a fan. I wake up; and they deleted my comment. I send them another and I reply: “I’m sorry for disturbing you - we may be from different Chapters (basically factions in the Warhammer universe) but I respect any 40K fan. <3” Then they replied: we got to talking about some lore; and it was less of a discussion and more of an inquisition; they put down nearly everything I talked about in regards to my love of different factions and lore events, and while asking what some of their favorite things in the universe were but they ignored quite literally every single question I had, such as their favorite characters, etc, all while constantly looking down on mine - and it’s just… well, uh, not fun. Then were was a monogatari fan I ran into who, actually, when I talked to you about Monogatari on your profile said my comment and analysis of Monogatari: “Wasn’t anything original”, not gonna say any names but just know they also go into casual discussion quite a bit. It’s just, yeah, not my thing.

Now my fellow Manson lover; tell me; what songs did you love from WE ARE CHAOS?! Like I said; I think by far Paint You With My Love is the precursor to a new era of Manson if he were to ever make another album and I really do love it, but following behind it are Broken Needle, Red Black and Blue, and Infinite Darkness. I swear, I CANNOT get over the album cover; I truly do think my analysis of it holds some merit; that it’s meant to contrast The Pale Emperor and Heaven Upside Down by having him grow nuances of color inbetween the Pale Emperor monicker. Honestly, what can come after this? I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last song he makes because it’s a perfect ending to every tryptic he has made before, imo. Now I’m sorry for rambling; what songs did you like the most? Did you cry like me lmao.

I usually end this with a question; to keep the line of succession going: If you don’t mind; what’s your wallpaper on your computer like? If it’s too personal don’t worry about it lol. Here’s my stuff lol

Is it me, or are my messages getting longer? *Sigh* I apologize. Till your next message, Lisa! <3