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IS: Otoko demo Onna demo Nai Sei
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RGteal Sep 20, 10:09 PM
I used to go trick or treating when i was younger. When i grew up people started going to parties on holloween. but, because i didnt really have any friends i just stayed home on holloween and played world of warcraft. Thinking back, i used to feel left out on holoween, while evreyone else had people to hangout with i was alone. These days i have friends and im old enough to buy alchohol so im not lonley on holoween so thats good. I also got shot on holoween in 2016. and there have been some pretty insteresting events that have transpired on holoween. in all, holoween is pretty cool.
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 16, 6:25 AM
*rises from the grave* I”M ALIVE! I HAVE LIVED THROUGH MY EXISTENTIAL TORMENT! >.> Let’s rock baby! >:O But hey at least we procrastinate together now! I think people can’t really comprehend how physically and mentally exhausting it is writing sentences and stuff for a bit of time, it exercises both sides of the brain and your hands too.

Yes indeed. Though, it’s less of a dream journal and more of a demonology book at this point. >_> Hahaha, remember when I told you I was attracted to hot demon girls and jumpscares though? I had another where I was training a cashier at work, and they suddenly turned into a ghostly and ghoulish face with a big retractable mouth. I said: “Hello sweetheart OwO” she swallowed me whole and I woke up. I was like: “Hot OwO” when I woke up! xD It’s so weird how the brain works, huh? Aren’t we supposed to be in this together, yet it almost seems like it’s against us!
And no honey, I don’t have sleep paralysis because I tried lucid dreaming, I honestly don’t care about that - I have sleep paralysis because it’s genetic and because of trauma! xD *hugs*

Uh….. sure lmfao.

Oh, I see. O-o But if there’s not much more she can teach you why do you keep going back? For human/social interaction?\

You’re a very clever girl, you’re absolutely right! xD It’s not recommended you get a spider if you have pets that aren’t in cages they can indeed die from too much stress, it literally heats and boils them up from the inside, and they can even explode from it. >.>

Yay! <3 So I’ll see how school works out! >:3
Oh man that’s so cool! …. Don’t take this the wrong way though but is this guy mentally stable? <.< You ever worry about being poisoned. >_>

LIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Since I’m going to pig-out today at the fair I want to know - what’s the most horribly you’ve eaten in one day in terms of quantity! >:D
Repity Sep 15, 10:13 AM
Thank you so much! ^^
Hope you're having a great day!
Niyen Aug 30, 12:03 PM
Royal-Guard-Reli Aug 28, 5:39 PM
Wow, I can’t believe i had to procrastinate this long for a comment that was actually this short. O-o Anyway, I’m using my gap in time for studying to reply to you big sis let’s get this started! >:3

I do often have very vivid dreams, believe it or not. >.> Some of them are so literal that I can talk to characters from the dream, and they will quite literally tell me what they represent to me. It’s really creepy sometimes. Oh, here’s another strange one that just happened to me last night: I had a weird ass dream that had a throughline and arc throughout the story. Basically I woke up in bed and watched a video on my phone about an urban legend called the "Disney Demon", it was basically a hot girl covered in blood with rabbit ears and long sharp red claws. I went to some school throughout the day and talked to my friends, and then people kept disappearing, like my friends from work and stuff. I determined it was my job to find it, I went into a bathroom, encountered her, she overpowered me, and tried to rape me. Wtf. >.> Sad thing is that girl was hot too she could rape the shit out of me if she wanted…
It’s funny you say that - I do actually have a dream journal, and sometimes imagine more stories in my head about my dreams possibly being a book. Boy, there could be some indeed…. But at least once a week? Don’t cast aside all your dreams being so pointless, Lisa! The mind is a funny thing - your longing and desire to stay young, while in our world more symbolically fitting to be a snake, could be a beetle for all you know in your dream!

Wait, they called you crazy because of that? How odd. O-o I remember Cate used to tell me that nobody in our age range used to talk about philosophy and shit at all either. How odd. ;-; There’s nothing wrong with coming on too strong though Lisa, maybe they just couldn’t handle a badass german like you! >:3 I can’t imagine a world where Lisa comes on too strong though…

Awe, that’s really cute! <3 Uh, personally, I relate to spiders because people call them ugly and I thought I was too for a very long time. Plus I love how they plot, and scheme, and their threads are so beautiful - did you know that each one is absolutely unique? It’s super cool. I guess i love creatures that stalk prey lmfao.

Do you ever tell these concerns and categories she places your family members in too her? I don’t think she thinks she knows better than you, but is trying to use statistics and rationality rather than consider it from your perspective. From what I’ve heard from you talking about her to me, she seems to think you’re, uh, dumb and gaslit, no offense, like you’re not smart enough to know the influences of your own mind. I don’t mean to say this vehemently, but it’s the impression I've gotten anyway.

Why not have both?! It’d really complete the Linkin Park Lisa look!

I’m glad you plugged those holes, big sis! I”D SAY YOU FUCKED EM TO DEATH! >:3

God, Lisa, fuck it happened again! I think I told you this on Instagram, but in this new tactical game I got i was on the mic giving orders, some weird guy called my voice sexy - I blocked them and left the match lmao.
So today I tried talking to my mother specifically about wanting to join the army and that I’d talk to a recruiter in March to see what i was getting into, she seems very discouraged and told me all the typical rhetoric - that i wouldn’t be out until I was 27 - that I’d be owned by the government, etc etc etc. lisa, the thing is, I think we’re all owned by something or someone in some sort of way. <.< Some people are owned by money. Alcohol. God. At least the thing I’d be owned by is straightforward, most physical freedom is kind of an illusion, even entrepreneurs and twitch streamers are bound by the consensus of their fanbase. When I looked at those training videos, and read more stuff, I got very very very very very excited and happier than I have in days! I’m very much considering it. However, I have a question - if I do join the army, would you give me your address privately sometime so I could maybe write letters to you? That is if I join, don’t give that shit out if I don’t LMFAO. I’d send you all sorts of funny shit just to annoy you! xD LIKE A VOLUME OF DOG NIGGA HAHAHAHAHA. But yeah, I’m really thinking about it!!!
GreyIllusion Aug 27, 6:34 AM
Decent list until I saw Gankutsuou at 4 and SAO at 7. Blasphemy.
Royal-Guard-Reli Aug 21, 4:12 PM
I'm simping over your new pfp. Just know this now ;-;
Royal-Guard-Reli Aug 13, 3:45 PM
GUESS WHO’S BACK BITCHES - Korey OwO Anyhow let’s get back to it.

They gave me the highest grade possible, but also sent me to the guidance counselor once again lmfao.

LMAO it’s okay, big sis, I give you permission to Kya. xD I really do mean it, though! I really don’t think a lot of people can comprehend through text what I mean when it seems like only a very, very, very few people can tolerate me for consistent periods of time, because it seems like in some respect I unearth some subconscious thoughts they may have, and that’s absolutely horrifying to a lot of people. Being a figure of consistent contradictions makes some folks lose their mind, that’s not to say I’m prideful or exactly happy of my state of mind. Ya know, remember that French girl named Ash who blocked me? I had a strange dream yesterday where I talked to a proxy of her and we talked about the fall in my relationship. It was super interesting because doubts in my mind were playing her character, I asked her why our relationship fell apart, and she said: “You let fear consume you and in turn hurt me.” I told her: “I feared what was the truth and inevitable. I stood up for myself and chose to embrace how I really felt, and what was really true, instead of living in a lie.” She asked me: “Was it worth losing a friend?”I told her: “If you were secretly fearful of me, you stopped being my friend. While I can’t justify harming you, I can’t also justify who I am. And I’m someone very complex from a slew of variables, you were as well, but the difference between you and I was I: I was able to embrace and accept these contradictions and fundamentals as simple dichotomies of myself, and my relationship with you. You were not, and chose to be self-righteous, which is fitting, you are young, idealistic, and must sort through your own ethics and archetypes. In the end, I was a creature from heaven and you from earth. We couldn’t work anymore.”
It was a really interesting dream. o-o Well, anyhow, what I’m saying is - you can accept me and all my parts! That’s no small feat, and just being your friend tells me that I’m doing something right! I also love being your friend uwu

Something else I noticed is that for the longest time I kept my true thoughts hidden to try and create a form of order, but it just unearthed and bred more chaos than when I was actually hiding. For instance, I’ve noticed many people will do anything to shut down opposing voices by creating a negative connotation. Example: We all know I’m good at using basic logic equations to get down to the root of something, people call that: “Manipulative.”... this shit is taught in 5th grade ethics classes. O-o Another one you’ve already experienced from some particularly ideologicalyl possessed people are: they will literally call you anything in the book from a fascist, to a supremacist, to a child groomer to think of any way to blindly shut you down without considering any words or actions. O-o It’s too scary for most people. And I get it. Because the mind and knowing yourself is a very, very, very scary thing, you may find you can actually be kinda horrible. >.>

However, like I said before, Cate is the only person in my life I’ve hurt, but cannot justify hurting… and that made me very guilty for the very first time. Which makes me think about something I’ve been wondering for a bit - Cate changed my entire world around because I felt guilty hurting her, and could think of no reason, no why, to justify my actions. Does that mean, for most of my life, I’ve been unconscious and driven by instincts and ideology? That’s a scary thought, and I know it’s partly true, it’s why I appreciate her and our relationship we had! <3 She made me conscious of my actions! So I’m quite grateful. Oh dear, I’ve ranted, lol.

Awe, Lisa, there’s a meaning to everything, it’s just a matter of if we acknowledge them or not. xD I do wonder why you like cats so much though? What makes them so cute to you in comparison to other animals? Tell me!

WHAT?!??!?! WHAT?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??! DUDE! That’s super mean, I’ve always wanted to meet your dad but now I’m kinda pissed off at him. >_> But oof, that was a little bitter indeed, like a coco-stout. :O Have you talked about these feelings to your therapist at all? Ya know, she always had that theory that your mother treated you bad, maybe she had the right idea, but the wrong target, if you catch my drift.

“ And then they will start peeing in random places, “ WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT! … That’s exactly what Mikus used to do in their old house. O_O Huh, you’re absolutely right! Man, it’s a good thing I can play with that kitty. <_< Man, it’s sad that people don’t play with their animals like that. T_T It’s why I would probably when I get older want a pet that literally doesn’t want to have a strong interaction with you biologically, like a tarantula, that literally cannot feel emotions lmao.

Indeed. Especially after we nearly got the cops called on us from her inane rant and breaking a door… <.<

I know the feeling, right? It just shows you’re artistic! Personally, Lisa, I don’t think I’m artistic, but analytic. I. Cannot. Draw…. BUT! I can tell you the methods and ethics of drawing and the structure of it. It’s a really strange dichotomy lmao. It’s why when I pick my profile picture it can’t just be random, something about it has to be aesthetic and fitting to my state of mind at the moment. Same thing with how I dress.

Awe that’s super awesome! Have you thought about any yet?

Also, as I told you on Instagram - I have been violated by the ants that are running around in my house. >_> I’m waging full on guerilla warfare against them, I have 12 ant bait traps that the ants will take back to the queen and colony and hopefully kill them, I have tons of ant spray, and I have this powder I put around my house so they can also take that as bait! Lisa, as you know, when something even slightly interests me I basically go full-on rambo about it. <_< So we’;l see how this goes, but I'm already seeing less of them. I think I got this. Have you and robert ever had to deal of pests of any type in your apartment?

ALSO! Lisa, like I said on instagram I am loving being a beta-tester for this game called: “Back 4 Blood.” It’s a really tactical zombie game that’s so cool, the problem is, I’m a massive fucking try-hard and run bitches around. Someone got on mic and said: “Dude your voice is sexy af.” I said; “thank you very much but keep your eyes in front and watch your ammo.” LOL. I was made to be a squad leader.
Royal-Guard-Reli Aug 3, 6:46 PM
LISA! You know I'm loving that new profile pic uwu
Royal-Guard-Reli Jul 23, 8:41 PM
Hahaha. I would too… but they’re kinda hot to me. >.>
Oh wait, did I ever tell you in school for an essay, I wrote a fundamental polarity and analysis of how the Xenomorph in Alien is hauntingly beautiful and horrifying because it’s a parallel of mechanics of real life for humanity anatomy? Like how it gives birth is extremely horrifying, but, it’s actually not that far away from how humans are actually born. And from how it’s designed to have both male and female aesthetics, like dripping wet liquid from its mouth being both a sexual innuendo of female and male anatomy, since the drool from its mouth is from a phallic head. I can go and go and on lol.

RIGHT?! THIS IS WHY I WOULD NEED A HAREM FOR THAT TO POSSIBLY HAPPEN! Or, actually, I’d just need multiple lifetimes lol. That’d be a fun series of events though. <.< I’d need to live in that country or nation for basically my entire life to find someone who I find both mentally, physically, logistically, and spiritually strong as a worthy carrier of my offspring to pass on the best genetics I can ^^.
I also want to say, Lisa, I hope when I say: “I look for fellow warriors” or: “Finally a fellow warrior!” I don’t mean meatheads or something entirely, to me, a “warrior” is someone who can look at and integrate encounters with malevolence in a healthy way, go through trials, and are willing to push forward regardless of the internal or external threats. Someone is passionate and desires to progress! Someone who can separate themselves from herd-animals, people who let the unconscious guide them, suffer, and call it fate. To me, Lisa, you are a warrior yourself! I know that first-hand, why do I know that? Because you’re able to deal with me ofc! xD And all the crazy journeys we’ve been on, you accept me, someone is a near embodiment of dichotomies, contradictions, and rampant aesthetics. Like I said on that voice call we had (WHICH I WAS SO HAPPY ABOUT AND HOPE WE CAN DO AGAIN SOON! <3), it feels like at times, I’m literally anathema in the tide, and it took me a while to accept it, but I feel like I finally have recently, and am willing to embrace it, no matter what comes my way. Perhaps Ewa has helped in that regard. >.> It’s such a weird experience, but I feel, hmm, not softer, but more flexible.
Everyone has their own sword-logic, to rend and carve reality to their design, but not everyone has a blade in the same shape. It’s why I try to never underestimate people too much. And Lisa, you have a blade, and I find it very beautiful. ^^ So what if you don’t go outside much. SO what if you have anxiety. So much if you don’t exercise every single day like me, and so what if you watch mediocre tv! xD You’re special. And I hope you keep rocking this world, Big Sis! >:3

Wait wait wait what--steam profile picture?! LISA! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU HAD A STEAM! YOu’RE NOT A GAMER! xD And you have asked what my favorite animal is - but don’t worry - i love answering this question! My two favorite animals are spiders, snakes, and vulture - I love spiders because they represent change and evolution, yet their reverse element, so to speak, is the illusion of change but is actually stagnation *hence eating their own tail) - I love spiders because I find them to be creature who make death seem, hmm, somewhat beautiful and terrifying - did you know each invidiaul spider-web is different? And they hand-craft it all by themselves. Plus, I relate quite a bit to them, believe it or not. Everyone hates spiders, but they have saved a great deal of us for dealing with giant insects - did you know that if spiders didn’t evolve at the time they did, dragonflies would still be as large as keyboards? True fact. So, spiders are altruistic, yet sadistic, I find that dichotomy pleasant.
Vultures? Well, they’re just smart. They’re one of the smartest animals on the planet. They wait for animals to die, are no prime prey or predator creature, and are experts at battles of attrition. Sounds quite similar to me…. Besides the waiting for the animal to die part.
A lot of people think I relate to tigers and big cats, that’s true aesthetically, I suppose, but I’m more in line with patience, cunning, and sadism lmao.

“LIKE, LOOK AT ALL THE OPTIONS!! xD” Careful, big sis, you’re starting to sound like me. And it’s kind of creepy…, xD

Wait, what,. Again? Jeez. I thought he had recovered well? I’m sorry to hear, Lisa. T_T Hopefully his job doesn’t kick him out too. I think you’re the one in the family that turned out the most… well?

WHAT?! Jeez, turns out that was quite a blunder, huh, Big Sis. >.> WELL AT LEAST YOU DIDN”T WASTE TOO MUCH! xD
As for Mikus, ugh, now I stress slightly. =.= The girl doesn’t know how to take care of animals, which are similar to children. >>.> They need inspiration. The only toy Mikus has is like, that stick with a fluffy thing attached at the end, she moves it around and tries to catch it. But I have other games I play with him myself!
So one is something I want to do with my offspring one day. I place one open palm out, and move it quickly, and try to get them to hit it - but also make it move, feint, and dodge quickly, so they always have to stay on their toes and the cat enjoys it! Despite, ya know, just barely tolerating me. =.= I bought a special glove too with some decent leather so they cat can’t shred through it. He gets SOOOO excited when I put the glove on! Soon my little Mikus is gonna be a boxer uwu.

*Sigh* So, my sister has been bitchier than usual lately and lately I’ve just had it. I feel a strong sense of confident and assurance lately and said to myself: “Fuck it, some things need to change in my life.” I’ve let her steamroll all over me for almost a decade and had enough. I asked her how she was doing today and she told me to shut up. I said: “Alright. That’s how we’re going to do it? ‘Shut up’? I got one for ya sweetheart: eat a salad and do a push up.” I told her that I let her get away with this for too long, she’s an adult now, and in the real world - and that I’m tired of her treating me this way despite how nice I treat her, and that if she wants to hurt me, I’ll hurt her back - and she can tell our mother - her boyfriend - and bring ALL that guy’s friends too to try and beat my ass if she wants - because I’ll take them all on at once and maim each and everyone of them, because this show is over. You want to hurt me? You want to continue a cycle of pain and maleovance? I’ll play. She got really mad and stormed away. I think I did good. >.>

Also, I wuv your new profile picture! I didn't know you liked thing so... uh, pretty! xD
Royal-Guard-Reli Jul 16, 4:01 PM
Indeed indeed my big sis. I’m someone who’s a strong believer in hedonism as well, but think it has to be learned through restraint and discipline, or else, you just keep longing for a bigger and bigger high. In the Horus Heresy, my favorite novel series of all time, there’s a god called Slaneesh that thrives off pleasure and the desire for pleasure, Slaneeh’s cultist desire so strongly for insane sensations they have every part of their body cranked up to 11 to be beautifully horrible but also aesthetic as well. Here’s an example of a Demon of Slaanesh!

Although, they also love rape and torture and literally keep doing anything in their power to get stronger highs….

HHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA no, that would never happen ever lol. Although I do have this interesting idea/minor-fantasy of - I wonder what would happen if I had sex with and had one son or daughter from every race/ethinicty/culture around the world, and which one would be the strongest in what field? Which ones would be more like me in terms of physical prowess, or maybe logistics, etc. Man, I would LOVE to have an army of offspring at my command! As I said before, I’m sure the German one would be crazy…

Hahaha, I heard about that test actually and want to take it myself. <.< I know that Hufflepuffs apparently are low tier fodder in lier, but maybe I could be the one to make the house proud and change its image! >:3 Also, I actually guessed you were slytherin! Not because you’re deceptive or anything, but because you’re kinky as hell and a snake is a phallic symbol! xD

Huh… well,.. Y-ya know there is Lesbian bars, so why not I guess? x)

Well Lisa that depends on a number of different variables such as body type, clothing, etc, but generally yes, for athletes of that specific build ofc it makes them run faster that’s why they do it - but we also have to remember their bodies and training optimize their body to be that way specifically, if you’re not dedicated like them, there’s little reason to do it…

OH COME ON! Dammit! <_< Now I join the cult of the 4th grade hand-wrirting… I’d love to see him try to write the alphabet,....

Ah yes, I’ve heard of your crazy flooding stories on Instagram. ;-; That’s beautifully aesthetic though! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Awe thank you very much! >.< Biblical angel obsession. I tell Ewa she looks like an angel, she still doesn’t get the joke...
Crow_Black Jul 14, 12:57 PM
Happy Bday! :)
Cosmictimespace Jul 14, 10:07 AM
You’re welcome. :)
Cosmictimespace Jul 14, 7:15 AM
Happy Birthday!!! I wish you well for years to come.
direi Jul 14, 7:03 AM
Happy bday Illuminatli! Hope you have an awesome day.

Niceee. Agreed, Octavarium is a great album and Usagi Drop is lovely. Haha something about putting those two things in the same sentence… it's true tho!