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Days: 287.8
Mean Score: 6.64
  • Total Entries1,149
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  • Episodes17,189
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Aug 5, 12:36 AM
Watching 101/? · Scored 10
Jul 24, 4:41 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku - Tadoritsuita Basho
Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku - Tadoritsuita Basho
May 14, 6:55 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
Manga Stats
Days: 4.1
Mean Score: 0.00
  • Total Entries4
  • Reread0
  • Chapters729
  • Volumes74
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Love Death.
Love Death.
Jul 15, 2016 12:08 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored -
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Nov 25, 2015 9:12 AM
Reading 6/? · Scored -
Naruto Gaiden: Nanadaime Hokage to Akairo no Hanatsuzuki
Naruto Gaiden: Nanadaime Hokage to Akairo no Hanatsuzuki
Jul 6, 2015 10:51 AM
Completed 10/10 · Scored -


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Adi Yesterday, 12:50 AM
you're so fucking hot
madeofpaper Aug 15, 1:58 PM
That is a coolass layout.
OblivionXKnight Aug 13, 8:53 PM
Hello Cold_coffee (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Fun Day 2 You :D

^o^ May You Be Blessed Forever ^o^

Hello *Happy Friendship Hug* Also Here Are 20 Fun Questions For You (^__^) Here You Go ^^ *Happiest Hug*

1. Have You Ever Watched Anime With A Friend/Pet/Family Member/Imaginary Friend? :P
2. Have You Ever Accidentally Woke Your Parents Up By Playing With Your Toys In The Middle Of The Night? :P
3. Have You Ever Been 2 A Trampoline Park? :P
4. Have You Ever Gave Bread 2 Ducks With A Family Member? :P
5. Have You Ever Felt All Warm And Fuzzy? :P
6. Have You Ever Hung Upside Down By Your Knees From A Bar Really High For Fun? :P
7. Have You Ever Gave Your Mammy A Good Night Kiss? :P
8. Have You Ever Made A Little Child Laugh? :P
9. Have You Ever Got The Ball Through The Hoop In Basket Ball? :P
10. Have You Ever Gave Goofy A High 5 In Disneyland/Disney World? :P
11. Have You Ever Watched An Anime/Cartoon Upside Down For Fun? :P
12. Have You Ever Got Grounded By Your Parents For Being Naughty? :P
13. Have You Ever Told A Bedtime Story 2 A Special Child? :P
14. Have You Ever Played With Wrestling Figures? :P
15. Have You Ever Acted Out A Scene From A Movie/Cartoon With Your Toys? :P
16. Have You Ever Gave A Witch A Kiss? :P
17. Have You Ever Felt Sorry For The Children In Your Family When There In Trouble For Being Naughty? :P
18. Have You Ever Prayed 2 God Asking For Even Better Anime's 2 Be In Heaven? :P
19. Have You Ever Gave A Child In Your Family 1 Of Your Toys Because They Wanted It? :P
20. Have You Ever Gave Someone An Upside Down Kiss? (Like Spiderman) :P

And Here Are My Answers 2 Those Questions (^__^) Here You Go ^^

1. Yes (^__^) I Watch Every Single Anime/Cartoon With My Imaginary Friend, Daisy Froggy Kiss ^o^
2. Yes :C And I Get In Slight Trouble Because Of It :(
3. Yes ^o^ I Absolutely Love Jumping :P It's So Much Fun :D
4. Yes ^^ Lots Of Times :D Not For A Few Years Though :P
5. Yes (^__^) Children Make Me Feel All Warm And Fuzzy (^__^)
6. Yes (^__^) I Absolutely Love Hanging Upside Down ^o^ It's So Fun :P (And It Doesn't Hurt From Blood Rushing 2 Your Head As People Say :P And I've Hung Upside Down For 30 Minutes At Times)
7. Yes (^__^) I Absolutely Love My Mam :)
8. Yes ^o^ I Absolutely Love Making Children Happy ^o^
9. Yes ^o^ I Do That In My Day Centre :D
10. Yes (^__^) Quite A Few Times Too :D I Absolutely Love Goofy :P
11. Yes ^o^ I Guess I'm Weird Because I Love Being Upside Down So Much :P
12. Yes :C Being Grounded Is Not Fun :P
13. No :( But I REALLY Want 2 Read A Bedtime Story 2 A Child Someday Because I ADORE KIDS With All My Heart (^__^)
14. Yes (^__^) It's So Much Fun :D
15. Yes (^__^) That's Even More Fun At Times ^o^
16. Yes (^__^) My Imaginary Friend, Daisy Froggy Kiss Is A Witch And I Give Her Kisses (^__^)
18. Yes ^o^ If Heaven Is Better Than Eath Then I REALLY Want 2 Watch Anime In Heaven When I Die :P
19. Yes :( As Much As I Adore Kids I Don't Like Giving My Toys Away Much :( But MAKING KIDS HAPPY IS TRULY WORTH IT :P
20. No :( But Since I Love Hanging Upside Down So Much I REALLY Want 2 Do That Someday :( [/size]

*Best Friends Forever Hug Of Happiness* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))) :D (^__^)
Seigen Aug 4, 6:18 AM
I didn't
see you
under my bed.
PeacefulWard Jul 28, 6:50 AM
Almost 2 years late but hey there.
LuhanIsBae2 Jul 19, 9:26 AM
Hey, how's it going? It's been a while everything is going fine for me, my little sister is just cranky today, but I'll hopefully get through it in one piece. How is everything on your end? How is the weather for you? Besides the summer heat I've been getting nothing but storms.
ilovesogeking Jul 17, 9:30 PM

Asena Jul 12, 3:07 AM
andd which one do you think is better?
I heard that the ending of the original is more tragic
Asena Jul 11, 9:36 AM
Hi :3 Nope I haven't and I'm not sure if I want to
Have you seen both?
Gudny Jul 11, 1:40 AM
Finished your exams already?
OblivionXKnight Jul 6, 4:07 AM
Hello Cold_coffee (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Gentle Day 2 You :D

(T^T) *Starts 2 Cry* (T^T)

Hello :D *Sad Friendship Hug* I Am So Sad :( *Sorry Hug* My Right Foot Hurts Like Crazy :( ( *Deeply Sorry Hug* Yesterday I Jumped Really High In The Kitchen (I Always Jump All The Time) ^.^ And My Right Foot Landed Side Ways :( And It Hurt A Lot :C And My Right Foot Became Extremely Swollen :( My Mammy Said It's Like A Balloon :( And I Was Walking Strange :( *Sorry Hug*

So My Mammy, My 14 Year Old Brother Luke And My Bampa Took Me 2 The Hospital :( I Was So Scared :( But My Mammy Promised Me That I Wouldn't Have a Needle ^o^ I HATE Needles :( And The Super Lovely Doctor Gave Me An X-Ray (^.^) And The Super Lovely Doctor Said That I Fractured My Right Foot Slightly :( And The Doctors Told My Mam That I Can't Jump Or Skip For At Least 1 Week [b] (T^T) :( :C (T^T)

I ALWAYS Jump And Skip And Spin All The Time (^__^) But It So Hurts :C And When I Try 2 Jump The Pain Is Unbelievable :( It Hurts :C Also My Mammy Has Phoned My Day Centre 2 Say That I'm Not Going Today ^.^ *Sorry Hug*
My Mammy Says I've Got 2 Rest For A Week :( It's So Not Fair :C I So Want 2 Jump And Skip And Try 2 Back Flip :C But It Hurts :C

*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
*Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T) *Unfair Hug* (T^T)
It's So Hard That I Can't Jump And Skip And Spin Like Before :C I'm So Sad (T^T)

I Can Still Hop On 1 Leg Though (^.^) At Least That's Fun :P And My Mammy Promised That In 2 Weeks Time I Can Jump And Skip Again (^__^) Yay Yay Yay

Also My Imaginary Friend, Daisy Froggy Kiss Has Been Giving Me Lots Of Hugs And Kisses (^__^) And Daisy Froggy Kiss Has Cast Some Healing Magic Spells On My Right Foot (^__^) And We Are Both Going 2 Watch Anime Together (^__^) *Happy Imaginary Friends Hug*

*Be Well And Not Hurt Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))))) :D (^__^)

I Absolutely Love This Gif (^__^)
OblivionXKnight Jul 5, 12:45 AM
Hello Cold_coffee (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Fun Day 2 You :D

Hello :D Who Is Your Favourite Lazy Town Character? (^__^) Mine Is Stephanie ^.^

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))))))))) :D (^__^)
Kamui1423_Atsuma Jul 2, 8:03 AM

◇●◇••◇-------July Newsletter-------◇●◇••◇
<Hello dear members of Darkness!>
I am finally back from my unknown amount of time of long vacation! I am sorry to say but I had a few personal issues that I was caught up in and therefore was unable to regulate the club. However, now I would like to inform all of you that I am back and am trying to make the club active again. To do that, I would need your help!

₰ What to do to make the club active again ₰
◘ I am aware that reviving a club takes a lot of energy, time and patience but I am willing to do so. However, I need the members help in doing so. I want to trust all of you that you will somehow in one way or another contribute to the club any time. I am not going to force you to do this but I would appreciate it. After all, everyone working together will give a spectacular result than a single person doing all the work

₰ New Member? ₰
◘ If you are a new member then I formally thank you for joining my small club. If you did not have a chance to introduce yourself to others, then you may do so in the Introduce yourself thread.

₰ Want to become a Staff Member? ₰
◘ If you are somebody who is willing to dedicate part of your time to help me with the club, then I will be very much ecstatic! You can sign up in the Staff Recruitment Thread. There are many jobs available for example- ◇ Game/Card Maker ◇ Layout Maker ◇ Affiliator/Invitor ◇ Courier ◇ Club Moderator ◇ Game Maker.

₰ Any Games/Chatroom? ₰
◘ We have many games right now. You can check out the various games we have in the Game Directory. We also have our very first Darkness Discord group room! You can join in our group by following this LINK!

◘ This club is far from being active like it used to, so here's where you guys come in, we need your help.
Let us know your thoughts. Share your ideas:
• General Topics for members to discussed about:-you can even expand on your answer or feel free to spark some discussion
• Games: Fresh ideas that haven't been done in order clubs or what you think most people would enjoy playing.
• Events: Something like you want to have or have already occurred or are happening at the moment
• Cards & Claim themes are most welcomed.
Feel free to leave any of these suggestions and such in the comment sections or even this thread, I'll take it into consideration, and your idea may even be chosen.

₰ Thank you for reading! ₰
◘ This major news update s brought to you by your newly re-awakened Club Creator, Kamui1423_Atsuma. If you wish to unsubscribe then please do so in the Unsubscribe From Newsletter Thread.

AshleyMadison Jun 29, 7:25 AM
hey how are you today
HighOnRonin Jun 29, 6:16 AM
Gotta love them themes ✓