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Days: 19.4
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Monmusu Quest!
Monmusu Quest!
Sep 10, 10:41 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 6
Naruto: Shippuuden Movie 6 - Road to Ninja
Naruto: Shippuuden Movie 6 - Road to Ninja
Sep 9, 11:08 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Wakaba*Girl: Onsen Tsukaritai
Wakaba*Girl: Onsen Tsukaritai
Aug 18, 10:50 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
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Days: 0.8
Mean Score: 8.00
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Yotsuba to!
Yotsuba to!
Sep 15, 4:39 PM
Reading - · Scored 8
Dive in the Vampire Bund
Dive in the Vampire Bund
Mar 6, 10:21 AM
Reading -/18 · Scored -
Mar 6, 10:21 AM
Reading -/50 · Scored -


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Nubiellee 11 hours ago
I will look into that for internet, thanks for the tip! I forgot about the skirt lengh in anime. It's really short most of the time. Then you have a serious character that show up with a skirt so long that it almost goes under her feet for some reasons. And everyone thinks it's normal haha.
Same face syndrome in anime is real but I find it amusing more than anything. In some anime if you imagine the characters without their hair you start to realise that it's impossible to tell them apart.

I think the same honestly. You remind me that the president of my country do theatre, should I be worried?

Fridge is awesome and when I go on WMG's sometimes it can go way too far haha. It's still fun to read some of it. But some theories don't make any sense even if I want some of them to be true when they're cool. It's rare but some of them are even better than the real ending.
What's the craziest anime theory you ever saw?

They're playing with our emotions. They make cute and fun characters and then bad stuff happens to them. :'( But it's interesting to see how far it can go. I finished School days in almost a day because I was amazed how the story was more and more grim then that ending, damn...
I think that as long as you're polite and aren't eating anything in the street people will be nice and help you if they can. :p In my city you never know. Either people are really nice or really rude, not to mention crazy people just yelling in the subway and slapping the walls. Everyone ignore them.

But what about those superheroes comics con? :o
Subways in Japan have cute anime mascots if I remember correctly.
I just remembered that what we have is an Asterix theme park. Sounds fun. There's one with Spirou and from what I've heard it's awful. Oh well. lol I just need to go to that Harry Potter or Avengers theme park then my life will be complète. But there aren't any in France I think, maybe one day though.
Nubiellee Yesterday, 6:40 AM
I'm not alone so you're probably right maybe this has something to do with my bad internet sometimes. RIP.
About uniforms and stuff I have the feeling it's more indulgent in anime than in real life. They talk about it sometimes but characters don't care. They still come with piercings and without their ties the next day for exemple. Despite the fact there are rules in their school about that. :p

I've heard that even in Japan people don't talk about politics in general. :o
I can't stop laughing everytime I see this picture haha.

Same. The nightmare fuel section is also a favorite of mine. Especially when the anime in question isn't serious at all. Put things in perspective...
I like the comparaison with a tutorial. But sometimes it's not only the first episode, it's the whole first part of the anime full of comedy and fun to introduce the characters then it goes really dark and serious. It can be so jarring.

Maybe one day. A friend did it and it sounds so awesome when he talk about it. He was not only in Tokyo but also the countryside. I'm a little ashamed but what I want to see a lot is those districts where it's full anime. Like you walk into the street and it's like this.
I can't help but imagine the same thing in my city but with french comics like Asterix or Tintin it would be so funny.
Do you plan on going in Tokyo or maybe somewhere else?
Nubiellee Sep 11, 7:15 AM
For my internet it depends on the day really. Some days it's so fast and I'm in heaven then one week later hell comes. No idea why. :'(

True! But some stuff are so consistent that I can't help but think that it's just how it is haha.
I remember an anime where two girls go to France and it's so depressing though. It's not that bad here I swear. :'D Maybe it was about the Paris syndrome.
Also I'm jealous because some presidents appeared in anime but not mine. Not fair.

I don't mind most tropes. Like you I think some of them are great! And there's so much tropes when you think about it. But I really like to be surprised too.. . Speaking about tropes I love going on Tv Tropes when I finish an anime and reading about it. It's like an analysis of the whole thing and sometimes I even learn about things I didn't realise at first.

With your story about the Austin Powers figure it reminds me about this.
Now I always read very carefully the descriptions of the items I buy online.
A free DVD is always nice but it seems a little shady. Oh weel at least it works! Were the subtitles like this though? ;D

A lot of people go by the 3 episodes rule but I agree that if a first episode wasn't great then people shouldn't force themselves to watch it if they don't like it. I see people treating anime like a chore and it's too bad. Like I said I finished some anime that I didn't like but they're so few that I can count them on the fingers of one hand. And I didn't hate them either, I always find something that I like in them. But now I'm so careful when I pick an anime to watch and my problem is that since I liked to be surprised I can't search too much information about it. :p
Nubiellee Sep 10, 5:21 AM
All my music is in a playlist on youtube. But that means that if there's no internet I can't listen to it. But that rarely happen. What is worse is that some videos got taken down. Sometimes I don't even remember what those songs were so it's just lost for me at the moment. :p
How long does it take you to make a video? I guess it depends on the video though! Have you ever had any problem and lost all your files?

I like when anime shows that kind of events. I know real life is different than anime but it's nice to learn a little more about another culture. Even if I'm not a fan of Sol in general this is always interesting to see. Unfortunatly it can be tiring to always see the same tropes over and over but it's not only Sol genre that does this. When I watch some anime I already know that there's going to be a swimming pool/beach episode for exemple. lol

Now when I read about Hello Kitty all I can think about is that Avril Lavigne song haha. Have you ever had any problems with ebay?

I started watching Haikyuu on a whim and loved it thankfully. I'm not into sports anime at all. But even when money isn't involved I tend to never drop anything so I can end up watching anime that I dislike. But like you said you can find some gems. I wasn't impressed with some first episodes but I ended up loving the anime after.
Nubiellee Sep 4, 6:59 AM
Haha your file size story, I was there but with my wallpaper folder on my pc. It was so huge that when I clicked on the folder it took forever to open and load all the wallpapers. I finally decided one day to do some clean up. It's a little frustrating right now because my computer, well my main drive, lack space and even if I do some clean up sometimes it doesn't help much. Things that take a lot of space like games aren't even on my main drive.
A lot of people do that and write everything in a document. Sometimes they even write it in a notebook. At first it was surprising to me but when I discovered MAL I understood the appeal and loved the concept. I like how there's so many things you can do here. It's weird being back on forums since I didn't go on a forum for a very long time on the internet. :'D

For example, if i'm looking at the episode time or can't keep my focus on the show, i generally give it a low score.
Oh yes when it's like that it is not a good sign at all. I love when I watch an episode and it only feels like 5 minutes.

Do you buy some anime related stuff? I rarely do but I bought some blu-rays like Angel Beats because I haven't watch it since 2011 so I thought why not? <3 It was totally worth it. But I took some risks and bought Monster even if I never watched it before. It's a great anime, thankfully, but imagine buying something like that only to realise you hate it. Because of this I understand why people watch illegal streams!

Sorry for the late reply by the way. Hope you're okay. :D
LunarTreat Aug 25, 3:05 PM
The gif of the girl that is removing her hair below made me laugh so hard!!

Also you have Hinata in your favorite..

That's right!! She is super cute
Stygian_Prisoner Aug 24, 9:10 AM
Hey, thanks for the friend request. Good to meet ya.
Nubiellee Aug 19, 6:48 AM
Don't worry, I know that some other people are exactly like you. When I started to watch anime I did the same but at some point I was too impatient and wanted to watch all those sequels of anime I like. Then I started being interested in other anime from the same season. Now I'm so used to it that I actually like being able to follow all those different stories even if it's a lot. I have to admit that sometimes I look at my list and I'm just there wondering how I can watch all of this each week without being lost. Most anime don't even have summaries at the begining of the episode... I also watch other tv shows on the side like Succession or Mindhunter at the moment. Yep. X)

I see that your plan to watch list is empty. Do you have a separate list or do you just search for anime to watch when you feel like it?

Nice. I always feel like I give too much 7/10 though. I can't help it haha. I rate on enjoyment but sometimes I will change a score of an anime some months after finishing it, but it's rare. Do you do that?
Jixte Aug 18, 2:40 PM
Hi! I thought I'd reply on here since it'll be easier ^^

I didn't know people could do tags on mal shows so it was an extra surprise when I seen it xD I look forward to seeing more! Just checked, there are more yay:D
School Days - 'mc is an asshole' Hell yeah he is
Azumanga Daioh is such a great show! If only they would animate Yotsuba T_T

Your list has a lot I haven't watched so anything you highly recommend I watch?^^

Haha where do you find a show like Abunai Sisters? I clicked the link and I honestly couldn't get through much, I'd give that to someone to watch as a punishment tbh xD
EmilioX Aug 18, 8:31 AM
Nice to hear,

What are you currently watching/reading?
EmilioX Aug 18, 5:29 AM
Hello thanks for adding me,

How are you doing? :)
nahnahchan Aug 17, 9:52 PM
Hello, Thank you for the friend request blockernator ^^

What's up? :D
Nubiellee Aug 17, 6:59 PM
Hey, thanks for the friend request. How are you?
Just like you I've only been seriously watching anime for 2 years or something. I had a lot of catching up to do. Do you watch seasonal anime at all or do you prefer to wait and binge watch when all the episodes are out? :D
JiangHaoyi1979 Sep 8, 2018 1:08 PM
Nice "Onegai Teacher" review.
Btw, the 1st person Pronoun "i: should be always be in Capital Letter.