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Hina Tachibana (橘 陽菜)

Birthday: April 6th
Blood Type: O
Height: 163cm
Hobbies: Watching comedy shows, going to concerts, watching TV dramas, drinking, collecting souvenir t-shirts
Strengths: Goldfish catching, English conversation
Weaknesses: Cooking, thunder and lightning, cockroaches, gory movies
Favorite Foods: Sushi, Umesuisho, eggplant nibitashi, green tea ice cream
Favorite Fusic: Hikaru Utada, Namie Amuro, RADWIMPS, Miki Imai, Sukima Switch
Favorite Books: The works of Nashiki Kaho, Shion Miura, Jun Ikeido, Atsuko Asano, and Rio Shimamoto

Hina Tachibana is the sister of Rui Tachibana, step-sister, and teacher of Fuji Natsuo. Hina is also the ex-girlfriend of Hagiwara Shuu. Hina is also one of the main heroines of the series, as she appears in the first chapter of the series. Natsuo also has a clear crush on her.

Hina's cheerful on the outside but underneath all that is a conflicted young woman, ever caught between what her heart wants and how she thinks she should behave like an adult, teacher, and older sister.

Further manga spoilers:

Voice Actors
Hikasa, Youko
Duran, Patricia