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Hi! I'm Shinku Tachi!

I like anime, JRPGs, and musou games!

Let's be friends! ^_^

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Taiho Shichau zo: Full Throttle - Watashitachi no Iru Basho
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Taiho Shichau zo: Full Throttle
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Taiho Shichau zo: Nagisa no Koutsuu Yuudou
Taiho Shichau zo: Nagisa no Koutsuu Yuudou
May 7, 8:38 PM
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Disapeared_Ghost Dec 31, 2022 9:31 PM
Digital Devil Saga i got for Christmas recently and i just finished it and it was a lot of fun to try out! ^^ i even got a makoto pop up figure too since she was one of the best girls for me and i love that chrono trigger pfp too btw.
Disapeared_Ghost Nov 6, 2022 10:19 AM
I just got persona 4 golden not long ago as well too and i'm saving it for xmas but i'm sure i'll have a lot of fun with it! ^^
Stacias Oct 19, 2022 2:20 AM
hey, thanks for the friend request and also nice to meet you.
Disapeared_Ghost Sep 28, 2022 11:27 AM
I am so addicted to soul hackers 2 rn holy smokes its just so good!
smoltulip Sep 26, 2022 2:38 PM
I'm so glad I could point you towards Blue Reflection Ray! I discovered it when I was desperate for more Blue Reflection content, but wasn't quite ready to jump into Tie, yet... and then quickly realized how much it was connected to Tie itself! A lot of people do say you can skip watching it and go straight to Tie, but... it kind of feels like Kiseki, in a way? Where you technically could play Hajimari no Kiseki without playing the games before, but when characters show up and have really emotional conclusions to their arcs, you would just be like "okay... that was nice I guess", because you don't even know where they came from, to begin with. Like honestly, when I was playing Tie, there were so many times where I was like "thank goodness I watched the anime"- the payoff is just too good! I also really appreciate what they did with it as a bridge between the first game and Tie. It definitely was... an experiment... for Gust, but it's still such an important watch, imo!

I'll stop rambling about Blue Reflection now lol, but really, I'm glad to know you'll be watching Ray! And of course I'd love to know what you think when you get to it! :3

And about your list: Of course! But I am kind of curious if you could possibly pick your absolute favorite out of those 10? Sometimes people ask me for my favorite JRPG of all time, and it just feels like such an impossible question~
I can only imagine how intense watching Clannad, Kannon, and AIR was for you!! I do have Kannon + AIR on my list as well; I'll probably get to them when I feel like I really need to cry some more... Clannad: After Story was... a lot lmao.
Awhh that's so sweet that you thought of me when you watched Restaurant to Another World!! ♡ Honestly, this show... it's been so so wonderful, I absolutely loved the first season and I'm already watching the second! The lore is great, the characters are all so wonderful, and it's just so incredibly wholesome? I love seeing them fall in love with their favorite foods! Like I just finished the episode where Victoria takes her niece and nephew to Nekoya; it was so so sweet and adorable :3
On a more personal note, it's actually helped me enjoy cooking again! Every time I watch I try and make something nice to go with it. I'm actually really grateful to the show, for that. ♡

Omg, you are really selling me on Soul Hackers 2! That sounds amazing, especially because the lack of narrative has been an issue for me with the SMT games, and same for the pacing of the newer Persona games (as much as I adore them)! So I really might have to pick it up; I'll let you know if I do!
Hehe, Kuro no Kiseki continues to amaze me~ Van in particular is just... I just finished Chapter 3 and let's just say I have a lot of feelings about him. The characters in general are just so well-written (Feri is so cuteee!), with all of the depth I would expect from Kiseki.
Otherwise, I'm currently rewatching the Fate series (well, as much as I can handle anyway-), since a new Fate anime project got announced! It's been surprisingly just as enjoyable and emotional even on my second go around~

By the way, what did you think of all of the JRPG announcements recently? Sooo many things coming out this year and the beginning of next! While I was catching up on all of the announcements, I was imagining how happy you must have been about them, too! ☆
smoltulip Sep 4, 2022 4:52 PM
Okay, good to know! I always feel bad if I leave someone hanging for a bit, but Life Just Really Happens Sometimes™ so it means a lot when people are understanding!

Omg you are so right about Takahashi- that's honestly what makes his games so special, he really puts you in the moment of the characters' existence, and he's never afraid to make you feel what they're feeling right alongside them. It goes without saying that I am *so* excited to hear your thoughts on it!
Ahhh and you picked up the Blue Reflection series too? Literally you have made my entire week, it makes me so so happy to hear when people are giving it a chance. It's so so special and it deserves it so much~ It's such a niche series and at one point we didn't even know if we would ever get a sequel :3
Anyway, I'm glad you'll be playing it as well, and I wanna hear your thoughts on the games when you get a chance!!
Ohh btw, definitely check out the anime (Blue Reflection Ray) after the first game and before you play Tie! The anime expands on a bunch of characters, it's basically a prequel to Tie, and it makes Tie hit so much harder~

Since you mentioned it, I checked your profile and your taste in JRPGs is absolutely immaculate~ I see the Tales series and Ar Tonelico too! I really feel like we could spend all day just chatting about our faves. It's really exciting to make a new friend who just gets it and also treasures them so much~ ♡

I'll have to put Overlord on my radar for sure! And of course you have another set of perfect recommendations for me, I'll definitely be watching Restaurant to Another World ASAP~ Right now I'm making my way through Clannad: After Story, and I have a feeling I'll need something super comfy after that. I also started Kuro no Kiseki recently and it's really good!! The music is so jazzy and I love it, and I'm getting used to being able to just... walk... in battle lmao. I spent five minutes of the tutorial being like "wait where's the move button" because it's so ingrained in me~ I only just finished the prologue, so I'll let you know how I'm getting on as I go! It's definitely just as gorgeous as you said it would be :3

How about you? I think you said you were going to play Soul Hackers 2, right? What has Shin-chan been up to? ☆
smoltulip Aug 16, 2022 5:13 PM
Shin-chan!!! I'm sorry it took me a little while to write back to you, my weekend was really busy and it kinda tired me out :3

Hehe, I'm so happy that Zero and Ao are your faves as well~ don't get me wrong, I love the series in general, but like you said, they're just special and they really are like peak Kiseki to me, even against the JRPG genre in general!
Awhh cool that we're both playing GUST games atm! Fairy Tail does sound really fun for sure! :3 Video game adaptions of anime are always neat, it kind of reminds me of the Sword Art Online games!
Speaking of things being our speed, I had to immediately put After School Dice Club on my list when you mentioned it! It looks so cute and comfy, my fave qualities in an anime! So thank you for sharing, too~ ♡
Xenoblade 3 (I just finished on Monday) was... omg, I feel like I'm being dramatic but it was just a whole experience and it properly emotionally wrecked me. I will definitely be thinking about it for a long time to come. And ahhh Blue Reflection: Tie! Well I mean I loved it enough to go for all the achievements now; I've always loved the series from day one- but Tie is just a really beautiful and heartfelt, emotional sequel about treasuring what's most important to you. And I think one of the only magical girl video game series available? I can't gush about it enough! Just.... JRPGs, you know? ♡

Oohh, how are you liking the Overlord series btw? And did you end up finding something new and fun to watch? I hope your week is being super super kind to you so far! ☆
smoltulip Aug 5, 2022 1:48 PM
Awhh thank you~
It's so exciting to meet another Kiseki fan!!! Sooo don't mind me spamming you with Kiseki stuffs every now and then~ ☆
Hehe, I'm surprised Lloyd isn't charging toward us to make a cheesy speech right now :3 It really is so exciting, I honestly can't believe it?! And I know it wouldn't be possible without the *massive* work that the Geofront put in on the fan translations. And yess, it's just so great that more people are going to get to experience the Crossbell arc and get over that barrier! Like, even after all these games, Ao no Kiseki is still my forever fave of the series.

Ooohh, I played the Evo versions as well!! And like you said, that extra voice work makes a huge difference! (I normally play on PC and Switch, but the Evo versions were so worth it!)

Omg A Centaur's Life sounds so adorable!!! Did Himeno make it through high school okay? Now I'm actually curious :3
Fairy Tail... is that the same as the anime? I'm glad you're enjoying it!
And I totally forgot that Soul Hackers 2 is coming out really soon! I'll definitely have to squeeze it in somehow~
I've been watching (and almost finished-) Yuru Camp△ Season 2. I've loved it so so much, like it's honestly hard to explain just how good it was to me. Just everything I adored about Yuru Camp△'s first season turned up to 11! It's been truly perfect. Just super cozy comfy camping times~ ♡
I've also been playing Xenoblade 3, and finishing up achievements in Blue Reflection: Tie! ☆ Of course I'll definitely let you know how I like Kuro! It sounds so good from the way you described it~

P.S. I'm pretty sure Shin-chan is the super sweet one! ♡
smoltulip Jul 31, 2022 1:25 PM
Hehe awhh ShinkuTachi, you're so sweet! I think we'll get along great as well~ ♡
And ahhh of course, I always loved visiting her when I played Zero and Ao no Kiseki, she's the best! I was so happy when she returned in Sen III!
Omgg, and likewise I'm so happy you recognized Lloyd and Tiosuke~~ I love them both so much and Tiosuke holds a super special place in my heart~ ♡

Speaking of Kiseki, one of my friends got me Kuro recently and I can't waittt to play it, I'm so so excited~ (///ˉ///✿)
What has Shin-chan been playing/watching/enjoying lately? (if it's okay to call you that, if not, I can come up with another nickname!) ☆
nightjasmine Jul 31, 2022 5:58 AM
💗OH YEA!! its like the first shoujo I ever watched💗

nightjasmine Jul 31, 2022 2:45 AM
Hey new net friend! Nice to meet ya! (^∇^)ノ

ame Jul 28, 2022 8:13 PM
OMGGGG THATS A LOTTT <3 hope you enjoyed all of emmmmm !!!!! so do you have any recommendations for me??
smoltulip Jul 28, 2022 5:40 PM
Hi there~ thank you for your friend request, it's nice to meet you~ ♡
I love that Jingo is your pfp, she's so cute! ☆
ame Jul 27, 2022 11:44 PM
ahhh thats coool <3 what you watching these dayss??
takamono Jul 27, 2022 11:09 PM
Thanks for the FR~
Nice to meet you.😃
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