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Club Description: First and foremost, I would like to make it clear that this is not an elitist club. Our goal is to come up a list of highly recommended quality shows that are exemplary either within genre or universally. However, everyone has different standards when it comes to this, so we have created a short list of basic requirements with the goal of ensuring maximum participation from our members. Entry Requirements:
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Current Voting and Spotlight period: 19/07 - 09/08 Current You Decides: OPEN - Mysterious Cities of Gold (Anime) (39/10) OPEN - Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte (Manga) (138/28) Resurrected: OPEN - Freesia (Manga) (84/21) For Challenge: [None] Current Spotlights: Turn A Gundam (Anime) (50/12) Beastars (Manga) (185+/37) Resurrected: Made in Abyss (Anime) (13/4) For Challenge: [None] Double Advance Spotlight Notice: In order to give everyone more time to get fully acquainted with these entries, we'd like you to take note in advance of the fact that both [] and [] will be spotlighted for the week starting on ________. Please note: each anime and manga entry is followed by a number denoting the total amount of episodes or chapters and the amount you must have watched/read in order for your vote to be legitimate.
Nomination Lists: Nominations will now be updated every three weeks to fall into the same schedule as the voting and spotlighting. Now you have three votes every three weeks for each of the "Nominate an Anime", "Nominate a Manga" and "Resurrect an Anime/Manga" thread, so nine votes in total, you can use them however you want. Challenge Nominations will be open every three months and there you also have three votes. Nominate an Anime Nominate a Manga Resurrect an Anime Challenge Nominations (OPEN)
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Club Discussion
Sticky: Resurrected You Decide: Freesia (Manga) (84/21)
HiroM_ - Jul 22
39 replies by Mini_Lancer »»
2 hours ago
Sticky: You Decide: Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte (Manga) (138/28) ( 1 2 )
HiroM_ - Jul 22
50 replies by Mini_Lancer »»
2 hours ago
Sticky: You Decide: Mysterious Cities of Gold (Anime) (39/10) ( 1 2 )
HiroM_ - Jul 21
61 replies by Mini_Lancer »»
2 hours ago
Sticky: Relation List Challenge Thread
danz - Aug 2, 2014
7 replies by BriceMAL »»
Jul 28, 8:00 AM
Sticky: Nominate an Anime
danz - Sep 20, 2014
7 replies by BriceMAL »»
Jul 28, 7:56 AM

Club Comments
HiroM_ | Jul 22, 9:45 AM
Obviously 91 Days

abystoma2 | Jul 22, 7:06 AM
>With today’s results it came to a point where I no longer can ignore it

Out of curiosity, what specifically do you disagree with?

HiroM_ | Jul 22, 4:06 AM
Thanks for all you've done, there's no doubt that the club probably wouldn't exist anymore if it wasn't for your dedication. It's only natural to move on at some point in life and we'll definitely try to keep the club alive.

On that note, the club isn't going to die off any time soon. We had problems with inactive admins for quite some time now which is partly reason as to why there hasn't changed as much after new years as we had hoped for yet, although the change to three week rotations did help quite a bit. There will still be changes in the coming months and we'll continue trying to revitalize the club and make it more attractive. First up will probably be reviving the blue N rescue mission as the blue Ns for manga still pose a problem. Club reviews are still on-hold for the forseeable future as we still have problems accessing the account that we post them on and Lindle leaving the club, as he was responsible for organizing the reviews, which I myself don't feel qualified to do.

Lightfellow | Jul 22, 3:39 AM
Well, this looks like a goodbye, folks.

Why? The reason is as simple as it is complicated.
Those of you who have been with the club for a considerable amount of time probably remember how much time and effort I dedicated to this place. I say this without any false modesty, because I really did keep this place afloat after the admin exodus we had when some of them made their questionable exit.

I decided that I would not let this place die because of how much it meant to me. Not only on a personal level, with all the friends that I’ve made here. Critics and Connoisseurs club reinforced my deep critical beliefs that everything should be questioned and nothing is to be taken as granted.

We all know what is the main purpose of this club — to be an annoying elitist to gather exemplary shows that are highly recommendable for any given reason. But some time ago I started feeling that maybe my views of what was exemplary didn’t exactly match that of the club’s members’. This isn’t inherently wrong and I just kept at it while ignoring this feeling.
But as my life got busier, as I dedicated less and less time to this place, the feeling only grew stronger. With today’s results it came to a point where I no longer can ignore it.
And, therefore, I’m leaving this club.

But this isn’t a bitter feeling, it’s more akin to a relief that you feel after taking a huge dump finishing a long task.
I leave you in the capable hands of the good admin team, and I have no doubt that if they decide to add more people, they will make right choices, unlike me.

I want to thank everyone involved in all my years being a member or an admin. Thank you, Critics, thank you, Connoisseurs.

I consider my job here done. I feel like I did it well.
See you, space cowboys.

HiroM_ | Jul 22, 3:23 AM
Oh yeah, also: 3-Gatsu no Lion getting into the relation list protects it from being challenged until 19/07/2021.
Reminder, that all the resurrection and challenge dates can be seen in the Resurrection Calendar

Mei-o_Scarlett | Jul 22, 3:12 AM

HiroM_ | Jul 22, 2:58 AM
Ressurection Calender updates:
The Neon Genesis Evangelion manga can now be challenged.
Due to Spice and Wolf falling out of the relation list it can't be resurrected until 19/07/2021.

HiroM_ | Jul 22, 2:43 AM
You Decide results:

91 Days (Anime) (22/7/20)
- Yes: 9
- No: 30
- Haven't Watched: 29
~ Abstained: 3
~ Ineligible: ResaLunn (Not Listed), Lazy (Not Listed)

- 23.08%

3-Gatsu no Lion (Manga) (22/7/20)
- Yes: 12
- No: 1
- Haven't Read: 35
~ Abstained: 1
~ Ineligible: D-ohnuts (Progress), Konakana (Private List), Natsuaki (Not Listed), Zanky (Not Listed)

- 92.31%

Resurrected You Decide results:

3-gatsu no Lion (Anime) (22/7/20)
- Yes: 38
- No: 9
- Haven't Watched: 20
~ Abstained: 2
~ Ineligible: KimVcg (Not Listed), ravepillman (Progress)

- 80.85%

Challenge You Decide results:

Spice and Wolf (Anime) (22/7/20)
- Yes: 24
- No: 13
- Haven't Watched: 9
~ Abstained: 4
~ Ineligible: zaverix (Progress)

- 64.86%

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