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Nov 9, 2023
A completely average smut.

The manga consist of few pages of empty dialogue with no depth or craft, serving no other purpose other than to get the two males to interract followed by fewer pages of sex. This repeats until you get to the end of the volume.

The art is not hideously ugly, but it’s certainly very much on the low effort level of the quality scale.

This is so generic and forgettable that I could just copy this review, post it under bunch of different BLs and it would still apply. And I’m approaching the disappointement point of actually doing just that.
Nov 9, 2023
Baby Shark and its consequences has been a disaster for the human race.

Somewhere in a meeting room, execs held a meeting on how to squeeze out more money for minimal cost. I imagine that’s how this movie was born.

Well, to call Baby Shark's Space Adventure a “movie“ might be a bit of stretch. It’s a set of music videos loosely tied together by an extremely basic and low effort story. The songs of course aren’t original, they are a collection of Pinkfong’s viral children song, the most known of course being Baby Shark, which you’ll have the displeasure of hearing four and a half ...
Nov 8, 2023
Trigger (Manga) add
„We have Freesia at home“

Trigger is another of the kind of manga about how what if we just allowed some people to kill others. It takes the usual character of a vigilante and repurposes him to work within law and „order“ rather than outside of it.

Trigger starts somewhat week, as it seems like this will be about trying to portray this as a good idea, but luckily this isn’t the case (that much). Instead the manga has more of a short story format as it showcases different people and how they dealt with the responsibility of being chosen for the job of licenced executor, which ...
Nov 3, 2023
Gravitation (Manga) add
Gravitation is a romance (allegedly) music (allegedly) BL manga. It’s one step away from being a great parody of the yaoi genre, but unfortunately it’s wholly unironic.

It suffers from many problems. The first and the most obvious is that the story just doesn’t make any sense. Both plot-wise and character-wise.

The main problem with the duo of main characters is that they have absolutely zero chemistry. They have no reason at all to like each other, it’s as if Shuuichi got hit by a fujo brainwashing tech which makes him fall in love with the first bishounen he sees and so he did. Both Shuuichi ...
Oct 22, 2023
Shoujo isn’t exactly my favourite genre. Still, once in a while I give it a try, and once in a whole there is a title that surprises. Sacrificial Princess is one of those.

What’s interesting is that usually when a shoujo manga is good, it’s because it’s closer to other demographics and is shoujo more on a technicality. In this case though, it’s really a pure shoujo manga, simply with actually good writing. And by that I don’t mean that the author added sex and violence to make it appear more mature (I’m looking at you Nana). No, the characters and the themes are the main ...
Sep 27, 2023
Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) add
Most light novels that serve as a side story for a populare anime/manga franchise are just cashgrabs, with nothing of much value and with the set expectations of „You’ll get to read about your favourite characters more“, which is what the fans are mostly content with.

The Tokyo Ghoul novels are nice in a way that they would work as a short story collection even if not connected to already successful title. Which is to say, even if you didn’t know any of the characters and only have the knowledge that this takes place in word where both humans and ghouls exist, the content still works ...
Sep 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This is your average OVA with your average filler story. It' a side story with no bearing on the overal plot progress, there's no depth other than just being a stand-alone short story and no depth is really expected. This is mainly for people who just want *any* additional content with the characters they like.

The character design, especially for the main characters, makes them look somehow ET-ish, though that is not fault of the OVA alone. Other than that, the visuals are okay, about to be expected with the tighter budget of an OVA.

But hey, the cat was cute, so at least there's ...
Sep 22, 2023
Preliminary (95/? chp)
Junjou Romantica, the series that portrays wholesome and interesting romance between the well drawn characters… in some alternative universe, maybe. Instead, what we have here is a rape within the first 22 pages of chapter 1, and it being portrayed as a great way to start relationship.

Seriously, the manga cuts from explicit portrayal of rape of underage looking character to the assailant and the victim just talking over some tea, not acknowledging what just happens. The scenario is pretty much A: "Hi I brought you a soup" B: “Welcome to the rape cave lmao” and then they just have casual talk after? The rape into ...
Aug 31, 2023
Bleach (Manga) add
Out of the “big three”, Bleach is undoubtedly the most… bland one. I honestly believe that it only counts among them by accidental association of filling the void of the third realace.

Originally I planned to make this review much more wordy, but as the author couldn’t bother to put more effort into the manga, I too won’t got the extra mile so instead I’ll just describe my thoughts on the series shortly in no particular order in form of short rants:

First and the most glaring issue is the protagonist. Ichigo has boring character, boring powers and boring goals. Which is to say, Ichigo’s character ...
Jul 23, 2023
Given (Manga) add
Many works seem to believe that just mentioning suicide automatically makes the script better. It does not. Especially when it’s not really elaborated upon, just thrown in the mix for some free drama. Unfortunately, some readers will fall for this bait, and proclaim the story deep and dramatic and whatever.

So, what is Given actually about? The thing is, I struggle to summarize it. Not because it’s complex, but because what I consider its biggest flaw – it doesn’t have a point. With most of fiction, you can usually grasp what the author is going for. Sometimes it’s to explore deeps though. Sometimes the main point ...

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