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Feb 16, 2020
If I were ever asked if there is such thing as a light novel that could be compared to classic literature, Legend of the Galactic Heroes would be the instantaneous answer.

This isn't a book you read, this is a book you experience. And I'm not using this expression lightly. LoGH is a work that might change your view on some eternal questions and problems of humanity concerning politics and philosophy. Or at least have you rethink your current opinion really hard. It excels at bringing those themes into the story and having it feel so naturally present, almost as if the story is just read more
Feb 14, 2020
A girl abandoned in another world, without companions and without any trust in others, having to learn how to for herself, surive and find out what to do.

I have to admit, the story had me hooked. I was invested in the fate of the main character. Too bad this is not what this novel is about. Not most of it. The one interesting storyline is abandoned after the first few volumes. I kept reading, hoping that this story will continue but the closer I was getting to the latest volume, the more I realized that it all I'll be getting is some cameos here read more
Feb 13, 2020
Fourteen is a... truly bizarre experience. No, I don't think you understand what extend of uncontrolled madness I'm talking about. Fourteen goes from humanoid KFC byproduct equipped with genius mind and militant approach towards humanity, through world-wide conspiracy covering up apocalypse with the power of soap-opera to a loli with a laser gun taking over a giant mechanical t-rex in space.

Fourteen is a saga that jumps from one absurdly bizzare idea to another, and manages to connect them in well-flowing story. It is really impressive to pack 20 volumes with unique and creative concepts that just keep getting more and more entertaining. The most read more
Feb 9, 2020
Finally, a manga (manhua, technically) with an actually strong woman protagonist. Not just an undercover reverse harem where the heroine's main power is to stumble into powerful soon-to-be allies that are coincidentally mostly of the bishounen type. No, this main character can fend for herself, both with her wits and in combat. Well, regrettably the direct combat ability is only used at the start and only the cunning genius and stragegic mind get the full attention instead, but point is, the heroine is charismatic and capable, not a self-insert to build an army around.

The art is pretty and clean, pleasant to the eye. It depicts read more
Jan 27, 2020
No Longer Human by Junji Ito is classic Japanese novel reimagined by a classic horror artist. The keyword here is "reimagined". While this version follows the original closely, it is still remade to fit the style of Junji and expands the story with more content. This is indeed the one complaint readers might have with this work, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing. This wasn't meant to be a 100% adaptation of the origina and change doesn't always have to be bad. Ultimately, the novel and this manga are two different books that should be judged separately.

The original story is one of existentional read more
Jan 22, 2020
To clarify right at the start, I find real life sports boring and I think watching real life sports is one of the least entertaining things people do for entertainment. However, anime has ways to convert this boredom and to hype it up to the levels that make your blood boil with excitement. Sadly, not every attempt at this is succesfull.

Watching this Haikyuu OVA felt like watching a regular sports match. Though I get that it's not that easy to make valleyball exciting, as it's already not interesting even for sports standards. Sure, some might find the realistic feel attractive, but when the original lacks read more
Dec 25, 2019
First things first - Beastars isn't a furry anime. Beastars is a modern fable. Even if you hate furries, you might still perfectly well enjoy this series. Source: me, someone who doesn't like the furry culture at all.

Short version in case you don't want to read the whole review: imagine zootopia, but with with complex characters and plot meant for adult audience.

The longer version:
Beastars is a character-driven drama. And boy are the characters great. Their thoughts, their actions, their interatcions with the world and other characters and the diverse cast of characters with various personalities all together make amazingly believable world. As ironic as it read more
Dec 25, 2019
Finally, a fun and entertaining parody of cliche harem shows that subverts the tropes with levelheaded protagonist... yeah, for about 3 episodes.

Slight spoilers might follow, but not that the story is anything worthwhile.

OreSuki runs out of steam very quickly and became it's own villain - a cliche harem romcom. The protagonis,t with the character design of generic hentai mc, turns into unsympathetic spineless coward that does everything in his power to maintain the status quo and prevent any significant plot progression. His main motivation also turns out to be correlated to being too fixated on his male friend. A friend that also turns to be read more
Nov 24, 2019
There are lot of longer series that are dull and uniteresting at the start, but with a huge fanbase spamming "Bro you gotta keep reading/watching bro I promise it gets better after 200 chapters/episodes bro trust me please don't drop it". Fortunately, Umineko is not one of those. And I don't mean that it starts great only to get weaker later. It starts great and keeps getting even greater. And it goes even beyond that, the later parts are so great they make the already good start even better. But more about that later.

Umineko is a detective mystery made to transcend the concept of detective read more
Nov 19, 2019
Before you even start reading this review, be warned that while there are no spoilers for the novel itself, it might contain spoilers for Vento Aureo. So if you aren't familiar with part 5 of JoJo, you shouldn't be reading this review. Or this novel.

Golden Heart/Golden Ring is a a JoJo spin-off novel set after the group splits and betrays the Boss. It is surprisingly well written light novel. And and at this point don't mean story-wise, but the actual writing. Lot of LNs suffer from being non-descriptive, bland and too straight-to-the-point. GHGR, fortunately, uses more colorful language thanks to which it feels like an read more