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May 17, 2022
This review is only for the two chapters unique to the volume, not for the extras that were also included with 19th volume of the manga.

A side story of Banana Fish, this supplement aims to give readers some more context for its less explored characters – Blanca, the assassin, and Eiji Okumura, who is less explored despite being member of the main cast.

Blanca’s chapter shows his relationship with Lynx, and his psychological evaluation of the young boy genius. The chapter dues raise an interesting point about the futility of trying to play god and artificially create human “elite”. Despite the art that’s simple but not read more
May 5, 2022
No.6 (Manga) add (All reviews)
Not gonna lie, this manga is doing me a little cognitive dissonance moment. You see, I have quite enjoyed the novel. The manga however, not so much. What made me not enjoy the manga so much despite liking the source material?

When reading a novel, a lot can actually depend on the reader’s imagination. The manga however is obviously a more direct approach – unsurprisingly, as a visual medium. It chooses which parts to accent, what to focus on and how to portray a world. So instead of a gritty world with serious vibe more akin to western dystopia works that existed in my imagination which read more
May 5, 2022
This time, I’ll begin my review with what I would usually leave for the last – notes on my final rating. Because in this case, I’ll have to disclose I’m biased. I’m a Hololive fan. I’m a fan of Marine. This makes me enjoy this music video considerably more than I would without the context. So, right off the bat I’ll tell you, if you’re not into Hololive, don’t expect much above 6/10. If you are a fan however, expect enjoyment that is higher than that.

The song manages greatly to evoke a pirate feeling, mixing sea shanty and idol style. Well, it wasn’t made by read more
May 1, 2022
Bleach Unmasked Short Stories are, as the name implies, short stories. Very short in fact, so reviewing them isn’t exactly easy. But as it would be sad to leave it unreviewed, here’s a very short review for very short stories.

First to say, obviously do not attempt to read it without previous knowledge of Bleach. Don’t expect any introductions or explanations, there is simply no space for that. Also, lot of the novel content if filled with Bleach lingo, so not only you wouldn’t understand the story, you wouldn’t even understand the words themselves.

About the content itself. First story is about Edgyboy McEdge, more commonly known read more
Apr 30, 2022
Short Haikyuu one-shot that not many expected but many likely welcome.

It’s starts off by setting a match. The manga takes some jabs at how it doesn't matter how the match ends, it’s nothing serious – the world isn’t at stakes, it’s just a regular match for fun. Yeah, we get it, this isn’t a fantasy shounen. But then it has the nerve to not even actually show the match. Surely that is some profound statement too, not just the author not wanting to be bothered with more action panels. So, what does it do instead? It jumps from character to character, from place to place, read more
Apr 27, 2022
I didn’t really expect Wolf Children to works in a novel form. I know, I know, it’s the original work, the anime is an adaptation. But I still didn’t expect it to be as engaging as the movie. I am glad I was wrong.

It’s almost magical, but the adorableness of the characters is indeed included in the text-only version. That said, it would be disservice to the story to treat cuteness as its main factor. Wolf Children is much more than that.

This is the story of motherhood. The true motherhood, the essence of it. Not the much more frequent “mommy needs her wine time” read more
Apr 26, 2022
There are usually two problems with works of battle royale genre. One is that most of characters only serve as cannon fodder and are seldom developed in any way. The other one is that my designating the protagonist, the reader can very much assume who is likely to survive until the end (spoiler: it would be the protagonist).

Juuni Taisen dodges both of these problems by one decision – there isn’t a central protagonist. Rather than that, the narration is switching from character to character. Not only this makes it likely that even the current narrator might get killed and increases the stakes and unpredictability read more
Apr 24, 2022
Who would even think of putting together Dragon Ball and party culture? And who would even think it would actually work?

Althrough not as much known on MAL, Galo Sengen is one of the internet classics, on from the decade past. For a music video, it works surprisingly well as a comedy. This is achieved not only by the unlikely combination mentioned above, but also by stylishly unique animation style – one that might seem bad at first look, but further inspection reveals it is very much a deliberate artistic choice that enhances the unseriousness of the video. And there’s even a sort of story in read more
Apr 18, 2022
To be honest, when I picked this up I expected another smutty manga of poor quality. Reading dozens of Harlequin manga certainly helped steering me into that direction of though and cultivating my distaste towards the usual adult romance storyline. But this one is different.

The characters here are realistic. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the world is grounded in reality – while the characters have their quirks, eccentricities and straight out distasteful flaws, while there are some unusual situations, they are handled and developed rationally. Well, rationally by the author, the characters of course sometimes behave irrationally, like real humans read more
Apr 17, 2022
Po (Anime) add (All reviews)
The ramblings of a madman. Weird, but enjoyable.

Po is another entry in the series of Hololive animated music videos. Right of the bat this one stands out by its artistic choices, with antimoe design with clear shitposting vibe. No usual idol cutesy. It’s utter chaos and I love it.

The lyrics might be consisting just of a single syllable, but Polka’s intonation actually makes it sound not only meaningful, but catchy. I honestly wouldn’t expect for this to work out.

If you’re in the mood for something short, unusual and crazy, give this a try. No wonder it’s the Hololive MV I’ve replayed the most so read more