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Feb 11, 2021
Classroom of the Elite peaked at the first chapter. Yep, you’ve read that right, literally the first chapter is the best this novel has to offer, and it only goes downhill afterwards.

It offered interesting points about ethics and morality, piquing my interest in the series. Commendably so, as it managed to have meaningful content in a scene that’s just about whether to offer your seat in public transport or not. The problem is that this chapter is set in real world, while rest of the novel isn’t. Not to be misunderstood, Classroom of the Elite isn’t some sort of isekai, what I mean read more
Feb 3, 2021
You know what? Now I’m not even that disappointed that the last movie still wasn’t released yet, because this is just great. The sheer amount of entertainment that you get in a minute and half of a content is amazing. Whoever thought of remaking Evangelion characters into simplified artstyle cats and then recreate the whole legendary opening should get a raise.

The attention to detail is great, as lot of the imagery last just few frames (same as in the original opening) and yet when you go through the video frame-by-frame those short flashes still provide great parody content. Quite the rewatch value for something read more
Jan 26, 2021
I’m not entirely sure why is this one’s rated so low. That is, unless the answer to that is people rating show obviously for kids by standards for shows for older audience.

And judged by the standards for kids show, it’s doing pretty well. It’s doesn’t have as stupid writing as cartoons for children tend to have, and although it has some cheesy moments, it’s fine enough to be entertaining even for an adult if you’re looking into some non-complicated stuff to play in the background while multitasking. Which is something I couldn’t do if it was dumb.

It even has some surprising moments, especially considering read more
Jan 20, 2021
I’m not entirely sure what the intended audience for Genocider Mode is supposed to be. You see, it’s not for people who haven’t played the game, because it absolutely speedruns the story to the point of removing most of the depth (it’s approximately 16 hours of dialogue-driven game crammed into two volumes for fuck’s sake). But it is also not exactly for the people who have played the game or are even fans of it, exactly because it’s just a really short summary leaving out a lot of stuff (and even modifying some so it could cram in more of the plot in shorter amount read more
Jan 1, 2021
Miko no Tsutome is not another Holo no Graffiti. Don’t expect the same amount of surreal randomness and rapid fire sketches. This one is more chill and slife of life-y, though of course it keeps its degree of “hololiveness”

This is not something that I would say those who aren’t fans of Hololive are going to enjoy. On the other hand if you are a fan of Hololive and especially of Miko, go for it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this extra content.

I’m not entirely sure how to rate the animation - while I would love a Hololive anime with regular 2D style of animation, read more
Dec 21, 2020
Doors of Chaos is kind of weird mixture between shoujo and shounen manga, to the point at which I’m not exactly sure which one of those it wanted to be more. It is somehow violent as you would expect from a shounen, but it also has the “girl protagonist surrounded by bishounens” as you would expect from a shoujo. But it also has a fanservice of the girl characters and almost nudity. The arstyle too is on the edge of both shounen and shoujo styles. It confuses me.

But that is not the only thing that’s confusing here, the main problem is that the whole read more
Dec 21, 2020
Bishounenized desecration of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: the novelization.

To be honest, Bet On My Heart is better than I expected. But that’s pretty much just because I expected it to be really bad and it turned out to be… somehow readable. Now, don’t get too excited, it still has the usual flaws of QuinRose’s Alice – the setting of Wonderland is still criminally underused, it’s still just a self-insert isekai harem just with genders reversed and it’s still smutty. But it’s maybe because of the text-only form that my mind turned down the cringe in my imagination as I was reading it that made it read more
Nov 30, 2020
This is the peak of low effort manga. It managed to get to the point at which it’s not even really a manga, it’s actually just bunch of sketches. How much does one have to fall to turn this in as the final version of their work, especially when at this point that one is already an established author? The art of the original manga already isn’t exactly stellar, but this is just taking a piss.

Was there a deadline so close that instead of actually finishing the work the author turned in the storyboards and called it a day? This is just awful even considering read more
Nov 30, 2020
Well that was certainly… an experience.

Well, let’s start with the worst part. The art. It’s awful. It’s like the worst an oldschool shoujo manga could offer. The anatomy is all over the place, delivering the wonderful experience of alien-like noodle people. The artist seems to dislike drawing backgrounds, as most of panels/pages are just badly drawn people of either pure white background or on a white background with generic manga filter or sparkling added. Of course, in the off chance the background is actually drawn, it unsurprisingly looks like shit. The whole work gives off seriously low effort vibe.

Now if at least the story was read more
Nov 28, 2020
Dahufa (Anime) add (All reviews)
Dahufa is an interesting and unusual title. Althrough having watched bunch of them, I’m not exactly a fan of Chinese anime, but it’s works like this or the Big Fish and Begonia that make me have some faith in the potential of this type of animation.

If you’ve already watched some Chinese animations, you might notice that lot of the times the story tends to be confusing and seeming like it leaves out a lot of the info. Usually this leads to the story seeming lacklustre, but in case of Dahufa it actually works. While the story doesn’t explain anything at the start, it opens read more