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Days: 184.1
Mean Score: 7.67
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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken: Kanwa - Hinata Sakaguchi
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken: Kanwa - Hinata Sakaguchi
Jan 15, 11:23 PM
Watching -/1 · Scored -
Alice in Deadly School
Alice in Deadly School
Jan 9, 8:27 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 4
Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria
Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria
Jan 1, 5:52 PM
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
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Days: 72.4
Mean Score: 7.73
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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Jan 6, 12:09 AM
Completed 187/187 · Scored 7
Taikoku Cheat nara Isekai Seifuku mo Rakushou desu yo?
Taikoku Cheat nara Isekai Seifuku mo Rakushou desu yo?
Jan 6, 12:03 AM
Reading 11/? · Scored -


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Ashhk Jul 15, 2020 5:27 AM
Yeah it has been announced since 1 years I think, I expect a great animation to be as good as the art in the manga.
Ashhk Jul 15, 2020 4:48 AM
Yeah I watched Zero no Tsukaima 2 years ago and I definitely need to rewatch it too.

For Junji Ito I started with his popular work so Uzumaki for example (can't wait to see the anime adaptation)
DeitysDynasty Nov 2, 2018 4:07 PM
Oh yeah I remember XD
DeitysDynasty Nov 2, 2018 4:03 PM
What does that mean?
DeitysDynasty Nov 2, 2018 3:22 PM
It was such a trash anime XD
DeitysDynasty Nov 2, 2018 2:14 PM
XD I don’t know what that means but I also enjoyed Rosario vampires second manga
DeitysDynasty Nov 1, 2018 6:59 AM
I read the ending of sanka rea and think she is the prettiest girl in all of anime imo

I also read world only god knows which is my favourite harem but I have other manga I like more
DeitysDynasty Oct 31, 2018 5:29 PM
Ooo sanka rea, an unexpected favourite
Wormy01 Jul 6, 2018 6:38 PM
Hi! I'm back from my trip.

Thank you. I didn't get any letter from my school to say that I didn't pass a specific exam, so I'm not planning on giving up anytime soon!

Oh I'm sorry! But 2 years in 1 is still a lot. This year I had to do a 2-in-1 year of English classes so that I won't have to do it next year. It was very loaded with projects and tests. A lot of people had to transfer to regular classes because it was too much.

Yup, she's amazing! You're learning kanji as well, that's nice. I hope it goes well! Also romanji meaning romanization makes a lot of sense. Kanji must have some sort of meaning like the other then.

It's okay take your time. I can still give you the links if you want to.

Yeah, I'll be sure to watch that before 0 :3

Ah yes, Perfect World! It's such a good song. I had it displayed on my profile this winter as the best ending of the season. Imo so far it's the second best anime ending theme of the year, next to the upcoming Gintama ending by Chico and Honeyworks. It isn't officially out yet, but the radio rips have been so good!

Haha it's okay. I won't be upset over this it's hard to find anyway. It's a very old video.

I can't say that I liked Otakabe beaver, but yeah they're unique indeed. Pon pon pon is special as well and I actually like the artist's songs. I like her cute voice!

I like Fatima. All of Itou Kanako songs have the same feel to it, so I like all of her songs!

Kiss of Death is decent. Miya Kobayashi here reminds me of l'Arc-en-Ciel. This isn't saying much because the song was arranged/composed by them!
I get the exact same feel as this one:
(I'll go with links instead for now)

Yesss Nana <3 I love the songs from that anime so much! This one is particularly amazing. I like how slow and emotional it is!

That happens to me a lot too actually... That’s why I make 2 part comments when they're too big and copy-paste a few times before sending them. I had very bad experiences with reloading pages, so I don't blame you at all.
Wormy01 Jun 29, 2018 9:45 PM
(Part 2)

I'm sorry that I had to make you wait again! I'm such a jerk :(

They do wear wolf masks in every video, including in their albums. They are very recognizable that way because it's unique! Of course I know about Database, haha. It was the first ever MWAM anime opening, and the first song I ever heard from them! They climbed up my favorites so fast because they're simply amazing. I personally think that all of their songs are good.

Gigguk? Yeah I know him. He does all kinds of content though. I know him for his parodies of other popular series and his analysis on anime battles. I don’t watch his content much, so I didn't know that he does opening/ending analysis. If you're looking for another channel that does this a lot, there's also Mother’s Basement. The first video I saw from them was an analysis of Re:Zero’s first opening. The video thought me about symbolism in openings. It was very interesting! Speaking about videos, we're about a month and a half past your comment from May... Did you find the video that I was talking about? :3

Dance if the Deep Red... Interesting! It sounds like a bloodthirsty battlefield to me. Symbolism can be so ambiguous sometimes. Especially when it can be interpreted into several meanings purposefully. Personally, I think that Eastern characters/letters have lots of symbolism and they're very intriguing. My friend told me while she was learning her characters that Chinese and Japanese characters can be interpreted as one or multiple drawings. These characters are not like a,b,c... but more like a design to represent the object. I don't remember much from our conversation, but it got me fascinated with Eastern letters. It's basically an art!

Quick reviews of the Spotify stuff you send me a month ago:

1 Wow it's pretty good! It is relaxing (compared to the others...) and I like it. It has this kind of groovy style! The band name is so cute I had to smile.
2 Uuh... I don't know how to describe my emotions after watching this. The only thing I have to say for this one is that it's... weird at least?
3&4 Aaah you like Babymetal as well yesss (´∀`) They're so unique I love them! My favorite from them has to be Doki Doki Morning it's a classic.
5 Put the volume up? I actually had to put it down because it was about to give me a heart attack!! I like Mucc they make great songs, but this one was straight hardcore. It's not that I don't like it, it’s that I only heard their anime themes so far. This style is new to me from them.

Btw, I created a few backup accounts on a few sites if MAL's situation is ever going to happen again. Anilist and Discord are going to be my backup places for communication with users if you're interested. Communication isn't as good as MAL for Anilist, but it’s better than nothing, I guess.
Wormy01 Jun 26, 2018 5:52 PM
(Part 1)

Vacation is great so far for me (in fact it's very busy). I went to all sorts of places with my friends and family in a span of a week! I do plan to do more places later as well, so it's far from over yet. As for school, it was especially hard for me this year because my final grades will determine if I can graduate or not. We had tests for all subjects provided by the government and if you fail any of them, you have to take summer classes automatically, even if you had good grades all year. Fortunately, I passed all of my exams so far!

Wow! You did quite a lot of stuff! Three years in one would be way too much for me, haha. Good luck with your future studies! Oh, and good luck with your sequel as well! I’m glad that you got some support from other people :)

My friend was literally torturing herself every night to remember all of the characters, romaji and kanji, so I think that she knows them all by now. I don't think that I have the motivation to learn kanji yet. Unlike my friend, I don't have the intention to go to Japan in a year (but I'll go there, eventually!!). I definitely want to learn a bit of it though! I'll consider the app.

While MAL was down, I discovered a new world of anime songs. Japan has new Visual Novels/Games every season, like anime. They have opening themes and ending themes and some people even rank them seasonally! I found the game versions of an anime that I knew for a while and the theme songs are very nice.

Oh please, I already watched Steins;Gate a while ago (I still have to watch Steins;Gate 0 though). I already know how amazing this series is! Zwei is a wonderful singer and so is this song. In fact, she sang a lot Visual Novel themes in the past. I know that she did a few songs for the Steins;Gate VNs, but I don’t remember their names.
Wormy01 Jun 21, 2018 8:37 PM
Hii~ our profiles are finally back! I couldn’t wait to talk to you and other users again after a month!! I finished school two days ago so I’m pretty happy about that. How have you been lately?

(I’m tired right now, so I’ll reply to the main comment later sorry)
Wormy01 May 19, 2018 2:36 PM
Hi! I’m so sorry for the late response, school has been killing me lately with finals. Heck, I haven’t even touched MAL or anime for more than a week until yesterday. Anyway, how are you?

To (kinda) answer your question, most schools in Canada end the year by the end of June. Schools like University or CEGEP (I think I mentioned it to you once?) end way sooner than the other schools. Oh boy, I don’t even want to mention exams right now, they’re nerve-wracking T_T

Good for you! Honestly, I find keeping money so hard when there are so many good games coming out at the same time, haha. This is bad for me because I want to travel a lot later in my life. I want to go to places like Japan or France! My friend is going to Japan next year, and she’s learning every single caracter (100 a day she told me. That’s crazy!) and then learn how to speak. I admire her so much!

I know right!? Almost every single anime opening has the main characters running for absolutely no reason. I watched a video explaining this a long time ago and ever since, I would always look for characters running in openings! I remember that the video also talked about characters looking into the sky, whether it’s blue or gray. I can’t remember where I found this video anymore, but I retained a lot from it!

I haven’t watched the anime about the girls flipping their skirts, but I know it’s an action based anime and a spin-off to a main series called To Aru Majutsu no Index. While the main one focuses on a guy, the spin off focuses on a girl.

Aaah, I just love MAN WITH A MISSION so much. Every song from them is flawless! Their videos are amazing as well, especially this one. When the chorus and the fight scene came, I was so excited!

I’m in love with this song today
Wormy01 Apr 30, 2018 7:08 PM
Oh I see! I never seen it that way! I’m used to pile up the bad sruff in me until I burst out crying to reset my emotions. Songs usually reflect different kinds of emotions, whether it be joy, sadness, anger, pride, etc. I guess looking at the lyrics for once won’t be a pain, haha.

This is Indian right? It sounds amazing indeed! His voice blends with the songs perfectly! The rap part was a bit cringey, but the rest is awesome. Now it’s stuck in my head (not a bad thing)...

For mythology enthousiasts, yes. I think it’s important as well, but I’d rather stick around the world of music to make my life more enjoyable. To each their own :3

And February is the shortest month too... Well, everyone makes mistakes after all!

Steins;Gate’s tracks are great! This one reminds me a bit of the first anime opening from Fate/Stay Night. The instruments are very similar imo.

Fun fact: Black Bullet’s opening and the song from my last comment are sung by the same singer, Yoshino Nanjou! She is part of a group called fripside, in which most of her soundtracks are from there (including the Black Bullet opening). She’s also a seiyuu, most known for Eri in Love Live. My favorite songs from her come from an anime called To aru Kagaku no Railgun
Wormy01 Apr 29, 2018 9:16 PM
I never seen someone being happy over depression, haha. When I’m depressed I feel like I want to die and forget everything. It’s basically a really not good feeling to me. As for depressing songs, I feel relaxed listening to them! A lot of them are slow and help me sleep when I can’t. You remember Dear You? This one particularly makes me feel a heartwarming emotion whenever I listen to it.

Did you watch any Nagi Yanagi song yet? If not, I have a few of them in stock that I have been listening to lately. I’ll message them to you if you want.

Not much, but yes. It’s more about god names like you said, or it’s about important places; it was very basic information. Mythology was implied with general history about the universe. It was shortly talked about, and then replaced with industrialization. I remember that I was interested in it, but forgot about it afterwards because it was the only time it was mentioned.

145th oh boy that’s far away (jk) I see! Sorry for the dumb question I asked.

Thank you for the message! I really like Lilypichu’s content in general, so the video made me smile. The boy was very good too! They make very nice music together.

The fanbase did decrease at some point, but the dedicated fans stayed. I wasn’t one of them (I eventually forgot the name of the band), but listening to what I missed for a while was pleasant.
I can see why you like #4! The emotion is strong in this one. It starts calmly, and then picks up to be a fast-paced song (especially at 1:30).

I’m obsessed with this one! I can’t stop pressing the replay button (*´ω`*)