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ColdLands_Mist Sep 22, 9:53 AM
Hi Ate!! Just dropping by to say I really like what you did to your profile!! <33
As usual your reply made me smile. <33 I'll be sleeping happily tonight te-hee. <33
Ilysm ate see u in my next reply <33
Sunroge Sep 19, 8:54 AM
that guy reads really fast fr
ColdLands_Mist Sep 18, 9:42 PM
Ate, baka makatulong Memo+ Gold! Dejk HAHAHAHA. So nung nakita ko reply mo, I was pretty drunk so dami kong giggles sa reply mo haha. You know naman na super dali kong ma drunk, na nagiging tomato red w increased heart rate. Super dali pang napagiggle at supppper antok haha. Ateee, anshaket shaket nga pala ng tiyan ko these past few days!! T^T Ay no hindi dahil sa alcohol, na indigestion ata ako dahil sa dami ng samgyupsal na kinain ko in one sitting HAHAHA. Birthday kasi nung sis ko nung 16, so dun kami kumain ng samgyumsal tsaka uminom ng soju HAHAHA.

Ay talaga? Ako naman lahat ng ginagamit ko term of endearment. xD The more that I like the person the more that I use their name! Or, the more that I use whatever tawag ko dun sa person. I think na halata mo nanaman na in my replies I say "Ate" a lot. I super like you kasi and I'm totes comfy. :3 Whattt?! Di ka pa nakakapag "I love you" sa family mo??

Oo nga, siguro dapat parang ikaw yung dapat mo maging partner, para hindi kayo parehas masyadong socially exhausted. xD
Pero ate ha, mukhang mahirap mag hanap ng someone like you na partner! Kaya prepare to be a cat lady. Dejk!! I think most people kasi prefer to be with their SO's more often than not. :/ Oo, when you surround yourself with affectionate people you tend to be more affectionate as well. Dw, ate, clone ko sarili ko para literal na surround kita with affectionate people like myself. xD Dejk, love yaaa.

What??! Nung nag simula na ba tayo mag usap nasabi ko na sayo yung love ko for boobs??! Hindi ko na maalala, pero alam ko hindi ko kaagad nasabi sayo yun noh!! Uggh, ass ka pala hindi boobs! Heresy!! Spanky spanky kita wrong answer kaaaaa! :< Dejk. Karamihan ng people na napaguusapan ko ng umm, stuff, madalas ass person kagaya mo. xD Mas marami kayang Team Ass kesa sa Team Boobs??! Need ko input mo on dis, research natin toh dejk. xD At ateeee omg omg, I have a thing for thighs too!! Actually, everyone I talk to here about pervy stuff all like thighs!!

Hindi ako nakikinig sa MAMAMOO, pero kilala ko lahat ng members. Kaya kilala ko yang si Wheein. ( ̄▼ ̄) May joke pako na isa dyan, ate ha you want to be WheeIN her. ( ̄▼ ̄) Di ko kilala yang Osamu Mukai na yan, pero ano naman kung married siya. Gamitan mo siya ng signature cute oversized long sleeves and very short shorts mo with knee high socks at gamitan mo ng charms mo para ma seduce mo yang si Osamu Mukai. ( ̄▼ ̄) Follow your dreams ateee! Hihihhihi dejk.

Ay jusko ate, andami kong celebrity crushes. :P All Asians hahaha. Di pako nagkakagusto sa western celeb in that way. xD

Babyface naman kasi talaga ako, tapos maliit pa. And as I've said, nung nangyari yun, naka facemask pako at may kargang stuffed toy. Nakasuot din ako ng casual attire ko, tshirt with skinny jeans instead of my typical "porma" attire of long sleeves/ polo w/ undershirt or with jacket. And I think mas mukha akong bata when I just dress casually. xD

I mean lamang ako sa N kesa sa S at super lamang din yung F ko kesa sa T. What I mean is that yung "meter" nila sobrang lamang on one side. For reference, ito yung test na kinuha ko. Nopeee, I'm not the type na naghaampas ng tao or kahit ano kapag tumatawa kaya dw. :DD Hurt free ang cuddles ko. <33 Ikaw ba ate, paano ka ba kapag tumawa?? :3

Di ka nga madalas mag reply kaya kidnap kita at spanky spanky kita endlessly!! Dejk, pramis ate okay lang talaga I completely understand you naman. :3 I'm not a yandere I promise!!! Pero yung ikwe-kwento ko about bdsm sayo ikwento ko na dito instead na in Discord since I feel chatty HAHAHA. Sooo, ganito kasi yun ate, nagkaroon ako ng another sister recently, and we talk about hentai stuff and kinky shit like we do. xD She's suppper amazing btw, kaya if you ever want to talk to someone new just tell me. xD Anywaysss, as we were talking na realize ko na favorite hentais ko pala yung Euphoria and Dropout. If you've ever seen those two, super bdsm. xD I realized that I'd really love to be in complete control and make my partner beg and make my partner my own personal sex slave. :DD Not gonna elaborate further *cough* Omg, it sounds sooo bad but promise I don't sexually objectify guys and girls haaaa!! Pero yeah, hindi ako S just a D so I don't like spanky spanky in that way. xD Oh, and that's just a thing in bed, I would love to have a normal cute relationship and not a master and slave one. xD I assume it stems from the fact that I hate having no control and that makes me power hungry sometimes. xD

What are the things that you like about yaoi anyway? I mean, what makes it so different from boy x girl and yuri stuff?

Na touch naman ang hart ko dyan sa " hope you had a nice day and labyuuuuu!" Don't touch my heart that much, dilikado hawakan ang puso baka kung ano mangyari sa puso ko dejk. Ang itouch mo nalang na heart yung heart ni Osamu Mukai na yan. Tho baka iba itouch mo :P Ingat ka lagi ate haaaa, always wash your hands especially after you do your "daydreaming sessions" love you too ateeee stay safeee!!
Dokkerich Sep 16, 11:52 PM
haha nice to hear
maybe I should rewatch or read a bit to remember the details

oh nice
your line mad sense so I should have known it wasnt a translator - good job

Dokkerich Sep 16, 11:13 PM
np - ty, glad you like it

I watch a lot and forget most things about some anime fast - but from what I remember my favs were just Sugimoto and Asirpa
there are some other nice characters tho and I like that its a bit crazy and different than other anime

haha nice - do you speak some german or did you just use a translator
Dokkerich Sep 16, 9:47 PM
hey, nice profile :)

I also like some of your fav anime and characters

kamuy s3 soon yay

hope ur doing good,
greetings from Germany :)
ysosseriouss Sep 16, 8:34 AM
yes i have seen all of the seasons (likey) but see, i prefer not to add seasons on my list. except for gintama, t h a t .. had to be done :D

uh i definitely agree with u on the pedo issue. not my cup of tea either, it still throws me off every time that tengu creep makes an appearence... i've come to terms with inugami tho. i like to think of him as a dog, like a real personified dog, which then makes his obsessive, stalking nature kinda more acceptable to me. but really the only two characters i'm completely fine with (other than kohina) are obviously kokkuri as a fa-- mother figure and that gigolo tanuki, being the utter failure he is. but at least appreciated for not having pedo tendencies. also yamamoto, the alien in denial. he's alright ig. not liking the current addition of a fujoshi zombie girl but ok xd can't have a story without one of those eh and yes i miss the police calling gag :,)
707Haru707 Sep 15, 8:52 AM
Thank you ^^
Aww that sucks

Ohh I haven't seen any of them yet
I will definitely watch ookiku fuributte sometime tho, do u recommend the golden kamuy anime??
I'm watching nanatsu no taizai s3 and bokutachi wa benkyou ga dekinai s2 along with some ongoing animes
Bokutachi wa is REALLY good I loved it, I've never seen all girls be best girl before lol ><

Haha thanks. Tsukki is my fav chara of all time btw, who is urs?
707Haru707 Sep 14, 5:48 AM
Hello! Thanks for accepting my fr ^^

How r u?
Have u been watching/reading anything good lately?
Love ur pfp btw lol
ysosseriouss Sep 13, 8:09 AM
i should've specified *anime recs since i'm really mainly interested in anime xd i read manga only if i liked its respective anime or/and cuz i have to, to basically finish the story from where anime left off. oh but oresama teacher sounds fun, i hope to see it animated one day maybe :D ... with a second season of gekkan shoujo while at it :,) i wish.

i see you're already familiar with most of what i mentioned, which makes sense considering ur field of interest.. you know your stuff 😬. hm about

nobunaga concerto; unfortunately not complete, it actually ends just when things are about to get serious xd i've skipped the live action series but watched the (final?) movie to kinda see the story end, seems it's just an alternative ending tho idk gotta read manga. i loved the anime nevertheless, felt nice to my kokoro ---it's difficult to explain.

as for gugure i think i'm still not past the anime ending point tbh. i don't remember much of it, but it looks like chapters were skipped or altered so i picked it up from the beginning and so far it's no different from anime. i expect some kohina background story / development eventually too, so i understand where u're coming from. kohina is an interesting doll after all. but even so i really just love the jokes and characters. minus the tengu shotacon, dude's creepy. 😐

let me know how u liked uchouten and kyousogiga (♡), or anything u decide to give a try. and hit me with your anime recs anytime. ..i'd love me some sol/romance/comedy typa trash rn, preferably short if you got one ugh that'd be perfect. 😉😉
ysosseriouss Sep 12, 11:01 PM
here i am, from the forum 🙋 ..another great "familial relationship" one: poco's udon world (barakamon vibe).

for the laughs try arakawa under the bridge, it's weird&quirky (but not if u can't with shaft ig); binbougami ga (gag); detroit metal city (a bit on the perv side); cromartie high school (super gag); senyuu (slapstick short); to be hero (...toilet jokes...)

and if u claim yourself a SOL lover, mushishi is a must see come on. also try fune wo amu (work colleagues dynamics; if you like dictionaries); gin no saji (awesome group of characters; basics on farming); nobunaga concerto (historical gem) and ping pong animation (most relatable set of characters; if you don't mind the animation style and well.. ping pong xd).

i hope at least one of these piques your interest and ends up among your faves ;) don't mind sharing your recs with me too. btw. i'm curious why you didn't like gugure kokkuri san 👀
ColdLands_Mist Aug 31, 12:02 AM
Sige ba, roomate ko si ate yayyyyyyyy! Kung pwede lang sana mangyari para ikaw babysitter ni Rui HAHAHA Legit, kakatanong ko lang nung isang araw sa nanay ko kung sino si "Datu Puti" HAHAHA tapos ni search ko, maiden surname pala nung mayari "datu" kaya combined with the color of the suka (puti, duh) pinangalan niyang "Datu Puti". I swear ang dami naming weird coversations dito sa bahay dahil sakin HAHAHA.

Ay talaga lahat yun gender neutral para sayo?? Pero stick parin ako sa ate, dun nako nasanay eh HAHAHA. Wh-what?! Ki-kiinilig k-ka sa-saakin??! Ate ha, you said you weren't into incest. Spank kita sa pwet if you try to smooch me on my lips :<
Dejk!! Happy to serve! Thankful din naman ako to anyone na nagbabasa ng ramblings ko haha.

Ewan ko ba pero, legit na imagine kita naka slouch lang sa sofa surrounded by chocolates and various bags of chips at nakahilata lang buong araw HAHAHAHA. Dw, kung roomies tayo refill ko lagi tubig mo habang chillax ka lang dyan kapalit ng cuddles dejk HAHAHA. Buti nga mild lang nararanasan mo eh, jusko maawa ako sa family mo kung may demonic tendencies ka kapag meron haha.

Shet, madaling mairita at magalit... Symptom kaya yan ng HWS no!! Unfortunately, may HWS din ako minsan eh. HWS is Hugs Withdrawal Syndrome HAHAHAHA. Kailangan mo lang ng extra hugs, smiles at laughs at mawawala na yan~! Shooo! Go away HWS!! Luhh, paano yan kapag tipong you have someone na tapos nakikita mo pagmumukha nila pagkagising mo at pagkatulog??
I'm the complete oppossite haha. Hindi ko kayang hindi makikita ng mga tagal yung mga tao that I really love!! Nagkaka HWS ako HAHAHA.
De, pero oo nga. Since super affectionate ko and intimate di ko talaga keri long distance HAHAHA. Speaking of affectionate, alam mo naman super affectionate ko diba. Kaya don't be shocked if I say something as cringy as "I love youuuu" to you. It's just my way of expressing my love, but that doesn't mean I love you in that way bitchhhh!! Don't assume! Hindi ako pumapatol sa kapatid!!!

Thankful din naman ako sayo and I thank you in behalf of the mental health community. We need more people like you ate!! Unfortunately, need talaga ng awareness eh. Kasi kahit ako before I was aware, ginagamit ko pa yung "sorry ang OCD ko kaya dapat iisa yung kulay" or something like that. I didn't know offensive pala yun to people that have OCD. Likewise, napipikon ako kapag naririnig ko yung "Sorry nakalimutan ko, ADHD ako eh" kahit wala naman silang ADHD. Pero yeah, I blame it naman mostly on ignorance naman. Actually! If you have a mental illness you qualify as a PWD! Kaya nga may PWD card ako eh haha. Biro nga namin ng ate ko, kapag hawak ko si Rui dalawa meaning ang PWD. Person with Disability tsaka Person with Dog HAHAHAHA. Pero to be honest, since hindi noticable yung pagiging PWD ko, minsan nahihiya akong pumunta sa priority lane HAHAHA. It's in my full rights naman to be there, especially since di ko matolerate mag hintay ng matagal or mababaliw ako dejk HAHAHA. Pero yeah, kahiya sa mga lolo at lola minsan baka iniisip nila intruder ako sa space nila HAHAHHAA. Wag mokong idribble at ishoot na parang bola hmp!! I know you love balls *wink* pero ball of happiness ako, hindi ako ibang ball...

Ate quick question! Boobs or ass?? You know me naman me naman ate, boob man ako HAHAHAHA. Ang kinakainis ko lang talaga kapag nakatuluyan ko lalaki is dahil walang boobs ang guys. Alam ko sasabihin mo! Man boobs don't count dummy!!! Sa guys ang dalawang bilog lang namin hindi boobs, balls!! Ugh!
Kaya nga parang puro Asians mga nagiging crush ko, kahit celebrities kasi more on cutesy mga Asians rather than hotsy HAHAHA. Ito pa palang isa pang question ko sayo ate, sino-sino mga celebrity crushes mo? Can be guy or girl pwedeng Filipino or western, anyone basta celeb!!

Careless ka talaga ate!! Kaya kahit mag agree ka pa or magdisagree lalagyan parin kita ng bubble wrap either way because i wuv youuuuuu!! Not in that way!! Che!!
Sinadya mo talaga yang jopping reference na yan ah, pasalamat ka na gets ko! Yang cute high socks mo alam mo kung anong pinaka effective use?? Para di makagat legs mo ng mga lamok! HAHAHAHA. Kaso shet, baka sa thighs mo pumunta! Don't worry ate, ishoo away ko yang mga lamok na yan from your precious thighs. :< Shoooo mga lamok! DON'T TOUCH MY ATE UNHOLY BASTARDS!!!! Hay nako! Nagkaroon narin ako ng ganyang klaseng experience!! Last year nung nasa ICU ako bumibisita sa lola ko kasama family ko sinita ba naman ako nung isang nurse. Sabi niya, bawal sa ICU ang under 13 pota ano ako 12 and below?!!! Last year lang yan ah so nowhere near 12 and below age ko HAHAHA.To be fair, may face mask ako tsaka karga-karga ko favorite teddy bear ko (pota ka di ako baby! mahilig lang ako sa We Bear Bears ok!). Buti nalang kasama ko family ko, sabi nila 18 nako HAHAHA. Natawa nalang yung nurse baka medyo nahiya HAHAHAHA.

Oh diba, ang galing ko, INFP ka nga talaga!! Ate need ko yata ng prize ah! Gimme lifetime supply of bacon dejk HAHAHA. Ay talaga? Akin sobrang magkalayo eh. Sobrang inclined ako sa iNtuitive at Feeling respectively haha.
Hay nako samahan na nga kita para mapanood mo na yang Pangarap Kong Holdap. Manonood tayo niyan sa kama habang... *wink* (hint: my favorite thing to do ehe) ... nagcucuddle yayyyy!!! Malamang cuddles! :> Ano akala mo sakin ha ate?! Siscon?!!! Bad woman!!! Naughty woman!!

Bumubukas ba mag isa Discord mo pag nag open ka ng pc/mobile??? If you want me to bless you in Discord dapat nakabukas kundi mahihiya ako! dejk.
For sure imemessage kita kapag nagkamali nanaman ako sa pag luto ng something or may lumilipad na ipis. Ikaw tatakbohan ko sa pagiiyak sa cooking failures ko HAHAHA.
Pero huy ate ha, ang kulet-kulet na ng dating ko dito pero bahala na! Since you have my Discord na, you can message me anytime ha?? Especially if you're feeling a bit down, bigyan kita ng maraming validation at mga gifs lmao. Mahirap kinikimkim sa loob, baka mapuno ka ng bad stuff eeee!

O sige na, sagutin mo na yung tanong. Mag nagfafantasize ka ba sa boy x boy kesa sa other uhh pairings??

Oo nga no, ngayon ko lang na realize yan. Na ang pakyut pala may PAKYU HAHAHHAA. Ate, PAKYUt ka talaga :> Wait, seryoso di mo alam yung Marikit at Catriona??! It's the stoopid talk of the town na kanta. Kaso ayokong-ayoko talaga yung songs na yan. So I just watched the dance video for Lip & Hip. Konting panonood lang kinailangan ko to get what you mean. Uhhh...... ate anlandi mo. HAHAHAHAHA de joke lang!!! Pero nakakabilib ate ha, kaya mong magenter ng competition. Wew, tumba na yan!! dejk. Ate I wish you get loads and loads of happiness, smiles and laughter throughout this day, or itickle kita! :<
URSSO Aug 30, 11:32 PM
I like the art of this profile
ColdLands_Mist Aug 27, 1:20 AM
Bihira ako tanongin kung bakit nagtanong ako ng weird question, kasi sanay na mga tao sa bahay sa mga tanong ko HAHAHAHA. I swear kung kasama moko sa bahay masasanay ka sa mga questions ko na absurd at nonsensical minsan HAHAHHA.

Ah, genderfluid ka pala? Sabihin mo lang if you feel more like a guy ah, kasi I'll call you kuya instead.
It's perfectly normal naman kapag hindi mo alam sasabihin mo. Sometimes I feel that way too. I know what to say but most of the time, but sometimes what I don't know what's the most effective thing to say. it makes me feel like I can't help that person properly. But as someone that's been the helpee not just the helper I guess now I can say that's not entirely true. Even if it's a small thing compliments and kind words can still put a little warmth on a cold dark heart. Even if it's something small, at least it's a small good thing rather than not give a little happiness and warmth at all right?
Bad yan ate ha, invalidating your own problems :< Well, I bet you already know that naman but can't help but think about it, I know since I've been in your place too. I know it sucks, but one step a at a time mmm 'kay. You deserve all the validation that you need ate. :3 Not just because you're my ate or because you're fabulous pero dahil deserve mo talaga yun kasi you matter. :3 (っ´▽`)っ(っ´▽`)っ(っ´▽`)っ

Baka nga rin dahil sa monthlies niyo kaya mas emotional kayo. Pero napansin ko response ng mga girls sa monthlies parang all different eh no? Yung iba nagiging parang demonyo, yung iba parang nanlalambot, yung iba gusto lang kumain ng kumain at mag binge watch haha. Knowing me, kung pinanganak ako na babae siguro all of the above yan HAHAHAHA.

I actually used to watch Ellen's show a bit dati. Kapag pinapalabas sa tv or whatever pinapanood ko kapag walang ibang mas maganda na mapanood. Kaya it's honestly kind of disappointing. I didn't really like her in particular, pero as someone that's watched her before I don't think I can watch her again because of the issues that have arose. So I guess cancel narin ako.

So masasabi ko pala na you're interested in Buddhism then. *wink* Yung pinuntahan namin retreat center. If you ever want to go, it's in Tagaytay. Be prepared nga lang to have a map ready medyo nakakaligaw nga lang kasi yung place especially kung di ka sanay sa Tagaytay like us. >.> Tang ina napapaspill ako ng location sa pagsabi ko sayo nito kaya please lang sana talaga hindi moko gamitan ng white van, do not betray my luv ate! HAHAHA. ito yung site niila. Link ko sana yung PH (Philippines not PornHub, dirty woman!!) site nila kaso down ampota. Dun sa Tagaytay they offer retreats actually, so if you're ever interested you can spend a week there haha. May lugar din dun na temple talaga btw. Pumunta kami dun kasi one of their topics was about anger, and lahat kami sa bahay madali magalit HAHAHA. Your little brother madaling magalit sa family unfortunately :( Pero sakanila lang HAHAHA I blame it on underlying family issues HAHAHAHA

I appreciate the hugs! No, really I do. Sabi ko nga sayo diba, even if it seems like a small kind phrase it give a little bit of warmth and happiness to someone. :')
I feel like lahat naman tayo one way or another meron paring kakulangan sa understanding sa mental health in general. Ako, even if I have severe ADHD and recurring crippling depression I still have no idea what it's like to suffer from ASD or schizophrenia kasi they're different beast then what I have. So it's a really interesting to learn all about the different experiences and struggles of other people, especially those that suffer from a mental illness. Kaya I appreciate it that you learned a bit more about ADHD and my experiences since I feel like a lot more people should know a lot about mentall illnesses as well.
Kaya nga ako big ball of happiness kasi I like big balls you're amazing ate!! :DD

Oversized long sleeves nyeta cute fashion talaga HAAHA. Spot on yung guy friends mo, kasi kung ako yan sasabihin ko rin "Ina mo wala ka nanaman shorts paaresto na kita dun sa manong guard" HAHAHAHA. Punyeta, paano mo nalaman type ko ng girls?! Ganun pa kahalata?! Tang ina bat biglang nahihiya nako sayo eh literal na langya nga ako sayo eh HAHAHAHA. Yes, cutesy girls yung type ko. I really like those na simple lang yung beauty at fashion pero cute parin. For reference, si Shaira Diaz yung ultimate female crush ko. Might come off as weird, pero much as I love boobs, I don't like it when showy and I don't really like revealing clothing in general either. I can appreciate revealing clothing pero it's just not my thing you know? I guess you could say ang prefer ko yung mga stereotypical "well-mannered" girls or whatever they call it. As for guys, I really don't like daddies lmao. I don't like big guys as much as my dirty jokes would say otherwise. I really like those na super caring and super sweet, napansin ko more often than not mga payat side na guys gaya ni Lee Jong Suk mga nagugustuhan ko. >.> For local, Robbie Domingo seems really cute, friendly and caring. Pota kapag nagsasabi talaga ng crushes nahihiya ako kahit ba naman sayo ate. >//<

Ate you made my heart stop nung nasabi mo yung sa lagari. POTAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Super weak kasi ako sa mga ganyang bagay, hindi ko ma take ang blood HAHAHA. Okay lang sa tv pero irl punyeta sarili kong dugo ayokong makita eh HAHAHAHA. Ate, pwede ba kitang lagyan ng bubble wrap sa buong katawan mo?? Parang mas madali kang masugatan kesa sakin eh haha. I'm a huge klutz pero parang hindi pa naman ako nasusugatan ng LAGARI. Halikha nga dito protect kita ng hugs at bubble wrap! Pero oo, be proud of your legs! Isipin mo battle scars yan and don't be afraid to dress up however you like! Btw, hindi ka ba napapagmalhan na mga mid teens dahil sa height at choice of clothing mo? HAHAHA

Now that I think about it, parang may pagka irrelevant nga ng existence ng term na ambivert. Parang it adds pa dun sa thought na "anti-social" ang introverts haha.
Ate alam mo ba MBTI mo? MBTI ko is INFP. I think you might be the same personality type as I am haha. Add ko sa list yung Welcome to Waikiki. Alam mo kung ano yung nagpapagod samin sa kakatawa? Yung Pangarap Kong Holdap. ;) Yes, paulit-ulit na recommendation kasi alam ko naman you want that golden t*te

Ayaw mo yun na literal na walang hiya ka na ngayon? Ikaw na si bibo girl oh diba HAHAHAHAHA dejk. Baka nga iisa nanay natin? Aba, malay mo literal na ate pala kita oh HAHAHAHA. Ako kasi lagi napagkakamalan na bunso ng lola ko, kaya nanay ko "kapatid ko" HAHAHAHA. #FakeMaknae

So gusto mo pala talaga mahaba ah. *wink* Hay nako, same tayo in that regard. Ayoko rin na nalalaman ng mga tao na nakita ko na message nila eh. Sometimes I just wanna see what they said without replying back kasi minsan la ako social energy, bz or tinatamad lang mag reply agad HAHAHA. Fyi, sa Discord kaya gustong-gusto ko kesa sa Messenger and other instant messaging apps kasi hindi makikita kapag nakita mo na yung message HAHAHHAA. Kaya kapag nagkausap tayo sa Discord, you don't have to feel pressured na mag reply agad, wala kasing seen HAHAHAHA. Tsaka huy I understand naman na di naman laging makaka respond agad since ako nga eh diba seener din HAHAHAHA. Kaya lang kita gustong iadd sa Discord para makapag blabber ng nonsense na nangyari at kamustahin kita or something like that HAHAHA.
Tsaka ako rin naman, legit yung happiness ko sa mga replies ko at kapag binabasa ko rin mga replies mo hehe. Tbh, pinatuwa mo nga ako dyan sa sinabi mo na legit din yung tuwa mo. >.> Hindi ako madaling ipatawa, ang madali lang magpatawa sakin sarili kong jokes because I know I'm so hilarious. Pero alam mo kung anong madali sakin? Madali akong ipasmile kaya smily smily ako lagi kapag nagrereply sayo at nakakabasa ng replies mo HAHAHA. Ikaw yung ano ko, parang smol ball of happiness ate!

Sobrang nakyutan ka naman ah. Ingit ka kasi di kita mabiktima ng real life hugs ko na nakakairita? HAHAHAHA Huy ah, kapag nagiging affectionate ako sayo mag cringe ka nalang or something like that. HAHAHAHA Wag mo naman pagisipan ng masama kasi wala akong incestual urges!! Hindi kagaya mo na gusto mo pakong i handcuff hmp!! Naughty woman!! Bad!!! Yaoi fan ka nga talaga since gusto mokong iship sa lalaki HAHAHAHA. Spoken like a true fujoshi!! Aminin mo nga, mas nagfafantasize ka ba sa boy x boy kesa sa boy x girl at girl x girl?!! Charot don't answer that HAHAHAHA.

Ay ayoko na mag Freaky Friday switch sayo. Alam mo kong bakit?? Ate isipin mo intentions natin kung bakit gusto natin maging opposite gender! Ikaw sabi mo you want to be a gay man and ako naman I want to touch two things at once instead of one. >.> Kapag nagpalit tayo, jusko lord have mercy on us. Baka mawala na cherry ko because you fucked a guy tapos ako naman I'll technnically be touching my own sister ewwwww kadiri. As corny as it sounds gusto ko kaya first ko special kaya you ain't taking it to bone some guy bitchhh! At ako naman I don't want to touch anything but your ass, and that's just because I want to spank it dahil madalas kang naughty woman! This sounded more hilarious in my head and weirder and slightly disturbing when I typed it... sowwy ate napasobra ata humor ko HAHAHAHA.

Sabi mo mukhang pakyut ka sumayaw kaya pustahan tayo Marikit yung isa sa mga favorite mong sayawin. Ngl, nababaduyan ako sa halos lahat ng mga "trending Pinoy pop songs" kagaya ng Marikit at Catriona. Ewan ko lang sayo kung paano mo magagawang hip-hop style at malandi style (uhh paano ka ba sumayaw at nagiging malandi ha ate?!) yung mga songs na yun. Ito last question ko nga sayo. Satingin mo ba gaano ka galing sumayaw in a rating of 1-10?
Discord ko is Mist#3480. Add mo nalang ako kapag nadownload mo na and sabihin mo that it's you ate. Marami pang things na pwedeng mangyari kasi it's not the end of your day yet, Ate I really hope this day's been kind to you and the day made you happy. Kung hindi naman that's a-okay kasi there are somethings out of your control naman or of little control. :') Stay happy ate!!!
ColdLands_Mist Aug 25, 8:41 AM
Ngayon mo lang ba narinig yung bren as brain? Wala kang makikita sa Google niyan, kakasearch ko nga lang to check eh HHAHAHA.

Syempre nagtanong pako, determined kaya ako nun na maka makaisip ng male word for "pok-pok" kasi magagamit ko rin yan sa maraming tao eh. HAHAHA

Siguro din kasi most guys don't know how to react dahil di nila gawain mag share. Madalas reaction either "kaya mo yan mhen" or subukan ka nila icheer up by talking more about other stuff. At least that's what I've observed. Girls tend to be more emotional (I don't mean this in a bad way ha) and sensitive. Kaya mas madali at mas comfortable mag open up sakanila haha. That's literally why I have more gal friends than guy friends irl lmao.

Swerte ko din sayo ate eh uwu I didn't know that I would get such a fabulous, amazing green minded "mature" and cute (daw) onee-chan here na Filipino pa! I truly am lucky! *supeeeer sqeueeeze* :DD Ang nakakabwisit lang kapag kasama mo puro babae is kapag may ano sila "." period. Inang monthly yan, kapag may masakit ako gumagawa ng dapat nilang gawin punyeta. Tapos yung galit nila na parang bulkan sakin isasabog, innocenteng innocente ako dito walang ginagawa tapos ako sisigawan. ;-; Ang emotional ko pa naman kaya madali akong ma hurt kapag sinisigawan. ;-; Di ako galit sa mga babae obviously, galit ako sa monthly HAHAHHA. "Kailangan mo lang silang intindiihin" YES. I KNOW ATE. JUST EXPRESSING MY HATRED FOR THE DREADED PERIODS LANG HAHHAHA. Parang palagay ko naman yung "I'm not other girls" karamihan ng mga babae dumaan na dyan eh HAHAHA. Trust me, I know a lot of teenage girls and all their drama. *rolls eyes over teenage "boyfriend dramas"*

What do you think about Ellen DeGeneres and all the shenanigans linked with her? The internet is hot on her right now, but I don't really know a lot about what's happening with her. Pero as far as I know, parang bitch daw ata siya sa staff niya. Tapos parang tinangal ata niya ng trabaho staff niya dahil parang at home naman ang shoot niya or something. Do you think she's worth cancelling for that kind of behavior or call out lang?
We all know may public apology shit yan of some sorts, they always do that, PR eh. Pero just think about it na hindi siya talaga sorry.

Ngl, the girls in Bubble Gang are pretty cute I bet some people just watch Bubble Gang not for the laughs --but for the girls lmao.
I agree with your point on the body shaming jokes nila. Parang feeling ko if I was in the same position as them magiging mas insecure pako.
Yung humor ng Bubble Gang yung parang sa humor ni Vice Ganda eh no? Yung tipong minsan insulto na ang dating. Siguro nga desensitized tayo sa jokes nila kasi we gre up with them making it eh.

I know naman horder ka sa dami ba naman ng erotic books at dildos mo dyan sa kwarto mukha kasing mahilig ka sa ano eh... figures at stuffed toys! Oo yun!! Actually nag attend ako ng Buddhist seimar! Oo ate, ikaw bdsm seminar ang pinupuntahan mo at kung ano-ano pa. While your little brother goes to Buddhist seminars. *cue angelic music* Dejk nothing wrong naman sa bdsm seminars mo ate HAHAHA. Ang ganda actually, pumunta ako twice, one with my mom and one with my sister. May nakita din kaming friend ng close relative ko dun lmao. They thought us a lot of things lalong lalo na with anger ang self-love. Nagprovide din sila ng vegetarian food that was actually really great (I'm talking as someone that hates veggies). Ang ayoko lang much is about karma, since parang ang dating kapag may nangyaring masama, it's on you. Though, hindi masyado na discuss in depth ang karma, so baka kulang lang ako sa knowledge on that.
Fyi, yung Lucifer maganda ha. Baka type mo rin yung guy HAHAHAHA

Dw sa porma ko, as long as favorite outfits ko gamit ko and my bangs isn't all over the place okay parin ako kahit haggard.
Honestly for most people naman they don't really understand ADHD eh haha. Kasi it's really easy to misunderstand it or pass it off as a mere inconvenience. Some might even dismiss the existence of it. While others talk as if it's like a "gift" which is very, very insulting. It has it's benefits for sure, since I can reply to you quickly because of my hyperfocus (and because I type faster than 88% of people according to typing tests #HumbleBrag). I really love talking to you so I can write this quite effortlessly and quickly, which is because of my hyperfocus.
My hyperfocus allows me to get "into the zone" the highest levels of concentration a person can achieve. But that also means, I will have no attention to other stuff, I literally will not process what is happening on my surroundings or notice that someone is talking to me. I suppose the other things that I can consider as a benefit din is my adorable personality and amazing imagination. Pero all those tend to come with their own downsides as well, I can potentially be too annoying, and I space out a lot since I tend to go wild imagining different things. So yeah, this whole paragraph is about sa inis ko aobut the people that think that my condition is "a gift".

*continues rambling* I guess you could really say that mental illness is like an iceberg, you only see the tip of it. You can only notice 10% of my symptoms since the rest aren't halata. Kasi it's not just a condition that makes it hard for us to focus on tasks, or makes us restless. It's so much more, memory loss, mood swings, audio processing problems (can't watch properly without subs, di ko naiintindihan sinasabi minsan kahit malakas volume), inability to "not hear" background noise, increased suicide rates due to increased emotional sensitivity (which makes me highly empathetic, but also more prone to depression), decreased overall life expectancy because of multiple reasons like careless driving and accidents (bawal ako mag drive as of now btw). And god so much more. There's actually one thing that I really like telling people, I hear everything I'm very observant to my surroundings. Kasi one of our problems with focusing (besides decreased attention span) is that we can't concentrate. We can't concentrate kasi "spread out" yung focus namin. Instead of focusing all our attention to watching a movie for example, focus namin divided between our surroundings and the actual thing that we're doing. So I hear the birds chirping, the people talking, the cars passing by and all that stuff while simultaneously listening to the dialogues in the movie. :') Pero ADHD is really inconsistent, kaya sometimes I can't "hear" a lot of things like a car approaching while I walk... .__. (I did say increased risk of death by accidents, right?) or my mom calling me from the kitchen lmao. I'm very obviously passionate about mental health, particularly on ADHD so I rambled more than I expected haha. Please don't feel compelled to write something as long as the paragraphs above. Those are merely my vents and all that shit haha.

Anywayssss, yes ate, cutsie ang mga oversized clothing on girls haha. Lalo na oversized long sleeves. Ask any guy haha. And what? You wear high socks pa?? Can now officially confirm, cutsie fashion nga yung style mo even without you noticing it HAHAHAHA. Anyways, I like your fashion ha. I think it's way better than those na labas boobs. :3 Nothing wrong with labas boobs, I just think cute clothes are better than showy ones. I'm not going to ask why you're insecure about your legs, all I know is that since you're my sister so you probably have fabulous legs and fabulous everything. :3 Tinatakpan mo lang yan kasi maraming taong mabubulag sa sobrang fabulous ng legs mo. :3 Anyways, have confidence ate!! Cuz you deserve all the confidence in the worldddddddd! Ate so great and fabulous!!!! *pats* *hugs*

Kinakausap ka lang from time to time di ka naman ginugulo?? Kapag yan iba na dating layuan mo na yan forever ha ate HAHAHAHA. Kundi mapupunta yan sa hit list ko kasama nung borderline manyak na suitor ng ate ko, at yung mga write ng GMA dramas, isusunod-sunod ko yang mga yan na ipabaksak. Taena nila di porket maliit hindi na pwede magpatumba :< Btw, mali lahat yan. Hindi pwede badminton racket or any other thing. Ang tama lang is kamay ang ipang spanky.

Introverted ka ba talaga or maybe ambivert is more accurate? Pang extroverted yung dating natin na dapat may kasamang iba para manood eh haha. I think I'm ambiverted naman kasi talaga. Introverted lang ako since I still like my alone time pero I'm extroverted in the sense na kapag gusto ko tao I want to spend forever with them and chat haha. Obvious naman siguro eh no HAHAHAHA. Kasi parang mas fun naman talaga kapag may kasama ka manood eh no?? Nakakainis nga lang makasama nanay ko taena puro tanong, puro baduy pa gusto. That's why I prefer watching everything with my sister, parehas na nga kami ng gusto panoorin, ka cuddle ko pa habang nanonood HAHAHAHA. Actually, alam mo yung series na "Bonding" it's about bdsm. Pinanood namin kahit yun together HAHAHAHA. I recommend that series btw.

What do you mean sobrang laki ng pinagbago mo? You mean mas naging fabulous ka dahil na influence ka ng passive fabulousness ko? :DDD *throws confetti at your face* Ewan ko ba kung ano iniisip ng mga ibang tao bat napagkakamalan siyang bata. Nakakakuha ng discount sa jeep kahit di nagsasabi HAHAHAHA. Sinasabi ko nga sakanya, senior citizen discount ata AHAHAHA. Nasa dugo kasi namin yung mukhang bata HAHAHA. Tang ina nanay ko nga iniisip na ate ko eh, ugh. "Mhen sino yun? Ate mo?" ampota.

Is it because of shyness or are you just easily exhausted in social situations? Honestly normally, I try my best na hindi humaba ng ganito mga replies ko kasi nahihiya ako sa other person na kailangan mag reply sa mga novels ko. >.> Pero alam mo naman unfortunately literal na walang hiya ako sayo especially since you're my ate pa. >.> Alam ko na! Everytime mag rereply ka sakin I'll massage your hands since I know na napapagod hands at bren mo kapaag nagrereply ka sakin. *hugs* Papaka corny nanaman ako ah, don't mind me. *sobs* Ang lucky ko talaga sa ate ko ni totolerate long replies ko *cries harder in Tagalog* Fuck, now I want to hug in you real life pakyuu bat ang loveable mo na ate king ina.

Di niya kaya, kasi nasa lose-lose situation siya eh. Kapag di ko siya yakap, hold ko hands niya tapos swing ko around parang nung bata pako lmao... I know it seems weird, pake mo ba affectionate and intimate ako eh wala naman masama! HAHAHAHA. As weirder as it gets I also tend to be really affectionate with friends, though it's hard to do it for guys since tatawagin akong "bakla". While when I do it with girls, nishiship naman ako. Thankfully hindi pako nagpapakalaman na nagfliflirt since that would be hard to get out of. :3

Shet, di ata pet store tinitirhan mo eh. Kundi zoo. Kapag may Pegasus na diyan sainyo sabihin mo sakin ha, bisita ako sainyo.

Sometimes I even wish I was born a woman so I can fondle two things at once, both my top and bottom, instead of just one. Joke, or maybe not? Freaky Friday switch tayo? G?? Dejk, ayoko nang mas lumiit, mas marami akong di abot HAHAHA. Honestly, I really don't know why us guys are so dick minded. Literally. Ang sarap mag crack ng dick jokes at mag draw ng dicks, pero bakit? BAKIT?! ANUNG EVOLUTIONARY ADVANTAGE NG DICK JOKES AND DRAWINGS?!!!

Yan ang gusto ko sayo eh, you like both hotdogs and eggs tsaka watermelons. Woman of culture talaga. The best ka ate.

Eh ano ba itsura mo kapag sumasayaw ate? Mukhang hip-hop? Mukhang pakyut na may finger hearts?? Or *gasp* baka yung style of dancing mo mala Tiktok nga talaga?! Dw, I accept you for who you are kahit baduy ka sumayaw. :') I was just wondering if my Discord ka since I kinda wanna chat you sometime. I'm going to sound corny ugh, please make a Discord! >.> Goood night!! Don't let the bed bugs pinch your ass! Akin lang yan, only I can ispank you for being bad!