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Angel Beats!
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Angel Beats!
Hidan no Aria
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Hidan no Aria
Kinda similar in some ways: includes some sort of relationship with boys and girls carrying out a gun in school grounds and fighting against one another for some certain reasons. It's comedy and enjoyable to watch! Great animations as well
report Recommended by cherichelly
Both involve guns and supernatural things, but Hidan no Aria doesn't involve as much regular school drama.
report Recommended by wolfershd
They're both awesome with guns and main female characters want something.
report Recommended by BlackAnthem849
Girls with guns and swords, fighting for what they believe in. Both of them have similar humor. Angel Beats! has some more emotional points.
report Recommended by Linollieum
Lots Of Action And Alot Of Guns, Both Very Well Made Series. (Hidan No Aria's Ending Suggests A Second Season But Unfortunatly It Will Not Happen, Neverless It's Still Worth The Watch)
report Recommended by Koren7
High School Students Having Guns and Fight With Others
report Recommended by ShonTheGreat
Both series' are comedic,action filled with a twist of drama. High schoolers with guns, GUNS!,, what more could I say. guns and guns and more guns!!
report Recommended by Harucchii88