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Both series share a similar style in theme and direction and an under lying plot that is emotionally heavy. They also share the same mix of character development, action, & romance throughout the series.
report Recommended by CodeVyse
Both were made by Jun Maeda. They share a sad story and the protagonists are deadspan snarkers.
report Recommended by Linkark07
The main character gets to meet the other people in a town/ school. Then comes a series of flashbacks from many characters. Finally comes cliffhanger ending. That's how i would describe the overall plot of these two similar series.

As you might have figure it out, but both series are made by the same producers. Which concludes that they have similar arts, and a mix of action and romance.

To wrap up both series, the ending will leave you in tears, without a doubt.
report Recommended by Lamii
Pretty much the same. The drama is there, same creator, both have awesome plot and are totally worth watching. If u enjoyed one of them you will deffinetly love the other.
Although Angel Beats has more of an impact compared to the other, and also it has much deeper plot (in some parts anyway).
report Recommended by SakataYusuke
In the two animes arises a romance unexpected in between of story. The anime style is very beautiful and the stories have a very sad tragedy. The two female main characters are very quiet and innocent. I recommend this anime because have de same Creator (Ishihara, Tatsuya ) and this man easily make you cry with two short animes. Her anime style is extremely beautiful. It's a fucking genious of drama/romantic animes. Are animes that you can not miss!!!

En los dos animes surge un romance inesperado en medio de la historia. El estilo del anime es muy bonito y las historias   read more
report Recommended by Mayansito