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Drama has similar fell and has same over the top comedy relieves. Both have great animation and music has been done by same composer.
report Recommended by monkatx
Both are fairly emotional anime, however Angel Beats tends to focus more on humor, while Clannad will tug at your heart strings and make you teary eyed.
report Recommended by Reao
Both stories have alternative worlds, clubs, some fighting in between but most importantly it focuse on emotions same way as Angel Beats. Almost each character has some kind of problems or regrets and is trying to overcome them. And we have a main character Tomoya who also tries to help his friends.
report Recommended by kitten320
Both have similiar characters (kotomi-kanade (they are just the same!), yuri-kyou (they are strong), otonashi-okasaki (they're similiar in EVERYTHING), yui-mei (soooo funny), shiina-fuko (love cute things), hatsune-nagisa (sweet and sick), noda/hinata-sunohara (they are bastads). And both make the people cry!
report Recommended by whalien62
But funny and sad, and about life, and made by the same company. Both animes with give the viewer an emotional reaction ;3;
report Recommended by PleepChan
Both made by Jun Maeda. Has some situations similar to each other(i.e. Tomoya and Nagisa helping Fuuko; Yazuru and Kanade helping Yui) and both managed to make me cry.
report Recommended by zetsuboSensei
Angel Beats! and Clannad are anime that do a great job of being dramatic and emotional while still being very funny. Both of them also feature amazing, and kinda similar animation and character designs. While watching each series the viewer is drawn into the lives of the characters themselves that are trying to fight the imperfections that exist in each of their worlds and strive to overcome the obstacles standing in their paths. They find love as well as friendship and experience loads of dramatic moments that will leave you wanting for more in the end. If you liked watching one of them I highly   read more
report Recommended by FireHeart
Although the emotional train is not as strong as it is in Clannad, Angel Beats still manages to deliver a heart-warming and tear-jerking story as everything unfolds. Other simpler similarities between the two are the fact that they are both made by Key, and that Lia has sung an intro for both of them (Although in Clannad's case, it's After Story's intro). If you loved Clannad, then you'll surely grow to love, if not, like Angel Beats to an extent.
report Recommended by SMS
These were both made by Key. Also, these anime really move your feelings around. I loved them both and i am happy with the endings.
report Recommended by Sophia-chan
Keys Studios is the developer of both Clannad and Angel Beats. Clannad is well known and has a large fan base, but Angel Beats, being newer, is still on the rise. The story is great, surpassing Clannad in some aspects, and definitely deserves more attention. It is should easily make the top 30 anime list.
report Recommended by Ethikx
If you became emotionally involved in the Clannad storyline and enjoyed it, then you'll probably enjoy Angel Beats! as well. And vice versa. They're very similar in the respect that both have character development/interaction as a key selling point. Also, I should note that both are truly touching stories that will have you really feeling happy or sad for the characters. I definitely recommend both of these for any type of anime lover that hasn't seen either of them. :)
report Recommended by gamehazard93
First off, both are works created by Key. Secondly, both series conveys emotions mixed in with comedy that has potential to bring viewers to tears. There are some confusing story plots that may seem confusing (the randomness of Angel Beats, the "illusion world of Clannad) but it all fits into a puzzle once you watch it. There are also romance (less so in Angel Beats) but overall, both of these series are something to look out for especially if you're a fan of Key's other works.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are school life anime that deal with the spiritual world in a hidden and deep concept. They both face endearing struggles that can tug at anyone's heart strings.
report Recommended by Kaz_Nara
Both anime involves a guy helpin out a chick with a club although in Angel beats its a club of supposed dead people both anime are quite-light hearted with a few serious moments both are romance/dramas
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
Both these series are of my absolute favorites! Their story-lines are of tragedy, slice of life, romance and many hilarious moments. I think they are both so worthy to watch. They both consist of many genres which I love in anime- tragedy, slice of life, romance, supernatural and etc. Please check em both out they are very worth your time, HIGHLY recommend!
report Recommended by MackB1750
Same company (Key) behind Clannad, Kanon, and Air. Also shares a few elements with them such as the spiritual realism thing and of course sadness. Funny, addicting, and very sad anime.
report Recommended by papertowel
Both of these series were made by Key, and both take place in a school setting. They both manage to have strong balances of drama and comedy, with some romance on the side. Both are very emotional and are likely to make you cry.
report Recommended by paladiknights
The backstory of the characters on both anime are very touching. Last episodes will surely make you cry. Kinda depressing after the endings.
report Recommended by ultimategodplayr
Same type of drama Afterwords Sad story mixed with humor Otonashi=Okazaki lol Short enough (can be watched in 1 night =^-^=)
report Recommended by Arszeniq
This story is originally wrote by the same guy . If you liked clannad you like this. The story is a little hard to get your head around at first but if you pull through the first couple episodes you will see the same comedy and ideals that were in clannad in angel beats! The story will touch you just as clannad did and even make you think about your own life.
report Recommended by budaki
When you start watching it, it gives you the same vibe that you cannot explain till the end of each anime. Boy meets girl and try to help them in any way they can. They both have a similar ending, but in Clannad, its in the second season.
report Recommended by OtherACTION
They both have a lesson/meaning in their story,also they are from the visual novel brand Key, who produced such titles as Kanon and Air which created their Anime/Manga. Both are really Emotional and Funny both English Dub and English Sub are Great in both Clannad and Angel Beats
report Recommended by AmiTomoko189
Both anime were made by Key and have an amazing storyline with awesome soundtracks. Both have very moving endings and are enough to bring tears to one's eyes. Clannad's first season is more character development and the second season is the emotional heart-wrenching season, as opposed to Angel beats which has a smaller time gap for character development. Both anime start of funny and then get serious. If you like one, you'll most likely like the other!
report Recommended by Sledgedude
Now, Clannad really gave me a hard emotional attack. And since I was a little younger back then, the impact on me was absolute. The ending really made up for all the downs in the story, plus the other two arcs which I really enjoyed. On the other hand, Angel Beats, having new and different types of emotional approach while still maintaining a good sense of originality, exists. The way its story goes indifferently gives quite a shock. Both have great drama as well as comedy. Good balance, plot, character settings, originality, and impression.
report Recommended by Sabeeh
Both are by the same author. Both contain a slew of likable characters in a school setting ("school" for Angel Beats), and both will tug at your heartstrings until you're crying the river nile.
report Recommended by DunmerScout
Not only are they both created by the same visual arts company, but they both share the common themes of life, death, loss, and pressing on. Angel Beats is beautifully animated with engaging characters and a heartwarming story. Give it a watch.
report Recommended by Historia-Li
If you're looking for another heart-warming anime, than Angel Beats is the one for you! It's just as tragic as Clannad, with a fair share of romance as well. With only 13 episodes, it won't take away that much time from you-- and definitely deserves a chance! It's short, sweet, and one of my favorites.
report Recommended by b-ko
both anime rip apart your hearts from a overload of emotions as the main characters enjoy their daily lives with some twists and sad moments in between.
report Recommended by DryClutch
Both anime have good stories Both have great characters and character back stories Both are really fun and also sad Both are amazing and they will touch your heart
report Recommended by Xphinial
The first season is a bit low running just to explain the story and everything, but can still make you fall in love with the series like you do the second you lose the first character you become attached to in angel beats. I would recommend this because of how upsetting it eventually gets but if you push through you may get something out of it you don't with angel beats!.
report Recommended by Mmmooonnnyyy
Angel Beats & Clannad both have superb character development, so much so that the viewer becomes emotionally tied to the characters in the animes. Both anime are on the romantic side, however Angel Beats has a lot of action that would satisfy the thrill seekers while Clannad is more on the real life struggles side. However, both have unique love stories that will leave you in tears by the end.
report Recommended by culla94
Clannad and Angel Beats will take you on an emotional roller-coaster, although I would say that Clannad is the more emotional in the long run. These wonderful works possess similar characteristic of: -School based life (for the most part of Clannad) -Struggles characters face throughout the story (the average KEY formula as it were) -Very "happy go lucky" atmosphere
report Recommended by Ravenclaw707
They are both top of the line when it comes to drama/romance/comedy anime. both will make you laugh but both will make you cry like BIATCH!
report Recommended by MonkApunch
Angel Beats! was my opening anime and I can assure you that nothing could replace it as my favorite anime, not even a Clannad masterpiece. But with its capturing drama, fantastic action, hilarious comedy, and wonderful characters, it should be more than enough to fill in that hole that Angel Beats! made. Clannad is rather similar to Angel Beats! and they do get compared a lot. Although Clannad is a lot more emotional that Angel Beats!, in my opinion it's due to the lack of Angel Beats! episodes. The two anime have many characters that you will learn to love, and although some parts might   read more
report Recommended by Lerrie
Both has a touching feel to them Makes you cry man tears Makes you want to watch more Has a pinch of Romance in them Both Slice of Life . Comedy . and School genres
report Recommended by Nyaroha
[May contain some spoilers] Both series: ~ mainly take place at a school ~ the main character wants to help the other characters with accomplishing their dreams or help them with problems ~ have some supernatural elements in it ~ have realistic and dramatic background stories of some characters
report Recommended by Mimysse
Both are written by Key. They both have scenes that makes you cry and some that make you laugh. Overall these are similar; the only slight difference is that Angel Beats is more focused on humor and Clannad is more focused on emotion.
report Recommended by EternalDiVinity
Pretty much the same. The drama is there, same creator, both have awesome plot and are totally worth watching. If u enjoyed one of them you will deffinetly love the other. Although Angel Beats has more of an impact compared to the other, and also it has much deeper plot (in some parts anyway).
report Recommended by LordOfCinder21
Both shows are Key productions and are real tear-jerkers. Clannad probably makes you shed more tears, whereas Angel Beats! puts its focus on humor more often—but the end has just as much of an emotional impact as Clannad. In both shows, the characters are key points to the story. As for the setting, both shows take place in a high school setting. In short, if you loved one, you are very likely to love the other as well!
report Recommended by -Quiet-
Heart warming and tear jerking story lines. Drama, comedy and a touch of romance rolled into one. Clannad and Angel Beats! generally have a similar atmosphere, centered on school and a group of friends. However, Angel Beats! may have a lighter feel to it compared to Clannad but both anime are good and were original creations of Key. They may share a number of similarities, but both series have a lot of unique points that will certainly strike you in a way and leave something in your heart. If you don’t mind taking another ride on the Feels bus, then I recommend you to watch the   read more
report Recommended by -yasunori-
The plot has little in common besides been based in a school environment thrz really no similarity.. The main reason y I made this recommendation is coz of the emotional pull in both anime .....both are heart harming storys that could make u sherd tries or put a smile one your face....both have memorable character s u grow to lov ... The to shows may have alot of difference' s to many to start listing but for some strange reason u get the same feeling from both of thiz great .shows
report Recommended by Razerrey
They're both packed with feelz and both have relatable characters you would get punished for falling in love with. They also share the whole different dimension/world aspect that somehow correlates to the main plot.
report Recommended by Yourchinguxd
Watching them I had similar feeling. You can laugh and cry. Both of them also feature amazing, and kinda similar animation and character designs.
report Recommended by natty83
Clannad (Season 1) might be the perfect Anime for Angel Beats! fans. It has something mysterious over the whole season, nice looking & kind characters and a lot of fun in it. The charisma is really Angel Beats! like. Note: Same director.
report Recommended by lukii
They are both extremely sad! ;~; They also have this feeling of wanting to go live a life with meaning and someone to share it with.
report Recommended by J151carlos
This anime is similar to Clannad in the fact that it also has emotion and humour mixed but Angel Beats! is a different type of anime as it also has some action. Just wish there were more episodes of it!
report Recommended by iam21
- beautiful animation and soundtracks - spirits and supernatural elements - these series can make a person go from crying like a baby to laughing with all their heart and vice versa in a matter of minutes
report Recommended by Yatori-chan
-Both have lots of sad moments targeted right for your heart -Both have ridiculous yet hilarious comedy relief -Both have similar music and openings -The characters don't have similar personalities, but it feels like if there was a crossover between the two series, the characters would get along with each other well. As a bonus, they have similar designs.
report Recommended by thelectricow
Ok. We all know this one. These two animes -wanna hug your heart -has a quite depressing plot line -Makes you feel many emotions -main character somehow have similar head (don't judge me!) -amazing Opening theme song! If you enjoyed any of these points in Angel beats/Clannad, then definitely go for the other one. They are both generally great animes.
report Recommended by NiceKyubey
If Angel Beats made you cry, don't doubt it, try Clannad. While Angel Beats feels a bit rushed and its final episode, although is good, you have no time to fully empathize with the characters to enjoy the anime to its full potential, Clannad takes a first season with pretty good storyline to know the characters. This season has some of the best comic scenes i've ever seen (like Angel Beats) and some dramatic moments, but if you are looking for Angel Beats' drama... Here it is, Clannad: After Story, probably the best anime drama i've ever seen and you'll ever seen, a true masterpiece and personally   read more
report Recommended by davidgvidal
Both of them have a good amount of comedy, they have a really good developped characters and in both of them have unexpected events you should't see come and hits right in your feelings.
report Recommended by Gadorak
Jun Maeda did the original story for both as well as the music. If you like to cry go ahead and watch you masochist.
report Recommended by Iskall_Dryck
Both are made by Key Studios and have supernatural elements in them. Both main characters get involved with a club in a school and learn about the touching backstories of other characters. If you enjoy the type of emotional storytelling Key is known for, you'll probably enjoy both the series.
report Recommended by Sande
Both Key works, both very emotional tales about high school. Romance plays a smaller role in Angel Beats!, but it's still present.
report Recommended by Treima
It certainly gives you a good cry. It is about the importance of family, the importance of love. That no matter how far away someone seems, they are really right beside you.
report Recommended by HappynJoy
Angel Beats and Clannad go hand in hand. It is hard for me to talk about one without the other. Each has its own unique story, but almost the same feeling to it. Both are tear-jerkers even for the people who rarely cry to anime. Happiness and comedy are mixed in with the serious moments. I would highly recommend Angel Beats to fans of Clannad and Clannad: After Story. (Bonus: Angel Beats and Clannad share many voice actors in both English and Japanese!)
report Recommended by Fl1pside
-Both are funny and very emotional -Characters are similar in personality (Okazaki-Otonashi, Sunohara-Hinata, Kotomi-Kanade..) -Both were made by Jun Maeda If you loved Clannad, then you'll surely love Angel Beats!
report Recommended by -Claire-
Clannad and Angel Beats! share the similiar Supernatural settings, which is very interesting and worth to watch. Angel Beats! is simply an afterlife while Clannad is how you live your life with your own way.
report Recommended by mcid47
Both were originally visual novels written by the same guy, and they have a very similar tone and feel. They both revolve around high school settings with some supernatural aspects, the lead is a straight man to the wackiness of the other characters, and both seek to make you laugh and cry in equal measure.
report Recommended by AnimeBW
If you like romantic comedy animes like Angel Beats! then I can almost guarantee that you'll enjoy Clannad. They have over the top humor while still being serious when needed. Clannad, like Angel Beats!, is a sad but still heartwarming anime that plays with your emotions.
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
Our special bonds. Angel Beats and Clannad follows groups of students who spend their times creating bonds with one another in their school lives. Though Angel Beats story follows Yuri and the SSS in a battle against God. Whereas, Clannad, is refined of any battles. Both stories give MCs Otonashi and Tomoya to find the value of people around them and of themselves whether it be through fighting, for AB or helping others out, for Clannad. Both anime are tasteful heartwarming comedies by KEY, with supernatural and drama in a school atmosphere.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
- Both series have multiple characters going through hardships are have had a very difficult past - Both series are very emotional. - Both series are written by Jun Maede
report Recommended by KazumiFurukawa