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Minami no Shima no Dera-chan
Minami no Shima no Dera-chan
Oct 13, 10:59 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Tamako Love Story
Tamako Love Story
Oct 13, 10:23 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 9
Tamako Market Specials
Tamako Market Specials
Oct 13, 8:18 AM
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Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
3 hours ago
Reading 46/? · Scored 8
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
4 hours ago
Reading 124/? · Scored 10
Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Oct 12, 9:47 PM
Reading 283/? · Scored 8


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WaterLord Aug 1, 4:55 AM
The story just has to continue xD or else i will be mad if he just keeps up with Franxx for forever. But i do have a feeling that, when the manga makes a comeback, Rito will be a true man, and the story will reach its great parts. You know what? The plot in Darkness managed to make me forget all of the worries i felt while watching the series, it kept me plenty distracted. And i do know the Darkness manga could still have another adaptation, like darkness 3rd, can't wait to see if they will make it
WaterLord Aug 1, 3:29 AM
Same here, it really does need a sequel, i'm currently reading the manga. but i already saw that the author said that Darkness won't be the final chapter. Now, in my opinion, he is just wasting his time with Franxx, wich i hated it..

To be honest, i went for TLR with a great deal of expectations, i already knew the first season was kind of a letdowns and things would only pick up during Motto. But man... Rito is such a pussy... He is just so afraid of girls, so many pleasing scenes could have happened if he just, lose his shame, just like he did on Darkness 2nd Specials. The Harem plan, when in was introduced, i got so damn hyped for it, i was thinking "nice, it's finally getting awesome!". But in the end, the plan didn't advance, the relationship with the girls stagnated a lot (putting aside Momo, Yami, Mea, Nana, wich there was some.development), and nothing serious really happened :/ it was just so frustrating, i guess i have to wait a lot more to see TLR get into the more serious parts, if the series ever gets there. Other than that, i just love the series, it's clearly one of the best ecchi/harem out there. I swear, if this ends with a harem finale, the Harem Plan gets serious, and Rito stops being a pussy, then it will be the cherry on top.
WaterLord Jul 31, 4:50 PM
Ohh i just saw Railgun is one of your favorites. It really is pretty good so far. We have some favorites in common for what i can see. I watched To Love Ru last week and i basically just fell in love with the series and it's one of my favorites, but it was also a huge middle finger given to me...
WaterLord Jul 31, 4:45 PM
Hey there!

Well, so far, i can say it is worth the watch for sure. Index, the first season, was good, but it couldn't use its potential to the fullest. The plot didn't follow a straight path, and some of the arcs were just pretty random, it eventually loses intensity on the 2nd half of the series. But, the arcs that feature Misaka and Accelerator (both amazing characters) are really good and that managed to balance the series. Still, it's enjoyable. Touma is pretty simple as the MC, and his Imagine Breaker ability is just underwhelming, kinda, he doesn't have any kind of offensive attacks during fights, but he is not that bad.. he's brave, so there's that too.

But now for Railgun, it's clearly much better than Index. I'm on episode 16 now and so far it's really good, you can definitely see the difference between Index and this, since this one is livelier, characters are lovable, well, Kuroko is that lesbian freak that is always pretty excentric haha, that might turn off a lot of people, but i find her funny, and the fights are better as well.

So, overall, i'd definitely recommend it! I believe it will get better as well on Index II and Railgun S.
Skittles May 23, 10:24 AM
Yep, I can't use fonts in Photoshop. I tried all the solutions online but none of them seem to be working. If it weren't for this problem I'd honestly discard Gimp completely and use Photoshop for good.

All the third-world elements are out full force in Jakarta xD Benefits are what make the Western countries great. I wish Indonesia also has them, but it would likely be like fifty years or so before that happens lol.

Hmm, I'm pretty sure that Nandos has branches in Perth. Here's what I'm talking about. Definitely one of the best chicken establishments I've ever visited!
Skittles May 23, 2:06 AM
I use both Photoshop and Gimp. Tbh the only reason I'm using Gimp is that the text machine in my Photoshop isn't functioning correctly, so I'm forced to switch back and forth whenever I need to input text :s

Thanks for the compliment! This is actually my first layout since I've only been making forum sets before. I actually want to make a new layout soon, but it's very tiring work so I'm not sure when I'll exactly start lol.

Oh wow, below 20 degrees is already too much for me haha. Back when I studied in Indiana, I used to get sick way too often because the temperature there can reach subzero levels. The main reason why I enjoy living in Indonesia is that the tropical climate suits me perfectly (although it can get too humid from time to time).

Oh nice Autumn, that's good to hear! Rain does suck since you need to deal with wet clothes, but the worst thing about rainy season in Indonesia is that the already-terrible traffic jams become even worse RIP.

I'll tell you this: the thing I miss the most about Australia is definitely Nandos. Hot damn, I used to be addicted as heck to their chicken meals xD
Skittles May 23, 12:50 AM
I've also been doing graphics for less than a year, so there's still much for me to learn. Glad I got into it since it's a fun pastime :D

I was born in South Jakarta and I've been living there for almost my entire life. However, I had an international education since pre-school and I also did my undergraduate studies in the United States. English is technically my mother tongue, but I still hang on to my Bahasa Indonesia to communicate with family and friends.

I used to visit Geelong often since my brother went to boarding school there (he's currently working in the US). Occasionally, I also visit Melbourne to meet some of my cousins who have taken permanent residence status. As for Perth, I haven't visited there since I was very little, although I remember it being extremely chilly xD
Skittles May 22, 11:09 PM
Randomly stumbled on your profile and I just wanna say that it looks great!

Also nice to meet a fellow Indonesian^^
winddevil1 May 22, 7:29 AM
hey, very nice profile, i love ru :p

RoryBurrows May 19, 8:10 AM
yeah you can
RoryBurrows May 19, 6:36 AM
great review
Manaban May 13, 8:40 AM
A good little place that kind of talks about it directly would be the Moephobia series by Pause And Select, which is really just a guy named Patrick W. Galbraith who writes journals and studies these kinds of reactions rather extensively being brought on to cover moe and its relationship with its fandom specifically, so I think that could be a pretty good starting point.


Would be a good starting point, at least, if you're interested. Outside of that, a lot of it needs to come from trying to dig up older fandom posts and discussions and looking at industry trends and development in any given year, which is a lot less...easy to point somebody too, sadly. Not like we're discussing literary theory where a bunch of important works can be namedropped, a lot of it is theoretical and trying to find different ways to sort of document the growth of this aspect of something in of itself.
Manaban May 13, 5:54 AM
Well, yeah, that's how it came to be a thing. Back in the '80s and so, people began reacting to shows in such a way and they would produce fan magazines that kind of portrayed characters in a pin-up style and were more focused on the characters themselves as opposed to...well, their function within the show's story. Would buy figures of characters and if they couldn't buy one in a more consumer-oriented area they'd go as far as to create them themselves, people were just so into the characters by themselves and viewed them in a completely different way than a more standard approach. Shows eventually began capitalizing on this sort of reaction and over time developed into the various brands of moe we have now.

Urusei Yatsura in particular was an absolute pioneer of this sort of reaction and audience response, which played absolutely no small part to the growth of these kinds of shows and series more focused on these elements and playing more into this sort of audience reaction, so while kind of being debatable on being a harem and not being an ecchi itself, it's one of the most significant works in regards to the development of these kinds of shows in this medium, hence why I'm watching it. Kind of a "never forget where you came from" type of thing.

That's kind of why a lot of H&E and a lot of CGDCT and other shows from our weird little family of moe are like they are, and why people who can't get into characters like that will probably never really understand the appeal or get into these shows that much. They're rooted kind of separately in priorities by a significant margin. Also, again, why I hate the idea of being more narrative oriented on the whole. It's missing a major point and aspect in them - things functioning independently of the narrative in order to focus more on these areas of appeal.

I guess I'm going on a bit of a tangent here, but since you said this is why you like it, I thought you might be interested in hearing a pretty brief bit about the history and development of these shows centered around the kind of reactions from the audience. We're kind of like an outlier area and it's better to be so.
Manaban May 13, 4:02 AM
Well, yeah, harem & ecchi are my favorites, but I try not to be exclusive to them. They've made up such a lion's share of what I've seen that I've been trying to branch out and try new things a bit more lately, but I kind of feel like, come what may, those are going to be my home genres, in a sense. I've grown to appreciate them on a much more fundamental level and want to do stuff and understand them more, they're not exactly things you find outside of anime, and I've just been so involved with both of them for the past 2 years of my life that it's hard seeing them ever being supplanted at this point. They're here to stay as my dominant favorites, but I still try not to be too narrow in my interests.

Also, I care about characters in ecchi a lot too xP But characters are something pretty all-encompassing, y'know? Like, that's every series, ecchi or not. With harems the elements are so much more rooted in the characters that I think it's still important to view them as the primary compenant to that but with ecchi I also like to place a lot of emphasis on what makes it what it is - ecchi isn't all-encompassing, being ecchi is what separates it from non-ecchi anime and so I like to place a lot of emphasis on the elements that distinguish it as well, otherwise it seems like I could very well risk neglecting an aspect that makes me love it so much. I do just really love sexy things and that kind of response, admittedly, but that sort of thing is what makes an ecchi an ecchi and all as well. Would feel wrong to not emphasize it quite a bit specifically in regards to these shows.

In function and purpose, I tend to view ecchi fanservice as completely different from hentai and such. It...kind of derived and grew from outside purposes, there were shows that sort of began to evoke a reaction from audiences of feeling affection and attraction towards the characters back in the '80s and so, but not in the sense of appreciating them for their role in the narrative but independently of that. Ecchi fanservice is generally something that I find beneficial in the sense that it can accentuate this type of response and make it into something much more sexually appealing - contrast with CGDCT, which largely has the same response and kind of mindset of creating a sense of affection, it's just not rooted in sexualization and more rooted in making it cute and such. They can have other elements as well - action, comedy, romance, etc etc. - and so that's what moe is. Ecchi is a form of moe, or at the very least it has its roots in that concept, and fanservice is generally something that can capitilize on creating or evoking a kind of similar response instead of, say, being straight up fapping material like a lot of hentai. Making us kind of a cousin thing primarily. There's kind of more soft-hentai that place much greater emphasis on that as opposed to using it in tandem with that moe response - Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai and Gakuen HxH being two recent examples - but those kind of don't tend to have the same sort of appeal and charm as the standard to me because they function differently than most cases of fanservice. Very few ecchi series are actually fapworthy to me, though, in spite of how much emphasis I place on that. I just like sexy things and the sexiness is usually used as an accentuating, "icing on the cake" type element in a lot of these shows, hence why I don't tend to see it as beneficial to demand it be a narrative component in a lot of cases. It doesn't really understand where it's coming from, where it's roots are, and the type of reaction it tends to create and evoke from audiences.

I also just really like sexy things in general, which should definitely be noted xP I guess my libido is a bit cumbersome but in general I'm very rarely not in the mood for this sort of thing. Just in case you thought I was ascribing a degree of grandiosity to it because of how I see it as functioning and not that I don't like it mostly because of sex appeal xP It functions like that, it creates sex appeal, that should definitely never be ignored because it's a defining element of what makes ecchi ecchi and why it's not just a standard type of thing. It's integral, inseparable, and being able to create sex appeal is the most important thing of all in terms of doing what I've described above.

But yeahhhhhhhh I tend to focus a lot on how a show can achieve as much as well, point being.

Manaban May 12, 7:54 AM
Hmmm, well there's obviously TLR, but I know you know about that :P

My favorite ecchi as ecchi is more rooted in how much they wear it on its sleeve, rather than being kind of meek about it. I like the anime fall trope and how it leads to fanservice and such still and I'm not blasting it, but my thing with it is that I see it kind of an excuse at times and it's usually much more gratifying to me when the series just doesn't give a fuck and embraces being what it is. Which is why I find the TLR series so great in this regard. It doesn't need to be creative or be more than just exposure, doesn't need to push at boundaries, but it shouldn't give a fuck about being ecchi. It should be rebellious, unafraid and unashamed.

Aside from TLR, here's a few ecchi series I think capture that pretty well:

Monster Musume
Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou
Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone.
Sora no Otoshimono
Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai
Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

I also hear good things about Testament and Golden Boy in this regard, but that's still secondhand on my end.

For harems, I view much more as a cast thing rather than much else. "How good is the harem?" more or less.

TLR is, once again, my favorite in this regard, but for some others I think are quite good:

Trinity Seven (The haremettes themselves actually aren't especially strong standing alone, but they have an incredible cast dynamic that makes it great if you look at the characters on a more holistic level imo.)
Nyan Koi
Mayo Chiki
Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka
Asu no Yoichi! (Same case as Trinity Seven)
Zero no Tsukaima
Infinite Stratos (great harem cast but the lead isn't just kind of there like a lot of harem MCs, he's an active detriment to the show imo, so caution on that one)

Hopefully I helped out a bit :P