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Both directed by Seiji Kishi. You will see a lot of similar comedic gags between the two series.
report Recommended by fatalbert357
Group of misfit students who are in some special place or in special conditions. Both are comedies that try to be sentimental.
report Recommended by MasterDetective
Both have teenagers wielding pistols, sniper rifles, and automatic weapons. Both have a very large cast of characters, almost all of which are students. The comedy style is, in my opinion, very close to that of Angel Beats. It isn't really trying to make you sad like Angel Beats does, but I really get the same feel off of both of them.
report Recommended by Mad_Catter
Both are about students and classrooms, in both the students try to get something done with plans (operations) and through action.
report Recommended by mint_Tea
Both are set in a school Both have a lot of comedy Both can get you right in the kokoro (Well, AssClass's second season)
report Recommended by Smertle
Both use a unique premise to liven up usually tropey school shenanigans, and both strike a good balance between comedic fun and emotionally stirring moments.
report Recommended by Zawren
Both deal with the theme of students attempting to assassinate someone and have a low chance of succeeding.
report Recommended by Waro9
Angel Beats! is a lot like Anatsu Kyoushitsu. They’re animes with teenagers determined to kill someone, at least in the beginning. They’re both set in a school setting and have the same kind of comedic style. At the end though, they are both heart-wrenching animes.
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
Defeat the superior. Assassination Classroom and Angel Beats presents students who fight against a superior force. Assassination Classroom follows the eccentric students of Class 3-E in their mission to kill Koro-sensei before he destroys the world. Angel Beats having the same concept through the SSS tries to fight against god to get their revenge for their horrible lives before they died. Both anime are great action-comedy in a school directed by Seiji Kishi.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Angel Beats was a good watch, but nothing special personally. However Assassination Classroom does everything Angel Beats does and makes it a million times better, making it deserving of a 10/10. An underlying interesting mystery, romantic undertones, a cast of compelling characters each with unique impactful backstories, an emotionally powerful ending having to do with graduation/self-growth. Both shows offer lessons of embracing the past, having empathy, appreciating one's life. Both shows are about a group of students in a school setting working together trying to uncover and fight against an underlying mystery. They work in groups doing assassinations (assassination classroom) or operations (angel beats). Throughout the   read more
report Recommended by holdenk
-Both series start comedic but end up dramatic -Both series have misfit students who all have a specialty -Both series are in a school
report Recommended by high_face
Both shows are set in a High School like environment and have to do with assassinating someone (at least at first). They seem really funny and lighthearted in the first few episodes but get deeper after you get to know the characters. Also, the endings of both shows will bring you to tears or at least move you.
report Recommended by Kawakaii
These have many similarities assassination trials by the students and making strategies are pretty much same.....!
report Recommended by Weebyotaku
Both are set in a school-like environment and in both shows, the objective of the student is to kill their target. In Assasination Classroom, it is Koro-sensei, and in Angel Beats, it is Kanade.
report Recommended by lousassole_12
both are school animes with a slightly similar plot. they're both funny, but with sad endings.
report Recommended by feralyandere
Students trying assasination is common in both anime.....And sometimes gives the same vibes :D
report Recommended by THE_KIRA
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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