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Barion-Zara Feb 14, 10:56 AM
She indeed is. Loved some of Touka's shots a lot <3
Loli Kotori is so precious
Barion-Zara Feb 11, 1:17 PM
I want to cry man. Rewrite's actually being adapted so well T^T
ryouko-san245 Feb 8, 7:41 AM
Yeah that's especially the case with long running shows, if they don't at the very least catch you interest by the first few episodes it's best to drop the as early as possible otherwise you'll find yourself trying to finish it out of obligation. For instance I dropped Fairy Tail after only the first couple of episodes ,because it didn't interest me in the slightest and from what I've heard I most likely won't like it later on. With Bleach I only really liked the first 2 arcs, the filler arcs and the Hueco Mundo arc kind bored me so I never made it to Aizen. Naruto on the other hand is fine for the most part ,but I never really got into it so I gave it about 40 episodes before I dropped it. On the other hand Dragon Ball(Original, Z, & Kai), Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon and especially One Piece became some of my favorite shows of all time and I'm also enjoying Gintama & Hunter X Hunter from what I've seen of them so it's not all bad.

Yeah Miugen's a total badass, oh and speaking of dub/sub I love how Kazuya Nakai(Roronoa Zoro) & Steve Blum(Spike Spiegal) voice him in both versions. Yeah Cowboy Bebop is definitely the dub that set the standard for english dubbing and convinced people that dubs can be as good as the original, even a lot of sub elitist will list Cowboy Bebop as one of the few good english dubs. Yeah I say almost anything dubbed by Funimation from Fullmetal Alchemist(2003) and onward is at the very least worth looking at, Yu Yu Hakusho is probably the the only one before that you should check out especially since a lot of people seem to perfer it over the sub. Another dub you should check out is Code Geass, Johnny Yong Bosch's performance as Lelouch is amazing, to the point here some fans say it's on par if not outright better than Jun Fukuyama's. Oh and it's funny you say you're watching Blood+ dubbed because that's currently what I'm doing right now.
welcome2NHK Feb 7, 1:09 PM
Hey thanks! Glad to hear the year has been a good start 'cos I often tend to hear the opposite. I don't watch much real sports, but congratz to Roger Federer, cool stuff. But, what I do watch is sports anime...that counts right? Baby Steps has shown me the beauty of tennis, now just to give it a shot in real life. Oh wait...but you watch anime...haha right. That being said, 2017 should be a good year for anime. Looking forward to rewatching Full Metal panic and yeah that other one.
Barion-Zara Feb 4, 1:02 PM
Ep4 of Rewrite was soo good!! YOSHINO!!! And Loli Kotori is such a cute <3
Akane's Pa was adorable xD
welcome2NHK Jan 30, 2:00 PM
Happy New Year! Better late than never right? I hope you're having a wonderful 201---Oh wait Trump is the president, forget what I just said. It's the beginning of the end!
Barion-Zara Jan 28, 10:42 AM
Yeah ^^ u guessed right. But I still think she might accept Ecchan's approach after her monologue at the end of the ep. Akane's definitely not a goody 2 shoes. But there is one thing, if she's okay going out with her students like that (I'm sure that's not the only one) yet doesn't really show Mugi any similar "affection" then maybe she does care about him. Dat face at teh end tho. Slick asf

Hana's scene with Mugi in bed was so cute. Her "I want to try loving u" was adorable. And yeah the sexual themes are done so well here. Lol'd at how he came over her clothes and she asked if it comes off lmao xD The kisses (even the yuri ones) never fail to impress too :3

And yeah, it is WA2's director. I think u know my view on that series xD No matter how much I didn't like the cuck I absolutely loved the formal aspects of it.

Now for Rewrite ep3....

Btw what else have u been enjoying this season? For me it's mainly the SOL comedy trio, Demi-san, Kobayashi and Gabriel those 3 are amazing
ryouko-san245 Jan 28, 7:51 AM
I agree, I mean a few years ago I would watch every show that was popular hoping I would find something I like, but nowadays I only check out a show if it interests me enough. Works pretty well because I find myself dropping less shows nowadays and it's not a big waste a time.

Cool, yeah all the main characters are great in their own way, especially Mugen. I still think Cowboy Bebop is the better series ,but this series is excellent in it's own right. Speaking of Cowboy Bebop did you ever re-watch Dubbed? I'm sure if you like Cowboy Bebop Dubbed it may convince you to give more Dubs a chance.
ryouko-san245 Jan 25, 5:15 PM
Oh well it happens sometimes, you're not always guaranteed to love something as much as everyone else and that's fine by me.

I noticed you're watching Samurai Champloo, how are you liking that so far?
ryouko-san245 Jan 22, 1:43 PM
Yeah it'll probably be a 7-8 at most when I finish it. The show offers an inside look at the anime industry which I of course find interesting, but the characters are nothing special.

Barion-Zara Jan 21, 4:17 PM
Well from what we saw of Hana's personality so far, I could see her accepting it lmao. I'd love that :3

Rewrite...they adapted Kotarous transcending so well :O Loved it. Poor Anime onlys man. They're probably mindfucked xD But it was amazing for us VN players. Also Dat KagarixKotarou dance was 10/10. Seeing Kotori again <3 And seeing Lucia's kiss CG was nice. Also YO-SHI-NOOO brofist :D

Nxt ep should be fun with a certain fatso lol and ep4 should be Terra don't u think?
Barion-Zara Jan 19, 4:21 PM
yeah man, the hints to yuri were there. Well even in the OP xD But the transition was so well done it caught me totally off guard. Suddenly seeing them making out like that :O Can't wait to see how Hana reacts

Man I love her so much. And Damn dat tongue action was lewd
ryouko-san245 Jan 19, 3:51 PM
Yeah, those arcs are awesome especially the former 2.

Well I find it to be an interesting watch to see how the anime industry works. It's an interesting watch.
Barion-Zara Jan 19, 9:49 AM
Dat KuzuHon :O
ryouko-san245 Jan 18, 11:54 AM
That's okay.

Oh, well I plan on watching it sometime later just to see what it's like. I was just wondering if it's like FMA/FMA:B where the newer adaptation is superior ,but I will still be missing out by not watching the older one.

Well ymmv on how you feel about it ,but I've always liked Hosoda's work so this one was a real treat for me. So that's where you are, well just wait until you get to Water 7/Enies Lobby, that arc's amazing, and also it was that arc that really made Robin one of my favorite characters, though I like all of the Straw Hats anyway. Also I feel the series already started getting good when it got to Arlong Park(the anime from Water 7 and onwards), I'm really excited to start reading/watching the post time-skip stuff for the first time.

My Top 5/6 favorite One Piece arcs(not counting anime filler arcs):
1. Marineford
2. Impel Down
3. Sabaody Archipelago
4. Amazon Lily
5. Thriller Bark=Enies Lobby(tie)

So look forward to those.