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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season
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Amaama to Inazuma
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Mob Psycho 100
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Aug 10, 6:23 PM
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Gokukoku no Brynhildr
Aug 5, 7:05 PM
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ryouko-san245 Aug 21, 9:21 AM
Oh so you're not a fan of yuri/yaoi, well if that's the case that's fine not everyone is. Well on the one hand homosexuality is treated as a completely normal thing and characters in the series tend to have crushes on other characters regardless of gender, on the other hand it's hard to tell whether or not CLAMP the group that made the series puts this type of stuff in their work to appeal to those types of fans considering they apparently use to be yaoi doujinshii artist.

Oh I see, well I hope you enjoy it when you do finally get to it. By the I also noticed you have another magical girl series called Yuki Yuna is a Hero on you ptw list, what made you interested in that.
ryouko-san245 Aug 18, 1:05 AM
I should also note that this series is filled with a lot of homosexuality ,though I hear this sort of thing pops up in all of CLAMP's works, if that kind of stuff makes you uncomfortable then I would suggest you avoid watching this show.

I also noticed you have Cardcaptor Sakura on your ptw list , I thought you weren't interested in any Magical Girl series besides Madoka Magica.
ryouko-san245 Aug 16, 10:04 AM

Well truth be told I got it from a game called Earthbound ,but I decided it'd be more fun to go with a fantastical name.

Well I'm already 31 episodes in and I'm loving it so far, though I heard it really gets great by the 2nd and 3rd season. It also does a really fantastic job exploring it themes and I think it can appeal to anyone regardless of your age or gender, this could end up being one of the best magical girl series I've seen. I will say that it's a overly romantic and cutesy series so if that stuff turns you off it might not be for you.
Barion-Zara Aug 16, 1:16 AM
I doubt Will is dead yet. Haven't heard much of him in some of the spoilers I've read so I am kinda scared D: If he does die I'm sure that's not the end of it at least. And the Proposal was in an extra SS volume Tappei wrote. I don't know if uve hear of the renowned Essay-kun but I'm in direct contact with him. He's read the WNs and has written summaries for all the arcs and SS. So after the season ends if u want I can link u :P
Yeah if that's really what Satella's backstory is that would kinda remind me of Kagari from Rewrite with her making a promise with Kotarou and him repeating his life for her.

ryouko-san245 Aug 15, 5:39 PM
I'm doing better than ever, I'm very close to finding a job.

Thanks, I picked up the name from TV tropes and just thought I'd get an opinion.

So what have you been watching lately, as for me I've been watching Cardcaptor Sakura.
ryouko-san245 Aug 15, 12:48 PM
Hey how's life treating you?

Hey I have a extremely trivial question, on my profile I decided to put my country since I left the location section empty for a while ,but instead of putting America I put Eagleland. Which do you think is better?
Barion-Zara Aug 15, 1:34 AM
welcome2NHK Aug 13, 5:31 PM
Tch. If Rewrite isnt as good as Grisaia adaptation then how am I supposed to make fun of the fans? Talk about ruining my plans. Oh well, if they're making an anime-original then it means I can watch it without being spoiled for the VN right? Hey cmon 8-bit is cool. Just look at Infinite Stratos; that's some guilty pleasure right there tho nothing beats Date a Live. Yeah, I guess we all love unpleasant surprises so let's hope Rewrite turns out to be as shi- good as the Grisaia adaptation.
-Kenshin- Aug 11, 1:49 PM
Just wanting to point this out really quickly. Are you familiar with Nutaku at all? Their aim is to become the "Steam for adult games", and they've had a great upsurge in popularity lately. But they're very excessive with their censorship, and they've even taken to abusing DMCA takedowns to cover their tracks.


If you can, try to spread the word to other eroge readers.
-Kenshin- Aug 11, 11:16 AM
Hey, not sure if you saw the comment I put on my profile, but I've kinda somewhat made a recovery on my hand thanks to the splint. I still have to wear it on and off, but not full time anymore. I found out yesterday that the numbness in my hand is from carpal tunnel. Welp, guess it was only a matter of time before it happened, lol. I've been gaming since before I learned how to read, and playing a repetitiously straining game like Osu kinda put me over the edge and I finally injured my hand. Ugh, rhythm games are some of the funnest games ever, but they're also the most dangerous. ;w;

I had a hunch you wouldn't. I really only felt like talking about it because it was a hot topic on Fuwanovel... for about 3 weeks, lol. As expected, the hype pretty much died down shortly after it was released.

Aw, you shelved it at Komari's route? D: That was one of the more enjoyable routes to me. There were some surprisingly dark elements in her story, but it's so wonderfully uplifting at the end. I'll always remember Komari for her "spiral of happiness" philosophy. ^^ Well, anyways, hope you find enough time to read it again soon. Some of the routes were very nicely adapted in the anime (a couple were even improved on), but there's a distinct difference in quality between the adaption of Refrain and the original.

Yep! I'm kinda putting anime on hold for now and finally catching up on ReLIFE. This series is really starting to pick up on character development now, and it's been a great joy to me so far. Since I kinda have a history of not liking adaptions of stuff I've already read (with some exceptions), I'm probably gonna wait a few years before I watch the anime. It seems to be very well-received though. It has a pretty unique airing too; I was surprised that they put out all episodes at once on the first day. :O It'd be nice to see that become a trend in the future (you get all the social benefits of watching a brand new anime, and none of the gripes with waiting). The manga has been really nice though. Kaizaki trolling An and Yoake with their "relationship" was pretty funny. I'm glad these guys managed to pull through for Rena when she was going through her stubborn depression phase again after her injury. That was one mess of a situation to be in. I haven't really seen a great deal of focus on Hishiro yet; I suspect I'll be getting to something soon though. I'm still kinda anxious over the thought of Kaizaki pairing up with her and not getting to stay together once the experiment is done. D: Those two would be so good for each other.

Trigun was not bad at all. My only real complaint is that the action isn't very good, and the direction didn't really appeal to me that much. However, the story is great, and the characterization is fantastic. Vash is an awfully likeable guy with his happy-go-lucky attitude, his pacifist views on resolving problems, and he has an interesting backstory to boot. For someone like him who isn't heavily riddled with flaws, he undergoes a fair amount of character development. It's refreshingly rare to see that kind of thing happen. That said, and probably due to my preferences in direction (believe it or not, I actually do like the storytelling more in newer anime than I do in older stuff, with some exceptions), the emotional parts really didn't hit home with me and I didn't get the same kind of thrill I usually do from a story-driven action series. But because it did keep me invested throughout the entirety of the show with its thought-provoking themes, I can't say I didn't enjoy it quite a bit. In a way, it's pretty similar to Rurouni Kenshin, except the protagonist is under a lot more pressure to not kill anybody, and the story's views on pacifism are a bit different. I'd say it's definitely worth watching (especially if you're a fan of the oldies).

Huh, looks like you're getting quite a bit more into ongoing anime than you use to. :O Be careful though, there is a little bit of a hazard to watching anime as it airs. The main concern is how much your backlog tends to grow while you're following it, lol. I know I've said it several times before, but I actually probably won't ever be watching more than 1-2 shows per season. Idk, I feel like most of the hype from anime nowadays is kinda short-lived, and I'm trying to focus more on the shows that get talked about a lot after they finish airing. That way I don't get burnt out if I end up watching an anime that falls into mediocrity in the later episodes, and I can actually put time into finishing anime. To me, it's more satisfying that way. Yeah, I end up losing out on the social aspects of participating the airing anime hype fest, but I think the trade-off is good.

So, about Re:Zero. I know Emilia's a good character and all, and I do still like her, but I don't think it's a stretch to say that Rem's best girl anymore. :D Not after her amazingly uplifting speech on episode 18. Although that said, Subaru kinda ruined it all with his rejection. >.< It's in his character, yes, but still really frustrating to see the ship sink like that. I'm glad he was at least able to pull himself out of a rut finally. Really interested in seeing where the story goes, all the while avoiding spoilers as much as humanly possible. From what I've heard, the LN readers seem to be spoiling the anime to oblivion, so I count myself lucky that I haven't read any yet, lol. I still can't wrap my mind around anything Betty said in one of the recent eps.
ABHISHEKV Aug 7, 9:34 AM
It'll leave an impression on any reader really. Good or bad. It's just that kind of work. I actually didn't expect it to make it so high on my favorites. If not for the hardcore attachment that I have towards Monster, HoshiOri and Aiyoku no Eustia, it would probably be my #1. Recently, I just crave something like Aiyoku no Eustia and realise how masterful the work really was. You know, I thought that I was a bit hasty when I put it as my #3 work the moment that I completed it but now, I know that it was the correct decision and wish that I could place it higher. It's the definition of a work that explores grey area conflicts in the best possible fashion. Each and every character has tremendous depth and no one is wrong. It's a masterpiece that I will hail for years to come. I really wish that you could read it. I have no doubt that it'll be in your top 3 works if you did. It's more polished than HakoMari and the thing is lacks that HakoMari had was an epilogue. Still, for what it gives the reader, that can almost be ignored. If it did have an epilogue, it might have been my #1 (not that it's not already close to that spot). HoshiOri and Monster, I don't think I need to say anything about how I feel towards those.

No worries man. I replied really late this time myself because my College starts again and I have been busy with a lot of other things as well. Likewise, I wish I could converse with you everyday but it won't be possible presently at least. Especially on MAL. Now if you were on Whatsapp, I could converse with you everyday. I totally understand that you have your reasons to delay your replies. As do I.
ABHISHEKV Aug 7, 9:34 AM
Yeah. One of those a season is somewhat acceptable but hoards of them season after season is simple too much. It's like a couple a year if we're lucky. The good stories I mean. I want more because it is possible to get more but I guess it just can't be helped.
ABHISHEKV Aug 7, 9:33 AM
Granted. I give you that view but having SkyHigh expectations does not mean that every single page has to be absolutely outstanding. Every series, including the most stellar masterpieces have their downtime moments. Very rarely is a work consistent in quality from start to finish. From whatever I have experienced in fiction, among the absolute top tier works, Monster is just about the only work that maintains its quality from the first episode to the last. As for the rest, there is either a slow start and buildup (LoGH, Punpun) or many highs mixed with a couple of downtime moments (HakoMari and HoshiOri) or a gradual but sure increase in quality with every passing moment (Aiyoku no Eustia). [Considering only masterpiece level works here.] That's how things work. Just because one has expectations, it doesn't mean that every single page has to meet those expectations. It simply doesn't happen. The overall impression is what's important. So back to where we started, if one doesn't understand that, then one doesn't understand how a work should be. I personally dislike the kind who jump to conclusions regarding its acclaim that early anyway. I wouldn't bother with them personally. I get why you would warn someone about it but rather than describing it as a weak volume, it's better to describe it as a pivotal buildup volume for future excellence. I think that should be more than acceptable to anyone who reads the work. So I think warning someone in that way would be better. If they miss out, it's their loss. Not ours. That is about it.
ryouko-san245 Aug 6, 10:55 AM
Interesting, well that could explain why ufotable made an extra episode of UBW with a completely different ending, which is weird because Studio Deen's version had a completly different ending then both of them. Interesting, I don't know much about the Steins; Gate visual novel ,but did they do that with that one two? Really the OVA's messed up, well Kyou episode did feel a bit rushed so I wouldn't doubt that a lot of material got left out. I'm also guessing that Kyou and Tomoyo's episode pretending that none of the other girls exist was something unique to the OVAs as well.

Well I actually consider Mion & Shion equal in terms of my list ,though that's partial from me being unable to tell them apart. Though intersting how your list is similar to mine.
Barion-Zara Aug 6, 9:19 AM
I teared up the first 3 times I watched it lol. I'm just way too in love with Rem atm. And btw that scene was the part I was telling u about before when I said ull fall for Rem more than Emilia soon :P "I love ur voice, eyes, headpat....etc" part. I read that on a thread after ep11 and that's when I knew I'm gonna love Rem way more than Emilia and oh boy WF delivered. Btw have u read the what IF chps? Do u want me to link them? They make u love Rem even more. Subaru and Rem as a family are the closest thing to Nagisa's parents from Clannad I've ever seen and that's definitely my fav family in all of this industry so when a family reminds me of that it's absolutely beautiful. Their children are so much fun too.

And yeah, about the Subaru "I love Emilia" well yeah, after rewatching the ep like 10 times lol and having the meaning of the ep sink in I understand that this is probably what was the best for the series since I wouldn't want Subaru to end up with Rem without honest feelings. And that u gotta admit he's definitely a great guy for rejecting Rem right away instead of dragging it out (altho I wouldn't have minded keeping Rem's chances open D:) Still can't deny I was so damn salty at that moment when I first watched it ^^;

After this ep I raised it to 10 btw. I was thinking about doing it after ep15 but held back. Now it's undeniably deserving in my eyes, esp the fact that I'm in contact with a WN reader and I'm sure it's only going uphill from here. And don't worry about knowing more about Emilia. It'll be mainly in arc4 and beyond (arc4 is as long as all the first 3 arcs so if they animate it it'll be 25 eps) arc5 and arc6 are about as long as arc3.

Takahashi Rie and Minase Inori both raised up my rankings quite a bit from this series.

And man Rem's fav count on MAL is raising at an insane rate lol. She got 1500 in 1 week XD I'm sure she'll have more than 7k by the end of this season. Speaking of MAL ratings...we didn't talk about this but did u see how much ep15 rated? more than 4k 5/5 and it was still >90%. That hasn't happened on anything ever before. The most I've seen is like 1900 5/5s >90% for Clannad's ep18 and a few other big hit eps.
Anyway this season of R:Z is gonna end in the biggest cliffhanger ever. CG R1 levels or higher. It'll make Rokka's cliffhanger of another 7th look like child play lol

And yeah I heard about that with Planetarian. Such a beautiful series. Yumemi is absolute <3 And the OST is absolutely amazing. A guy I follow on YT is gonna do a LP of it soon so I'll watch that