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Renai Boukun
Renai Boukun
May 25, 7:57 PM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Tsuki ga Kirei
Tsuki ga Kirei
May 25, 7:57 PM
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Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭
May 25, 7:57 PM
Watching 7/11 · Scored -
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May 21, 10:00 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Apr 30, 7:18 PM
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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Apr 24, 6:29 PM
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Veronin May 8, 7:53 PM
Thanks, man! It's been pretty eventful here, to say the least. :P
Posumudi May 7, 8:34 PM
About what you said quite a while ago, sorry for late reply.

It's only now that I'm mostly finished with setting up my blog at a general glance that I've been trying to watch the popular anime of the last few seasons I've missed, so I might not get to what you suggested very soon but I will keep it in mind.

I just finished Charlotte and it left a pretty foul taste in my mouth. Next is ERASED, going on an anime per day thing now you know what I mean?

Barion-Zara May 7, 9:11 AM
Ok I'll keep u updated on Alice and Kado

Agree about Zero...wow I didn't think of Katanagatari, it sure does feel similar to that too :O And yeah Zero's definitely at the top...there r lots of amazing girls this season tho. It's tough ^^; Dem Eromanga girls goddamn they good....and don't forget Yohei's Mofu Mofu

Yeah SnK's been amazing, I wasn't hyped b4 the season but the anime definitely get back on the hype train. Hisu Hisu is <3 The Titan clash nxt week should be amazing

Yeah AzazelxNina ship should be a thing. Damn their child would be Half Dragon Half Fallen Angel/Demon

Tsuki ga Kirei's romance is one of the realest I've seen in anime. It's really cute

For Eromanga....Yeah man, Elf is best girl atm but man I just love them all, and Tomoe also has insane potential if she gets more screentime. The Sagiri lewding tho....u know I'm a lolicon, dem angles aren't good for me heart and D

For SukaSuka so far LN readers are saying it's a pretty great adaption so yeah u can wait. And agree on Will

Akashic, yeah Glenn's amazing. And Rumia is waifu but like u said Riel has potential to compete

Re:Creators...well with the new ep, the Himegimi theory...
Barion-Zara Apr 28, 9:55 AM
Yeah, same, (Longer than I thought lol)
-Kenshin- Apr 26, 9:25 PM
Oh, huh, BDs and DVDs don't come out till next month. How'd he get those clips? o.O
-Kenshin- Apr 26, 8:51 PM
Have you seen Gigguk's newest video? I've always appreciated his fantastic narration and the depths of his thinking, but this video is especially superb.


And now I have a sudden urge to watch Koe no Katachi, lol.
Barion-Zara Apr 22, 11:53 AM
This season is so good.

Re:Creator's concept is friggin interesting
Posumudi Apr 21, 10:23 PM
At this point, I somewhat doubt people care much but, yes, I am not dead to the very few remaining people I talk to here.

I was overly occupied with Persona 5 and the greater scope of Megami Tensei over the last four months. Fantastic game and franchise for those that are interested, it has completely helped to make me understand what I should value from my hobbies in the interest of time.
raxius1230 Apr 20, 8:47 PM
Glad you doing good buddy ya work its a b but you need to pay the bills -.-

I see i still need to watch the Rakugo series hopefully i finally be able to do it now that will have few months a bit better time wise sincei heard so damn good things about it.
Konosuba was great as S1 cant wait for S3 with how well its selling,Kuzu i read the manga and was ok even that beyond the MC i hated everyone else and i know it was intended but again was a ok read that of course tells its "ok to sleep with your teacher if its a whore and then move on once he finds a cock that likes being cheated on" what a deep story :P
As 3 lion even me being a manga reader the shogi scenes felt way slower taht it were in the manga part for obvious reasons still was enjoyable and S2 shouldbe even better i tell you :)

I see Masamune was ok didnt wactched the other 2 but ya i heard were very MEH to bad,so you didnt jump into the Kobayashi and Demi-chan boat?? i specially recommend Kobayashi probably the best KyoAni series since the first Chuunubyu season and even better at least for me.

I know man so far i really enjoy this season so far my favs so far are BnA S2,Suka Suka that has a lot of potential and i already see how tragic its going to end,Zero that remembers me a bit of Spice and Wolf but with magic and EroManga sensei not bad first episodes for guilty presure and at least this time the sister is not a bitch.
Renai Bukon its a good stupid over the top comedy and i read the manga so i am watching it as well and lastly still thinking about i watch Saekano S2 right now or wait for the BDs as i watched S1.
Others i still plan to catch up is Re:creators that heard A LOT of good things and probably Akashic and still looking for one more,i watched SnB S1 but i really dont remember much beyond the zombie loli,and some demons so i dont know if its veyr needed to rewatch S1 our i should be good watching it anyway?? or you have another one you recommend that i am not watching?

Also had any time to read any manga or VN/LN?? or only anime watcher for now?
raxius1230 Apr 20, 3:19 PM
Hey buddy how you being man? being a while! being so busy this last months but finally got some free time -.-
Hope you are doing good yourself and work havent kick your butt that much as had mine XD

So what you being doing buddy? did you watched anything last season? what was your favs?
And enjoying anything this season??
Barion-Zara Apr 9, 10:04 AM
I really wanna talk to someone about it so I'm just gonna write my thoughts lol. Wanna let it all out
Barion-Zara Apr 8, 8:13 PM
Finally watched Kimi No Na Wa. That was way too good. Cried like a bitch ;_;
Clefairiess Apr 5, 8:14 AM
Thanks for the reply. The medium is pretty interesting, however, the experience you would get from playing the VN is different than watching walkthroughs on Youtube. Nevertheless I am still excited. I reached this episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoKCn1xJ-Cs
I still have a long way to go but I am not in a hurry. The story so far is as you said, pretty generic. However, I understand they're trying to get us familiar with the characters, like Clannad S1. I don't mind that at all as long as the epicness is coming.

Thanks for the recommendation, it sounds amazing as I am a huge fan of Death Note and unique female leads. I will definitely check them out.
Barion-Zara Apr 4, 9:25 AM
Yeah those 3 are definitely the most fun characters. And Teruhashi fawning over Saiki is cute indeed
Offu xD

The Don't touch me ep man. I died laughing during that one. It was just toooo good. His dad saying call the police after breaking the statue and the DON'T TOUCH ME engrish. It was absolutely hilarious ROFL. Saiki's dad is great xD Licking the shoes of his boss and shit. I knew from the beginning I'll love this series when I saw Saiki shitting on his parents ever since he was a baby lol and walking on air and shit

Have u met his Grandparents yet? I don't remember what ep they come?

Also I assume u met Matsaokat? (Matsaoka voicing that cat)...."I love pussy-chan" LMAO
Clefairiess Apr 2, 1:51 PM
Hi there. First, I must say that after stumbling upon your profile and reading your bio, I've been hyped to read some visual novel, so thanks for getting me into it. Second, you have an interesting taste really. I started reading the Muv-Luv VN by watching walkthrough on youtube and I'm excited to see how the story will progress. I use Mac so I can't play the VN directly. Anyways, thanks again and looking forward to read/watch more from your recommendation.