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TalosStormcrown Oct 16, 10:21 PM
Thanks man!

Last season the only anime I thought was worthwhile was Princess Principal, which while it had the feeling that it could've been a masterpiece had it been longer (24-26 eps), was still a very solid anime as it is. I didn't watch Made in Abyss though.
-Kenshin- Oct 15, 5:32 PM
I like Rea too; she is certainly a peculiar one. :) I was under the same impression you were when I first came across her in the VN. I don't have much else to say though since I only read DI for a couple days. I was gonna read further, but I just don't like reading anything with content cut at all, even if it only adds a little bit of value (and I hear one of the H scenes is pretty good). What's more is that when DI does get its H scene patch, the English release will be the most complete version of the game, and I think holding off on buying the full version will send a good message to the localization team.

From what I understand, the whole premise regarding the bride aspect isn't gonna be fleshed out that much. According to many of the manga readers, it's only lightly referenced throughout the series, and Elias is portrayed more as a father figure than a romantic partner. Romance aside, I'm definitely hyped for this anime. It wastes no time in developing the characters or the magic setting, and the animation continues to be handled tastefully. This is the kind of fantasy setting I could see myself getting fully immersed in as there are so many interesting aspects of magic such as the fairies, the portal to the fairy world, the mysteriousness of the protagonist's background, and all the other good stuff. I'm very heavily invested in this anime, and so far it's been amazing. I'm so stoked it's getting 24 episodes too! :D I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's a good time to be a fantasy enthusiast! ^^

What's this? An anime adding original content to make it better? Well I never! Just kidding, lol. It's really not unheard of for older anime to go that route since faithfulness didn't matter much back then, but doing adding such content in this day and age is enough to send the source consumers into a riot. And I guess that's why we don't get anything more than promotional adaptions anymore. :( That said, I am still enjoying Kino. Quite a chaotic country state of affairs with that country, imo. I was interesting to see everyone going wild over the throne too, lol. This episode was a good showcase for Kino's skills too, which were quite amazing, I have to say. I love how she just nonchalantly proclaims a misfire at the king too. That said, you are right about the characters feeling flat, and I would prefer outdated art if it meant better character development.

Btw, I'm reading Index again to prep for the new season. It's kinda disappointing that Yen Press has only released 15 volumes, which means I won't be able to read S3 source content before it airs next year. But yeah, the official translation is soooooooo much easier to read than the fan TL, and having a physical book to read is nice too. The main reason I like to read the novels first is mainly because I actually enjoy the anime more that way. The novels explore certain aspects of the setting in much greater depth than the anime, and the anime presents the story in a more exciting format. They compliment each other so well; it's one of the few times I enjoy watching an adaption side-by-side with the source.
Barion-Zara Oct 10, 2:53 PM
same thoughts exactly.

So what animu liking so far this season?
-Kenshin- Oct 8, 2:20 PM
Yeah, it seems they messed up really badly on that. :( Well then, I guess the tradition of poor VN adaptions carries on. Hopefully it won't be too spoilerish when you do read the VN.

Ooh, thanks for bringing up Magus' Bride. Somehow I managed to overlook it while searching through MAL's seasonal lineup. I think I'll be adding that to my list. :)

I haven't watched the original series yet, so this season of Kino will be a fresh experience for me. So far it's been intriguing. The town he visited here had a very interesting take on anarchism that I haven't really seen explored much. I can't imagine it being anywhere near as practical as it had been portrayed in the anime, but it was interesting nonetheless.

I'm sort of indifferent towards Girls' Last Tour at the moment, but that mostly depends on where it goes. The pacing is a bit slow for my tastes, but it does seem to put a lot of emphasis on atmosphere. But if there's one thing I've learned from Aria and Mushishi, it's that I'm not that into slow, atmospheric anime (which might also explain my tolerance for fast pace anime, lol). I am gonna watch this a little more to see where it goes, though.

Oh and good news: Gintama's doing comedy arcs again! :D Don't get me wrong, I love the serious arcs as much as the next guy, but I feel that Gintama's at its best when it mixes in some comedy arcs along with it. It's a breath of fresh air, and a loss of breath at the same time. xD Seriously, this episode had me cracking up so bad, lmao!

And yeah, I'm just gonna let you take a wild guess at the context here. ^^
-Kenshin- Oct 8, 12:44 AM
Hey, sorry for the triple post here, but I thought you might want to look at this thread before watching Dies Irae. They seem to be doing a really bad job telling the story, and the 1st episode will pretty much spoil the VN.
-Kenshin- Oct 5, 11:00 PM
Ooh, almost forgot to mention this. Index Season 3 has been confirmed!

I cannot frekin wait for this to come out next year! :D
-Kenshin- Oct 5, 7:56 PM
Well, shoot, considering I didn't even like the VN that much, I'll most definitely keep away from a shoddy adaption, lol. Shame about Grisaia though; I actually did kinda like (still need to finish it though). But hey, there is still the possibility of Dies Irae being good. Some directors can surprise the hell out of you if put in the right circumstances (I think it depends on how much freedom the producers give them).

Oh yeah, I can see now how cruel the story gets after both episode 10 and with the final episode. My god, I was not expecting this level of cruelty in the setting. Having to endure such torment and not even given an easy way out of it, I can really only imagine. But thank god Reg gave Mitty the release she so greatly deserved. It was just too cruel to let that kind of thing happen. And now I have nothing but contempt for the man who would stoop so low as to put innocent children through something to horribly inhumane. I would throw him down that damn pit myself! >:( Scumbag... But yeah, that is some very effective storytelling for me to feel so strongly for the characters. Especially Nanachi; it was hard seeing her let go of her friend like that. :(

Hoping to god this gets another season soon. I'm especially perturbed now with this anime being cut short before finishing. I mean, I can understand why adaptions are marketed like this to promote the source, but it's still kind of a buzzkill having to be cut off midway after getting so emotionally invested in the characters. But I guess this kind of thing is to be expected. :/ Otherwise, I really enjoyed this anime. It ended up being my favorite this season!

Yeah, Classroom of the Elite was seriously awesome. I enjoyed the setting quite a lot and Ayanokoji pretty damn well carried the show for me. I found his flashbacks to be especially interesting as it adds a certain degree of depth and mystery to his character. He's the kind of guy that just keeps you guessing the entire time. I really like how he reveals his darker side at the very end too; that was quite surprising! I do think the challenges were very interesting. But yeah, it kinda feels like they only skimmed over the other characters, which might just be due to LN -> anime limitations. The LN probably will go more into depth on them if there were indeed any cuts made. And ya know, I hear Re:Zero had similar cuts made too where some characters spotlights didn't carry over (even Rem), although I would say the anime does a better job overall of focusing on the other characters (aside from Emilia). But the thing to note here is that they both worked really well as anime adaptions, which further reinforces my belief that faithfulness does not equate with quality. :)

So, what are you watching for Fall? :) My current plans involve the new season of Gintama (obviously), Kino no Tabi, and Shoujo Shuumatsu. I'm fully expecting this season of Gintama to carry on its tradition of being a complete and total hype train. Was surprised to hear about Kino getting a full TV series. I haven't watched the movie yet, but I've heard great things about it. Going off the PV, it looks like Shoujo Shuumatsu will be a very interesting watch. What really stands out to me is that there's only going to be 2 characters in the entire show, which feels like a pretty strong setup for an adventure series. Bonus points for White Fox producing it too! :D
Barion-Zara Oct 5, 2:12 AM
I indeed was. Definitely AOTS. Papabones and Nanachi best characters :3
Will read the manga soon
ABHISHEKV Oct 4, 6:06 AM
Thank You Very Much Man. Appreciate it.
ryouko-san245 Oct 4, 4:42 AM
Thank You, you too!
-Kenshin- Sep 28, 6:01 PM
I just recently noticed that. Lol, what happened to the days when I was up-to-date on this stuff? xD But yeah, I'm not sure how well Dies Irae will be adapted, so I'll pretty much be holding off on the anime until after I finish the VN. Based on some of the anime I've seen from the studio and director, I'd strongly advise going in with low expectations.

So, uh, I just got caught up on Made in Abyss. Not gonna lie, I didn't think this anime was gonna go super hardcore on the bleeding like that. I was both shocked that it went that far and a bit overwhelmed by the heavy shift in atmosphere. For real, that was the most painful scene I've witnessed in anime. I gotta say though, I do appreciate how it managed to rile me up a little bit. Despite how I felt about the scene in general, it was extremely engaging.
rick1-2 Sep 24, 6:57 PM
Don't you think that the anime adaptation is basically a teaser and it blatantly tells the audience to read the manga, even though said manga wasn't licensed in the US and the rest of North America? I mean, as you stated, the anime had a totally different ending compared to the manga, what with Lucy/Nyu possibly standing at the front of Maple Inn and Kurama also dying. Not only that, Nozomi, an important character in the plot, was cut out from the anime completely.

I think that the manga had much better pacing and was able to develop the characters better than the anime, which doesn't bother to explain the motivations and personalities they have. We're basically thrown into the chaos instantly in the anime, with no slowdown on its very fast pacing which doesn't help the story. Additionally, the manga ending was far more conclusive (and better) than the anime, which ended in a cliffhanger. What the hell? What about the evil director? Should they make a reboot of the anime so that it follows the manga more faithfully? I mean, Lucy is very different in the manga than in the anime; can you guess, especially when she's killing.
rick1-2 Sep 24, 4:57 PM
Hey, Dashiawia, thanks for replying to my message. I heard about Elfen Lied and Deadman Wonderland, and they were quite good. I read some chapters of Elfen Lied, and it's far different from its anime adaptation, in terms of plot and characters. Do you still remember Elfen Lied and its ending? Also, thanks for trying your best on helping me with Variante; it is rushed though and some of its plot points are unexplained. Hope to hear from you soon.
-Kenshin- Sep 24, 4:01 PM
Oh did he? Well that's cool. Hope you get around to it eventually.

That depends on a few things atm. First things first, I will not hear the end of it from a certain someone if I don't read Subahibi asap. And depending on how soon the 18+ patch comes out, I may be inclined to read Dies Irae beforehand too. But once I have those out of the way, I'm definitely picking the series up.

This also depends on how soon I'll be able to read VNs again too. College work is getting a tad bit hectic now thanks to Irma passing by my home in Florida (no worries, everything's fine), so I'll need to catch up on that before I pick up anything time-consuming. Eventually I should be able to to slip in a vn or three.
rick1-2 Sep 23, 12:35 PM
Hello, Dashiawia, I'm rick1-2, and I want to ask you questions about a particular manga called Variante, specifically its final chapter, Chapter 19. Do you have time? I left a comment in the discussion page for Chapter 19 of Variante. Hope to hear from you soon.