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Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia
Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia
4 hours ago
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Houkago Teibou Nisshi
Houkago Teibou Nisshi
10 hours ago
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The God of High School
The God of High School
Aug 10, 11:47 AM
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10 hours ago
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Sweet Home
Sweet Home
Aug 9, 8:18 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Aug 9, 8:18 PM
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Cavum Aug 10, 10:40 PM
i really liked golden wind despite its problems. Like u said, the Diavolo is pretty stupid (his fate was really amusing though) but Bucciarati and Mista are some of the best supporting characters in the franchise IMO.

Also, act-age got canceled fast. Surprising considering Watsuki and all.
Cavum Aug 8, 8:53 PM
this was still one of my favorite anime scenes a while after viewing. It just stuck to my mind forever.

also, the act-age news. You got much to say about it?
Cavum Jul 28, 2:12 PM
also, DIO's ridiculously over the top voice and lines are funny. I'm not really good at keeping track of VA names, but it felt pretty silly I only just recently realized Roswaal in Re Zero is DIO.
Cavum Jul 27, 9:59 PM
DIO's rather minimal screentime as a whole didn't leave much of an impression. I didn't get the hype behind him.

The Pillar Men and Kira were far more likable.
Cavum Jul 26, 9:02 PM
yeah, pretty much. Kira stole the whole show and almost all the best scenes.

I'd say the sour points of this were the villain of the week/filler breaks could be sort of uneven, although nowhere near as monotonous as most of Part 3's.

Time flies by though. 113 episodes before Golden Wind. they were really dedicated to bringing the whole story to TV.
Cavum Jul 26, 1:54 PM
after being pretty underwhelmed with Stardust Crusaders, Diamond is Unbreakable really swung it around after its 20 episode mark.
raxius1230 Jul 23, 9:42 PM
Hey buddy!! indeed being so long! being fine thankfully so far

Hope you also being doing ok!

And ya pretty much saw a video of a youtuber call The AnimeMan and he was reviewing his old scores and stuff on MAL so that make me check a lot of my scores and damn really had change a lot in tastes also many scores i either overscore,underscore or was just scoring with my manhood XD

But ya was a nice remembering the old good times...also added the few animu i watched this last 3 years that is being like 1-3 max 4 animes per season.

So again hope you being doing well buddy and still enjoying animu even now that we are a bunch of old guys ;)

Also see you had Satella in there how you being enjoying Rezero so far?
Diogo_Brando Jul 15, 12:48 PM
Since I wanted to go for Sora's first, I think I will leave Rikka's for the end in that case. I have started the novel, and so far I'm quite enjoying the heroines, the music is outstanding and the artwork is really appealing as well. It seems the common route is short too since I'm near the last day of it, according to the walkthrough I'm using.
Diogo_Brando Jul 14, 11:13 PM
I'd love to see Sakura no Uta at some point, since it's by the same author as Subahibi and all. Since I don't think the latter did too well in terms of sales (compared to other VNs), it's probably not likely that it'll see a release so soon. It's actually fully fan-translated in Spanish, but unfortunately my knowledge of the language just comes down to it being similar to my own, so I don't want risk ruining the experience. I'll add Eden and MiaZora to my list, as well as a few others that seem promising. Honestly I should dedicate more time to reading VNs, since they usually result in much more memorable experiences than anything else. ATRI definitely got me motivated to read a few more.

Also just a random question regarding HoshiOri: can I read the heroine routes in any order I like, or should I read them in a particular order? The walkthrough I have says it doesn't really matter what order I read them in, but I just want to be sure before I go for it.
Diogo_Brando Jul 13, 11:00 PM
I have yet to read Eden and Harmonia, though ATRI is definitely superior to Planetarian, because it delves much deeper on what makes a human, and Atri's personality and backstory are much more fleshed out than the girl in Planetarian. And well, perhaps because it's so short and limited in what it shows, Planetarian could never really sell me this idea that the girl there had any kind of heart or soul, whereas ATRI definitely convinced me to look at Atri not just as a robot, but as a human. It's filled with really memorable moments as well. I will be looking forward to anything that Konno writes in the future that makes its way to the western market, because at this point he wrote two novels that I really enjoyed. I also happen to love the distinctive style of both of his works, of combining the aesthetics of civilization and nature and make wonderful settings with that (this is ever-present in ATRI inherently due to the situation of the world, but also in KonoSora where the school, despite being an artificial building, mixes so well with the natural environment around it that it's almost as if it just belongs there). He's a really good author and his VNs always feel great to experience. Since I'm now much more into simple character-driven narratives instead of works that try to be very ambitious, his writing style is quite appealing to me. And also I have to mention: he was able to make really damn cute scenes between Natsuki and Atri throughout the novel, the romance was much better done than in many other works I've seen despite it being short and one of the participants not even being human.

Yeah HoshiOri is probably my next one, or at least it's one I want to read in the near future because it really seems like the sort of work that I'll be able to enjoy a lot with my current taste. I also have Baldr Sky, Most Forbidden Love in the World, Summer Pockets, Ever17, Higurashi (and eventually Umineko after I finish it), Island and Grisaia 2 and 3 (which would require a re-read of the first one, back when I read it the other 2 weren't released yet in english) on my backlog. Also eagerly awaiting the day that such recognized VNs like Eustia and White Album 2 get either officially translated or their fan translations get finished, though both seem unlikely in the near future, as WA2's project seems completely stalled and Eustia's is slowly but surely progressing, though it seems they might take a couple more years at this rate. Gotta pray for an official release I guess.
Diogo_Brando Jul 13, 8:33 AM
Update: I just noticed you also completed it, go figure haha.
Diogo_Brando Jul 13, 8:11 AM
I finished ATRI and wrote about my impressions of it on my blog. While there are no real spoilers, I do talk about things that get shown or revealed within the first hour of reading it, so I'll understand if you want to avoid reading this, in order to go completely blind into it. Otherwise if you have some time and don't mind reading my opinion on it before getting into the novel yourself, here you go:
Cavum Jul 8, 8:09 AM
i think going forward in keeping up with modern anime though, people should learn to be mindful of the COVID pandemic and what it's done to the anime industry and the world (it's personally jacked up my life even more).

as in, if there are some rough spots in animation quality or deadlines, to not throw a temper tantrum or get pissy.
Diogo_Brando Jul 3, 7:17 PM
Yeah, SubaHibi was a superb personal experience for me. I think that's the best way to describe it, it's the type of work that stays with you and different people will perceive it differently. I loved the characters, the philosophy and the themes, and how ultimately it can be summed up with: be happy. It had quite an effect on me when I read it around 2 years ago, and it still has. I do think chapter 3 went a bit overboard with how long its h-scenes were, and how much the chapter dragged out in general. And much of it wasn't necessary to get the point across, it was done more so for shock value. But in the face of everything else that it has to offer, those are things I can easily forgive. It's definitely my favorite work of fiction to this day.

I'm excited for Baldr Sky, the time investment is a bit intimidating but at the same time, I feel like it has the potential to become one of my favorites that I'll go around recommending. The gameplay is usually one of the most lauded aspects of the VN for how fun and addicting it is, so I'm sure I'll enjoy that aspect. The next VN I'm gonna read is most likely going to be Hoshi Ori, which I would like to start soon since it's also a big time investment. I've been craving a romance and character driven work that's light hearted in nature, and that's how Abhi described Hoshi Ori a while ago when he recommended it to me.
Diogo_Brando Jul 2, 3:46 PM
Hey there Dashi, it's definitely been a long time. I've been doing well during these times, though unfortunately it happened just as I was starting to seriously look for a job, as I finished my studies last December. I hope you're doing fine yourself.

I have been reading ATRI and so far it's a pretty solid read. It's not as inspirational as KonoSora but the characters are, at least in my opinion, better fleshed out, considering it's much shorter and also 100% linear with no routes to explore each character individually. The artwork is pretty good, especially the backgrounds, the music is great and I like the overall feeling that the VN leaves me with when I read it. It's quite relaxing as well. I don't think it'll come near my high tier VNs like SubaHibi and Sharin no Kuni, but it's solid enough that I'd recommend it to you. VNDB says it's a 2-10 hour read, I've been reading around 2 hours per session, so I should be pretty close to the end at this point. And yeah, not only is it written by the KonoSora author, Sca-di, who wrote SubaHibi, helped direct the production of ATRI as well. It was also released in Japan and the West in the same exact day, which unfortunately resulted in a rushed translation (there's a lot of typos and the like).

Baldr Sky is a VN I've been looking forward to read, though since it seems to be around a 100 hour work when taking into account both iterations, I've been putting it off for a while. I am interested in it, especially since I've been told that it's one of those VNs with really addicting gameplay elements. I spent the last week re-reading Sharin no Kuni, since it's a relatively short read and all, and that reinvigorated my love for it as well.