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welcome2NHK Yesterday, 3:05 PM
Yeah it's Shiki. Hawt she is. I knew you had a good taste in anime grills.

Sorry for the late reply and I'm aware I didn't even reply to your last comment. Last year of college and LoL is killing me. What is even anime anymore? In any case it's been a while. How's life? Was it filled with intrigue, relationships, drama, excitement, love, adventure, or dragons?
doriando Sep 18, 10:37 PM
I don't usually drop shows, but we'll see.
mdz Sep 18, 1:09 PM
Law school's going steady; the work load is manageable for me. The content is more interesting than undergrad -- that's for sure.

Right now, the bulk of my stress comes from my interpersonal relationships (namely a romantic one). I never thought that I'd be this mediocre at being a good boyfriend -- I hope things work out better in the future.

I don't really use Hangouts, but I'm pretty active on Facebook's Messenger if you want to use that instead. If not then we can stick with MAL, since it's precedent after all.
arine Sep 18, 8:54 AM
Still in high school, confused.
Was networking not you first choice when you went to college?
doriando Sep 17, 11:34 PM
I watched the first half of the first episode, found it really boring.
mdz Sep 17, 12:09 PM

I've been doing fairly well, all things considered as of late. Re:Zero's pretty interesting -- I actually marathoned most of it. It's definitely not as I expected, so I'm anticipating how it'll turn out.

How's life been for you?

arine Sep 16, 6:02 AM
Would you say your work is rewarding and enjoyable? I am still wondering what I should do with myself.
arine Sep 15, 7:07 PM
What does your work usually consist of?
Barion-Zara Sep 11, 11:49 AM

PLZ WHITEFOX!!! Ep25 be 50 min PLZ!!! There's still quite a lot of content lwft (I think 6 LN chapters) so if they don't do that it might actually be kinda rushed
Barion-Zara Sep 10, 1:17 AM
-Kenshin- Sep 9, 4:52 PM
Oh damn, Steins;Gate finally got a Steam release! I really hope this markets well on the platform (I think it will).
ABHISHEKV Sep 7, 9:08 AM
Hey, if you're apologising then what am I supposed to do? I am incredibly late with my reply but I couldn't help it. There are multiple reasons. First off, I am happy to say that I cleared both my CS and LL.B. exams. CS especially made me delighted. Only two students from my class (out of 30) managed to clear it. The teacher gifted me a pen and I was made to give tips to the fresh batch. It doesn't have a 3% pass percentage for nothing. Also, I got pretty good marks too. LL.B. exams were decent. I couldn't get the first rank like last time. In fact, I got 67 marks lesser but given what had happened, it was inevitable. Still satisfactory marks. Both Sems put together, I am only 8 marks away from the top position so it's not too bad. The CS marks is what I cared about anyway. All in all, I managed to pass every exam that I wrote in the month of June so that's damn good especially given the happenings in the second half of that month. Since then, College has started, and College has been so damn boring. A chore to attend everyday. There are annoying assignments as well. Evening CS classes are alright. So yeah, been busy with that.

I did take time off for 10 days due to my tension and stress while awaiting my CS results so I hardly had the mood to get online then or do anything really. Thereafter, Gin'iro Haruka (A new Visual Novel by Tonework's the makers of HoshiOri) came out and I have been playing that since the moment I got my hands on it pretty much. I don't have many people to talk to with regards to this but I want to spread my joy anyway. It started off pretty normal and was similar to HoshiOri in some respects. It was extremely comfortable to read and very pleasant and after 10+ hours, after all the character introductions and after it reached the route branch point, it has been nothing short of stellar. Quite frankly, I do not know if a pure love story can be any better than this. It's that good. That airtight. The attention to detail is amazing and it's so brilliant that I wish I was part of the game. I don't think that there can be a more impressive compliment. I am currently playing Hinata Aoi's route and this is my impression midway through it. The only way is up based on all the glimpses that I have seen this far. It's nothing deep but it's perfect in what it does. It's so on point. Simple is best after all. So detailed, so on the dot with its pacing. It never gives way to any hint of straying from its path. A testament to how fantastic it is, is also the fact that I want more. I don't want it to end at all. For a VN, I don't think there can be a better indicator of quality. Just like with HoshiOri, the characters are gold dust. So lovable. In this, I think the progression is even better. This might be a tad too early but I'll put the chance out there, this might actually be longer and better than HoshiOri. In other words, an upgrade. At least with Hinatas route, it is definitely an upgrade to Natsuki's route in HoshiOri and that was my favourite route in HoshiOri mind you. I am comparing the two because the routes are similar and because Natsuki's personality is similar to Hinata's. She's like a Natsuki V2. What I like beyond all else is the chemistry between the two in love and life. It's such a rare thing. The fact that GinHaru is a work that progresses from Middle School to adulthood is actually a great thing. From the time the two met, there is a sure progression towards each other as well as towards what they want to do in life. How the protagonist, Yukito saw Hinata as a beacon of hope and yearned to be like her and likewise, how Hinata saw Yukito's strengths and wanted to support him and get his support. How they both take baby steps in fulfilling their dreams. How the Protagonist finds his dream and what he wants for himself in the first place. Everything is so natural. Everything is meticulous. There's a clear direction. I think that the makers ought to be proud of what they have managed to create. Seriously, whenever Tonework's make something, it's as if, it's made for me. It's so darn up my alley. This is all based on merit and not bias or anything. For all I know, I might be the only one in the world that appreciates it to this extent but I don't care. I want to heap praise because I can back up why I feel this way. This is all after a mere 25 hours of game play. I probably have another 75 hours of gameplay in the bank. Can't wait to sink my teeth in further. Besides, another great thing about HoshiOri and GinHaru is the fact that neither of them stress too much on drama or melodrama. Thing is, they might be too ideal on occasion but at the same time, I don't think that every human's normal love life has that much drama. These VNs show that even without drama, a romance can be extremely effective through excellent character interaction and chemistry. The fact that, in almost every case, the protagonist naturally falls in love with the heroine and vice versa is so crucial. As a reader, you never feel like the romance is far-fetched or that the characters don't work towards building a relationship. It's a breath of fresh air. So yeah, for now, I think that paragraph should tell you a bit about what I think of GinHaru.

Apart from that, I have been keeping up to date with a few manga, webtoons, seasonal anime as well as Tantei Gakuen Q (Manga). So utilising most of my free time effectively. The relief of passing my exams also makes my free time and enjoying it that much sweeter. Before that, I didn't really enjoy my break because I was anxious about my CS exam results. So at least for the nextonth or so, despite the fact that I will have classes, I can enjoy my free time at least till November when I will have to pull my socks up again to prepare for my CS and LL.B. exams in December. So that's what I have been upto. Since I consider you an extremely close friend that I want to talk to more often if possible, I typed this much.

As for your comment, I am sorry for the late reply too. I have been extremely busy myself so I can definitely understand what you're going through as well and I don't mind. I also have a proposition which I will communicate through a private message as you probably aren't comfortable talking about that through MAL comments. I do hope you accept my proposition though because I don't think that it's too much to ask. Likewise, I wish you good fortune in all that you do as well. Thanks for wishing me well. That's certainly helped in me clearing my exams. It's crucial that I did because otherwise, my life which was already at a crossroads would be heading in a downward spiral. The CS exams were that important. I don't know how things would have ended up had I failed. Just the start though, I still have 12 papers to write. Hope I can keep things rolling.

Yeah. The HakoMari topic is put to bed for now. I wish you would be able to as well. Unfortunately, I do not think that either of them would be translated to English so you'll have to read it either in Japanese or Chinese. No other choice. So I do hope that you'll be able to in either of those languages someday. You might as well throw in GinHaru into the mix. I would also like to add that the language itself is extremely simple for both Aiyoku no Eustia as well as HoshiOri and GinHaru might be easier than both of those too. So it's not hopeless to attempt it. AnY is partially translated so you can try. I wouldn't be surprised if all three make your top 10 or 5 and one of them end up as your favourite work of all time. HoshiOri might not seem too impressive on the surface level but when you experience it, it'll feel so amazing. Besides, for romance lovers, it's paradise. Or Rakuen as Ray and I called it.

I explained how I am doing and I am glad to hear that you're doing well. That's fine. You'll surely get some time in due course once you're really into your new lifestyle. With anime, unless I have a break, seasonal anime is all I am managing too so I understand. Besides, there aren't too many older titles that I am interested in although I did uncover a few gems recently. You aren't that out of the loop Imo. I am far more inconsistent these days. You seem to be so much more active than I am. I am looking at your profile regularly. I am even too lazy to update my lists. Can't be more out of the loop than that methinks. I feel like apart from talking to a few of close MAL friends that I mentioned in my earlier comment, I don't have much too do here either.

Anyway, with regards to the PM, I hope you accept. And Holy shit my comment is an almighty wall of text. Sorry.
Barion-Zara Sep 6, 1:39 AM
And that fellow Chibit is Mitro XD The Essay-kun I told u about. Since I talk to him regularly I call him Juli (his real name is Julisch) lol
About Felix, well he's the best healer in the nation so I guess he was able to revive from a near death experience? U do know that Julius is the one who caused the explosion right?

As for Mob, was a great ep. Terada having Madao's VA immediately had me not taking him seriously lol so when I saw him get REKT I was LMAOing. Ishigoro and Sakurai are probably the only 2 who will give Mob a run for his money. Koyama got exposed so bad LOL Ping pong'd like a bitch XD Teru's really grown on me. He's awesome. And Ritsu using his brains like that to get them away from the camera was smart. Good shit
raxius1230 Sep 5, 4:05 PM
Hey buddy dont worry myself being very busy this last weeks :)

Same here man really Re:Zero jump to my top 10 and its being one of the best experiences i had in anime in a while so kinda sad 2 more episodes 2 go :(
But ya i think if we get season 2 will be in 1-2 years before we get it.

So since we talk what had being your fav moments in Re:? and be ready for the last 2 episodes man...shit its getting real!

Also enjoying other think of this season?
Barion-Zara Sep 5, 12:36 PM
I'm sure Kagari's word counts has surpassed the VN XD And yeah, the coffin scene is a dead give away. Son already pretty much figured it out lol

Yeah Subaru dying there was f'd up. It made my brain furueru DES XD. Where do u think the checkpoint will be? Apparently the merchant that Felix killed was a friend of Otto. I doubt u remember, but this guy appeared in the ep where Subaru was led to Otto for the first time. Since he's affiliated with the Witch Cult that means all that stuff was planned by Beetle Juice and definitely shows u the prowess of the Gospel. Predicting Subaru's moves. As for ur a or b. I'll just say that it's a mix of both kind of. And yeah the parallels in arc4 were sad :(