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Kuzu no Honkai
Kuzu no Honkai
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
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Aug 14, 7:30 AM
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Aug 14, 4:02 AM
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Kamisama no Iutoori
Kamisama no Iutoori
Aug 14, 3:43 AM
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Kamisama no Iutoori 2
Kamisama no Iutoori 2
Aug 14, 3:43 AM
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Vi- Aug 14, 2:39 PM
Haha! Falei em ingles sem querer haha

Não é Kannazuki no Miko não.

É um outro........ você falou que tinha gostado bastante e que valia a pena ver...
Dai eu perguntei se tinha Yuri... você falou que tinha de forma mais implicita, mas que mesmo assim valia a pena ver o anime...

Vou ver se consigo achar o seu comentario em que voce fala dele.
Vi- Aug 13, 10:25 PM
Hello, what is the name of that mecha anime you talked about to me once..? I even asked if it had yuri
Bayrock Aug 13, 10:14 AM
Makes sense, and to be fair I've deactivated my Facebook recently due to my own priorities in life.

Thanks for the info! If you're friends with Dan, tell him Bayrock from MAL said this:
"No matter where you go, everybody's connected."
Tokoya Aug 13, 8:32 AM
Yup, only one volume was adapted lol (Zero Kara from last season did the same thing too)

I want a S2 so badly!!!!!!!
A_Lonely_Jedi Aug 11, 8:06 AM
Chinatsu is the greatest! I don't know where they will stop, but hopefully it doesn't get rushed. They might end it on a cliffhanger which we don't want unless they announce a season 2. Would be odd if they did though.

Welcome to the club xD Now we play the waiting game.

I have all kinds of sports anime in my list and I think the one I'll watch next is Haikyuu!! since it is rated highly and also I thought might as well check it out. Also, if you haven't already seen it One Outs is an awesome baseball anime. It is very psychological. It reminds me of No Game No Life, but about baseball instead.

Even for me once Chinatsu was properly introduced the story skyrocketed for me it improved tenfold. Ballroom in one way reminds me of Shokugeki no Souma in the sense that it does a really good job of fleshing out its characters.

Worst part about Berserk and HxH is that your always worried that the series will never get finished. I don't know why Miura takes such long breaks with Berserk, but it is really annoying to wait. It also doesn't help when we get anime like the most recent seasons of it. I wish Berserk would either get an anime reboot or at least be a similar quality to the movies instead of the most recent seasons. In my case I'm just gradually watching the anime so I don't have a problem at the moment.

We all want a healthy mangaka nobody wants to have to wait. Sometimes I feel that they get into a project that, though, is very good it is also too much work and it takes a toll on them. It seems to happen to a lot of them.
GyakutenSenpai Aug 11, 3:04 AM
Always happy to see people try out the Zero escape series. One of my favs after Ace Attorney. (Although they of course are 2 completely different genres)
How do you like it?
Also, let me know when you play Zero Time Dilemma so we can hate Eric together! lol
TheBlackTac Aug 10, 11:24 PM
Yeah, it is. :D Look, I'm a month late again. LOL
nyanwave Aug 10, 7:26 AM
Acabei de ver a imagem de Shokugeki no Souma no teu perfil, presumo que tenha gostado também hahaha
nyanwave Aug 10, 7:19 AM
Ah, talvez seja uma gíria no nordeste. Se comparar uma pessoa do norte e do Sul falando, parecem idiomas diferentes haha. Mas entendi o que quis dizer, a crise econômica e toda a corrupção política no Brasil não facilitam muito a vida por aqui.

Pois é, eu praticamente abandonei o myanimelist, só entrava aqui pra atualizar os animes (esses eu nunca largarei haha), nunca mais participei de fóruns, nem conversei com ninguém. Muito trabalho + estudos, e ainda tentando manter uma vida social é cansativo.

Mas nesse meio tempo vi alguns animes muito bons, como Shingeki no Kyojin, Shokugeki no Souma e finalmente terminei Naruto. Agora estou vendo Steins Gate, é de 2011 e super popular mas nunca tinha me chamado a atenção, então só comecei agora.
RazielZero Aug 9, 4:14 AM
I knew that Kizu was a long time coming, I was honestly surprised when I learnt that it was going to be 3 whole movies. That just makes it even better though, I mean it's more Shinobu/Kiss-Shot after all :D That's always good.

Ah, I see. I never tried dealing with these things, I just download whatever I need :D That seems cool though. and who knows when it might come in handy later.

Well yeah, it's the same with Japanese. I have to practice it quite regularly so that I don't forget it, especially all the kanji. Reading and listening isn't hard with all the anime and manga out there, but for writing and speaking I need a partner of course. It would be great if I could go to Japan for at least half a year to boost my proficiency, but that costs quite a lot.
English is easier since it's what I use almost always on the internet, and of course with movies, books and subtitles for anime as well. I've been learning for more than 15 years so that helps as well.

It's always a shame to see anime that only adapted the beginning of a manga, and even that can come out poorly. Though I guess it's somewhat understandable since most anime are just made to promote the original source. There are quite a few which are good adaptions though, so at least I'm happy for those. FMA was quite a surprise for example, since it already had a half-original anime adaptation, yet they did another and with so much episodes just to completely adapt the manga. The Monogatari series also seems to aim to adapt the entire novel series, so that's great as well for the fans. I wish more of these happened.
Zarnaav Aug 8, 2:21 PM
Yes, that Evangelion.

I have no expectations from anime anymore unless is something I've watched before.

I wonder which one will come out first: another Muv Luv anime or 4.44?
Posumudi Aug 8, 7:32 AM
do you get mad over differing opinions just for talky reference
Katyo- Aug 8, 1:14 AM
hmm i see i had watched the anime (tasogare) but kind of forget about it~ maybe im gonna rewatch or read the manga after kanon and hajime no ippo done :9

yeah i got the feeling of that, well lets talk more about it after i finished it! xd

yah HnI is really good, it is fun to watch
of course, show like this even tho just a bit, it should adding some spice like romance like that even just a little, you know like bakuman~
dont worry i really enjoy every fight in this show

no no no no it got 24 episodes right? even since episode 1 i know its gonna be amazing so i dont want to watch it 1 episode / week because well i really tired of that, im not that fighter anymore lol
btw is the art (ballroom) sometimes ridiculous? like when they are dancing the neck are too long, but if its true i suppose it is the spice for the show?
Frostbytes Aug 7, 3:01 PM
He decided to go full troll but not really multi-accounts, just commenting until I blocked him.

Well yeah he did(he rated it 9.5 iirc which I saw in his blog post here), I completed it too. Yep I read fsn, and I thought the overall focus of those two are different(fate being more on ideological clashes and world building while this one is more about the prose and the fantastic set of warped antagonists, with clash of ideologies actually covering some interesting themes ) but I enjoyed this one a bit more, probably has better pacing than fate as a whole, first route is better than the fate route(both are infodump routes but still this one does it in a better way). As for HF and UBW, Idk, I will say Marie/Rea's route probably will beat UBW in terms of action(I liked the sequences more here), HF will be probably better than the other three routes but against Rea's route, in fact it is difficult to compare, HF is darker in tone while Rea route is like the final route of ever17, finally providing answers to all hints before with some "other worldly" matters. Quality wise both are pretty high yeah. You need to complete umineko first kek
xull Aug 7, 2:35 PM
Yeah the waiting is getting harder. And yeah I've heard a lot about the LN. Mahiru and Guren are the center of attention now. I guess they are adapting it.

And nice art works too.