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New Game!
New Game!
5 hours ago
Watching 4/12 · Scored 9
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer
Yesterday, 3:20 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Sword Art Online: Alicization
Sword Art Online: Alicization
Yesterday, 8:30 AM
Watching 8/? · Scored 9
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Toaru Majutsu no Index
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Yesterday, 12:50 PM
Reading 98/133 · Scored 9
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Yesterday, 4:18 AM
Reading 12/? · Scored -
Tiny Evil
Tiny Evil
Dec 12, 3:14 AM
Completed 1/? · Scored 7



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BurningSpirit Yesterday, 4:49 PM
Neither. I couldn't care less what others enjoy, nor do I really care about people who are intent on trolling. It's just a message for people who genuinely want to recommend or request something of me, yet have a fundamental misunderstanding of me.

It really depends, some people do tend to have short memories and are incredibly flaky when it comes to their preferences. Time can erase some things, yet it can also result in nostalgia.
BurningSpirit Yesterday, 6:48 AM
No, it's a legitimate request to not involve me in hentai. I disapprove of it.

In any case, whether or not Henneko gets a season 2, Tsukiko's adorableness will never fail to shine through.
TallonKarrde23 Dec 12, 4:43 PM
Knowing basically the entire plot and seeing all the most important scenes because they got memed on 4chan for a decade makes it hard to really be motivated to go through the whole show for events I already know in full. Not to say it can't still be enjoyable, I even rewatch stuff plenty (like Chihayafuru right now to get ready for season 3), but it'll have to wait until I'm in the mood for it. I also just kind of never had any interest in it really, too much of a mix of edgy with shonen jokey stuff randomly from the girl especially killing the momentum and tone. It's only so popular on places like this because it was an early gateway anime for a lot of people along with things like Bebop and stuff (which is also a fine show, so I don't mean anything bad by that). I just missed a lot of common "beginner anime" because I started into the medium years before it started growing so they simply weren't part of MY "beginner" phase - by the time Death Note aired I was already far deeper into the medium than most people watching it and it just passed me by, though I do try and go back to a lot of stuff I missed from that period, Death Note just hasn't been one I've gone to yet again mostly due to all the spoilers - kind of kills a lot of the thrill and tense feeling in a series kind of all about that. Plus watching like 15-25 shows a season REALLY makes it hard to dedicate time to watching shows I've PTW'd and makes me picky about what to choose for doing that with (and I prefer josei and more realistic character drama so it doesn't compete well).
teubert2 Dec 12, 3:13 PM
I thought I did read it carefully, but... Written language can be a pain to deal with sometimes lol. My bad then.

Anyway, it's either my household or my area that has bad internet. We (the neighborhood) are getting super internet soon though, as the ISP has decided to give us that for whatever reason. I guess it's to prevent competitors from gaining a foothold or something, idk. My dad, who does not live around these parts, has more than 100 mb/s, so internet speed-wise, I really am just unfortunate to live here lol.
allenjke Dec 12, 4:01 AM
About Accel, well his character was created assuming he is super OP and it was mentioned that his awakening or his new power goes beyond science side. I mean i love Mikoto, but it is clearly that her popularity affected the series and new novels so Kamachi used that to appease readers (aka selling point). Similar with Accel, people like his villain part and super OPness so that also was imo the case and in the last novel i had some thought about it if you decide to read my comment (my comments are usually essays =/).

My favourite arc is the last of OT, well won't spoil anything if you didn't read it, but the last fight with Fiaama is just amazing!
mhkr Dec 11, 12:14 PM
Yeah, happens to everyone that holding something for later or there are times you want to watch/read/play something but the mood doesn't come for it or there are other reasons which prevent you from starting it but that's not really important.
I will read Grand Blue later and now I'm afraid that don't enjoy it because the first episode of anime was "really bad" for me and may affect the enjoyment of manga...

The first 10 chapters of Kaguya were monthly but after that it became weekly, I didn't read much manga to know that weekly manga became worse after some time or not but Kaguya-sama become something "different" but not bad though it may take some time to get used to it. The later chapters contain more side stories and the focus of the two main characters will become lower; That's all the thing I can say now
Ayaya- Dec 11, 10:22 AM
Eu também não levo a Terra como True Route, até porque as outras para mim também são, mas Terra é apenas uma depois de todas as vidas que Koutarou passou com as garotas.

Preferi a Kagari da Novel, foi mais desenvolvida. A do anime provavelmente é a da Haverst Festa

Já estou a ler a Novel de Index, mas ainda não atualizei no MAL. Quando acabar tudo vou metê-la, Railgun vou esperar o anime :p
TallonKarrde23 Dec 10, 4:21 PM
i pretty much accept any from people who aren't just friend collectors (so 1 in every 100)

thanks for the moe
swirlydragon Dec 9, 10:18 AM
Yeah, I agree. Emilia x Subaru just fits more.
Fate was the best route. Why? Simply because I loved the relationship between Shirou and Saber. I found Rin to be annoying. Even when I was playing the prologue (Rin's perspective), I just couldn't stand her narcissistic personality. And UBW barely had any romance. The fight scenes were pretty good though. As for Heaven's Feel, Sakura was nice and all. HF also contained some romantic scenes and I did like Sakura somewhat, but my OTP is still Shirou x Saber because:-
>They both fit perfectly as a couple because the ideals they share and want to pursue are the same.
>Their romance just seemed too genuine and innocent (their interactions, fighting together, etc).
>It didn't seem like a forced pairing unlike Rin and Shirou. Rin didn't even show any interest in Shirou earlier and she knew that Sakura loved Shirou even in UBW.
>At one point, all Sakura cared about was Rin and ordered Saber to kill Shirou. At this point, it wasn't because of Angra Mainyu's influence as Kirei pointed out. It was just an excuse for Sakura to reveal her true darker personality and blame it on Angra Mainyu's influence
>The farewell between Saber and Shirou hit me hard.
You say Fate is the weakest? Most people prefer HF or UBW over Fate? Here are some facts:-
>Even before Fate/Zero was released, Saber was considered the main heroine of F/SN and was the most popular character in F/SN. Adding to that, Fate was also considered the most popular route. That's the reason why Fate was adapted as an anime, but Deen fucked up.
>Carnival Phantasm highlighted more of Shirou x Saber
>Due to Fate's sad ending which some readers were unsatisfied with and due to Saber's immense popularity, the author decided to give Saber and Shirou a happy ending in the new release of the VN (realta nua edition) which can be unlocked after completing all the multiple endings.
>The author even decided to rewrite Fate route specifically because of this. He even plans to do it soon when he was questioned about it in an interview.
Adding to that, I also loved the fighting scenes in Fate (Rider vs Saber, Saber vs Gilgamesh, Saber's most powerful noble phantasm, etc) and I also admired Saber & found her backstory very interesting.
I didn't watch Fate/Zero, but I still believe Fate was far better than the other two routes and I really loved the relationship between Shirou and Saber plus the fighting scenes. One of the best stories I've ever read is Fate.
Heumers Dec 9, 8:43 AM
Yess, I never thought that Tatsumi will die in ep 23. It was shocking, yet I loved it.
Yeah Indeed, you're right with that.
Original animes are mostly a hit or a miss, the only good thing about them that there's no spoilers, only assumptions and theories, some are considered as a hit like Kill la Kill and Tengen Toppa .. Some are considered as a miss like Darling in the franxx.

Well yuh, the manga is going to end next year anyways, and if we get season 5 and 6 in 2020-2023 the anime will cover it all. But still, AoT's manga is so popular and read by tons of peoples, however, despite that the anime is really epic and adapts the manga really well, many people are hating on it, so it doesn't matter anymore if the anime is good adapted or bad adapted.
True, look for example at the top 50 animes now, some of them are there are the popularity is below #900 even. (Like 3-gatsu no lion s2). I believe that those which be in top 50 must have popularity of #250 or more. So ranking doesn't mean anything if the base isn't large, only fans will watch it.

It'll be an edgy experience If I try Your lie in april tbh. I know a lot about this anime and I'm not interested in the plot nor the characters nor the romance/drama in it. Watching it will make me give it very low score, I love to watch hardcore and serious animes than school/romance ones.
Yeah like every year we only get 2-4 good action/serious animes. But in the past you could find tons of them, for example, in 2016 we had Re:Zero, Mob Psycho 100 and MHA. In 2017 we had Made in Abyss - probably the only good one-. In 2018 there's Banana Fish I guess, ofc everyone has their opinions regarding good action animes but I'm talking about the quality. Basically these are considered as hidden gems. Yeah you're true with this, the only thing that irritates me also that there's no more of psychological animes nowadays, look at Death Note, Monster, Ultimate Savior Kaiji and Psycho Pass. Why there's nothing new like them? Making a good action or serious anime nowadays is really considered as a hit or a miss. *sigh*
teubert2 Dec 9, 6:25 AM
I wasn't referring to European internet speeds, I was referring to how you made it sound like you didn't know Denmark is a European country lol.
RazielZero Dec 7, 11:10 AM
Yeah, that's probably how it went down, because I kind of remember saying similar things I said this time. It probably wasn't sent and I didn't check it later cause I also thought you didn't have more to add :D Oh well, at least I know now. I do ctrl+c often, but not enough times it seems...

I usually rather not have a potentially bad sequel unless I feel like it the anime/game/etc didn't end too well. Still, there are quite a few "unnecessary" sequels that were actually great additions to the original piece of fiction. Spice & Wolf, for example, is still great so far, so I can't be mad about it.

I see, then it's probably better if I start with the anime if it's not bad, since I can usually get more invested in an anime (with exceptions here and there, of course). It sounds quite interesting from what you've said so far about it.
Kajiura is just so talented, this piece of OST you showed me is also beautiful. Sure many of her music are similar in a way, but they are also often different enough to suit the anime they are used for. Princess Principal was this way as well. You can notice it's done by her, but the atmosphere her music created suited that steampunk/industrial revolution era it was set it, with far less fantasy compared to stuff like Madoka and SAO.
I enjoy stories with no actual or obvious evil characters. These can be a lot of fun without black and white morals, where pretty much everyone is right in their own way.

Yeah that's how I'm trying to look at things here in Hungary as well. It could always be worse, but there are also far too many good things here as well that I wouldn't really want to trade. Still, I can't say I'm not thinking about going abroad in the future, but we'll have to see how that goes :P For now, I try to not care as much about the bad aspects of the city and the country, and just enjoy the good parts.
Frosty- Dec 7, 5:53 AM
Side story?Umineko is getting a new episode entirely called umineko saku, and When they cry series is getting a new VN separately called Ciconia no naku koro ni. Ciconia pv is out too, looks pretty different compared to umineko or higurashi.
-Remix- Dec 6, 6:57 PM
Tbh I think there's a really tough time in anime trying to balance being interesting vs being unique, as you've pointed out. It's a common issue that I see over and over, but unfortunately I don't really think there is a strong work around this. In other words, a lot of good shows cater to a small audience who may prefer a certain genre (so like jousei or something) or enjoy that kind of uniqueness/profoundness. Example: tatami galaxy. Maybe one of the best shows ever written, yet a lot of people can't stand watching it with its weird art and very fast pace. But if you slow down, take the time to think, and soak it in, the beauty is all there.

I'm like you too tho, when some things get too tedious I switch to some funny generic crap, but hey, no harm right :D
allenjke Dec 5, 2:13 AM
BTW about Imagine Breaker, still no concrete critical info right?
On volume 14 of OT there are some hints, and Kazuma even refers at the end that Kamijou name can be for one who stands above god, or one that purifies god, this later one seems like a major hint for the probable sequel to NT.*

There is some info, mb more than some, but it'll obv be quite a spoiler if i will tell you. I feel like there might be quite a lot to reveal, i hope so.