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Captain Tsubasa (2018)
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Hibike! Euphonium Movie: Mizore to Nozomi no Monogatari
Hibike! Euphonium Movie: Mizore to Nozomi no Monogatari
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Pumpkin Scissors
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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Nov 26, 8:51 AM
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JJExtreme 10 hours ago
Oh, so that's how it works. I don't really understand the package thing, but I guess that means it is already decided that you will get a master's degree. Over here, you can't declare your degree until your second year in college.

Man, dude, I know. Time management is so crucial. I think I ended the semester with good grades, but I have never been consistently stressed out before. Man, what a lesson I learned. I am going to try my hardest next time to make sure that I'm always on top of things. I did way too many things last second. So, I think I'll try out this technique you're talking about. Hmm, so it's called the Pomodoro technique. Alright! Thank goodness, I'm on break. Thanks man

Still, I'm surprised anime wasn't the reason you struggled with college. When I really got into anime, I was binging shows nonstop the whole summer. I can't imagine how that would changed if I first discovered anime during college
HunterTennouji Dec 9, 6:38 AM
First of all, congratulations on your entry into your college and that you have made such a huge life decision! What I am impressed the most is not the fact that you entered one of the most prestigious colleges in Portugal nor that you study Materials Engineer, but that you actually overcame your fears and put in hard efforts to succeed. That is what counts the most.

And for the record, there is more to life than luck. Despite all people's talk about talent and chance, it is the effort that counts the most and the will to succeed. What matters is that you feel like you are going towards a goal that you wish to achieve, come hell or high water. Funny enough, I recently got acquainted with a person who had also been 5 years away from school and decided to go back. Though I will admit it is disadvantageous for you to be 25 and starting your degree, the fact that you went back at all shows that you have grit.

A great quote I have plastered on my wall is this:

I hope you do well in college now and that you receive plenty of challenges that will test you and that you manages to keep the will to overcome them.

"You rise a better person... well Saber did, while Archer got way more cynic.
The truth is that such experiences can also have the negative outcome, and change someone to something even worst."

Very true. We always have to be mindful of where our path in life takes us. Many are oblivious of their own surliness and negativity, wishing the world would just get out of their way. While others take the pain that they have received and vow to never let anybody experience it. It's what makes us different as people, but I believe the greatest people are those that have survived hell and continues living to keep others from it.

"Your idea was very interesting and I did try, but I was never able to remenber to think about it when awaking up, most times I awake and I really have to get up since I dont have that much time to stay on bed, others, I just end thinking about other stuff.
I still dunno what I want to do, but like I mentionated above, I think the path I m currently at, will be the closest to that, to find what I want to do."
Ah, no. That's not what I meant. I meant it something like this:

"Materials Engineering as a very wide scope, and I m really interesting in some applications already, last week with one of our teachers, we found a very interesting article, "hydrogen superglue made 90% of water", I m fascinated by such things, and so for now, I will stand firm on this path, and believe and work to reach the next stage, hopping to graduate in 5 years and have some really interesting ideas I want to work on. For now, I need to study alot of maths, chemistry and python programing (also solidworks software)~~"
I wish you all the best. At the end of my years, whilst I don't regret the years (since I met my best friends in college), I wish I had studied something else but "Nanoscience" since it didn't contribute that much to my life in the industry. Had I gone back, I would have read Automation and Quality Management. But then again, it's difficult to know what you want after all.

The Dark Tower series are great, I definitely recommend reading them!

I have ebb and flows in my job, and it has been rough on my life. So I haven't had much motivation to answer. But damn, alot of things have happened to both of us since we first started.
HaXXspetten Dec 5, 2:12 PM
Oh right, yeah I've heard about something like that existing in Win10. I still use Win7 at home myself so I don't know all of the new features in my head but my dad certainly keeps talking about them on a regular basis lol

Yeah exactly, before it was like I was spending my days in uni or whatnot just because that's what society took for granted that I should do and I was but a cog in the machine, so to speak. Now I suddenly feel like I have some sort of tangible reason and motivation to push forwards in some direction and a long-term goal to eventually achieve, not just to make a career for the sake of having a career but in order to one day be able to reach the life which we both desire as one. It kinda helps making everything feel meaningful and makes it easier to know what to prioritize in life

As for the details... well let's just say it's probably not quite what you're imagining it to be. Long story short, we didn't find each other IRL. We met on MAL. At first we just talked to each other in the same way I fool around with most girls on MAL normally but we eventually ended up talking a lot more seriously and intimately until I eventually said something like "if I knew someone like you in real life, I'd probably try to ask her out if I dared". We then discussed the idea for about a day until we eventually decided to try doing it anyway. Can find her profile here if you're curious

She lives in Canada (east coast at least, fortunately) so at the time of writing this we've still not met up yet in person. Currently we can just talk to each other (either via text, voice or video chat), play games together, simulwatch things and be as lovey dovey with each other as we can every day with the tools we have at our disposal. We're really into each other though so the parts of the day that I used to spend on spare time enjoyment I now generally spend with her in some sense when possible instead. An old friend of mine has been in a long-distance relationship for a couple years already though so he's offered to give us some tips of things to do if we need help. We've been making quite a lot of future plans both in short and long term and how to practically make this work, but for the moment the plan is for me to fly over to her place at some point in January and stay with her for maybe a week or two and we'll take things from there. Long-term we'll see but if possible when I've graduated university I could try to get a permanent job in Canada instead and we could live together. It's a pipe dream for now but it's what we're looking forward towards and it's my current primary motivator to keep going

Most of the so-called juicy details are rather personal though (and quite inappropriate~) so I'll have to refrain from giving you too many of those -.^
A_Lonely_Jedi Dec 5, 7:15 AM
I haven’t read SAO since December 30, 2016. !?!?!?!? Well, it has been a long time. I’m in the beginning of volume 16 so I guess I’ll try to finsh that soon.

I haven’t read Zero no Maria in a long time either. I’ll probably just buy all the light novels when they are all fully translated. I’d also be interested in seeing how his next work ends up considering Zero no Maria is supposed to be really really good.

Tokoya Dec 4, 8:48 PM
Like I said, Claudia is bae xD and yeah S2 was a step above S1 so you'll enjoy it a lot...Also you're right about Fate Zero being a good gateway anime....It was one of the first I watched once I started to REALLY get into watch a lot of anime/seasonals

I haven't dived into the contents of the Heaven's Feel bit of the VN so I'm looking forward to watching the movie version once it comes out....And yes, thank you for your teases with Ballroom lol xD

Vi- Dec 4, 3:46 PM
Eu nao aguentei ver mais Bahamut.... eu estava me esforçando muito para ver.. muito mesmo... nao sei como durei tanto haha, mas morri no episodio 17 ><
Impressionante como passou de amor (season 1) para odio (season 2) em relação a me agradar.

haha, não se preocupe em demorar responder, mais tarde do que nunca. ;D
GodOfWolves Dec 4, 2:07 PM
I dig it, totally agree dude, its the reason why I havent ever did a top ten list of my own except by typing it in, and not just that its really why i havent been creative with mine besides like 2 or 3 pictures lol, to have to go to an outside website to add images and then copy the links back is way to much of a hassel.
Tokoya Nov 30, 8:39 PM
Yup, you are 1000% correct with this

I like Saya's personality the most out of everyone strangely and Claudia is bae and is powerful so my love for her just came naturally xD and wow, I thought that the LN fags would have preferred the F/Z novel to the anime but I'm glad to hear that most share the same opinion as me with preferring the anime - I just convinced this girl that I used to have some feelings for to watch it lol

Your hints for Ballroom mislead me on one thing....The scene where Chinatsu is interacting with kid Tatara.....I thought that they were childhood friends but boy was I wrong lol....Either way that scene was beautiful so I'm just loving it more and more

And I figured that I rated Asterisk War a 7.....But I feel like I gave S2 an 8 lol
HaXXspetten Nov 30, 10:14 AM
Why would you have three mailboxes? Or rather why not just link them together? I think I have three too but two of them are just linked to my Gmail account so that's the only one I ever have to use at least. And yes the waiting dilemma you mentioned is definitely a thing but I don't find it to be a huge problem as long as the comment in question isn't too long or requires a great deal of thought put into them, but then again from my personal experiences of talking with you I can at least say that your conversations tend to include quite a bit longer responses than most :P

Matlab is basically something we've used for programming assignments involving non-programming subjects. Like making certain simulations and calculations for maths, physics, chemistry, economy or whatever. It's not really "pure" programming tasks like you'd get in a Java class or similar. But it's a useful tool for many types of project works and stuff

Heh, yeah it's a pretty big change in your daily life actually. I've almost stopped watching anime entirely since we started going out and right now I find myself spending pretty much any spare time I have on her instead. It's a pretty novel experience for me but it's a quite nice change of pace from the daily rhythm I've had for the last few years. I still have some uncertainties about my future career of course but at least this has made me feel like things will turn out alright in the end one way or another because there are still some things in life which are probably even more important than university degrees, and she's helped brighten up my days quite a lot lately

(Hope that didn't come across as gloating because that wasn't my intention at all)
Blackout0129 Nov 27, 3:31 PM
Desculpa lá, não quis parecer rude.

Bem, o que posso dizer? Tenho 23 anos, estudo informática/multimédia e gosto ver ver anime (manga de vez em quando), cinema e um jogo ou outro quando me dá na cabeça. Costumo adicionar tugas porque é raro encontrar alguém que veja anime, quanto mais português.

A lista não é muito grande mas os que mais gostei foram Hellsing e Ghost In The Shell (principalmente a série). Agora comecei a ler Berserk também e tou entusiasmado.
Tokoya Nov 26, 6:39 PM
Ohhhh, okay, I understand bro

And yeah, I dunno why people go into series like that expecting it to be groundbreaking or something and to this day I always strongly advocate that cliches =/= bad and that how said cliches are handled is what actually matters and like you said, this series is one that keeps them in check enough for it to be quite enjoyable

But to be honest with you, I didn't really start to like Julis until S2 however Kirin is tied with Claudia for my favorite girl of the series with Saya being next in line and yeah in regards to LN purists they are almost never pleased with just about any anime adaptation, Fate Zero's anime was amazing enough so I dunno why they'd bitch about it not being a page for page adaptation

But in regards to the Ballroom thing, I can't exactly remember where I saw it but more than likely somebody would have made a thread about it in the sub forum for the anime so you can check for it over there if anything

Nice pics of Julis and Kirin btw lol.....And yeah, I think I gave Asterisk War either a 7 or an 8.....It deserves those scores imo either way
fishergirl16 Nov 23, 5:17 PM
Nice! The Spice and Wolf novels are great and super well-translated. I've read the first few I believe.
Tokoya Nov 21, 8:53 PM
No worries buddy, I know how the college life can be (Especially since finals should be coming up soon)

Asterisk War was pretty fun indeed, I had a great time with it (And Rakudai which was also airing at the same time there) and I think that you will too for the long run and yeah Fate Zero is just pure greatness no matter how you read it

Ohhhh okay.....The anime is actually gonna go a bit original though, the mangaka came out and said that the anime team is gonna go in a different direction that he planned to go to

HaXXspetten Nov 18, 5:12 AM
OCD I guess? Kinda like checking and responding to your email on a daily basis. At least for short messages it's not a problem; for longer ones I generally let them wait until I have more time though (like with this one for example)

Well it's worth taking into account that part of the issue is that romance anime are generally incomplete adaptations and romance manga have a tendency of stalling for a long time before accelerating towards the end in terms of romantic progression and development, so if the anime adaptation doesn't cover the whole thing then you tend to end up with almost nothing. Personally think the most interesting way to cover a romance plot would be if you could actually show all of it from the very beginning of the pair starting to fall in love with each other until they're far into an established relationship already and thus get to see the gradual change over time (like Clannad for example). Most of the time though it's just one or the other, I.E: from first feelings to confession or they're already dating when the story begins (or close to it). Some more combinations of the two would've been nice

And ehh I wouldn't really compare WA2 to either of those; thematically it's more like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien if anything I'd say

Heh, well if you think my advice helped you at all then you're welcome I guess. Yeah it is a pretty unisex program from what I've experienced of it at least. Maybe it's because it's ultimately more theoretical/research-centric than a programming-focused line or an electrical engineering major for example. Idk, but either way it's welcome. From what you're saying though it doesn't seem like your courses are exactly the same as mine though; at the very least I never did anything in Python, we just did some stuff in Matlab instead. Can't say I did much in the way of modelling either, though I recall there being a couple of projects like that up for grabs during a major group assignment we had in our second year (though I didn't get that one myself). Sooo yeah you'll probably be better off asking your own classmates or teachers for help with stuff than me at least

Either way as long as you feel motivated to study and move onwards with whatever you're doing then that's good. Personally I've actually been having some mixed feelings on where I really want to proceed next so I was a bit down for a while, but then I somewhat unexpectedly ended up getting a girlfriend earlier this week so now I'm pretty happy again ^_^
Tokoya Nov 12, 11:34 AM
What's this I'm hearing about Chinatsu possibly breaking up with Tatara so that she can go back to Akira and have some lesbian relationship so that Tatara can end up with Shizuku (Because they foreshadowed that)?

Say it ain't so