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cptlee39 Today, 3:32 AM
Hi! Looks like you're also someone obsessed with Umineko! It's the only VN I ever read (except one I read many years ago on the Nintendo DS), but it's easily my favorite thing ever. I love Beatrice obviously, but I absolutely adore Eva and her voice actress, I love Erika, I really love Ronove and his little giggle... it would be easier to list characters I do NOT love! The OST is great as well. I dedicated a section of my bookshelf to the manga version of Umineko (which is also great so far) and bought Kanon's gay hat and a small Maria figurine (because she needs to be protected).

Uuuh anyway, while I loved Umineko (even though I didn't get most of the mystery right), I do not really want to read many more VNs... at least right now. They are such a huge time investment. And I still have so many anime and manga I want to check out, too! I bought Planetarian while it was on a sale though. (And Higurashi, but I already saw the anime twice and I'm almost done with the manga).

I hope you enjoy the rest of Full Metal Panic! btw, I liked the Second Raid a lot. My favorite installment might still be Fumoffu though, it was just too damn funny. I'm looking forward to the new series!
Zarnaav Yesterday, 2:33 PM
As long each story brings something new I wouldn't mind some milking. So far each Muv luv story was unique in it's own way.

If they animate the trilogy well I think Muv luv is going to be a hit just like FSN was, old stories are almost always better, now everything is more or less a copy of something else, the more seasons of something are made and I watch them the more I hate it. Miyazaki is right...
But instead they focus on milking the trilogy with games like Strike Frontier. I've seen some fps games made by fans on yt but those games never got finished. Nowadays is hard to find something that isn't online and it never ends.

When Kickstarter goals are completed I expect to see news about Muv luv anime, if not then they should do the same thing as Little witch academia.

Well I've seen FMP when I was 12 years old back then and I might've rewatched it 6 years ago or so, but if I were to rewatch every anime I liked now, I'm not sure I might give the same score, but nostalgia might say something else.
ML Unlimited vibes? Same for me except spoilers ahead... so I won't say it yet.
I like Sousuke but my best boy from FMP will always be Kurz Weber.
Alfond Mar 17, 7:46 AM
At this point, I've simply come to the conclusion that manga>anime in most aspects when it comes to Citrus. I'm still enjoying the anime but I won't be expecting it to surpass the manga in any way in these last few episodes that are left. I also read the rest of the manga because the last episode felt unsatisfying so I'm already up to date with it. Right now, I think the manga has reached its climax. Makes me wonder how the author is going to wrap things up, but I'm still hopeful that it will end on a happy note.

Darling seems to be just okay for now. If it's anything like Trigger's previous works, the plot will probably kick in around episode 10-12. It would be nice if it reached Gurren Lagann or Kill la Kill's level of greatness, but I won't get my hopes up.

I haven't watched the original Cardcaptor Sakura so there isn't much I can say about it. I just didn't felt like watching 70 episodes just so I could follow Clear Card-hen weekly. I'll watch Cardcaptor Sakura eventually though.
Katyo- Mar 16, 11:32 PM
wait so u play with controller? dayum, well i personally only play game with game controller only when i play ps 1 and xbox, which means i only play both console only lol :" sad to be me, i even havent touch ps 3 or 4, even nintendo :(

no no i mean, the source of the anime, not the story itself, its original anime right not adapted from manga etc, thats what i mean
i know, i agree with you~

i understand, but for me the story is more point when watching anime, i mean if you watch a comedy one, i know we only watch it for comedy like sakamoto, danshi koukousei, etc. they got comedy above the story, but after i watch aoyama-kun, then i compare it with sakamoto, well i'm not the comedy in aoyama is better or at the same level with sakamoto, but in my opinion because the motivation of each character and story progression is really bad imho (aoyama-kun), its just getting worst.
well after all how people enjoy a show is depends on themselves, but for me if its only pure at 1 genre without no story progression, is kinda low..

i see, thats explain on how you play EW XD
damn, good for you, have you play yakuza? geez i really want to play that game..
is it because your blu ray player is kind of broken or is it the way how it works?

well i know about this only because i see it on seasonal anime too, but yes it kinda suck (the adaptation) i dont know if the story is really like that or something just change.
looks like its on manga DB, well im not really interested with the show anyway lol, just kinda curious with ur opinion in case u have watch it
Zarnaav Mar 16, 1:57 PM
According to MAL, I've finished EoE nearly 5 years ago when I still liked anime.
I'm still watching the new movies though.

Muv luv might get better and better, no anime news though

Does this sounds familiar?

bunny1998 Mar 16, 4:25 AM
I am not ready for depressing anime yet but I cant say when I will try them.
many a times I have said to myself that today is day where I resume REZERO but that never happens lol

and about Cowboy Bebop I have recently watched a similar one Samurai champloo which I quite enjoyed and I am excited for Cowboy Bebop also

about the fate series I have already watched UBW which I found quite average at the start but the second half was amazing for me
currently I am watching fate/zero because I have seen a lot of people praising it and saying that FATE/ZERO is faaaaaar better than the other fate series.

Most of the time I skip anime Openings and ending but Toradora's OP1 has became one of my favorite

I have never shown interest in sports anime but I think now its time for me to give hajime no ippo a try :)
Actually whenever I start a new anime I always commit myself to complete the series however good or bad it may be thats why when a anime seems to me that it is not made for me or I wont be interested in such type I wont even touch that.

Light novel and manga are not my cup of tea. I have always enjoyed anime.
I know that I would be missing a lot by not reading manga but I realized it long time ago that manga or light novel are not my type and I always wait for them to be animated

currently I am thinking of giving a break to myself from watching or starting any new series as my semester exams are coming and want to concentrate on them. Until then I will entertain my self with the anime in my Currently watching list

(sorry for the late reply)
Izarapaw Mar 15, 10:57 AM
Is it? Why do you think that? When people say that either they mean it in comparison to what most people like or when they first start out watching and absolutely fall in love with any type of anime they watch. Personally, I believe people do 'develop taste' as they watch more anime since anime is a great medium so most people who get into it don't have much of a critical mind since they haven't seen many of the tropes. For instance, I loved SAO at first but eventually I rewatched and realised that is was pretty badly written and boring in comparison to other stuff I had watched.
Yeah, you can't really love shinobu in bakemonogatari since she says nothing and basically has no personality other than looking miserable then. However, I'm not complaining, as it gives some nice foreshadowing due to the show not broadcasting in chronological order. Shinobu is just a neat little mystery which adds to the confusing tone of bakemonogatari. Tbh, the confusion that bakemonogatari gave me was what really got me into the show, with Mayoi Snail being what got me hooked. I had finished Nisemonogatari after 4 days xD which is fast for me. Mayoi and Kyoumi's weird dialogue which meant and led to nothing was really what got me so addicted. It was so useless to the plot but yet was what really made the series for me.
KaitonPT Mar 14, 3:43 PM
Yep, pode ser que um dia algum estúdio faça anime disto em vez de continuarem a espremer as OVAs promocionais.

Não é o meu caso lol. Quanto menos houver melhor, visto que eu sou o clássico fã Type-Moon que vejo isto pela lore.

Não, Yuru Yuri já não é tanto a minha onda, visto que o anime acaba por girar à volta disso. Mais tipo New Game ou até mesmo Gochiusa.

Fui à procura de estágios e até mesmo empregos normais a termo (especialmente na área administrativa). Felizmente esta oportunidade em questão acabou por ser remunerada por valores normais de empregabilidade, logo não ando à "escravatura" como em alguns outros estágios por onde já passei.

Isso é o resultado da malta andar a ver leaks (ainda que em boa qualidade) em vez de esperar pelos BDs... e claro de algum pessoal ainda esperar por níveis de budgets anormais à Silverlink. Eu vi as duas versões e concordo que a 1ª notou-se a falta de budget para o Shirou vs Angelica, o suposto highlight logo o que comeu mais criticas, visto que o filme perdeu qualidade visual (especialmente nos combates) a partir do Shirou vs Shinji. O filme tá bastante dark em termos visuais na 2ª metade fruto da mudança de atmosfera, logo notou-se e de que maneira a falta de acabamento no que toca a efeitos especiais, o que expôs ainda mais a "simplicidade" dos character designs e do menor poderio visual da Silverlink.
Já os BDs praticamente retificaram isso, visto que a Silverlink retocou imensa coisa e os efeitos especiais então estavam excelentes, o que melhorou imenso a qualidade de animação nos combates. Logo yah, não tive grandes razões de queixa em termos visuais, visto que muito do criticismo é infundado no que toca ao acabamento final.
Katyo- Mar 14, 7:02 AM
yeah right, sometime because those zombies are too 'steroid' even after i got some ammo, im end up losing some too because they move like a bug :/ btw i really like shooting that stinky woman with sniper on the head, really satisfy

well after u say about it, i think yeah there should be a sequel of it, but since it original well we don't really know whats gonna happen~ what is the worst ending when the sequel finally out?

true true, well im not so different with you when do scoring
yeah that works for me too, at then end for me if either the animation, art, music, story is not really that enjoyable, maybe ill give it 7, but for me story is the on which determine~

damn, oh? you not play it on steam?

btw have u watch juuni taisen? just realize this morning, its nisioisin piece
KalfKaneda Mar 12, 1:33 PM
Yes and the movie covered only the beginning and the very end of the manga, There are many differences like Akira is alive and a big part of the story.
It's a big part of anime history btw you are planing to watch lot of things (1,618) that's gonna take some time lol.
alias08 Mar 11, 9:16 PM
Well on most of the MAL forums everyone loves hating on her I guess Erina lovers aren't really active on the forums.~
KalfKaneda Mar 11, 9:18 AM
Good Akira review, cheers !
alias08 Mar 11, 7:58 AM
Someone who actaully likes Erina XD
bunny1998 Mar 11, 6:45 AM
I am not good at reviewing anime but I will try my best :)

Toradora has became one of my favorite anime

at start it was all comedy and fun I enjoyed every episode laughing my ass off

But as the story progresses That drama and feels got me really hard
I got attached to the main characters
At first I was confused on shipping Ryuji with whom but last few episode cleared everything for me that he is only meant to be with Tiger

By the end of it I was nearly in tears and didn't want it to end

Zarnaav Mar 11, 5:28 AM
Hey! How do you do?

I randomly found this video that explains Evangelion in 7 minutes, now everything makes sense.