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Free!: Dive to the Future Episode 0
Free!: Dive to the Future Episode 0
Yesterday, 1:00 PM
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Prison School
Prison School
Yesterday, 6:10 AM
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Little Witch Academia (TV)
Little Witch Academia (TV)
Sep 23, 3:01 PM
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Sep 24, 5:30 PM
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Last Game
Sep 24, 5:30 PM
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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
Sep 16, 4:55 AM
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Mayuka Yesterday, 2:09 PM
Definitely yeah :') I like the change ups sometimes but not always.

No problem, you do you. I also get too lazy to reply sometimes as well.
NanaPT Yesterday, 1:33 PM
tava a falar do darling xD
Legendia Yesterday, 10:11 AM
i just also want to ask if there's anything wrong with taking your encodes and putting them through the handbrake mp4 grinder to play on television due to mkvs not being supported
Legendia Sep 24, 11:04 PM
thanks a lot for the site info. If you've been getting a lot of notifications of backtracking/deleted comments I'm kind of nervous so I apologize.
Tentai-chan Sep 23, 9:04 PM
Izarapaw Sep 23, 5:44 AM
Well yeah I talk to more people on Discord more than MAL xD but MAL was what sort of bonded us all together so when it went down it parted us a little apart from close friends. I'm glad MAL is back up now though, ngl.
Lmao, thx ^-^ I'll probs change the avatar sometime soon, I've had it a while after all.
CrimsonTsuki Sep 22, 4:24 PM
Yeah, I think just having to play through the beginning of Muv Luv to get to Alternative is making me prioritize other ones, but hopefully I’ll get to it eventually!
Yes, I agree since I have also run across the same thing with series like Utawarerumono and Grisaia. I didn’t know there was a Rewrite VN before watching the anime and dropping it due to its bland, vanilla characters, especially the MC, so hopefully playing the VN will re-write my initial impressions of them! :P
HunterTennouji Sep 22, 6:17 AM
Truthfully, it doesn't matter if you are 18 or 26 or 38, you are always given new chances. The circumstances are different and in some cases, very difficult. But let me ask you honestly, does it matter? What matters is that you DO it, rather than waiting and hesitating.
I perceive that you are being quite anxious due to your age and, what you perceive, having not achieved what you thought you would when you are 26 years old. What you have to understand is that some people get some things earlier, others later but that is just LIFE. All of us have different circumstances that lead to where we are. Those with rich and career-stable parents are more likely to start investing in themselves early, due to encouragement from parents. Those that are born in a country with a well-fare system are more likely get educated than those in war-torn countries.

But we can't CHOOSE who and where we are born to, what we CAN do is make the best we can with our circumstances. I really love this quote:
"Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it". The same applies to you.

Regarding me, and to an extent your friend, I simply... grew out of it. We all go through life phases in which the core of our being changes. I did not like associating with people in the past and I rather preferred the fantasy world of anime and manga, where it was the ideal creation of the author which resonated with me. Some stayed with me forever, like Kanon and Clannad and Little Busters (I can still weep like a baby after watching those) others do not, because they did not impact me. However, every day I am out there, in the real world, I grow.

We all need time to recharge. Some like it by being in new challenging areas or connecting with the stories of others. Those are often extroverts.
Others simply want to spend time on themselves and enjoy their hobbies. Those are often introverts.
Mind you, extroverts can also have alone time and introverts can have party time, but the two times gravitate towards one or the other.

You enjoy your time with your hobbies and that is fine because that is your way. Perhaps one day you will change and find that you enjoy other activities more, we can't know until the future comes.
But I know that I changed, forced so by my trials and tribulations but I am quite happy with myself. It's not that I "have" to be social, I "enjoy" being social.

And well, change is a part of life.

I am going to be blunt here, you are beating yourself way to much because you are 26 and in college and treating it as your last chance. You are still young! You still have a long life ahead of you!
Don't let this quarter-life crisis get to you. I have been there too and I am not in any way more special than you. I simply went through it and found out that I am still standing.

-Remix- Sep 21, 5:50 AM
I think a lot of people like to watch Monogatari because it's different. i think people consider it to be niche in a way because of how unique its presentation is. some people think it's jarring, some people think it builds on the story well. whatever people's stance is, it's definitely different, and that in itself makes it worth watching
Meinokoibito Sep 21, 3:37 AM
Thanks :D
since manga is completed U can binge read it now. here is another news if U didn`t heard yet..

you watched cross game.Can U tell me your impression about that anime?

Mayuka Sep 21, 1:02 AM
Yeah, exactly. Maybe I'm basic but I like a classic romance/drama anime where the protagonist suffers but also has a lot of beautiful moments with his potential lover. With TatGalaxy, it always hit that peak where he and the girl (forgot name) were getting closer but his life resets.

Also hi, welcome back to MAL? :p
Frostbytes Sep 20, 11:41 AM
Thanks ^^ good luck with last two episodes of umineko too, and at least go through the manga of episode 8 because it adds some necessary things not present in the vn as official answer

Yeah that ost is from the side story, lots of brilliant tracks present both in main vn and side story. Well it recently made it's way to vndb top 10 so you see more people talking about it nowadays, but yeah having a unique, gothic style art probably doesn't give it the same flair as that of popular visual novels. Sad considering how well written it is or the brilliant atmosphere combining the art and ost.
Legendia Sep 20, 8:04 AM
hmmm how to put it like this for me: I realized the shadiness of crunchyroll and the instability and fragility of streaming, so for most of 2018 I have been on a personal crusade to physically hoard/recollecy most of the anime I have seen in my life that was previously deemed worthwhile.

it's pretty great to have everything back now under your total control, in the best quality, and all on organized storage. Especially in regards to Monogatari, which I now have chronologically configured to watch at any time than if I were sorting through the horror show of Crunchyroll's disorganized library.

The only downside is this is all cost a lot of money for the sheer storage (over 700 GB now)

WinterNightsFall Sep 15, 9:05 AM
Ya, I've been on the site for a little while now, ha.
Legendia Sep 15, 4:07 AM
you watch anime mostly legally or fansubs?