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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
1 hour ago
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Otome*Domain The Animation
Otome*Domain The Animation
Yesterday, 2:25 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Mini Anime
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Mini Anime
Oct 14, 7:20 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 31.8
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Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
Oct 1, 4:42 AM
Reading 85/? · Scored 9
Sep 30, 10:01 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Sayonara Piano Sonata
Sayonara Piano Sonata
Sep 24, 1:42 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -



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Vi- 3 hours ago
Hm.... podemos dizer que sim. O mangá é mais pesado e mais "cruel" nesse sentido de ecchi.
Se tiver interesse de saber:

Mas de uma forma geral, mangá é bem parecido com o anime.
Contudo, o final do anime achei mais completo e refrescante, pois mostra elas se reencontrando novamente. Se não me engano, pelo que me lembro, isso não é mostrado no mangá. No mangá o 'after story' é implícito (deixa a imaginação do leitor).
hannah703 11 hours ago
You have a point I'm very sorry if only MAL was friendly I think I overdid adding a lot of People i guess I'm stuck but at least you understand
Katyo- 11 hours ago
no no no wait what are you talking about with spoiler i dont know anything i know nothing about sao next season :)

mine is monogatari second season, goddamn its so goddamn good, so many brilliant moment happen on that season, from another future, gaen first appearance, TRIPLE LOLIS, and senjougahara meet kaiki at airport. AIRPORT IS THE MOST lul xd moment for me, hahaha it is always crack me up whenever i watch it!
NeoAnkara 11 hours ago
There are really great moment at the end of volume so you can look forward to it.
NeoAnkara Today, 2:41 AM
You will like Folsaria arc. There are lost of good magician moment including Darkness Rainbow member.
OmegaOtaku Yesterday, 10:51 PM
Thank you for stopping by the one true goddess' shrine ^_^
Rin is win so that speaks for itself really. If Michiru wasn't my waifu it'd be Rin in a heartbeat, but she is my goddess no matter what.
Haxx is a total pervy baka though -_^

That last comment may have triggered me a bit. OTP has to be Rin x Shirou (or at least Rin x Archer). And I will shove all the fanart I have of them both in your face til you see it my way. =P You can't beat the Goddess of Tsun.
NeoAnkara Yesterday, 10:27 PM
Vol 27 Will release early November. We will get more info of how much time left by then.
Katyo- Oct 13, 8:52 PM
lul u bet!
i better not think about those "art" u sent to me tho so i can enjoy the show later

yah the ost really have totally different "color" than other series, well its a special one so...

i know right !!
NeoAnkara Oct 8, 4:48 PM
As of volume 25 the end is confirmed to be near by author afterword. At the very least it would have one or two more side story volume before being warped.
hannah703 Oct 8, 10:50 AM
That's not true why would I use them I enjoy talking to each and every one of them they are all nice people I would never use them like that u can even tell them if u don't believe me of course I'm interested in them and I love their likes I'm not trying to build a higher friends list I just like to make new friends no matter who they are we are all anime lovers and thts what counts
Zarnaav Oct 8, 7:04 AM
15 years since first Muv-luv game was released, according to vndb dates february 2018.
HaXXspetten Oct 8, 6:09 AM
Oh I was going to reply, had it on my to-do list, just hadn't gotten around to it yet, sorry :/
But yeah anyway:

Well seeing some seasonals get crazy good scores on MAL is pretty common but most of the time they tend to come crashing down quite a bit in the weeks following their conclusions when the hype starts to backfire. Made in Abyss so far seems like it might be one of the exceptions to that rule though; both the anime and the manga have only kept climbing higher and higher in the last week still, especially the latter is up at 9.04 and #7 on the top manga list now. Might be a bit too much I'll admit but at the same time it's kind of niche in a sense so I guess it's understandable. Also it doesn't really have any one particular obvious element for people to complain about and make an exaggeratedly big deal out of, so it's fairly bulletproof in terms of irrational hating

Bahamut really copied the pattern of its predecessor but took it one step further in both directions. I.E: it was a really solid show for the vast majority of its airing but then kinda collapses towards the end with some really dumb plot twists. I don't think Alessand was the main problem though, but Charioce's motivation for his actions suddenly made no sense at all after the revelation of everything since there was basically no reason for him to keep everything secret and engage in conflicts with the other races; if he had just told the truth they could've all just cooperated since defeating Bahamut should obviously have been in everyone's interests. So yeah not sure what that was about. I still liked the show for the most part though but it's difficult to find much good to say about the ending

Yes I've seen NeoAnkara constantly hyping up Rokujouma (pretty much all on his own) on the forums every once in a while over the years. I think it sounds interesting enough, but there are a ton of volumes so it's one of those things that just seems like a mountain to actually get into. But yeah I'll probably read it someday

Well I can only speak for myself, but Khan Academy is very useful for the various math classes at least as you said. Other than that though I've generally just stuck with the recommended course material from the teachers for studies. As for what that implies depends on the course though. For the theory classes (like metals, polymers, ceramics, microstructures etc) then it's mostly just memorizing stuff from the lectures as it's mostly facts-based, on top of doing whatever laborations you happen to have of course. The exception is learning to understand zoomed-in microstructures and identifying what you're actually seeing; that can be pretty difficult and requires quite a bit of practice when you get to learning that. Best way there is probably just to talk to your teachers and classmates and try to find out together what to look for and what it means. As far as the other calculative courses go like mechanics and thermodynamics then it's more similar to math and physics in terms of studying; there you really have to keep up and do a lot of problems and learn from practical experience. Though of course study habits are ultimately very individual so in the end it's up to what you find comfortable

As far as finding motivation goes... I'm not sure I can help you there. I mean that's entirely up to you alone to find the will to go on one way or another. Though any decent university nowadays should have a student counceling department for matters of that nature if you ever need assistance too
NeoAnkara Oct 5, 2:52 AM
Uncle Alu is great addition to the cast. He have the highest raw power out of the Blue Knight ally. Too bad the cost is distorting the space making Shizuka as the host appear to be gaining weight in the process.

Oh yeah vol 13 introduce Elle too as another part of the cast.
A_Lonely_Jedi Oct 4, 7:54 PM
Well, we have Shokugeki Season 3 which will have a nice sum of 24 episodes, Maho Tsukai no Yome which also has 24 episodes, Kino no Tabi should be good, Gintama will be a fun watch, I assume 3-gatsu no Lion is good since the first season is rated 8.34 and the manga is an 8.40. It is also 22 episodes like the first season. We also have Ballroom currently airing. UQ Holder! should also be decent. I read the manga and it is good enough for me at least to watch the anime. Cliche but fun.

Not a lot but enough. We have 4 total that are longer than 20 episodes though I don't know how long Gintama or UQ Holder! will be.

I'll definitely have to check it out now especially if it is as good as you make it sound. Plot twists and epicness are definitely something I enjoy. Harems are nice too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I always like a story with lots of details and actual plot.

I'll just watch the two seasons before it airs so I can just watch everything in continuation.

Tokoya Oct 4, 7:50 PM
I shouldn't have clicked this spoiler tag lol....I would have liked to find this stuff out on my own xD

But yeah man, I like her a lot already and there's no doubt in my mind that she won't end up being y favorite