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MetaKite Jul 10, 9:12 AM
Sorry, I never logged in to see this. Yes, I have read it. Do you want a PDF copy of the translation?
nyanwave Jul 9, 4:45 PM
Olha quem voltou aqui depois de quase um ano \(^▽^)/ hahaha

Assisti o vídeo que vc mandou, não conhecia esse canal o Youtube, mas ri muito das coisas que o cara falou sobre School Days. Pior anime que eu ja assisti, gostaria de poder deletar da minha mente (⇀‸↼‶)

Concordei completamente com o que ele disse sobre Orange, eu até gostei do anime, mas fiquei com muita dó do futuro marido da protagonista, que na minha opinião foi o melhor personagem do anime. Comecei a torcer pra eles não ficarem juntos no final porque ele merecia alguém melhor que ela haha.
Katyo- Jun 21, 6:36 AM
yo dude, finally i can open profile haha

yo, i know that u like anime with sex jokes like SYD, have you try mitsudomoe? well it got a same vibe with SYD imo, u should try it if u haven't
btw jojo got fifth season how excited is that?! *even tho i havent watch the fourth yet c:*
Kougeru May 27, 11:57 AM
Shirobako didn't so much criticize anime as a whole, just merely mentioned they'd rather not make anime original endings if they could avoid it. It should be noted that Shirobako was created by P.A. Works. They mostly do original anime these days. And at least they're not hypocrites. The shows they have done that were adaptations, either had full conclusions, or left were left open with room for sequels that they got. Those are my definition of "proper endings". For example, Uchouten Kazoku. Season 1 ended in a way that left it open for more, but also would've been fine if it ended there. But the source material kept going. Eventually we got a season 2 that picked up right when season 1 left off. Season 2 ended pretty really well. I can still picture it continuing but again, if it was done in a way where if they stopped now it would be fine because of the way it's written. No real loose ends but also not a dumb original ending. I asked P.A. Works for a season 3 and they told me to tell the author of the source material to make story for them to adapt lol.

So proper ending for me is generally a conclusive finale. But also if there's room for a sequel, if the "ending" is written in a way that it still works if there's no sequel ever made. My main problem is when anime either end abruptly, or they leave too many questions unanswered - seemingly leaving room for a sequel usually never happens. It's all in the writing. You can have a cliff hanger ending that can still work as a finale if done really well.

I actually never got around to watching Code Geass. Fangirls at the same scared me away from it and I just never got back to it over the years.
I never watched Haibane Renmei >.>. I spent a good 6 months looking for it back in the early 00s but could never find it so I gave up. I'm sure it's available on streaming services now, but it's just hard to find time for older shows when more shows than ever are airing per season.

I know it won't change. I don't remember the details of Zankyou no Terror's endings, but I do remember being satisfied with it. I don't know how to explain it, but there's a difference between having an "open ending" and a an inconclusive one. I'm complaining about inconclusive endings. Endings written to give more questions, are not inherently bad and have been some of the best endings in cinema. Open endings are not usually "abrupt". Then don't make me go "that's it...?". Then usually make me go "lol what..? let me think about this for awhile". Most anime endings either return to the status quo that existed at the beginning, set up a sequel, or get an anime original ending that is either plain garbage but conclusive, or has the show just end at a terrible spot making me go "that's the end? Really?". The main problem with Anime Original endings seems to be that they're usually written just a few weeks before airing the episodes. So they'll be airing like episode 6 when they start working on an original ending for a 13 episode show.

If I had to pick from the type of common endings we do get, besides fully conclusive endings, I'd rather have endings that set up sequels that will probably never happen, over abrupt endings. Original endings can work if done well (Akame ga Kill), but it seems rare to me.

Hibike! Euphonium 2's ending is one I could consider my ideal. It's pretty conclusive in what the story was trying to tell, but they could still easily make a sequel continuing on from that point. Shakugan no Shana all 3 seasons also ended well. They all ended in ways that having no sequels would've still had a decent story to tell on their own with a conclusion to those specific story arcs. Season 1 and 2 left obvious room for sequels but only in the secondary plot that was hiding in the background. So they would've still been fine spots to end the show with minor questions left. Season 3 was done in a way that tied everything together for a _very_ conclusive ending. Still one of my favorite endings in anime. The way it connects all 3 seasons was pretty fantastic. That's what happens when you have everything written before you make the anime. Chuunibyou Season 1 had a good ending.

I feel bad for saying "anime" so much though. because the problem of "endings" is really common in most media these days. If anything, I still prefer anime to Western TV because Western TV they literally just make shit up until they get cancelled for bad ratings. At least with anime, they TRY to end it, even if it ends up being lackluster. A large % of western TV shows just end "abruptly" because they cancelled before they get a chance to attempt to end the show properly.

But yeah, it really doesn't bother me as much as it may sound like it does.I still enjoy most shows. I just expect to be disappointed by most endings. Expecting disappointment has actually helped me enjoy the endings more when they turn out to be pretty decent lol.
LadyNaipes May 27, 6:33 AM
Confesso que tou a ficar tão sem motivação...que tenho ainda o episodio 18 e 19 por ver e sinceramente não sei se vou optar por ver a serie hoje. ^^'''

Sorry pela resposta pequena e pelo late reply...mas como tou a adiar ver os novos episodios fica hard dar uma opinião. XD Espero ganhar motivação para ver depois de alguns exames da universidade... ^^

Tentai-chan May 27, 1:05 AM
ohh I see I already move on with that xD thanks for sharing your perspective!
I just wanna let you know that I love your profile picture ~ I'm melting
JoJo is love, JoJo is life
Mayuka May 26, 8:45 PM
Hey! :)

Yeah, it was def funny but I wanted something a bit more meaningful. It sucks seeing someone always end up unhappy [in his lives].

Didn't like any of the girls in Clannad unfortunately :c Dunno if it's the designs or their stereotypical personalities. It just gives me all those "anime" vibes. Like, one guy with a bunch of one-dimensional girls.

LOL the difference is that Ping Pong isn't a bunch of the same things repeated. It has force, a drive, build up... It's a complete story with a start and finish and no wasting time. But I don't wanna hype it up too much in case you end up not enjoying it lol.
Izarapaw May 24, 12:48 PM
Mhmm. The second season was really powerful. I'm both glad and kinda sad that there's another season because as an ending the owari second season ending was absolutely perfect. However, it's very difficult to complain about more monogatari :3
I'd say I still enjoy the light novel of kizu but the film was a wonderful adaptation. The symbolism was made so blatant rather than subtle which kinda forced the atmosphere into your face right away so I was captured into the tone of the films throughout.
I think I gave Kizu III a 9 just because I did enjoy some of the later seasons a bit more and I wasn't a massive fan of the kizu art style. I didn't dislike it but I much preferred the bold, beautiful style of the main series ^-^ in most anime, screenshots look terrible, but I kinda feel like with the monogatari series you could take a screenshot at any point and it would look like fanart xD ofc, the main monogatari series doesn't include much action in comparison to the kizu films so they could afford to use a more attractive, glossy art style.
ShiroiRyu May 24, 2:01 AM
I had the same problem for the OVA.
They rushed the story too fast for me !
For the first post on each chapter of Relife, i was looking at the raw because i couldn't wait more. ^^
Nayuinthebox May 24, 1:42 AM
Right?! I wish there was more to it! Their happy end didn't get the deserved panel time!
Kynov May 23, 6:16 PM
Yeah, i already put it on my list, dont i?
For the manga, i had follow it before the anime but since it was aired i am not following it again.

I m really thinking on giving the manga a 10
Really? I might as well as continue to read the manga. At the first, i was afraid that this manga will become a generic rom com since i like Relife alot.

btw its been a while since i log in to this site again. lol

Nayuinthebox May 23, 7:18 AM
Heck yeah! <33 It's always pleasant to find fellow ReLIFE fans. o(≧∇≦o)
-Remix- May 23, 7:10 AM
Tatami Galaxy is definitely not friendly to a general audience. It is a very niche writing, packed with a lot of metaphors, which can come out to be as nonsense to a lot of other people.
Fate/Zero touched on a range of thematic material, which is sorely needed in anime, but in my opinion (and seems like you agree with this) the execution was very flawed. Loved the fighting scenes though, they were brilliantly animated.

You certainly have a point, and I don't intend to have you change your ways. Objectivity is just one way of rating, but a lot of people like to do it based on enjoyment, which I am totally fine with :)
Veronin May 23, 2:03 AM
Nice. I've been wanting to get back into visual novels myself, but nothing that's come out recently is really interesting me. 2017 and 2018 have been quiet years for the industry, although there might be something in that time frame that I missed.

I came back to Japan on May 4th. Been a crazy couple weeks, and am currently applying to jobs at Japanese restaurants.

Sangatsu S2 is still amazing, but yeah, I couldn't really connect with the bullying stuff as much. I'm hoping that starting over and watching it all from start to finish will bring a bigger emotional resonance than watching weekly did.

And this reply must be in the running for most belated ever. Sorry about that!
Vi-h May 22, 8:22 AM
Sim! Mesmo algo não sendo tão explicito pode ser até muitas vezes melhor que algo explicito.
Haha, acho que eu dei importância demais para essa relação delas... mesmo em hentais as vezes nao consigo evitar isso ><

Ah! eu tinha entendido errado então! Achei que nao tinha visto Sono Habira.
Podia ter mais hentais como Sono Hanabira. Em relação as Visual Novels, estou esperando a tradução da visual novel 11 de SH (o terceiro jogo da Shizuku e Erisu), mas vai saber quando isso vai acontecer... a mangagamer comprou os direitos autorais de SH e agora eles são os responsáveis pela tradução.... se isso não tivesse acontecido com certeza já teriamos a VN 11 traduzida pelas fansubs.

É verdade =P algo como SH não pode ser jogado por capricho se não é desperdicio! Tem que estar em um clima bom =P

Inglês randomico ><