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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
4 hours ago
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Date A Live Ⅲ
Yesterday, 7:18 AM
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Nihon Animator Mihonichi
Nihon Animator Mihonichi
Mar 21, 6:23 PM
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Kiss x Sis
Kiss x Sis
Mar 2, 6:55 AM
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Feb 17, 8:24 AM
Reading 217/? · Scored 9
Feb 17, 4:10 AM
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dasprn Yesterday, 3:01 PM
Yeah but reality was damn hard.
DeitysDynasty Yesterday, 10:59 AM
If Dal gets a season 4 I can comment
Yeah I saw a lot of the memes from the young kurumi bit

2.22 was great a lot of new stuff
I won’t be seeing 3.33 until 4

I don’t recommend the ova to anyone
But people still watch it
AivanK Yesterday, 9:06 AM
Epah apercebi-me agora que a gente falava portugues xD Fui burro hahaha

Still, ta do crlh! Especialmente as imagens!

Oh yah mas tu sabes que como este site é community based e nao pertence a nenhuma empresa grande, as funcionalidades demoram bue a ser lançadas, alias o site mal mudou nos ultimos 5/6 anos, mas pode ser que um dia!

Yes! Kaguya ta do crlh! Nunca pensei, a ideia é bue original.
Acredito que o manga seja bom mas pelo que vi, este é daqueles raros casos em que a adaptação é melhor que o manga.
Intense Yesterday, 8:18 AM
Hey me again.
1-I know my profile doesn't have much 'personality' going on.I'm not active on MAL as much as I used to.I simply don't have the motivation to arrange my profile I tried to include varrying favorites at first too but my favorites also need a partial overhaul where I want to sit down and contemplate.
Good more power to you being assertive and self-confidence are undeniably one of the greatest 'assests' a person can have in today's society good for you I admire.

2-I wasn't necessarily refering BattlerxBeato in fact romance is not on the top of my list when I try to explain why I adore umineko.
You say..Again in my VN schedule right now I'm struggling to decide as to what I should read next.That is the most difficult part for me deciding when and what to start reading.Afterwards is pretty simple I either get hooked or just drop following a few hours of reading when I feel like I gave enough chance to get tangled with it.
I'll be aware of your warning :)

3-Oh yeah I love me some good ol' tsundere waifu.
I also happen to like ShirouXSakura pairing the most.I appreciate Sakura's character for depicting more of a flawed heroine deconstructing the 'pure' 'innocent' kouhai model which I imagine was a very popular trope back in the day.(not that it isn't today.)My reason is not in a way of fanboyism but I think they have the most mature and arguably 'healthiest' relationship for both sides.Ofc
more like Sakura is the heroine that puts Shriou in a moral dilemma and deviates him from his twisted , self-destructing 'borrowed ideals' and showing him what is truly important in life.Sakura is polar opposite of Shriou and Saber.Both pairing and character wise.Shriou and saber's 'selfless devotion' perfectly balanced out by Sakura's selfishness.Sakura wouldn't care to see the world burn if it meant for her to attain what she wants.Rin would be the middle ground.She seems like she fits the selfish model the most but honestly she cares about Sakura more than sakura cares about her.What Sakura feels is jealousy and admiration rather than a geniune care.Rin also doesn't prevent nor necessarily support shriou in pursuing after his self-destructing ideals.Saber and shriou are very much parallels in that regard.My point is that Sakura balances shirou and will 'challenge' him to consider about what he should truly be caring about in life.(That being said all 3 routes show his sturggle with his ideal it's one of main themes of the novel cannot be summed up in a few sentences.)
I like all 3 heroines almost equally but I do have a favoritism towards flawed characters in fiction(in general).Sakura's action are not completely justified and morally gray even after you consider the shit she's been through.And that's what I like about her.

4-Yup just like we mentioned previously VNs are like the best of both worlds.A common criticism I see on the internet regarding VNs is that most them have pacing issues typically too slow.I think this could be linked to the something I've read on the internet.According to that subsequently to the success of Key most VN developers started to follow a similar pattern.That pattern being everything starts out mundane and ordinary then something happens and boom all hell breaks loose.I don't know how accurate this statement is since I've never really went out and researched about VN history but based on my personal experience this pattern is indeed common in the medium.

5-I do actually have a vndb acc Dont mind ratings too much they are mostly arbitrary and changeable.I appreciate your recommendations.

6-I've wanted to get into Monster for a very long time now.I get manga is much better than the adaptation (as usual) based on what most people say.I guess you did not watch the anime.I'd love to hear your thoughts about both the source material and the adaptation.
AivanK Mar 21, 4:06 PM
Sup bruh! Hope you're fine. Long time that we don't talk xD
Just passing here to say that you have a fucking amazing profile ;)
Kenji142 Mar 20, 3:26 PM
DeitysDynasty Mar 20, 10:45 AM
I have
Long hair origami is smexy
Tho her voice is a little off putting

I recently watch 1 and 2.22
Reluctant to see 3.33 due to all my friends and you saying how bad it is

Lol I fell in love with the anime
I watched it in one sitting on New Year’s Day
But the manga is a superior version cause a whole arc was cut

Lol makes sense
Have fun
Zarnaav Mar 17, 11:56 AM
Ofc , I agree. I'm trying to motivate myself and I can do it, but I can't stay motivated, and I repeat this cycle, reason? I can't find a reward great enough. Just like Kirei, that guy was skilled af, but still unhappy. F/Zero best Fate, thanks Urobutcher.

If you want to unwind and relax, things like New Game and Non Non Biyori are some of my very TOP favourites to give that calming and enjoying feel, very soothing watchs, adorable too.

Idk I feel like I should do something else, I've lived my life hoping luck and odds will bring me the life I want (not the ideal life), just you know something average, something everyone has. "By chance we meet,we feel, we stay." But it didn't happened, I was left behind ,watching anime because I had no aim, while the world moved forward, now I have to catch up... Is like you have shown me ages ago( I won't bother to check the date). Insanity is doing the same things over again and expecting something to chance.
But I kinda want to watch something... something dramatic, something sad, a well developed tragedy, something original with no "read the manga"/ "play the VN"... something I can fully watch and not too long.

Why dont you try learning japanese, if you interested?.
That would require me to read VNs, since VNs are the 2nd best way to do it IMO besides going to Japan and talking with Nipponjins (other things are not that good), I've studied Japanese a bit but while playing Muv luv Faraway Dawn 2 ( good story man, a rushed and short, but good).
Last time I tried to learn something and develop a new skill, an experienced guy told me I could've got myself killed lol, so I'm never playing with my Mobo again. No for the last 2 suggestions without a senpai.

Thanks for advice mate, talking to you is the only thing that keeps me coming back to MAL.
Tokoya Mar 16, 9:20 AM
I didn't care for their romance tbh so I wasn't bothered by it at all
-Remix- Mar 15, 8:12 PM
hmm so just so that i'm getting this right-- you're saying that the S3 plot will catch up to the LN sequel that came out in 2010? just want to make sure

Shield Hero and Kaguya are both on my soon-to-watch list. Kaguya will probably be first. I like to watch shows that have been completely released so I can binge if I want to. Shield hero still has a second part that needs to come out, so might wait until summer to get to that.
dasprn Mar 15, 3:58 PM
Yeah that's my favourite couple from IBO.
Vladz0r Mar 15, 1:06 PM
I graduated from college, been looking for jobs lately.
A job in Japan would be cool, maybe in a few years after I clear some of my debt here.
Tokoya Mar 14, 10:19 PM
Lol that's the type of binge reads that I love doing
MetaKite Mar 12, 6:17 AM
Don't forget the era it was written in. Long before SJWs and people getting triggered when every male MC had to suffer big time to garner any sympathy. Still it is all shown to be a very bad thing and not romanticized like trash yaoi that people are into today. I think SAO tends to have rape as a way to turn part of the audience on while here it's just to make us disgusted in every way possible.

Nowadays, our heroes don't have to go through over the top tragedies for us to care but not in the 1980s which is known for over the top excess. This is why I feel like the anime should have stayed based in the 80s because so much of it only makes sense in 1980s context. From the popular action movie cliches, NYC being this seedy crime rotten apple and to drug plot which is based on a real life program from the 1970s and 80s. The people who a triggered are obviously millenials unaccustomed to brutal plots that Banana Fish deals with. Which anybody that read the short story "A Perfect Day for Bananafish" on which it was inspired by would know it would be pretty tough on the reader/watcher. BTW it's still not a yaoi but does have shonen ai hints I guess that MAPPA has played up. Yoshida didn't have the guts to run with it until AFTER the manga ended.

Also, I hope you are watching Dororo. I'm not really into it because I know how it ends and seen the original anime series but there are people who don't feel bad for Mio in episode 6. So I think that's why Ash was made to suffer like he did because the are many readers with preconceived ideas about certain people in certain professions So it was hammered in that Ash's life sucks so that people can sympathize for him. After all, there are people who said he's "bad" for being a murderer or deserves to suffer cuz he used to be a prostitute. So he ends up in these situations that fit the narrative that he doesn't deserve that and it's messed up. I have no idea if you understand what I mean but it's ridiculous for a reason because there are people that ignore the narrative of the story.
HereticHunter Mar 11, 9:41 PM
1- Its kinda rare yes, I found some because of my name and my Renne picture on Forums and my signature.

2- Half my play through of 3rd was me trying to understand what was going on. With time things start to fit the puzzle. It shines the most at the end I must say.

3- Yeah, quests on CS are fairly easy and you can fast travel but the maps are way bigger and you mostly spend time visiting anything and looking at the scenery, which I felt like I was touring through a new city while learning about it. Which to me, is an improvement. Legram was one of my favorites. I did struggle on some fights in CS, I remember having a bad time with C and with that Liech at the Castle in Legram (mostly because of nightmare ailment lol, some of the times I struggle on a fight is because I'm not properly ready to the status ailments, this also happened to me in some fights on Sky games). The only thing I don't like from Valimar, is that the battles are really underwhelming or maybe just limited and monotone (at least in CS2, they are improved a bit)

4- I can see that, I wasn't personally invested on her as I don't like Tsunderes that much and she didn't gave me the best impression early on game, but she gets somewhat bearable. I understand the thing about her potential, one of my friends told me that they could have take on her more into the orbment area and she could have been way better, but that isn't explored that much. Emma, to me, SHOULD have been the MC of CS instead of Rean, considering how important she is and how many things revolve around her. I'm not that invested on Laura, she's a cool character tho, easily one of the best characters gameplay wise (I one shot'd one of the bosses in the old schoolhouse so hard when I got her Master Orbment to max xD) Laura's Outfit in CS2 is great, so is Emma's.

Ah, I didn't spend much time trying different characters on said festival, as a matter of fact, the only one I tried with all the girls, was the "Tea of love" from the twins. I went to the garden with Towa... Didn't regret it.

5- I didn't felt that much invested in Sara (as a comparison to Schera in Sky), but she has her moments. She does really good in CS2 tho. As for Towa, I don't know yet if she's playable, but she takes a major role midgame CS2.

6- Yeah, I've hear something like that, like CS3 being the best of Rean, but well. Time will tell when we get the port. Talking about Rean. Yeah, he is extremely underwhelming as a MC. His voice is really derpy and his dialogues are really cheesy. His voice in japanese makes him better, but japanese audio wasn't that complete. That's a thing I mentioned about the Gundam no Kiseki fights. They are underwhelming and pretty monotone, despite CS2 improving its gameplay a bit. I haven't finished CS2 yet, I reached ACT2 which a friend told me is the worst part of the game, as it is a "pokemon search" XD. I haven't played the game since I reached ACT2 and played a bit on it, the problem is, I've been playing a Dark Souls mod and I've been on that lately, so there's that xD. I'll return to CS2 whenever I feel like it.

7- I know one of the Crossbell games is 80% done, I haven't checked yet if there's is any progress tho.

8- Consider your lesson learned xD. That's true, CS doesn't come close to Sky. I found a Chest joke in CS2 (I think they are mostly the blue chests)

I'm aware of the DLC costumes, but I don't have them, so I'm glad I never tried those costumes XD. I'm fine with their outfits.

One day I'll retook CS2. I'm going to Finish this Dark Souls Mod by playing it the way its intended and then I'll get back at it. A long journey awaits me. (I'm not trying to save time for CS3 or anything, I'm just that moody when playing games, I got through Act 1 pretty fast to be honest XD, At this rate, you may even win the game before I do, A friend of mine already won the game and he just got it like 2 weeks ago lol)