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Anime Stats
Days: 175.4
Mean Score: 5.88
  • Total Entries1,384
  • Rewatched81
  • Episodes10,284
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Oct 7, 11:23 PM
Watching 8/24 · Scored -
Versailles no Bara
Versailles no Bara
Oct 7, 11:22 PM
On-Hold 7/40 · Scored -
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze
Oct 7, 1:54 AM
Watching -/39 · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 37.4
Mean Score: 5.90
  • Total Entries495
  • Reread2
  • Chapters6,424
  • Volumes743
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket
Oct 10, 11:44 PM
Re-reading 5/136 · Scored 9
Ashita no Joe
Ashita no Joe
Oct 8, 3:01 AM
Reading 85/171 · Scored -
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Sep 29, 9:09 PM
On-Hold 26/108 · Scored -


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link9us Dec 12, 2:24 AM
If they reboot the 12 kingdoms anime, i am going to freaken loose it man!

link9us Nov 22, 2:56 PM
Btw not sure if your aware, but wano arc in one piece has been ongoing now and it is absolutely amazing. This is by far the best arc in the story we have ever seen. Its clear to me why oda considered it something that he has been wanting to draw for along time. There are huge game changer moments and story impact that has been a very long time coming. Some of the stuff introduced in this arc is like "end game" material it seems.

Also eichiro oda is dividing the arc into individual acts, im not sure if i told you this before but its the first time he's ever done anything like this. He using the Kabuki theater play as a reference for the wano arc. We just barely finished act 1 and already there is just so much going on. The way a kabuki play works is there is usually 5 acts to the story or play. So we still have a solid 4 acts left of wano.

In any case the story of one piece has obviously reached new heights and its clear to me that hes finally pushing towards a climax. Now might be a good time to jump back in and start watching. In the anime, WCI has about 10 or so episodes left so it will be finished by the end of this year. Wano will probably start in the anime at around the beginning of 2019.
link9us Nov 20, 6:07 PM
Yep it is, i know i am pretty excited bout it also. It looks like the author may approve of this adaptation also.
link9us Nov 17, 1:52 AM
Yeah the video was removed probably due to copy right.

No i have not but its deffinity on my ptw and ptr list. If i do like it, i also plan on picking up the manga volumes to like i did with Berserk and Bastard. Incidentally, look at this.

Pretty exciting huh at the prospect of this coming into fruition. I really hope it does.
link9us Nov 15, 6:18 PM
You have seen Yu yu hakusho right? This is a good example of what happens when you take a traditional Cell animation project and incorporate modern day CG animation.

Does this even look like Yu yu hakusho? lol I mean god it looks like something put together with adobe after effects. I really miss traditional CELL animation, it was just so much better in so many aspects. Have you ever noticed when you watch alot of modern anime, the character models are rather rigid and don't move during scene transition. Only there damn lips move. That is where classical anime differs heavily compared to modern animation.
link9us Nov 11, 1:52 PM
Hey sorry about the long reply. I been so busy with other things. In any case i hear ya about graphics. It seems now a days that is all developers are concerned about is graphical innovation and open world gameplay. I really miss the days where rpgs were treated more like an ambitious art form with story and writing considered the most important. I been on a classic binge kick lately just replaying some old classics and also playing some new games. Finally got around to playing Alundra (another working designs) title and shadow hearts 2 finally finished. Seriously they do not make games like this any more and the more i play classics, the more i truly realize this. Take FF XV for example. its a game with a great open world structure and beautiful graphics, but outside of that, its such a convulated story with so many plot holes and not nearly enough exposition. That is the problem with games these days, you get stories are just so condensed because they have to put everything into CGI Vs scripted stuff can go along way. That is why FF VII remake will take nearly 3-4 separate Ps4 disks to fully develop and remaster it. FF VII is also a short game compared to some. Just imagine if you had to remake xenogears on the PS4, you would probably need like 5-6 games.

I am how ever excited for some of the new games i want to play like DQ XI and Kingdom hearts 3. I think in terms of traditional style of story and gameplay, DQ XI definitely hits the sweet spot and KH III we been waiting for ever for.
Rex_Connor Oct 11, 6:09 AM
I feel the same way, I don't think I have been watching much anime these days. Reading manga less. Once you get older, you tend to lose interest, especially when most anime characters fit the same archetype. I mostly keep up to date with Seinen mangas.
Rex_Connor Oct 10, 5:19 PM
675 animes completed? o_O

I have been watching anime starting as a kid (from the 90s) but I don't think I will ever top that.
link9us Sep 21, 1:40 AM
Heh neither do i really. But its nice when a game is meant to be visually pleasing, like FF XV or Dragon Quest XI be it an art style or CG. How ever im a fan of old retro style rpgs as well so graphics are not something that is required for me to enjoy a game. I grew up in an era of pixel art graphics. I do really appreciate the style and art that goes into certain aesthetics though and this even harckons back to the SNES era where there was truly beautiful games like Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger with many different color pallets and design.

But yeah modern day graphics are not a necessity for me to enjoy any game today. Hell i would be content playing game in this modern age that has ps2 like graphics as long the story, characters and gameplay mechanics are great, i'll enjoy it.
link9us Sep 20, 5:37 AM
Seeing these old techs from trails in the sky being re-imagined on cold steel 4 is just what the doctor ordered.

Estelle and Joshua FTW!!
link9us Sep 19, 9:29 PM
Yeah its a very long game lol, but very rewarding in both gameplay and story. So as they say patience is a virtue. Although it may not seen like it now, the plot is every bit meaty as rest of the elements of the game and you'll soon see that as you progress further. You do not have to do every single quest in the game, i think there is like something around 300 or so. So there is tons and tons of side quests. Even during certain story mile stones, revisiting previous area's will unlock new side quests so you never run out of quests to do. I think the real draw for that game for me was the exploration and i think that is ultimately what kept me to continue playing it.

Xenoblade chronicles 2 is essentially very similar in its scope and scale like the first game, only with a new coat of paint. I feel that xenoblade the 1st game could have been on stronger hardware to give it the edge in graphical display, judging by its amazing visuals breathtaking environments but unfortunately that wasn't the case, but all in all i really enjoyed it and the voice acting also is pretty great to help immerse you into the story more.
link9us Sep 18, 9:16 PM
Although and i have said this before but i still would of loved for more detailed character models. I felt that part of the game was lacking with its blocky looking character models. But Xenoblade chronicles 2 used more of an animish character style which looks amazing.
link9us Sep 18, 4:08 PM
Xenoblade Chronicles starts off some what slow with its repetitive system of side quests but once you do get into the thick of the plot line, it really takes off and never stops. The game places a focus on exploration and open world environments that are full of beauty so expect to be spending quite alot of hrs exploring and picking up loot. But its honestly the one game i can truly say where an open world structure is not considered detrimental to the other wise compelling narrative. (Like Final Fantasy XV for example) To many open world games i play places a major emphasis on open world exploration but with many sacrifices to to other things like story. Thankfully that is not the case with Xenoblade Chronicles. Its balanced quite well with its game play mechanics, gorgeous backdrop and visuals and an epic plot line.
link9us Sep 18, 1:12 PM
Wow, as soon i woke up i was like Damn "There he is". Well thats cool, Maybe Kineta did something behind the scenes? Who knows, but finally you are back. I swear this site has never went through such an elaborate security check before and as a result there was alot of things that has been curropted on the database. Including list designs, clubs, profile BB code, etc. But apparently they have implemented new security to the site so hopefully we don't go through that again. Club useres were really upset caues they had wait literally months before everything got restored. It was a real pain but they finally finished it and all services are working again. You might have to go through and reupload any list styles you used though. But anyways, Welcome back!
link9us Jul 14, 8:02 PM
This has to the largest love letter to fans of the Trails series ever. Here it is man, finally it HAPPENED!!

In addition where getting Schera Josette to.

Look at this early concept footage of this upcoming conflict. This has been forshadowed since the very first game even.