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link9us Yesterday, 4:53 AM
yes precisely, he was using a facade in sky but it was a very important part of his role to remain hidden from the growing tensions of the erobonia and liberl conflict. Towards the ending of SC, he finally reveals his true identity astounding most of the party members. Thats all i want to say bout that, if you really really want to see this scene, ill link it here for you. It was at the conclusion of chapter 8, you were very close to that point in SC. It was right after the orbital shut down phenomenon with the 4 tectralitic towers during when the enemies starting wrecking havoc on the land and when the party was attempting to infiltrate the central area of grancel to intercept the rest of the enforcers.

Osborne's formal introduction is not actually shown until trails in the sky 3rd though, during one of the key event scenes that is set up as an epilogue after the ending of SC story events although he secretly played a role in trails of the sky FC and SC, but that fact isn't know to the audience at that point.
link9us Oct 18, 7:13 PM
ahh i see, well what specifications does your current laptop have?
link9us Oct 18, 2:22 PM
If you spend about 200 dollars more though you might be able to get something pretty reasonable like a 960mx or possibly even a 9 series GtX which is like 4 times stronger then the mid range 940mx series graphics cards.

500 dollars is kind of hard to find a decent laptop for mid range gaming, i mean if you look at the benchmark configurations for various games, this laptop can play quite a few games but if you plan on playing in any sort of high or ultra settings, it won't be powerful enough for that.

Anyways i realize your not trying to find a dedicated gaming laptop, you just want something that can manage mostly low-mid tier gaming on casual settings right? If so then the one i chose would probably be the best one you can get for that price.

Benchmark of the 940 mx
link9us Oct 18, 12:13 PM
ideally a laptop like this is purely designed for high intensive gaming

as you can see its much thicker housing and has exhausts on the back which gives it much better circulation. When it comes down to it when your in need of a gaming laptop one of the number one causes for laptop's crapping out on you is heating issues. So thats what your paying for honestly for some of the higher end units.
link9us Oct 18, 11:59 AM
This is something that would most likely suit your needs though

Not alot of laptops have dedicated graphic cards under $500 dollars but this one does. So i would say considering the ram that you get, as well the I5 7th gen cpu and the SSD drive is perfect for intensive gaming sessions and better performance. I would say thats the best bang for your buck. Its also up-gradable so you can always upgrade the graphics card, ram and even install an extra 1 tb hard drive into it. Now the con obvously being the fact that it doesn't come with a standard HDD, so you will have to purchase one your self if you want to hoard loads of media.

Keep in mind though that this is not a laptop that will have the same extreme cooling as some of the higher priced laptops so to compensate for the lack of cooling, i would use a cooling pad at all times when your doing gaming for hrs. They work really well if you get a pretty good one usually for bout $20.00
link9us Oct 18, 11:47 AM
Well getting a gaming laptop is going to be a bit tricky at that price point. I would honestly purchase a desktop with a low end graphics card, and then just upgrade it when you can.

Most of your gaming laptops are at the very least 700-800 dollars. Mine is a 1200 laptop and its still considered at this current gen, a mid-tier computer. Also you have to take into consideration a laptop can handle vent heat well and have good airflow perfeberly with exhaust vents.

Most of your acers for like 500 dollars are alot cheaper, but they lack the ingenuity to keep the computer running and cool for hrs on end so like wise, even though the specifications are ok for playing some of these games. You may have to limit your self or run into countless heating issues. So i usually look at two factors when purchasing a laptop that will run games. The specifications of the laptop and way the laptop circulates air.
link9us Oct 17, 11:36 PM
A laptop or a desktop, are you looking to build or just purchase a pre-built computer.
link9us Oct 16, 10:21 PM
Well i don't want to spoil anything but lets just say that cold steel II honestly improves on many aspects then the original. The game is more fluid and feels more natural when walking with your characters, better visuals and upgraded quality. Refined mechanic systems and some new battles systems introduced and even more flexibility in regards to traveling, for example you get vehicles and even an airship to travel with. For the most part Rean is a central protagonist of the first 2 games the ability to play as other characters in certain scenario's gives you a more dynamic approach to gameplay so your not completely just centered on playing as Rien the entire time.

No that is absolutely not the case with cold steel II. There will be some revisited area's but not to the extent of the way they presented it in Trails of sky SC. Cold steel II will be taking you to many new locales as well, new city districts along with some new areas. The way it kind of works with cold steel I and II is you can pretend that its all one big game that is split between two titles. Cold steel II only expands upon the world and the area's you can visit. So yeah you will going through major land marks area's like nord highlands again but you will be veering off into new directions to visit new area's that you were not able to on the original cold steel game. It is not a complete copy and paste like it was on trails of the sky. In other words through your run of cold steel, there maybe area's inaccessible or that you will not be able to visit. You kind of have to look at cold steel II as being like the 2nd half of the journey.

Cold steel III on the other hand is taking an entirely different direction and will be focusing on an entirely new part of the world, so cold steel III will be represented as almost like a new game with brand new locations, probably not many revisited locales, if any locations since you will be in a different part of the continent. Though you will be traveling through cross bell since its closer to the western border, but who doesn't want to see cross bell in full 3d? I know i do! :)
link9us Oct 16, 6:21 PM
In fact people already have youtube walkthoughts up showing these locations.

link9us Oct 16, 6:08 PM
Oh i understand what your taking bout. Cold steel 2 gives you alot more freedom of exploration and it jumps back and forth more often with each group. As far as seeing locations that are hinted upon or named for group B, unfortunately no i don't think any of these area's are revisited in cold steel II. How ever that is absolutly not the case with CS III. You'll be exploring western Erebonia in CS3 along with a new Thor's branch and even revisit crossbell city from the Zero/Azure games. Since the game is exploring the western part of Erabonia, i imagine many of the areas of "Group B" will be locales that you will visits such as Parn, Heimdallr, Odis which are already confirmed at this point to appear in CS3.
link9us Oct 16, 5:18 PM
hmm im not sure, which places are you taking bout?
link9us Oct 14, 7:47 PM
I think falcom will eventually go that route for sure, its steadily building towards something of a larger scale conflict that will no doubt take place. We have already seen some MC's joining up in some form on crossbell. So its something that falcom could consider with cold steel IV. I do imagine the final arc will consist of all major parties joining up against a greater enemy, that will be really awesome and i think falcom is probably planning something like that.

link9us Oct 14, 12:38 AM
Oh yeah Rean is going to be quite a central protagonist in the whole saga. But there are actually many new characters that are taking part in the story to such as the protagonists and other characters from trails of zero and also characters from trails of the sky the roster just continues to grow like crazy as you play more cold steel games. I think personally the impact would be greater having played those games first so when you get introduced to them, it will be pretty surprising. Osborne is also an extremely pivotal character in the entire Trails series, his roles in cold steel and cross-bell are just immense, thats why i said its kind of important to play trails in the sky 3rd at the very least to understand part of his motives because he becomes a very prominent figure in cold steel.

Though people are saying cold steel III is by far falcoms greatest achievement so im really curious to see what cold steel IV will deliver. Maybe the long awaited return of "estelle"? lol one can only hope. In any case cold steel IV will be the final game and then i think the story will finally move into the Calvard republic arc, you know where Zane/zin is from which ain't going to be for a while yet. Still so much more trails games to go.