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Brigadoon: Marin to Melan
Brigadoon: Marin to Melan
Nov 1, 10:46 AM
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One Piece
One Piece
Sep 4, 4:26 PM
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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One Piece
One Piece
Oct 7, 6:41 AM
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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Sep 29, 10:44 AM
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Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte
Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte
Aug 18, 8:50 AM
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link9us Dec 16, 7:27 PM
Welp, 50% completed, and they also gave us a demo video to see there work, check it out.
link9us Dec 11, 1:35 PM
Holy Christ man this game is going to be lit

The long awaited envisioned one piece game we all been waiting for and its being released next year in the west.
link9us Nov 20, 3:52 PM
Yeah thats a shame. What bout the steam versions? Thats what i have.
link9us Nov 14, 6:51 PM
Music? You mean like the Openings for the Evolution games? I actually prefer the original sky openings over the evolution versions. As far as gameplay music, isn't it like the same?

The PS4 will get cold steel III and IV and based on the release window for IV, it looks like japan will have it already next year as the climax episode of the cold steel arc.

Yeah the mecha theme is very central to the cold steel arc, although i would have to say it kind of started to become more of a larger focus in Trails of azure. But it has its roots clear back in trails of the sky to with things like renne's Pater-Mater and even the ring guardian, Reverie. Not quite as heavily thematic as Xenosaga though. But i think its pushing towards that direction for sure, especially with the games like Cold steel III and IV.

I am an absolute Xeno-phile and I believe Xenogears to have one of the most incredible story and characters to ever grace a video game. That being said, Trails really does remind me of Xenogears ALOT, even down to some of the musical pieces sounding like Mitsudas score from Gears. And yes the story progression is very similar, all the mysterious scenes they show at certain times to throw a wrench into the norm, and give you just a tincey bit of juicy information to keep you satisfied before the real reveals begin. Both games are incredibly crafted and paced, it really is a shame gears didn't get the other games it deserved, as much as I love Xenosaga I-III (I own all 3 games and other Saga series goodies) it falls some what short compared to the narrative of gears, and its also never really clear of Saga really is connected to gears in some way (and that goes for the blade series too, but its mostly just paying homage, and has certain aspects implemented into each Xeno game that is familiar to fans that make it a "xeno series" game).

Trails in the Sky was like a PS1 classic made almost a decade later, and takes advantage of more modern technology, but uses the old PS1 formula that made all these classic games so great. I am personally putting emphasis comparing Trails in the Sky to PS1 RPGs because its obvious thats where its inspiration came from. As far as having any of the staff from Square-soft working on the Trails in the sky series, that i do not know. But like i said its obvious kondo has some inspiration possibly from the Xeno series.

Yeah Xenosaga is actually pretty great if some of the inconsistent gameplay changes don't bother you as much, for the most part they told a pretty complete story, maybe some what convulated but it is far one of my most favorite cinematic experiences to ever grace the gaming medium.
link9us Nov 13, 9:47 PM
You can have the switch plugged into the docking station, it just slides in and instantly transfers your screen to your TV, unplug it and goes straight to your switch screen, its like immediate and seamless the way it works. Its pretty amazing. I am FINALLY playing the new zelda game. Its pretty great, but full on open world. I honestly can't wait to get my xenoblade chronicles 2 though next month.

Yeah for the price point and if you do not have a PS4 i would definitely consider a PS4 over the switch due to of course the much larger library of games. That system has already been out for a while and it has quite the selection of games to play now and unlike the PS3, the PS4 is honestly catering to a much more broad range of Japanese role playing games. There is just a long list of games i can recommend to you already on the PS4. In addition the PS4 is creating a multitude of compilation games packages where you can play some PS3 games upscalled or even ps2 games. In addition of course it has access to the PSN store which enables you to play all of your oldie retro classics as well like Playstation. It also has added support for video codecs that enable you to play more formats of videos.

You played the game on hard right? Well the games are every bit structured like the trails in the sky series, so if your having difficulty making it through the 1st game, you are really going to have a tougher time with the 2nd game and the third game and so on. Levels remain intact, along with all your progression of your characters and its like continuing the adventure with even greater challenges and more hardcore fights.

For me, its Alisa all the way, since she is primarily the canon pairing, love interest of the games. The effect isn't immense though, the ending really only changes slightly based on who you pick. I have seen all the dance events and i think the best ones are Alisa and Fie personally.

Yeah 130 hrs and your just barely getting into the "actual plot" lol, based on the ending things are heating up. But thats the way falcom games are, and i love it even if the first game focuses mostly on world building, its still awesome the way they structure the games. So by the time you hit the 2nd and 3rd games, you'll understand a whole alot bout erobonia political situation and much of the surroundings, area's, characterization, etc. Then hit the next game running with some major story developments.
link9us Nov 11, 11:51 PM
The eng dub of Lupin the 3rd 2nd series is absolutely phenomenal, im taking like cowboy bebop levels. I have like the first 80 or so episodes in English but i wonder if the whole series was broadcasted in english? This certainly way better then the japanese.
link9us Nov 11, 8:22 PM
I remember you asked me this a while ago and i gave you quite an extensive recommendations list which of course Legend of heroes was part of that list. So i'll just say again that i think a 3ds and Vita both are great investments, there is quite a large library of games, especially if your looking for rpgs in general and tactical rpgs. As for which system is the more preferred choice? Honestly that is a real tough one cause both systems cater to a wide range of games of the rpg genre. I would say I do appreciate the features and UI of the vita obviously more because it is a bit more advanced then the 3ds. Speaking in terms of the online stores, the vita has the 3ds beat by a landslide but yes you can play many nes and snes games from the 3DS as well although the digital library isn't near as large as the PSN library.

But i think they are both fine choices for mobile systems and I wouldn't favor one over the other. Since i use both to play alot of games. Also with the additional ability to play psp games on your vita, as well as DS games on your 3ds, it widens your choices considerably if you want to play alot of older games.

No, the 2DS can not play xenoblade chronicles, only the N3DS/XL. Yeah i wouldn't get the 2DS if i were you. The Nintendo 2DS is an alternate model of the Nintendo 3DS. It is designed specifically for younger players, which is evident by the system’s tough design, tablet-like shape and non-3D display. The 2DS is comfortable to hold, it is constructed out of a lot of matte plastic which gives the system a toy-like look and feel that honestly will turn off alot of older players. There is ongoing debate on rather or not 3D is harmful to children and the 2DS was designed specifically for that demographic thats also why it has kind of a toy like look to it. The visual screens are also a bit smaller in contrast to the 3DSXL.

The new 3DS is basically the same system with upgraded features like the Video card and CPU obviously letting you play games like xenoblade chronicles or Dragon quest XI. Honestly i personally think the library of games available at this point don't justify the need to purchase one if you already own a 3DSXL. It seems to me like there only using the new 3DS as kind of a port system. Which means there are no note worthy exclusive titles for that system, just games that are avialable multi-platform like DQ XI and xenoblade. Obviously anyone that has access to a ps4 is going to want to play the DQ XI on there. I mean just look at the difference?

Also the screen size on the new 3ds is actually little smaller then the 3DSXl from what i noticed. I have said this before as well, but i don't recommend xenoblade chronicles on the new 3ds, it looks alot better on the Wii even though the Wii is dated, there is a much larger drawing distance and less blurring, as well as a darker contrast of colors and for a game that is dealing with open world visuals, it showcases its beauty much more vividly as opposed to the N3DS in my opinion.

But if your going to spend alot of money on a N3DS, i would go for the switch instead, this is the fastest selling nintendo system on the market and developers every where are creating games for the system. I think in the near future it will be a system worthy of a vast selection of titles, including alot of role playing games as well. You can probably find a good price for one on Black Friday and then you can play games like these.

and there is many more to come, its a new system now but what companies are providing is pretty groundbreaking to say the least. I usually don't say this about nintendo cause i always considered most of there systems a lost cause. There mobile market has been pretty successful but most of there consoles have failed in more ways then one. But they really blew it out of the park with this console. Its incredible and definitely a contender against the latest generation hardware of the PS4 and Xbox 1.
link9us Nov 9, 6:49 PM
Have you seen Robotech or Macross/Calvary Cross/Mospeado yet? I am going to be getting into these soon and since these series were heavily inspired by Leiji Matsumoto's writing style from Yamato and Harlock, i imagine they will be pretty awesome to watch. The classics is where its at man. Back during a day where everything looked more gritty and stylish opposed to clean and uniform like it is today. I just love the 80's.
link9us Nov 9, 5:14 PM
also did you know?

seeing as how your playing the FF games
link9us Nov 9, 1:14 PM
Well there you have it man. Damn exciting news. I new it was coming I just didn't think it would be this quick. IN addition to PS4 remakes of the original cold steel I and II games, we final got clarification of the 4th cold steel game and its actually being released with in the same fiscal year. That is crazy. I thought it was going to be like another 3 years or so
They must of been simutiously working on both and we also finally sort of have confirmation of there being a 4th game in the series, which is no surprise to me cause I cheated and saw it at the ending of the cold steel III credits :p But there ya go. Things are moving along pretty rapidly.
link9us Nov 9, 1:21 AM
Btw i don't know if i told you this but im currently watching the first Lupin the III and saw your discussion on post 15. Great series so far. Ive actually been watching nearly all the 70's vintage anime classics and so far lupin the 3rd is by far the best considering its the first anime aimed more for the adult demographic as opposed to many of the series before it that were clearly aimed at a younger audience. Been having quite some fun with this series, got to say.
link9us Nov 6, 1:13 AM
Shit just became real

This year's 49th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed of a city on fire. The issue described the city as that of the Holy Land Mariejois, adding "who is the person who stands on this absolutely inviolable sacred ground?" The visual also teased an "incident that will shake the power of the world." In One Piece, Mariejois is the capital of the World Government and is also the land where the Celestial Dragons live.

lol i just have a feeling after whole cake island arc, things are just going to esculate to just unfathomable levels.
link9us Nov 5, 4:20 AM
Yes i do have a steam account, profile name is link9us1

The PC stream version is more or less a ported over version from the IOS with a clunky UI and sprites graphics that just really look horribly drawn to me. The same thing they did with FF IV as well. I just couldn't get a handle on the way graphics look. There is a PS remake, the GBA remake and the SNES original. The PS remake is pretty much an exact duplicate of the SNES version with some added feature and of course a few FMV's. Personally i would go with the PS remake as being the more faithful version and translation. Either the SNES or PS remakes has the translation by ted woosley (Maybe its just nastalgia for me, but i did love alot of the quirky dialogue from woosley's script). The GBA version is a re-worked script translation but often times certain things are not quite well explained and even some things are misleading in certain character scenario's such as locks relationship with celes. Also the PS and SNES have superior sound quality obviously more then the GBA version and i think watching some of the greater moments of that game are much more enjoyable on a big screen tv, rather then a small tiny GBA window. There is also one particular very popular scene that is censored in the GBA for some reason was uncensored in the PS remake.

Although the GBA remake does have some included side quests and post end game content, in a form of a super dungeon with stronger monsters and weapons and some added summons. But it really only amount to different color swaps of various monsters you have already seen in other dungeons. I personally have beaten both versions.

IV i would absolutly recommend the PSP complete, no questions asked. Although the DS remake is pretty neat to being able to see the 3d like visuals and voice overs and i have to admit some of the voice acting is really good. Totally your call on this one, but the PSp remake does also have the included interlude and after years sequal games.

Final Fantasy II was not to bad, but the original FF was bare bones old school style rpg (very similar to games of the NES era) with little to no story or personality but i did appreciate playing it on the PS just to see where the roots of the franchise came from, but i would only play the first two games if you really wanted to dive into legacy and history of the video game series.
link9us Nov 5, 12:27 AM
Starting with VII? What bout the first 6 games. VI is probably one of my favorites over all. But yeah i just recently went through the entire FF series so im all kind of caught up on that. (with the exception of XV) I am playing currently right now the "Breath of fire series" I never had a chance to ever play the original Bof I and II so im checking it out. Bof II actually has an amazing fan translation that i am using as well and i was able to purchased a reproduction cart for my SNES.

Yes i do know know bout the PC mods and patches added to the pc version of FF VII.

Speaking of FF XV, the game is going through so many changes and development stages, the game is not even considered the same as it used to be. The developer said they are going to continue focusing on establishing the lore and story of the game all the way through 2018.
link9us Nov 2, 9:52 AM
Finally got a switch!!. Manage to snake one from bestbuy just 20 min after it sold out again. Screw all those damn scalpers trying to sell it for like 400 dollars, if i am not going to get it for 299.99, then im not getting it. But i finally got one. Got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Zelda: Breath of the wild with it.