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Hias Aug 16, 4:21 PM
Also did not see this post. Did you buy the dvds for the Sopranos or saw it on tv when it was airing?
Hias Aug 16, 4:15 PM
Just saw a bit of it right now, it's appalling stuff. Especially that Christopher Cantwell dickweed going on about how blacks are savages, only for Elle Reeve to immediately point out that whites are perfectly capable of domestic violence and domestic terrorism, giving examples like Dylann Roof.

I think it's nonsense that Trump hesitated to blame the Neo-Nazi's and just did a safe little "it was both sides!". Completely ignoring the fact that his rallies and his behavior incited and encouraged this behavior in the first place. These people have always been around, but now they got the official 'ok' to be a total piece of shit.

I was arguing with people in CE on this the other day and their first response is to blame Antifa and blame the Left. Nevermind that this all happened at a fucking Neo-Nazi March.

I've never been so ashamed and embarrassed at being an American because of fucks like these. But I also know that as Americans we can do so much better than this, but it has to be fought for.
Terrestrious Aug 16, 12:06 AM
I don't really think I had an issue with the timing during the Alabasta arc with the bombs, but I was also someone who didn't have any issues with the "five" minutes it to Namek to explode in DBZ, though admittedly I haven't watched that since I was kid and would probably hate it now but I definitely agree that the narration in Chimera Ant really avoids that time issue.

The recap filler does happen right after the one-two punch sequence of Sogeking burning the World Government flag and Robin's declaration "I want to live" (which is probably the second best emotional climax in all of One Piece, with only Nami's in Arlong park topping it for me). So right after that, it's like four or five episodes of straight recap. And oh boy, I forgotten about Foxy. I still don't understand why Toei developed such a hard-on for him, they extended his arc to like double the length from the manga, gave him two additional filler arcs (which to be fair, I think totals three episodes), and almost a two hour special focused on him meeting up with post-time skip Straw Hats (I recall it being better than I was anticipating, but I don't really remembered it at all really, and I didn't leave a comment to refresh my memory [which is unusual for One Piece specials], so I wouldn't really recommend watching it, it's not part of the series so you don't have to).

On the flip side, the anime also made the Long Ring Long Island arc almost entirely pointless. As far as I'm aware, Foxy's arc in the manga, besides just providing a breather in-between two extensive story arcs, only has two relevant scenes. The first being the crews discussion of their Skypiea funds (where they decide to spend on the Merry) and the second being the encounter with Aokiji. The former scene was moved into the G-8 arc, actually making that filler arc have more value on the overall plot than LRLI arc because the latter scene was moved into another filler arc (the first entirely filler Foxy arc). And in that Foxy filler arc, Foxy is only involved in like the first half of it, and the Aokiji stuff isn't until the second half, so I believe you could theoretically watch the One Piece anime and skip the Foxy arcs entirely as if it was just filler like the Rainbow Mist arc (which I actually recall really, really liking - outside of how poorly Sanji did against that villain). I know why they shifted both scenes but it's just really weird.

And yeah, Marineford was painful. The biggest issue with that arc for me, is when the anime needed to pad out the scenes because they had to cover it one chapter at a time (and that arc could be pretty barren in terms of content, since so much of it was action and there were quite a few two page spreads if I remember) is that they defaulted into adding more Buggy bits. Which not only made the arc dragged, but started making it feel like a tonal mess. It's possible I'm just exaggerating how much they added him, it's been years after all, but he was injected into it far more frequently than the manga and I remember getting annoyed every-time the series would cut to Buggy so he could do the same exact joke he's been doing for the entirety of the arc. As bad as Enies Lobby got, I think Marineford is probably the low point in terms of pacing, though I haven't seen the last few arcs in anime form.

On one final note, during the chapter discussion thread I think I mentioned that I preferred Enies Lobby to Water 7 in the manga, but I no longer hold that opinion. And I actually think that opinion was formed around the adaptions poor pacing. I re-watched Water 7 in the anime not too long ago and that still held up really well, outside of the occasional dip into flashbacks (it was kinda annoying during the Luffy/Usopp battle, but I understand doing it as a way of nailing in the heartbreak of the fight, and the rest of it was handled really well). I do like that Enies Lobby was able to include Lucci's backstory, something Oda had to mostly scrap for timing. As for Skypiea/G-8, it was in an episode discussion thread. I looked into it and it wasn't that you liked it better per se, but that it was better in certain aspects, namely the pacing.

I feel Ikalgo is kinda the poster child for everyone who doesn't like Chimera Ant's dedication to multi-character focus. Out of everyone on team Hunter, I believe he's the last to be introduced (sans maybe Meleoron, but I believe he was introduced earlier and just wasn't much of a focus until he met up with Gon) and has some pretty lengthy segments that are detached from pretty much all of the core players. Of course, I loved this, and his episode with Welfin (123?) is one of my favorites in the series, I'd even say it's underrated. I prefer Pitou for the most part too, but it's really close. And I agree about the Royal Guards btw, I think Youpi's maturation during his fight with the Hunters kinda reflects the middle ground stance. I haven't really thought too much about that before though, and it's something I'll pay attention to when I revisit Chimera Ant again. And ah, I love Knuckle, lol. Last time I did a HxH character sorter he was in my top ten (at number ten I think).

Wonder what your mom will think of his near death sequence then? that was one of the highlights of the Chimera Ant arc because when Knuckle realized the whole "time slows down before you die" thing I was convinced he was a goner, making Killua's rescue all the more awesome. But there's definitely a ton of big talking points during the Palace Invasion, it's crazy how much is packed into those episodes. Definitely makes re-watching it with someone a lot more engaging than most shows. I'm fine with Chimera Ant Kite but that could change in the future. Alluka was something I really didn't like when I went through the manga but loved when I went through anime. Which is less to do with the adaption (though the anime really sold their dynamic) and more of my priorities. Like, when I read the manga, I binged from whatever chapter covered episode 116 until the first chapter of the Dark Continent. So my investment was entirely around Gon, which I think made it harder to see Alluka as much more than a plot device (Granted, even then I saw the message Togashi was going for, but it didn't seem to land for me). Though of course, the later reveal in the Dark Continent arc that Gon has been cut-off from his Nen helped alleviate the feeling that Gon got off Scott-free without repercussions which was my biggest issue. Are you planning on telling your mom that, btw?

Personally, even ignoring Chimera Ant, I still prefer Hunter x Hunter. It just caters far more to my preferences than One Piece does but yeah, I totally get why someone would like One Piece better than HxH. And yeah, Arlong Park Arc is fantastic, and Nami's tattoo stab/Luffy talk sequence is probably the most emotionally moving moment in One Piece still (and One Piece is generally really good at delivering these). Have you seen the special version of the arc, Episode of Nami?

Those are my favorites too, along with FMA (though I sometimes forget to include it since it doesn't have the same mult-arc structure most do, despite still easily being able to segment the arc) and Rurouni Kenshin. Oh, and My Hero Academia seems like a guarantee to become one of my all-time favorites, especially after Deku vs. Todoroki. It's kinda like the pure shonen essence of One Piece/Haikyuu!! mixed with the internal logic of Hunter x Hunter.
Hias Aug 14, 6:32 PM
They've chugged down the alt-right kool-aid and are beyond help. Did you hear about that Neo-Nazi march last weekend? Like how is that okay or justifiable at all? Freedom of speech is one thing, but it's hate speech, that's not okay.

MHA cranked the pacing up to 11, I think that's part of why it's so good. No more 26+ episodes for an arc, no more 5 episode battles, no more filler that does nothing for the story or characters. MHA S2 recently had a filler episode, but it was great since it improved on the manga and gave the other characters more screentime and more time to show how the internships are going.

Yeah I checked out the pilot for the Sopranos and it was alright, I'll have to watch more. Did you get hooked from the beginning or did it take time?
link9us Aug 14, 1:43 PM
You do not want to play the original trails in the sky game on the Psp. It was littered with errors, translation issues, no voice overs, etc. This is the first time I got introduced to the series so I thought really nothing of it at the time. But the STEAM versions are superior in every way with higher graphical rendering for larger screens, fixed translations and especially in trails in the sky 3rd where they did a complete full 1080p remake with many added features.

So honestly, it’s probably within your best interest to just play these games on PC/STEAM or digitally download them on your vita for the more up to date polished versions. Cold steel also has a major updated treatment with 5000 added voice over lines including voicing the MC so the game appears as though you’re not in these awkward conversions where other characters are speaking to you but the MC remains Mute. I always found this to be a bit strange. Well the PC version has completely fixed this.

But were still hoping that a console port becomes available. I really don't like how Xseed is catering strongly towards PC gamers with all these upgrades and patches and not doing the same for consoles.

Thankfully Cold steel II didn't suffer from these grueling issues.

Btw, I just got to Laboon in the manga. How cool is it that Brook ends up being one of the pirates you hear about in this mini-arc?

Foreshadowing is what oda does best. :p Now that you know about Sanji's upcoming arc, let’s see if you can pinpoint any subtle foreshadowing leading up to his origin story. Honestly this completely blew me away how early that character was foreshadowed before like the 800+ chapters in which they finally revealed sanji's heritage and the reason the world government chose to not use his portrait for a wanted poster.

You are really going to love the pacing of the WB war arc in the manga, it’s one of the best arcs in the story and paced perfectly with loads of bombshells and just beat after beat of major events and honestly when i started reading it in the manga, i skipped ahead and i was spoiled but I could not stop myself from reading it to its conclusion. The anime does suffer from pacing issues but it’s still great and some of the scenes such as luffy going up against the 3 admirals are more intense and riveting in the anime.

The same can be said with the 4th world war in the manga for naruto. Studio periot literally destroyed the pacing of that arc with its endless filler and padding strewn throughout the entire climax of the series but in the manga i was so hooked i couldn't stop reading until naruto ended. Though i will say the studio surprisingly managed to give the last battle a major budget increase and the epilogue or finale of the story was much greater than the manga imo. Just because the studio added alot more clarification and exposition that kishimoto kind of left out after the war.
Terrestrious Aug 11, 6:56 PM
Yeah, I'm definitely liking the Succession War so far, even though it's still clearly in set-up mode it's been consistently entertaining (Hunter x Hunter is the only series that's ever worked for me week-to-week, not that I've tried a lot of manga that way but One Piece and Seven Deadly Sins just did not work under that format for me, probably because neither are as dense as this arc of Hunter x Hunter has regularly been). And yeah, the series definitely has a different feel to it with Kurapika at the forefront, I think it speaks a lot to just how well developed and distinct the characters in Hunter x Hunter are. If nothing else, it helps lead to the variety of the series quite a bit. Really like the crime thriller undertones that seem to follow Kurapika around every since Yorknew, I feel that has a lot to do with why he's my favorite character (or second favorite, I keep flipping between him and Meruem as my number one). And his Hatsu design is definitely among the coolest ones, though I always had a personal affinity towards chains. Not a huge fan of the Dolphin design though but it's not a big deal or anything. Oito and Bill have both been great but what I like most about them is how integral they've been to Kurapika's success so far. Shimano too. I really like how, despite Kurapika clearly being the smartest guy in the room, this arc has shown him rely on those he allied with. Ever since that flashback with Izunavi, we've been seeing it more and more, and it makes for a pretty nice contrast to early Yorknew. And yeah, Chrollo being there definitely adds a lot of intrigue there. I have a few ideas where the series might go, but there's so many angles at play here that this is probably going to wind up the least predictable arc in HxH. I'm positive that Hisoka and the other Spiders are there too. It's been over a year since the last run of chapters so my memory is hazy but I think Chrollo set the order for all Spiders to sneak onto the Whale, and with Hisoka's intention of killing them off, I'm sure he's around there too. Granted, who knows how much Hisoka has killed but I can't imagine him not getting involved in this arc after that set-up. Then again, I would've never predicted Chrollo vs. Hisoka to have happened so randomly in the first place so I can never be that sure.

lol, well your Mom certainly isn't wrong about Gon's selfishness. Chimera Ant is still my favorite story I've seen, so that's definitely one of the best arcs to show people. Biggest question is whether or not the pacing of Palace Invasion will be a problem for her, since that's where most of the criticism of Chimera Ant seems to stem from. I remember when I re-watched it with my brother though my biggest worry was that I'd end up crying throughout all of 135 again. I'm also actually re-watching One Piece with my brother, we're currently at Enies Lobby, and just reached the point where the anime decided to throw in two alternate universe episodes right after Chopper becomes Monster Point, so we've put that on hold for the time being (and we just got past the four/five episodes of recap they threw in after Robin's backstory). My brother is like me in that he doesn't like skipping any episodes but I'm curious if you two are going to be skipping all the filler and recap (there's a good chunk of it after all). I'm sure you'll watch G-8 since I recall you really liking that arc too (I think you said it was better than Skypiea iirc) but what about all the other stuff?

Also noticed you been reading the manga for One Piece, which ultimately is the best way to experience it. I did like the extended backstory of Luffy/Sabo/Ace in the Post-Marineford arc, which meant I liked that arc better in the anime (and in general, the anime at it's best can really make the high points of One Piece that much stronger) so it's not like the anime is all bad or anything but with the current pacing I can't imagine it managing to hold a candle to the manga. I heard at it's worst, one episode adapted four pages of the manga, really hope that was an exaggeration. How far did you get into the time-skip btw? Fishman Island?
link9us Aug 11, 4:24 PM
Speaking in terms of Legend of heroes. I am hoping Kloey/Princess Claudia shows up in cold steel III :P One of my top favorite characters from trails in the sky. fans are really excited to see characters already confirmed from cross-bell to be showing up to but since im kind of at the beginning of those games i have no real connections to the characters yet like i do with trails in the sky.

Just give me Kloey and that Dynamic duo. Seeing them in there 3d graphical form with voice acting :D Thats the love letter i want. Some characters from the main cast of Tos are already teased but i won't tell you who. If you can manage to avoid spoilers though you will be quite surprised.
link9us Aug 11, 4:07 PM
Yeah, i forget if it was part of arabasta or drum island, but yeah thats it.
link9us Aug 11, 1:14 PM
Also since you just finished the Arabasta arc, you may recall something called the 'Reverie"? where all the worlds leaders gather to talk bout the worlds events and governmental politics, etc that takes place every 7 years. Well its been a very long time coming but this is actually going to take place in the story very soon again in the "present" timeline. But more of a smaller mini arc of sorts focusing on probably alot of revelations, info dumps and exposition leading up to wano. So many theories are tied to the importance of this upcoming arc.

It is actually a good thing that you are choosing to re-watch the entire series again, because some things were eluded so far back are finally going to become relevent again lol

and yeah i am still clinging onto the idea that oda will finally tell us as to why in the hell pell survived lol. Maybe he's a D? Either way i chock that up to poor writing and execution for now. He really should of died but hopefully the author will atleast fix his past mistake and give us some resolution behind the mystery of pell xD.
link9us Aug 11, 10:50 AM
Yeah you can do that, just if i were you i would honestly skip most of the fillers. The fillers is what really ruined that series, especially in the 4th shinobi world war.
link9us Aug 11, 10:49 AM
Yep you are right, that guy Ryuma was from Wano. Which also come to think of it isn't just all about zoro either. Brook also has some ties in wano to.

I think there is kind of a pattern here, its pretty obvious oda is trying to finally give us more information on some of the straw hat crew that we have been long awaiting. We first got Sanji's now were getting zoro and possibly part of brook. Elbaf has already been eluded in the story as well and if you remember that was in regards to Usopp wayyyy back from little garden, so that could be next. But whats interesting bout this is, he's not JUST focusing on the straw-hats heritage or origin story, there are surely some much bigger things afoot as well and some other large events taking place there. Same thing with Elbaf, originally i thought it was just an island of Giants, but its being built up in a way that there is surely more going on there. Which makes me wonder when the hell we ever going to see Nami's place of origin.

link9us Aug 10, 10:56 PM
Zoro's origin story might finally be revealed as well so im really excited bout that.
link9us Aug 10, 10:08 PM
Yeah the wano kingdom is the next big arc its been foreshadowed since thriller bark and as you progress in the series beyond post new world, its brought up quite a few times so yeah its an arc that is clearly a very important arc in the storyline. It is also an arc that ODA has wanted to showcase for a long time, since he expresses immense interest in drawing a story line arc that takes place in a fuedal era japan with samurai, believe it or not he was inspired by the creator of Rurouni Kenshin to do this arc.

Yeah your right, its probably going to be something on the same scale as the WB war or even greater, with the inclusion of the entire straw hat crew along with many other characters you haven't seen yet, the super nova's and most likely even multiple Yonko. I honestly hope its not 100 episodes lol. As much as dressrosa was very immportant, i think 100 episodes a bit much for any sized arc. But i do hope its like similar to WB war maybe a little bit longer.

Falcom's president indicates it as being the most critical game bringing all three arcs together. So yeah class VII will definitely return, but thats not all. Characters from trails of the sky and crossbell will also make an appearance. Some of them have already been teased and people are quite ex-tactic about it.
link9us Aug 10, 11:13 AM
I honestly think all of the cold steel series will be released on PS4 at some point. It goes with out reason that honestly that is the best decision and I can totally see it happening given the fact that we have gotten so many re-releases for various games on PS4 already. Also the fact that this series is all about carried over choices and items, etc. So I just know its going to happen. But the real question remains what are they going to to do with the earlier psp arcs. Are they going to remake them on PC or are we going to get digital downloads on the PS4. Cause psp and vita I do not see happening. PS4 or PC is where its at honestly. If they want all of the fans to experience the games in there perfect form. Then I don't see why they would not release all of the games on PS4, that includes the cold steel original that was redone with 5000 voice over lines.

Depending upon the sales of Cold steel III, they would just be an utter fool not to. I also predict that cold steel III is going to be one of the most popular games in the franchise and most likely out sell every other game. Falcom even says from a story perspective its one of the most critical games they have done yet in terms of story impact and with the transition to higher graphical technology and a new gen system. That means it will garner long time fans, as well as new fans as well. Similar to like FF XV. That game is going to sell like hot cakes. If that happens, then there is no telling what they will do with the future of the series just so everyone can experience all these games on console.