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link9us Yesterday, 8:02 PM
This has to the largest love letter to fans of the Trails series ever. Here it is man, finally it HAPPENED!!

In addition where getting Schera Josette to.

Look at this early concept footage of this upcoming conflict. This has been forshadowed since the very first game even.
link9us Jun 25, 4:23 PM
Also regarding the account, MAL is going through a major security vulnerability check and there checking all pages of the site. This has honestly been the longest that services have been suspended for, for the entire time that i been here. Well at least our profiles are finally restored, but i hope it doesn't take to much longer for all services to be restored.
link9us Jun 25, 4:12 PM
Well the hype for one piece far exceeded anyone's expectations. The current arc is just chock full of revelations, bomb shells and major story developments. We are getting introduced to some really major powers in the world that have been dormant for a very long time (although i won't spoil anything) but these new elements of the story may even pose more of a threat then the Yonko's them self's.

So yeah its clear to me oda is really pushing forward with some long over dew story developments and the deeper lore that has been shrouded in mystery for a very long time. You know what im taking bout - the void century, the one piece, revolutionary army, the celestial dragons; are finally becoming the center of the plot.

The set up and build-up to wano is just insanity, far more involved then anyone even thought possible and im almost considering that the climax of the wano arc will lead to some major incident or event that turns the world upside down. Remember White beards Prophecy? The stakes are at an unbelievable high that i think these foreshadowed moments might come sooner then we expect.

Just to give you a little reality check of what to expect when you catch up to the manga. :p
link9us May 24, 10:54 PM
Well shit, I gota hand it to Tomino man. Not only he is responsible for one of the greatest mecha series that incorporated more pseudo science and real mecha story lines as opposed to the previous super sentai robot mainstream that started in the early 70's, which didn't age well and instead the "real mecha genre" became the stable of mecha series there after, but he is responsible for pioneering serialized story lines in anime. I kid you not, not sure bout the manga scene, but in the anime medium, I have watched literally every 70's series at this point and the only one that manage to break away from the traditional episodic format and classic tropes, was Zambot 3. That literally is the FIRST anime EVER to be a serial story line as opposed to the more episodic format. The very next series that came after, just happened to be Future boy conan which also incorporates a serial story line. So in retrospect you could say that Isao takahata was influenced by Tomino's attempt at serial writing and to that extent even leiji matsumuto him self because the first season of yamato was very episodic, the 2nd season and 3rd were definitely not. Wow I really discovered something amazing. I just didn't know this man's influence ran this deep.

It certainly isn't the case with manga though, since yamato and devilman were both serial story lines and even as early as cyborg 009. How ever the anime adaptations of there respective source materials, were not. Its interesting to note though, that this changes quite drastically in Season 2 of yamato and also later on with the harlock saga, all are more serialized. But tomino was the really the first to tackle this type directorial convergence of serialization in the form of an original series.
link9us May 20, 1:31 PM
So i been wanting to tell you though that i been watching alot of recent shows in the last few years that i don't think i ever talked bout. But some of them are absolute anime of the year contenders. So if you get bored of shonen and want to watch something different, i can give you some recommendations.
link9us May 20, 1:25 PM
i imagine fillers excluding right, because word of warning, but if there is any series that was destroyed because of fillers, its naruto shippuuden lol. Canon parts are ok to watch. But the fillers are so nonsensical irrelevant to the actual story, that there just pointless. Though the one silver lining out of all this, was the finale. Studio periot almost delivered like a mad house quality in terms of a final battle and production visuals and a solid ending to make up for how they destroyed the tension and pacing of the 4th shinobi world war arc. Some of the novels were also adapted in the very later parts of the series, and these are actually pretty good, quality wise as well so apparently they did not want to screw up everything.

People generally get a bad taste in there mouth because of the final war arc, due to the fact that the fillers kill the momentum of the story and the tension and you sometimes even forget what the hell is even happening in the present story line. So my advise is just watch the entire war arc to its end (excluding fillers) so you can get a more proper outlook on the final parts of the story. You will not have to worry bout any of this really until the 400+ episodes of shippuuden though. But in any case i just thought i would let you know if you weren't already aware.
link9us May 19, 8:54 PM
Your re-watching naruto to huh? lol what is the occasion?
link9us May 19, 8:51 PM
Well i was afraid there was a certain scene in the manga that would be censored in the anime of one piece because its quite frankly the darkest moment in the story but i am so glad the anime did not censor anything. Man the anime currently is just really going all out. I am just really impressed compared to what people said bout dressrosa, these current arcs TOEI is putting alot more care into creating something with consistent quality. The moment the yonko started powering up looks pretty cool in the manga, but it really popped in the anime just with all the colors, the flashing electricity, solid fluid animation and the blood curteling screams, it just looks so much more cooler.

Btw making good progress on reading OP, you'll catch up soon at this rate.
link9us May 14, 9:37 AM
Yeah I am actually probably one of the few that hasn't seen the origins anime yet so ill be watching that to. Have you seen Gundam Unicorn. Thats a really awesome series. As for manga, i am currently reading Promised never-land, Dr stone and Akatsuki no Yona witch is like a historical fantasy romance, great manga and anime if your into a magical fantasy adventure type story. But anyways i am getting back into Gundam again and trying to catch up with the shows that i haven't seen such as Iron blooded orphans, Build divers and Age.

Just trying to find a cheaper price for some of these, cause i do eventually want to collect all the gundam series and support the company. I think its amazing what sunrise has actually done for all the classical UC series, not only releasing them in blu-ray but for the first time we get to watch them in eng dub to. I kind of grew up with gundam in English with Gundam wing and then later destiny so i appreciate the fact that i can watch them all now in English.
link9us May 13, 11:46 AM
Been trying to purchase all the Gundam Series, but i can't believe how the new rightstuf sets are so much money. I can buy them all on dvd for half the price. I don't really see that much of a difference either. Especially when you factor in the classics like 0079 or Zeta. Its like 34.00 Vs 55-60 dollars.

Now gundam 00 or destiny, for sure because they were developed in true blu-ray not just upscaled. Also there not near as expensive, its just the remake classic ones from the UC era.
link9us May 10, 2:06 AM
Man oh man.. one piece is just amazing!!! right now. omg i wish you can read this stuff. The story is really escalating and all i can say is its bout damn time we get down to the most important pieces of the plot. Oda is not playing around. Celstial dragons, dragon, the revolunary armies, a major war, ancient weapons, the national treasure... Its all coming together :)

and were only like three chapters into this new story arc
link9us May 5, 11:40 AM
Can't say the same for the anime haha. I remember CP9 specifically ennies lobby being the one arc that had glaring pacing issues so yeah I see where your coming from. Its always good to compare and contrast i guess, after all your going through the story at the pace that oda really intended for it and CP9/ennies lobby are pretty well known for being some of the best manga arcs as is the marinford which also had quite alot of pacing issues in the anime.

But i am not much of a nitpicker like others, i would prefer relevant canon filler over non canon filler that is irrelevant to the main story arcs like what naruto did anyday. Though i will say TOEI has been quite on board with delivering great quality in the last few arcs. Zou and whole cake island are probably two of the best arcs in the anime.

Yeah Ao no kiseki (trails of azure) is like finished now fan translation. It will be out in like a few weeks, as for zero it might take a bit more time, but its currently at 73%. Though during summer they have no school so they can work on it a much faster pace. Still no word on cold steel III or IV though from xseed. Hopefully we get something soon this year cause they are way behind the japanese. In fact Kondo is already thinking bout what he's going to be doing for the next arc of the franchise and already has the next game in mind and he estimates will be released around 2020.

link9us May 4, 9:44 PM
So what you been up to video game wise? Still playing those LOH games or something else. I love trails, but i hate waiting so long for the damn english versions. I mean hell japan already has finished the cold steel series to its completion and we haven't gotten episode 3 yet. I just hope they get announced soon along with the crossbell games.
link9us May 4, 8:57 PM
Wow in the manga of OP your deffinitly alot further behind then i thought you were. You have watched the anime up untill post time skip, so it really isn't necessary to re-read earlier arcs of the series. The anime pretty much adapts all source material. There maybe times where its poor pacing compared to the manga but TOIE never cuts out material like say A-1 does. But i guess if your wanting to read and experience the whole manga, you can do that to. I just think you might be more into it, if your reading stuff you haven't witnessed yet. Which you still have alot to read, like 5 arcs or so of material.
Terrestrious Apr 30, 8:16 PM
I definitely like the concept behind the slower start but I don't think it was executed too well in Angle/Nakamura but like I said, once the match got going I really liked it so it wasn't a big problem with me. The difference in crowds are pretty interesting. I first experienced that while watching the Paul London/Akio matches on Velocity years ago, since one of those happened in Japan. I'm not sure which one I prefer, I'd probably lean towards New Japan because I doubt they'd chant "What?" every-time someone dares to pause, and the whole Tye Dillinger "Ten" chant is my least favorite crowd chant in history since all it does is destroy the drama of the count. But I do like the WWE crowds at time, and it's interesting to hear different wrestler preferences. I remember reading Kairi Sane (who I love btw, second only to Asuka) say she prefers American crowds because it feels like they're fighting with her, or something like that.

The other matches you linked me where against Okada (who I've heard of countless times since that series with Omega that I still haven't watched yet) and one against someone called Yoshihiro Takayama (who I never heard of so I googled him and got depressed when I heard about his retirement).

I see, pretty interesting. Especially the idea that even in Japan, success in MMA can translate to a push. Definitely find the transition in wrestling careers pretty fascinating, I still don't fully understand the creepy clown phase of Asuka's career in Japan, but that's most certainly the thing I'm most looking forward diving into whenever I get around to doing that. And as for Nakamura, it's crazy to me how much my opinion on Nakamura's improved since his heel turn. Everything about it works, and I absolutely love the new theme music. For as much of a letdown as their Mania match was, his feud with Styles has easily by my favorite thing in WWE recently. I thought their match at the GRR was a lot better than their Mania match, albeit the finish was flat. I guess I'll carry this over in spoiler tags to be safe.

The rest of the Greatest Royal Rumble was meh, I didn't really find anything worth watching outside of Styles/Nakamura & the Rumble itself (though it wasn't even the Greatest Royal Rumble this year).