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Shonan Junai Gumi!
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Kono S wo, Mi yo! - Cupid no Itazura
Kono S wo, Mi yo! - Cupid no Itazura
Jan 27, 3:00 PM
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Terrestrious May 26, 5:21 PM
Have you read this yet? Don't know how legitimate the source is but I've read that this account also reported on Volume 34 before it became official (Shueisha has added it to their catalogue) so I think/hope this is pretty credible. Just one month to wait . . .

And yeah, I've since read the next three volumes and boy, did they change quite a bit. The ballet fight with the Angel was still fun but it can't compete with the anime version since they were able to incorporate the music and sync the motions to that brilliantly at certain points. However, outside of the fight, I actual prefer the manga version. The chemistry between Shinji and Asuka is really entertaining, so focusing almost exclusively on that really helped that arc. I loved the short scene with Shinji asking Gendo to lunch and the test tube backstory for Asuka is an interesting decision. I also thought the change to them being in a monitored room ended up being a smart call, since Asuka was allowed to show her personal growth in her relationship with Shinji while still stagnating elsewhere (her destroying the camera to train with Shinji without Kaiji/Misato seeing her aggressive training technique with Shinji), and I like how that motivated Shinji and the visuals showcased that with Shinji hair lightening up.

The stuff with Toji I'm a little less certain which version I preferred. As morbid as it sounds, I do like that Toji died at the end. It makes more sense with what actually happened for one thing but more importantly, the impact of his death, especially after seeing the anime, hit much harder than I would've anticipated. On the other hand though, I think I preferred Shinji not knowing Toji was the fourth pilot until after the fact. I guess having the double impact of him being dead and a close friend of Shinji would've been too devastating. I also like the idea that Shinji would vehemently oppose Gendo on just killing another human in general, that he didn't need a connection to say person to stand up to him like that. That said, I'm glad they went the route of having Shinji know, not only because it's more refreshing than just reading the anime in panel format but because they handled that story really well. Shinji's final conversation with Toji was great, I loved the callback to the punch from the beginning of the story, really added weight to the scene.
link9us May 20, 2:40 AM
I think you would like trails in the sky the third, its alot more heavy on plot dialogue then back-tracking gameplay. The format is very different though, you only get one extremely large dungeon with different phases and levels. But the really cool thing bout this game is you get these doors that you have to open and each one reveals some substantial lore and backstory and even major secrets in the narrative that are foreshadowed before cross bell or cold steel arcs. I find it interesting because nearly all the dialogue is rich in content, its not padded out with unnecessary stuff like much of the side quest stuff was in the previous two games. Moon doors are very rare as there is only 5 of them but each one tells a very lengthy story. Star doors are smaller but there still pretty heavy in content an there is a whopping 25 of them. Some doors are not just story dialogue either, there is some gameplay interaction as well well visiting some of the doors. Lastly there is the sun doors which usually consists of mini games, but each one is still coupled some story line dialogue.

In addition amogst all the doors, there is an actual core narrative relevant to the present events of the game as well but in my opinion, the major highlight to me at least is experiencing the high engaging fleshed out lore and backstories from the various doors scattered about. All in all though, you get quite a meaty story driven game in that regards with lots of lore pieces, back stories, etc. For example one of the doors talks bout the SALT pillar which if you beat the 2nd game you find out that was very subtle shown at the end. AND if you played cold steel, you will know what the salt pillar is as well. Oh, also it kinds nods to the fact that Estelle and Joshua are over in Crossbell tangled up in some crazy events, MAN i hope the crossbell arc gets licensed. If Xseed doesn't do it in time, hopefully we can get the fan translation. I SO badly want to play the cross bell games especially after hearing the ongoings of whats happening in crossbell through trails in the sky 3rd.

Anyways i am enjoying it alot. But i am so ready to move on from liberl and explore a whole new world.
Terrestrious May 15, 5:52 PM
Just letting you know I've started the NGE manga. I've only read the first volume and there really isn't much to comment about after seeing the series but I'm liking it so far. I don't find any of the changes from the anime superior but I do think on its own it's still an entertaining rendition. Particularly chapter 6, I still prefer episode 2 but for a solo chapter I thought it culminated to the final page, where Shinji expresses that he wishes Misato's gratitude came from Gendo. The art work is really good. The only other thing I can say is it feels like the manga is a bit more direct and blunt, both about how it foreshadows the EVA stuff (though that might just because I'm going in knowing rather than mostly blind like I did for the anime) and how the characters seem a little more direct. At the very least, Gendo & Misato's speech to Shinji about piloting the EVA were laced with harsher wording than I remember.
link9us May 15, 2:23 AM
Here's a review of how one person expresses his interest in the game

This is one of the best games I have ever played. The entire story had me engaged throughout. I felt I rushed through the main game a little because I felt engrossed enough to rush to the next mission. Whenever someone was in danger I felt that I had to go and help them immediately. The closest I have come to a story like the one in Horizon Zero Dawn was Red Dead Redemption or Uncharted. However Red Dead and Uncharted lacked an entirely interesting story, there were times that I had to complete boring main story quests. But in Horizon, I couldn't wait until the next mission. The lore behind the story is amazing, the amount of detail is insane. I found myself listening and reading logs, I never listen to logs in games.

The gameplay could be seen as repetitive by some, but to me there is a great blend of stealth and combat. The enemy A.I is great and there is a ton of diversity amongst machines in the game.

Compared to most modern games, this is one of the best. The last game I felt had this much detail and beauty was the Witcher 3.

When do you ever seen open world games get so much praise for the lore and the story though, thats just so rare
link9us May 15, 2:22 AM
Well its official. Horizon Zero dawn is absolutely one of the greatest masterpiece video games i have ever experienced especially where i am in the game now. About 35 hrs in and i barely even scratched the surface but i love the Dystopian post apocalyptic like world separated by various different races and cultures that are thoroughly explored. Zelda Breath of the wild doesn't even compare, lol well maybe because uhh... This game actually HAS a story. The narrative is deep, compelling and rich with lore. The gameplay is fast and action packed but also with lots of strategy. Visually the world is stunning, probably one of the best looking games ive seen.

I have always said that so many open world games these days focus on the exploration and gameplay aspect but developers put little work into the lore and story and im so pleased that this game didn't turn out that way. In fact the lore and the plot is kind of the driving force of the game.

Jesus, the reviews speak for them selfs.
link9us May 3, 3:51 PM
Its finally out

The amazing Climatic finale of the sky saga is here!

So Xseed told us to support the game in every possible way we can and if the rankings and popularity are similar to SC's sales or cold steel then the cross bell arc is very likely to happen.
link9us Apr 4, 1:02 AM
Wow i did not expect the reviews of persona 5 to be this good

and from wiki...

Persona 5 received critical acclaim, with its initial aggregate score placing it as the #3 scoring title on the PlayStation 4, according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.[71][81]

Famitsu gave it a positive review, with the game garnering a near-perfect score. One reviewer praised the drama, while another praised its overall presentation and style. Another reviewer felt that, while there were some faults, the overall gameplay was good.[74] The first English review for the game came from PlayStation Official Magazine – UK, in which it received a perfect score of 10/10; with the author even describing the game as "an unabashed masterpiece."[79]

I just got my game today going to be interesting to play it
link9us Mar 25, 6:53 PM
It may not have been the greatest anime ever conceived, but it sure as hell was the most important to me considering it was my gateway drug into the world of japanese anime and i feel as though my life has went through major ups and downs over the past 15 years, just like naruto. Not to many series can really have that sort of impact in terms of growth and change. This series for better or for worst change my life as a whole. Just seeing the characters mature from adolescence to adulthood is just very endearing and strikes a major chord with you. It will be missed thats for sure. Goodbye Naruto and goodbye childhood.
link9us Mar 24, 7:29 PM
Now that Naruto shippuuden has finally finished. The popularity ratings just suddenly increased on MAL like wtf? I think it more or less has to do with the fact that there is a certain group of fans out there that only watch these large series when they are finished and now that naruto is done. Alot of new fans are jumping on board, i think the same thing will happen to one piece. For example when one piece finally ends. You will probably be more inclined to want to watch it again cause you know its over and there is a resolution or a climax to look forward to.

link9us Mar 24, 1:37 PM
You ever see the TV show Battlestar Galactica, it reminds me so much of LOGH, in terms of space opera and epic battles with an awesome scifi story.
link9us Mar 24, 4:37 AM
Hopefully bioware fixes the apparent facial animations though, because those honestly look pretty revolting. But again this is just a huge concern now that i hope will be ironed out in due time. The media and even fans are complaining rampantly about this issue so i am sure bioware will take some action.

But this is mainly why i wait to purchase a bioware game. There seems to always been some form of issues with the game during release date.
link9us Mar 24, 3:55 AM
I read kind of a lengthy interview on the game it self just to get some perspective on the creative design concept and reactions to story and technical writing issues. Alot of people designate that they did not want to loose the true vision of the original trilogy of the series but also wanted to innovate its own unique experience which is nice to hear.

One of the biggest questions i have and you can answer me this here and now but is the MC a silent protagonist? Please tell me this is not the case, i just can't stand games with such a rich lore and characters only to have a mute avatar as a player.

Also some one has mention that it is around 100 hrs of content so just know that you will be playing for a while lol.
link9us Mar 24, 3:13 AM
I think alot of the hate honestly stems from the fact that bioware has time and time again never released a stable game during launch date and its no surprise that this game being more open world will have countless bugs and glitches and honestly if that is what the criticism derives from. Then i could care less cause I know these things will be ironed out in due time, just like every game usually is.
link9us Mar 21, 7:43 PM
Hmm, well what i am worried bout mostly is the fact that Bioware isn't really the same any more. Many key members have left the company and leadership has changed. I think original vision of ME had some great writers as part of team that constructed the universe and the world from the ground up and gave the characters such depth to them. I fear that this new ME might be a former shell of the original trilogy, where they focus highly on the world design and concept, but not so much on actual breadth of the story and are replaced by a soulless cast of characters. I really hope this isn't the case, but this kind of the same thing that happen to Xenoblade chronicles X. It was mainly a glorified MMO experienced with lifeless characters and no depth to it.

anyways what you said bout it being a influence of ME 1 does interest me. I think ME 1 was honestly the best of the 3 original mass effect games.