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Nick-Knight Jul 11, 5:02 PM
Hey Nidhoeggr, it's me again, I wanted to ask you what's so good about Oyasumi Punpun. I've read it and didn't like it much and I wanted to know someone else's opinon on it. Maybe it would make me re-read it so I could change my opinon on it.

Also, didn't you used to have Guts as your favorite character? What made you remove him from there? (Your list)

P.S. Nice taste m8 I r8 a 8/8.8.
Nick-Knight Jul 7, 1:17 PM
Thanks for the info. I already downloaded the manga, so I'll start by it. And later on I'll watch it.
Nick-Knight Jul 4, 10:53 AM
Hey Nidheoggr, I'm about to read (and later on watch) the Rose of Versailles, I've seen that you have it in your favorites, and I wanted to ask you if it is worth reading? no spoilers please >.<
ZeroMoon Apr 9, 3:09 PM
Very sorry to disturbed you sir.
LipstickOnMyDick Mar 15, 10:16 PM
I think its wrong to favourite unrelated people. This is MAL anime site not goodreads or rateyrmusic or sheet
lordzeru Jan 1, 2:03 PM
LoneWolf Sep 14, 2017 2:12 PM
Happy Birthday!
AlabastreAizo Jul 11, 2017 5:45 PM
Then I suppose I'll just watch the first seasons of the show and see if I like it. I'm not really into Shounen anymore. What about Yakusoku no Neverland? Any good?
Hongu Jul 11, 2017 1:43 AM
Nice one, man.
AlabastreAizo Jul 10, 2017 10:48 PM
What do you think of the MHA manga? I see you're current on it. I read a lot of American comics, so I think I might appreciate the references to Golden Age comics and such.
Keikosama Jun 10, 2017 9:33 PM
SRY, but I had to send a request. Yet alone that there is somebody out there who watch Hyouge Mono and liked it that much and for Versailles no Bara ( I´m still in search for the manga in German) and at last not the least for your score on Guilty Crown, XXXD, oh, that made my day!
I´m not alone and it feels good not to be alone. XD
Ezekiel_01 Jun 7, 2017 10:57 PM
I agreed to the score you gave to SNAFU. For the first time in my life I've seen a lot of closed minded pessimistic MC that judge the world and the people surrounding by his own viewpoint and people think is monologues are correct even though they are really wrong and to add up obnoxiously selfish (Teenage EMO's or Introverts that think they are rulers of the world) but this thing is near almost impossible to become near to the realistic approach. I was going to have pity to a guy but the way the show present it's look smart, even though it doesn't and glad they didn't anything actually, and trying it best to become something else by escaping the tropes. It still do the same thing but much more worst. In the end nothing huge nor something noticeable. Well everything was force in the first episode.
Ezekiel_01 May 20, 2017 7:21 PM
What's your though while Watching Eden of the East? I am going to on-hold the series for a week so I can have some time in Space Brothers. The 2 episode kinda confusing which direction it's aiming for it more like recollection of one identity in relation to "Major" event happening. But the NEET thing is pretty interesting after episode 3 concerning the cruelty of "job interviews". I know because I am experiencing the same thing I could say myself an official NEET after graduating with currently no job yet and waiting for a blessing to come.
TripleSRank Mar 3, 2017 9:47 AM
This is a pleasant surprise. To be honest, I went ahead and decided, found sources for, etc. the Precure I'll start with since your reply didn't come before, and was planning on starting today or tomorrow. I still greatly appreciate your reply though since it gives me context on a lot of Precures I know less about, and makes me feel more confident in my pick-- Heartcatch, which seemed generally well liked all around.

I had generally figured that Heartcatch, Fresh, Futari wa, and Princess would be the ones I'd be most interested in with Suite, Smile and Maho Girls somewhere behind. I had read about Maho Girls and thought the magical school idea sounded interesting for a mahou shoujo, but I was hesitant because of the seemingly negative reception you mentioned. After reading your thoughts I feel more confident in the three I was most interested in, more confident in giving Maho Girls a try since you liked it, and less confident in Princess since my basis for that was very one-sided. I also get the impression that there may be more Precures to my liking than I initially assumed. Suite and Smile in particular were big question marks for me since I wasn't finding much info I felt I could rely on, whereas now it sounds like they would definitely be worth giving a chance at least.

Also, I don't generally buy into the whole "nostalgia" deal unless it was an anime someone watched in their childhood or one of their first anime that they recognized as anime. If you watched Futari wa and thought it was good, I'll take that at face value rather than trying to diminish it.

So, again, thank you. That was very helpful!
acchonburike Feb 28, 2017 10:20 PM
your avatar makes me a happy boy