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Anime Stats
Days: 121.6
Mean Score: 6.28
  • Total Entries1,987
  • Rewatched2
  • Episodes7,881
Anime History Last Anime Updates
One Piece
One Piece
May 12, 1:08 PM
Watching 502/? · Scored 7
Kakegurui Picture Drama
Kakegurui Picture Drama
May 12, 7:14 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 26.4
Mean Score: 6.83
  • Total Entries219
  • Reread0
  • Chapters3,910
  • Volumes531
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
May 17, 12:59 PM
Reading 43/? · Scored 7
Cutie Honey
Cutie Honey
May 12, 3:32 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 7
Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke
May 5, 4:51 PM
Reading 42/125 · Scored 8


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Sorrowful-Shadow Mar 14, 2018 11:30 PM
I confess I've never watched SRW animation, but I plan to watch in a near future. I've only played Original Generation games, and Kyosuke Nanbu is one of my favorite leaders ever, I like how he can keep his cool even when Excellen is kidnapped.
Sorrowful-Shadow Feb 25, 2018 4:29 PM
Love your Alteisen Riese avatar
Ezekiel_01 May 21, 2017 6:25 PM
Odd thing about Yu Gi Oh local people treat it as a harmless children card game but the pricing on the rare cards are very extreme only the adults can afford it and much more crazy world tournaments are dominated by either rich kids or dedicated adults.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 19, 2017 9:12 PM
For me I have recently I have difficulty trying new anime out that start as a generic or worse that kinda make lose interest continuing watching it. So I really need to watch something I can have some enjoyment or else I might not even any anime at all especially I don't have single anime to enjoy with. Guilty pleasures like ecchi or hentai or even anime under moe bores me to death for being so formulaic to the point you already what's common without some sort of surprise. Then again I am glad Onegai Teacher much more than sensei being literally a dream wife.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 18, 2017 6:06 PM
After playing dueling links and a lot of my friends rewatching one piece. I think I am going to rewatch the 1st Gen YugiOH since the sub is easily available everywhere and going to rewatch onepiece along with reading the manga. It's becoming harder for me to watch newer show without any long core series to watch.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 12, 2017 10:48 PM
I think they should have just bitch slap all the 1st Gen Cards before introducing GX cards first to make some justice with the old cards that people will barely use today. But then again Duel Links will better of limit itself around GX. Since when the synchro became all the rage it renders almost every card obsolete. Yeah who uses 1500 or 1400 beaters anyway and screw tribute summon, ritual summon or fusion summon if I can Sychro summon a card damn card in the extra with a tuner that automatically summon another monster then tune and since it's special summon I can change shit. Then Xyz look I summon a 4 star beater with 1800-1900 atk and it can special summon another fucking monster but wait can summon again but wait who give a shit to a normal monster if can just special summon xyz with 2500 atk with special effects that will be fun. Who use normal monster anyways this day.

Sum's up Yu Gi Oh 2016 players using cards with a text wall of effects, chain of effects and while can swarm and back row clear while also the same destroy monster or banish monster with effects that is "too common" to this generation.

Where back in the old an effect that destroy 1 monster like "Man Eater Bug" is already too OP and annoying. Yeah either get OK on the 2nd turn or the 3rd turn because of this OVERPOWERED cards that will obviously won't get band unless a new set archetype introduce.

That's Konami they are not making just "Good Cards". They are making "Overkill Cards" since slow pace dueling are for geezers and kids want to finish a duel in less than a few turns. Breaking the original concept what make the card game very fun to play in the first place. Now people are wondering why there isn't a any particular non casual player in the game but rather some rich kids buying the cards and yeah for some reason Yu Gi OH became more damn expensive than a decade ago where I buy a mountain load cards that can fill up my bed. Wait the Economy just getting worst.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 12, 2017 7:33 AM
The new pack has arrive in Duel Link. Pretty Disappointing since most of the cards are situational support than a stand alone or multiple deck use.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 9, 2017 6:22 PM
I just got duel some guy and the damn cards too overpowered but they are not ban and it is used on Tournaments while simple old gen cards get ban because it so easy to use while it's no different from newer card that has the same effect but limited to a specific archtype but of course that's just the same shit. I think from the start of 5D's yu gi oh become worst because of the "Special Summon" Spam while at same time have a gargantuan wall of effects. Like you are just going to choose a monster with a continuous effect and nobody give a shit it is not different to your standard ban cards because Konami Loves Money!
Ezekiel_01 Apr 9, 2017 6:27 AM
Got my way into playing the original yu gi oh in YugiOh Pro. And I feel like an idiot playing the game and with the 240sec limit made me not to think just go what the system Chain for. I feel like an old geezer since the last gen I am still a little capable to handle is xyz but the new pendulum is one dip shit crazy! I still wins a duel because I use a Meta Deck that insanely easy to use. Never expected light sworn deck, Xyz No.39 and instant fusion is a total life saver and the banishing mechanic of the game can instantly give you monsters (Which use as a Xyz material shameful) even like you don't have any in your hand as long you have them sleeping in the graveyard. LOL until now feel shock so this how it feels when you get overwhelmed by newer generation of cards. I feel comfortable with the 1st gen dueling but Duel Links is kinda boring if the good cards are slow to get.
sushiisawesome Mar 31, 2017 7:09 AM
Late, thanks man for the wishes.
Haakonwale Mar 17, 2017 9:28 AM
Simple! I don't watch anime, I just read manga.
Haakonwale Mar 13, 2017 9:21 PM
Haha, well yeah. I haven't used this site in like 2 years. I use MALupdater to keep track of my list, so I see no reason to come here aside from adding new stuff.
AngelsArcanum Jan 22, 2017 6:08 PM
Sorry for the delay, but thanks Nickie! :D
Yukon Dec 27, 2016 8:58 AM
Thanks! Hope you had a good Christmas :)
Hitsu Dec 17, 2016 5:03 AM