Sanger "Boss, Oyabun" Zonvolt

Sanger Zonvolt

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Super Robot Taisen OG: Divine Wars
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Sanger Zonvolt (ゼンガー・ゾンボルト)

Sanger Zonvolt debuts in Divine Wars as the leader of the ATX team, pilot of the Grungust Type-0. Prior to the series, he was one of the Agressors, along with Kai Kitamura, Elzam Von Branstein, Gilliam Jager and Tempest Hawker.

In Divine Wars:

In The Inspectors:

Signature lines
「黙れ!そして聞け!」(Shut up! And listen!)
「我が名はゼンガー=ゾンボルト、悪を断つ剣なり!」(My name is Sanger Zonvolt, the sword that smites evil!)
「我が斬艦刀に、断てぬものなし」(My Zankantô can cut anything!)

Voice Actors
Ono, Kenichi

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