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3-gatsu no Lion
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Flip Flappers
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Getter Robo Saga
Getter Robo Saga
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Donten ni Warau
Donten ni Warau
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Hias Sep 15, 8:13 PM
hey you :)
lordzeru Aug 26, 7:34 AM
I don't think I was there for that, but I heard something about you and Nagisa playing with the bot.
lordzeru Aug 25, 11:39 PM
Is your new display picture a reference to our fine bot?
lordzeru Aug 13, 1:15 PM

Saw this and thought of you.
Nickienator Jul 28, 4:59 AM
Yeah, I was using ANN's list for a while because of the dates (impossible figure out what could possibly come next from MAL's relations list), but quickly switched to the OP Wiki. But I used the Story Arcs section since it listed the specials and the movie section separately, and neither have OVAs/mobile shorts. Now I'm gonna use the Episode Guide page instead since it seems to have everything. Well thanks for making me notice at least.
Nickienator Jul 27, 9:57 AM
God damnit I tried so hard to watch all of One Piece including non-canon specials/movies in the 'may possibly take place here'-order and you just made me realize I missed an OVA right at the very beginning.
Hias Jun 22, 11:04 PM
Will why the fuck did you give Macross a 5 yet have a Macross profile pic!?
Popka Jun 3, 9:37 PM
I know Ducat disliked the end of the middle arc with Tsubasa, but I believe that might be because he read the manga; that part ends with a hint at another part of the manga that he didn't like, but I never noticed it myself, which I think is because I didn't read the manga. You'll have to let me know what you think, but I think you'll like it if you like it so far.

It slows down to a snail's pace after Anno leaves and Tsurumaki takes over, but that never really bothered me either, partly because I have no sense of pacing and partly because I still found Yukino interesting as a character. The real problem with that part of the show is that they start setting up some stuff Arima, but don't take it anywhere because it moves so slowly that the show ends before they can (though it's possible to infer what might happen).

Also, the final episode is literally photographs of storyboards with voice-over, and nothing happens in it. That's probably the worst thing, but again, it doesn't really bother me that the show kind of just trails off; after the first few arcs there isn't much left in the way of plot or specific, looming conflict, but I just like watching the characters and the show's more visually interesting parts. For me, the appeal of the later parts of the show is almost similar to Ojamajo Doremi, actually.

I liked the first parts of Kare Kano and it never lost me, so I want to say that you'll like the rest of it if you like it so far, but I have seen people say they felt "cheated" (which to me seems quite excessive). I understand that anyone who wants some kind of conclusion or climax will probably be dissatisfied, and all the clear lines of development end well before the show itself does.
Hias May 26, 8:04 AM
It's cool, I'm not sure if you're even using skype regularly. You sign on for 3 minutes then sign off.
JizzyHitler May 9, 10:03 PM
More power to you i say glad you liked it, i would be lying if i said i recall alot of the specifics about the movie and i did feel the need to rewatch it when i was near the end of exodus cause the events of that movie became super relavant(the ova, dead aggressor, and heaven and earth all play massive roles in exodus) but i just wound up never finding the time before the series ended. I remember thinking the action was cool but for some reason the film didnt leave much an impression on me, I got a couple people into fafner and one of their reactions was more like your while the other was like mine. There are things i definetly thought were cool like how all the new pilots were all in dead aggressor even one of them (akira) was just a background character without a voice but was still in it, the mech fights were really cool especially after the no budget fights of the original, and the insert song by angela was pretty fucking great. That and im a sucker for shows that let me see character grow up with the show itselves which exodus lends itself well to since all of the original cast are adults and you see a pretty massive difference in maturity between how they used to be when they were 13 in the original.

I hope exodus works out well for you, I have 1 very specific issue with something that happens near the end that almost cost it the 9/10 i gave it but i ultimately decided that i loved everything else about it so much that i sort of let that one moment slide, as for that fanfer event thing, its probably best you do finish exodus before hearing it cause im almost certain as to it being a sequel and what that sequel will entrail and its unfortunately gonna be one of those sequels thats existence spoils the events of the prequels, of course this is all just inference over how the series ends but youll probably see what i mean when you get to the end. Also i should warn that fafner exodus really relies on a slow build up for a pay off type of pacing which personally i loved but its not till about 6 episodes in where the show diverges into 2 seperate casts that things really start picking up alot, the 2nd half is pretty much a rollercoaster from start to finish

also oh shit i never responded to you on dougram, i though i responded but i guess i didnt, dougram is definetly a very good series with some of the best uses of politics in a story ive seen, when its good its some phenomenal stuff but unfortunately there were a few big details that really brought it down mainly in terms of its action and serious pacing issues/filler in the 2nd act, basically it kind of winds up feeling aimless for a while in the middle section and the fights are REALLY boring, like there is pretty much only 1 type of mech they fight in the show and its almost always using ranged weaponry and it caused the fights to sort of blend together though the final act really kicks everything into full gear even the fights, the other big issue is the characters have some serious strong points especially the main character and especially the villain who is god tier, but unfortunately the actual cast you follow is either ok or annoying as hell which led to a midpoint snag. I might be complaining alot her but believe me while i have some faults that unfortunately robbed it of a 8/10 rating i do highly recommend it and see it as nothing short of underrated for what it attmepts and mostly achieves with some kinks here and there that hold it back.
ClinT Apr 28, 3:11 AM
hahaha lmfao
MeLoDyluvvV Apr 19, 2:41 PM
School Days and Bobobo in your favorites,nice! ;--)
ZetaZaku Mar 18, 10:59 AM
Most Brain Powerd complains I've read were the basic Tomino complains, and for some reasons it's labeled as an EVA ripoff which only makes people dislike it more lol. Kind of makes no sense, considering that Evangelion was "inspired" by a lot of Tomino shows. Most similarities with Evangelion were kind of standard stuff in Tomino shows. I'd probably give it a 7, but gave it a higher score because of the good Yoko Kano OST.

Mazinger Z might be the first super robot show (with a pilot), but for a show like that, it really was ambitious and well written. Well, well written as never getting stale and repetitive, and villains always having interesting plans and tactics. Out of all episodes, maybe 5-6 were bad. Most other 70s mecha shows feel really dull and soulless compared to Mazinger for some reasons. It really knew how to keep things fresh during the entire run. It's a shame that Great Mazinger really dropped in quality compared to Mazinger Z. It lacks everything that made Mazinger great, and feels much more down to earth and plays it safe. Even Getter Robo was disappointing like that. I'm hoping that the Nagahama Robot Romance Trilogy doesn't disappoint, as I really want to see Combattler V and Voltes V (Daimos subs never ;_;). There must be other ambitious mecha shows between Mazinger and Gundam. Zambot 3 is the only show I can think of.
zetsu_shoren Mar 16, 8:41 AM
Reconguista in G is fucking bonkers

i always thought the one on the cover was a girl

twas a damn guy

how bad is it compared to AGE though lol
zetsu_shoren Mar 15, 7:56 AM
damn fuckin hell son that is a big wall of text

Kamille is seriously annoying
I badly miss Amuro

Yeah that's the feel I get from ZZ; the main character is a fun guy. That's what I actually can't wait for.
So far, I still feel like I'd prefer the OG MS Gundam over it's sequel which is hailed as Tomino's masterpiece.

Wait, what do you mean by 0079? I know there's 0083 which is Stardust Memory. I'm watching Gundam according to the release dates rather than by storyline to simulate what it was like to have been someone who's been watching Gundam since the 70s.