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Ichise (櫟士)

One of our protagonists. When he was younger, his father, Ikuse, was killed for what Ichise believes was betraying his friends. A short time after, his mother also died. All he was left with was a vial that contained some of his mother's cells. Soon after, he began his life as a fighter in an underground arena, and proved to be quite formidable.

Ichise is very quiet and rarely speaks. He has an odd tendency to go berserk at very inopportune times. Whenever something has angered him, he channels nearly all his energy in an effort to destroy whatever it is that has crossed him. Throughout the course the series, he becomes a little more open, but still remains fairly reserved unless someone directly asks him a question.

(Source: somehow-someday.com/texhnolyze)

Voice Actors
Schmidt-Foß, Gerrit
Gross, Justin
Haga, Satoshi
Del Río, Ángel

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