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Tsurezure Children
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Kamisama no Iutoori 2
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Yakusoku no Neverland
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Jodyqt Jul 25, 10:24 PM

Uhh, yuck, I thought that might be the case. Sometimes it works but it doesn't sound like it in this case. I've never thought adapting shows one chapter a time worked well though personally.

>there is an attention to detail in its world building and combat that is simply astonishing as the series goes on.

That's good to hear, I think world building is just as important as character developmentm because the two go hand in hand, a well written story in my opinion sees characters react and grow with the world in which they are in, in different ways, as I see all human actions as a reflection of broader social processes, whether they are conscious of it or not... that said character development is certainly no technical matter, there needs to be a human face and sensitivity to certain social tendencies and positions... if it plays on this relationship you've got my attention.

>The reason this winds up working so much in the show's favor is that instead of giving him a power up, hidden power, or just a eventual goal of him getting to be some monster in battle the series instead choses the route of keeping him a terrible fighter that is entirely relaint on smart tactics and thinking to get himself through situations.

This is a formula that should be the framework for more battle shounen.

>This in addition to just how much detail goes into the weapons the characters use, the inner politics and factions of the organization, how different weapons fare or become obsolete in different envirements, and so forth it just makes for an insanely detailed series where even small skirmishes really stand out once it gets its groove down.

Alright, so the impression I'm getting is that it has a sense of awareness about how to approach conflicts and tournaments from a political and hence a strategic and tactical level, which is interesting... just a point of interest, how do you think it would compare to let's say Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann that sets its own framework and proceeds logically in relationship to that in how it develops itself at a political and theoretical level and how this merges with the shounen framework of simple situational escalation to the absolute nth degree on the one hand or lets say something more akin to the tactics seen in Kingdom or even possibly Dougram. Whether or not its a good comparison I don't know, just a point of interest. If you get my question?
Major123 Jul 25, 7:58 PM
I think you watched Musashi no Ken, do you know if it covered the whole manga?
Jodyqt Jul 22, 5:35 AM
Hey dude, what did you like about World Trigger? I noticed you gave it an 8 and with a couple of exceptions, most others on my friends list dropped it.
I am just considering my options for what recent shows I should look at.
Botato Jul 19, 4:26 AM
I wanted to start Thunderbolt way back when it started but then I learned what its release schedule is going to be like and decided to wait. I just saw that yesterday they were up to episode 8 I believe so they're almost done iirc and that's why I asked about it.

About IBO, I want to watch it and a few other shows, like 3-gatsu which I enjoyed the start of but never finished. It's just things have been kinda hectic with college recently and when I'm free I get distracted by video games.
SuperRed Jul 4, 6:02 PM
It was pretty good, not as memorable as the first season in my experience. The ending was satisfactory enough that I feel another season is unnecessary.
Nagisa33 Jun 29, 8:06 AM
I'm so excited for Yakuza Kiwami. Also I'm playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild and it's great.
stand Jun 19, 9:18 AM
Sesuji wo Pin looks really cute. I've had a fun time with Ballroom e Youkoso myself so i'm all about that dancing life right now.

For now i'm enjoying Bahamut Virgin Soul a lot. The first season was fun but it kind of dried up for me in the end. I hope this one doesn't do the same. Everything about this show is sitting well with me atm. I know people don't like the pacing and some call Nina annoying but I love her. I'm waiting for Cheerios to get his Cheerios pushed in ehehehe.
Same director is going to work on Inuyashiki this Fall. Interest peaked. T&B season 2 never? okay fine i'm not eternally bitter or anything

Right you've kept up with the Gundaming. Shitty Reconguista in G ruined a lot of my enthusiasm. I did say i'd watch IBO but I went though a phase of disinterest in just about everything. There's some life things I need to work through soon so I don't know if i'd pick it up just yet but glad you liked it.
Ah yes, love it or hate it scenario, that's the typical Gundam fare alright.
stand Jun 18, 9:01 PM
Brace yourself. 87 more chapters and someone might actually start working up the courage to confess!

Really though it's such a feel-good series despite it being molasses. The actual anime was one of the best of that year.
Summer 2014... good god has it really been that long?
stand Jun 18, 7:46 PM
endless faggotry on this side of things as well
Sapewloth Jun 11, 11:23 AM
I think that's possible yeah! I have exams in like a week so I wont watch much but I'll try and finish IBO and simulwatch seed with you after that since i'll be pretty much free.
Nagisa33 Jun 8, 9:54 AM
I beat Yakuza 0. It was quite good. I loved the characters, the music, and the detailed world. Almost every sign, billboard, and object in the world was unique, which really was something special. Majima's intro, again, was superb and his character had a strong presence. I liked Kazuma but I was more interested in Majima's story. Gameplay was fun and the different styles added variety though I found myself sticking to two for each character. The breaker and slugger were my go to for Majima and for Kiriyu I stayed with Breaker or Beast. Even then I didn't spend too much time upgrading them or doing different combos. Fighting got a bit boring to be honest and I lowered the difficulty to easy bc it got repetitive. Having said that boss fights were still fun and stood out. I found myself itching to progress the story. Also I didn't spend much time with the real estate and cabaret aspects outside of a bit of dabbling. I didn't find them fun. Overall it was a good time but I did find it overstayed its welcome. After about 20 hours I was ready for it to finish up. I clocked in a bit over 30 hours. Having said that, I enjoyed the final chapters and it did a great job wrapping things up storywise.

Any thoughts?

Also I'm excited for Yakuza Kiwami. Looks great!
Nagisa33 Jun 7, 2:31 PM
Are the real estate quests worth it in yakuza 0. They don't seem too fun but they unlock the final styles of both characters. The journey to get them seems like a bit of grinding and whatnot. Any thoughts on these side quests? Is it worth it? I'm about halfway through the game.
Nagisa33 May 10, 4:53 PM
Thanks for the info. The video was a treat.

Also, I watched some clips of the remake for 1. It looks great! Any thoughts? Though this is coming from a newbie.

Also, any anime / manga you're reading/watching now?
Nagisa33 May 3, 11:28 AM

I've been playing Yakuza 0. Just did 2 chapters with each character and boy it's fun. Story is great, characters are likable, bad guys are scumbags that I love to hate. With Majima his opening might have been the best character introduction I've seen in years in a game. The game is oozing with charm. Music is great too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHQa1SA3EtI

Sidequests are goofy yet it's surprisingly easy to care about the characters in them. There was one with with Yanki singing group. They're such softies and it was hilarious telling them how to act tough. The game somehow manages me to get me to care about these characters in minutes. There was another one where you acted as a stand in producer. It's cheesy but in the end the guy talks about making dreams come true and helping others. I was taken by surprise. Then there's another with a sushi chef who feels inferior to his dad and I can't wait to eat more of his sushi to build his confidence. It's too good.

Any thoughts? I heard that this has done the best with story and side quests by far in the series. How do the pervious titles compare in story, characters, and overall experience? I might dive in now.
King_of_Heretics Apr 16, 3:30 PM
Yeah, that seems to be the intent, though I do'nt think that was always the case, I mean he started out as a dumbass sure, but no more so than someone like Katz, then at some point they started pushing his stupidity to Comical levels, Now that the character's dead it's actually kind of amusing in hindsight.

I also like to think they not only intend to create an annoying character, but the ultimate annoyance.............the fucker pretty much combines all the negative elements (and more) of previous Gundam scrappies into one unholy package