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AzureDaora Jul 7, 8:51 AM
Ideally we'd be old shitters talking about the 15th season of Monogatari.

You're already old, so you're one step ahead
27_Seconds Jul 5, 1:27 PM
Yeah, not many shows have caught my eye this season other than My Hero Academia. I heard good things about Darling in the Franxx, although that's not really from this season.

Honestly, the MAL downtime happened when I was in a bit of an "anime rut" and wasn't sure what to watch. Felt like I was just losing interest in the medium altogether. However, I did pick up Wolf's Rain after wanting to watch it for a years. Have you seen it? It's really good in my opinion and I'm actually sad that I'm almost finished with it.
AzureDaora Jun 24, 7:46 AM
One of the old four horsemen of apocalypse predicting the death of MAL circa 2018
27_Seconds Jun 22, 2:13 PM
Hey bro, how are you? Watching any good shows lately?
AzureDaora Jun 22, 8:30 AM
MAL ded
TripleSRank May 5, 3:47 PM
Not to put a damper on it, but imo the draw of Cardcaptor Sakura is the episode-to-episode charm. It's probably the best mahou shoujo in that regard, like a well-crafted SOL with some light drama and combat sprinkled in. The romance elements are pretty cute, but other than that I wouldn't rec it for the "plot" since you could end up disappointed in that regard.

If you're looking for good drama in a traditional mahou shoujo, Sailor Moon and Heartcatch Precure! are the only two I've seen that really deliver in that regard, with the former having more depth but more fluff to go with it, and the latter having less but some pretty cool action and zaniness to balance. I guess Magic Knight Rayearth kind of counts too, but it's more campy than legitimately dramatic, almost like a mahou shoujo Gundam analogue without as much of the latter's greatness. There's also Princess Tutu and Utena on the non-traditional side of the genre.

As for Futari wa Precure, it doesn't really change much over the course of its run. Standout episodes can possibly string you along on occasion, but overall I'd agree that it leaves more to be desired.
TripleSRank Apr 24, 5:21 PM
>Still watching Futari wa Precure

I salute your patience and endurance, though I can't help but wish that weathering was devoted to something that ends up more substantial like Sailor Moon.

What are your thoughts of the series thus far?
Prankster_001 Mar 25, 6:33 PM
well u watched that Saw and Fifty Shades rip-offed Ou-sama game and well it was really a bad anime
Prankster_001 Mar 25, 2:26 PM
Netori Mar 11, 4:46 AM

answer to me next year please
JetBoyYorozunine Mar 10, 7:17 PM
Kirito is my shingata heiki
JetBoyYorozunine Mar 9, 3:49 PM
Hey Ckan have a happy ten time! You're a phantom reading legend I really mean it.
Roth Mar 6, 8:10 PM
It's on Kissmanga if you're interested.

Still being worked on, and really well done.
Fondente Mar 6, 5:15 PM
Hi, what cute do you see in shaft fate?
27_Seconds Jan 28, 6:54 AM
I don't blame you, I thought the main cast in Fairy Tail were pretty bland as well. The only character I kinda liked was Lucy, but other than that, the rest of the cast was just sort of boring. I try to be pretty easy-going on battle shounen series, since a lot of them can be a bit cliche and tropey, but that's probably because they're written more for teenagers. Although, I'm 25 episodes into Naruto and it's actually been really enjoyable. I find the cast in that show to be much more interesting and likable than any of the characters in Fairy Tail.

Of course, I'm also watching JoJo at the moment (late to the party, I know), but that's also been a lot of fun. I'm liking the third part much more than the first two parts, although part 2 was pretty good. I watched the episode last night where Jotura fought that monkey possessing that ship him and his friends were on. Man, where do they come up with this stuff? Haha!