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JizzyHitler Yesterday, 2:53 PM
it'd be nice, im happier there just won't be any more kiwami games, id much rather they focus on new games. Especially with alot riding on 7 having a new protagonist and everything so it really needs all the focus it can get.
JizzyHitler May 22, 7:55 AM

don't know if it has a chance to release in the west cause of how bad the translation for 3 is that they may just need to start from scratch, at least if they get past that 4's translation is fine and 5 is fantastically translated.
JizzyHitler Apr 28, 11:12 PM
finished yakuza 6, its got problems but its frankly way better than people built it out to be, its flaws come from missing content, a combat system that does feel a step down from the previous games, and a kind of lame main antagonist who really only appears in the final 2 hours. But the game has high and far the best substories in the franchise, probably my favorite overall cast in the series, and some of the most subtle storytelling the series ever had, also despite the main villain being lame it partially comes from the fact that the entire villain cast outside of him is top tier. As for the actual end, without saying stuff, its a bit divisive how the game ends kiryu's story, but I absolutely adored it and its actually my dream ending for the series i didnt think they'd actually do. I won't say any more than that other than try to keep your head down cause its easy to get spoiled and its alot more creative of send off than what youd expect.

Theres alot to write about but there's no point talking your ear off about a game you prob wont play anytime close to soon. This really is the end of kiryu aside from spin off appearances, so all hail and embrace the bradio singer as the new protag
Maelstrom Apr 25, 11:36 PM
we could have had it all
rolling in de

u had my hearth inside of yer hando
and you seld it for a drug
Kumagawa_mei Apr 25, 10:38 PM
give torrent link for retsuko ona
JizzyHitler Apr 19, 9:02 PM
yakuza 6 isnt the reference central youd expect it to be for the final kiryu game, youll actually be surprised how standalone it is having very little recurring characters ,only akiyama(y4 and 5 protagonist) and date really seem to be that prominent, but there have been some really small conversations that make mention of past events and really sell through the weight of seeing this character to his conclusion that is surprisingly subtle for this series. I wont spoil them but its the little things like seeing date and kiryu have a drink briefly mentioning how long its been since 1 really speak loads to me who experienced that exact event as long ago as they did.

I'm still early in it, and im sure it does actually end up being one of the weaker entries, but 6 does still seem to have loads of heart
WaterLord Apr 12, 4:08 AM
hey what's up?
JizzyHitler Apr 1, 5:22 AM
ok just thought it'd be worth a mention cause even in the fandom its kind of forgotten about and i think most the rage towards it is less the game itself, and more sega was fucking retarded to bring it over here and ended up killing the entire franchise in the west with it, after it there was a 3 year gap before 5 ever came out here
JizzyHitler Mar 31, 8:50 PM
i know you got alot on your yakuza backlog as is with going through it in order and all, but just food for thought, the zombie spin off game is actually kind of worth playing after 4, its the worst game in the series no doubt but its also the least serious the series ever gets just having absolute fun with the characters in this absurd scenario Also you get to play as both majima and ryuuji goda

I'm just saying as some food for thought, its one of the shortest entries and has completly different gameplay from the rest of the franchise too so it really wouldn't get to much in the way. I think i recall you saying you were just going to skip it so its really up to you, but maybe this cutscene might convince you somewhat other wise
eldritch Mar 30, 6:50 PM
Hello. May I ask what is the manga on your forum signature?
JizzyHitler Mar 29, 6:00 AM
Yeah the knife sound kills it, also it annoys me that the part where the gutair kicks in isnt synced up to kiryu pulls the knife out like how the original is.
JizzyHitler Mar 28, 5:47 PM
god the sim song really fucks up this amazing ass scene from yakuza 2, and the real shitty thing is the one time people didnt actually want it, sega went and got the licenses for the western release

god is a dick
JizzyHitler Mar 28, 8:36 AM
astonishingly I don't think there has been anything more than a poster, id love it if there were one monkey ball is awesome.

You do get to play the full game of virtual fighter 5 in both yakuza 5 and 6 though so there is that