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Hitori no Shita: The Outcast 2nd Season
Hitori no Shita: The Outcast 2nd Season
Aug 17, 6:33 AM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 6
Youkai Watch
Youkai Watch
Aug 16, 7:28 AM
Watching 149/214 · Scored 8
Penguin Highway
Penguin Highway
Aug 16, 5:37 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
Yesterday, 5:41 AM
Reading 78/? · Scored 9
Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake!
Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake!
Yesterday, 5:30 AM
Reading 134/? · Scored 7
Yesterday, 4:56 AM
Reading 148/349 · Scored -


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JizzyHitler 6 hours ago
2nd post, but the one thing i forgot to highlight that i absolutely love about 4 is what it does with majima and how the series plays him off as being way more serious a character than just all crazy going foreword, kenzan played him very seriously for the most part but thats also a different character, 3 kind of hints at him being way more kept together than he lets on with all the shit he did in the background during the plot but 4 is where we actually see him get fully fleshed out and see his facade start to break.

Dont get me wrong, they totally pulled it out their ass but i dont think it felt cheap at all cause really majima isnt all THAT important to the first 2 games hes just kind of memorable from them. The groundwork 4 explores with his character sets up pretty much the entirety of what makes 0 one of the best games ive ever played and easily the best in the series. On the flip side the people who played it the WRONG way starting with 0 i do kind of pity cause ive seen a good amount of people really let down by the transition of this character from 0 to kiwami, they get this absurdly well written and downright loveable character with loads of depth and a heartwrenching character arc and then go to kiwami and hes just this big ol meme. Kiwami 2 thankfully does the complete opposite where the original content added plays him like how they do in 4 and up.

JizzyHitler 8 hours ago
kenzan was honestly very easy to follow cause the people who translated it have a full video walkthrough subtitled for everything so you kind of just need to time things up properly when a cutscene starts, also for some reason unlike 3 the game is bordering on fully voiced so those awkward parts where it turns into no voiced text cutscenes arent actually there making it even easier to just sync it to the videos. the only problem is they only did videos for the mains story and like 20 side stories so then you get stuck in guide hell, that is the one thing i will admit was annoying which is basically only doing the main story cause there is some cool shit in there like hunting bounties and doing bodyguard missions for where kazuma works. Also if you ever play it heed my advice, make absolutly sure to go do all the various training lessons everywhere from komaki and other trainers (theres like 5 for some reason all scattered around the world) cause otherwise the combat is going to feel really plain.

and to be fair to kazuma in the saejima bit, its not like he actually trust saejima rather he was testing to see what he did and was bout to go kick his ass if he actually tried anything, but that didnt really read properly in the translation in addition to being awkward as fuck anyway even with that context.

Dead souls will probably make 5 feel even sweeter, but honestly i still think for all its issues dead souls is still a decent fanservice game, but it does get way too repetitive thats for sure.

also in the realm of shit i didnt even know about till now
JizzyHitler Aug 16, 1:15 PM
ishin I'm genuinely convinced will come out in the west but kenzan i would not hold out hope for, not just cause its a very outdated ps3 game that i think even sega has forgotten about but also cause the story is going to be VERY problematic in the west cause it does involve child prostitution as a fairly major subject matter to the plot that you simply cant censor. Now when you read that it sounds really offputting but thankfully its not played up to be edgy, fucked up, or worse perverted, but it is a fact that this was a thing back then and the plot does involve it for many critical beats. Fist of the north star im cautious about for some reason (even though i picked up the anime series just to play it) but after seeing this gameplay trailer im a bit less skeptical

4's plot is a total mess, but I'm sure you can tell by now that its really kind of just rolling with it so it never really feels that insulting, the ultimate twist of the game is so absurdly stupid that its pretty much become THE running joke of the franchise among fans. 4 is just a fun little goofy B-movie with new characters to relax to as you utterly destroy goons in slightly different ways than the norm. you can definitely tell they were just throwing shit at the wall but generally i found it worked, also the how good was it during saejima's chapter when after 3 games of pummeling dudes with him you finally end up having to fight kiryu himself.

5 to me is just everything good about 4 but better, the entry is a little on the divisive side amongst some fans but strong emphasis on the little, its just cause the game is SO loaded with content that every character's story is basically their own game(some more than others) that there is some pacing issues where things will suddenly stop after all this build up only to shift to a seemingly unrelated character and story until it starts to pick up and tie in before rinse and repeat, i never had an issue with it but i can see why some people would especially since some parts of the game were better than others. I'm pretty sure you'll love 5 though or at the very least kiryu's section which has some of my fav moments in the series
JizzyHitler Aug 15, 12:52 PM
my boy, my little yakuza boy, how have you been.

I should mention i finally cracked down and played the japanese only samurai game for the ps3 kenzan, i definitely recommend it even though honestly its probably my least fav in the series. That really stems from me skipping alot of the side content and that the pacing of the game's mechanics are a little janky, its still on its own a really rad samurai game with surprisingly one of the much better stories in the series, if it had more polish (sadly lacks it cause its one of the first ps3 game sega made) it'd honestly be pretty up there in the series. The whole thing plays really off the expectations of kiryu and majima as a character majima is amazing in this game, first time hes played really seriously in the series) and its overally just alot more tragic feeling due to the setting. Kiryu is cheeky as fuck in this one and a whole lot less heroic which is a neat change of pace.

The opening also slaps with this goofy Japanese rap
Ulquiorra Aug 15, 3:38 AM
Nothing much, I woke up and I'm going to continue with Kyoukai no Rinne, interesting start.
Poseur Aug 5, 4:19 AM
To avoid confusion, I don't read manga to become 'superior'. I'm not interested in superiority
Poseur Aug 5, 4:05 AM
I have a lot of free time, so no problem?
Poseur Aug 5, 3:45 AM
I agree, my manga stat is still entry-level, unoriginal, plebian & pretty shit. But I will read hard, & one day I will self-validate my manga taste

Poseur Aug 5, 3:30 AM
Watching anime makes you superior?
Poseur Aug 5, 2:19 AM
why are anime fans so obsessed with becoming superior/inferior
Poseur Jul 16, 7:44 PM
skip stardust?
Poseur Jul 15, 7:44 AM
can you rank the jojo anime series best to worst? anime not manga
Golden_Scarlett Jun 29, 6:44 PM
dude kys for rolling the one lord
Golden_Scarlett Jun 23, 6:58 PM
happy birthday my nigga, keep rolling those SSRs
Taker6898 May 26, 6:29 AM