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JizzyHitler Dec 12, 6:28 AM
if you plan to play kiwami id just wait until after 6, it was released that way both in japan and here anyway, though depending on whether you hate or love kiryu's exit it could be adding salt to the wounds by going back to a better entry in the series story wise. Really thats partially the fault i think of not getting rid of kiryu sooner, I love the guy but I do feel like he should of past on the torch a while ago and its probably going to be a very good thing for the franchise to have the new standalone game with judgement so its no longer this daunting task to get into the franchise.

Again above all else I just hope you don't think 6 is a game that will sour your entire experience of the series cause there are those people, its a shame cause I found the ending to be rather poignant and way more clever than the ending you immediately think of when you hear its his exit. I think 6 has alot of heart that shines through its rough exterior, it fumbles in many places but i do think there are parts of it both big and small that stand out massively to me. And ill be frank with you, im pretty sure a large part of why 6 falls a bit flat for some is just how shockingly bad the final boss is, for kiryu's final fight ever its absolutely pathetic especially cause the villain sucks, then to add insult to injury theres a secondary antagonist in the game named someya that is legit one of the best characters in the entire freaking series and had he been the main villain he'd probably be getting put up alongside ryuuji. It really sucks cause 0 finally got the series back on track villain wise cause the main antagonist of that game is great and pretty unique relative to the series.
JizzyHitler Dec 11, 6:57 AM
Yakuza 5's soundtrack I feel had a fair amount of wasted tracks, none more so than the credits them which is just inexcusable that it wasnt a boss fight. God a minute 30 seconds in is just magical.

Also I really got to say, I'm damn impressed with how fast you beat 5, like holy shit you powered through the most content heavy game in the entire series in no time flat, im a die hard of the series and it still took me well over a month and a half to get done with it ,admittedly though it came out at a really bad time for me in the final crawl of a semester but still. I'm curious how long you might be planning to play 0, obviously burnout it something you dont want to enter especially cause 0 is the 2nd longest/content heavy game in the series but you probably could still slip it into the tail end of your break if you play it with the same level of dedication. I would prefer too if you put much more time away from the series before going into 6 so it'd be good if you were able to maybe plan that out.

I do think 6 is a good game but there is simply no denying how many problems it has and especially coming off of 0 and seeing the series regress mechanically is kind of a shellshock. I am worried about how youll like 6 cause its so love it or hate it so just make sure to temper expectations. For the record i do think 6 has alot of high points and its sure as fuck better 3 by a fair amount so its not like some amazing disaster, its just unfortunate that kiryu's final game is so at the mercy of a new unfinished engine. Story wise while alot lower key than you'd expect for a final outing, its just got some of the best characters in the series. I think alot of people would expect something more riddled in fanservice and cameos for kiryu's final outing only to get a bit shellshocked by the fact that not only does it avoid that, it ends up being almost entirely new characters aside from date and akiyama having a fair amount of screentime.
JizzyHitler Dec 10, 3:48 AM
I just love that final boss with a passion even if its barely alluded to plot wise, those are honestly the best qte's in the series and its just crazy how brutal that fight feels as they are just going all out. I just think its a shame that aizawa had alot of potential i feel was wasted, like they really should of revealed him as an antagonist really early on into the finale like even before kurosawa and had him be a constant threat for those final 5 or so hours, but whatever his fights kickass and its got my 2nd favorite battle theme in the franchise so who just you wait till 0's final fight where its as hype but also has a villain worth a shit again.

Yeah definitely dont go from 5 to 0 too fast, last thing you want is to burn out on the best game in the series especially since its actually pretty damn long too, like its only a bit shorter than 5 but people burn out on it far less cause the pace of the game is just fantastic and the variety of content is strong, whereas 4 and 5 kind of get risky with multiple protagonists going through their whole story then just ending abruptly to go into a new one, 0 writes it to alternate between kiryu and majima every 2 chapters so the pace just keeps up and it doesnt feel like you lose a character for a massive chunk of the game. I also think just 2 characters is kind of the perfect number cause it really doesnt strip focus away from them.

I am glad to get to hear you go through the series, it was really fun hearing your thoughts from game to game and I'm just happy you've enjoyed it so much, even now its a series i feel doesnt get as much love as it should cause even with the massive boost in popularity people seem kind of hellbent on not playing all these older games which is just depressing to me, especially for 2 and 5 which are just so good, but i guess 2 at least was experienced through kiwami 2 but I have mixed feelings on that one.
JizzyHitler Dec 8, 6:22 PM
as for an actual response to your yakuza 5 stuff, man you (basically) beat that game way faster than i expected you to, i didnt even get to the amon stuff in my playthrough for some reason so i cant relate to him being bs (1 of the 2 fights in 0 is total bs too and has like a 1 hit kill move, easy to dodge but still a 1 hit kill).

As for the main antagonist reveal, I think its the only time the mastermind reveal has actually kind of worked in this series, its not like super shocking but he wasnt as obvious i feel, i dont know how much id actually rank him as a main villain though against the others, hes not bad persay or anything its just i dont really feel that strongly an attachment to the character, but at the same time he works at bringing the conflict together so hes more than you can say than the waste of a villain munakata was in 4.

I really look foreword to what you think of the final bosses, they are hype as fuck, well shinada's is kind of retarded and pointless but its kind of so out of left field its memorable solely cause all you can think is "man you really didnt need to have this at all". The actual final boss though is just one of my favorites in the entire series, i dont particularly like who it is or anything but the fight itself is just pure unadulterated hype from the music to qte's to the setting and everything.

Finally, pat yourself on the back, you have reached the long awaited treasure that is yakuza 0. Savor it, cause it is undisputedly the best the franchise gets and probably will never be topped. Its all the best parts of the franchise with a surprising lack of many of its faults. If it sounds like im overhyping it, its cause fuck holding myself back this game is like close to be my all time favorite game, i fucking love 0. On the flip side, be hesitant and go in with low expectations for 6.
JizzyHitler Dec 8, 1:06 PM
the dub actually sounds pretty decent surprisingly, maybe when i eventually replay it ill try it out.
JizzyHitler Dec 8, 11:45 AM
Welp judge eyes is going to be called judgement releasing next summer in the west and will have an english dub(dual audio)
Golden_Scarlett Dec 8, 2:28 AM
eresh is good civ :blobblush:
JizzyHitler Dec 2, 5:33 AM
Actually english release might be super soon cause for the first time they are working on an english release before it is out in japan. Im guessing atound april next year

And yeah haruka's section is pretty long, i think maybe thats why some people say its where thet burn out but i personally loved that section, it was the right amount of comfy but got surprisingly dark and serious as it went on.

Shinada is fucking great, one of my fav characters in the series. Sadly he wasnt particularly popular so its kind of up in the air if he will ever return (not in 6 but so was almost everyone but date and akiyama). His actor played rei in fotbs so theres some hope.
Naman97 Nov 30, 9:33 PM
Hey man

How's it going?
JizzyHitler Nov 27, 9:38 AM
I really enjoyed the hunting section and the characters involved in it even if it wasnt fantastic, saejima's section i found to be by far the weakest of the 6 sections cause they clearly dont know what to do with him in the game but there were still some moments.

Also, this makes me all the more excited for when this guy finally get this ps4 game, glad he seems way less perfect than kiryu did at times.
Golden_Scarlett Nov 27, 3:48 AM
k now max ascend her for me to use
would be saltier if i actually cared for ishtar
JizzyHitler Nov 25, 3:47 AM
man you are blazing through the game if you beat kiryu already, saejima's section isnt as good cause the pacing is a bit wonky but its still got some hype as fuck moments, both it and haruka's section are kind of the reasons the game is a bit divided with some fans and its not till akiyama's section that things pick up for them, so hopefully you enjoy them, i personally really loved haruka's section at least cause I like rythm games and the story is better than youd expect given the subject material
JizzyHitler Nov 24, 4:55 AM
That sounds about my experience too, i moss the taxi driving stuff
Golden_Scarlett Nov 24, 1:21 AM
nibba, ishtar dropping in like 4 days, you ready