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Cider no You ni Kotoba ga Wakiagaru
Cider no You ni Kotoba ga Wakiagaru
Jul 28, 6:11 PM
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Saki-chan wa Konya mo Pekopeko
Saki-chan wa Konya mo Pekopeko
Yesterday, 10:21 AM
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Jul 28, 9:08 PM
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Okawari Neapolitan
Okawari Neapolitan
Jul 28, 8:15 PM
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-Denki- Jul 24, 11:18 AM
LMAOO brooo yoimiya's quest was actually fun at the end along with the fireworks show !! actually breathtaking and she is so fine too!! im at like 50 pity rn and have almost 5k primos saved up so I should be able to get enough to at least pity and some change when her banner comes out

ay thanks man honestly my artifacts are kinda all over the place some have good pieces but most have like 2 solid subs and 2 poopoo subs so xD but yea I might have today be weapon grinding time LOL

bro xionea u are a man of culture my friend,,, waifus anyday orz

I rlly appreciate the list of hanime and ecchi anime :) and tbh I only added the most popular ones I know to my list but in actuality I've got like a couple dozen available whenever in incognito mode LOLL but I can let you know which ones I personally liked to help you out with your goal

truly grateful that you also gave good descriptions too man,,, not all heroes wear capes !!
-Denki- Jul 23, 11:10 PM
shiii u right bro she gonna make me act up especially her outfit cus its very very naisuuu ;)

LOLL same I have hella crystal thingies the only problem is I haven't been doing the weapon ascension domains in a fat minute so I gotta get back into doing that T - T

bro 120,,, that's nostalgic kinda LOL

and yea I agree about the og 5 stars being able to be chosen on anniversary time

LOL for hu tao is soo Nice and personally zhongli wouldn't hurt since he got buffed twice and now he god tier haha

also I know this outta nowhere but you got the hanime sauce cus I been needing some new shii LOLLL or ecchi anime in general since I was intrigued in ur list
-Denki- Jul 23, 7:16 PM
bruh yeah nvm I also looked up a youtube vid on ayaka and she pumps so much damage pretty quickly that its insane makes me wanna slowly do 1x pulls to "get my pity up" but then again yoimiya is coming up so LOLOL I gotta stay loyal

ahhh honestly I might use my resin to level up weapons, talents, etc cus that's low-key holding me back me having like lvl 50 weapons still on some characters HAHA

HAHA bro im actually peeved that we can only craft 4 condensed resin while we can hold 5 max like,,, mihoyo pls just increase the resin cap to 200 LOL

and yea that's true about Keqing except I feel like the odds are higher since she was in Honkai and was one of the OG 5 star characters in genshin so its either Keqing, mona, or qiqi just like the standard banner

LOLL dw bruh I don't spam spin dash,,, but I will say I move around quite a bit with side b and down b due to the combo options that are available [s]also I hate ppl that spam like one move over n over

LOL fuck mega man pellets and the sticky bomb + olimar pikmin T - T

same I only have xiangling but I hope I can get some other characters
-Denki- Jul 23, 5:00 PM
damn xionea how is Ayaka lookin for you rn? is she a dps or a sub dps cus I tried her in the trial and was stuck on the two LOL

yeaaa omg artifact grind PAIN my artifacts are poop / placeholders for the set bonus but I am also exploring Inazuma and doing quests there so my agenda is quite packed personally also bought the $20 pass for the extra goodies hehe

LMAOO I believe in u man she will come home eventually :D maybe we get can choose our free 5 star hopefully and not just get Keqing sjnfk

brooo I checked your Noelle's stats and she looks god-tier and carries LOL im mad jealous

AHAHA the levin aerials go crazy and even tho he/she is slow asf on land, robin can just get in your opponent's head rent-free with constant projectiles and some pretty clean spacing tools and sustainability with Nosferatu that everyone looooovvessss

LOL underused characters honestly fun asf idk if u consider sonic slightly underused but imo I barely see too many of him in pro play as well as with friends so I enjoy playing him a lot and being fast af LOL one character I cannot play for the life of me is mega man and also olimar as its just too wonky for me in terms of their movesets and the basics xD

praying that I get more 5 star characters and 5 star weapons as my only 5 star weapon is Xiao's weapon and I don't even have him T - T
-Denki- Jul 22, 12:42 PM
aye that's dope bro I wish I had Klee cus she seems so reliable in dps and is really fun to play (plus pyro is god tier when exploring due to how many things need to be burnt down lmaooo + I be switching to amber like in dragonspine n shit HAHA)

bruh-- I hope you get mona cus I got her a while back on the normal banner djnskf and she literally carries my team atm (Eula, mona, Diona, Fischl) also I stg you can have my fischls cus mine is c6 and Ive gotten her 3 more times soooo its booty

ROBINN bruh that's so dope we Gotta fight sometime cus I don't know many robin players in general. same with Rosalina + duck hunt is lowkey very fun especially with the can and the combos you can do with it XD (my friends get pissed at me tho cus I spam can and try to trick shot with it lmao)
-Denki- Jul 22, 12:25 PM
aye thanks man ill add you on genshin rn now that Inazuma is out HAHHA. I was wondering whats your current team rn in genshin and which characters you are saving up for / wanting the most mine is yoimiya LOL she's so hot and op imo

also who do you main in smash bruh I mainly play Mario, Isabelle, and recently Kirby (dw I don't spam down b n shit LOLLL)
LOLYOU Jun 24, 9:08 PM
very cute profile 🖤❤️
Eroninja360 Jun 23, 12:55 PM
Haha sure no problem! Any specific hentai you've liked of late?

I ask just to ascertain your tastes lol
Eroninja360 Jun 23, 3:48 AM
Hi, Thanks for the fr!

I hope we can be good anime friends :)
weltmano Jun 3, 6:14 PM
[this is a mass message, I'll send a real answer in a few days]
Hey everyone, sorry for the month-long delay in sending responses. Things have been a bit erratic over here, and I'm still in the middle of some complicated situations. I'll get back to everyone in the next few days, so just wait a bit longer.
HentaiList10 May 27, 11:52 PM
I try to find them subbed if I can but unfortunately most 80's hentai are only in raw. I had no trouble finding most 90's hentai subbed, except for just a few from the early 90's. I get what you mean by "exteme stuff". Some awful hentai I watched like Youbi Masochist Animation made me question my faith in humanity lol.
weltmano May 20, 8:32 AM
Thanks for accepting the fr, nice to meet you :)
Btw, what's up? How are u?
Also, I was kind of curios as from which series is the profile pic(cuz it seems familiar, but I can't quite remember from where)
Moltenc May 5, 9:10 PM
Hello fellow man of culture
ReturnbyNathan May 3, 7:07 AM


Thank you for accepting the FR

It's a pleasure to meet you!

Weeabolol May 1, 2:21 AM
You've watched a lot of shows and I appreciate that but giving 150+ shows a 10/10 bugs me.