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CloudShepherd Jul 6, 1:47 PM
Hey I kinda read your writing and kinda like you. Let's be pals.
Vonpoppenstein Jun 29, 8:32 PM
C_M_ May 26, 6:50 PM
Your comment section is a goldmine. I'm glad I stumbled upon your profile.
Strollas May 26, 3:49 PM
YO YOUR SHELTER REVIEW IS LITERALLY GARBAGE. lemme tell you why in two simple dialogues. I can't overpass such a big misunderstanding of something so relatively easy to comprehend. Yea it didn't make me cry but it was a beautiful short story.

"Yet, consider a world where the main character is not a beautiful teenage girl, lost and confused in a world completely foreign to her. When you remove that physical appearance that makes us so inexplicably attracted to her stake in the story, there is ultimately no reason for us to feel sympathy. It is completely superficial. "

If you remove the character being alone and lost for what to do in an unfamiliar world, then you're essentially removing the story from the story. If you remove that part, it won't be Shelter anymore. Let's put this in your context. You like Hourou Musuko, right? Ok imagine this. Let's remove the gay boi from the equation and replace it with a normal harem MC. It's not that awful LGBT show anymore but a completely other show. That's essentially what you're doing. That's not criticism at all.

"Shelter exemplifies everything that is wrong with storytelling in anime, namely that rather attempting to tell a real story developed with content and meaningful emotion, it takes the most abusive shortcut by designing a cute character, throwing her into a position of bittersweet melancholy, and using that as a means of manipulating our basest emotions into believing there is something meaningful and tragic to be said."

You keep on stating this baseless point that we're crying just because a cute girl is put into a bad situation. If that was the case, magic girls shows would be fucking taking every top spot on MAL. It's just plain ridiculous and probably goes along with your mentality for the show "this is popular, so i must hate it xd." "Developed with content and meaningful emotion." Uhhh, hello?! Did you not notice the 6 mins of footage of content and emotion. What are you even saying? It sounds like one of those statements where you sound really smart but using advanced terminology but when you really look into the statement, the thesis it's emitting is nonsensical. Manipulating feelings? HUH?! That doesn't even make sense in the slightest. If you cry, you cry, If you're happy, you're happy. We feel what we want to feel from the content presented in the short. The anime demonstrates the loneliness of the girl by having her play around in her own worlds but always in the end being reminded of her painful loneliness, as shown by her sitting down in places looking sad and depressed in the inside and getting memories of people dear to her. She wants to be with people again but can't. So she just sits in places just waiting for time to pass because of how bored and sad she is without no one else to interact with. And as a result, she keeps reflecting on the memories of the past when she has people to hang out with such as her dad, and not this lie life, because that's the life she longs for. But she makes what she has, and uses those links of a distant past to make her feel surrounded and love. To be with someone when in reality your not. And it gives her and strength to keep on going even though more reflection, sad and bored times are yet to come.
J-Borges May 17, 10:25 PM
I can see that you despise Entartete Kunst, continue the good fight my friend.
Clayer May 8, 5:21 AM
iRavenN Apr 16, 3:11 PM
Do you even like anime? e-e, it's just rare seeing someone that doesn't enjoy the popular shows out there. So, I gotta wonder.
Yudina Apr 13, 10:12 PM
Literally who.
Zephyrius29 Apr 7, 7:46 AM
I've legitimately never seen a review miss the point of a form of media before, you know it's acting as a music video and not a 26 episode series, right?
Allnteck Mar 29, 8:57 PM
u r a poopoo head! I do not like! I am shelter fan of the best! u r poopoop >::CcccCC[[{((Ccc
CatEatYourPizza Mar 28, 6:48 PM
Shelter honestly was amazing! How could you give it a 1?! How high were your expectations for a 6 minute anime music video that was supposed to be combining cultures from other countries?! Its not the best, but its REALLY good for 6 minutes! I understand 4-6 BUT A 1!? BUT HEY, its an opinion. Next time though, lower your expectations for a 6 minute film and rate it again.
ArthurLopes Mar 23, 7:25 PM
how tf shelter deserves a 1
Caike Mar 13, 5:19 PM
Texh 10/10
Profaneprayer Mar 6, 11:17 PM
Just came to say I completely agree with your review of Shelter. Don't quite understand how you gave it a 1 though tbh. I personally liked Shelter for its music and the visuals and consider it to just be a music video. However the story was nothing outstanding and understandably so considering its only a 6 minute long video.
Kuraya Feb 11, 12:05 PM
I have just saw your Shelter review
That thing of your `There is absolutely no reason to fell simphaty for her` ...
I don`t really get that - Isn`t enough that she is human ?
In the 1st place, this is not simphaty we`re talking about, it`s compassione - We felt bad for her because of her situation, it wasn`t because of who she is or how she looks

(at least for me)