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Tsukkimaru May 20, 1:03 PM
Yeah, it’s a bit weird for me too since I identified as a lesbian for a long time yet still found men attractive. It’s a bit of a pretentious label but it’s the closest I can get to.

Also it’s probably due to some trauma that I can’t get close to boys in that way, but let’s not get into that.
Tsukkimaru May 20, 6:43 AM
Basically I’m attracted to both men and women but I only want to date women
martewar May 7, 3:00 PM
puto el que lee
losmena May 4, 12:52 PM
shit taste
CashewCheese May 1, 5:32 AM
Hmm, weird. Well hopefully you can use the code for something! Otherwise, it's not really worth having hahaha

Yes! Or I'll just laugh to myself about something that happened the other day and people will think I'm crazy, lol. My friends and I watched Troll 2 together years ago and just died laughing because of how bad it was. It was so much fun!
Ayato-Hiragi Apr 28, 6:05 AM
CashewCheese Apr 27, 5:34 AM
Dang, that sucks! I wonder what the point of them is then, hahaha. It seems like it's hard to use them!

Yeah, I agree. I think the voice needs to suit the character. Some guys can be voiced by women no problem. I find them endearing sometimes, hahaha.

Lmao!!! I'm generally up for most things, but I always put my schoolwork first. I'm laughing that you said it was a shitty game but that it was a blast. Sometimes the shittiest games actually turn out to be fun. Weird how that works.
Makais Apr 24, 4:58 PM
25 son mejores
Ayato-Hiragi Apr 24, 2:12 PM
I’m not really bothered
Makais Apr 24, 1:21 PM
CashewCheese Apr 24, 5:16 AM
I haven't played those either, just regular sun. I like the new style of the game, but you can't beat the classics. That's a pain!! I'm sure you'll find something to use them for though.

I like when guys are voiced by girls. I think it makes them sound sincere and sweet, lol. But I agree that it probably doesn't fit a super buff adult character.

Hahaha, omg. So you could do better if you felt like putting in the effort. I know quite a few people like that, so you're not alone!
CashewCheese Apr 23, 5:40 AM
I love those, too! I have them both lying around somewhere. Gold and silver were amazing in general. Now I want to play Pokemon again.

He has a high pitched voice in dub?

That's awful! lol I didn't really get into anime until I was almost done with college, so it never happened to me thankfully. I don't think it would have though because I was a goody two shoes straight A student, lol.
CashewCheese Apr 20, 5:16 AM
Oh, really? I started playing the games when I was like 6, which was in 2000 haha. I've loved them for a long time! Man, I miss being a kid. Less responsibilities and more fun. I've played almost all of the games, too. Which one is your favorite?

Yes, that's like the Squirtle pillow I had! It was HUGE. Oh dang, RIP. I don't have any Pokemon merch anymore, but I used to have a lot. I just figured someone else would be better off with it since I didn't really use it anymore.

Well, looking better than the show isn't a hard thing to do lmao. I cringe so hard every time I see the dbz anime.

That's so crazy, lol! #priorities, right?
Ayato-Hiragi Apr 19, 2:51 PM
Not sure
CashewCheese Apr 19, 5:35 AM
Omg, haha that's awesome! Pokemon was everything to me. I had all the games, cards, and I remember having this enormous Squirtle pillow lol. Oh, okay. Yeah I didn't like dbz, so I can't relate there. Sailor Moon was on TV often here! I watched it all the time, lol. I tried watching it recently and realized how bad it actually is hahaha.

I guess the games are better than the anime? I didn't even know there were games, lmao.

I'll keep Horimiya in mind next time I want to read a romance manga, but I hardly ever read manga so it may be a while hahaha. It doesn't bother me!