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Ballroom e Youkoso
Ballroom e Youkoso
3 hours ago
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Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou
Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou
Jul 26, 1:16 PM
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Nana Maru San Batsu
Nana Maru San Batsu
Jul 25, 9:36 PM
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Jul 26, 1:15 PM
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Itoshi no Kana
Itoshi no Kana
Jul 24, 9:18 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Jul 22, 9:12 PM
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Strukla 12 hours ago
No problem about the replies.
I've been playing with the idea of reading the manga sometime, too. Guess I'll have to now, but after I finish the anime.

I'm skeptic about remakes, but they're hit or miss depending on the series anyway.

Oh, Dream Daddy... Ooooh, boy. I've started playing it the other day, by recommendation. Thought it was just gonna be some silly romcom I'll finish once (with one dad) and forget about. But the dialogue. The daddies. Jesus. Fujoshi heaven on earth. Plus the humor's right up my alley.
Perfect for a closeted roleplayer/easy-to-obsess-over-game characters-persona like me.

All in all, I hope you're enjoying Markiplier's walktrough. I've seen his videos a couple of times and although I like his voice, they seem too forced.
Bunnerz Yesterday, 7:21 AM
tfw i'm wacthing doramas instead of animu :v
Bunnerz Yesterday, 7:04 AM
are you enjoying something from this season btw? everything seems meh besides ballroom children
Strukla Jul 26, 9:52 AM
Also, I think you might enjoy this.

Strange Dating Simulators

The list, at least. Don't know if you like visual novels and everything that comes with them or not.
Strukla Jul 17, 4:06 AM
Aah, I'm quite new into the coolness that is Saiyuki (watched the first TV series, the 1st prequel OVA and am now on Burial) but I'm loving it so far, even though the animation in the TV anime (and as much as I've seen, in some newer sequels like Reload) ain't always... Erm... "Adequate."
My favorite so far is Sanzo. >_>; No explanation there. A priest that drinks and carries a gun. And is moody af 24/7. <3
Yes, the homoeroticism is strong in this series (Gojou-Hakkai and in some far, far fanfiction land, Sanzo and Goku? Or SanzoxHakkai? Which character pairing is popular as of late in this series? I MUST INVESTIGATE.)

Yes, anyway, I cried "WHHHHYYY" when I heard that there's a new season coming out (and I was just about to dive in into Saiyuki), because as of late, any anime I get my hands on and start watching suddenly starts getting a new season/remake, on top of XYZ number of sequels/prequels/OVA's and the like. Happened to me with Sailor Moon - I start watching 1st season out of 8 (plus movies), BAM! SM Crystal is coming!
Decide to watch One Punch Man, lighthearted fun, all is good, 12 episodes, thank g- BAM! NEW SEASON COMING!
Utawarerumon- BAM! SEQUEL!

......(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

But I gotta say, I'm not regretting it now, not one bit. Planning to read the manga too. :D
BeKley Jul 17, 1:41 AM
and except for me

No no, it's fine. It's honestly been bothering me seeing those comments too. I don't mind their necks and to me they look normal while they're dancing as it's to due to the dynamics of dancing. It just seems normal to me.
The story of Ballroom is really amazing and so are the characters, I hope they can see that besides their necks :/
Bunnerz Jul 16, 9:42 PM
People need to leave our little giraffe son alone ;@@ but srly

Bunnerz Jul 8, 8:56 PM

Our children
Riniee Jul 1, 12:10 PM
You make my heart go doki doki
I've been getting spoiled about SnK since the dark age that i longer care about anything and other animu too.

Shouto is a fucking beautiful kid i luv him, reminds me of Zuko(tho i only saw few episodes of this and have no idea) But lol kacchan is honestly ugh like who stepped on his tail? people comparing him to Sasuke makes me really appreciate Saucegay more at least the dude has his REasons unlike Kacchan who only shits from his mouth but you know i don't really hate him we're yet to see his development if there's one that is and the series fortunately doesn't take him THAT seriously.

Aymaan143 Jun 26, 3:33 AM
aww, thank you! <3

Bunnerz Jun 19, 3:20 PM
I just need to watch like 1000 episodes to catch up :v ez
Strukla Jun 19, 2:29 PM
Haha, yes, I remember the protoculture problems. XD Do You Remember Love's a classic anyway.

I remmeber the "Endless Eight" from the second season and how much everyone talked about the crazy episode succession at first (until we figured out there IS a story to it all, if you figure out the watching order). The movie was okay, I think. I don't remember much of that, except for the "MOLE. THE MOLE ON YOUR CLEVEAGE."

For a moment I thought that it was someone from BF and went "Hmn, when did Ash ruffle his hair like that?".

Also, mandatory best mid-story panel from BF, in my opinion:

I felt so sorry for him at that moment.
JizzyHitler Jun 19, 11:23 AM
Sesuji is just adorable, unfortunately its comparisons to ballroom probably played a part in its downfall though cause it was always shoved into contrast with it and people generally just called it a weaker version even though from what ive seen they are dramatically different series in tone and purpose. Sesuji is simply one of the least cynical series ive ever read but it finds such a nice balance of realism to counteract being disgustingly optimistic. Every chapter after the festical arc had me grinning like and idiot but it was still able to bring to the table scenarios about how things dont always work out the way you want them to even if you put your all into them. the biggest benefit to the series is just how excellent the entire cast was, and I mean everyone cause the series goes out of its way to develop all the dancing pairs relationships between eachother as well as with the other dancers. The thing i appreciated so much was how alot of the supporting case could of been the protagonist (aside from a couple ones that wouldnt of worked as well). Also if you ever read the creator's past work's molester man/Onanie Master Kurosawa you can appreciate just how much his art has improved. its a weekly manga but there is some extra effort put into the art that sells the movement in the dances as well as how they go ut of their way to detial the crowds with distinctive looking audience members. Really typing all this out is kind of bumming me out just cause I miss this series so much already and it feels criminal how it was basically always fighting cancellation the whole way through only really surviving cause it won a couple awards. It ends very nicely but It really could of lasted 200 chapters.

I too am enjoying virgin soul alot, I think it benefits a ton from being 2 cour which hurt the first season's pacing alot. I do hope the pacing des pick up a tad now though due to all its characters being in place now cause i dont want it to waste its extended length by dilly dallying too much.

IBO is a different love it or hate it than the typical gundam fare, like this one really is probably the biggest departure from franchise norms since turn-A, its more recognizable than turn-A as a gundam entry but i think thats primarily art style, alot of the themes and events it goes through in the 2nd half make it really different than alot of shows in its same genre but the love it or hate it aspect is simply due to the risk it takes at the end. Saying too much would spoil the events that transpire but I'll just say they are borderline nihilistic but find a nice common ground of hope in the future to counteract going too far. I would reccomend trying it out again when you get the chance cause it is very different from the typical gundam fare all the way down to the pacing which focuses signifignatly more on out of combat scenarios than it does shilling gunpla. In S1 it does spent a bit too long outside of action though admittedly but S2 has a perfect balance

the biggest downside to ibo unfortunately is its animation is pretty weak, it does get better in the 2nd season but this is about as good as the show ever looks
and I really mean thats the best it ever looks, theres alot of parts especially in S1 of QUALITY. Thankfully the fights are really well paced and framed for the most part so that it actually has a few spots that are among the best fights in the franchise. The biggest benefit is how everything is alot lower tech and dont feature beam weapons so combat is alot more brutal and up close and pesonal usually going at it with blunt melee weapons. The cool thing with the main mech is that it progressively upgrades and steals its opponents weapons and armor so you basically keep getting a new barbatos up until the last 12 episodes where it sticks with one last upgrade. This means you get a cool variety of fighting styles and looks as the show goes on fror the same main mech cause it fights differently when using a katana, to a wrench, to claws and mace and so on.
JizzyHitler Jun 19, 5:14 AM
yeah nozaki always cheers me up, i just hate how short the chapters are given the month wait for them. The marginal progress however does give me hope that when the series eventually ends there will be resolution which is more than you can ever ask for these type of gag mangas.

If you ever want another feel good series that unfortunately never got the attention it deserved potentially leading to it ending prematurely, check out this criminally underrated series
the first batch of chapters arent the greatest thing in the world but pretty much everything past an arc with a school festival ranges from adorable to beautiful.

anyhow since its beem kind of long since we last shot shit, what shows have kept your interest recently? I shilled it for me but Gundam IBO wound up becoming one of the most unconventional entries in the franchise in its 2nd season after its first one played it super safe, like it basically was dedicated to averting franchise cliches and pulled a super divisive ending thats generally kind of unconventional in general to end a show for better or worse depending on the person. Its super love it or hate it but I was kind of on the side of I adore how ballsy a move it was and it turned a show that was kind of a normal action show into something making an actual comment on the world as well as the way heroics, self sacrifice, and violence is glorified in media, probably the single most depressing show ive watched in a while so I think thats probably the most strongly ive felt for a show in the past like year. But again its divisive as shit and it also probably depends on how much you do or dont like S1. The safest thing to say is the pacing and scenarios are without a doubt more interesting in S2 cause basically every 3 episodes is a story arc as appossed to S1 mainly being about getting to earth.
JizzyHitler Jun 18, 8:29 PM
hey man thats some good ass faggotry if i do say so myself. Marginal borderline nonexistence romantic progress is best progress.