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Strukla Yesterday, 2:06 AM
Oh yeah, Kain was such an ass I'd probably jump in and help you beat him. x_x Was kinda amused by how tall he is, though. It's rare to find such tall characters in manga (and we're not talking CLAMP's XXX Holic here) and I found it somewhat funny whenever he was in a panel with other characters so you could see the comparison. I'm glad he came through as a character in the end, though, it'd really spoil the manga if he kept that asshole attitude.

I also really liked Ghosh although he was kind of a minor character (not as much as some others but still). And what you said about Kain's parents, too. The part when his mother catches the two in the car made me go: "OH GOD, SHIIIIIIIT-". XD
I like the way their daughter wasn't just "...and they had a daughter they loved dearly, THE END" but also had a mini-story of her own. It was nice to see it all wrapped up so. Her husband's a total nerd with that hairdo, though.

Did you also read the bonus story included with "New York, New York"? It's not connected to it but is a stand-alone story (consisting of one chapter, I think) and it was nice although I dislike when manga's include something like that.
"I just got invested with NY,NY; now how am I supposed to "switch" to some other story with other characters completely different from the manga I was reading?"
It's listed as "NY,NY" ch.16,5 on Mangafox, to ease understanding what the hell am I going on about now, as the title (if there is one) ain't translated. <_<;
Bunnerz Nov 18, 11:52 PM
THANK YOU VERY MUCH <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Strukla Nov 17, 3:57 PM
Alright, I was wrong. "New York, New York" picks up it's pace later on and is good. Really good. Do read it when you get the chance.
Strukla Nov 9, 2:20 PM
Well, I'm only 3 chapters in New York, New York but so far, the art's nice (albeit slightly weird when doing full-body pose but that was just one panel so far) but the MC pisses me off. I'm a sucker for romance and while I realize not every manga can be "lovey-dovey love is forever we'll overcome every obstacle" Jefferson Starship song, this guy... Ugh. He fucks up but wants to be forgiven, yet would not be ready to forgive so easily if his SO fucks up like so. Argghhhhh... There was a moment when I dropped the manga and had to go shower all the while muttering "what the fuck?!" while frowning (and english ain't even my first language yet I was literally muttering it).
I hope it gets better, the plot seems alright and somewhat promising. Things are happening slightly too fast for my taste for now (yet the chapters are 50+ pages long so everything begins and ends in one) but... If only the MC wasn't such a slow ass, it would've been better. Also, the other MC's kinda too vanilla for me right now, but we'll see, it's only the first 3 chapters. TTY when I finish it.

Edit: also, George Michael is the shit to listen to while reading. >_>;
Strukla Nov 3, 3:18 PM
You're welcome, I guess?
Currently reading it, and while I adore the art, the story progression and the dialogues seem rushed and somewhat "whatthefuck"-y. Maybe it gets better later on.
Strukla Nov 3, 2:27 PM
Oh I found something you might like? It's "New York, New York" manga.
It looks decent enough for me to drop everything else and start reading it right away. Hopefully it'll be good ~
Bunnerz Oct 30, 4:31 PM
Welcome back!

Well at least for me the characters were almost all likable at some extent even Angie who is fuckin annoying holy shit kajgas but Nagito... Nagito tho ;~; <3

TenkoxHimiko otp bffs everything smdgjsdk chapter 3 ;~;

Btw didn't expect that twist in episode 1, the two characters I thought had plot armor were killed off lol what

Seigen Oct 29, 6:46 AM
Oh no wonder she looks familiar, I've been planning to read it for the longest time. Thanks!
Seigen Oct 27, 4:16 AM
Hi! where's your forum set from?
Strukla Oct 23, 2:28 AM
I'm wondering if it'll be an OVA or a full-blown 26 TV series. For some reason I think it'll be an 3-5-6 episode OVA (maybe 'cause lots of older manga got turned into OVA's back in the day rather than TV series) but whatever it'll be, I hope it'll be good. :o Since I don't follow studios by their work, MAPPA means shit to me.
Strukla Oct 22, 4:25 PM
Ignore that, I just saw it was added on MAL. Airing in 2018. :'D
I see it's also already on your favorites list. YOU HAVE DONE WELL BY ADDING IT. Let's hope all goes well!
Strukla Oct 22, 2:21 PM
That's perfectly fine, my first reaction to your first comment was...

Actually, it still is.

Strukla Oct 21, 3:52 AM
Ah, that's nice. I usually use danbooru or similar sites for finding profile pics or wallpapers, and they host a lot of Pixiv artists works.
Ahh, Slam Dunk. A sports-crazy friend of mine was talking me into watching the anime. Guess the manga's equally good?
Strukla Oct 20, 3:39 PM
Where the hell do you get all those pretty profile pictures?!
Bunnerz Sep 29, 2:07 PM

I got it ty torrents hihi, but still has some bugs. I guess that's the price I have to pay for free download.

Hoping this Rentaro guy is as glorious as he seems since he looks like Nagito, my ultimate waifu/husbando.

I already like the mage girl, she's kinda cute though I don't wanna love anybody cuz everybody can die ;-;