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Strukla May 20, 5:06 AM
Whoa! Out of all people I (half)expected to notice and/or congratulate, I gotta admit you were not on that list! Thank you, this was a pleasant surprise! :)
owlette May 17, 5:22 PM
thanks, i will. god all i want is Ash to visit Japan with Eiji at least once, even if the ending is tragic. i don't think that's going to happen though :-( i have 6 more volumes left to read so i still have a tiny bit of hope but it's not looking good. so tempted to read what you wrote on the forums but i don't want to be spoiled before i finish the manga, so i'll just be patient
owlette May 17, 4:18 PM
i don't mind them too much but in certain angles they do look quite silly. i still love the art style though, 80's is probably my favorite time for manga art styles
Unowen May 17, 3:20 PM
I've been watching Touch for 2 years and a half already, haha. But unlike other series I have in the on-hold limbo it does seem like I will finish it. It's amazing how it can be interesting for me to binge 10 eps and then 6 months may pass without watching a single ep.

It does have a nice OST, except that one song that they overused for a while (just like anyone ends up hating the tune they set as an alarm xD) You know, MAAAA GIRLLLL.....

Edit: And regarding other Adachi, Cross Game was pretty good. Has less memorable characters than Touch but telling a similar story in 50 eps is a clear advantage. Then I read Rough from him, which is about Swimming instead of Baseball and yet manages to feel really similar.

What you can't avoid when it comes to Adachi are abrupt endings, though! Can't wait to see the payout of 101 episodes, haha.
owlette May 17, 3:08 PM
i'm fine with them. it's quite hard to replicate the manga style into anime, so i can see why they changed it a bit. and i guess everyone DOES always say Eiji looks like he's a kid so if anything, that's an improvement (? i guess). i do gotta admit i prefer Eiji in the manga more, he looks more mature but that's why i always wondered why everyone in the manga said he looked like a kid. can't say i have any complains about Ash's character design, he looks decent. i'm actually glad his forehead isn't as huge as it was in the manga
Unowen May 17, 2:10 PM
Did they just. ? :O

owlette May 16, 10:26 PM
(also your profile reminded me of how much i love Golden Kamuy, easily one of the funniest manga i've ever read)
owlette May 16, 10:24 PM
the bestest of boys
Ulquiorra May 12, 3:25 AM
I noticed from your comments that your favorite character from Saiyuuki is Hakkai, mine is Gojou, I like Lirin too, that girl is funny.
Effulgence Apr 20, 3:05 PM
Hii there!
I'ven been somewhat intrested in the Golden Kamuy anime but i've read that it's not that good of a adaptation so far
I guess it's too soon to make a conlsusion but still want to hear your opinion on it, should i be patient and see if it's good afterall or just read the manga?

Strukla Apr 19, 9:51 AM
Nah, it's an interesting input in how you had a change of heart with something you dropped for so long! Thanks. I saw the cat somewhere (must've been one of the MAL "lists of random things". I remember there was a discussion on the topic of it's eyes - were they the blue rings or were they actually those brown walnuts closer to the top.

It sounds... Don't know if "interesting" is the right word but it sure sounds like something I'd like to check out. I'll see to it soon, thanks once again. :D
Unowen Apr 18, 9:07 AM
Wow, moving all the way through 29 chapters in 2 episodes sounds definitely scary.

So all those explanations by Asirpa should've been written or simply told by some sort of narrator? Sounds hard to imagine from my opposite perspective now, so I guess I feel you. Weird decision there. Still pretty exciting so far, I hope they don't mess up too hard later on

At least it seems like Banana Fish will get both 2 cours and a bigger budget. Time to cross fingers ;)
Strukla Apr 18, 3:51 AM
-snoops around-

...Banana Fish will air in July? Right, SEE YOU THEN. -crawls back into the hole-

Also, please elaborate what's so great about Aria. I've seen it on a lot of Favorites lists but didn't pay too much attention to it so far. All I know is: GONDOLAS. And that the artwork gives off a serene vibe.
Unowen Apr 17, 4:19 PM
So what's a worse adaptation of a good manga, Piano no Mori's or Kamuy's?
coenraed Apr 13, 1:23 PM
Sure, that's a very good answer! I think I do enjoy the way the characters have started to feel more comfy and dreamy, I think it works quite well with some of the themes, especially in Kotonoba, which often discusses feelings of nostalgia. I can still get behind everything you're saying though, especially the living in the moment part. I also didn't enjoy his later works anywhere near as much. I hope he takes a longer break than usual now that Kotonoba is over, I think he mostly just needs more fresh ideas.

I guess the point of linking that image was that the extra definition was always more intended for cartoonishness or cuteness than for honest realism. but I now suspect that's not really what you were talking about.

Thanks for the answer in any case!