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Fvlminatvs May 27, 10:43 PM
I saw your comments on a couple of "old vs new anime" threads. I looked up that guy you mentioned, offmodel, and it is a shame about him. His posts seemed pretty cool. He didn't last long--he seems to have quit the site about 14 or 15 months after he joined.

I can't understand what the mods want for this place. AD seems to be getting worse. Going back and looking at offmodel's old posts, it doesn't seem all that terrible compared to today. It's been a total cesspool so far this year.
Darklord_bg May 21, 6:11 AM
Hi there, I did not manage to respond to your post about the “recent anime era” since the thread got locked but it looks like you put a lot of thought into it, so I felt kind of bad.

I guess my “character popularity poll” argument wasn’t good enough since you did find some good counter-arguments. I can keep arguing that the reason that male characters are liked is not for their sex appeal but you can argue the same for female characters, so there’s no point to continue with that.

But I cannot agree with your other point that the fans’ obsession with “waifus” has always been at the same level. I’ve been reading and watching One Piece since 2004 and at that time the fanbase was different. The popular shows in English-speaking countries were different. In 2004 the so-called “Big 3” were nearing the height of their popularity – Naruto was in the middle of the “Konoha invasion arc”, One Piece in the Arabasta Arc (at least according to Kaizoku-fansubs, the only quality English fansub at the time) and Bleach was starting out. GUNDAM SEED Destiny was also airing as well as Full Metal Alchemist. Those were the most popular shows at the time and the majority of the anime fanbase in the West were watching those shows and similar types of shows. Harem shows were pretty rare with Love Hina the most prominent one.

As a result, anime fans at the time were not discussing waifus. There was not enough material for such discussions or even if there was, it wasn’t as assessible to the English-speaking world. Heck, even the term “waifu” supposedly appeared in 2006 and “best girl” in 2009.

Now go forward several years with the proliferation of visual novel and light novel adaptations, harem shows, etc. The so-called “otaku culture” found its way to the West. Also many more fansubs groups, streaming sites, social media made such shows much more accessible. As a result a new sort of fandom appeared (or became more popular in the West, since it probably always existed in Japan). The sort of fandom obsessed with 2-D girls and their various archetypes. The term “moe” became all the buzz for a few years with annual SaiMOE tournaments happening in English-speaking anime forums and sites. So it became commonplace for anime fans at the time to constantly obsess over 2-D girls and discuss their good points and flaws ad nauseum.

At the same time many of the original anime fans who were around since I started watching had already grown out of anime. Also, the shows that were popular at the time such as the Big three had grown less relevant in the new anime “culture”. So, what happens when the new fans start watching the “older” shows. They watch them through the same prism they watch the other shows they watch: harems, fanservice shows, cute girls doing cute things etc. So, the look for the same things: “Best girl”, “waifus” etc. Since “best girl of the season” is a thing already, why should it only apply to shows with predominantly female cast? Why can’t fans pick eligible candidates from all currently airing shows, including One Piece and other shounen shows?

So, that’s how those discussions end up in my favorite shows from the early 00s. I realize all of this is subjective from my personal experience and hard for me to prove, but that is what matters to me – my personal perspective. When even influential Youtubers that cover One Piece such as Rogersbase (sorry to single him out) constantly talk about waifus in their reviews, it’s hard to ignore this trend and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Sorry for the wall of text and I hope I made my point clear. Good day to you!
Fvlminatvs May 16, 7:28 PM
I deleted the post in Deep Anime when I realized the conversation had been dead for two days (I thought it was still going on) and I thought better of resurrecting the argument. However, if he pulls his stupidity again, I'll paste that up there right away.

As for toxicity, it wasn't like this 15 years ago when I first started joining online fora. I mean, yeah, you had trolls, bait threads, etc. People were more willing to make longer posts. People were better at writing and communicating. My brother and I went through our old posts on some very old fora from the early 2000s (he was in high school, I had just graduated college) and were amazed at just how badly message boards and fora have deteriorated since then.

I am a member at a couple of other quieter communities, like Old School Otaku Lounge, but new threads appear pretty infrequently. Sometimes we get a nice discussion going. However, compared to MAL, the forum there is really quiet and uneventful. Almost dead.

I've never created a thread because I am afraid that it will erupt into a flame war. Or turn into a festival of baseless opinions and absolutely no facts or information being shared.

Also, what frustrates me is how uninformed everyone's opinions are. I mean, that is infuriating. Nobody wants to learn anything, they just come in thinking they already know it all. That's ridiculous. EVERYONE has something to learn.

This goes hand-in-hand with disparagement of anyone who ACTUALLY knows stuff as elitist. Nobody likes being told they're wrong, sure, but what do you do when you can't refute it when someone with actual information proves your opinion is wrong? Double down and dismiss his position by calling him an elitist or a know-it-all, or whatever. Extra points if he likes Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
Fvlminatvs May 16, 11:08 AM
Libido Kamen's stuff is great. He ACTUALLY has background in art. I think, however, 90% of what he says would be utterly rejected by the rank-and-file MAL forum user. He and I discuss this stuff a bit on Minds and (gasp) disagreement between us is just as important as agreement and also just as constructive.

This is why I hate the "elitist" epithet, especially how it's used as a pejorative. Bringing more detailed knowledge and complex information is perceived as a threat to a large number of MAL users. When I first showed up here, two years ago, I was hoping to be helpful to most people. I'm older, have a deeper perspective, and due to my academic background, a much broader perspective, than most MAL users. Ultimately, however, I see threads that are, by-and-large, utterly stupid.

"What if I have more than one waifu?"
"Shipping wars are toxic."
"Are all anime girls lesbians?"
"Characters should be bisexual"
"Am I a casual fan?"

I watched WattheWut's video on powerscaling and I love how Pause&Select basically talked about how it is, in reality, a complete non-issue.

The toxicity in the fandom comes from rampant immaturity and I think that is why you and I get so frustrated. 90% of the time, I feel like I am talking to kids and it is always disheartening when I see that my interlocutor is someone who is their mid-to-late 20s or early 30s--when my father was that age, he had three kids, a mortgage, and a full-time career as an analyst and was on his way to becoming management. When I was their age, I was writing a 200-page MA thesis, cramming four separate languages so I could finish my research, and working two jobs.
Fvlminatvs May 14, 9:55 PM
Nah, man, I can't take the attitudes, close-mindedness, unwillingness to learn, etc., anymore. I find there's no discussion, just hosing the place down with one's own opinions while not really engaging the opinions of others.

I mean, I saw your run-in with that Darius fellow and I have no idea how you kept your cool and didn't bust your monitor. I have enough stress dealing with these sorts of people at my job.
TripleSRank May 13, 11:27 AM
Hey man, I feel for you on that deep anime thread. No one expects you to deal with that level of obnoxiousness and ignorance.

You did good.
losmena May 4, 12:35 PM
mediocre taste
Parax_5 May 1, 5:57 AM
Que opinas de Fireworks?
Parax_5 Apr 29, 8:23 AM
Sacale reseña a Kino's Journey :"^
SeidouTZ Apr 14, 11:32 AM
> Rewatched the first episode
Ohh... don't know why i didn't notice that at first, maybe i was distracted by something else, but now i see what you mean. Narumi looks very slim at certain instances during that scene and looks akward when they tried to depict her running really fast with high heels and just-clothing.
Every other sequence tho i didnt spot many problems so i would still consider the animation to be above average despite those minor inconsistencies that you pointed out.

That aside, if you liking Wotaku ni koi wa muzukashii so far i would recomend also giving Genshiken a look if you havent already. Very similar humor and setting.
SeidouTZ Apr 14, 9:15 AM
Sorry to bother you but could you specify what you mean by the animation of Wotaku ni koi wa muzukashii being "subpar"? Because to me while definitely not the best in comparison with some of the series airing this season i think the animation is defenetly good.
There is a fluent change in terms of how it transits from serious to comedy, nice animated scenes like the bar one and the flashback bit, the rapid changes in character expressions, etc.. It reused some frames sure, but i wouldnt call the animation subpar for that. So i am curious to why you found it to be subpar?
NihilisticLoner Apr 12, 8:18 PM
Frankly, I barely cared about his new vid, so I probably missed half of what he said, so I won't discuss the video, unless it's about the things I DO remember.
NihilisticLoner Apr 12, 5:41 PM
I don't remember Digi mentioning "Urotsukidoji". I just heard of it now.
AltoRoark Apr 7, 10:50 AM
Thank you dearly for continuing to make such rational and well-thought-out posts in this shithole of a forum. I applaud you, really.
Takenokos Apr 5, 6:06 PM
No hay de qué; tengo una pequeña duda, entre 'Letterbox' y 'Filmaffinity', ¿cuál recomiendas como lista de películas vistas?
Hace tiempo que quiero crear una cuenta en Filmaffinity, pero desconocía Letterbox hasta que vi tu cuenta.