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Catalano May 23, 10:34 PM
Catalano May 23, 7:04 PM
I really don't know, it'a a painting, found it randomly on the net.
Catalano May 23, 12:23 PM
So you like kiddy grade. You are cool. Came here just to say that.
Ayato-Hiragi May 11, 3:42 AM
Oh i see
Ayato-Hiragi May 11, 2:29 AM
What anime is it from?
oakhearted May 9, 11:04 PM
I'm not a spambot, I'm just new to this, I'll be adding more information later on! :)
oakhearted May 9, 11:04 PM
hey! :) i'm still new to this, i also play chicken smoothie
NihilisticLoner May 9, 11:08 AM
Do you listen to old school rap?
mozgow May 9, 12:40 AM
Not too familiar with your tastes, but I assume you enjoy stories that have an interesting complexity or thoughtfulness to them, given that you enjoy Trails in the Sky.
Finally someone who knows who is on my profile picture, LOL :D

In that vein I'd recommend Soukou no Strain and Umi Monogatari, and maybe Coppelion and Uta~Kata, for drama; and Rocket Girls for comedy. Stratos 4 for a mix of both (and be aware that the first season isn't the full story).
Soukou no Strain, Umi Monogatari and Uta Kata are already on my PTW list (which means I must have heard about them somewhere). I think I've heard about Coppelion before (at least synopsis is familiar to me).

I haven't heard about Rocket Girls and Stratos 4 before...

As for story complexity, Yosuga no Sora may be a possibility, if you want or are okay with possibly disturbing sexual content, but presented with a focus on characterization and emotions.
I handled Aki-Sora so I think I can handle this one too :-P

Meanwhile, Luger Code 1951 is a one-episode thing that you can watch in short order, if you feel like taking a one-shot peek into its setting. It may feel incomplete though.
I have already seen this one and liked it :-)

Also you have a nicer-looking profile than I do.
I do?
mozgow May 8, 8:05 AM

Interesting list of anime you got here :-)
I remember watching "Element Hunters" back in 2010, while it was still airing.

Anything from that list I should watch sooner rather than later?
BlueSkylark May 8, 2:38 AM
Oh I haven't explained that either. ^^'
It's probably one of the more unique things, cause not the whole show will be watched. (That would be crazy given that some of the shows are two cour or even have 50+ episodes).
It is intended to watch 3-4 Episodes. With a short pre and post discussion in the discord Voice chat for those that are interested in stuff like that.
What you do after the Group watch with a show.(If you finish it, drop it or put it on-hold is up to you to decide ^^)
BlueSkylark May 8, 1:24 AM
I mean if I sort them by genre some would have overlapping once especially Slice of Life and Comedy.
Also in the last message I forgot that it is twice a month on every 2nd and last sunday. ^^'
Also I like to be rather experimental. So when someone claims that their show is really underrated I want to know what they mean and if they are right no matter the genre. I know everyone has their owm comfort zone(for example I am really not someone that enjoys shoujo romance or reverse harems), but I am also open to be proven wrong in my own biases. ^^
Besides if one show in particular turns you off, you might skip that and come back for the next which might have a show that interests you. xD
Ayato-Hiragi May 7, 2:39 PM
I like your profile picture
uninstallthegame May 7, 2:13 PM
oh shit, you're right. well, i didn't edit this shit at all, just loaded the picture into online ocr and got the text out of it. so yeah, let me at least fix the linebreakers
BlueSkylark May 7, 1:52 PM
Ok. I mean you might just give it a try. Maybe you wiill enjoy it. ^^
I intend it to be pretty chilled anyway only every 2nd Sunday in a month.