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ZeroZero0 Apr 15, 4:49 PM
Hey. It was in a forum and thought that you would be cool to talk to.
GlennRheeEcksDee Apr 15, 9:22 AM
just as a friend man nothing really
Energetic-Nova Apr 12, 3:13 PM
Evangelion doesn't have proper falling action. It otherwise hits the beats of how rising and falling action work, but it does it in interesting ways.

Do you remember the scene where you see Shinji play cello towards the end? And you realize he does do one thing for himself....

but then... you watch Madoka... and her drawing just... doesn't feel nearly the same?

This has to do with character.

Both characters FEEL aimless and feel worthless but supposedly arent actually worthless. Shinji proves that HE HIMSELF is not worthless by his own accomplishments and merit. Madoka has.... a plot device?

Shinji had to have worked very hard to play cello so well.

Madoka's stuff... it is like stuff a girl her age could draw... and that is it. It isn't anything special. She says it is her hobby. The cello scene took me by surprise because the entire anime we were shown Shinji has a gift he isn't using. But then we find out he has something else.... something else the plot doesn't need. The plot needed him to be a good eva pilot like it needed Madoka to be a good Magical Girl...

And all she drew was herself as a magical girl. And that is the problem. Her entire character is just being a magical girl. So she is not as interesting as any magical girl who came before her.

Shinji was interesting because he didn’t want the job he was assigned. But said he didn’t know what he wanted to do even though he clearly loves something. He just thinks that being a musician is not something his father would want him to do.

And is much is you got a lot of character feel for Gendo, you really didn’t with Madoka’s mom. Typical working woman type person.
Alfamoris Apr 12, 2:31 PM
anime :3
Energetic-Nova Apr 12, 1:27 PM
Well, you have often said that you tend to prefer anime which many people would consider boring. The only way I could really see that as being possible is if something else was entertaining you. And that is probably whatever your feelings are for the characters. I myself, tend to like a mixture of things but lean heavily on character. When the characters are weak, there is really nothing for me. I have noticed, you saying several statements about rather having nothing happen then something happen. But I guess that’s always confused me. But then you mentioned not liking Madoka Magica. And what you said about end of Evangelion is very much in line with how people who tend to lean towards character over the plot feel. Basically judging by these things that you have said, you would rather feel that the characters developed, then the plot developed. You don’t need things to happen, you just need to make a connection with the characters which exist in the story. If all of the characters revert to the original character development or have that development robbed of them and in both cases for the EOE ending and for Madoka Magica it happened. All of the characters were robbed of some development. However it isn’t even just that, maybe we can more quickly noticed when a character has no character such Madoka or Rei... but since Rei is not the main character, it is forgivable until the end when they mess with everyone else. In Malaga there are several characters you don’t really get to know before they die or have only one note to them. But Evangelion's characters a very deep in you want to get to know them. However EOE robs you of ever actually knowing them Or seeing some good come out of all that. It is just suffering on suffering for the sake of and what not... Gen Urobuchi stated his purpose for making Madoka was just to create more suffering. Not to create a good story not to create a memorable characters but just because he likes to watch character suffer.

Honestly most of NGE is that way too. But it is not without meaning... where EOE definitely is without meaning. EOE feels like a betrayal if all you do is follow the protagonist especially and root for them and their dreams.

I know you don't like Eva really... but I donno... just EOE and Madoka feel more alike than Evangelion and Madoka.

The build up lets you down. And Eureka 7 doesn't do either of the things Madoka or Evangelion did.... It made good on it's promises. Nobody like stops dead in their development because of a weird plot.
Energetic-Nova Apr 12, 1:28 AM
It is Shinji dressed as Cutey Honey from Re:Cutey Honey.
Energetic-Nova Apr 11, 1:49 PM
I donno. Sometimes I just go "man, you are talking about evangelion way too much" and I try to hold back. >.> I am thinking about changing my avatar so I stop thinking of Eva all the time.
Illyricus Apr 3, 10:26 AM
Yep, she is the main character (one of them, at least). If you like her looks, don't worry, you will have time to appreciate her beautiful and pretty design. I hope you also like long dialogues if you want to watch the series, though, since you are going to hear her talk a lot.
Illyricus Apr 3, 2:35 AM
She's Togame, from the anime Katanagatari. Hope I have been of help...
Energetic-Nova Apr 2, 9:50 PM
Well yes, it is flawed.

The most heavily weighed of the 3 objectives is actually that there are two women. And that is it. Which is why it isn't really helpful for Japanese anime.
Energetic-Nova Apr 2, 8:33 PM
Yeah. lol. You know that she originally created that as a joke in a comic she made. It was meant in a mocking sense. She had actually no idea how true it was that very few shows and movies actually had women talk about something other than a boy.
Energetic-Nova Apr 2, 8:29 PM
How dare you use actual feminist theory terms! >:(

lol that was funny.
Energetic-Nova Apr 2, 2:45 AM
Thanks! And I responded again. Have fun reading it! Gosh. His societal belief that being a slut is less natural than monogamy is hilarious. I had to bring my Husband in to mansplain during some parts. And my husband had to play male translator to me because some of what he said made no sense.
Duffster Mar 31, 2:45 PM
I dont think the sexual content is going to bother me to much and with the explanation you gave I am now looking forward too see what it brings.

I like the monogatari series mainly because its interesting. Each arc presents an interesting concept and has its own themes to go with it that always intrigues me. It also has great humor with amazing characters writing and directing with moments that are also very impactful as well.

Since the show is very dialogue heavy, the show really relies on each of its characters in order to carry the show which it does a phenomonal job with as each character is incredibly intersting, gets great development and a lot of them also have deep backstories allowing you to connect with them (like my waifu hanekawa ;))

The show can be wierd at times however a lot of its wierd moments are also some of its most enjoyable moments as well so yeah.

If you wanna check it out I highly reccomend you do.

Duffster Mar 31, 2:09 PM
Currently been watching the monogatari series which i think is fantasic.

Is cross ange any good because i see that one of your fave characters is from that show.

Also i really liked gabriel dropout. A lot better than i was expecting.