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Spy x Family The Movie
Spy x Family The Movie
Jan 17, 9:43 AM
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Spy x Family Season 2
Spy x Family Season 2
Jan 17, 9:43 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season - Kanketsu-hen
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season - Kanketsu-hen
Jan 17, 9:42 AM
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One Piece
One Piece
Jan 17, 8:15 AM
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Yuusha ga Shinda!: Kami no Kuni-hen
Yuusha ga Shinda!: Kami no Kuni-hen
Jan 17, 8:14 AM
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Deknijff Jan 25, 1:36 PM
Probably the worst so far hahahaha. Like it was my first time that I actually looked back at the events on the last day xD. Which I never do... but after watching a genshin impact video which showed events which occured in 2022. I just ended up asking myself as well hahaha. Still playing genshin impact though. And sometimes overwatch 2.
I haven't touched Genshin ever but Ive been enjoying dem doujins and porn cosplays of the series that you find online so Im glad the series doing me some good xD
I on occasion check the forums and post but nothing like compared to before
NoLiferSoul Jan 19, 2:15 PM
com mods are just the old forum mod role; the new forum mods are at a lower stage to have a smoother entry with less tools and activities to do (aka only doing the forum stuff and not the profile / ban / club etc stuff)

Deknijff Jan 17, 2:15 PM
Yo yo greetings to you too my friend, how did 2022 treat you?


Lowkey how I'm feeling considering I completely forgot to respond to your comment and I don't even remember why
I can't believe you're still active :D
I honestly question if Im active, I update my MAL and hardly talk to anyone anymore. I think I only talk to people on discord now
Though, I'm more surprised about how it's been six years since I joined and 10 for you
Time sure flies in hindsight but feels so slow in the current
Aaaaand my signature's so edgy hahahaha. Now that I look at it.
why do you say that?
Nurguburu Aug 26, 2022 8:01 PM
Resting_Bonfire Aug 19, 2022 7:34 AM
You are dead, but i think you posted your Overlord 2 Review on Season 3 lol
S5_0014_81 Jul 23, 2022 8:03 PM
Ainz-sama killed this guy

Overlord BANZAI
Zahraung May 13, 2022 1:57 PM
He's dead. Let's celebrate with a Rumba and move our middle fingers targeting his profile. Ok no.
illarc Apr 1, 2022 11:30 AM
Nurguburu Feb 9, 2022 12:21 PM
Congintive Jan 14, 2022 8:10 PM
Btw, have u watched or read Bleach.
Congintive Nov 6, 2021 5:27 AM
I'm really enjoying it too but I've put it on hold for some time so I binge read all the ch.

As for the manhwas I wouldn't recommend anything since most of them are basically hentais but there are few which I've recommended U before maybe try reading them.

Deknijff Oct 30, 2021 9:14 AM
sorry for taking so long
being tired from work has been making me really slow
Although, I've been busy with other real life matters, the fact that there aren't any restraints on me feels great and refreshing! I've been freed from my university for four months now! Though, I'll soon be searching for a job in a few more weeks.
What I wouldnt do with 4 months of freedom :/
So you're parents been cool you've been taking it easy for 4 months?
I've got a gaming laptop since a year ago but I never put it to use as I was always busy. But now, I do have a more or less fixed free time! Though, new games require you to play them a lot and improve on them since I don't have motivation and anyone with mutual interests, I was puzzled at what to try! Then as I was surfing through danbooru, it appeared to me! Why don't I just try Azur Lane and Genshin Impact? And I did! At least I searched them up before trying. And azur lane turned out to be some side-scrolling game... Even though, it has top-tier characters, rip. Then I tried genshin impact about three months ago, and now it basically doesn't have much going on either aside from daily chores...
Bro no please dont fall pray to gacha games, especially before getting a job xD
I havent tried those at all but my friend keeps showing a cute vampire girl with twin tails from one of them who he says Id love
And since I had been free for such a long time, I didn't have anything to do! The feeling of having nothing to do feels terrible!!! I don't have any motivation to watch anime so that I could do that during my free time. I don't watch YouTubers much either. So I just decided to study ahaha. And search for some jobs soon as I'll soon need to anyways.
Listening to YT is like what I do most of my time because can do it at the same time as Im working
What jobs you searching mostly btw?
So what about you? What have you been doing these past three months? I do notice your forum posts have increased to 7k and above! Active on forums lately? How's your work lately? Any games you playing? Have you tried playing Azur Lane or any other anime-looking games?
Ive just been working so hardly actually in the forums other than random post from time to time
Only game I play is still Yugioh at my local card shop so my gaming outside of that is practically dead
NoLiferSoul Oct 29, 2021 10:09 AM
Yeah it's a gacha game after all and they all end up being just an online casino without payout and a slight game-overlay to make it look like a game. It's sad because Genshin really looked good visually wise.

Youtube is a difficult topic as I have no idea what you like or not. What I can recommend blindly on the spot would be those channels:
- Incognito Mode
- SsethTzeentach
- SovietWomble
- Casually Explained
- videogamedunkey

Can look into them and see for yourself if you like them, those are general comedy focused channels.

Siralim... I won't explain much because even if I were to give you a tldr of it it'd end up longer than this whole post. The tutorial itself is like 20 hours long because there's so many different systems. It has upgade systems over upgrade systems that all scale into infinite. It has a few million different 'pokemon' basically which you can collect and use as a team, all of them different passive or active effects. Can use items to provide stats and even more passives or actives. Over 700 different mage spells (there's also auto attacks, passives and actives like damage reflect, poison, burn, etc which don't count towards those spells). 30 different classes with skilltrees which can all borrow skilltree passives from other classes, 20 different upgrade systems and whatnot. You could build up a team for thousand of hours, progressing infinitely and then make a new build, basically beginning the grind from the ground on with billions of other builds still available as options.
I like it because I like grinding, feeling progress and since it's turn based I can play it while doing other stuff like youtube or anime.

Trails is a series of JRPG that have one story through all of it's games. Currently there are 9 parts released with the 10th announced. The newer ones (Trails of Cold Steel) might be more to your liking visually. The story as of the authors words is 40% done, which means that there's a thousand more hours of content / story coming spread over 10-11 games. There's a whole cult following this game because of it's in-depth story, world building and length so it's quite a famous game series.
Tales of Arise (and Tales of Berseria etc) are story-driven JRPGs, so not really much like Genshin. I'd call them quite a lot better tbh.

500-600 Plan to Play VNs (mostly eroge in all honesty). Leave my PTW entries alone, they're important!

PS Vita is a VN machine yeah but you can both play them on PC (if you need a free download website I'm here to help though you'd have to add me on discord or via PMs, I'm a good mod after all that wouldn't possibly support piracy) or emulate a PS Vita on your PC. You can also play japanese only VNs as there are translators that scan your screen and translate whatever they see in the picture. Can help you set it up if you want to. is a .... research website to do important research! It was originally the better danbooru / gelbooru with a lot more content but sadly lately it's been quite shit. Long loading times, introducing a pay 2 view system etc. I've heared from a friend at least. I wouldn't possibly be a regular over there! I'm pure and innocent after all!

Anime-themed games you could mostly look at JRPG that released within the last few years (Tales of Berseria / Arise, Scarlet Nexus, Shin Megami Tensei etc)

Apex Legends is... well everyone has their own opinion on it. From what I've heard the developers treat it like a cash grab and won't update it anymore (in a meaningful way for new content). Never played it to begin with since I'm not a fan of FPS and iirc it was also from a chinese company, which usually like to give you a rootkit or spyware with the game aswell (Genshin does this too).
NoLiferSoul Oct 29, 2021 6:50 AM
I've had to remove the steam thingy because it was bugged 99% of the time, either showing me offline or just straight out showing a connection error. I've played both, Azur Lane as well as Genshin Impact before but had to quit both. Azur Lane is just like any other gacha game and Genshin Impact had no content at all and it made no sense to me to farm random chests for 5 exp each vs like 5000+ exp from the 5 minutes daily quests. The dungeons were also "kill x monsters in y time" with a mobile energy system so it was rather meh altogether.

I'm mostly wasting my time with stuff like youtube, however I do play a few games every now and then. I've gotten back into League of Legends with a few friends here and there, playing Siralim Ultimate (which is hard to explain but it's the grind heaviest game in existence so you probably wouldn't like it) and Trails in the Sky 3rd which I have open since forever. Thought about doing Tales of Arise and the new SmT after Trails 3rd.

I also recently decided to start playing VNs though I haven't gotten far into it. I did however manage to write down 500-600 very important plan to play ones which definitely won't collect dust like my ptw list on here.

Did you ever manage to get into VNs or had any interest at all in general? For me it's the best medium art-style-wise, which I've seen on my various adventures through sankaku before though the book-style always kept me away
Deknijff Oct 29, 2021 4:02 AM
Ah shit that’s nice my dude

How you been spending your time with that sweet sweet extra freedom?