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Dec 1, 2019
Love, a force of nature, experienced by every living being. A complex set of emotions held strongly towards someone special. Someone who you cherish being together, is the world to you, can truly rely upon, just their absence takes the light from you. Experiencing it makes you see the world in a new light. However, how can one prove being in love with someone? You like them, so you love them? You’ve fun being together with them, so you love them? One has to have clear evidence to prove they love someone rather than hastily following their hearts. So how can one scientifically prove love read more
Jul 20, 2019
Konoe Youtarou, a high school student, who is perfect at housekeeping and lives alone due to his parents working in separate homes, as a butler and a maid. Being always left alone, he decides to never work as someone who takes care of people. However, soon after the power of the premise comes into play and he meets a beautiful ojousama on the way to school, Saionji Tsubasa (who you see on the volume cover). And is baffled to learn that he’ll be now serving her as her butler. Given no other choice, our Youtarou-kun accepts this one-sided offer. Now the first period begins which read more
Mar 27, 2019
Ever thought of taking a risk, a risk that’d even put your freedom, life into jeopardy just for the sake of THRILL? Well, anyone who’s sane enough wouldn’t do such a thing, that’s what the majority of people would think/say. BUT what if the word sanity itself didn’t exist among the most privileged/rich/ruling families of the world? And everything was just decided on a single game of chance?

Kakegurui features a similar setting in the form of a unique school that prepares its students for such upcoming reality they’d face in their world, that is gambling, while also teaching basic education like normal schools.

However, read more
Oct 2, 2018
This is the first time I've ever felt about reviewing a particular show on MAL. Perhaps, my love for this show is significantly greater than any show in existence? What I’m about to state in this review is relatively the truth...

Alright, so what's Overlord III about? What has Ainz-sama achieved so far till this season? What were the main events that took place before this season? Has the premise of the series changed?


So, previously in the first season we see Momonga somehow "mysteriously" getting teleported to a new world or getting trapped into a game called Dive Massively Multiplayer read more