Dec 1, 2019
KatsutoSaki (All reviews)
Love, a force of nature, experienced by every living being. A complex set of emotions held strongly towards someone special. Someone who you cherish being together, is the world to you, can truly rely upon, just their absence takes the light from you. Experiencing it makes you see the world in a new light. However, how can one prove being in love with someone? You like them, so you love them? You’ve fun being together with them, so you love them? One has to have clear evidence to prove they love someone rather than hastily following their hearts. So how can one scientifically prove love = love? There needs to be some proof to make the final judgement. Yes, as you may have already noticed, I’m referring to this series.

RikeKoi is a series regarding the science and research department of the national Saitama University, which holds the statistical analysis of all the information from the world. The series follows with two post-graduates, Himuro Ayame and Yukimura Shinya, conducting their normal every day researches till Himuro suggests she may be in love with Yukimura. Upon hearing this, Yukimura questions the reasoning behind her conclusion and what even is love? Is being together fun, the increased heart beating when together, etc. enough to conclude this? The possibility of your heart beating faster could also be due to several unknown elements. Thus, leading to the research of this complicated subject.

The story is primarily about this research fused with comedy and romance. We see the main characters performing different experiments eventually resulting in hilarious moments. With the help of three other main supporting characters, they’re able to gain new heights in their experiments as well as the research with utmost objectivity. The use of physics and statistics and other math related stuff is really high in this manga which is fun to read and gives off the amount of effort put to think of such ideas. And as the research continues the need for more sample increases which leads to several pairings of the characters. The impact of the three other supporting characters is a lot in this series making them just as great as the two main characters. To the point I’d say they’re also the main characters and without them the series wouldn’t be of the same caliber.

The art of this series is great. Even great isn’t enough to describe it (I might be exaggerating, but I really like such art style). Nonetheless, this art style does suit the series, and all the expressions of the characters are very well-drawn. Many people may criticize the art with their reasoning being that the female characters of this series are hot, hence why majority of the people would read or like it. While the female characters are attractive in this series, it doesn’t mean one should disregard everything else the series offers. In case, you mistake it for an ecchi series (due to the cover) it’s not.

If you’re a fan of comedy series with romance in it, I highly recommend reading it. But if you’re someone who doesn’t like love being associated with games, takes “love” seriously or are looking for a serious romance series then sadly this isn’t for you. Apart from that, this is a great read!