Mar 27, 2020
Ezekiel_01 (All reviews)
There are many reasons why we love something. We started out to love something by self-discovery or influence by others around us. But sometimes to love alone is not enough. Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! It is a love letter to its audiences. It confesses its feelings on why animation is amazing in the first place. Let’s explore what this anime is all about.

The content of the text below contains spoilers.

Plot (9/10)+ >>> 2.7pt
The story is about 3 main female protagonists that formed a club dedicated to the production of high-quality video animation. Despite the massive difference of each character has they manage to co-exist in one agenda. Produce the best animation their heart desire while having each individual's personal gain. The plot portrays the complex processes of anime production. It explores both the enjoyment of the creation of animation projects and the struggles in dealing with deadlines and problems during production time. This problem includes a sudden change in the concept of the storyboard, technical difficulties, and last-minute fixes. Impressive enough the show tries to explain things casually for the viewers. It never felt like a boring documentary about making an anime but an interesting adventure that both educational and inspiring to see. What I always love about the series is at the end of the day, the result of the product they made reflects their capabilities and hard work. It is amazing that each episode has this little homage to classical animation like small tanks with a sophisticated list of features, dystopian mad max style characters, dragonfly base airplanes that has some questionable design choice and up to the vast wave of crazy ideas and invention that is only one's imagination could offer is the only limitation, These scenes are very fun to watch. I like how these little small details contribute to the grand scheme of things. They take advantage of this ridiculous idea for the creation of their own anime project. The show has some solid consistency in the story. If you are paying close attention enough, you can some of their past ideas. This anime certainly deliveries its messages in a nice way that almost everybody can relate to. It did a good job of showing the audience how much the creators love animation and anime in general. The anime is a work of passion. It didn’t shy away from the idea of not everything is perfect, there is always room for improvement. The girls never get self-complacency. They always think of better ways to improve their craft. You are always excited about what they are going to do next.

Characters (8/10)+ >>> 3.2pt
Eizouken has three main female protagonists which have completely different personality and interest but have some chemistry and personal gain that allows them to coexist with each other. I am going to break my thoughts and opinion on each main character and summaries a little on the side cast eventually.

Asakusa, Midori
• First of all let’s start with the first female protagonist Asakusa, Midori. She is the first character to be ever introduced in the show and she is the reflection of your typical Japanese introvert that just really loves anime in general. Her pure innocent, childish, creative and imaginative nature is her key point as a character, she also reminds me of Monkey D. Luffy in some extent on how innocent she sees in the world but her big ambition to create amazing things that is out of the box that fascinate me the most, she is a likable character. I always get surprised on her cool ideas every time her imagination goes wild. She might be timid and quiet and sometimes lack confidence but she makes her imagination flies! It surely going to fly above the sky.

• As the series progress, Midori character slowly developed. Evidence of her character development is that she socializes with other people more instead of only Sayaka. She was able to express her ideas and able to make people understand what kind of story and what particular direction the project needs to be but of course it won’t be possible without Sayaka and Tsubame helping her back. Also for every anime, they produce Midori improve her craft by making a more sensible story, more consistent scenarios and she always makes her story better than the first because she becoming more self-aware of the storyline she made. Midori also reflects a much more simple representation of an anime director. Her ideas and direction matter in the entire anime production. She is the mastermind of the project. I like how subtle they present the pressure you have to endure in running your project and how critical your role in ensuring people are following the direction you gave them and how big the responsibility you have to bear. But in the end, Midori becomes an impressive leader winning the trust of her peers and other people alike. If I ever work in an anime industry I will gladly follow Midori's direction and approach in making anime.

Kanamori, Sayaka
• Sayaka is the complete opposite of Midori, she is definitely a little more matured and serious for her age. She doesn’t move on free passion but practical gains, she is more organize and level headed. She always planned in advance and has complete control of almost every situation. She can clearly get what she wants even if the teacher and student council object her motives. I really like her personality, she reminds of an absolute boss of a character like Lelouch in code geass or Light in Death Note. You are always surprise on how far ahead they were against their enemies and will always have some counter solution on every worst case. Sayaka was nickname “Kanamoney” by the student council which is funny since her motives are always pushed by money but again I wouldn’t really blame her. Anime is certainly expensive to make and without money how you even retain the quality you promise to your viewers and money what’s make the anime industry alive in the first place so I won’t argue about that. Her advance planning and calculative approach are one the reason that their projects are on schedule and moving because sometimes the team procrastinates from time to time and somebody needs to break the ice.

• As the story progress, her character improves becoming less selfish and reconsidering more on the welfare of her comrades. She learns to trust her comrades more and willing to take the risk even it goes completely against her schedule planned. Even though she occasionally contrasts her comrade’s ideas from time to time but her intentions always seek for best approach that will both improve their current state and give them fair compensation for the team’s effort. Interesting enough Sayaka even though not interested or passionate in animating his the willingness to learn and to leap an extra mile to further help her comrades by relieving the ma power and to provide the team with the necessary equipment needed to make their work easier even though she acquired the said equipment by shady means. Even though Sayaka counters the innocent nature of the team, she represents the harsh reality of the real world and also gives some upright commentaries of some hardship of being a producer and desk producers since they function as the backbone of the industry and the project itself. If you work position is related to operations of a company related to production, man-power distribution, planning and logistic you will certainly understand why Sayaka is not the brightest person in the group, because I know her position is hard. As the show continues she later given a short character arc of her pass that further redeem her personality thus her money scheming antics really has some deep motives around it and impressively enough for a good cause. Spoiler Alert, She is doing her best to save her beloved shopping district from becoming irrelevant just because of unfair reasons. Overall I really like her character type. Functioning as the devil’s advocate providing some necessary criticism to the show and I am come to appreciate her cold commentary of the real world which the student councils and teachers ignore so much because of scandal and issues. Remember kids, schools don’t even teach you how to pay taxes.

Mizusaki, Tsubame
• Tsubame is a young charismatic amateur model that is extremely popular inside and outside the school. She came from a rich family with reputable status in the showbiz industry making her lifestyle totally different between Midori and Sayaka's average lives. She is always intrigued by the commoner’s way of living. She acts like a passive observer that questions a lot of thing in her surrounding thus giving some exposition to the setting and to further flesh Midori and Sayaka's personality. She always helps lighten the mood in the group. She shows compassion for the little things in life like an automated washing machine and public hot spring which she never experiences because of her wealth and prestige. She always gets excited about Midori's creative adventures. It always fun to play around using your imagination. I kind of miss the old days when I was a kid where we don’t have smartphones and internet to keep us occupied. Back then we use our imagination to make things fun which sadly most kids this day don’t do much. When it comes to the money she is no surprise at the expense, her reaction is different from Midori when it comes to expenses, given her status but she is not smug about it. Even though her status seems intimidating on paper, her passion and skill toward animation, back up with proper ethics towards her peers, make her valuable assets to the group, She is a bit frank from time to time, but her intentions are pure. Tsubame is responsible for most of the motion and character design and anything the moves with some complimentary support from Midori every step of the way. Her strong drive to make high-quality animation is truly remarkable and inspiring. She represents the burning fire of enthusiasm of young and passionate animators that loves making impossible things into a reality. And I salute you!

• Midway in the show, Tsubame built her confidence. Because of the help of her new comrades she was able to experience and apply her passion to the world. She was able to make an anime with complete freedom. Spoiler alert. She then eventually shows her parents what she is made off. Thus, as a result, acknowledge her capabilities as an animator and making her parents proud. I will complement the show for not having an over the top drama in this kind of scenario. The parents just accept their novel defeat and let their daughter do the things she wanted to do. For starter tsubame already foreshadowed her friends that her parent doesn’t restrict her much on anything except for anime which is sometimes downright plot conveniences for me. But I like how the show resolves this plot issue that started on episode 1 and doesn’t overstay its welcome. In the end, it was smooth sailing for tsubame.

Side Characters
The only thing I see to be the weakest point of the show is the side-cast. I love that the anime focuses more on its main characters in the majority of the episodes, but I saw some potential with the side cast. Sadly, they receive so little airtime that I barely have nothing to say to them. But I will try to summarize each.

The Teachers & Student Council
• They function like your typical antagonist of the show. There is no main antagonist of this show and the only available ones to create conflict are the teachers and student council to slow down the club's goals. But for the most part, conflicts are resolve by Sayaka alone but the show gives them some reasonable merit why they act this way. The student council is just following the rules and regulations for the safety of the school and the student, their actions are justified in many degrees since they are there to resolve the inside and outside conflict which most schools in the world have. So to say they are just doing their jobs. And to be honest Eizouken club is literally making a lot of shady things that break the rules of the school. The best example of this is when a lot of Sayaka's transaction is straightforward against the school rules and regulation, blackmailing other clubs to make some favorable give and take situations for the Eizouken club is indeed questionable that is not how a high school student should be doing in in their school years. We also have the Fujimoto-sensei that is sort of relevant in the story but he only reminds me of his Miyazaki-vibes and nothing more. A notable mention is the Council President and Ms. Secretary-san. The council president is kind of cute but the rest that I said about the teachers and the study council defines her personality. And lastly, Ms.Secretary-san which is actually the only side character in the student council that has some personal interaction with the Eizouken club especially with Sayaka but too bad it was not explored any further.

• She functions as the sound director of the club and does serve a major role in the show. Sadly she is lacking a character arc and the only thing I remember her is being blackmailed by Sayaka and that’s all I can say about her and I don’t even recognize her as a person really, I only see her as a tool for Eizouken to improve their craft.

I would love to include other side-cast but they are just too irrelevant to be even to matter at this point. They have some wonderful scenes like the robotic club and some members of the art club but it just really not worth mentioning. This is the weakest point of the show even though it didn’t go out of focus on what the show intends to do but I think solidifying it side-cast is something that shows can actually offer. Ping Pong also has a small cast but it did make even its side characters more organic and memorable but then again Eizouken still has the most solid main cast. It reminds of little witch academia when it comes to friendship.

Music (9/10) >>> 1.8pt
So far the music director of the show is hitting the spot. I really appreciate Kimura, Eriko for handling the sound direction and Oorutaichi for the music they are certainly doing their job well in making the show memorable and exciting to watch. The soundtracks are really great. I enjoyed listening on each track because they give off some good vibes that will make me energetic every time I listen to it. Moving to the opening of the show "Easy Breezy" by chelmico is good in introducing the vibes of the show, it is not amazing for my taste bit certainly good for the show is the direction of being fun and creative. The ending song "Namae no Nai” by Kamisama, Boku wa Kizuite shimatta is really something to write upon. The ending provides me some intense excitement. The ending is certainly the music I love the most in the series because it adds to the overall message of the show. Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! In my viewpoint has provided the best soundtrack and music currently this year 2020 from the time I made this review. This just to show how much I appreciated and love the effort the staff dedicated for its music and soundtrack.

Art (10/10) >>> 1pt
The animation and art style is certainly the strongest point of the show for me personally. The art style works well with the plot and characters. I like the setting and the character design even though they are simple but for me, I like simple design characters with some depth and personality than highly detailed characters with no human-like personality and motivation of a robot. I like how dynamic the animation tense to be when it can action pack scenarios. I felt the animation is alive! You can clearly see the passion and love that was invested in this short animation. I never get bored watching the animated short films and I always have a blast watching them. They really show you how much they love anime.

Enjoyment (10/10)
From the time I watched the first 4 episodes of the show I completely love it. Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! Reminded me again why I love anime in the first place. Anime provides as a different view of the world. It opens up unlimited possibilities and scenarios that we will not never ever experience in real life. It felt like an adventure watching the show with different stories and characters. It fills out the void inside me.. Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! It is about freely doing the things you want without giving any regret. Remember if you do something you don’t like, it is work that will never end but if you do something you truly passionate about, then you will never have to work in your life. This certainly a life lesson I learn in the anime that I will truly cherish in my heart.

Final Thoughts (Overall Score 8.7/10)>>>(9/10)
Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! It is an amazing experience. It delivered the message very well to its audience in conveying its message on why people love anime and how people start loving the medium. It is truly just an anime that expresses how much the creator's love in making anime!