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Days: 172.3
Mean Score: 6.27
  • Total Entries1,300
  • Rewatched32
  • Episodes12,033
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Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba
Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba
Sep 27, 8:22 PM
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Mach GoGoGo
Mach GoGoGo
Sep 26, 7:54 PM
Watching 4/52 · Scored 8
Ojamajo Doremi
Ojamajo Doremi
Sep 26, 7:29 PM
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Days: 30.9
Mean Score: 6.49
  • Total Entries221
  • Reread0
  • Chapters5,560
  • Volumes517
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Sep 27, 8:14 PM
Reading 1/255 · Scored -
Albert-ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo Goshomou desu
Albert-ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo Goshomou desu
Sep 18, 4:05 PM
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HappyD Sep 27, 9:35 PM
Thanks for the sauce king
sweater Sep 19, 3:55 PM
im surprised you endured watching them for so long. i went through a phase when i tried to watch all the specials of anime i've seen but i quickly gave up as most of them are so boring. like a lot of them are basically beach filler special type deals. does anyone even actually like beach filler episodes besides fan service. they are all the same

you can actually buy milpom merch? do you know where i can look at that? im actually curious to what that even looks like. and if you think catman has any deeper meaning than besides just being stupid to entertain us than i implore you to look for a deeper meaning. i'd be impressed if you managed to come up with any stupid reason for it

i mean i guess one piece anime being watered down is what you expect after its been going on for so long. with how much money one piece drags in though you'd expect higher quality. and can you think of any decent one piece fights? i just realized that i actually dont remember a single fight besides the one where luffy fights the big mouthed guy. cant remember his name. and i think brook joining is all that really happens in thriller back. the girl who is tied with big mama also appears but its not anything major to rewatch the entire arc. i'd just suggest watching the cool brook series from that arc and moving on

im legally allowed to fight you for this comment. i mean at least it actually sounds decent unlike the annoying voice in lets go. i actually think the madoka voice actor voiced that eevee in that game and god was it bad. the fact that anyone allowed this to pass through is beyond me
HappyD Sep 11, 8:38 AM
Do you remember where you watched 예수? I'm trying to find it.
sweater Sep 1, 9:37 AM
do you watch all the specials to anime you finish? i always forget they exist

the only OG magical girl stuff people care about are the ones they grew up with. anything prior to 2000 is mostly forgotten about. i've watched milpon before. i thought it looked kinda cool until they took the masks off. who is this type of anime even suppose to appeal to though? to take up space between commercials or something on tv?

one piece filler is ok but the stretched out scenes are hell. i've seen anime moments go on for 10 minutes that was one page in the manga. stretched out scenes happen a lot more post time skip. and stop expecting one piece fights to be good. they just aint

you watch this and say to delete pokemon. keeping pokemon is worth it solely for this
sweater Aug 31, 2:48 PM
hmmm going by your list you have one thing listed under music which states you do add music so whats the truth of these lies you say. i get what you mean though. i like good anime but i find it so hard to sit through. so much easier to watch bad anime in one sitting

even in none anime stuff people get death threats. even actors get attacked because of their characters. hell even recently a vtuber got doxxed and had people calling her phone to send her hate as they found out she has a boyfriend. its getting harder to tell what has the worst fandom these days

OG magical girl anime tends to look pretty bad so that might be why. there is a pretty cool youtube video somewhere showing the evolution of magical girl looking anime over the years and the earlies ones look pretty eh. and wow that looks disgusting. please keep that weird thing away from me

also i dont know if you're interested or already knew but i found out about this a fan protect which edits the one piece anime series to be more faithful to the manga. cutting out filler/stretched out scenes etc. i want to start downloading it and watch it but i've got no space because of how much space pokemon takes up on my pc. pokemon ruining everything smh
DeadlyRaven Aug 26, 3:28 PM
DeadlyRaven Aug 26, 2:56 PM
No, no, no, you come back and sit here. I'm even more curious now.
DeadlyRaven Aug 26, 2:41 PM
I see...
sweater Aug 26, 2:20 PM
your completed list is over 900 now. how many awful shorts did you suffer throuugh to get that number. love yourself and watch better things. and to think those 7 seconds of ai could have gone to watching black butler

>Also Baldroy and the other servants > Ciel and Sebastian. truer words could not be said
i so badly wish i could show you all the worst of the worst black butler fandom stuff i use to come across. 90% of the black butler fandom you use to interact with would end up being either talking about nothing but their pedo ships or blatantly transphobic. there was also this really popular belief that the creator said that black butler was suppose to be a yaoi and everyone believed that for some reason. oh yeah the creator got full blown death threats too because people didn't like some plot twist in the manga i don't know about

i feel like most of the bad magical girl you'll come across that isn't gag or ecchi wise is just the very heavy kid oriented ones. they always have low rating but not because they're exactly bad but just because its boring watching it if you're not 7
DeadlyRaven Aug 26, 2:07 PM
-ODA- Aug 24, 1:51 PM
Heyoo~ :3
sweater Aug 24, 11:02 AM
music, weird shorts, commercials etc should just be deleted. like are the 'dont use your phone' shorts before movies really needed. i recently found out that ponkotsu quest is on here too despite not being an anime. its a youtube series but done a few manga promos so its on here because the promos were added. and shame on you. go finish black butler

kill la kill music girl was cool. back in like 2013 when i was big into black butler people would basically get pissed off if i said i liked ciel more because 'you like that bratty kid more than this sexy demon?!' and hearing the pedo shit is bringing back memories. there is this black butler porn doujinshi artist whose art style is very similar to the official art style and people used this as 'proof' that this was actually secretly the creator who shipped them so i can imagine what went down in the subreddit

madoka magica movies would just be a quicker retelling of the story so yeah you probably wont like them. and good luck on your magical girl hunt. tell me if you find it
TheShitOtaku Aug 24, 1:55 AM
LOL It is
Goober-fish Aug 23, 9:15 AM
With a score of 4.84? Sounds promising 👌
sweater Aug 21, 9:16 AM
Mousou Telepathy ended a few months ago. mal users just like to brag about their manga stats for no reason. also speaking of manga i've given up on catching up on everything and just going to drop everything i kinda like not fully like. i did not win the war of catching up on everything. i'll also start kuroshitsuji after. just finished season 2. i didn't realize season 2 only 12 episodes so i was surprised when it just ended

when kill la kill was airing there was people actually mad at me for liking nui. let me like my villains in peace. i just looked at the top characters and wow sword art online guy is really that high up huh. not even asuna is close to him. sebastian is 43 too. i remember people always finding me weird for liking ciel more than sebastian. im surprised that zero two is just 46 with her popularity. the top characters ranking is mostly as expected but really did not expect sebastian there

shame you cant get into madoka magica as now you dont get to watch the movie that the fans hate because 'it ruined the entire series' even though i think it was a great ending to the series. eh i feel like there is a distinct gap between magical girl shows aimed at 10 year olds vs young teens. its hard to describe but you can tell one is more for selling toys. and i dont think the magical girl thing will ever die out as it is still pretty big in japan. ones aimed at an older audience aren't as common now but kiddie ones will forever remain strong.