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sweater Sep 17, 3:01 PM
5 volumes is a lot. gonna say SAO progessive must be pretty decent then. lotta isekai manga is probably going to end up being long. just publishing monthly makes it take a while to get there. cant wait until we end up getting the 100 volume isekai whenever that will be
the description of medaka box is great. all i can imagine if people dying on a battle field but in the middle of the corpse two people are just going at it like 'oh just one second and then we have the power to win the war'. i watched clock planet too and i dont actually remember anything about it. all i remember is the protag looking ugly as hel. not even just a bad anime but a bad anime with a bad art style that should be a crime of a combo

i googled the strike the harem covers before reading your full comment expecting to be hit with dumb ecchi covers. instead i just got 'look at MY waifu' from the author. i see people complaining how annoying she is so that cant be a good sign. what pedophilic harem did you end up watching. im actually surprised that more pedophilic harem dont exist with how popular loli is. not that im complaining but you'd expect to be hit in the face by one every few seasons

'I'll check out whatever marble hornets is out of morbid curiosity, hopefully this is not another nyan neko sugar girls.'
its a shame that my charger died so i couldnt get back to protect you sooner on the fact the audio quality is the exact same as nyan neko sugar girls

i was going to make a joke how you must have bad taste in manga if that single one fits your 'not a fav but i enjoyed' then i saw your drop list lmao. guess it best to drop everything then put up with stuff you dislike. how is 5-toubun no Hanayome btw. see people obessed with it but never looked into it
sweater Sep 6, 2:05 PM
most pretty little. ive seen some groups get £10 monthly at least. not much but i guess if you're just translating one or two things a month its decent enough

how far did you get into SAO progressive? enough to say its quality lasts for a long time or just like the first 10 chapters
date a live is about these girls who are spirits and their power will ruin the world. to seal their power the protag must kiss them. the only reason to watch it is for kurumi who is actually pretty cool personality apperance and power wise. you ever get so angry a neat character is in an awful show? yeah
what even is strike the blood. like i know its a thing but not what the series is. usually when something gets that many seasons its shoved in your face to know everythig by choice or not. what th hell is being hidden in that show
and yes suffer with the harem. while i partake in the isekai life you can have the harem one

ARG = alternativ reality game. usually video series where the story mildly changes based off the comment section. or a video series where people have to hunt down the next part. 90% of the time its horror and has pretty infamous acting. you got some famous ones like marble hornets you may have heard of. they're more fun to read about then watch because the acting is painfully fake

and hey your new favourite manga is the novel im planning on reading after finishing fate/zero so congrats on the good taste B^)
sweater Sep 1, 8:13 AM
tried searching but all i found was live action movies. the worst shoujo ones in general just got full series
novels i can get because lets be honest. most are probably just done by machine translations anyway. manga though? that takes actual effort. then again most of these do have a 'support our patreon so we can buy more manga' which they might be getting way more than just enough to buy manga

so basically you're saying SAO progessive is good while everything else is bad? also kinda feel sorry for that kid. imagine if you ever found out your dad wasn't your real dad and was just a copy because your dad wanted to go cyber with his waifus in the VR world
speaking of awful series that should of ended long ago. date a live is getting another season for the fall season of anime. no idea why people like that so much. watching it for kumuri? valid. but people actually like it for the harem aspect and imagine just being so deprived of good sries you think that date a live is enjoyable

its been watching horror ARG recently and tbh there is no disctination between how them and horror move actors act. its pretty funny when its madd even more clear that they make bad choices for the plot to move forward
sweater Aug 24, 3:53 PM
'I'll just watch a stand-alone movie since those aren't long enough for them to get creepy' i get the feeling that would still be easily proved wrong
i actually havent read a new isekai manga in a few months. maybe the manga translators have seen the site and realized they can translate good things. saying that i really don't know how translators dedicate themselves to translate trashy manga for free

isnt continuing the movie continug the show? or is the movie like a stand alone thing. also doesnt he have his ai turned real kid. did he just abandoned his kid to go to his vr world for 100 years or is the kid back. the despration to keep this series going on feels like a fever dream
i've seen it happen with sc-fi/mecha action anime with flashy guns

how do the characters act like normal people than horror movie people? been so long since i've seen one llike that even i dont know how they'd act
sweater Aug 14, 10:49 AM
yeah it's surpringly hard to find anything with romance that's not creepy whether its shoujo/fujo/yuri stuff. that's mostly why i've given up on looking at having expectations for romance stuff. i'll play visual novels with romance if it has plot but even those are pretty bad. i mean my #1 character is from a dating sim and one of the bigget complaints about that game people have is that it made them uncomfortable how much of an asshole the protag was to her. i havent watched them but apparently a lot of the newer BL anime is actually normal healthy relationships so maybe times are changing but i doubt it
honestly a lot of isekai is actually decently enjoyable for the first 15 chapters but then they run out of plot. i'd just something to browse and waste time on without wasting too much time

i was going to write a message how its good you're admitting you have stockholm syndrom and can work on getting help to keep away from SAO but this is coming from the one who is still reading isekai. maybe they'll make so much content that they'll will actually have to age the characters and let the series die when they finally die of old age
yeah i think it was more just old Sci-Fi series that had the obessive flashing. i've noticed now its mostly just gun stuff in modern anime that is super flashy. i dont know why but so many times i've seen a character shoot a gun and the screen just flash with the shots because how else are you suppose to know a gun is going off

'Also fuck you comparing inferno cop to nyan neko sugar girls' coward who wont face the truth
'Also the people subbing it were jerks who didn't subtitle any of the signs/writing on the screen so half the time I had absolutely no idea what the rules of the game were' would this of really made you understand anyway? i feel like any anime that has had to explain the rules of a game have complicated the rules so much to make it soud cooler than you cant figure it out
sweater Aug 5, 2:16 PM
that's for the self insert protag though. manga isekai is aimed at males. manhwa isekai is for girls. at least in manga it's the protag that looks plain but they do effort in the harem as that sells. like you can go 'find me an isekai manga with a tsundere, loli, knight, childhood friend, yandere' and i could get you 12 different entries for each one. mahwa though? 'find me a non obessive non black haired love interest that isn't royality or a duke' and the only options i can throw out are a single servant and knight that is basically a pedo
manga isekai is bearable because it at least has a different even if generic cast of characters. manhwa literally the exact same male love interest in every single series. i've tried out pretty much every isekai manhwa in eng and it's just the same guy
anyway welcome to another edition of sweaters isekai rants. hope you enjoy them

some how hearing things like people think SAO is too old for them makes me feel old. at the same time i'm glad it means people are willing to let the series die
you could completely prove me wrong with this but i think over series might of had less flashy scenes than modern day series. havent yet come across older anime i've had to skip scenes because the flashes were hurting my eyes

who knows without nyan neko sugar girls existing maybe other hit youtube anime like infero cop would of never existed. nyan neko sugar girls brought everything to us and i will out stand for the slander. but maybe i should as you called me out for being a fake fan as idid not know she was alive. how she tricked me though! what an actress!!

typically horror live actions are better than the manga counterpart

also remember that manga i showed you before with the girl going to jail and refusing to come out? i submitted the novel to that 2 years ago and it finally got accepted
sweater Aug 4, 3:59 PM
isekai manhwa can feel more generic because the artists all use the same art references. you can find the exact same castle in 12 different ones. also the main characters always have the exact same design. like look at this

'there's people who refuse to watch anything made before 2015 too.'
this is more shocking to me than the really old lienced anime. do people really refuse to watch <2015 anime? at least i'd understand 2013/12 but 15?!
oh yeah epilepsy is a big issue in older anime too. reminds me of that pokemon episode that got pulled because it was causing kids to have epilepsy attacks. i wonder if they thought loud noises were more popular with kids back then or if they just couldn't control the noise at all

first off nyan neko sugar girls is a improtant culture to anime history and sometimes when something is culturally importance you put up with the bad to endure it. secondly did you not see the dramatic and romance of the plot line? of course i wanted to show off my precious nekos. share the heart break when one died
sweater Jul 25, 11:48 AM is mostly just manhwa now sadly. i want that bad manga isekai. everyone stopped updating manga ones :(
at least the killer shark one is still updating. reject isekai manhwa. return to isekai manga. i've read enough isekai manhwa that i hate it now. gotten to the same generic level as manga

that's actually pretty interesting. i didn't know they were still pushing for old anime like that in official english. too bad the majority don't care about pre 2010 anime. what underground anime were you shocked by the most to see it legally?
and wow The Skaro Hunting Society really is doing a lot of old anime huh. that's really neat. pretty curious how many people watch it now. maybe i should watch some older again too. its just the sound quality in some of them is just too painful on the ears. had my figers ready to skip every time a gun showed up in lupin

cat girl eng anime i was on about was 'nyan neko sugar girls'. important point in life for anime
sweater Jul 21, 11:51 AM
i wish i could read isekai but then mangadex went down for months and the replacement site is buggy as hell. mangadex is starting to come back so gotta wait for the isekai to start being released back on the land. i miss waking up and reading trash isekai for a few minutes to wake myself up. the site going down was a personal attack on me. how else am i suppose to know is the guy gets his harem now ):
i am actually keepnig up on reading a voume a day with padora hearts but its 24 volume long so you can guess how well thats going

it'd probably be too much of a hassel to set up but yeah 2 volumes to just add 'finished tv series' or 'finished tv series + extras' would be good. like do we really need an entry for recaps
oh those sort of fan subs. i remember now. a lot of more unpopular series is near impossible to find unless you know about fan subber groups who do unpopular things. there might be a group on here with them but thats probably the best you can get. forget fan sub groups are still a thing sometimes. do you know what sort of fan sub groups are curretly going on

i really gotta wonder in series like the jesus one who much they even pay the voice actors. they are these people really so hyped into doig for for free for having a jesus movie for kids or are they getting payed just that much
trying to remember that eng fan anime on youtube with cat girls and really bad voice acting. do you have any idea what im on about by that vauage statement

sweater Jul 16, 10:32 AM
the power of friendship will be the key to activting the item of one piece. one piece is weird on its villains front. most of its major big villains just show up in their arc and are great. wonder why they never just kept blackbeard tucked away for whenever its his time to shine. gotta love talking about one piece instead of catching up on the manga. i think im 70 behind now. im rereading pandora hearts though so my manga reading plans havent completely failed

theres an anime called sonny boy airing right now and all the characters look like normal humans. so far i've been impresse in the fact i havet mixed anyone up yet. i imagie that won't last long though till they start blending together

i submitted one manga to anilist before and they came back with 'half accepted' saying i submitted the literal chapter count but they include extra chapters too so they looked up the index for every volume and added it. so anilist is getting better with their database
redo of the healer is probably the most cursed place on this site. i dont know why people keep trying to look deeper into the series if its justified or whatnot when its solely a revenge rape fetish series with no deeper meaning
kinda remids me i forgot the title but the creator of kakegurui made an isekai parody with blantant character copies from other isekai but the characters are rapists/murders. it got cancelled probably as other authors were not happy with their characters being parodied as rapists for a selling point. i think its tame on mal but other sites were losing it if this was any different to fan makers making rape dj and if they were going to get lawsuits now if they wrote rape. they have a subaru parody character called honda in it what was pretty funny. the series itself though was a typical violent revenge porn series with no plot and would of flopped away. only selling point was 'the bad guys are isekai characters you know!!'
i knew anidb existed but ever took a lot at the site. whats it like? what makes it different from mal/anilist? and dont know what fansub is either
and here enjoy

gotta open it in incognito before youtube thinks this is actually what i want to watch :^)
where did finding jesus steal their movie assets from. the backgrouds look way too good in comparison to the fish. they put more effort into the voice actor than i expected too. it wasn't good but you can still they voiced this really thinking it was going to be a good selling movie
Birdemic 3 is coming out?! you really do spoil me with good news. i wish we had more bad anime like we do with bad movies. bad anime exists but it just does not give off the same feeling
sweater Jul 8, 11:46 AM
beautiful new profile pic

the secret island is comfirmed to be a happy tale so i'm expecting a 'the true treasure is friendship' sort of ending. i originally thought a plottwist where king roger turned out to be a huge asshole/villian but i highly doubt it nonw. speaking of OP i remmbered earlier that blackbeard was a thing. why did they introduce him as an enemy then procede to nothing with the guy

i recently started playing a game and took me 40 hours to tell two characters were different. i knew one was hiding his idenity and tehy were never on the screen at the same time so i just assumed they looked sightly different because of that. actors are one thing but to make two characters to look the same shows bad effort

anilist admins has started fact checking submissions more so i think most newer submitted stuff is good. but yeah on some older things i notice a lot of wrong bits. you can put your profile as private/friends only but no actual PM place. like anyone on mal uses it anyway lol. the anilist global feed is really cringy but at least i never saw people making a forum to defend beasality like on mal. i dont think ts possible to choose which oe is really better. both are awful in their own right

i missed out on a religious movie? shame. those are always the best of the best to watch. such high quality and life changing stories. with only the best actors possible too. ive been watching purposely bad movies like birdemic again lately. those are fun
sweater Jul 6, 2:28 AM
overall what is the worst but realistic thing you think could happen in one piece

i stopped watching movies because i kept being unable to tell actors apart. is it really that hard to make characters or actors look different. the new love live anime starts soon and i can't wait to be unable to tell the characters apart until halfway through the season again

database wise anilist is much better than mal. social interation wise anilist is much worst than mal. only reason i didn't make the switch is because of how cringy people are on there. i still remember people commenting on my stuff because they didn't believe i really watched/read something. like why does it matter to you

'Tubi is the largest free movie and TV streaming service in the US. We are not available in Europe due to changes in EU laws.'
site said no brits
sweater Jun 28, 2:14 PM
yes the femboy catboy is the sole reason for popuarlity. his entire personality is every trait people hate subaru for but his still max popularity. i find that funny
nagataro creator does a lot of beastality hentai too. cant wait for people to be hit with reality when they go and try to find hentai of their waifu. didn't even know that people were so obessed with smug until nagataro got popular. the level for characters to pass as waifu bait is very low

>go to space, other dimensions, or back in time
very loosely speaking all this has already happended in one piece

the plus side to baccano is that almost every character has a drawing of them. i've never had trouble reading baccano because i can just google a name and be like 'oh its that guy!'. made me remember that i rage quit irregular at magic high school because of how similar all the names were. secondary protag is called miyuki shiba. dont forget about her friends mayumi, mizkui and chiba who are almost always in the same scene
maybe one day i'll read galactic heroes and will get back to you if i rage quit that too :^)

i meant a speific umineko/higurashi connection but wasnt sure if it count as spoilers or not. if you know spoilers for the new season its you already know. its the satoko is the blonde hair witch in umineko connection. there was nonstop fighting if the witch was satoko or the antagonist blonde hair girl but now its comfirmed to be satoko

when i see things like this my rage builds up in all the images i submitted but got rejected because they were 1cm too short or something
sweater Jun 23, 12:38 PM
i have the re:zero games and spin off novels but havent touched them. i know one of the spin off books heavily is about felix and personally i cannot stand felix so i havent touched it. shame on those who fell to the vixen charms but i am not one of them
oh i know what series you're on about. the same people got angry they used 'nomies' instead of 'normalf/g' too. the type of fandom to expect from a series solely about a smug fetish. author also makes guro so theres that. and hey ghost stories dub is a masterpiece! we leave that alone!

you're right. the ocean flooded everything and they drowned. one piece over. no more suffering. we're free

rubbing them was suppose to be a mini game like thing to increase their affection with you. it was dumb and weird though. its pretty funy watching the fire emblem fandom split between OUR WAIFU GAME vs OUR STRATEGY GAME. the waifu part of the fandom got better with 3 houses because the fandom became more focused on arguing which main character was the most morally right in the game. when y'know the whole plot of the game was to show each sides of a story and that either was purely right

did you not see how badly people lusted over the shark guy in breath of the wild
does the baccano map look better or worst when i say it was actually the easiest to read one i could find. and yes don't start baccano. i adore the series but would never recommend someone to try it beyond the anime. the anime is nice enough to show every characters name in the opening. the novels not as kind

i actually had to fix a sabo spoiler that he lives because it was incorrectly spoiler tagged lol. and since you mentioned higurashi did you ever watch the new higurashi season? part 2 is going to air soon. i havent watched it but i know all the spoilers of it at least. it finally confirmed one higurashi/umineko connection the fandom has been arguing about for years so glad that's finally got everyoe to shut up
sweater Jun 12, 10:30 AM
know what? i cant deny that. he got all the girls he wanted and then died. i'm sure we've all dreamed of going out with a harem. speaking of otto at the end of this month a re:zero book is coming out. i can never truly escape can i
i cant stand the re:zero dub voices because of the anime. the anime made so many lines just for memes. ngl i found it really funny but i wasnt able to enjoy it as anything other than a joke because of it

one piece could of been one of the best series ever if not for its fatal flaw: changing the main leads apperances when the designs were already good

its in the menu while you're playing but game menu if you were checking that. every female unit in the game can have a child. theyre pretty fun as but they hold no impact on the story at all. they can be way stronger than the base units so its good for lunatic. they tried to copy the kid thing into birthright/conquest and it was done horribly. basically they have kids but they get thrown into another realem to grow up safe and not in war but it just ages them faster so now you have kids units. you can also marry your siblings or your siblings kids in that game. great game. the fandom was upset because they took out the mini game in the western realese that let you rub the bodies of the characters

i dont know what i expected when i googled saari but that sure indeed a race of alien solely to want to be banged huh. reminds me how everyone went mad over the zelda fish people. let me know how your school days alien harem goes
yup baccano is most popular in the west than japan. its been 5 years since the last book came out too. the author insists they have an end planned out and will write it but who knows. baccano fucking sucks to read though. i'm on volume 4 right now and every single volume literally introduces 10 more main characters you have to remember. like look at this relationship chart. 80% of these characters are protaganists THIS IS WHAT I GOTTA DEAL WITH. tf is wrong with the baccano writer to do this. seeing this makes me understand why the wiki is such a dense infodump. nobody would be able to read the books if you couldnt just get full info to remember a character. i like to imagine the reason the next books are taking so long is because the author is having to reread theyre entire series and pin point everything because they have no idea whats going on anymore

and wow that mal page is something else. i adore mal pages because they are full of spoilers. like you often come across ones that are like [Race: human] and right beside it a spoiler box so you already got spoiled they're not a human