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Pokemon XY
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Mousou Telepathy
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-Sonal- Aug 16, 5:31 AM
Okay, thanks for responding.
-Sonal- Aug 15, 7:40 AM
Hi. Do you know when/if Sweater is gonna come back to MAL?
Natsuki_SanJuan Apr 12, 11:09 PM
I think it's Corpse Party ngl. I dunno why most of the people hated this but this is a pretty decent horror.
Natsuki_SanJuan Apr 12, 5:55 PM
Yeah and some higher rated ones were garbage. I said earlier that MAL scores are garbage. Mostly low scores are pretty good than the higher ones.
Natsuki_SanJuan Apr 11, 8:44 PM
The score is really low but MAL scores are garbage anyways. It seems interesting though.
Natsuki_SanJuan Apr 11, 8:34 PM
Hi! What's up?
sweater Mar 26, 3:09 AM
If its laggy that badly then I'll sorry for your dying laptop/phone

At least I've shown you what the bottom is so you won't come here. I mean I managed to binge 100 episodes of pokemon before stopping so maybe conan is the way to go

I wish I could play in OG style but switch ver robbed us of that </3 I need 2 play the switch ver for the extra 100 hour content that I know nothing about. I need that higu lore that everyone says they hate. I'm gonna track you down and force you to watch it
Have you played drv3 yet? I remember you putting it off

Someone I know is doing a full shiny complietist dex in pokemon so as long as you don't do that you're sane. i think theyre at 300 now
sweater Mar 25, 5:28 PM
wow this reply is really late orz i was having some health problems so i wasnt using my laptop as much. im more active on discord if you wanna talk there. if not ill actually start opening mal more as i need to get back into my weeb groove. discord id if you wanna talk on there. kabosu 🦇#2691

in my break from mal i must actually despise myself as i watched the entierty of one piece again instead of watching a new longer series ive been wanting to watch like naruto or detective canon. if im beig honest the only reason i dcided on op was because i kept thinking how i actually really liked some of the opening songs and wanted to listen to them again

and i have good news! i started the higurashi visual novel! i get to see everyone getting beaten to death in novel form now. im playing the switch ver too which has like an extra 100 hours of new content not in the base novel. did you get around to watching the new higurashi seasons yet or have you decided you want to enjoy the series still?
RobinLopez Mar 7, 4:05 PM
Makoto in favorites is a good look
luminality Jan 2, 11:32 PM
why are you doing this to me
sweater Dec 11, 2021 8:06 AM
once more forgive my lateness orz
i come back to the favourite list being changed and it still wont allow more than 10. lame

'Even before isekai I fucking hated the generic, good guy mc that was in everything, isekai just enhanced my deep hatred for them.'
surely redo of the healer must be your favourite isekai then. there is another upcoming villainess anime but its one written for guys. male protag actually has personality so you might like to check it out. it looks so damn ugly though. its such a downgrade from how the manga. its has a lot of mecha in it so i cant wait to see how ugly that looks animated

as we were talking about romcom and vn anime i wanna mention that i started kanon recently and the character mouths annoy me so much. why are they all so high up. someone push those poor girls mouths down just a little. i always found it pretty funny how anime always adapts romcom vns instead of more plot heavy ones that often sell very well (steins;gates, fates, higurashi etc). nitro+ who have had so many vn adapts for years have been trying to get their muramasa vn adapated thats considered one of the 10/10 no flaw vns but no anime company will take it because its not a romcom and dont think it will sell well

'Even with people artificially inflating the scores, typically it's never THAT bad.'
i mean mal has had to step in because of it. remember people having a meltdown because everyone was rating interspecies reviwers a 10/10. when it comes to big series like dragon ball i imagine people will rate it high anyway just because theyre fans of the series

also i found this old ecchi anime that actually looks pretty funny
KaitouSpade Dec 9, 2021 6:03 PM
wow. that was great
Laksmana_FarrasV Nov 5, 2021 7:38 PM
sweater Nov 3, 2021 4:46 AM
here is my female aimed isekai list if youre curious and ever bored. not in ay particuar order. about 67 were villainess ones but thats including korean stuff. i cut that out on this. honestly i believe the villainess genre is better than the male isekai genre. even if its one genre you can see how they tried to make it original compared to the 'every 2/3 chapter of male isekai is explaiing the adventure guild' typically they have heavier plot than normal female ieskai too

some how that makes even the school days protag look good. still cant believe they approved the school day anime but so glad we got that real beauty ending. looking up green green just looks like a generic ecchi comedy series. sometimes i wonder if the creator of series like that ever regretted making their characters creepy when it probably could of done decently otherwise. or maybe theyre just super proud of their work

to accuse me of shit taste?! how dare you! is a guy getting washed up on an island with no contact to the rest of the world not loosely an isekai? clearly its good and you couldnt just appricate true art

i imagine the scores get messed up from people who rate 10/10 as a joke for bad things. but to find out that little is below 5 is a real surrpise. mal are tolerant people when it coms to manga it seems
sweater Nov 2, 2021 2:37 PM
ignore how late my reply is my hands got inflamed makig it hard to type orz

a few of the isekai on your top isekai is things i have introduced you to. making the #1 isekai reader proud here. also made female isekai aimed list for someone recently that was like 100 long so thats my shame
i read the maxed out defense isekai and its just medicore. i cant imagine the light novel being fun to read so just go for the anime or manga. you'll probably get bored and drop it before catching up. the reason shes so strong is pretty dumb. she put every stat into defense and it makes her mega op because apparently nobody else ever thought about putting everything ito dfense stat. not saying the series is bad but just not somethig you care about enough to finish

since you mentioned MAPs did you ever watch those or AMVs? i use to watch a ton of them and rewatched a lot recently and got it with how little stood up to time

when you say people saying green green is the worst harem of all time as the guys are scumbags are we talking school day protag scumbag or another typee of sumbag

you may be salty about island but i for one cant wait for when i play it and get to explain to you how good it is and how i love it. every one i know who has played the visual novel whichh is a lot really love it. they say its one of the best stories they've ever read. so basically as any VN adapt anime screwed it up

and ive been binge watching one piece after not touching the anime in 3 years. one pace is a blessing and i have no idea how i watched one piece without it before. whole cake island arc is 95 episodes. the one pace ver is 49 episodes. all that filler gone

and hey why is that romance manga rated so low. i mean isnt that how most shoujo romance end up working