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sweater Yesterday, 12:13 PM
Yeah I relate like I consider romance to be one of my favourite genres but I find it hard to actually sit down to watch one. At this point just 'school romance' is enough to put me off watching as they're pretty much the same. I want something which focuses on older characters but you don't get much of them. On youtube an anime scene popped up in my recommendations of a romance anime with older characters so I was watching it to decide if I should actually watch the anime or not and the entire scene was them drinking on a double date and the girl was crying because her boyfriend kept insulting her. She was literally crying asking him why he doesn't say anything nice about her and all the comments were going on how cute it was. He didn't even apologize for saying she was annoying or that he liked her big tits the most just awkwardly hugged her telling her to stop crying. So yeah decided not to watch that

Well the police regularly try to shoot Sonic so that's surprisingly they allowed that. I guess censorship might be that the guns sound like lasers instead of guns. Anyway Shadow has had a gun in the games why can't Sonic have one. #GIVE SONIC A GUN. And its nice to see the original personalities of the characters in Sonic X. I find the new sonic cartoons and such good but its nice to see them with their original personalities

It's good that you're vising so many anime that you've forgotten again. Have you gotten to anime yet that you're enjoying so much you can't remember why you've put it on hold?

And I just found out why the girls bodies in One Piece look so bad. I'm showing it you as its literally the worst drawing advice I've ever seen from a professional artist
sweater May 20, 10:02 AM
I just went through my list of visual novels I've played and 9/14 of the romance ones implies that one route is the most canon. Some blatantly stating it
Jeez even I feel sorry for the MC like that. It could work like you said if it was a comedy but if all that is suppose to be taken as a serious romance then just sounds awful. Comedy > Romance will always be more enjoyable than Romance > Comedy

Yeah there is a lot of guns in Sonic. At least once in every four episodes there is a gun. I guess maybe because its the police force that has the guns its not considered bad enough to censor? I'm really surprised that so many people dislike the dub though as imo the dub is way better. The voices are less annoying and the script for the dub is better. The only problem I have with is that its clear that some characters are voiced by professional voice actors and other by amateurs but you can get use to that. This video I found perfectly sums up why I like the dub more. Even if the comments are saying sub is best

How many do you think you're going to be watching compared to dropping?
While you've been going through anime I've been going though manga. May we both finally actually get things off our list or at least completed once and for all
sweater May 14, 1:26 PM
As the visual novel is the original I imagine it would be better than the light novels anyway. I've read a few things by Ito Junji and I like his work but its most abstract horror stuff while I prefer more simple ones. His manga of just owning his cat is the best one

Oh yeah I totally get why he didn't pick Rem but the writers could of written Emilia up more than a love at first site deal. I wonder how many series hype up the side girls compared to the main one. Weirdly enough in a lot of visual novels usually the reverse happens. I've went through a lot of romance ones where one girl/guy is overly hyped over the others and is basically heavily stated to be the canon one but has the worst routes
I'm sure you said before but wanna give me a refresh on why you hate the story/characters of Golden Time so much? I've forgotten what it was about

By the looks of it the mecha show has rather low ratings so I guess most people would avoid it
When I was little I really wanted to watch Sonic X but 'cause I didn't really know how to use the internet that well unless it was on youtube I didn't watch anime so I'll go with that. I watched the first 3 episodes and its exactly what I'm looking for. I'm surprised at the big usage of guns and such in it though as usually that stuff gets censored a bit in dubbed kid anime. Lots of people were complaining the dub was awful and while its not the best its good and fits all the characters. Don't think I would be able to watch the sub though just because its so heavily western that I would of completely believed it if someone just said it was an american cartoon
sweater May 8, 7:46 AM
Honestly I was in awe reading it just because I have never read a horror manga before where I went 'that just looks horrifying'. I hope more horror manga artist draw their ghosts/monsters that well. I'm planning on playing the Higurashi games at some point so I'll have to skip over that one. I don't 100% remember Higurashi and I watched it so long ago but I do remember it being a great horror mystery. Done by the same people who did Umineko so I know I'll love going into it again. I've read Suicide Circle and Scumbag Loser already though. There really isn't as big of a list of good horror manga than you think there is considering the popularity of the genre

Yeah building up a relationship only to throw it away it the peak of annoyance. That was the same reason why so many people hated the fact that Rem wasn't chosen in Re:Zero as he had zero build up with Emilia. More things need to know how to build up their relationships with the actual love interest than side characters
I read a bit of the light novel and don't bother just stick with the anime when it comes out. I don't partiality like the protag but I do really like how he shuts down the girls without leading them on. All the girls though are here to stay with nothing bad happening to them. At the very least they can all fight instead of always being the damsel in distress trope. It's weird hearing someone talk about disliking Golden Time because while I haven't watched it all I hear is how amazing it is. I highly doubt it is though as the plot sounds eh

Moomin is insanely famous. It's much bigger in Finland though. It recently got a 3D 13 episode series remake so its popularity peaked again
I'll probably check out SD Gundam Force in the future for yeah for now I'll put it off. If you know of any casual dubbed kid anime though let me know
sweater May 7, 3:52 AM
Yeah the one I mentioned is just about a girl who sees ghosts so it isn't amazing but the ghosts in it are drawn realllly good which is why I recommend it. I seriously wish I could find other horror with monsters that look half as good. Do you have any horror manga you could recommend? Been a bit on a binge read lately

I looked and on vndb it doesn't list it as having an english release so idk either. too bad as there was a possibility i might of had the total legal way of getting it. I looked at some people thoughts and a lot of people are happy they chose the sister instead of the tsundere. But that mostly seems to just be because people don't like tsundere characters
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou. Its not the worst thing to exist but still has an bad harem. It just would of worked out better with just his girlfriend and the rest being friends only. I liked the girlfriend until she started suggesting protag to fuck other girls because she felt bad for them. Protag has said that he wants to have a child with her and even introduce her to his family when he finds a way back to Japan but the others still wont give up. Its ridiculously how badly they keep trying to steal him from his girlfriend with no guilt. Every girl but his girlfriend forced their way into the group and won't acknowledge the fact he straight up hates them. Even his girlfriend has to beg him to be nicer to them

Did you not know how insanely famous Moomin is? Its dubbed in a lot of languages. English is the best one imo. How much do you have to focus on SD Gundam Force? Moomin is the cutesy slice of life sort of thing so you don't need to focus too much on it so know what's going on I was watching that while doing writing studying stuff in front of it. More looking for something to casually watch while I study then having to focus but if SD Gundam Force fits into that category I'll check it out
sweater May 6, 12:48 AM
Speaking of horror manga I recently read something called Girl That Can See It. Which is just a short one where a girl can see ghosts in her daily life. But for the first time in a horror manga I actually thought the ghosts were creepy looking. So not sure if that's your thing if you wanna check out something horror

Maybe people just stop caring about a lot of romance after the build up is done? idk. What anime was that? That honestly sounds like torture to have to deal with. And about harem stuff recently I've been reading a bunch of edgy protag isekai and this one I read is the first time I've hated an entire harem. The protag since the start had fallen in love with harem girl 1 and has a serious dedication to her and rejects any other girls that comes onto him so it being a harem just feels awful. Harem girl 1 is a cuck and has no problem if protag were to have sex with other girls as shes 'special' so it doesn't matter. Harem girl 2 is the typical annoying cute stupid character who keeps flirting with protag who does not like her. Harem girl 3 is the annoying masochist pervert trope. Harem girl 4 is the friend from the real world who got bluntly rejected when she confessed but still wont give up. This is the first time I've felt bad for a protag having a harem. He does not want anyone in his group besides his girlfriend and repeatedly makes that clear but nobody will leave him alone. It's getting an anime next season so that's why I'm bringing it up

People were talking about the animation in Hualing Babies. I watched Hulaing Babies and I actually really enjoyed it. For a lol random anime it was really well done. I finished Moomin and it was enjoyable. I'm not sure if its all subbed as I watched it in dub. It was a nice kids anime and kinda sad now that I'm done with it. You can't really find a lot of kid based anime as its usually never subbed/dubbed. I really liked Snufkin in it who is also undeniably the fan favourite
sweater Apr 23, 2:27 PM
Oh right Gintama is still a thing. Because of the slow releases I forget that it exists. Also Tenkuu Shinpan was suppose to be a survival horror series which started off decent but then turned into 'people gain super strength abilities to defeat the enemy!" noticed quite a few survival horror manga go down that route which sucks

Yup Yagate Kimi ni Naru got an anime adaptation. Apparently it was really good but didn't watch it. Up to you if you don't wanna check out Yagate but still one of my favourite slow pacing romances. Romance anime usually ends up just cutting off after the happy ending confession. A majority of romance anime has gains the highest tier of popularity so I'm always surprised they don't get second seasons. Romance anime is one of the most popular genres but the least likely to get sequels

Yeah its nice when you get a bad ending and the game makes it clear where you get one. I know Grisaia had some choices you can look back on go 'oh THIS was the bad choice'. Grisaia also had a 'skip to choice' button which was great and more VNs need to include. Reading the Umineko manga might be better as while I do love the VN its going to be 100x quicker to read the manga. I have to say I'm impressed with how long some Umineko scenes are that don't bore you. Some scenes can go for a literal hour straight. The only thing that straight up annoys me in the writing is that there are often 10 minute scenes explaining things like schrödinger's cat and devil's proof instead of a brief explanation. And yeah the Chaos game that came out on the vita is the sequel with no prequel translated. I only found out after I brought it so that kinda put me off playing it too. But apparently its one of those sequel things where it takes place in the same world but you need no knowledge of the previous game to play it. I think I might have a totally 100% legal english copy of the prequel game on my laptop though. I'm not sure if it was a full translation or just a few routes translation though

Oh I've actually heard of all of those. While not popular it seems that winter short anime was more popular than usual considering I actually heard about them without checking them out myself. I was actually thinking of checking out Hulaing Babies though so I'll do that. Need a break from Moomin after watching 40+ episodes of it. Gotta love how you can struggle to sometimes watch a 12 episode series but then can quickly make your way through an close to 100 episode series
sweater Apr 21, 3:56 PM
And speaking of chapters not being updated Tenkuu Shinpan finally finished so that's probably going to take ages for the mods to update. Ever read/watch something that started off enjoyable but got worst and worst overtime but you've already seen so much of it you decided you might as well just stick to the end? Yeah that was me with Tenkuu Shinpan. They introduced 2 major villains in the final arc who both had at least 20 chapters about them to just be killed within one hit. Its a whole new bad level of the big bad of the show gets defeated by overpower op

Well Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai is on my to watch list so thats good news to hear. I don't really have any romance manga to recommend as most of the ones I've read are the super short ones I don't bother adding to my list. Fun fact: A majority of the time 6 chapter romance manga are better than 30+ ones. If you're ok with a super slow romance though Yagate Kimi ni Naru is nice one with drama that is done well. If you want something strictly romance you can try Soushi Souai which is just a slice of life couple at school. Not amazing but sometimes its nice just to see an actual normal couple who are happy to be with each other after all the awful drama 20 episodes to confess their feelings stuff

You'll have a hard time with that as 90% of VNs have multiple endings. You can buy Umineko which is one strict story line which I still haven't finished because its so goddamn long. And yeah most of the VNs on vita are reverse harems. I guess not many VNs that have come out on the vita are non reverse harem? You have that VN on the vita called Chaos something (Chaos Head or Chaos Child) which is apparently really good. I own it but haven't played it yet as its 50+ hours

What are the anime you've been watching then? Enlighten me on your guilty pleasures
sweater Apr 19, 3:48 PM
Chapters are 0 when the manga is completed but nobody has submitted the chapter count. Usually its the unpopular manga that never get the updated chapter number accepted like this and this. I've submitted the correct chapter months ago but it still hasn't been accepted. If I'm trying to find certain manga on my list I tend to organize them by chapter length so its irks me they won't update it

Has there every been a romcom that has done drama well? The main reason I avoid watching romance is because I know its going to have some sort of forced drama in it. Right now I'm trying to think of a romance I've watch what didn't have forced awkward drama. 90% of the time its just a basic misunderstanding what would of been solved if they had spoken to each other instead of running away at eye contact. Makes it worst when its like a 12 episode series because it takes up half the series. I usually stick to romance manga for that exact reason

Well visual novels have always been expensive £40-50 being the common price. Its the reason I own so many unplayed visual novels as I bulk buy them in sales because its the only time I can actually buy them. Which sucks as it means I can pretty much never buy visuals novel that aren't on the vita or steam as other VN sites don't do sales

This time I actually got to watch it as a bedtime story and what a treat it was. They don't make anime like that anymore. Works of art lost to the ages. Now the sadness of going back to watching other anime knowing nothing will get close to Catman
sweater Apr 16, 4:06 PM
Not gonna deny that MAL is way superior in terms of quality but I'll choose being able to update a manga within a day of submitting it instead of having to wait actual months for it to be posted. Even just having to wait actual months for changes to be accepted. There are multiple manga on my list that are completed with 0 chapters because MAL still hasn't 6+ months later accepted any of my updates of the chapter number. I even submitted them a 2nd time thinking that maybe they didn't go through the first time but still no changes. It's great if they're going to start accepting normal light novels but really whats the point since they're never going to accept them
Drama in comedy can be good but in romcom? never works

Junpei is the protag in 999 and Akane was the main girl in the game who was his childhood friend. I hope Junpei doesn't' loose his edginess by the end of the game. But who will know because I'm putting the game on hold for a while after 7 hours of it

Yeah I brought it a full price on the release date and I think it was around £30-35. Did you get it on vita too? The Steam/PS4 releases of DRV3 were 2x the price than it on the vita for some reason. I understand why they get priced so high but at the same time I don't understand it because a lot more money would buy it even if they knew it wasn't the best game if it was cheaper

I'm so sad I went to watch it but could only find 1 episode but that 1 episode was glorious. Please enlighten me with links where to watch it
sweater Apr 15, 1:01 PM
I'd say Anilist beats MAL database by a lot. Every manga I haven't been able to find on here is on there and the ones that aren't if I submit them get updated within a few hours
Now that I think about it you have the 100 of visual novels what follow that sort of plot with dominant male and submissive protag and those characters are always popular in the fanbase. Well let's see if the otome game mangas will have better endings or just be on hiatus until it can follow the manga again. I'm just bitter the one I was enjoying is a comedy but then gets big on drama. I expected it would eventually but the drama wasn't the good type of drama that it could of been

Protag in VLR had personality just not good personality. Main thing I remember about his personality is that he made a lot of perverted comments at times that got irritating. Also fun fact if you didn't already know Junpei from 999 becomes an edgy teenager in VLR and its great. Akane keeps crying about how he wasn't always like this and his reply every time is basically 'lmao whatevs lets kill the others so we can leave'

Danganronpa V3 didn't sell that well on steam due to the price and that price of that has dropped on steam which I'm guessing is because nobody was buying it so I don't know why this new game was priced up so high. It very clearly isn't a £50 game. Apparently the game didn't sell great in Japan either so I don't know why they expected it to sell well here with that price. They cut stuff out of the English release so people are saying they shouldn't sell it as a full priced game when they cut content. Apparently the stuff they cut out was borderline loli/shota stuff though so if that's the case I'm not gonna complain about that

I'll do what if asked of me and watch it before I go to sleep tonight for the perfect bedtime story
sweater Apr 14, 2:31 PM
Does it? I don't see it listed on MAL but considering the database sucks maybe it just isn't there
I dropped a lot of shoujo LN within the first chapter for that reason alone. You'd be surprised how many of them start with the guy pinning the girl to the bed when she states shes not ready yet. I wonder how many girls actually like that sort of thing in stories. I imagine they'd be pretty faithful but the LNs are still ongoing so who knows

Yeah I understand you. 999 is the only one that really has that problem though since its one true ending then all the overs are basically bad endings. VLR has lots of endings for actual plot reasons you find out while playing so I understand why and can't complain too much for it. ZLD has multiple routes for the same reason as VTD but its very very badly done and unlike VLR making it super unsatisfying to play. 6 hours and the only enjoyment I've had so far are the 3 sentence long moments of Junpei/Akane bantering when trying to solve puzzles. Still going to 100% it though. The thing that annoys me the most in ZTD is that its broken into 3 groups you play as and the one you play as in every group is the one who cries 'I didn't mean to' if you make a choice which kills someone else. The protag in VLR I could see both as good and bad while playing it but not in this one everyone is just good which just makes it come off as really forced and out of character whenever I do pick a bad choice which I NEED to do to complete the game
Zanki Zero came out in Japan last year but only recently game out in English. Its PC/PS4 only and is £50. I don't think we're getting a vita release. Just by looking at the game its very clearly not a £50 game and unless the price drops heavily I won't be buying it. Like jeez why do games get priced up so much theses days
sweater Apr 13, 2:48 AM
Too bad it doesn't have a manga I can skim through. If it has an official english release of it I guess it's eventually going to end up getting manga
It sucks because I keep finding otome manga I adore then taking a look at the LN and its gets bad. Usually due to a forced drama love plot. In the one I liked the love interest gets amnesia and just becomes an asshole to protag and she eventually gets fed up and leaves. Eventually guy who still has amnesia decides he actually loves her for no reason and instead of apologizing just keeps force kissing her until she gives in. and they say romance is dead. I looked into the LN of another manga I was enjoying and what shocked me is that in one of them the girl actually ends up with no one as she rejects all proposals even at the end

generic anime style isn't bad its just everywhere. Most of the time the only standing out art style you see any season is just kid shows that wont get translated anyway

I like Zero Escape but yeah the series itself isn't amazing like people make it out to be. By no means comparable to Danganronpa. I can't really talk about how Zero Escape works without spoilers though so eh. Its a better series to play with a walkthrough though because some endings you can't get unless you do others first but it doesn't tell you that until mid ending where it just cuts off as a 'to be continued'. The characters suck too. Main reason I'm disliking ZTD is because I'm doing the characters I hate first. I like the series but its not a favourite
Well at least you still have one more Danganronpa game to play before you fully have to embrace no other series being like it. The people who did the game have done another survival game thingy though so lets hope its similar in terms of quality. Have you heard of it? Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. It came out just a few days ago but the price is pretty high. I know when DRV3 came out people had the problems of it being way too expensive too
sweater Apr 12, 4:30 PM
If its just a normal vending machine that makes it sound worst. A few of the fights in the spider isekai were well done but there is only so much fighting that can happen before you get bored of it
Worst thing about the otome game trend I've noticed is that a lot of them have really good starts but awful middle/ending sections. At least with male isekai you know what you're getting into at the start

Yeah CGI tends to either have good animation or be really awkward in places. More often the later. I wish people didn't put down ugly art in anime so much though because its so nice to see 'ugly art' after the same generic art style in literally everything. I can barely list anything with a unique style

Oh so you've never played an actual full game then? You don't have to repeat any puzzles in the game you can just jump straight to each choice. ZTD is the same. Zero Escape is a series that focuses a bit on timelines and such causing the various endings which are all 'canon' so just keep doing the routes and the mysteries will be answered. I know what you mean though about reaching an ending in the game and just feeling like 'is this it?'
And picking up the vita to play ZTD made me really acknowledge how dead the vita is. A lot of the games in the new game section are from this time last year
Third times the charm they say! I don't think anyone will ever beat Gundam though
sweater Apr 12, 1:39 PM
I haven't read it either though but as it is a vending machine I imagine it would have a lot of one off characters but no actually reoccurring characters. Unless its like the whole keep spinning for rare items for certain characters keep trying for. The spider manga was just the spider in the dungeon fighting the other monsters for 30 chapters which is why it had no humans. Same reason I'm kinda eh on it as its just 30 chapters of fighting monsters. I'm more interested now they're bringing in the upper world stuff. Also there is a LOT more otome game LN thought I had originally thought so I expect the otome game manga trend is only going to expand. This is very literally the new famous isekai trend

I have theses Pokemon Lillie stands I think I've shown you before but they also have hooks on them and come with a chain so you can also use them as keychains and they're 13cm. I honestly don't understand what the point of most keychains beside to put up on display. I'm sure other people have them on their wall. Or use them for those itabags

yeah the downfall of a lot of good CGI stuff is that they have awkwardly drawn 2D backgrounds or just badly modules backgrounds. Most of the elites talking about how they're is no good animation really only care about stuff that personally suits their needs. Like I've seen them talk down Mob Psycho animation because they thought the art style was too basic

You only played the VLR and ZTD right? So far I'm kinda eh on ZTD I thought VLR was better. I hate how they did the flow chart in this one to the point its taking away my enjoyment. I like it but I wouldn't say I'm enjoying it if you get what I mean
Go play DRV3 already so I can mock you when your faves die