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Interview #265- Moonspeak
spaceslut - Sep 18
8 replies by Meusnier »»
Nov 23, 2:14 AM
Interview #257 - Marinate1016
spaceslut - May 14
34 replies by Marinate1016 »»
Oct 25, 4:33 PM
Interview #245 - Bengofo
NextUniverse - Jan 27
42 replies by CodeBlazeFate »»
Oct 6, 3:36 AM
Sticky: Hall of Fame
Daconator - Mar 24, 2018
14 replies by Skittles »»
Sep 8, 5:21 AM
Interview #262 - Luna
NextUniverse - Jun 25
14 replies by Skittles »»
Sep 8, 5:12 AM

Club Comments
Meusnier | Nov 27, 1:53 PM
It sounds interesting.

Yarub | Nov 27, 1:30 PM
@Meusnier I guess that can be arranged.

Meusnier | Nov 23, 9:42 PM
@Yarub It was not a rhetorical question, but even if you were away for two years, it would be interesting to give your perspective on the downfall of the MAL "community."

Yarub | Nov 23, 10:14 AM
@Meusnier I'm not sure if the question is a rhetorical one, but if it isn't, I wouldn't care less tbh. But I honestly don't have much to say, especially since I've been out of touch with this community for 2 years.

Meusnier | Nov 23, 2:05 AM
@Gween_Gween Don't make me add @audiologist16 to my three recommendations please!

@Yarub Do you want to be interviewed a second time?

Gween_Gween | Nov 22, 2:36 PM
petition to interview mr @audiologist16

Maru-bot-chan | Nov 22, 2:20 PM
Include my balls.

Yarub | Nov 21, 2:10 PM
Include my balls.

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