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Interview 198 - Yarub
Skittles - Sep 4
21 replies by Immahnoob »»
Sep 8, 6:07 AM
Sticky: Nominations ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Ardanaz - Feb 7, 2017
354 replies by Tangerine »»
Sep 8, 4:50 AM
Interview #199 - Yorozuya-no-Yume
Mimurona - Sep 5
1 replies by Yarub »»
Sep 5, 12:44 PM
Interview #197 - sarroush
Mimurona - Aug 14
10 replies by Kagami »»
Aug 31, 6:49 PM
Interview 196 - Head_Hunter47
KatsutoSaki - Aug 3
38 replies by SweetMonia »»
Aug 10, 8:07 AM

Club Comments
Tangerine | Sep 8, 6:29 AM
def me

Skittles | Sep 5, 10:19 PM
@-InfiniteLoop- That's a good question! We'll probably try to think of someone special if possible.

-InfiniteLoop- | Sep 5, 9:52 PM
I wonder who's gonna be the milestone 200th interview

Kuroko-chan | Aug 31, 3:58 AM
Would you like to affiliate with us?


cyruz | Aug 19, 8:51 AM
Well, that's a hell of an intro. :D

Mimurona | Aug 17, 4:06 AM
Boys and Girls...
Human and Non-Humans....
Today it will be a showdown!

On the right side, is a well known metalhead fan, being in many clubs and friendly with everyone around her.....@Yorozuya-no-Yume!!!

On the left side, FG knows her as a funny and understandable person, make your life more enjoyable....@Shinah!!!

Those two are in my care,if you want to help....for Shinah or Yume Pm's are open...same goes to discord .

Skittles | Aug 15, 7:27 PM
@Mei-o_Scarlett me

Mei-o_Scarlett | Aug 15, 7:06 PM

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