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Sticky: Nominations ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Ardanaz - Feb 7, 2017
330 replies by TsunamiPapi »»
Yesterday, 11:47 AM
Interview #184 - HaXXspetten
Mei-o_Scarlett - May 18
24 replies by Gonzo-lewd »»
Yesterday, 11:05 AM
Sticky: Re:Interview Initiative
Skittles - May 2
8 replies by Skittles »»
Yesterday, 3:47 AM
Interview 181 - OfDeathandLove
Mimurona - Apr 17
3 replies by Head_Hunter47 »»
May 14, 2:18 AM
Interview 183 - Gabagool
Skittles - May 7
5 replies by _Ako_ »»
May 7, 3:49 PM

Club Comments
Skittles | Yesterday, 10:23 PM
Just another quick update:

I will be interviewing @Gonzo-lewd and reinterviewing @effincrackhead. Both are longtime members of MAL, so their interviews are bound to be interesting!

Please PM me any questions you have for them!

Gonzo-lewd | Yesterday, 4:45 AM
I'm open to an interview if you all have time. :v

Kagami | Yesterday, 12:17 AM
Thankful I can replace my 2016 interview. Lots changed since

Skittles | May 19, 10:05 PM
@Kagami has decided to take the Re:Interview Initiative! Please send me any questions you have for him!

Wastedmylife2020 | May 16, 8:05 PM
Kinda cool.

KatsutoSaki | May 15, 10:27 PM
I'll be interviewing @Manjuu as well.

If you've any questions for him, drop a PM.

Head_Hunter47 | May 9, 11:28 PM
Interesting, interesting!! ┬┴┬┴┤・д・)├┬┴┬┴

Skittles | May 9, 10:38 PM
For clarification, I have handed over @Head_Hunter47's interview to @KatsutoSaki since I will be busy for some time.

All questions for him have also been handed over. Please submit further questions to @KatsutoSaki instead.

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