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Anime Stats
Days: 78.3
Mean Score: 6.46
  • Total Entries429
  • Rewatched6
  • Episodes4,792
Anime History Last Anime Updates
School Rumble
School Rumble
Jul 30, 12:24 AM
Watching 6/26 · Scored -
Alien 9
Alien 9
Jul 27, 8:17 PM
Watching -/4 · Scored -
Happy Sugar Life
Happy Sugar Life
Jul 27, 8:01 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
Manga Stats
Days: 1.8
Mean Score: 6.40
  • Total Entries32
  • Reread0
  • Chapters330
  • Volumes34
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Omamori Himari
Omamori Himari
Sep 30, 2019 9:40 AM
Reading 26/75 · Scored -
Narutaru: Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko
Narutaru: Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko
Jul 26, 2019 2:33 PM
Reading 5/68 · Scored -
Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou
Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou
Mar 23, 2019 5:41 PM
Reading -/130 · Scored -


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deg Aug 5, 4:30 PM
ye im just all over the place not just on AD but im sure i notice it but i just now realize it thats all

thats good lol
deg Aug 5, 4:27 PM
yep i just realize that now lol you can rival Pullman
deg Aug 5, 3:58 PM
thats a very long post and first time i heard of the term het and i googled it means heterosexual

i recently learn about is/ought problem or fact/value distinction that says what we value (like morality) as a society or group or individual is subjective despite knowing the same facts or science about anything so ye pretty much its a never ending conflict
deg Aug 5, 12:45 PM
btw do not expect a ban too much since it might become a self-fulfilling prophecy lol
deg Aug 5, 12:33 PM
#MALfunction strikes again

yep some of those nasty comments about Arms came from fangirls anyway so understandable since a lot of girls hate sexualization on media ah you will survive the forums, the moderators are forgiving here well not sure of the newer ones though
deg Aug 5, 12:09 PM
ye true i saw some comments on the MAL news thread about "and nothing of value was lost" sort of replies lol
deg Aug 5, 11:39 AM
yo? Arms studio gone bankrupt dude
gintokisbicep Aug 3, 3:04 PM
i brought up the fact that the author of naruto himself said that he didn't know how to write women and arin-san responded by giving a speech about japan's society and japan itself and said to me "well you clearly aren't japanese and don't know anything about japan" when..... neither has he and basically called me a femi-nazi. i dont understand why he needs to defend a man who's probbaly a millionare and also one of the most famous ecchi anime of all time.

i haven't seen highschool dxd so i can't say much but from what i can tell from the thread you were saying it's bad as an ecchi and he was saying it was more than that etc. and like, isn't the whole point of an ecchi based show to.... be ecchi? plot is nice but it's not like the main point. no one watches an ecchi for plot. i mean if it has a good plot and the plot itself is better than other ecchi's plot doesn't mean it's a better show/ecchi show in itself. like some people joke and bait that they're opinion is better than everyone else's but he genuinely thinks that.

but being banned for six whole months??? what did you even do in that spare time.
gintokisbicep Aug 3, 6:54 AM
yeah i cant believe someone wrote four whole paragraphs on highschool dxd jesus christ that's..... that's kinda sad. "I suggest you look for a professional psychiatrist that specializes in delusional disorders." it's an anime about horny men and demon girls with big tits like oh my lord. (also that guy you were arguing with is a complete cunt he argues with anyone who doesn't share the same opinion as him despite him having the most boring and plain taste in anime)

BUT ABSURDTURK???? LMAOO IM FRIENDS WITH HIM. that shocked me, he seemed to be so calm in threads. how long ago was it when he was called nihil?? cause damn he went through an identity crisis or something.
gintokisbicep Aug 3, 6:36 AM
damn maybe he was just going through some bad shit irl and was taking it out online but doesn't give him an excuse to be a complete asshole. do you know the name of his current username because it seems like he changed it. but honestly thank you for putting the links to the quotes because this shit is entertaining as fuck reading the whole forums. i hope this doesn't sound mean or anything but damn people love to get into fights with you. especially because you don't even bait and you're not even rude but so many people attack you???? and it's still going on damn.

it's funny because your avatar is one of the most chill anime characters lol
gintokisbicep Aug 3, 5:48 AM
what did you do to Nihil to make him hate you that much. like that ain''t even a joke why is mans so angry
BerZzzerk Aug 1, 1:41 PM
that sounds real fun :D
BerZzzerk Aug 1, 1:28 PM
lmao your profile is hilarious.
Skittles Jul 30, 5:33 AM

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