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Love Lab
Love Lab
Mar 24, 2:35 AM
On-Hold 4/13 · Scored 8
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV)
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV)
Jan 28, 3:38 AM
Completed 120/120 · Scored 10
Natsume Yuujinchou Go
Natsume Yuujinchou Go
Jan 18, 10:12 PM
Watching 8/11 · Scored -
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Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
1 hour ago
Reading 46/? · Scored 7
Black Clover
Black Clover
1 hour ago
Reading 118/? · Scored 10
Robot x Laserbeam
Robot x Laserbeam
2 hours ago
Reading 18/? · Scored 7


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Scarlett_ryuken 2 hours ago
gomennasai *yamete*

this why you my info-chan :>
Scarlett_ryuken 2 hours ago
idk man...

but where do i find those scans?
Scarlett_ryuken 3 hours ago
souma, and op =/

for op im pretty sure eng scans is out, looking at the amount of people there is in chap disscussion and sawyer released a yt video already
Scarlett_ryuken 3 hours ago
where you reading all this manga update sia? O:
i searched mangastream and all also cannot find
koto Today, 7:17 AM
I agree, the little things are really nice that make me appreciate the characters. Well look forward to seeing more development to Yuno, he definitely needs it.

Aw I feel so bad, and you can't stream too right... Well at least manga is better than anime.
koto Yesterday, 10:53 PM
Ok so I caught up to Black Clover and got to say it's not bad at all. The manga is very funny, their comedic faces are enjoyable, especially Asta's. It's actually very amusing and that it doesn't take itself too seriously. The characters are likeable, I find Asta actually to be a good protagonist. I really liked it when he said he couldn't be envious of others for having magic when he can do lots of stuff himself. That's some good stuff right there.

The manga could use more Yuno, he's actually a great rival that actually supports the mc. I don't see the manga ending anytime soon, which is good. It was a entertaining read, I hella enjoyed it.

And I watched one episode of Gabriel Dropout, characters are likeable and it is funny.
Frostbytes Yesterday, 9:54 PM
Hmm yeah I saw yugami kun update too after years lol.
Frostbytes Yesterday, 9:39 PM
Well it's really hilarious tbh, just the right kind of comedy for me, eccentric characters, hilarious monologues, chill 4th wall breaking, a little tease of romance too. I lost my interest in anime for a long time but this got me back again, wish there were more comedy like this. Really happy for s2.

I found the list of chapters they skipped. The translations are really far behind huh, I found a blog where they translate some chapters in a half way all upto the latest one(a few chapters behind). http://eyfey.tumblr.com/tranPSIations
koto Yesterday, 8:29 PM
Looks funny too, Satanichia looks like a really interesting character, though I did see some people say Gabriel is annoying or didn't care about her. Wow didn't know Demi-chan had a harem subtext.
koto Yesterday, 5:22 PM
That sounds good, I'll get to around to reading it later today.

What about reading the manga to Gabriel Dropout? I remember reading the first chapter of the manga and then finding out that it was going to get an anime so I decided to stop reading and watch the anime. Turns out I never got around to watching it. I should watch it too, one day... Along with Demi-chan.
Frostbytes Yesterday, 2:48 PM
Mate help me, where do I start saiki manga since I completed the anime?
koto Jul 18, 9:51 PM
I haven't read anymore yet, I'll try reading some tomorrow and tell you my opinion. The later arcs are much better right? So I look forward to it...

Lol hopefully you watch the ones you want to watch one day.
koto Jul 18, 8:05 PM
Hmm I see, I still need to catch up to BC though.

I don't watch anything besides seasonals anymore :( But I don't really think you're missing out on anything by not watching seasonal anime.
koto Jul 18, 7:21 PM
It's confirmed they are adapting the Black Clover light novel? Or they will probably adapt it if they run out of material and catch up to the manga besides doing filler? That's cool regardless.

Yeah manga is an easy read and much more entertaining than anime. I'm only really watching the anime that got adapted from the manga I've already read. I'm also busy with school too, but it's summer now so I got more free time. I find this season to be pretty good since the previous seasons I barely watched/completed anything.

Yeah, I guess I see too much of cancerous fans and fandom.
koto Jul 18, 6:41 PM
Sorry too, I get lazy at times.

That's another a little less than 5 years of waiting, but I'd wait forever for an anime of Yugami-kun. Hopefully the manga doesn't end before then...

I see a lot of hate for Pierrot for poorly adapting Tokyo Ghoul and for filler of course. The visuals look good and yeah I think filler will work for the series if they plan to make the anime long running. You don't really watch anime anymore do you? Will you be watching Black Clover though?

Yeah you're right, I look at the Forums and stuff and I just see a lot of hate when it comes to other opinions, but at times I do see people accepting their taste and opinions which is nice. Truly they are the best kind of anime/manga fans.