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MrAM Jun 12, 10:55 PM
I was shocked to realize that I had last logged in roughly 15 months ago. Last time you messaged me we were discussing Made in Abyss, Spiderman: Homecoming, and a new profile picture that is no longer new (I wonder how many you've cycled through since?) Wild. Well, I thought I'd let you know I'm still alive. My break from anime lasted far longer than I thought it would--not that I haven't watched any anime for the past 15 months, but I've certainly not consumed it in any sustained manner. Just a couple of episodes and films here and there. The only anime I've been consistently watching lately is Attack on Titan S3, of all things.

Anyways, how have you been? (I promise I won't vanish this time short of a life-changing catastrophe)
Fantalicious Apr 17, 2:36 AM
Yeah, I’m a big fan of Masaaki Yuasa. I’ve seen most of his big things now except for Ping Pong. I have read the Ping Pong manga though, as its done by one of my favourite mangakas Taiyo Matsumoto. So the Ping Pong anime being made by one of my favourite directors and adapted from one of my favourite mangakas, I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it when I watch it.

But from what I’ve seen, Tatami Galaxy and Kaiba are Yuasa’s best works. They are very different so it’s a bit difficult to compare them. Kaiba is a great sci-fi story while Tatami Galaxy is more of a outlandish slice-of-life story. Kaiba felt very alien but at the same time the world felt very believable. Tatami Galaxy was easier for me to personally connect to though. Among other things, it’s about love, finding yourself and university life. It was a lot for me to relate to there. That puts it a bit above Kaiba for me. Both anime have beautiful and unique art styles and animation as well, not really sure which one I prefer out of the two.

I would really recommend all of Yuasa’s work if you haven’t seen much yet. Kemonozume and Devilman: Crybaby are not as good as Kaiba and Tatami Galaxy but they are still great. Yuasa also released two films in 2017 that I love. The Night is Short, Walk on Girl is a spiritual successor to Tatami Galaxy and then there’s Lu over the Wall which is probably a great starting point for him as it’s not as weird as some of his other works.

I have never played any game from FromSoftware either. I’m usually not very good at games and I also rarely play games to be “challenged”. So the reputation of the Souls games have not made it sound like it’s anything for me. I have not seen anything from Sekiro, but I have heard people talking about it ofc, but never checked it out and don’t think I will.

Wow, 70 games are quite a lot yeah. I think I have about 30 games total that I haven’t played, and that’s on multiple consoles.

Yeah, I did beat Spirit Tracks! Don’t have anything more to add on it, other than it being a pretty good game but a lesser Zelda. But I’m glad that I have finally played it and Phantom Hourglass as I have been putting it off for so long.

I have also played a through a few indie titles on the Switch. I played Night in the Woods which I absolutely loved and its possibly one of my favourite games, at least in a long while. Once again, it’s about me really connecting and relating to the narrative of the story and the characters. I also played Oxenfree which was great and pretty creepy and once again a great narrative and relatable characters, even if it wasn’t on the level of Night in the Woods. And finally I played Limbo, which I’m a bit conflicted towards. I like the overall idea but it feels like there’s too many solutions of the puzzles where you have to fail to figure it out, which can get a bit frustrating. But the game’s called Limbo so that’s probably the point, but not always that fun to play. Have you played any of these games?

And I also played through the 2013 Tomb Raider on my ps3. That was pretty great as well, and I liked that it didn’t last to long. It had a story to tell and it told it. Which is pretty rare in that type of game. There were still some aspects of the game that felt like padding and that they added to make the game more commercial, like there were bits of an open world and fast travel that I didn’t like and that felt out of place. But I also payed about 3 dollars for the game so I guess people who payed full price probably wanted more where I wanted less. Have you played it?

Disney has said that the plan is for Disney Plus to come to Western Europe in 2020, so hopefully that includes Sweden. There are no details on release date, price range and line up. Being a fan of the MCU and Star Wars it kinda feels like I have to get it and check out the new shows. I haven’t looked up any details on them though. And there are lot of Disney films as well of course, but I own most of what I like on blu-ray and dvd. I hope they will put on some of the rarer stuff like old shorts.

And I think you are out of luck if you want to watch the original Star Wars versions. I’m really against how Lucas have gotten rid of them in favour of the Special Editions edits. I don’t mind the edits themselves, but that the original versions are unavailable. I had some hope back when Disney first bought Star Wars, but as nothing have happened yet I have given up hoping. Lucas himself have said that the original versions “don’t exist” anymore. By that he meant the actual film reels. The theatrical versions do exist on VHS and Laserdisc though (and on badly ripped DVD), but those versions are not going on any modern streaming service. But there’s always the fan-made Despecialized Edition, which is really great. I own the original trilogy on blu-ray but whenever I want to watch the films I always go for the despecialized versions. I mainly just bought the blu-ray so that I can watch the fan-edit with good conscious. George Lucas really makes it difficult for people to like him sometimes.
Fantalicious Mar 27, 12:47 PM
I’ve only seen a few anime films in the cinema. The Wind Rises was the first one, which had a worldwide release on the same date I think. I remember it feeling so unreal to go and watch an anime film like that, especially one that was completely new. And then the second one was last year when I saw Mary and the Witch’s Flower. And also last year a Miyazaki-run started, where they showed all of his Ghibli films. I only had time for Nausicaä and Totoro but those were great to experience that way. Oh, and one of the earliest films I ever saw in the cinema was Pokémon 3, so I guess there’s also that. It’s good that anime has become more mainstream here at least nowadays. But like, I have to make a decision to wait for a long time if I want to experience an anime film in the cinema for the first time. Like Mary and the Witch’s Flower was already out on all the streaming sites a few weeks before it even came out in Sweden. The newest Hosoda film Mirai is coming out sometime in July, which once again is pretty late. But I will definitely wait for that one.

Not all of the anime is dubbed into Swedish, but I know Your Name and Mary and the Witch’s Flower was at least (they were also available Japanese). I never watch anything dubbed myself but I think it’s good that anime becomes easier to get into for a younger audience that can’t read subtitles yet.

I’m going on a bit of a “things were better before”-rant now. But the manga industry in Sweden doesn’t exist anymore, so I like that anime might fill its place. Swedish-translated manga was really only a thing of the 2000’s. Dragon Ball was the first successful manga in Sweden which started in the year 2000, and around 2003-2008 was like the heyday with quite a lot of different series going on. And you could find manga in all the standard book shops. But around 2009-2011 they all just kinda died out. One Piece was the biggest at that point and it held out all the way to late 2012/early 2013. Now, no Swedish-translated manga is released at all. I think that’s very sad as no children will be able to get into manga before they can read English well enough. And of course it’s more difficult to find as there is no manga in the normal shops. All the manga I buy now is American.

I don’t think manga will ever return in Sweden. It died out because people like me started to read everything illegally online afterall. But that makes it especially fun to have anime get some spotlight nowadays.

It’s definitely true that Sanji seems pretty harmless, at least compared to most perverts in manga. I’m not going to give any credit for that though, like he doesn’t get any points just because he wouldn’t actually assault a woman. The sexism is still too much for me. Still, it’s a good job by Oda to make a perverted character, which is a trope, but still make him different from the others.

I feel like I’m coming across a bit to critical of One Piece sometimes. Just as with Naruto, I don’t really have any favourite characters in One Piece. Still, I like a lot of characters, but as you said before, One Piece is not very character-driven. I like most of the strawhats and I like Luffy as a main character. Chopper, Usopp and Zoro can be quite good too. Many of the supporting characters are pretty great too. I’ve always liked Buggy and I like that he has stayed in the story for so long and is still relevant. And another one I really like is Bartolomeo, I just found him hilarious. I loved the whole tournament and Lucy-bit in the Dressrosa arc and Bartolomea is probably one of the best things after the time skip imo. Garp is really great as well, he might actually be one of my favourites. But really, I don’t think I would care too much what happens to these characters. I liked Ace, but I didn’t have any reaction at all when he died.

Another problem I have with the flashbacks goes a bit into how the characters don’t evolve much. Most of the straw hats get a flashback when they are introduced that explains everything about them and then the characters never really change or grow from there. Of course that’s a bit oversimplified, but comparing say Nami after the Arlong arc to Nami of the Wano arc, I can’t tell much has changed. And Sanji getting a second big flashback at a point where I knew nothing would happen to his character anyway, just felt unnecessary. But as you say, the flashbacks usually work really well in the arc where they are placed, and it’s hard to imagine some arcs without them. I’m probably just extra harsh because I’ve read it weakly for so many years. It would be fun to re-read One Piece at some point as well. The early arcs, up until Water 7, I have read quite a few times, but it was a long time ago now.
Fantalicious Mar 22, 12:26 PM
Good to hear some good stuff on the Broly film. I haven’t seen any trailers or anything so I don’t really know anything about it. But good to hear that it’s watchable without having seen Super.

Had no idea Frieza is in it, sounds a bit weird to have both him and Broly in the same film but maybe it works. I do like Frieza so. I don’t remember much from Resurrection F other than Frieza being ok, the Super Saiyajin God Super Saiyajin-name and that Jaco the Galactic Patrolman was in it. Jaco was really the only thing that I really liked about it, and that was more just for the sake of it, not that he actually did anything.

I also got nowhere with Super because of the retelling of the films. I pushed through the first arc and then dropped it, only so that I can say that I actually have seen a full arc and gave it a chance. But seeing a worse version of Resurrection F is not very appealing, nor do I really want to skip it and watch the third arc. I haven’t heard many good things about Super anyway.

Glad to hear Broly is a character, because he really wasn’t in the old one (I’ve only seen the first). I kinda hate Broly, and I did so even before I saw his film haha. Back when I first explored the Dragon Ball community online I was constantly met with people praising Broly as one of the best characters in the whole series, and everything they ever talked about were power levels. Broly for me kinda embodies my prejudices against DBZ-fans haha. Good that there’s no new transformation as well, as I think that was one of the worst things about the previous two films.

I can understand watching it at the cinema would be an experience. I would have loved to have seen Battle of Gods that way, but of course I never had an option to. Seeing anime at the cinema in Sweden really only became a thing after Your Name was a minor success. Before then, I only know of Spirited Away and The Wind Rises that got proper releases. But after Your Name, there have been some more anime films coming out, even if they usually come out far later than in the US for example.

I have seen at least part of the Davy Back stuff in the anime, I remember the fight between Luffy and Foxy. And I have seen the full G-8 arc, actually by myself rather than with my friends, as that was an arc I heard good things about from many people. I don’t actually remember that much though. I never heard that the Davy Back arc was changed that much in the anime but that kinda makes sense. I’ve seen a lot of anime-only watchers be surprised that arc is from the manga, and I guess that’s an easy guess if they removed some aspects of it and put it elsewhere.

Interesting to hear your favourite character is Sanji. You and I seem to have similar opinions on a lot of stuff but I actually kinda hate Sanji haha. He’s definitely my least favourite character of the main crew. I really don’t like perverted characters and I do think he is also really sexist in his behaviour towards women. And he’s usually unnecessary mean towards men. So really, I don’t like his interactions with any characters. I did like his early backstory that we saw in his introduction, but not really the newer one. I really didn’t think it added anything to explain Sanji’s character, which I think should be the purpose of a flashback. But he does have some good fights, but none which are my favourites.

Yeah, Pell surviving is almost like a parody of the trope of nobody dying in One Piece. It really doesn’t make sense and only serves to make the arc worse, even if it’s a pretty minor thing. Totally agree on that.

Skypiea would probably also be my favourite arc if I had to choose one. But once again, it’s hard for me to separate it to the previous Jaya arc. The build up in the Jaya arc is so important for when the Skypiea arc starts. The adventure and discovery aspect is definitely the strongest here. And it’s a real interesting world with the dials and gods. And the fight against Eneru is really excellent, for all the reasons you said.

Water 7 and Enies Lobby are also really great and as you say, some of the best fights in the series are here. Never really though they were similar to HxH but you’re right about that. This is also where I started reading the series weekly online rather than just buying the Swedish volumes, so I do have a bit of nostalgia for it. For example, it’s the first arc where I think of the English names rather than the Swedish ones.

Yeah, back to backstory/flashbacks, which is a big thing in One Piece. The Nolan flashback is actually my favourite one, and the one I would re-read often, probably partly because it was its own story and was like a volume long, so it was very re-read friendly. Nami’s is also high on the list, and one of the things that showed the greatness of One Piece early on. But I would say that I think One Piece has too many and too long flashbacks overall. The recent Sanji one is a good example for me. Like, I often think Oda wants to show everything he can, whether it’s necessary or not. I had a discussion about this with a friend where I used HxH as an example of how you can do a flashback/backstory where I specificly brought up the page where Killua asks Canary if she wants to play and she declines. It’s just one or two pages and I get everything I need to know from both these character’s past. Not saying all of One Piece’s flashbacks should be like that, but Oda really overstretch many of his. And the actual story he is telling is in the present, and I think flashbacks should only be there when they need to explain why a character is the way he/she is. Nami’s is great in this way, and was necessary for us to understand her character. Sanji’s latest one did nothing to explain why he is the way he is, but rather just what he is, which did not need a huge flashback. I also kinda don’t like how it feels like Oda will explain everything in his world in such a detailed way. Like, when One Piece ends, I fear there will be no mysteries or questions left. Oda is great at world building but I think sometimes he’s almost too good at it where it hurts the story and definitely the pacing.

And yeah, the Wano arc is the current one. It feels like an arc that Oda has wanted to do for a long time and like he’s finally hear and having fun writing it.

haha, J.J. Abrams is probably one of my least favourite filmmakers ever. Most of his films are good and he is a competent filmmaker but he is just so boring. I have never seen Lost but I do know it’s a good example of his Mystery boxes-writing. The only things I actually have seen is Star Trek 1&2, Force Awakens and Super 8. All of them are ok but they feel like they were made to serve everyone and they are very unoriginal and based on someone else’s creation. The only thing I would say Force Awakens did better than Last Jedi is the pacing. And him doing Episode IX is definitely not making me excited. I’m also worried that he will retcon or ignore too much from Last Jedi, especially with the criticism from the fandom.

I have never heard of Crypt of the Necrodancer previously, but I also did see the reveal and was intrigued. Mainly just because it feels so weird to have a crossover spin-off with Zelda. Like that would be weird for any game, but especially something that is small enough so that I’ve never heard of it. I’m also interested to play it, but it’s not that high on my list yet at least.
Fantalicious Mar 19, 11:28 AM
Speaking of Dragon Ball films, I remember seeing you logging the newest one and rating it pretty highly. Is it connected to Super or not? Or is it more of a sequel to the other new films? Even if it is connected, I guess it would be pretty easy to understand it anyway. I never got anywhere with Super and I also don’t like Broly so it didn’t sound that interesting for me. I’m also very tired of the constantly new transformations. But do you recommend it? I guess the animation is good at least.

Hosoda’s film didn’t re-use scenes really. I more mean that stuff happens that is very similar to things that have happened in the manga. Like the whole contest in the beginning feels similar to the Davy Back fight. And Sanji and Zoro not getting along while having to work together for the contest is exactly the same. Although, that’s partly just a One Piece problem as it does happen in the manga as well. And the Hosoda film is definitely mainly very original.

I don’t remember if we have actually discussed One Piece properly. What are some of your favourite arcs and characters? As I think I have mentioned before, One Piece is the manga I have been reading for the longest time in my life, so there’s a lot of nostalgia for the series. I think the manga has gone downhill a bit, but the current arc I think has the potential to be one of the best ones and I’m really digging it so far. But my favourites would definitely be the Alabasta arc (and I usually include everything from Whiskey Peak to Alabasta in that) and the Skypiea arc. I love the sense of adventure that those arcs create and it was a time where all characters still got quite a lot to do.

Yeah, I don’t think you’re missing much by skipping out on Assassin’s Creed or Uncharted. Uncharted can be pretty good and the dialogue and characters are very fun. But they’re kind of like pretty dumb action popcorn flicks in game form. There’s a lot of better stuff to explore.

Captain Marvel didn’t really have much connection to Endgame specifically. But we have discussed Infinity War before and that film kind off broke my interest in the MCU a bit. I still did like the film of course, but I think having such a different opinion from most MCU-fans was a bit frustrating for me. Like, I wanted to like it as much as everyone else but I didn’t and it lead to me disconnecting a bit with the whole fandom I guess. It wasn’t just Infinity War, it’s rather part of the whole bigger conversations to all of these blockbusters. You know, the critic vs fans-discussions that I think have been pretty big lately. With the big one being The Last Jedi, and I think a lot of the discussions with Infiny War was in comparison to that, like how Infinity War succeeded where Last Jedi failed. I really liked Last Jedi and was indifferent to Infinity War so two of the biggest films ever of fandoms I was part of I didn’t think like the rest of the fandom. I’m rambling without really thinking now but I guess I just got a bit sick of blockbuster films overall and their whole communities of fans. Even if I liked Last Jedi I’m still not excited for Episode IX because the whole discussion within the fandom kind of killed it for me.

Captain Marvel was just a fun film with a pretty simple and good theme. There are films in the MCU that are funnier and there are films that work better thematically but it was competently made and felt like a ray of hope that I really needed now. Captain Marvel herself was a good character and I loved the inclusion of Nick Fury as they had a lot of fun scenes together. Part of the reason I liked it is probably also because it was better than I though. The trailers made it look it would focus more on her backstory as a fighter pilot which I was really worried about. But she already had her powers from the start of the film and the back story was just told in flashback and wasn’t focused on.

Ofc, Captain Marvel is also part of big discussions… With people saying it’s SJW propaganda and whatnot and people wanting to boycott the film because Brie Larsen said something about something. I have managed to stay away from most of it though which has probably been really good for me haha.

Anyway, it just feels good to be excited for Endgame a bit just like every other MCU-fan again. Like I feel like I’m part of the fandom again.
Fantalicious Mar 17, 12:52 AM
Oh, the Dragon Ball movies are not recaps, but actual retellings. As in, they have original stories while featuring the same characters and ideas as the manga. The third film is my favourite of them, it introduces Tienshinhan and Chiaotzu and is based primarily on the Red Ribbon arc and the 22nd Tournament arc. Except Chiaotzu is an emperor of some country and Tienshinhan is his bodyguard. It’s actually the best representation of Chiaotzu that he ever got in any Dragon Ball medium. I really do recommend the full trilogy. They are fun to explore, but the worst thing about them is the pacing as they are all very short and try to adapt a little too much material.

I guess One Piece is more fitting to create spin-off films for because of the nature of the series itself being very divided into arcs and islands. It is pretty easy to insert any adventures in between the proper arcs and the characters really do write themselves. I remember when watching through some DBZ films and I tried to figure out where they could take place in the manga, which of course almost none of them can. But with One Piece, that would be a lot easier to pull of, which I think would make watching them easier for me. Still, I normally don’t like when films just take moments from the original story and re-use them, which I do remember the Hosoda film doing a few times.

Strong World is probably the one I want to watch the most then, even if you didn’t like it that much. Co-written by Oda and that it fits in the series does peek my interest. And as I already have an idea of it since I read that one chapter a hundred years ago, I actually have wanted to watch it since then. I just never bothered to research what actual film it was connected to.

A recap with changing the time the arc takes place sounds pretty interesting as well. The Drum Island arc isn’t really anything I have any strong emotions to but I might check it out. The Episode of Nami special also sounds like it could be worthwhile, and the Arlong Park arc is probably one of my favourites, at least when including my nostalgia for it.

One thing that has made me not watch any One Piece films I think is that I really didn’t connect with the anime series. I had a couple of friends that started watching the anime and so I have watched quite a few random episodes from the beginning all the way to Enies Lobby. I think it looks pretty terrible visually, especially the character design. Just something about it looks so unappealing to me. I think they all look really tall and have weird body proportions. As I said before, the only One Piece film I properly sought out was the Hosoda film and that one obviously doesn’t have the same problems as it has a completely different style.

With game sequels, I don’t know if there are that many that improves that much. Like my favourite games, Pokémon Gold and Wind Waker, are sequels but they are sequels of some of my other favourite games so it’s a bit different. The first games that came to mind were Uncharted 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2, as I feel both those games where pretty big step ups from the first, and also the games that made those series what they are. But I also don’t like those games enough to say they are my favourite anything really.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying your VR and Astro Bot. Even changing your profile pic for it.

Btw, I know you’re not a big MCU-fan, but have you seen Captain Marvel? I was pretty drained after watching Infinity War and I didn’t really look forward to Endgame. But now, having watched Captain Marvel, I suddenly got excited. The film itself wasn’t that special but it did re-ignite what I think I lost after Infinity War.
Fantalicious Mar 7, 8:13 AM
Yeah, the Last Movie really is pretty different from most anime films of its kind. I remember not caring much about the story and I don’t even remember it now but the romance plot is definitely enjoyable. Interestingly enough, the film came out around the time the manga ended, which was long before the anime ended. So I guess a lot of anime-watcher were spoiled a bit, but as a manga reader it was great to get a film that felt like it was made for the readers. At the same time, I remember getting a bit frustrated at the film since I felt the romance plot should have just been a part of the manga instead of its own thing. And yeah, you can already tell that Kaguya fits in well with the film, similarly to how it is in Boruto.

I haven’t watched that many anime films based on shounen series though. Naruto and Dragon Ball are the only ones where I’ve watched most of them. The Last Movie definitely wins for Naruto. With Dragon Ball I quite liked the first Dragon Ball films that were a retelling of the original story. And then I have watched the two HxH films, which I remember hating, although I’m not sure they really were that bad or that I was just disappointed. I have only watched one One Piece film, which was the one directed by Mamoru Hosoda, which I watched for Hosoda rather than One Piece. I have wanted to check out some other ones though, as I’ve heard some of the later ones are pretty good. I remember one of the films getting a manga chapter as a backstory and that one looked pretty interesting. It was the one with a flying pirate I think. You have watched all of them right? Are there any you would recommend?

I always forget that Neji dies, so it’s interesting that you found out about it before reading it haha. I guess it didn’t leave an impression on me at all.

I don’t think I have a favourite character in Naruto, which I guess is a pretty big flaw of the series. As I mentioned before, I think Kishimoto is really good at building a world and that includes a lot of the characters that inhabit it, but mainly just the minor ones. I don’t think Kishimoto is as good when the characters are fleshed out and there’s too much focus on them. So most of the characters I like are actually the ones that don’t appear much. We have already discussed that I think the fight against Sasori is one of the best in the series, but I would also say that Sasori might be one of my favourite characters. I just really like his back story and the way it’s told. I would say I like most of the Akatsuk members and would rank many of them highly.

When it comes to the Konoha-gang I think Shikamaru and Chouji would be my favourites, they just seem like cool people to hang out with and I like their friendship. And of course Shikamaru is one of the least forgotten ones which helps.

And then one character which was my favourite character for a while is actually Obito. I already mentioned before how I think the whole anti-war aspect of the series is my favourite aspect, and that I consider Kakashi Gaiden to be a pretty good example of the series doing this even if other arcs do it better. When I first read Kakashi Gaiden I was about the same age as Kakashi and his team which probably made it more effective. Obito was so different from what we had seen and heard from the Uchiha previously and I loved how he couldn’t live up to the hype of his own name essentially. He was still pretty competent being a Chunin and he certainly could fight, he was just too nervous and frightened to do it. It felt pretty realistic to how kids would be in a war. And around that time, I also struggled a bit with my self-esteem and not really feeling I was as good as my family and friends in different ways, so there was a personal connection there. Kakashi Gaiden is just a small story but I think it works really well as a tragedy of young people having to go to war. And of course it becomes more effective as Obito dies. Naruto is filled with characters that resemble each other (Naruto, Obito, Jiraiya – all being the same type of character within their team) and I do think Obito is the best version of that character.

That’s partly why I disliked the Obito is Tobi-theories. And it really started right away from the panel Tobi was first introduced. I thought it ruined Obito’s character and his role in the story by making him a goofy villain and I though Tobi would be more interesting as a whole new character. And I still kind off see them as different characters, Obito, Tobi and Fake-Madara just doesn’t feel like the same person to me. In the anime it was even more so, as Tobi had a completely different voice when he was Tobi or Fake-Madara. I’m still not a big fan of Obito’s development but I do like it more now. It did tie Kakashi Gaiden into the bigger story which was nice, and it also makes Kakashi’s resurrection feel necessary. But I would have preferred Obito to be a victim of a larger story and more of a symbol than the bigger character that he became.

Ah yes, I also played the first Legacy of Goku and it really is bad. I think Legacy of Goku 2 is one of my favourite sequels as it really is a huge step forward from the first one. It’s even weird thinking they are from the same series. Buu’s Fury on the other hand is almost exactly like the second game, but at that point it didn’t need to improve much more I guess. Also weird how it’s not called Legacy of Goku 3 of course, I remember not picking up the game at first because of that as I didn’t know it was a sequel.

I would say I had a similar opinion of VR with it feeling gimmicky. And it also feels like something that is a few years away from being perfected. But I have never tried VR of any kind so I can’t really say much. I checked out Astro Bot and it does look fun so I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Fantalicious Mar 4, 8:38 AM
Yes, San Junipero is the episode I was referring to! It really has quite a different feel to it and I was also surprised that it was written by the same person that writes most of the series. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best episodes ever though, but definitely Black Mirror.

I’m also between a 6 and 7 for Naruto, and decided on a 7. One thing I really like about the series that I haven’t brought up yet is the world itself. I think Kishimoto has built his world in a very good way, especially when it comes to his designs of the architecture and clothing of the characters. I love that you can tell which village a character comes from simply by the clothes they wear, and not just when they wear the typical ninja vests. Like Zabuza was just a guy in striped pants but after we got introduced to more characters from the hidden mist we understand that striped clothing is pretty common and probably a part of their culture. Seeing a building from any of the villages you can usually tell which village it’s in as well, which is cool. That and the storytelling of the different Ninja wars and the way the countries have interacted and fought with each other works really well for me. The world feels pretty realistic and credible.

Yeah, Kaguya is ok as a villain I think. It’s just as you say though, Madara has been hyped for a very long time and Kaguya gets a little mention near the end of the manga. So it makes sense why people would be disappointed with her being the final one. When I was reading the manga back then I didn’t really care about Naruto at all so I didn’t really have any opinions about it. I still remember when I actually stopped caring about Naruto, it was during the war when the two brothers who had been in nine-tails’ belly appeared. Ginkaku and Kinkaku? They felt like something the Naruto anime would have as filler-characters and I think that was the last straw for me. Back to Kaguya, some people think she was introduced as a way to continue the story. Boruto deals with stuff connected to Kaguya so some people think that she is just there for the sake of the Boruto manga that was probably planned at that time. I don’t know though, I think Kishimoto just wanted to tell some kind of origin story with Chakra and Ninjutsu an all of that. And that he wanted Team 7 to defeat the final villain also makes sense.

So you knew about Kaguya. Did you also know about some of the other big stuff? Did you know about Obito? The Obito is Tobi-theory was around ever since Tobi was introduced and it was almost laughable when it turned out to be true. The same could be said about Minato being the father of Naruto. Both of these ideas for me just felt too obvious and it was weird to see them revealed in the manga. Although, I now do like Obito’s story overall.

I agree that the friendship between Naruto and Sasuke could have been a stronger plotpoint before his departure. It is weird to see Naruto talk of Sasuke like he his best friend that means the world to him, when he always seems to be closer to someone like Shikamaru.

I’m not usually one for gimmicky-controls but the DS I think really works with that. I disliked playing a lot of non-party games for the Wii, like Twilight Princess, because I didn’t like the motion controls. But maybe the DS works better because its portable, not sure why I like it really. But as I said, the gameplay is very smooth and responsive. The mic is used to blow and shout into yeah, which in a way makes the game unplayable in public haha… Spirit Tracks has a flute you play where you have to actually blow into the mic. And some enemies have to be blown away. It’s silly but pretty great. But that’s probably also because the DS feels nostalgic for me, and even though the 3DS is basically the same system, the touch screen and mic are not really used for any of its games all that much.

The New Pokémon games already look like good examples of how the series don’t really evolve. The roaming Pokémon, Pokémon following you and the new catch system of the Let’s Go-games appears to have been completely removed. As I mentioned once before, Pokémon usually takes away features instead of improving them with new games. Which is why they don’t really evolve.

I have never owned any Dragon Ball games on home console but I did play quite a lot of different Tenkaichi Budokai with friends as I was growing up, but not enough to really distinguish them or know which ones I’ve played. Dragon Ball Origins for the DS I remember liking quite a bit, even though I wouldn’t say it was that great. That game was actually very similar to the Zelda DS-games with the controls and had a lot of dungeon-like puzzles. There was also Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure for the GBA, which was a side-scrolling action game. Both Origins and Advanced Adventure are based on the early part of Dragon Ball and it’s refreshing to not have all games be DBZ ones. My favourite DB games are also on the GBA, Legacy of Goku 2 and Buu’s Fury. They are action-rpgs and follow the Cell arc and Buu arc respectively. Legacy of Goku 2 was one of my all-time favourite games when I was younger and probably one of my most played. Both games follow the anime rather than the manga and a lot of what I know about the anime is actually from those games. For example, the soundtrack is the same as it was in the American dub, so I do actually have nostalgia for those songs even if I never watched the anime.

I also have Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 (called Clash of Ninja in Europe) and yeah, Akamaru was a lot of fun. I would always choose him when I had friends over just to fuck with them haha. And of course even the fact that Akamaru is a playable character, and the best one, is hilarious. Cool that you’ve bought Storm 4. I never bothered with any games after the second one because they felt very similar but I did really like the first two at least. So I hope you like it.
Fantalicious Feb 27, 8:55 AM
Black Mirror can be very up and down. Some of the episodes are great and others are pretty terrible. I think one of the biggest flaw of the series for me is that most episodes are written by the same person and if you don’t agree with his opinions or point of view a lot of episodes won’t really be effective. Not sure how much you know but most of the series deals with how people deal with technology in different ways, mainly how it effects us in a negative way. I’m not nearly as pessimistic about technology as I think the creator is which makes some episodes appear very unconvincing and a bit silly. I have watched 3 out of 4 seasons and so far my favourite episode is the only one where future technology is actually shown in a positive light, which I think is a big reason why I liked that episode as much as I did. The interactive one is actually a Black Mirror film, I haven’t checked it out yet though. Will do after I’ve watched all episodes.

Naruto Gaiden isn’t much to check out, it mostly acted as a Boruto trailer to connect the two manga I think. But being one volume it doesn’t take a lot of time to get through of course. I would skip the Boruto manga though, but I could recommend the Boruto movie. The Boruto manga’s first arc is just an adaption of the film (the film came out first). I think the Boruto anime takes place before the film (and maybe have retold the film at this point too, idk). The Boruto film had some good animation and will give you an idea of what it’s all about.

I’m very out of touch with the Dragon Ball community overall. The biggest reason being it’s still pretty unique in the west to only have read the manga and have no experience with the anime series at all. So I don’t know much of what people think except knowing that the arcs adapted into DBZ are the most popular ones. My guess why a lot of people might like the Piccolo arc is that if DBZ-fans go back and watch the original DB-anime, the Piccolo arc is where the series starts feeling like DBZ. So it makes sense they would like that arc and see it as the beginning of what Dragon Ball is to them. We can talk about the arc more in-depth when you’ve read it, as I don’t want to spoil anything. But I do like all arcs of Dragon Ball really.

I agree totally on the New Super Mario Bros games. I really liked the DS game as it felt fresh and unique when it came out. But then the series never evolved from that point really. I also enjoyed the co-op on the Wii version but that was pretty much it. The 3DS one is probably my least favourite of the Mario platformers I’ve played, but I agree that all of them are still at least decent.

That sounds pretty interesting with Mario Maker, didn’t know you could make those kinds of levels. Got me a little more interested but I will probably not pick it up with the limited time I have for gaming, at least not on release.

Yes, Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass are the two Zelda games for the DS that you control with the touch screen. I played Phantom Hourglass about a year ago I think. They are probably the most DS-games I’ve ever played on the DS. Like, it couldn’t be on any other console and feels so unique for the DS. I would say its gimmicky in the best way possible. You don’t really use any buttons at all and everything is controlled trough the touch screen and with the mic. Some people really dislike the controls of course but I think it works really smoothly and is really fun to play. Both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are lesser Zelda games but the controls are the best thing about them and what makes them worthwhile.

I have never heard of Anodyne but it does look interesting and definitely looks similar to Zelda. I love shorter games and I will definitely keep my eye on it when it’s released. I’m trying to go through my backlog a bit right now so trying not to buy too much at the moment.

Well, now we’ve got a Pokémon trailer and title. It seems to be actually what I though it would be, which is a bit disappointing. Wish they took a larger step from the 3DS games but from what I can tell they will be very similar. I’m still very hyped for it though and definitely a day 1-pickup for me.

I enjoy both Luigi’s Mansion games, even though I prefer the first one. Luigi’s Mansion 2 (which I found out now is called Dark Moon in the US, in Europe it’s just 2, weird change) wasn’t as effective, partly because it was so much longer and that it was divided into different levels. But the gameplay was still really solid and there were a lot of great comedic moments in the game. I think it will be interesting to see which way the third game takes.

Wow, that’s quite the commitment to J-stars haha. You do seem to have a bit of a weakness to anime fighting games. I remember I actually did complete one of the three (I think?) story modes of J-stars but I don’t remember what it was about. Never played Battle Stadium D.O.N. but I remember seeing it in the store a lot of times when I was young and I thought it looked cool but never picked it up. Have you played many other games based on manga or anime? I really liked the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games (only played the first two though) and I have played a few Dragon Ball games, both fighting games and others. I also have some fond memories of playing One Piece Grand Battle.
Fantalicious Feb 23, 11:49 PM
Yeah, Netflix is the big one that most people over here have and I like it. Netflix is a service I will probably always have, similarly to Spotify for music. I’m still watching Star Trek and all of those shows are on Netflix, and I recently started watching through Black Mirror. The other two big ones are HBO Nordic and Viaplay. HBO Nordic is ofc part of the American HBO-channel, but I’m not sure what kind of streaming service is available there. HBO Nordic have all the HBO-exclusives but also some other quality shows, that’s where I watched Twin Peaks for example. Overall, it has a pretty small library but most of it is good. I have a subscription but I’m not currently watching anything on there. Then there’s Viaplay which is a Nordic service. It doesn’t have many exclusives and a lot of the shows are on regular TV as well, so it’s not that exciting. But they usually get some of the bigger films pretty early. I log in and put stuff on my list every now and then, and when I have decent list, I usually subscribe for a month or two just to watch them and then cancel again.

At least living here, I could never get by with just streaming services. I still buy physical films and shows so I get most of what I want to watch that way. And I still watch stuff illegally, even if I would prefer not to. With anime, there’s only a few on Netflix and not much I’m interested in. And there’s very little Swedish releases of anime so most of it has to be imported, which makes it very expensive. So especially with anime, almost everything I watch is illegal.

I don’t know about your defence, in the first chapter of Naruto there’s a bunch of ninja saying that they will have to kill Naruto when they find him. One of which looks exactly like Chouji’s father. I think this is part of Kishimoto changing the back story somewhat. And seeing how good-natured a lot of the adult characters are, I still find it weird that none of them tried to approach him. Naruto is shown to have been friends with Shikamaru and Kiba and some of the others even during the academy days so I still think those parents probably should have been nicer to Naruto or try to stop his mistreatment. But that most of it comes from the non-ninjas is pretty interesting. We don’t really see much of those people but I suppose it would make sense that they wouldn’t know what was going on with Naruto and nine-tails and would be quicker to hate.

Nearing the end of Naruto now. Are you going to read Naruto Gaiden (the one volume sequel/Boruto prequel) and Boruto afterwards?

I’ve never been a big fan of Bleach, but I remember liking the early parts. The first arc is pretty fun with Ichigo just fighting random Hollows. And then the Soul Society is the one everyone talks about, and it did have some cool fights and fun characters. But after that it went downhill pretty fast. If I remember correctly, there’s one or two arcs after that that have some cool fights and are pretty ok but then most of it is a bit shit imo. I have never watched the anime or re-read the manga so I don’t remember many details.

I also have a Dragon Ball re-read planned, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. It is my most read manga by far, as it was the first manga I have read and I re-read it constantly when I was younger. I have all the volumes and many of them are very well-read. Would be fun to read it now with a little more critical mind and do some writing whilst I’m doing it. The Piccolo arc isn’t that special and it’s probably one of the weaker arcs of the manga, but it’s the first arc where the stakes feel very high. The Red Ribbon arc is really solid though and one of my favourites.

Glad to hear you’re excited for Mario Maker! I do like the side-scrolling Mario games but it’s not something I get an urge to play that often. I’ve played Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World and I feel that’s the peak of those games so if I ever want to play one, it’s usually one of those two. Maybe the original Super Mario Bros at some points to. I have played some of the New Super Mario Bros games too, but none of them have surpassed the old games. And I kinda think any player-created level of Mario Maker won’t surprass those games either, but who knows. And then the creating aspect doesn’t feel like anything I would enjoy either.

I am excited for Link’s awakening! I have not played the original game yet but I’m planning to. I want to play through all of them and I am slowly doing it, I actually started Spirit Tracks yesterday. Link’s Awakening has always sounded like a game I would really enjoy. I still want to play the original though before I get to any remake. But from what I’ve heard, it’s a game worth playing twice so if I enjoy it I will definitely buy the remake. I think I prefer the original GB art style but I still like the new one, it feels very different which I like. Nowadays, there are a lot of games that try to capture those old-school visuals so it’s a good way to make it stick out a bit.

There’s quite a lot of Switch games coming out 2019 now that I look forward to. There’s the new Pokémon game, the new Game Freak game Town, Dragon Quest XI, Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion 3. Not sure all of them actually come out during the year though. And then there’s Yoshi’s Crafted World coming out soon. Not sure I will buy that on release as I have a big backlog of games, but definitely picking it up at some point.

Good to hear there’s some good things about Jump Force. I looked up the characters and yeah, there’s a lot of DB, OP and Naruto. Some pretty weird choices to with Boa Hancock and Sabo. And I guess they wanted some villains but Kaguya seems like a weird choice for Naruto. And I totally get the satisfaction of playing as some of your favourite characters and just the idea of these different characters meeting can be pretty fun in itself. I do own J-stars Victory VS for the ps3 so I get the appeal. Did you ever play J-stars and if you did, which would you say is the better game?
Fantalicious Feb 20, 8:02 AM
Your streaming services really seem to be focusing on anime. I would love to have one of those, VRV sounds especially interesting. But of course it’s not available here, and Crunchyroll isn’t worth it outside of the US either.

666 Satan does have some similarities to Naruto. 666 Satan started a few years later and I remember that in one of the early volumes Seishi Kishimoto explains that he has been accused of copying Naruto (mainly the art) and that it’s not intentional. It’s just that they grew up together and have the same influences. That’s probably also true for the story and characters as well. The main character Jio has a demon inside of him and he had a tough upbringing because of it. There’s also a teacher-character that seems like a mix between Jiraiya and Kakashi. And later on there’s some focus on eye powers. It also gets worse after a time skip. Having said that, 666 Satan succeeds better in some ways. Jio’s back story makes a lot more sense and so does his motivation for his goal. I never really understood why everyone treated Naruto like shit when he grew up. His heritage, the role of the Jinchuriki and the overall goodness of all the adult characters we see later in the manga just doesn’t fit with the back story we are told in the fist couple of chapters imo.

However, the manga that 666 is closest to, at least in the beginning, is probably Dragon Ball. Jio partly grew up in the wild and is super strong and he teams up with a smart blue-haired girl. And the first arc does have the same feel as the first hunt for the Dragon Balls. Overall, it’s a pretty standard shounen with a pretty imaginative power system and some fun fights. I would say I like it about as much as Naruto, but it’s much shorter and easier to get trough.

Let’s get back to the gaming conversations we’ve had previously! With Mario Maker 2 coming out on the Switch I guess the Wii U is officially not a worthwhile console in retrospect now. Not anything I would probably enjoy, but it was the last big Wii U game most people wanted.

I also wonder if you have gotten Jump Force, since I remember you mentioning that game before it came out. I saw the first trailer and thought it looked awful, I really don’t like that visual style for an anime-type game. I also don’t have anything to play it on ofc, but I probably still wouldn’t have bothered. And now when it has come out I haven’t really heard much good either. But did you pick it up, and if so, what do you think?
Fantalicious Feb 15, 12:02 AM
Maybe saying I’m a fan of Winnie the Pooh was a bit much. It was mainly when I was a kid so it’s not like I’ve dived into and checked out as many things as possible. The only Pooh-film I watched as a kid was the 1977 one. But I also read a lot of the books, and for me, Pooh is primarily a literary franchise. The 1977 film has a narrator reading from a book too. I had never heard of Grand Adventure but I did google it now. It says it’s an all original story so I can’t really comment on anything there. I remember back when the Tigger Movie came out and I was interested in it but I felt “too old” to watch it, which in retrospect is pretty silly. The only other Pooh film I’ve seen is Winnie the Pooh from 2011 that I watched last year when I was watching through all of the Disney films. That one had a similar reaction that watching Christopher Robin had, but it was even better and more nostalgic as it was animated.

I like all of Bong’s films. Snowpiercer is probably his worst one but I still really like it. It’s a fun action film that has a very on the nose-political message. It could have been a whole lot more subtle. Okja and all of his other films usually have some political messages too, but he usually handles it better. Memories of Murder is his best film imo and one of my all time favourites, so if you are only going to check out one, I’d recommend that.

What streaming services do you use? I know they can be very different in different countries. I see a lot of Americans speak of Amazon, which is a terrible service in Sweden with almost nothing to watch.

Haha, I recognice a lot of what you’re saying about Naruto. Reading it weekly was really a struggle pretty much as soon as the Pain arc ended and I realised there was a lot left. I have only re-read the war arcs once, but it was definitely better reading it all at one go and when I knew what I was expecting, but that goes for pretty much everything in manga I guess. I mentioned previously I felt Naruto’s character arc was pretty much finished after he defeated Gaara. The Pain arc went back to his getting recognition from the village-goal and I did like that, it was nice getting to see all the villagers praise him after the battle. But after that, there really is nothing left for Naruto other than the getting Sasuke back-goal. And as you say, it doesn’t work.

I actually like the whole Pain arc, ending and all. I like the Jiraiya fight when he tries to figure everything out, and I like the flashbacks with the origin of Nagato and the gang. I don’t know, I don’t like most of the big super powers of Naruto but for some reason I do like Pain’s powers and the fact that he has multiple bodies with different abilities is just pretty cool. Part of it might be reading it weekly as everyone back then was pretty much trying to understand what was going on in the same way Jiraiya was.

When Nagato first wished everyone back, I was very against it. Kakashi and the others had been dead for a couple of weeks at that point so everyone had accepted it. And Kakashi was the only major one to die anyway, and I felt he had played out his role anyway. In retrospect I do actually like the resurrection though. A lot of people complain of the “Talk no jutsu” in Naruto overall, where characters can be swayed just by talking, but I think that’s actually a strong point. For the most part, I think it makes sense for the characters to actually listen and change after everything’s gone down. In a way, it’s actually a shame that all of them are always first defeated through fighting, I would have loved to see a major villain be defeated only through words. I think it fits with the anti-war message of the series. Kishimoto has been pretty open that was a message he was trying to get through, but he also just wanted to understand war. I read somewhere about his feelings towards WW2 as he was brought up in a country very influenced by the war without he himself being part of that war. That’s why Naruto’s generation has no experience with war but the older generations have, to mirror Kishimoto’s own experiences. Pain is basically just a nuclear bomb and I think it’s nice that Naruto tries to stop the circle of hate/war with talking. And the resurrection might be a bit cheesy but I think it’s a fitting reward. Kishimoto is trying to create hope and show both the readers and the characters in the world that Naruto’s way is the right way, so I think that works as a nice reward.

An interesting note about the art is that Kishimoto has a twin brother that is also a mangaka. They have very similar artstyles and they also evolve in pretty much exactly the same way. To me, they both became more boring with the art looking more like the generic anime-style. So it’s in no way bad, but it’s a bit bland imo. I do recommend checking out the other Kishimoto if you haven’t. His manga 666 Satan (or O-parts Hunter) is a pretty good battle shounen.
Fantalicious Feb 12, 1:17 PM
Making a list with 20 films was a bit too much, as I haven’t actually seen enough that actually deserve to be on a top list imo. Christopher Robin wasn’t anything special really, but there I didn’t see many better films either. And I did still really enjoy it. I am a big Winnie the Pooh-fan and the 1977 animated film is one of my most watched films from my youth. So watching Christopher Robin was a very nostalgic experience and that definitely made it into something special. And I do love all of the dialogue from Pooh and Eeyore and I wish the film was just more of them and less of any actual story.

An Elephant Sitting Still had a lot of stuff happening and I was actually really surprised when it ended because I though there was at least an hour left. So while it definitely was long (the longest film I’ve seen at the cinema) I didn’t think there was any difficulty with watching it in one sitting.

Okja definitely has some laughs in it but I wouldn’t watch it for a “fun time” really haha. But I definitely recommend the film. It’s made by Joon-ho Bong, one of my favourite filmmakers working today. He is really good at mixing genres and most of his films blend comedy with drama in a seamless and pretty unique way.

How much BoJack Horseman have you watched now? I remember we have talked about it earlier, back when I first started watching it. That is a series that have really gotten better and better imo. Season 3 and 4 had some of the best episodes I’ve seen from any show. I would say the show is probably amongst my all time favourites now.

Only 200 chapters of Naruto left now I see! Still, you have very much come to the end of the series, at least from the way I remember it. It’s interesting how the first 200 chapters feel like there’s a lot of stuff happening and even multiple arcs. And the final 200 chapters just feel like a drawn-out ending. The end is divided into different arcs but to me it really just feels like one big one. So, are you still enjoying the series overall or have that changed? Anything that have come close to or surpassed the Chunin Exam yet? Also, what do you think of the change in the fights and powers? I got really bored with most fights after everything basically became about different unique super powers. They could still be interesting from a technical perspective, but very rarely did they lead into anything that interesting. I do like the Pain fight and his powers, but that’s about it. The Sasuke vs Itachi fight I though was really boring for example.

Oh, and also. Do you have any opinions on the change in the art so far? I think the general consensus is that the art of Naruto got better and better, but I definitely prefer the earlier art style. It was rougher and just hade more style to it.
Fantalicious Feb 6, 9:56 AM
I love the idea of the Detective Pikachu film. I just imagine telling myself at the age of 7 that there’s going to be a live-action Pokémon film and that would just blow my mind. I never thought something like that was going to come out. If the trailer didn’t have famous actors in it, it would look just like one of the many fan made fake trailers that have come out during the years. I’m definitely going to watch the film at the cinema, even if I don’t actually have any expectations of it. And yeah, I would like to play the game before going to see it, even if I don’t think they will have many similarities except for there being a detective Pikachu in it. But it would still be fun to compare them. And it is interesting that it’s based on a spin-off game rather than any of the main games.

The Favourite was great! It’s a great drama/comedy with some amazing performances from all the actors. And it only used natural light throughout the film which makes for some great visuals. It did briefly end up on my top 5 but then I also attended a film festival last week where I saw a couple of other 2018-films. That included a Chinese drama called An Elephant Sitting Still, which I thought was absolutely amazing and definitely one of the best from the year. I have a top 20 list on Letterboxd if you’re interested to check out the current rankings. There’s no writing or anything on any of the films though. But here it is if you’re interested:

Roma did show at some selected cinemas yeah. To be able to be nominated for the Oscars, a film has to be shown for 2 weeks or so in Los Angeles. And it was on an indie cinema near me too. I think it’s mainly due to the quality of the film itself and the reputation of the filmmakers. But I watched it at home on Netflix. It is pretty rare that Netflix films get that kind of release though. Okja that came out 2017 (that I also really love) was shown at Cannes and that was famously booed when the Netflix-logo appeared.

In Naruto, Shikamaru essentially taking over for an arc is pretty good yeah. I did mention previously that I wanted other supporting characters get more stuff to do and basically I want them to have gotten what Shikamaru got. Making him the main character for a while was a great way to explore his full team for a while. And that’s where I think all of the teams should have gotten one of these moments in the story, that’s why I mentioned Rock Lee and Hinata specifically. You can’t really give an arc to all of the characters but I think one per team would be a good way to go.

Most of the Naruto films aren’t very good, but I haven’t seen all of them. The one with the Hinata romance-plot is “The Last Movie” and it’s the only one I would really recommend. It’s one of the few anime films based on a series that isn’t just completely filler but actually adds to the story.

Your reasoning with the Exam arcs is a bit like mine with the story modes of Super Smash I guess haha. The Chunin Exam being the best and most defining arc of the series does make it feel more important and memorable than the Hunter Exam I suppose because the Hunter Exam is surpassed more than once in HxH.

I see from your forum posts that you’re starting to dislike Sasuke a bit? While I never really liked him after the time skip, I agree that he still has some likeability left. But after his fight with Itachi, I really can’t stand him and I stil don’t even understand what Kishimoto was trying to do with his character.
Ranxomare Feb 3, 3:01 AM
Yes, there was 3 live action, of large duration but it´s better the manga.
About the song, I prefer the Original, seems more relax and personal, the Gutala seems more commercial, but the rhyth is cool too.
Naruto it´s a easy manga, shorts chapters, more fights and few dialogues. Another suggestions are Vagabond, great artbook but the open final, Pluto, nice developing and the last option my favourite Gantz, blood, fights, mystery and sexy girls! xD