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Odd Taxi
Odd Taxi
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The Naked King
The Naked King
Jun 8, 8:41 PM
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Shika no Ou: Yuna to Yakusoku no Tabi
Shika no Ou: Yuna to Yakusoku no Tabi
Jun 4, 6:14 AM
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One Punch-Man
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One Piece
Yesterday, 3:39 AM
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Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals
Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals
Jul 23, 1:54 PM
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Fantalicious 2 hours ago
Well, I might never actually get to play it, it’s not that high up on my list. But I’m not planning on buying anything for it. I have friends that own the Wii so I can probably borrow if I want to. Or who knows, maybe I will pick up the Switch game at some point. Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 are the only other Wii games I need to play.

There’s still a lot of fun games on the NES. I have only played a little bit of Mega Man, but I do remember enjoying that. Should probably go check them out properly at some point. But there’s a big leap to the SNES in quality and how well they hold up.

I’m not sure how fun Mario Party would be online. Obviously playing with friends online would be a lot better than playing with strangers, but not sure how close you can get to that old couch experience. I think I will still pass on the game alltogether and hope one of my friends buys it so I can try it out with them some day. That’s how it went with the previous one.

I agree with your thoughts on The Vertical World. I got a bit bored of the repetition of constantly introducing new layers in the mystery of the whole world. I prefered the beginning when it was more simple, which worked a lot better with the vertical storytelling. It kinda felt like it could continue forever and just go deeper and deeper, and I never really knew how long it would keep on going. Reading it was definitely an experience and I like your idea of it seeming almost animated. The actual story didn’t get me that much more than its initial premise. But yeah, definitely a great series simply for the way it was drawn! It will be hard to follow, since they can’t just to the same thing again. And the art won’t really stand out in a more traditional manga I suppose.

I did see some info on that one-shot, but kinda didn’t bother because I don’t know anything of the mangaka. I have heard of Chainsaw Man and I have a friend who keeps telling me to read it. But just the name and some of the panels I’ve seen from it doesn’t make me that interested. My friend who recommended it also has a tendency to mainly like pretty edgy and imo not very mature stuff. But I see you’ve rated it highly, so am I wrong? Do you recommend it? I did put the one-shot on my list so if I enjoy that then I might check out Chainsaw Man as well.

Speaking of that, I’ve really come to terms that I’ve outgrown a lot of manga. Most shounen bore me, and I really have a low tolerance of fanservice now, so there’s a lot of stuff I can’t read simply because of that. I’ve been trying to go through some of my plan to read-list on here, so I went through some of the first chapters of a bunch of shounen recently. One of those was Soul Eater that I’ve heard some good things about, but I could hardly get through a single volume, mainly for the fanservice.
Fantalicious Jul 28, 9:29 AM
Nice to hear that you enjoyed the Soul Society arc. Most of what I remember from the arc is meeting all of the new characters so I would agree that’s the best part of the arc. And I remember even less from what happened after that arc, and I think it might actually be best for you to just drop it where you are.

I don’t own either a Wii or Skyward Sword. We had a Wii in the family but one of my siblings have it now. And I really only played the Wii in its early days, so by the time Skyward Sword came out I was pretty bored of the console. I did really like Twilight Princess but I didn’t care for the motion controls so them going all out with Skyward Sword just wasn’t for me. I have played a bit of the game at a friends though, and that was enough for me not to play more of it lol. Still, I want to play it at some point properly. And that’s why I want to play the actual original game, even if I might not enjoy it. Zelda is very much a gameplay-heavy game so I don’t want to play another version of the game just to experience the story or setting.

Metroid Dread looks pretty cool. Metroid is a series I want to get into. I really like the look of the games but same as you, I don’t think they’re really my genre. The only game I’ve played in the series is actually the original NES game. It was difficult and a bit confusing, but it I played it with a map and it was pretty cool for being such an old game. The Super Mario Bros games are pretty much the only NES games that have actually aged well imo. I have the other Metroid games pretty high on my list so if I enjoy them then I probably will get to Dread at some point too.

I kinda want to have a Mario Party game, but I’m not sure if I will actually play it much. I have played Super Mario Party and that was pretty fun, but the new Superstars looks like it could be better. But playing video games with friends is just something I don’t do much anymore. I do have friends that still play video games, but it’s not as common. The life of an adult eh.
DsMasterBR Jul 2, 3:17 PM
I know, right? To be honest I was furious when it happened the first time. Sad and furious. But my "style" of play back then wouldn't have worked going forwards. My mons were underleveled because I wanted to roll with two of EACH type on my playthrough. It was stupid and took a lot of time.

Your assessment of Mario Kart 7 seems totally accurate to me. I personally thought it was kind of a mediocre game. It doesn't play quite as well as Mario Kart DS and doesn't look quite as good as Mario Kart 8. 150 cc was easy mode compared to the other Kart games I played too (maybe not XD).

I don't think there's a creator's mind I identify more with than Zero Escape's Kotaro Uchikoshi's. I loved every single idea he had for 999 and VLR. The story is all about theories, dilemmas, experiments and pseudoscientific stuff. It's super interesting. He is actually involved with two anime, Punch Line and Akanesasu Shoujo. I plan to watch those one day, even if they're not really in the same vein as the Zero Escape Series.
Fantalicious Jun 21, 12:20 PM
Glad to hear that you’re enjoying The Vertical World! It definitely needs more attention so I get your reasoning with wanting to leave comments. I often want to do the same but simply can’t be bothered because it takes time.

The fights of Bleach are pretty bad yeah. I can’t really remember any which is obviously bad since it’s the focus of the series. I think the Soul Society is so praised is because it’s a bit exciting and it introduces some interesting characters. But I agree with you that the character dynamic between Ichigo and Rukia is a strong point that is pretty much lost during that arc. I also think that the art gets worse as the series goes on, so there’s not much point on reading it really haha.

It was sad to hear about Miura. I don’t think Berserk would ever really have finished, as it was going pretty slow with lots of breaks. A lot of stuff has happened but there’s hasn’t actually been that many resolutions of what you’ve seen in the anime. One big thing was partly resolved pretty recently, so that stops it from feeling too much like just a cliffhanger I guess. But I still really recommend that you read it. Berserk has one of the best art of any manga, and it only gets better and better. And there’s lots of great stories and moments even if it doesn’t actually go anywhere. If you managed to watch the anime without feeling bad for it not having an ending, reading the manga won’t be a problem.

There’s still some Zelda games I haven’t played. The ones still on my wishlist are the Oracle games, Minish Cap, Link Between World and Skyward Sword. So same as you, I don’t have an opinion of Skyward Sword. I also didn’t buy it because of the motion controls and I have played a bit of it and it doesn’t really feel like something I would want to play a full game of. Still, I’m going to go through it some day, just for completionist sake. I’m probably going to play the original on the Wii and not the Switch version tho.

I never really bother with E3, other than the reactions I see online. But I don’t follow gaming news or people that are primary involved in games. So I’m missing a lot. But I do keep up with Nintendo so the only think I’ve watched is their Direct. Wasn’t really much to talk about there.

Metroid is a series I want to get into, and I actually played the original on the NES pretty recently. That’s the only game I’ve played properly and it’s not enough to make me excited for a new one.

Zelda looks good as well, but didn’t really reveal much. And I’d like to go in without knowing anything anyway.

What about you? Anything on the Nintendo Direct that you found interesting? Or anything from someone else?
DsMasterBR Jun 13, 12:30 PM
Uuuuu, favorite games... I do love Pokémon, I've played X (twice), Omega Ruby and Moon on the 3DS. And also Diamond, White and Soul Silver on the DSi. My favorite is Diamond, we've got the most history and it was my first. I lost a 30 hour + and an 80 hour + campaign due to crashes while saving which was pretty sad, but I managed to finish it once.

I'm a huge Zelda fan too, the 3D remakes of Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time are two of the most amazing games ever in my opinion. Animal Crossing is great, Luigi's Mansion is great, Kid Icarus too, awesome game. I've played the Marios too, I like 3D Land, but as for Party, NSMB and Kart I prefer the old DS versions, Mario Kart DS was just perfect imo hahhaha.

And fiiinally, I didn't play the 3DS version because it was cheaper on the Vita, but Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is one of my absolute favorite games, as well as its prequel 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors.

Man, I played DK Country Returns on the Wii. I find it almost unfairly hard sometimes lol. How's the 3DS version?
DsMasterBR May 26, 10:55 AM
You bet it is! I actually created this nickname for Pokemón GO way back when. I stopped playing it after a month, but DsMaster stayed with me. My 3DS was my main source of entertainment for the better part of three years before I got into anime. I played on it at home a lot and with my friends on every single school day.

This Rahxephon AMV was cool, I really liked the song. Wasn't aware an "AMV of the year" prize existed though, hahaha. On the topic of cool videos, this opening is what made me want to watch Xamdou at first. It is said to resemble a Ghibli film too, its director assisted Miyazaki on Spirited Away.

I'm looking forward to his movie Shika no Ou with Masashi Andou. It's adapting a novel by Seirei no Moribito's creator and I thought that was a great story. I did watch the movie Miyaji made before this one, Fuse, and it wasn't very good, so I hope he can bounce back.

I remember K.K's episode! I thought it was great too. That critical hit scene...

And "Don't Forget to Forget Me" was one of the standouts in season 1 for me, along with "A Game Between Two Worlds". I think that one is my favorite.
Fantalicious May 24, 10:09 AM
I see you’ve started The Vertical World now. What are your thoughts on it so far?

And Bleach as well, eh. Is it your first time reading it? I see you’ve watched and dropped the anime, but not how much of it you watched. I’ve never watched the anime but I think it follows the manga even if it doesn’t adapt all of it. I originally dropped Bleach around 2011 or so. But I went back a few years ago and re-read and “finished” it all. Never was a big fan but I did like the early parts. But it went downhill fast. I really had to skim past some sections just to be able to finish it. How you liking it so far? I looked up the arcs and I think you just got to the Soul Society arc. That’s the big fan favourite and I would say it’s the last actual good arc. But I would say you’ve read the best part of the series already.

I did buy Pokémon Snap on release btw. And surprise, it’s Pokémon Snap. It’s pretty much what i expected, with a lot of the same good and bad things as the original. The visuals are great though and it’s probably one of the most immersive Pokémon games all thanks to that. It’s still fun to see Pokémon in their original habitat. Nothing to blow my mind but it’s a relaxing and easy game, so I like it.
DsMasterBR May 17, 7:35 AM
Oh, don't sweat it. I actually very much agreed with what you wrote on the Short Peace forum section, so I decided to send a friend request. I didn't see your profile's bio because I was on my phone, my bad. Anyway, thanks. And I really like your favorites, most of them were 8's or higher on my own list at some point too :).

Man, I love Chain so much. Honestly one of the reasons I prefer season 2 of Kekkai Sensen over season 1 is because they put her in the spotlight a bit more. I honestly feel like I underrate Rie Matsumoto's season a little bit. I ended up not liking the last episode and it left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, but Kekkai Sensen as a whole was still so much fun, I have fond memories of it.

Kurapika has been a favorite of mine from the day I started watching Hunter X Hunter, he' just too interesting. I used to have Reki from Haibane Renmei there as well, I see you like her a lot too.

Your profile reminded me I should try out Wolf's Rain sooner rather than later. It's one of three Bones' shows that I haven't watched yet but think I would really like, along with Bounen no Xamdou and Rahxephon (maybe Ouran Host Club too actually).
Rsurect May 10, 7:34 AM
yo sorry for the late reply

ff7 was alright, thought the story was okay but a lot of it felt dragged out with the ton of padding they interjected into it, mostly liked it for its gameplay - what did you think of it?
E_Creator May 2, 1:58 PM
I like a lot of the Stone Ocean palettes, but I think a few of them could be touched up a bit. Some characters that come to mind are stands like Jumpin' Jack Flash or Marilyn Manson. Just something to give them a little more pop.

I just love the dynamic Pucci has with the protagonist,- especially Weather and Jolyne. This feels like the strongest personal connection in the series between hero and main villain since Jonathan and Dio Brando, so their fights and banter just hit a really nice spot for me. As such, I'm really looking forward to the final clash between Weather and Pucci, as well as the fight with C-Moon at Cape Canaveral.

I think the set piece that will really blow people away though is Made in Heaven, there's just so much potential there for animation and the emotional payoff at the end should hit even harder. I really think that should David Pro nail this, it would result in a reputation shift similar to Golden Wind where people appreciate it much more. I think each JoJo part excels in certain aspects and Stone Ocean is no exception. There's just so much to appreciate in this part and it deserves to be known way more than a pit stop before Steel Ball Run. Stone Ocean stands as my favorite part in JoJo because of Jolyne and her incredible growth throughout the series and the constant battle with Pucci throughout the narrative eventually culminating in a touching sendoff to the whole series.
qweaenr Apr 23, 8:50 AM
Yess!! I loved that episode! <3
And yeah that scene was amazing too!!!
Also when he wrecked his car after his dad died... T_T
Ahh I love his acting! <3 <3 <3

And lol right?!! Dean: I killed hitler
Other person: ... thank you?
Sam in the background *exasperatedly rolling his eyes*
E_Creator Apr 20, 3:42 PM
Same here, everything just complements each other. Are there any characters that you'd like to see a palette swap for?

Also, what arc/moment are you most looking forward to?
Fantalicious Apr 9, 1:36 AM
From what I remember from watching it, I thought Paranoia Agent might have been better if it was pretty much all main plot or all anthology series. I think the series being a bit unfocused is what throws some people off. But I agree with you and I saw the main plot as a starting point to explore different things, but never as the point of the series. Paranoia Agent is similar to Twin Peaks in many ways, and this is definitely one of them. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was an influence.

Mind Game is my recommended place to start with Yuasa, even if it’s not my favourite work of his. It definitely draws you in and makes you want to watch more. And whilst some of his other stuff is better, it has that unique Yuasa energy to the max. For your next anime watching month, I really recommend Tatami Galaxy followed by Night is Short, Walk on Girl. Those are my personal favourites of his.

Two of my ongoing manga finished this month. It’s fun to read manga weekly/monthly but they all go on for such a long time, that it’s difficult not to get bored over time. Now I’m under 30 ongoing, so that feels good.

Last week The Vertical World finished, and I’d recommend it. Never seen anyone talk about it, but it’s a Shounen Jump+ publication, meaning that it’s all available for free and only digital. If you have Shueisha’s Manga Plus app then it’s all there. It takes place in a world where everyone lives in a big tower, that appears to be never ending. And the main character wants to find out what’s at the bottom, and begins to descend. It starts out quite simple but explores some interesting sci-fi ideas, like AI and time travel.

What really makes the manga stand out is how it’s drawn and read. The art itself is very simplistic, many would probably call it bad, but I liked it. But then there are no pages, and instead you just scroll down on every chapter. Most of the story is just the characters falling or climbing downwards, and as you have to scroll down to read, it really feels like you reding is part of the storytelling. It’s all part of the Vertical World. I’ve never seen anything like it in manga before, and I love it when something really uses the medium in new and effective ways.

And then Attack on Titan finished. I began reading it sometime after the first season of the anime came out. It was so hyped that I obviously had to check it out. I started out with the manga but I also did watch some episodes of the anime, but never really got it. First thing, the art is terrible. And I just defended The Vertical World and you know I love Mob Psycho 100 and Hunter x Hunter, so I’m usually on the other side when it comes to this. But Attack on Titan just looks awful. It has this really unappealing look and I keep mixing up characters. It does get better as it goes on though. And some would argue that the ugly art fits because the story is ugly, and yeah okay, great, if I loved everything else then maybe I would say the same.

I liked the early part of the series, which had a pretty great tone. I like the threat of the unknown and the titans themselves can be creepy. And it moved at a rapid pace which really fit what it was going for. So I definitely agree that the first part of the series was the best. But it did keep up the momentum for a while, and I remember really enjoying the Female Titan and the Clash of the Titans arcs as well (I’m having to look up the names of all of the arcs now, and those names sound really silly haha).

But after a while, the manga switched focus. Instead of being mysterious and action-packed, it started to explain things, and it really slowed down with lots of dialogue. Manga can of course be dialogue-heavy (look at Hunter x Hunter again), but it has to be interesting. And whilst there were moments of interesting ideas in Attack on Titan, I felt that the writing never really delivered. The titans were interesting as this unknown, unstoppable force, but the more they were explained, the worse they became. This is all very subjective of course, some people love all of the explanations of the manga and think it’s the best part.

I compare it a bit with another manga, Claymore. I see you haven’t read or watched it, but it had quite some similarities with Attack on Titan. It also had a mysterious and unstoppable foe, which it later started to explain. The difference being that it really only started to explain it at the end, and by the time you understood everything, the manga ended. Because the purpose was never about finding out the truth, the mystery was just there to build the story around it. Claymore could have continued for just as long, but it didn’t. Attack on Titan instead just kept on, and I felt that solving the mystery was what the story was about, instead of the characters or the actual plot. And I think a lot of people liked that, because they like to do their theories. But for me, Attack on Titan was more about the tone in the early parts, and never about explaining the world.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard anything about it, but there’s also some problematic uses of theme and coding in the series. I don’t think it was fully intended as something negative, but from what I know, Isayama is a nationalist and there is a bit of fetishising the military. Basically, Isayama uses a lot of historic imagery which codes the titans as jews. And it obviously doesn’t help that the series uses a lot of germanic culture and names. I’m not knowledgeable enough about the subject to say if it’s delibritely antisemitic or not, but it’s worthwile to think about.

So in summary, Attack on Titan is a 4 because it had an interesting premise but awful art, too dialogue-heavy and it had bad and unnecessary explanations for things that didn’t need to be explained.
E_Creator Apr 4, 12:06 PM
qweaenr Apr 3, 10:42 AM
Yeah I can understand that!! ^^
I really liked the alternative realities too, but more like the ones Gabriel created that one time or the one like our world and the titanic XD where Balthazar sends them, not like the Apocalypse one.

Yeah Dean is my favorite character!! There are so many phenomenal scenes with him that amazed me. Like I remember one time he talked in front of his dad’s grave (2x20) and saying “why do we have to sacrifice everything?” That made me cry T_T
Or another in 3x10 when he was talking to another version of himself.
Also some of his dialogues with Sam and Castiel are amazing!! Or like when he talked to God in 11x21 or when he said in 10x16 “I believe there is a God. But I’m not sure he still believes in us”
(Okay I’m rambling a bit here, but oh well)
And yeah lol they were evil just because but I still found them interesting and I really liked Ketch.
And yeah! We were getting some development but right then he dies :(

Yess!! I agree. Those were always my favorites!! Like 2x7, 2x19, 3x12!!
Also lol yeah wtf Dean??

Me too. It’s a bit repetitive but I really love how they always come back to each other. Like they hurt and try to protect each other at the same time. They go to such lengths for each other and usually end up making some dumb decisions and getting other people killed but still... dunno it never gets boring for me.
And yeah I agree with the Castiel thing.
I liked Metatron but he wasn’t a good character at all. He didn’t do anything in particular, except being a jerk, killing Dean, talking to God and sacrificing himself (like why?).
Lol the one with all the different monsters in Chicago? It was completely useless XD
And lol yeah that was so funny!!
But I really liked the Mark of Cain thing!! I loved the Crowley Dean combo. And I loved demon Dean!!! Also the whole thing with the Stynes. And Death!! I loved the older Death!! <3
Also 10x5 Fan fiction was so funny! XD And 10x12 when he becomes younger and the whole Hansel and Gretel thing.

P.S. Also isn’t s12 where that kill Hitler??!!! Lol reason enough to like the whole season! XDD