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AnimeFanTalk Sep 14, 6:01 PM
I don't have a ranking for the JoJo villains but I absolutely love Kira. I hate Hayato, lol. Creepy mf was watching his mom and dad.
AnimeFanTalk Sep 9, 9:44 PM
When I say energy I mean't like, you're not the only one who thinks this way. At some point I will need to make an essay length response explaining why the prison setting is fine. I've re-read Part 6 the most and the world-building/setting is huge but not to comprehensible for the manga. This is one of the things I hope the anime can prove.

As for Pucci, I understand and agree with your criticism. Personally, I find his his philosophy and motivation to be deep but not that deep and it's not even complex. Jolyne and Jotaro were stopping Pucci mainly because they have to, they know that what Pucci wants isn't good for the sake of humanity. I love how Araki never downplays the intelligence of the reader but in this particularly case I would've love to have explore Jolnye and Jotaro's perspective to Pucci's goal instead of the "It's just wrong" belief.

Funny Valentine, to me, is what Father Pucci could've/would've been.
AnimeFanTalk Sep 8, 11:35 AM
It's the prison setting you mentioned. I feel obligated to write an essay length as to why the setting is nearly perfect but I just don't have the energy. It's also a common criticism I see for Part 6 but I feel like when we get the anime a lot more people might retract their thoughts for the setting.
AnimeFanTalk Sep 7, 5:50 PM
I really enjoyed reading your review/comment on JoJo Part 6 Chapter 158. Although I disagree in some areas it was a lovely read! Have any of your opinions changed on Part 6?
Fantalicious Aug 30, 12:14 AM
Things didn’t really go as planned for me so still haven’t started that re-read of Dragon Ball. But I still will, sometime…

I really enjoy One Punch Man, but I don’t think it’s on par with Mob Psycho. One Punch Man is often a bit of a one joke-story, and it does get a bit old after a while. But there are still some great moments every now and then that makes it stand out storywise. King is probably my favourite character of the series and all of his good parts come after what’s adapted in the first season of the anime. Metal Bat also has some really cool moments. But the big thing you miss out on if you don’t continue the story is the villain Garou, which is a big fan favourite by many. Some people don’t like him because his story is a lot more serious than comedy, and he also takes over almost becoming a main character. So, you’re pretty right in that there’s not much more for Saitama to do, and he doesn’t really do anything new. Instead, most of the focus is on other characters.

But I wouldn’t recommend continuing with the anime. The best part of One Punch Man is the visuals, which isn’t only true for the first anime season but also the manga. The manga’s art is among the best I’ve ever seen. Season 2 of the anime looks fine, but it’s such a big downgrade from the manga art that it feels completely unnecessary. So if you decide to continue the series (which I think you should), go with the manga.

I have not seen Death Parade but I do have it on my watchlist. Didn’t know it was the same director as Mob so knowing that makes me more interested in watching it.

Have you started playing Final Fantasy 7? Asking because of your new profile picture.
Fantalicious Jul 11, 5:30 AM
Calling it editorial input is a bit of a simplification though. Torishima was not Toriyama’s editor at the time, which is why the change of villains feel pretty jarring and sudden. So Torishima’s input came after the chapters were released. If it was the actual editor making these changes, the villains would probably have changed even before they were introduced. I’m not sure how they do it in the English translation, but I’ve always been bothered by Trunks changing the names of the future androids from 19 and 20 to 17 and 18. I think there could have been a better way to do it even with all the changes.

That said, I do also like the actual introductions of most of these characters. The Cell reveal is still great, with the time machine, the egg, and the city of empty clothes. And I love the initial design of Cell.

The Cell arc seem to be where we differ the most. I'll save some thoughts on that until I've re-read it.

Mob Psycho 100 is one of my favourite manga and anime. I think that it pretty much just gets better and better all throughout. And it probably is an instance where I like the anime more. The anime’s changing of the order of some things and their inclusion of the extra chapters within the main story definitely makes it a bit tighter. That’s a big advantage that you have doing an adaption, and something that more anime should do. The other big reason I might like the anime more is the art and animation. ONE’s art is really underrated and I do like it, but the anime definitely improved on the visuals. As I enjoy manga more as a medium, it isn’t enough for an anime to simply add colour and a bit of movement, which I think is the case with a lot of anime. Mob Psycho goes a few steps beyond that. The simplicity of ONE’s art makes it very easy to animate well with lots of movements and they’ve definitely taken advantage of that. So, with a bit tighter storytelling and with better visuals I do think that the anime is better.
Fantalicious Jul 4, 2:15 AM
Yeah, Dominion Battles aren't enough to buy the game if you didn’t finish the first one. But it does add some variety which I think was really needed. And I think you pretty much have to finish the first game if you don’t want to be lost in the second one, with many characters and plot points relating to each other.

I probably have to clarify that I like all arcs of Dragon Ball. Obviously I like some more than others but there’s more to enjoy than dislike in every arc for me. But I don’t think Toriyama alluded to the villains of the Cell arc every time they changed. There’s no hint of Cell, or 17 and 18 even, when the arc begins. For me, it always just felt like he changed his mind constantly before the arc could really take off. Personally, I think 16, 17 and 18 are the most interesting ones and I would love to have seen more of them. Cell has a cool introduction and I like his first form, but after that, I don’t really care for him that much.

I do plan on watching the anime at some point. There’s a lot of moments that I think could be improved if they were more fleshed out, and I’m hoping the anime does it at least sometimes. I have only watched most of the films and the GT-series so I really don’t know much of either the Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z-series.

I also have some memories of 16’s death though. As I might have said, I started reading Dragon Ball when I was very young. The manga was released by volume in the early 2000’s in Sweden. I was first introduced to it because I had two friends who brought some volumes to school and then I started to pick them up myself. But they were usually a bit ahead of me, and none of us fully bothered to read it in order anyway. Sometimes it was cooler to pick up the newest volume rather than where you currently were I suppose. So one time at school my friends brought the newest volume with them, which was the final fight with Cell. At this time, I had read the very beginning of the Cell arc, so I knew who Trunks was, but not much else and I don’t know if I had been introduced to 16, 17 and 18. I didn’t read the full volume at that point, but my friends showed me the coolest scene, Gohan transforming. And I saw that what triggered the transformation was 16’s death. At that point I assumed there was some history there between 16 and Gohan, or at least that 16 had done something good that would trigger such a strong reaction from Gohan. So as I was reading the arc properly I always expected that moment to come, and it never did. So his character and death has always been a bit of a disappointment for me.

I agree on your opinions on the fight with Super Buu. That version of Buu is definitely the most boring and the actual fights aren't that good either. I also really dislike the way Gohan is built up and trained, only for him to lose in quite a short time. I like your take on the Buu arc, hadn’t really thought about that before. But it does make sense.

Just out of curiosity, could you rank all of the Dragon Ball arcs? Keep in mind that I haven't read it in quite some time now, but right now I would put them in this order, from worst to best:
10. Buu arc
9. Piccolo arc
8. Cell arc
7. 23rd tenkaichi budokai
6. 21st tenkaichi budokai
5. Search for the Dragon Balls
4. 22nd tenkaichi budokai
3. Namek arc
2. Red Ribbon Army arc
1. Saiyan arc

But as I said, I do like all of the arcs. And the order might change when I re-read the manga.
Fantalicious Jul 2, 12:16 PM
From what I’ve seen from the Warriors games, it hasn’t really catched my interested much. And that’s mainly because it looks very repetitive as you say. But it’s always fun to play games based on manga/anime so Pirate Warriors might be a game I check out sometime.

So far, Hacker’s Memory is very similar to the original Cyber Sleuth game. The story is set simultaneously as the first game. Pretty much all characters reappear and so does the eaters. But there is a new story with the new main character and the original’s story is mainly used as a backdrop I think. Gameplay-wise and locations are also pretty much the same. There is a new game mode called Dominion Battles which is a great new addition, but other than that, it really feels like an extension of the first game. So my biggest criticism of the game is definitely that it feels far to similar. But as I really enjoyed the first game, it’s fun to get more of the same.

Yeah, I know the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga are different at times. And I’ve seen some discussions of which version is “canon”. It’s a similar situation as the Boruto manga and anime I guess. Luckily, I don’t care for canon anyway.

Fun to see that you still enjoy the Cell arc that much. Personally, it’s probably in my bottom three arcs. But I also like all of the things you mention. One of my biggest problem with the arc is the wasted potential and that it could have been so much better than it was. The beginning of the arc is so unfocused with the main villains constantly changing. And for the most part, the androids are not used much at all. 16, 17 and 18 are really interesting characters but that doesn’t really amount to anything. 16’s death is the reason Gohan transforms but it doesn’t really feel earned imo because 16 wasn’t properly developed or explained in the series. The arc has some great highpoints though, and I can definitely see why it is as liked as it is.

The Buu arc is also very uneven. It’s a lot more fun, which I like. And I like Buu (all versions of him) more than Cell. But the characters are not as well-used at all. And I don’t really like Goten and Trunks or the fusion which are big parts of the arc.

Have you watched MistareFusion’s Dragon Ball Dissection on youtube? If not, I highly recommend it. He goes through all of the series and analyses it in a way that few Dragon Ball-fans do. He stands out quite a lot in the Dragon Ball fandom, and he was the first one that I’ve ever encountered online that has opinions very similar to my own. He also brings up a lot of trivia, so it’s not just his opinions being presented. It’s a long running series of videos, and he still hasn't finished all of the manga, but he’s on the Buu arc now so it’s getting there.
Fantalicious Jun 22, 2:38 AM
From what I’ve heard about the remake, I do also recommend you play the original FF7 first.

I have no experience with any Persona game. They do seem interesting so it is possibly something I would check out at some point but I really know nothing about them. Is Pirate Warriors 4 good? I haven't played any of those either. Anything to recommend?

I have a long summer holiday now so I’m hoping to get to play some games. I recently started Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker’s Memory (puh, that title…). I played the first Cyber Sleuth game last year and enjoyed it quite a bit.

I started watching Dragon Ball Super but only ever watched the first arc. And that was because I forced myself to at least watch that much. I wouldn’t say I love Battle of Gods but I do like it, and seeing a worse version of that really didn’t make me interested in watching any more of the series. I think the idea of watching a worse version of Resurrection of F was to much for me. But as you say, it might actually be easier to watch the second arc when you don’t care for the source material as much. But fun to see that you enjoy the series more after those first two arcs. I do want to retry the series another time, possibly reading the manga as well. From what I’ve heard, the manga continues on even after the anime finished.

Cool to see you’ve caught up with One Piece! The New World seem to be dividing a lot of fans. Personally, I think it really went downhill right after the time-skip, primarily with the Fishman Island arc. Then it’s been slowly improving again. There’s always aspects of every arc that I like, but not always the arcs as wholes. So far, Wano is the first arc in a long time that I like pretty much everything about it. We seem to think quite alike on that.

And you're getting near the end of Dragon Ball I see. I'm hoping to start my re-read of the manga this summer as well. Have you changed your mind on the Cell arc yet?
Fantalicious May 4, 9:40 AM
Cool that you’ve watched all the Kon films now! Paprika is definitely the one I like the least out of his films, but it has actually grown on me over time and I did enjoy it a lot more on a second viewing. Only Paranoia Agent left then. Maybe that will be one for you next March.

The Paprika soundtrack is also based on another Hirasawa album, Blue Limbo. It is a bit weird, yeah. There are still original songs on the soundtracks though, even if most songs are based on previous ones. The Berserk soundtrack is fully original so he didn’t always work this way.

What else is new with you? Any new games or something? The new big release now seem to be the Final Fantasy 7 remake, have you played it? I’ve seen some different takes on the game, but most of what I’ve heard it doesn’t really make it seem like I would enjoy it as much as the original.
Fantalicious Mar 31, 11:31 AM
Fun to see you enjoyed Millennium Actress too! Not sure how much you know about Japanese films of the 1900’s, but the film is filled with references. My favourite era of films is the golden age of Japanese cinema, the 1950’s, so that’s part of the reason I love Millennium Actress so much. I also see you’ve seen Perfect Blue now but haven’t rated it yet. What are your thoughts of it?

Susumu Hirasawa did the complete soundtrack to Berserk. I haven’t watched Berserk myself but I do love that soundtrack. If you’re interested to listen to some of his music, the best stuff isn’t his soundtracks in my opinion. Technique of Relief and Philosopher’s Propeller are my favourites. The Millennium Actress soundtrack is mainly different versions and remixes of the latter one.

I’m not the biggest fan of Stardust Crusaders so I can’t say I remember that many fights in detail. But I thought it fit pretty well as a short OVA with just the last part. The D’arby-fight was great in the OVA at least and I liked the animation throughout, especially in the fight against Dio. The 2000 OVA was a lot worse though, didn’t really care for that one at all. I still haven’t watched much of the David Production anime, but so far Phantom Blood is better than its manga counterpart.
Fantalicious Mar 28, 12:27 AM
I still think most non-Saiyan characters are pretty useless in the Cell arc. As you mention, there are certainly small moments where they get something to do, but I was more speaking of in the long run of the whole arc. I think it might also have to do with the way you’ve experienced the arc. I grew up reading the manga by volume (there was a volume release every other month) which means individual chapters or moments often felt very brief. So whilst Piccolo is the most powerful character for a while, it lasts for such a short amount of time. But he was one of my favourite characters growing up so I also really enjoy his fight with both Cell and 17. Overall, there’s a lot of great stuff in the Cell arc, and I do enjoy it. But as a whole I think it fails a lot on a structural level, and that’s partly for it being unable to use its last cast of characters in a good way.

I see you’ve seen Lu Over the Wall. You rated it the same as Ride Your Wave. Did you enjoy one more than the other? Personally, I rate Lu Over the Wall highly mainly because of the animation, music and energy of it. A lot of Yuasa’s works feels a bit like going to a party and I think Lu fits that pretty well. If you want something weirder without going with a series, I’ll suggest Mind Game.

Satoshi Kon is my favourite anime director and one of my all time favourite filmmakers. Most of his anime works are pretty similar in quality I think. Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers are all excellent, and my ranking of them changes frequently. Tokyo Godfathers might be his most traditional film but it’s still very much his style. With Kon, I recommend you watch everything he’s done, as it’s only three more films and a series. Millennium Actress is probably the one that’s most similar to Tokyo Godfathers in tone. It also has music made by Susumu Hirasawa which I’m a big fan of. Paprika and Paranoia Agent are also great but they are a bit more uneven mainly in the writing. Paranoia Agent is partly a continuous story and partly an anthology series, which means there’s a but up and down. But I love both of these as well. And then there’s Perfect Blue which can be a very difficult watch but if you’re into thrillers than there are few that are better.

Kon also directed some episode of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA which I see you’ve started watching. I watched it pretty recently too, as I decided to watch the Jojo anime in release order.

I’m really enjoying Animal Crossing! It might be my favourite of the ones I’ve played (Wild World and New Leaf). There’s a sense of progression that makes the world feel a little more alive and exciting. Interestingly, some parallels can be drawn to Breath of the Wild. You start out on a smaller island and can only build your plots on that one. Later, you get the vault pole so you can cross the water yourself, but the plots are still limited to the small island. You have to build a bridge before you can place plots across the water. Similarly, the upper levels are restricted until you obtain the ladder. And your items break so that’s another similar thing to Breath of the Wild. You also earn points by doing things, which changes every day. “Talk to 3 villagers - get 200 points” - that sorta thing. The points can be used to buy items, or more importantly, trips to other islands where you can find materials, creatures and other villagers. And starting out with a deserted island with no buildings and slowly making it into a village is great fun.

I hope you’re doing fine with everything that’s going on right now.
Fantalicious Mar 8, 3:23 AM
I think most criticism on the usage of characters during the later half is that only the saiyan characters get anything to do. That’s pretty much the Cell arc and Buu arc. But I agree that many of the characters are never really used well. The Red Ribbon arc is almost all Goku, but it makes sense within the story as he’s the only one pursuing the Dragon Balls at that time. In the later arcs, the story involves all characters but most just stand around doing nothing.

Yuasa’s best work is still his series rather than films. Night Is Short, Walk on Girl is my favourite film of his. It’s a spiritual sequel to Tatami Galaxy, which I think is his best work overall, so I would recommend watching that one first. The film is really wacky both in plot and animation, which definitely is not for everyone. But I absolutely loved it. Lu Over the Wall is more traditional (Yuasa’s most traditional before Ride Your Wave) and is probably a great start. It has some weirdness in it but not enough to put someone off. It’s just a fun time with great animation and music.

Maybe you’ve already read about it, but the big thing the Direct showed was that you can change the landscape. Build roads, change where villagers live, re-direct the river, make your own hills and ramps etc. This really opens up the possibilities of customising the town which I think will add quite a lot of game time. Oh, and you also create your own character yourself rather than it getting chosen by answering questions. So all good things. As long as it doesn’t remove features from older games, it could be the best one. It’s a game that will fit perfectly in my life right now. I don’t have much time to play games, but AC is meant to be played short sessions anyway. And I do need some of that chill and relaxing energy.
Fantalicious Feb 21, 6:38 AM
General Blue’s part in the Red Ribbon arc is definitely one of the best things in it. He’s another instance where I think Toriyama manages to pull off something that easily could have become offensive. He’s probably gay and he’s both evil and treated as a joke. But he’s not evil or a joke because of his gayness, which is why it works. Instead, the joke is that Bulma’s seduction doesn’t work, making the joke on her. I’ve heard that the anime makes Blue into a pedophile which is more in tune with how most gay characters were written during the era. The Dr. Slump crossover is also great, especially after having read that manga.

The 22nd tenkaichi budokai is my favourite of the tournaments. I think it fits into this perfect middle ground of the comedy/adventure of early Dragon Ball to the more martial arts/action style of later Dragon Ball. There’s a lot of great fights there, with Goku, Kuririn and Tienshinhan.

My favourite run of chapters of Dragon Ball overall is from Goku getting killed to the Ginyu Force arriving. So most of the Saiyan arc and the first half of the Namek arc. In the Saiyan arc, Goku’s training is great and I love the relationship between Gohan and Piccolo. I’ve heard the anime fleshes out both those things so it will be interesting to see whenever I watch that. And then there’s the fight against Nappa and Vegeta, which is one of my all time favourites in all of manga. Especially the portion against Vegeta I think is second only to the best fights of Hunter x Hunter. The Namek arc has a great beginning with them finding out about the planet and the spaceship. And it’s fun to get Gohan, Kuririn and Bulma as a trio even if Bulma ultimately doesn’t do anything when they get there. And Vegeta during the Namek arc is probably my favourite character in the series and everything really becomes so much better simply by having it be a three-way struggle as you mentioned, instead of just heroes and villains. The Ginyu Force kinda ruin the flow of the arc, and it also makes Goku’s part in the arc pretty bad, with him having to show up twice to save the others, instead of just once. The actual fight between Goku and Frieza is great though.

Cool to hear you got to see Ride Your Wave on the big screen. I just watched it online. I’ve mentioned before Yuasa is one of my favourite anime directors and Ride Your Wave was a great film. But it’s the film I like the least out of his, and the most conventional when it comes to plot. And as great as the visuals were, there were many things that felt too reminiscent of Lu Over the Wall, like the cubic water. The film also didn’t leave me with much of an impression, and I can’t actually remember too much even if I watched it pretty recently. I sound negative but I definitely enjoyed watching it a lot, but primarily from a visual and film making technique side, rather than plot or characters.

I also haven't played Luigi’s Mansion 3 yet, even if I still want to. I think I’m waiting for Animal Crossing being my next Switch game, because I’m really excited for that one. The recent Direct had some great new features to show.
Fantalicious Feb 15, 11:37 PM
Still haven’t played the new characters. I did play Smash at a friend’s recently but he doesn’t have the DLC characters so I couldn’t try them out.

I’ve seen the same three Rian Johnson films plus Brick. Brick is probably my second favourite of his so you should check it out if you can. And I agree with all your points about Knives Out. It was definitely one of my favourite films of 2019, and it turned out to be a great year for film.

I agree on the side characters in Weathering with You. In that way, it felt like the most conventional film made by Shinkai. But whilst it might be the best Shinkai film in the regard, as previously said, that’s not really what brings me to him. But it seems we agree on most aspects on the film, only that it affected us differently.

You’ve gotten pretty far into Dragon Ball now. It’s a quick read with short chapters but I hope it’s also because you like it. I remember that we’ve talked about how you had no previous experience with the Red Ribbon arc and the Piccolo arc? So anything that surprised you there or some other thoughts to share? I know you write in the chapter discussions threads so I guess you’ve already written something there, which I will definitely read when I get to my re-read.

Anything else new you’ve played or watched? I’m currently playing the first Witcher game. It has really unique controls which are sometimes fun but often frustrating. The story, setting and characters are also too dirty and edgy for my liking. But it’s definitely interesting and I can see why people would like it. I’m still not sure if I will finish it, and as of right now, it doesn’t make me want to play any of the other games in the series.