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curvedtree Aug 25, 7:18 PM
consider reading Gokurakugai Sanban-doori no Ken (the one-shot) it has Get Backers vibes to it.
Fantalicious Aug 21, 9:18 AM
Yeah, I noticed that about Mononoke too. If it’s new material I will watch it but I also got the impression it was just going to be recaps.

I’m also not a fan of Chainsaw Man continuing in the same entry. I had to change my status from completed to dropped now. I don’t really understand when they split series and when they keep it as one. The only other time I’ve been bothered by this is the Pokémon Adventures manga, which I’ve read the first parts of. It’s divided similar to Jojo’s with a new story and characters every arc so it’s a bit annoying that I have to keep it in my dropped section. If I understand correctly, then MAL already breaks this rule with the Jojo manga, at least with the first couple of parts.

There are some reveals in One Piece that have been pretty cool. And it’s certainly is interesting that Oda is able to make references to something from many years past. I like how Oda is pretty consistent with his character designs and seemingly introduces major characters long before their bigger reveals. I love how Rayleigh is introduced early on in the flashback with Shanks and Buggy. And that Marco is just some guy sitting on the Whitebeard’s ship when Shanks visits. In other manga, those characters would have been implied to have appeared earlier, but in One Piece they actually are, so that’s cool. Compare that to Naruto for example when his other classmates are introduced in the chunin exam, and we saw nothing of them in the first arc, even if they probably where there, just slightly outside of every panel.

I don’t remember the Brook and Laboon reveal having much of an impact on me. It was neat.

Speaking of that, I’ve finished the 23rd tournament arc in Dragon Ball now. The whole Chi-Chi marriage plot made me think of Oda’s writing. The promise of marriage comes so early on and I really don’t think Toriyama planned that out at all. He probably wanted Goku to have a child and realised he needed a woman for that to happen, and so he probably just went looking for options. He must have been ecstatic when he realised Chi-Chi existed and that the marriage seed was already planted. That’s kinda how I imagine many of the reveals in One Piece happens as well, but much more frequent. And probably half of them have been actually thought out from the start. Still, thought it was a fun comparison.

Fun that Folklore is what got you into Taylor Swift as well. She’s always been a famous name for me but I never had any music connected to her. The only song I remember hearing previously is Never Ever Getting Back Together, which didn’t make me interested for more. But I’ve grown to appreciate pop music a lot more in recent years so that was a big reason I decided to check her out when Folklore got so hyped.

Album-wise, I still don’t care for her earliest ones. But I think both Red and 1989 are pretty great, if a bit uneven. I didn’t like Reputation. Lover was really really uneven, with some songs I love (Death By a Thousand Cuts, Cornelia Street, Cruel Summer) and some songs I hate (You Need to Calm Down and ME!). And then Folklore and Evermore are pretty much equal for me, but I prefer Folklore as a whole consistent album.

I can give you a top 5 songs just on the top of my head, but it probably changes from time to time.
5. Long Story Short
4. August
3. Willow
2. Style
1. All Too Well (the long version)

More pop-oriented than your favourites I think. I feel that’s probably where her strength lies. And yeah, only one from Folklore even if that’s her best album but I tend to listen differently to full albums and individual songs.

However, I wouldn’t call Taylor Swift close to being amongst my favourites. I listen to a lot of music and I enjoy a lot of music. I have a hard time to narrow it down whenever someone asks me what I actually listen to. My big three genres would be pop, rock and folk. But then there’s hundreds of sub-genres within that. And I enjoy a lot of music outside of those genres as well. I kinda identify myself as a punk rocker. That used to be my primary genre and I’m drawn to a lot of music that has a “punk attitude”, more so than the actual music genre.

One of my favourites though certainly is Kate Bush. My favourite way to listen to music is by albums and The Dreaming is my all time favourite album. So yeah, fun that you got into her as well. I’ve been listening to her for a long time, at least since before 2011 cause I remember when she released the albums from that year. It’s great that she’s getting a resurgence now and I hope more people check out more of her music and not just the one song. I have watched the first three seasons of Stranger Things and each season was worse than the previous one so not really rushing for the new one. Haven’t seen the scene with the song either so I don’t know how it’s used.

Most of Kate Bush’s discography is amazing. The first album is what got me into her and I played that one a lot of when I was younger, probably because it’s the most fun and jumpy out of them. Nowadays I mainly listen to her 80’s albums, with The Dreaming, Hounds of Love and The Sensual World being my favourites. The Dreaming especially is where I think Bush is most interesting vocally. The whole album finishing off with her doing donkey noises is just the greatest thing ever. That would be an example of the punk attitude I mentioned before, just an artist doing whatever they want to.

Patti Smith is another one of my favourites, Horses being my third favourite album. All of her first four albums are really great. Maybe not that interesting of a discography as most of it is very similar, but that also means all of it is good. So cool that you mentioned two mutual favourites straight away.

I don’t really know much of the other artists you mentioned. I know a few songs by Prince and I like those but haven't dived into him for real, but I will at some point. I’ve listened to the first album by The 1975 which I didn’t like and don’t remember anything from. I did like their “Me & You Together Song” though. And I have enjoyed the two new singles so I am going to check out the album when it comes out.

Reading through your favourites I was kinda expecting Bon Iver to pop up. Since you mentioned Exile and Renegade as some of your favourite Swift songs. And The 1975’s Part of the Band sounds very reminiscent of Bon Iver as well imo. Do you listen to them? I wouldn’t call them my favourites either but I like them, especially the 22, A Million album. If you haven’t listened to them and want to understand why I say they sound similar, then you should probably start with the i,i album.

I could ramble on forever about all the stuff I listen to. Since I mentioned some of my favourite albums, I should probably mention The Cure. Disintegration is my second favourite album of all time, so now you know my top 3 which would be a pretty good estimate of my taste.

Some of my older favourites are Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. All of them have fun discographies with lots of albums and lots of different styles and with varying quality.

And then some more recent favourites of the 2020’s:

Sufjan Stevens: probably in my top 5 overall, also has a really interesting discography to go through, with him constantly going between acoustic, chamber pop, electronic and christmas music. Released one of his best albums A Beginner’s Mind last year.

Phoebe Bridgers: Two great indie folk albums released. The Punisher album from 2020 especially is a modern classic.

Magdalena Bay: Released my favourite album of last year. Really fun electropop/synthpop.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: the band I like with the most constant releases, they constantly change their style and genre. Released 5 albums in 2017 for example. Their most recent album Omnium Gatherum is a mix of psychedelic rock, neo-psychedelia, metal and hip hop.

Alvvays: Their 2017 album Antisocialites is one of my all time favourites. And they’re coming back this year and their newest singles are great. Kinda jangle pop/shoegaze mix.
DeonX Aug 8, 8:30 AM
DeonX Jun 9, 7:54 AM
Fantalicious May 15, 11:17 AM
The biggest problem with collecting anything is it takes up a lot of space. I have two big shelves with DVDs and Blu-rays, currently about 700 films and some TV-series. I also have a full shelf of only Doctor Who. Personally, I wouldn’t say it looks cool or anything, but it is like half of my interior in my living room. It is somewhat organized but I change it around quite often. And I don’t buy new stuff as much nowadays as I own most of my essentials.

I haven’t watched any of Kenji Nakamura’s later work. But from what I understand, he’s gone more traditional and not as experimental. Ayakishi is an anthology series with three stand-alone stories and my rating partly is based on that I just don’t think they mix well. The first two stories are decent but doesn’t stand out either in story or animation. And then the third story is the Mononoke one, which to me is just in a completely different league. So Ayakishi as a complete work just feels like a bit of a drag when you could just watch one third of it for about the same amount of enjoyment. Mononoke features different stories that are completely standalone, and the Ayakishi story is just another one of those stories. It’s not required, but it’s more Mononoke so I do recommend it. And since it is the first story released, might as well start there.

I did look up Goodbye, Eri and read the first couple of pages but lost interest and wasn’t really into it at the time. The paneling was interesting but I don’t feel compelled to dive into more Fujimoto right now. Might return to it later.

Yeah, reading manga weekly can be a lot of fun. But as you say, it’s easy to lose interest that way, especially when reading multiple ones.

I do kinda agree about not liking the “chosen one” idea of Luffy. Or with any other character in the series. That’s connected to one of my biggest problems with One Piece which I guess pretty controversial is the world-building and storytelling. I guess determinism is a good way to put it. I really don’t like how Oda has to connect so many things. Like, everything introduced in the series has to be connected to something else. No character can be “just a guy”. Everyone must have a big flashback that explains everything about them, preferably a flashback that connects said character with other characters or plot points. I get the appeal of this kind of storytelling, but Oda’s world is so connected that it makes it feel small. It’s also what makes One Piece feel pretty samey, as people are always expecting a great big flashback whenever we encounter a new interesting character. This is one of those things that stops me from enjoying One Piece as much as a lot of people do.

I didn’t like the Sanji reveal and plotline for this reason. I think I have an easier time accepting Luffy now is just cause it’s played for comedy and the comedy is one of my favourite aspects of the series. But yeah, I totally get that the reveal wasn’t handled that well.

Switching to something completely different, I guess you’re a Taylor Swift fan? We have never discussed music before. I got into Taylor Swift with Folklore, so pretty recently and I do enjoy some stuff quite a lot. I very much enjoy musicians that change style and I love listening through a discography to see the progression, and Taylor Swift was pretty fun to do that with.
Fantalicious Apr 3, 1:11 AM
You watched quite a lot of stuff, even if many of them are shorts. Hope you had fun! Interesting to hear that you randomised what you were going to watch. I haven’t heard of most of what you’ve watched.

I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything I’ve watched from Science SARU so I do have some hope for the Tatami Galaxy sequel more because of the studio work rather than it being a sequel. And my guess is it’s more of a spin-off anyway.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m mainly a film fan, and I do collect films physically. I do own most anime films that I love and that are easily available to buy. But I only own a couple of anime series. It’s an expensive interest. And it takes a lot of space. So I get why most people don’t bother with physical anymore.

I think my opinion of Grave of the Fireflies changed when I got more into Takhata and “got” him. And I think it was Only Yesterday that did that for me. But that is another film that really grew for me with time. I re-watched it when Takahata died and that time it really connected with me. I wrote a review back then if you’re interested to read it, it’s on here. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the film and I think we share a lot of opinions. It’s a shame the manga isn’t available, it would be very interesting to compare the two and just for being able to say if it actually is as good of an adaption as we think. If I remember correctly, the main character is 28 years old, so it’s probably time for another re-watch for me this year, since that’s my age now.

And great to hear you enjoyed Kuuchuu Buranko that much! It was directed by Kenji Nakamura, who’s one of my favourite anime directors even if I haven't watched that much by him yet. He did one of my all time favourites, Mononoke. It also has a great visual style but it’s simpler story-wise with non-connected stories. It’s kinda like a flamboyant punk rock Mushishi. The series has this colourful flat paper style which is really unique. Nakamura also directed one episode of Yuasa’s series Kemonozume. As with all of Yuasa’s works, it has a great visual style. And Nakamura’s episode is one of my favourites. So yeah, I’d definitely recommend that.

I will watch the Kafka short. I have read The Metamorphosis and The Trial and I really enjoy those. I’ve been wanting to read more of his works but an anime adaption sounds interesting as well, especially if it has interesting visuals. I’ll get back to you when I’ve watched it.

Ah, Angel’s Egg. Been a while since I watched it and I also read a bunch of interpretations at the time. But personally, I never tried to make that much sense of it. Like, I don’t think it’s supposed to be that concrete. I guess it’s somewhat of a coming of age story about holding on to… something? Is the egg about growing up? About responsibility? About faith? Probably all of it. I think Angel’s Egg exists in that David Lynch era of my mind. I just enjoy the experience but I don’t try to actually explain it. I think trying to explain everything takes away from the feeling of actually watching it. Like, whatever you think about when you watch it, that’s what it’s about. Whatever it makes you feel when you watch it, that’s what it’s about. In the end, visuals and emotions are the two strongest aspects of any visual media, which is why I hold Angel’s Egg in such a high regard.

Deadman Wonderland didn’t have explicit rape scenes. But there was some threats and implied sexual assault. And I think Minatsuki was raped by her father. I’m already starting to forget the whole thing haha.

I was younger when I read Tokyo Ghoul so that might be why I rated it higher. But from what I remember, some of the more mature stuff was handled better. I also don’t remember hating the female characters. It’s probably on par with Chainsaw Man for me.
Have you switched to reading One Piece weekly now? Or more often at least? I remember that you used to read it more in bulks, and I don’t remember if we’ve talked about if you changed that. If so, how has that effected your enjoyment of the series?

I was almost starting to get a bit bored of the current arc so it was nice that something big happened. I think it fits with the series and that it’s a lot of fun. I like the idea of it being “the most ridiculous power” (ridiculous as in silly) and One Piece and Luffy have always been very cartoony. Maybe it doesn’t fit in with everything that has happened in the story previously or that the reveal came pretty suddenly, but I don’t really care. I never bought into the fandom mentality of Oda planning absolutely everything from the beginning and everything being a foreshadowing for something. But yeah, my interest in One Piece rekindled a bit and I even went back and re-read some chapters and re-watched some episodes of the anime. I’m really looking forward to the series ending cause I want to do a big re-read of all of it when it’s done.

What did you think of the reveal?
Fantalicious Mar 26, 2:48 AM
So far, you’ve watched some interesting stuff. I’ve been reading most of your posts on the stuff that I’ve watched myself.

Glad to see that you enjoyed Tatami Galaxy and Night is Short, even if not as much as I did. I watched Tatami Galaxy in 2013 at the same time as I moved away from home to study at university. So I think part of the reason I loved it so much is because it was very easy to relate to. I just love the premise of the main character thinking everything would be different if he would just have done one little thing different but ultimately those choices were never the reason for his life not going the way he wanted to. And I love how some things are repeated and the small self-aware moments of repetition that just becomes more and more clear until the end where it all goes together. Night is Short is the type of film I adore, which is a very simple premise but that created a tone or feeling really well. To me, the film just feels like a night out. I can’t remember if I was actually drunk watching it or if it just felt like I was. I definitely need to re-watch both of these though. I own both of them on Blu-ray and they are among the most expensive films/series that I’ve bought.

And I like that you watched Belladonna of Sadness. I really like it for what it is, even if it’s not one of my favourites. But it was the first thing that came to mind when you mentioned obscure stuff.

A shame you didn’t really care for Grave of the Fireflies though. I get why you watched that as your first Takahata, it being his most famous, but I hope you will check out some of his other ones as well. I have watched Grave twice. The first time was when I was very young, and I remember being quite annoyed at the boy character and the choices that he made. But upon re-watched it just connected with me more. All of Takahata’s films have characters that are very much stuck in the world which they inhabit. There lies the strength of his character writing I think. I think you got all this when watching Grave. As you say, it’s not actually a film about war, it’s about how children are affected by the norms and society of war-time Japan. But I get your thoughts, it’s the type of film that doesn’t really work if it doesn’t connect with you emotionally.

And I see that you’ve started watching Kuchu Buranko! That’s another one of my favourites. Same as with many that I love it has interesting visuals and interesting storytelling. Will be interesting to see what you think about that one too.

Nope, I wasn’t fond of Deadman Wonderland at all! But I like to check out the big stuff that I’ve missed during the years, and I’ve always been aware of the title. And it was pretty short so I got through it all even if I didn’t enjoy it. It just felt like another one of those edgy “mature” manga. The “im14andthisisdeep”-genre. Similar to how I would rank Chainsaw Man or Tokyo Ghoul. But Deadman Wonderland was even more of a typical shounen that those two, so it’s probably the best example of that type of series. As a rule, I just think shounens shouldn’t really have rape as a part of their story. Deadman Wonderland had a pretty interesting setting and I did like the first couple of chapters. I think it could have worked better as a much shorter series because I didn’t feel like it actually had anywhere to go.

And I absolutely hated the female characters. There were really only to big ones and both of them are super sexual, in different but both very uncomfortable ways. Minatsuki was sadistic and seemed to get off from violence. And Shiro is your typical young boy fantasy, a good looking girl that shows affection for the main character and has no regards for her own body. And both of these girls are drawn super sexual and both of them are children I think. I just get super grossed out about that.

So yeah, not for me... Fun premise, bad execution. Might have liked it when I was young.
Fantalicious Feb 27, 11:21 AM

Oh yeah, it’s March again. Sounds great to watch some Yuasa. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Tatami Galaxy and Night is Short. They are my favourite works of his and I do wish to rewatch them some day to see if they’re as good as I remember.

Angel’s Egg is another one of my favourites! It’s a real weird one and definitely not for everyone. Most people that watch it also come out with different interpretations of it, which is fun.

There are some other great ones you haven’t rated which I’d recommend.

- Cat Soup - a fun and experimental short film written by Yuasa, but not directed by him. So that will fit with you watching some of his work.

- Tekkon Kinkreet - we’ve already discussed this one a bit, so it’s more of a reminder. Another on of my favourites with a unique style.

- Belladonna of Sadness - I don’t love this one but it’s definitely an interesting watch. It’s an experimental film from the 70’s with very limited animation but with great art.

- Anything by Takahata - This isn’t really obscure but I see you haven’t rated any of his films. He’s one of my favourite directors and I would put him above his Ghibli colleague Miyazaki. My favourites of his are Only Yesterday and Princess Kaguya, both of which I would put in on a top 10 for anime films.

Hope you’ll get to watch some great stuff either way.
Mister_Mysterium Feb 27, 4:56 AM
Oh, it's good to hear from you. Are you ok? Can you tell me where I can find these mangas? You can send me the links by private messages if you want
Fantalicious Feb 14, 4:36 AM
Lovely to read your impressions of Brother, great that you enjoyed it that much! I had pretty much the exact same reactions when I played the game. It’s been quite a few years since I played it but especially the ending with the river is something I still think about, it left quite an impact. It’s probably one of my all time favourite experiences in games.

The game was created Josef Fares who is a game creator that really interests me. He used to write and direct films but changed medium to games. So his thing is all about using the medium as a storytelling device, which is apparent in Brothers. He later created Hazelight Studios and released A Way Out and It Takes Two. I haven't played either of them but they seem very interesting. Unfortunately for me, they’re both multiplayer games and I don’t really play games with anyone, so I’m not sure I will ever play them.

I still follow Josef Fares though and he’s very interesting to listen to. I wish more people approached gameplay and storytelling the way he does.

Moving on to films, I recently attended my local film festival and one of the films I watched was Maasaki Yuasa’s newest, Inu-Oh. It was a great experience and I never imagined I would ever get to see a Yuasa film at the cinema. An anachronistic historical fantasy with the usual weird Yuasa stuff. I don’t want to say more of the actual film if you are going to watch it yourself, but it was great.
Mister_Mysterium Feb 13, 3:55 PM
Nice! My sister loved the hospital episode, I guess it was the 39. Tell me, how did you discover this anime? Here, in my country (I'm from Brazil if you wonder) it came from the Animax. Have you ever heard about this channel? I'm trying to watch the stuff that was dubbed in my native language, so I discovered this one. How did you get the manga? Did you buy it or... you got from... other ways?
Mister_Mysterium Feb 13, 12:19 PM
I haven't read the manga yet, just watched the animation. I thought was pretty interesting the fact that there was only one comment in the last chapter of the manga, even though the anime was relatively popular.
P.S.: I know you didn't ask, but I really enjoyed the anime.
Fantalicious Jan 10, 10:57 AM
I was really glad that the Toriyama Collection was released (or maybe re-released?) so I finally could read all of it. There were only a few stories I could find previously so it was nice to finish all of the other ones.

And reading that finally got me to start my re-read of Dragon Ball! It felt very appropriate after reading some of the early versions. I’ve only read the first volume yet though. But it’s going to be fun to go through it again.

Don’t feel bad for recommending Chainsaw Man haha. I don’t regret reading it at all. I like to stay up to date with popular media so I often check out things I don’t actually like. And I did have a friend that kept saying I had to read it and I always dismissed him because it just seemed “edgy”. Now I feel confident in saying that was actually the case.

Cool that you found World Apartment Horror. I haven’t really looked for it but I will probably find it if I want to.

Interesting thoughts about Spider-Man No Way Home, it seems we agree on a lot. I also have to say that I actually really enjoyed the film. It was the best film in the MCU since Far From Home, even if that maybe doesn’t say much. To me, it felt very similar to Avengers Endgame. It’s the big epic fanservice film with lots of great scenes and it’s the kind of film you’d never believe would be possible a couple of years ago. It definitely is a big moment in the superhero film genre. But is it actually a great film? Not sure.

Most of the characters were very well used, especially all of the Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?). Good choice to make it a Tom Holland film without just using Maguire and Garfield as cameos. It was also great that the film was a sequel not only to the MCU films but also a continuation of the stories from the older ones. Maguire was the older more serious character, which fits his age. And Garfield was the angrier more broken character because of his history. Garfield overall had some great moments. I liked him saving MJ and him talking to the others about how lame he was. Almost made me forget about how bad his films were. It’s good that I can now think back to this film for his incarnation instead of those, because I do really like the actor.

The best character in the film was definitely Norman/Green Goblin. I’ve always loved Willem Dafoe’s portrayal and it was great to see him back. Lots of great moments both as Norman and as Green Goblin and he really sells both so well.

I was intrigued by them making this the origin story, or maybe the whole trilogy was that. It’s fun that it happened this way, but as you say, it definitely was not the original idea. It was definitely implied that Uncle Ben was a thing before we saw the character. Giving that role to May didn’t work for me either, and I didn’t care at all when she died. So it was an interesting choice, but it didn’t work. I think it was because her death was made into more or less a reference to another film. Her death felt similar to Norman saying the scientist-meme. Like, those references work for comedy, but not really anything else. But it is fun that this lead Peter into becoming the more traditional Spider-Man, but same as you, I never was bothered by him being so connected to the MCU.

Speaking of references to other films, it’s a very daring thing for a film to do. Because that will make you think about those other films. No Way Home just looks so boring. The colour grade is bland, the camera hardly moves, there’s no interesting shots at all, most conversations are just switching back and forth between the characters, most action scenes are boring without much thought, etc. Visually it’s just so dull and boring. The Doctor Strange fight was interesting in a CGI way but not much else and nothing new. This is a case for all MCU films but Jon Watts is probably one of the least interesting directors in the series. He succeeds at doing the teenage drama stuff, which is why I think the two previous films worked better. This is of course a big difference from the Sam Raimi films. Raimi is a great director and his Spider-Man films are some of the most visually interesting superhero films. My personal favourite scene of his is when Doc Ock’s arms come to life in the hospital and kills everyone, great stuff. And seeing Green Goblin and Doc Ock in No Way Home move from these great films to this one, just made me want to watch the Raimi films instead.

I’m probably going to do a Spider-Man watchthrough in the future, where I will watch all of the live-action films in order. I watched the Raimi ones a lot of times but it’s been a very long time since. I only watched the Amazing films once and didn’t like them, but still want to rewatch them as well. Maybe that will change my opinion of No Way Home in one way or other.

Interesting that you watched it as a camrip as well haha. I haven’t watched a film like that in a long time. My cinema experience was very lively. There was a lot of yelling and clapping, which is still very uncommon to happen here. I saw it pretty early so there were a lot of children and teenagers. I think the MCU has become this big event for a lot of people and I guess the yelling and clapping comes from them seeing other people do it online. I’ve only ever heard of that kind of behaviour from other parts of the world previously. The only time I’ve ever seen something similar was with Endgame, but that was not as big as this reaction. So it’s very recent. Swedes are usually pretty reserved and don’t like to bother people so it’s quite weird. But the experience of the cinema is part of why I like film, even if I find the reactions mainly annoying.

Sad to hear about your theatre closing. I’m obviously a big film fan so I would never make it if I didn’t have the opportunity to see some on the big screen. Do you live in the country or in a smaller city then? Or do you still have other opportunities if you want to?
Fantalicious Jan 4, 6:17 AM
I’ve finished Chainsaw Man and I don’t have much to add. I didn’t really like it but it was still interesting to read. I kinda lost interest after a while so I do appreciate it was a bit shorter, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have finished. I think the Bomb Girl arc and the International Assassins arc were probably the best ones. Wasn’t a big fan of Makima overall and didn’t like her as a villain either. And I got a uncomfortable when Denji was taking care of Power. Overall, Power’s whole role in the manga mainly felt like fanservice and I really didn’t like it.

It’s interesting that the manga seems to continue in a part 2. I read it was going to be on the Shonen Jump+ app rather than the magazine. But I don’t think I will read it.

Glad to hear you enjoyed Opus! It really is great.

Yes, hearing about Nobumoto was sad. She wrote some great stuff. I haven't watched Wolf’s Rain but it’s on my list.

I’ve read about World Apartment Horror because of the connection to Otomo and Kon. But I haven't found either version so I’ve not read it or seen the film. Didn’t know it was co-written by Nobumoto as well, that’s interesting.

Metroid Dread sounds pretty good. It’s probably going to take a long time before I ever play it though. But I’ve mentioned before I’m trying to get into the series. Underhero looks cool. Really looks like a mixture of different styles and I see the comparisons to the Mario RPGs. Hades is part of another genre I know pretty much nothing about, but I do like the artstyle and I have heard some great things about it of course.

A top 10 of PS3 games sounds fun. Even though I just “finished” the console, it’s not like I’ve played all that many games, I’ve just gone through them slowly. Anyway, these are not exclusives but just the ones I’ve enjoyed the most on the console:

10. Grand Theft Auto V - It’s GTA, can’t really go wrong. I’m not the biggest fan of the series but they are fun. Very few games really have worlds where you can do this much stuff. I also really enjoy having three playable characters. That made the story and gameplay a lot more interesting than what they usually are in these kind of games. It looks great and the soundtrack is great.

9. Uncharted 2 - The blockbuster movie of the console. The gameplay can be really frustrating but it’s just such a fun ride. There’s a lot of moments that has stayed with me; the train over the cliff, the building being razed by helicopter, waking up in the the village in the Himalayas, etc.

8. The Last of Us - Just as cinematic as the Uncharted series is, but with a better story and much more interesting gameplay.

7. Dragon Age: Origins - Great world and great characters. Meh visuals and meh gameplay. I have already written about this one, but thinking back it’s nice it got so high on the list. The good parts really outweigh the bad ones on this one.

6. Red Dead Redemption - It’s GTA, but with a better and more interesting setting. The gameplay feels a lot more fitting with the gunslinger style and also it has a better story than any of the GTA-games I’ve played. I do like history so it gets extra points for the setting alone.

5. Bioshock - The setting is amazing and I love the story and the way the game tells it. The gameplay is pretty good.

4. Infamous - Love the gameplay and the setting is great. Everything feels dirty and disgusting. There’s some great progression with fun powers. Electricity is a great power that really connects you with the city in a way few of these games do. The second game is pretty much as good, with more fun gameplay but worse story and setting.

3. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - It’s like playing through an adventure anime, so of course I love it. It’s just a really cozy experience and I really like the world, story and characters. The gameplay is overall fun, even if it’s not the selling point of the game.

2. The Mass Effect Trilogy - Couldn’t decide on a single entry so here’s all of them. Probably one of my all time favourite video game worlds. I just love the setting and it’s up there with the best in all of sci-fi imo. I think the first game had the best story and most interesting gameplay. The second and third game featured the best characters though. I cried at least once during a scene in Mass Effect 3, which doesn’t happen often with games. Even the playable character is great, which is very difficult to achieve in these kind of games. She really felt like her own character without it taking over my control over her actions, which is something Bioware didn’t succeed with in the Dragon Age series.

1. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - One of my all time favourite games, and the only one on the list I would rate 10/10. I don’t want to say too much if you haven’t played it but the way the gamepaly and storytelling works together is just amazing. It excels as a game as you couldn’t achieve this in any other medium. This one made me cry a lot. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend it.

So that’s it. Overall, not that strong of a top 10 I would say. Most games are a bit too generic “dudebro” games, but if they’re good they’re good. The top 5 is pretty great, but only the number 1 and 2 spots would end up on a top list of games overall.

Oh! And another thing. Have you seen the new Spider-Man Far From Home film? What are your thoughts? Everyone seems to love it, but I don't. Would be fun to hear your thoughts.
Alexisonfire98 Dec 26, 2021 11:47 AM
Yeah, sorry if I seemed a part skipper.