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Terrestrious Apr 14, 5:41 PM
Yeah, most people I know tend to finish the games the start, or at least make much more of an attempt than I do, I've always been the odd one there. The weirdest part of it is that I really love getting trophies on the PSN, I'm not a huge collector but I'm a little ashamed to admit just how much of what I play can be dictated by those. Not to the extent that I'll play something I hate mind you, but still. I'm actually pretty disappointed that Nintendo hasn't added any trophy/achievement system yet (something akin to the checklists from Kirby Air Ride, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and the Smash games would be tight). I know most individual games incorporate something like that but it doesn't have the same effect of having it all tied to a singular account, I particularly love how the PSN has a level up system. & yeah, I definitely get why you waited on BotW, glad I'm not alone there. Being that BotW was basically the only game for the Switch when I got it (well, and Bomberman which I stink at), I didn't really wait on it. I definitely do have a backlog of games that I'm waiting to start until I get more free time, most of them being story based games like Telltales' Batman.

Heh, pretty happy to see a big Skyrim fan share my thoughts on the opening. And lol at the mods. The only other Elder Scrolls game I played was Oblivion, which again I kinda stopped after the opening segment though I recall liking Oblivion a tad more than I did Skyrim. Morrowind sounds a bit more interesting, sounds like it at least provides the player with more rewards for following the main quest, unless your choices in side-quests influence the world more too? I rarely find combat in open-world combat interesting, so I'm not sure poor combat would bother me that much, though there is the obvious question of how bad it is.

That's fair, there's certainly a clash in design philosophy with incorporating a big story and open world, it's a tightrope walk we're if they fail either the story feels weightless or the free exploration feels like a distraction. Either way, it's likely that one or the other will suffer for the existence of the other. I haven't really played much of the story stuff as I've said, but from what I played I like how Breath of the Wild attempts to balance this with gameplay. I don't think the story they crafted wound up to be all that interesting but I like how the story dungeons are these huge puzzle segments (maybe just the elephant was). Kinda made it feel to me like all the Shrines I completed on the way were building to this, like they were legitimate practice in understanding the various mechanics so I'd have a better understanding at the bigger expansive dungeons. I agree that the mix isn't perfect though but I do think they handle it pretty well. Though yeah, the freedom of story with Breath of the Wild isn't as open since your always on a destined collision course with Ganon. But I don't think you really have to do the dungeons to be fair, my friend beat Ganon without even touching them. So I guess your only option for influencing the story is just how much of it you want to play before reaching the end, which I appreciate though it doesn't fulfill the same level of autonomy as other open world games. So yeah, I get your issue there.

Ah Pokémon, I played Silver so much as a kid (went through the entire game twice) but never really touched the series after all. Played a little bit of X and I just still don't feel like the series has done a lot new to really justify me sinking my life into them again (though from what I know, Sun & Moon did a lot to change the formula so maybe I would've gotten more into that one). And too be honest, I kinda find it scummy how they retained the model of releasing two nigh-identical games each time, and I really hope they don't continue on this path with the Switch release. Which I am looking forward too, even if we know next to nothing about it (at least last time I checked). I assume you're looking forward to the Switch release, are you hoping for a bigger shake-up or a safer route (like, BotW and Odyssey were kinda huge left-turns for Zelda & Mario but Kirby Star Allies was basically just another entry in the Kirby game, not really that different from the last three entries [& I liked Kirby Star Allies, even if I think it's a step down from Kirby Robobot]?

Wind Waker's actually the Zelda game I most want to play that I already haven't. But yeah, Majora's Mask is really incredible. I played the 3DS remake for a bit (should really get back to that) but besides that I haven't really played it since childhood. But it definitely left an impression, I just think it had the most interesting mechanics, settings, and definitely story of all the games I've played. I mean, I kinda like the base game-play of Breath of the Wild better, but the atmosphere and Skull Kid (I love Skull Kid) kinda make Majora's Mask as my favorite.

Oh boy, I thought the 90's anime of Berserk was great but I've put off the manga for that very reason. I don't know much about Berserk's hiatus schedule, outside of the fact that it's comparable to Hunter x Hunter, and there was an arc on a boat too that lasted forever with the hiatus. Berserk's also monthly right, has that made any difference on the hiatus?
Terrestrious Apr 3, 12:00 AM
Well, to level with you, I rarely beat any games I play. For example, unless I'm forgetting one, I've played every game in the mainline Mario series except for the Galaxy ones & New Super Mario Bros. 2, yet the only ones I've finished the main game for are Super Mario World, Super Mario 3D Land, and Super Mario Odyssey (four if you count Yoshi's Island as a mainline Mario game I guess). I have came close to beating others, Super Mario 64 DS (I was actually on Bowser when I stopped playing) and Super Mario Bros. 3 (World 8 is a pain) And platformers are my favorite genre! I don't really know why, I have a lot of games I want to play and as long as I have fun with the time I do dedicate to them, I'm usually content with that I guess (like, I do want to find time to go back and finish many of those games, but there are so many other games out there [along with other forms of entertainment] and so little time, it almost never happens). I also have this really annoying thing where if I break the habit of doing something, I find it really hard to get back into it. This is what happened with Breath of the Wild, though outside of being ill-prepared for a boss (my brother was shocked when he saw how little defense my armor had, I kinda prioritized doing shrines & just exploring but that's only why I stopped playing at that moment, not sure why I didn't jump back in, I think maybe Mario Kart 8 Deluxe came out). So yeah, I kinda stop playing most games without finishing them (on the topic of Zelda, I've only beaten Majora's Mask [though I haven't played many Zelda's either]), I hope to get back to a lot of them but I don't know if I will.

As for the genre question, I was probably specifically referring to Breath of the Wild since there have been a lot of open world games that lose my interest almost immediately (Skyrim for example, I totally think it's awesome that they filled the world with so much side-quests & content that the main story is essentially an afterthought but for me, I lost pretty much all interest after the tutorial segment because I had no investment in the world and since the main story felt like an afterthought, I wasn't interested in doing that so my incentive to play basically died. If I cared about the main story, I probably could've got hook since I'd have motivation to engage with the world but because the very nature of the game being open meant the main campaign had to feel optional which ruins my incentive to play ~ on this note, BOTW's framing of it's world in the opening of the game made it a lot more captivating to explore, and the shrines being a fun presence early on gave me incentive). That parathensis got out of hand, in short, I just find a lot of the open world games I've played failed to invest me early on due to the nature of the game needing to be out, it's just a clash for me. Also, they're huge time sinks which is a bit of a turn off. I have enjoyed a few open world games and I think if you can get invested in the world, they're really gratifying but usually it doesn't for me. Though Zelda games in general don't rank high on my genre preferences. What are your favorite genres by the way?

lol, glad to read you're enjoying the game more than it first sounded. Glad to here you're enjoying the characters, I haven't experienced many of them since again, I kinda stuck to Shrines and generally exploring, but I do remember now really enjoying Sidon a lot, and I recall liking Purah too. Don't think I interacted much with Bolson, but he looked familiar when I looked him up so I might have to do that when/if I get back to it. I liked the weapon breaking system at the start but actually got a little annoyed by it as I got further in the game as opposed to early on, but honestly, I kinda love the system. Glad to hear it's not much of a problem for you now.

And alas, Hunter x Hunter is back on hiatus. Every-time I still end up hoping that Togashi will surprise us and release one more chapter or two before the expected hiatus deadline, and considering I started a little disinterested in this run and grew to be really invested in it once the Troupe got involved (and Mizai, love him and I thought his whole thought process about the Troupe & Kurapika was brilliant), that this one actually hit a little harder than I expected.
Terrestrious Mar 19, 6:41 PM
Yeah, I'm hoping we'll know definitively if it's port or new game sometime before E3, but I'm kinda predicting we won't hear anything new on Smash until E3. Gives me something to look forward to at E3 at least. I'm honestly not sure whether I preferred Brawl or Melee but Subspace Emissary is easily the biggest advantage Brawl has. I remember getting Brawl on Launch and my brother and I spending all day just plowing through it until we got to the Great Maze and my brother decided to go to bed. I was pretty upset with him at the time since we were so close to finishing it but it was still a blast regardless. Definitely wouldn't expect it in a port, and I'm really hoping it returns, the reason I've heard for them cutting it out was so silly in the first place (apparently, a story mode like that didn't happen in Wii U because they didn't like that the cutscenes for Subspace Emissary ended up on Youtube). Honestly, I wouldn't mind if they scaled back on the story and the cutscenes if this time around we got to explore in the Nintendo worlds and fight Nintendo enemies, instead of the generic locals and fodder enemies in Brawl.

Definitely agree on it being one of those shocking moments that still makes perfect sense. And I assume you have but I don't want to risk spoiling it so I'll just say on the newest chapter it's staggering just how much is going on in this arc. Another great chapter.

Hmm, from what I've heard I don't think your impressions on the story or characters is going to change much. I've seen several people cite that as the game's biggest failing, at least if people complain about anything in Breath of the Wild, it seems to either be that or the weapon breaking system. I can't really comment much on that, since in my playthrough I barely touched any of the main game story stuff (I did 90% of one of the story Dungeons, and I will say it had one of the most fun set-pieces I played in awhile so if I find the time to go back to it, I'll probably go do so more of them to see if they have anything similar) and hadn't found any of the memory stuff. I honestly spent most of my time exploring the area and completing shrines, since that's what I found the most fun. Some pretty cool quick puzzles and the combat were enough for me to enjoy it. I will say I didn't care too much for the tutorial portion. I loved it at first when I was just going around doing whatever but once you actually start the quest to get the Paraglider, I was a little annoyed by how long it took to get that over with.
Terrestrious Mar 15, 12:12 AM
I know, and it actually seems like it'll be a new one, and not just an enhanced port like I was pretty certain we'd be getting. The idea of a new one didn't even cross my mind, I dismissed it whenever it was brought up and while it still can be an enhanced port I suppose, it seems highly unlikely to me at this point. That said, I'm expecting it to basically be a Splatoon 2 type deal, where a lot of the assets from the Wii U version will be used, and they'll just add enough new content to justify it being a sequel. I'm hoping for an Adventure/Subspace Emissary type mode to return. And yeah, the teaser trailer was awesome!

That was my favorite Hunter x Hunter chapter this entire run so far. I liked the first half of the chapter with Melody a good bit but the second half made me flip out. Just seeing the top panel of them all at the table and noticing Illumi there caused me to mark out. His introduction into the story makes perfect sense (lol at Hisoka hiring him, brilliant) and I'm really excited to see where the story goes from here.
Terrestrious Mar 5, 3:26 PM
Haha, yeah I know. Hopefully I'll be a little better at getting quicker replies. I totally forgot to switch my profile last time I logged on, so after before work I logged back on and saw you already responded and I had time so I did the same. I have my March Mania profile saved onto my Notes section in my Profile page, so I pretty much just port it over and update the opening paragraphs. And thanks! Only 20 more to go.

This is true for Adult Gon too, Bisky's physical transformation earlier in the Greed Island arc helped make that feel like a natural extension of Nen, I love how Togashi manages to make Nen powers believable through stuff like these. Just another reason why Nen is the best battle system I've ever seen. And yeah, the Hisoka thing definitely got some criticism, though personally I loved it back then. Absolutely crazy stuff, but made perfect sense to me in context and I still think it was genius that Togashi used one of the anticipated battles in the series, Chrollo vs. Hisoka, as a means to build to something greater. And wow, I didn't even think of that Chimera Ant scene but definitely striking similarities there!
Terrestrious Mar 2, 1:27 PM
Melee was another game I've spent countless hours on, perhaps the game I played the absolute most of on the Gamecube and the last few times I even played a Gamecube game, it was Melee, mostly to attempt ProJared's Ganondorf challenge. The Smash series as a whole is probably my favorite Nintendo series out there (that or Donkey Kong Country) and I'm really hoping the Switch gets an enhanced port of the Wii U version, with all the DLC, the special mode and at least some of the stages from the 3DS version, and the return of the Ice Climbers (since they were left out of the game specifically because the 3DS couldn't handle them). Yeah, definitely let me know your thoughts on Breath of the Wild when you get around to it.

I checked out that Uncivilized Elk video and yeah, seems like Viz's translations are far superior to Mangastream, which is basically all I've read. I have bought Volume 33 but I didn't do much besides skim it, I'd rather save the Viz re-read for when I can blast through the entire arc at once, though even volume reads would probably be more satisfying to read than weekly. I still think Togashi has put in enough content with each chapter that I don't really have any issues reading week to week compared to every other series I've tried to do that with like One Piece or Seven Deadly Sins, I just wish there was more in the chapters of Hunter x Hunter that emotionally registered with me than just a bunch of plot points. Still interesting, just kinda disconnected, though I think the latest chapter we just got has been my favorite of the run.

And yeah, pretty much everything you mentioned there were the stand-out moments I was referring to. I'll always enjoy seeing the Phantom Troupe, they have such an established presence that just there mere involvement makes the story more engaging to win. I was pretty disappointed that Vergei's name turned out to not be Wellgay but his most recent crush on Bisky's real form was the most I laughed at Hunter x Hunter in a long time, really funny stuff. Camilla's Nen Cat Power has probably the highlight of this entire arc, I love everything about it. The cartoon-y design of the cat, the continuation of the breast imagery with Camilla (her Nen beast is a weird boob flower thing, and her revival with the Nen Cat's tail evoked a similar image to like nipple milk; I don't know why Togashi has attached this constant imagery to her but it's interesting), and just the set-up of the ability. You know, it's a seemingly broken ability, since it brings her back to life, but it still has interesting limitations to it, that it still strives on proper context to be effective. I wonder if Hisoka returning from death earlier in this arc was due in part to help set-up this ability, it feels a little more natural in the world of Nen after Hisoka's Bungee Gum revival.

It's really insane to think Hunter x Hunter's been going on for 20 years, in part due to it's relatively small chapter count in comparison to other long runners like One Piece. Anyway, I'm really glad Hunter x Hunter has been able to survive for this long, it's provided some of the absolute best story-telling I ever seen, Chimera Ant in particular is still my favorite ever.
Terrestrious Mar 1, 10:53 PM
Yeah, I agree that it's the portrayal of nudity that matters, and that the presence of nudity does not equate to sexualization. In fact, the biggest issue I had with Made in Abyss in this regard wasn't even a moment that contained any nudity. It was back when Ozen told her assistant (I don't remember their name [or gender, I think the joke was that it was guy forced to dress as a girl, they didn't leave much impression on me to be honest and I don't feel like looking it up]) that she was going to do the whip punishment despite the fact that they were the only one out of the three (Riko & Reg) that acted appropriately when Ozen started attacking them. Ozen actually was my favorite character up until that point and I still like her but that one line took her right off the list, and presented the act in a more fetishistic light. Though the hanging naked bit has always been my biggest problem with the series in this regard. It still mostly felt like a poor joke, mostly because the quickness of it the one time (I believe) we seen it, the pacing just made it feel more like an intended punchline but it's definitely the most worrisome inclusion, and I can definitely imagine that being worse in the manga, especially since I can't imagine it being easy to properly convey comedic timing in manga form with that kind of joke.

I loved being able to play as Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom too, Yoshi's always been one of my favorites too (along with Luigi, who I'm glad made it into the game even though I haven't bothered to touch his Balloon mini-game yet) and you might've known this but it's also really cool since it's yet another reference to Super Mario 64, as finding Yoshi on top of Peach's castle was a reward for getting all the Power Stars (which I never did, I actually mostly played the DS remake where I got to play as Yoshi through most of the game). And since you mentioned the dying thing, I love that Odyssey removes Game Over's entirely. In my opinion, "Game Over's" are completely archaic and serve no purpose in modern gaming other than I guess to add unnecessary frustration and tedium, so I'm really glad Odyssey opted to remove them entirely.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is definitely the best version of Mario Kart out there. My favorite is probably still the DS game followed by Double Dash, mostly for nostalgia purposes (and I just really love the concept of Double Dash, along with how you could view several of the courses in the background of other courses) but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is definitely the best constructed Mario Kart game. I didn't play it for too long since I played it a ton while on the Wii U but I had blast going through it once more when it got ported to the Switch. With Tropical Freeze getting ported and Kirby Star Allies coming out soon, I'm going to be putting more and more hours into my Switch soon. Don't know if you ever found time for Breath of the Wild yet, but thoughts if you did.

Almost forgot, have you been keeping up with Hunter x Hunter. I'm up to date and I'm still definitely enjoying the series but I feel like this is probably my least favorite run out of his last few. I just think I'm started to get bogged down by how plot heavy this arc really is, hasn't really featured much great character work and I wish there was something more thematic to chew on were I still feel it's kinda light on that end but I know it's still early in the arc and there have certainly been several stand-out moments and interesting ideas, it's just not connecting with me as regularly as the other runs did.
Terrestrious Jan 8, 3:59 PM
Nah, I haven't seen any of the Netflix series, outside of like that hallway fight scene from Daredevil. The only one I am really interested in is Jessica Jones, I'd definitely like to see that one day (partially because I like both Krysten Ritter and David Tennant and partially because of all the praise I've heard for it). I haven't had Netflix in months though, and with all the other streaming services out there, I'm not really willing to pick it back up using my own money. If my family picks it back up Jessica Jones is definitely on my list, along with several of the Netflix anime (particularly Violet Evergarden, really not thrilled that Netflix got that series though [Violet Evergarden is my most anticipated new series in quite some time, almost entirely because I don't think I've seen an anime as gorgeous as that series is, and Netflix has a tendency to hold series until the cour is over (they are simulcasting Violet Evergarden, but not in the States iirc, so I'm outta luck there, if I watch it, it'll probably be through other methods)]).

Yeah, I know I don't really have to be too focused on continuity with Doctor Who and I may go through the new series at some point, but I wouldn't want to just watch one run, I like doing things in chronological order without skipping anything in order to get the complete experience (unless the shows starts to go downhill enough that I'm not going to finish it). I doubt I'd ever bother with the earliest series since I've heard that several of the episodes are gone forever and that'd probably bum me out too much. Though admittedly, your description of the second Doctor is pretty enticing. The whole idea of secretly manipulating them while acting like a clown sounds really entertaining. Another positive with watching the whole show is I know for special occasions, like the Day of the Doctor, the old incarnations show up again and I just can't help but think for those moments it'd be better to have a wider experience with the show, so it's like I'm reuniting with old friends rather than essential strangers that I just know were important. Granted I don't know which Doctor's appear in which Doctor Who episodes (outside of like Tennant and the twelfth Doctor appearing in that Day of the Doctor one) and I'm not certain their not common, I just think it'd be better to watch at least most of the series but that may change.

Yes I have, and I loved Made in Abyss. One of my favorite anime, not top ten but still one of my all-time favorites and it would easily be my anime of the year if not for Rakugo. Made in Abyss features one of the most captivating worlds I've ever seen, the Abyss itself is such an integral character to the series, and just naturally carries such much intrigue and mystery within it's own design, inhabitants, and peculiarities (the curse of the Abyss), that I'd be thoroughly willing to watch others explore it without all the narrative purposes that only further propels my desire to learn more about it. The series absolutely managed to capture the allure of adventure. The background art and music where phenomenal pretty much all throughout, especially the background art, but one of my favorite artistic decisions in the series was the monster designs. They were all slightly askew from the way the regular characters were drawn. Like some of them would forgo the traditional thin black outlines, I believe neither the bird or the spider had them (instead they had outlines to match their character), or more pronounced ones like those apes monster things. The way they moved and colored too, I don't know, they just all managed to hit that uncanny valley effect just right. I've seen a few series that just default monster designs to CGI in order to highlight their otherworldiness (for lack of a better term) yet personally all that ever does for me is break immersion since it's never really well integrated into the rest of the series, often CGI monsters is just a reminder that I'm just watching a thing people made. Made in Abyss did use CGI for those little white fellows in that Riko episode but in general they nailed the monster design and I wish more series would take dedication to them.

The series could also be pretty brutal. Episode ten especially, I think it was ten, the one where Riko got poison. That was one of the hardest things I had to watch in a long time, in a good way. Mitty's story was brutal too, though in a different way. Didn't make me cry but this turned out to be one of the most emotionally moving series for me this year. I also really liked the final episode. Knowing that we were getting a season two alleviated most of my worries anyway but this would've provided a decent amount of closure if season one was going to be all we got. Centering it around the dramatic hook of Nanachi & Mitty's relationship worked really well, and the package scene really helped cap the season off.

But it wasn't flawless of course. The child nudity thing bothered me throughout though in a different way than I initially expected. Granted, I wish they'd just avoid the whole thing but outside of a scant lingering shot on Reg's legs after fishing and the whole naked humiliation system it never really seemed like it was framed provocatively. If most of the instances were framed provocatively, it could've torpedo'd the whole show. Instead, it seemed like it was written it for comedic purposes, which is something I'm familiar with being a Dragon Ball fan. Thankfully, for as much as we talked about Reg's junk, we never actually saw it (least not in the anime), I've had the displeasure of seeing Goku's penis way more than I'm comfortable with, it was always child Goku and I presume it was for comedy purposes (Simpsons did the same thing in their movie with Bart too)? At best these kind of jokes are just really dull and unfunny and at worst they're just skeevy. For the most part I fell into the former, thinking that Reg's constant embarrassment about Riko's nudity was just kinda eye-roll lame humor and this is actually my big issue, the levity in the series is very weak. Outside of the nude moments, the other main form of jokes seemed to be bad cooking jokes, which may just be the most overused joke in the entire medium of anime. In fact, my favorite thing about UQ Holder is that there cooking joke is that the main character is just really good at cooking no matter the circumstance really, and I like that just because of how different it is from the norm. It's pretty upsetting that a series that I love so much for how distinct it is has the same jokes I've seen in countless other shows.

My only other complaint is that Riko herself isn't that interesting of a character. The mystery surrounding here is at least compelling and I like her for effect on Reg but on her own she's a pretty generic lead. She hasn't displayed any interesting attributes like say Gon from Hunter x Hunter did, because she very much in the Gon archetype, just without the elements that made Gon an intriguing lead to follow. My least favorite episode of the series was when Reg went unconscious and Riko had the main spotlight whereas my favorite episodes were the last couple that almost removed Riko as anything but a plot point from the story. Though that has as much as to do with the introduction of Nanachi as the absence of Riko (and I rather liked the role Riko played when she did wake up in further resolving the Mitty story but again, that's liking for her involvement in other's story, rather than her on her own).

But overall, a lot of the series to me was just pure magic. Really looking forward to season two, hopefully they can maintain their high production values.

I see, you got any time to sink into Breath of the Wild yet since my response was quite late? And wow, that's a long time to go without playing a Mario game (love both Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island though). Glad to hear you're enjoying Odyssey. I haven't played it since early last month but when I left off I had somewhere in the 400's I think. I really love that amount of moons in the game, whether I play the game for twenty minutes or a couple hours, you're always guaranteed to make progress for the majority of your play-time. It's always rewarding albeit, the lack of challenge for many of the moons does make collecting them individually less satisfying but depositing them all at once always feels great. Also since you beat the main story, how awesome was that final level? I think it has to be the most fun final level I've played in a Mario game. Really fun Bowser set-piece. And the Mushroom Kingdom reward world is amazing.
Yotsuya112 Dec 8, 2017 1:08 PM
Oh wow now i found it! When I looked before they only had chapters 30-32 for some reason
Yotsuya112 Dec 8, 2017 4:51 AM
I was looking for it recently, but I couldn't find it on the internet actually... I might buy it but I don't like doing that before I at least read a bit of it
Yotsuya112 Dec 7, 2017 6:38 PM
Haha it is pretty insane, I guess I'm a pretty insane person. But it is really interesting to see the evolution going on. And getting to a point where you actually do come across something new that's original and well-crafted makes all the more enjoyable. And I do kind of figure out when episodes, volumes or even chapters are released, to stay in the same year or month more or less. I have a bit of an obsessive compulsive side to my personality so this is a good release for it :D

And the hidden gems are not really that hidden. Usually the ones getting a rating between 7,5 and 8 are the ones to look out for. I'd suggest giving anything by Shotaro Ishinomori (especially Sabu to ichi Torimono Hikae, I swear Lone Wolf and Cub's artist just copied panels straight from this one), Jiro Tanaguchi or Taiyo Matsumoto a read. The last two have fairly short series. There's some weirder stuff like Munou no Hito or Bananabread no Pudding I'm hoping someone gets around to translating the rest of it... More mainstream but solid gold, highly influential and still as watchable/readable as it was when it was made: Touch and Maison Ikkoku.

When it comes to anime it's even easier. The best directors (ignoring Ghibli) were Osamu Dezaki and Mamoru Oshii. Oshii's take on Urusei yatsura pretty much permanently decided how anime was gonna look for the next 30 years. Add a bit of Gainax magic and voila, you have modern anime.

I can go on and on about this, maybe just check out my 10's, 9's and 8's and keep in my mind I give ratings according to the time it was released. I checked out your lists as well and I think we might have similar taste so maybe you'll like the stuff I really liked?
Yotsuya112 Dec 7, 2017 4:17 AM
Thanks! For the last couple of years, I've actally been doing a chronological read- and watchthrough of anime/manga and animation and comics/graphic novels in general, during my bored moments. Basically for the exact same purpose of knowing where things originate from and what kind of snowball effect made anime what it is today. I remember being overwhelmed by Madoka Magica and was thinking I needed alot more context to get of sense of what i was seeing, so i started checking out older stuff. I wanted to see who influenced whom and what's actually original or just copies for something else.

So, although my knowledge is limited to animation and comics from before the 90's, (I couldn't tell you about classic Japanese literature, theatre, movies,...), I can definitely help you out if you're looking for the roots of certain genres. Let me know!
Terrestrious Dec 1, 2017 4:44 PM
Let me know what you thin when/if you ever get around to checking out those episodes.

You know, Marvel movies to me often feel like I an episodic TV Show, that every now and again I'd be paying for the next installment in a TV series (and in my case, when I was skipping a ton of the episodes), I think Whedon's bland directing may have been an establishing element there. Of course it's not the only reason, a lot of those movies are homogenized in other areas but I do think that was definitely an factor now. Nice to hear that the comedic/threatening line is towed better in Buffy, it's definitely true that it's a certain benefit of television having more time to operate. I don't think it's an easy combination to get down, at least not for me, but it should certainly be more palatable in a more serialized format than a solo concentrated effort. And I've heard quite a few mixed things about the Justice League, haven't seen it yet (and I'm not sure I'm going to) but it's pretty odd to think Whedon had a hand in both the Avengers and the Justice League.

Haha, I caught a few episodes of Doctor Who during the Tennant years and quite enjoyed what I watched but that length of the show detracted me from ever watching it regularly. And the show's still going on, right? I remember hearing some controversy over having a woman Doctor (which is, quite frankly sad that so many people would take issue with that). Out of curiosity, who was your favorite doctor?

I'll be binge-watching a ton of anime this month (along with a bunch of other stuff) and Made in Abyss is near the very top of that list, and boy, am I glad to hear they toned down the sexualization. In the two episodes I saw I only recall a brief scene with Riko getting whipped as punishment I believe, and though brief and more played for comedy (I think, it definitely wasn't framed to be sexy anyway), it was worrisome hearing what I heard about the manga. Of course, it still sounds like it'll be a problem, maybe more so for me since I haven't touched the manga, but at least it sounds like my favorite parts of the show (same as you) should remain solid. The show was never going to be my favorite from the year anyway with Rakugo, but I did think it had potential to place second. Sexualizing the children cast is definitely going to be the biggest mark against though, hopefully it won't be too bad.

lol, "accidentally". It's been about a month (sorry about that) so I assume you've had time to play both of them quite a bit, thoughts? Breath of the Wild isn't really my genre so I didn't spend too much time in that game but Odyssey is probably my second favorite game this year (with Sonic Mania being number one) and it's maybe my favorite Mario game.
Terrestrious Nov 6, 2017 6:35 PM
Those are all fair points, and I don't really disagree with any of them really. Season 3 definitely featured the least interesting finale yet and I definitely agree with not being happy about the season ending by essentially just hitting the reset button on everything. When they out-right said they'd be going to back to the way things were in the earlier seasons, my immediate thought was "Well, I guess three will remain my favorite season"). And it's true that the earlier seasons featured more one-offs with more unique plotting or concept's behind them, but still, character work is almost always going to win out for me I think. This might all change in re-watch of course, I don't think I've seen a single episode of Rick & Morty twice unless we're counting commentary tracks. Outside of The Ricklantis Mixup, the other episodes of season three that stood out to me where Pickle Rick, Morty's Mind-Blowers, and I don't remember the name but the episode where Rick & Morty get detoxed, creating alternate versions of themselves filled with what they consider to be toxic (and the Rick's love for Morty being included was a really satisfying conclusion). And those are all really excellent choices, Mortynight Run is perhaps my brother's favorite episode (it's between that or The Ricklantis Mixup for him) and Total Rickall is either my second or third.

Yeah, I'm really excited for that crossover. When it was first announced I was excited solely because the ridiculousness of the premise, but now four episodes into season 13, I'm looking forward to it because this season has been remarkably good. Like I still had major issues with one of the episodes but this season easily has the potential to pass season 8 as my favorite post Kripke season. No season after 5 has started off this consistently good, with the most recent episode being the best (though episode five will probably be a step-down since it won't include the new character who is primarily responsible for this season being surprisingly good).

And yeah, the whole series isn't worth watching but the series has had several excellent episodes in it's later years. Most of my favorite ones tend to be ones tied into an on-going narrative so I really can't recommend those but there are a few that I can recommend. The first one that springs to my mind is season six's "Weekend at Bobby's", it's a must-watch if you're a fan of Bobby. Basically the episode is centered around Bobby, and his daily life. I haven't seen it in years but as far as I recall Sam & Dean only appear in like three or four scenes. It even resolves a hanging plot thread from season five. Another episode that comes to mind, though it's one I personally hate, is season six's "The French Mistake". The premise of that episode is that Sam & Dean get transported into our world, where Supernatural is a television show and Sam & Dean are just characters played by Jared & Jensen. To me it went way too far and completely broke immersion, which is one of the biggest crimes a show can commit for me. It's a divisive episode though, so you might end up on the other side of the spectrum (and I do think there were some funny moments).

Two other episodes that come to mind are still loosely tied to the narrative but I figure I'll throw them out. The 200th episode in season 10 is a lot of fun, it's centered around a high school musical production of the books Chuck wrote detailing the first five seasons of the show. So we get a MOTW episode celebrating the first five years of the show with some musical numbers. I have to wonder if the episode was written with the intent of pulling viewers back in because there's one scene in the episode that goes out of it's way to list every major plot point that happened in-between season five and the 200th. I doubt you care but spoiler warning if you check that one out. The final episode is season 11's "Baby" which is all about the Impala. It's actually a pretty visually distinct episode, there isn't a single shot in that episode that doesn't feature the Impala (meaning most of the episode takes place inside it, but not all of them. It's mostly a MOTW but they do contain scenes the build on that season's storyline.

Hmm, sounds pretty interesting. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

I'm not super well-versed in Joss Whedon's works. Ignoring Toy Story, the first piece of work from him I saw was Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog which actually might be my favorite from his, if only because of how much I love several of the songs (with My Eyes probably being my favorite of the bunch). I have seen both Avengers movies in theatres though, and my thoughts on those are pretty mixed. The first Avengers movie I thought was great. A few scenes dragged a tad too long for me but otherwise, it was a really well constructed superhero action film, that crescendo'd into one of the finest action epics by the conclusion. Everything from The Hulk's "I'm always angry" onward was a blast, but Avengers 2 I kinda hated. Outside of the Hulkbuster scene and a few other scenes, it just really didn't work for me. A lot of that is on Ultron, who I thought was way too comedic for me to ever take seriously as a threat, and the fact that he somehow lost when he took over the internet is laughable. I also was a little annoyed about the amount of quipping, it got to the point where lines from Captain America where indistinguishable from Iron Man lines. When everyone's always cracking joke, the sense of individuality in the characters is lost. Still, one bad movie isn't going to stop me from eventually checking out his other works (especially when I liked the other two), and even if 7 is generally considered one of the worst, it's pretty neat to hear your favorites seasons are a bit spread out. Rather a show still be capable of producing some of it's best work at the end of it's life too.

Oh boy, that is a massive investment. I've seen several episodes from TNG and like one from the original and Deep Space Nine, and while I liked what I saw, there's no way I'm putting in that kind of commitment. But how's it been so far? I believe the original series isn't very lengthy (I want to say 79 episodes, which I mean, is lengthy to me but relative to TNG which is like 200 I think?), have you finished that yet?

Yeah, I kinda fell out of anime. I wanted to start getting back into it, and I got off to a good start with March Comes in Like a Lion but then Super Mario Odyssey released and that kinda took most of my free time and pushed it back into the back-burner again. And wow, that's rare. Without spoilers if you can, what makes the anime better than the manga in your opinion? Does the anime make any significant changes to the story, or is it mostly a case of the production elevating the story (from the episodes I've seen, the background art and music are among my favorite things from the series)? When I get back into watching anime, I want to try catching up on currently airing shows that I was interested in starting but haven't yet. But after those Made in Abyss is definitely next on my watch list.

& lol, hope I don't disappoint.
Terrestrious Oct 23, 2017 7:01 PM
To be fair to IMDB, a lot these big sites rating systems produce weird results. Never been too big of a fan of how MAL's rating system is essentially designed to ensure Gintama dominates the top of the lists. What have been your favorite episodes of Rick & Morty? As for lows, I can't recall too many low points for me, though that may be because of the short episode order. The second Interdimensional Cable episode fell almost completely flat for me though, and I really didn't like how season two, seemed to almost justify Rick's behavior with the character's innate sadness (particularly in Get Schwifty, that was less defending him by his sadness and more because he provides results). Don't know if that's the best way to describe it, but season three definitely felt like a change in the right direction. Either way, I liked season three dedication to exploration the family dynamics and the personal issues of the family in general, it's my favorite season of the show, even though overall I do love all seasons.

That's definitely a mindset I'm trying to actively cultivate, rather than my passive "I intend to watch it/more but have no idea when I'll get around to it". With Supernatural at this point I want to finish it (and I've enjoyed the new season thus far), and especially since they're doing a Scooby Doo crossover but with other shows I might try that. For example, I hear Dexter's really good for the first two or three seasons but I've heard nothing but harsh criticisms lobbied against the latter seasons (and I know the finale is dumb). Haha, Bryan Cranston was actually one of the main reasons I watched Breaking Bad (him & Vince Gilligan, who wrote several of my favorite X-Files episodes). After the first episode, and later especially once he adapted the iconic bald look, I never once thought of him as Hal. Bryan Cranston is one of my favorite actors, if not my favorite, primarily because he nailed two distinct, almost completely opposite roles, better than most could nail one. Both series are fantastic though, two of the best in their fields too, though I'm not that experienced in dramas.

I haven't seen any of those. Only think I heard of Twin Peaks and Firefly, both of which I have been interested in seeing for awhile. Really cool to hear Twin Peaks ends (minus season three) so strong and since season three aired, I should probably get around to starting that. I think my brother wants to watch it too, so I'll probably suggest that for the series we watch once we finish American Gods & Curb Your Enthusiasm, assuming it's on a streaming platform I have access to. Of the other three series, Rome definitely sounds the most appealing to me. And ah, I've heard that about Buffy before. I've never seen it, though what I hear about episodes like Hush makes me really curious to start it, but one of my friends is a big fan of the show but I don't think he ever ended up finishing it. So is it like, the first three seasons are really solid and it goes downhill? Or is it less convenient than that?

Also, have you ever seen the anthology series Black Mirror? I haven't myself but it's definitely been a series I've had my eye on as of late. I don't have Netflix at the moment but if I ever get it back that's probably going to be the first thing on my list. Curious if you seen it and if you had, what's your favorite episode is (without spoilers). And that's a shame about Re:Creators, I was on the fence about watching it but it definitely doesn't sound like something I'm going to check out now. Not with the ridiculous amount of stuff I want to watch that comes out anyway. & Sorry about the almost exactly one-month later response time.