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Terrestrious Jul 3, 10:28 PM
Ah, that sounds about right. Like I said, the whole thing with his dad's death is something I entirely forgot about it until you mentioned it, since I definitely believe you remember more than I do, and that does seem to line up with Light's character pretty well. What a scumbag.

Yeah now that you mention it I can't imagine Near ever going to school like L did. I guess Mello definitely did capture the other important characteristics from L. I suppose Near's more blatant visual resemblance blinded me to Mello's own inherited traits or faulty memory is really hindering me. I wouldn't put torturing Misa passed Near though, if I only because I subscribe to the theory that Near used the Death Note to ensure his victory in the end (if only because most external information I've read regarding it seem to all but confirm it). And my comparison to Hunter x Hunter and JoJo certainly wasn't the best choice since those are definitely more clearly segmented than Death Note. Perhaps something like Kaiji would've been a better reference point, since it basically follows the main character through a singular story, though one that's separated into 'distinct' parts, each that focus on different gambling situations, maintaining the psychological and intense strategy that made the series from day one (as well as the hype man narrator with his over-the-top metaphors), though they did end up emphasizing that more than some of the more interesting nature of gamblers insights we got in season one. It's still less about the overarching plot than Death Note is, but I do think it's a better comparison point. And if you haven't seen/read it, Kaiji is worth checking out imo.

Wow, that definitely sounds problematic. I think I have Bakuman on my plan to watch, so I'll likely check it out at some point but this certainly doesn't put the show very high on my plan to watch list. The idea of focusing on mangaka's interest me, and I'm not sure how much the sexism would bother me (I imagine it depends on how much the linger on the female characters and how good the content is aside from that) but I'm not particularly eager to find out where I fall there.

I have been reading! I can't really update my list because I still haven't read most of Chimera Ant in manga form, but I've been keeping up with the chapters and checking the forums after reading them. I haven't had much to comment, partially because I didn't really refresh myself enough (I only re-read 360), I had to google who Halkenberg was after 361 to remember his role in the story for example (the most prominent case). And yeah, Togashi gets criticized a lot for his art, likely because he released some awful scribble art before during the weekly release but outside of those instances, I love his style. How he'll morph the style depending on the context of the scene, some panels can be really well detailed for emphasis (the two page spread that revealed the Dark Continent) or to create a different mood. 362 really committed to the gothic, otherwordly nature of the Nen Beasts with the creepy designs and the shading. I really loved the panel where Theta realized that Tserriednic is the one person who can't learn Nen, the dark, almost distorted background and everything about Tserriednich's design just perfectly encapsulates why she holds that opinion, why he can't learn Nen.
Terrestrious Jun 24, 7:27 PM
I don't really remember the details about Light killing his father, I don't think he wanted to do it but I'm not really sure. To be honest, I completely forgot that happened until you mentioned it. That's definitely an important moment, but at this point for me it's an afterthought. Outside of his like for chocolate I can't honestly remember any traits Mello had from L. I remember him being a lot more louder than Near. I mean, I feel Mello wasn't developed enough in the first place but I just thought Near barely had anything to distinguish himself from L, outside of the fact that L didn't constantly to himself like Near referred to L. I always bounced back and forth whether I think that made Near an interesting character or if the series was just kinda lampshading the repeat. I did like that it was a team effort between the both of them that took Light down, and I liked how the anime framed that as L's victory. You said in the manga he just dies in the warehouse, does that mean that Light's last image being L was an anime-original too? I rather liked that ending piece, since it directly connected the ending to the early half, and it made sense with how much Light ended up respecting L (in a decision I'm sure drove the Yaoi fans wild), as I distinctly remember him getting pissed about Near's L imitation (didn't Near also wear an L mask to their confrontation)?

I do understand the appeal and why the story would shift in that direction but I feel there's value in keeping the core appeal of the show all throughout. Hunter x Hunter and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure change drastically depending on the arc/part but the core mechanics of the series remain unaltered. The clever thought-out battles in both's case, JoJo's flamboyish dramatics never truly fade even in the more serious parts, and Hunter x Hunter also has a more intense focus on character drama and weight. It seemed like they mostly abandoned their selling point, and I don't think what they replaced it with had more poignancy. It honestly felt like further confirmation that Light was in the wrong all along. Which I suppose is necessary to showcase further, especially with how many people I've seen still viewing Light as some tragic figure (to be fair, I get that to an extent since the amnesia arc showed him as a drastically unbelievably nice guy, but in episode one Light with the Death Note was instantly presented as megalomaniac, to the point where his mission statement from episode 1 is the same as it was in episode 37 but that's unrelated to this discussion). I guess I get the appeal but I think the trade-off was too much. Glad to hear that Matt had something in the manga, and with the changes to the end, I might have to check out the manga eventually. Would be nice to go through the series again, if only for the L portion as L is legitimately one of my favorite characters ever.

What issues have you had with Ohba's other works? I'm pretty sure I've never touched anything else he worked on, so my perception of his works ends at Death Note. I have heard that his series tend to be pretty sexist, is that it? I never recognized that in Death Note, I can get why Misa would come across like that but I also took her role as more of a fanatic tool for the plot to move forward than a woman to be subservient to Light's whims (though I guess both were true). And I feel Naomi Penber (or whatever her last name actually was since I believe she was just his fiancee) balanced it out, since she was really competent despite dying early on. Speaking of Death Note, you going to check out the Netflix live action adaption?

The name Katushiro Otomo didn't ring a bell so I looked him up and wow, the guy behind Akira did the Mushishi movie? That's an interesting choice, I definitely do feel the bombast of Akira's world would match Mushishi's so it's hard to go on. It's also neat to learn that the mangaka actually was the director of the movie. If someone's going to adapt a manga into a film, hard to think of anyone better suited to the task than the creator of the manga.
Terrestrious Jun 11, 10:59 PM
Honestly though, I totally get the hate for the latter part of Death Note. I saw Death Note in 2012 mind you so my memory of it isn't that fresh but I just remember the show transforming from this quick paced mental chess game into a slow plodding boring mess that just kinda stumbles into an incredible finish. The last episode (I think the penultimate was good too) is still one of my favorite endings, and it largely made the experience worth it but outside of Mikami pen scene I just can't remember much about the show that captured the energy. I guess it's because L was such an instrumental part of the experience, and Light was subletting most of the activities but I don't remember it that much so I can only go off the impression it left me with. I do recall Mello being really underdeveloped, along with Matt. Both of whom I believe got more in the manga, not sure. I'm also not sure whether or not I think Near is an interesting character in his own light or a boring L copy-cat. I lean towards the former. And yeah, hopefully it's something similar for Erased for you.

I only remember a scant amount of Mushishi titles, most of the ones I ranked in my top twelve mostly being the only ones. And the specials are a bit easier to remember too. And just checked the prices for the volumes on Amazon and yikes! The cheapest one I saw was about 24 dollars and the most expensive was around 189 dollars. The rest seemed to float around 40 bucks but that is definitely way to much. If I had a kindle I might considering picking them up since they're eight dollars on there, but I only barely understand what a kindle is and don't plan to buy them, so I'll stick to the DVD's. I looked to see if they released Zoku Shou on DVD on amazon real quickly and didn't find anything outside of some complete series though I'm uncertain if those just mean the original since there was like eight years between seasons. Might check more in-depth once I get paid. Something I saw while I was searching was the live-action Mushishi movie, have you ever watched it? I've been meaning to pick it up (it's ridiculously cheap, six bucks) but have always been pretty reluctant to get it. I'll undoubtedly watch it eventually though but it'd be nice to hear some thoughts on it and know what I'm getting into. So if you seen it, was it any good?

lol, yeah, I kept thinking I set a reasonable deadline for myself but I kept missing them. It's going to be real embarrassing if I can't make the 2020 update.
Terrestrious Jun 5, 5:05 PM
Yeah, watching the popular consensus of Erased was pretty interesting. And you're right, it was in the top five. At it's peak it knocked Hunter x Hunter out into number 6, and now it rest at 62. Even though I think the backlash is pretty harsh, I can understand it. I have my problems with the last episode, although hold more appreciation for it than most do since I think they have some pretty interesting visual ideas in one particular scene, even if it didn't work for me (trying to be vague here so not to spoil). I think you'll be able to tell the point when people start to switch off the series, maybe less so in the manga. The anime did a lot of what Death Note did. Both can kinda be divided into two arcs, for Death Note as you know it's the L arc and the Near arc. In the manga, I've heard (haven't read the Death Note manga) that both arcs are about the same exact length, yet in the anime L's arc is about twice as long as Near. Erased's overall story is a bit tighter than Death Note's, but you could still make a case that there are two arcs. In the manga they're more or less the same length, while in the anime the first one takes up most of the show. I honestly think this was for the best, but it'll be interesting to read the opinion of someone who read the manga first. I do think the series is worth checking out anyway, there's a lot of great content.

Which one was Cotton Spore? The only one I can think of is Cotton Changeling (I think the manga might've had different names for them maybe), the ones about the 'human' baby mushi. If you meant that one, it's definitely one of my favorites. Love the ending conversation between Ginko & the mushi, it was fascinating hearing Ginko converse with the Mushi, and basically describe the eastern philosophy at the core of the show to him. I don't remember Inside the Cage too well to be honest, but I remember loving it (like most). I need to re-watch the first season at some-point. Depths of Winter is definitely one of my favorites though, loved the atmosphere in that one. I actually remember that I made a list at the end of the series of my favorite episodes (in order of air date) . . .

I. Raindrops and Rainbows
II. Sunrise Serpent
III. String from the Sky
IV. A Sea of Writings
V. Cotton Changeling
VI. Shrine in the Sea
VII. Beneath the Snow
VIII. Floral Delusion
IX. Valley of the Welling Tides
X. Depths of Winter
XI. Lingering Crimson
XII. Azure Waters

I'd probably add Fragrant Darkness to the list now, since it's one of the episodes I reflect the most upon. And if we're counting the movie/specials, I also loved Drop of Bells.
Terrestrious May 26, 5:00 PM
Have you read this yet? Don't know how legitimate the source is but I've read that this account also reported on Volume 34 before it became official (Shueisha has added it to their catalogue) so I think/hope this is pretty credible. Just one month to wait . . .

& I have to say, your theory sounds a lot more plausible then mine. Reminds me somewhat how Yu Yu Hakusho ultimately ended, with Togashi more or less finishing it because we wasn't allowed to continue the way he wanted (citing that all his experimental ideas [like Yu Yu Hakusho just being a TV series with all the characters just being portrayed by actors] were rejected), mainly that all the main cast was already developed so he'd have to keep writing the same things or start deconstructing them (which I believe was also rejected, not 100% on that I'd have to search up the interview again). It'd kinda make sense that he'd worked Hunter x Hunter to circumvent this problem, more or less providing a conclusion to Gon & Killua's story so he can branch off. On that note, I do hope Gon & Killua, as much as I love them, stay out of the Dark Continent Arc. The arc's already a bit crowded, Gon's scene with Mito operated as a temporary send-off, and I kinda just love the idea of Hunter x Hunter having a revolving door cast that extends to every character. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens when it comes back. Even if it's only for a month, it's sure to be one hell of a month.

Mushishi always seemed like a perfect adaption, and I saw it top both your favorites so I had to ask. I might still check out the Mushishi manga since I love the anime but it seems a little less urgent now. Thank you. I usually try listening to fitting music when I read manga too, which is usually made easier by the fact that I tend to mostly read series I've already seen in anime form, so I can just play the OST they did or some fitting tracks from other series. Since I haven't read Mushishi, and I feel like I need to see both the source and the adaption to determine the best one, I think I'd say ERASED is the best adaption I've seen. Mostly because it emphasized the best qualities of the manga while downplaying a lot of it's weak-points, the final arc, despite reaching the same conclusion, was pretty different in both versions and I personally thought the anime version was stronger (though I didn't necessarily love either). But back to Mushishi, do you have a favorite story? I don't think I do, but if I had to go with one, I'd probably go with Azure Waters, that ending has stayed with me for a long time.
Terrestrious May 15, 3:26 PM
Ah, that makes sense. I don't blame you for not bringing the volumes either, I don't really like to travel with anything valuable.

And definitely, Ging's statement at the end of the Election arc is a pretty perfect encapsulation of Hunter x Hunter's mission statement and how I feel about the series. To be honest, I always wondered if part of the reason for the length hiatus after the Election arc was because Togashi wanted the anime to end there. He wrote that arc during the series first few months and didn't return from the hiatus until it was apparent the anime wouldn't be continuing. It's most likely that this was just a coincidence than anything intentional, but it's pretty amazing that the 2011 anime got to end on such a fitting note. I don't think it ending on any other arc would've worked, so I'm glad that got to finish up there. That said, I wouldn't be opposed to getting another cour from Madhouse once there's enough material for it but my current hope for the anime is just that they'd adapt more as each arc finishes. I don't need another reboot of the series another decade down the road.

Interesting, so that extends to Mushishi? I've actually put off starting the Mushishi manga because I can't imagine it beginning to capture the atmosphere the show cultivated. Not necessarily at the fault of the manga, but the sound direction in the anime is the best I've heard, everything from the steps on snow or that storm in Azure Water totally helped me get immersed, that latter instance actually felt like there was just a storm happening outside while I'm watching. I also loved the score, but it's just hard to imagine the manga capturing that atmosphere as intensely. I'll still probably read it eventually, since I love Mushishi but I'm wondering if there's any difference between the two version, like if there were any details omitted in the anime due to time constraints.

As for Hunter x Hunter, I think it's a pretty good sign if medium preference dictates which version you prefer. I do think I have a bit more gripes with Madhouse's adaption than the manga, as we've discussed (on a side note to this, the Testing Gate is my biggest problem with Leorio's treatment in the anime, if only because they replaced it with perhaps the most generic moment that happened in the series) but I feel the general enhancements make up for me. Most of that is due to the fantastic score (during Chimera Ant at least, have some issues with it outside of that arc [to clarify, the songs are usually still good but I don't think their implementation was always good (Hisoka's theme happened way too frequently early on for example)]) and the phenomenal seiyuu's (Megumi Han in particular, absolutely heartbreaking hearing Gon's breakdown with Pitou, and I had read that scene before seeing it animated so I worried it'd lose some of it's punch) though I do agree the expressiveness of Togashi's art was lost. Of course, I still consider the anime to be one of the most consistently well-animated and beautiful looking shows out there but I do love how evocative Togashi's facial expressions can be.

& haha, I totally get that. My first experience with Hunter x Hunter, outside of maybe reading the first chapter in a Shonen Jump many years ago, was the first episode of the 2011 anime. I've definitely put off shows for lesser issues (I dropped the first episode of Brotherhood because I hated the VA change for Al in the dubbed, took me years to start what has ended up becoming one of my favorite anime and one that's responsible for me starting to invest into anime and get a MAL in the first place), but honestly, I think it's probably for the best that dropped it until later. I started late and caught up literally right as the palace invasion was starting and it was excruciating waiting a week for each new episode as opposed to just binging them like I had done prior.
Terrestrious May 10, 2:10 AM
Well, you seem to have gotten much farther in the time it took me to log back on to MAL, lol. Seems like next time I read, I'll have your comments to look forward to. I got to say, I really like you're nicknames for Genthru's partners, Whatshisface and Thatotherguy.

& I agree in general that writing comments helps make the re-read better. Although I also partially use it because it helps me remember content longer if I jot it down, or at least my feelings. Sometimes if there's a funnier joke I want to remember it'd be easier enough to find it through my posts for example. I generally comment on most of the manga I've read, outside of he ones with hundreds of posts, it's definitely something that enriches the experience.

I agree that each new chapter feels like a celebration. To be honest, I've kinda already accepted that Hunter x Hunter may never finish Togashi's intended run. Even if that does happen, Chimera Ant told an amazing story on it's own, so it's basically cemented as my favorite just for that. Anything we get after is extra. Not to sound dismissive of the later content, the Dark Continent has the potential to be better than Chimera Ant, I just mean it in a, I'm satisfied with whatever we get kinda way because we got Chimera Ant from it.

Yeah, I prefer the Madhouse adaption though a lot of that has to simply do with the fact that I prefer anime to manga in general. I do think the manga has several advantages to the anime though, Madhouse made a few decisions that I wasn't a fan of, especially after reading the manga. I generally think both the Hunter Exam and Zoldyck Family arc are better in the manga, and I still don't fully understand the rationale behind leaving Kite out of the beginning, other than attempt to get to the later arcs quicker. Also, kinda wish they kept in the Gyro stuff from the manga, but I understand that's exclusion so it's cool. The rest of the arcs are better in the anime, granted, I only read like the last fourth of Chimera Ant in manga form. What about you?
Terrestrious Apr 28, 8:10 PM
I may go back and check your comments in the thread then, at least for the arc ending chapters. & lol, yeah that's a positive to weak discussion threads. I'm glad the series is popular of course, but it took a long time to read through the discussion pages when the series wasn't on hiatus (that feels like forever ago). I had much more free time then, so when it comes back I'll probably just skim the discussion threads when/if it comes back.

And yeah, I can imagine reading Chimera Ant as it was coming out would've been excruciating. If I recall correctly, it took 8 years for the story to finish, and I've seen the drawings that Togashi put out initially. I think Insan3/Ston3_FreeN7 told me people in the discussion threads who were reading during it's release where even forgetting the names of the characters due to the excessive hiatus'. I'm a little worried about the Dark Continent arc falling victim to that as well, especially since that arc seems like it's the series most ambitious yet. Still, I was impressed with the weekly releases when we got them, they were jam-packed with information (so much so that it felt like reading a novel chapter instead of a manga) and the art was fairly on-point.

& Chimera Ant is easily my favorite arc in the series, and almost definitely my favorite story ever told. I loved the series before it, but it's Chimera Ant that makes Hunter x Hunter my favorite anime of all-time.
Terrestrious Apr 25, 1:33 AM
Yo! Thanks for the compliment, glad to hear it! As someone who always reads the discussion threads, I try to make sure to post my thoughts in them if I feel I have something to add (or if there's a joke I want to remember or something), or just when there isn't a chapter discussion in the first place. Sure not all my post were interesting but I definitely try to make arc end posts a little more insightful at least. Glad to hear that my opinion added some spice in you're re-read, I remember the Yu Yu Hakusho discussion threads being particularly bland, that's if there was any chapter discussion (it's a shame, a lot of older manga series seem to have sparse discussion).

This reminds me that I should pick back up on reading Hunter x Hunter, kinda stopped after Greed Island (I've been waiting til I finished collecting all the volumes containing Chimera Ant before I start, but other purchases got in the way and there's a lot of volumes lol, but I think I'll start again in the next check or two [also been looking at starting the NGE manga]). I actually started reading the manga around the chapter episode 116 took place, so I don't have a ton left I haven't read.