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Terrestrious Jan 17, 1:27 PM
It reminds me a bit of Made in Abyss in that regard, how the first season was an anime and then moved to movies, albeit it's not quite the same situation since Made In Abyss had recap films and I think is going to be primarily a movie series now. Whereas, from what I understand anyway, the Demon Slayer movie will be followed by a season two, which makes sense since I don't think the later arcs would work condensed into a film's runtime, whereas the Infinity Train arc certainly makes sense for one. And considering Infinity Train became the highest grossing film in Japanese history, I think they made the right call making it a movie.

Yeah, chapter 1000 was surprisingly standard. The chapter itself was good but I left it pretty disappointing. It even seemed like Oda was setting chapter 1000 up for something big too, with how the Will of D. was getting brought up in the previous chapters especially with Yamato talking about it at near the end of chapter 999. Chapter 1001 was pretty fun and I'm still enjoying Wano though, so it's not a big deal.

Ended up putting Astro Boy on hold, started to feel like they front-loaded the manga with most of the best stories. There was still good to great stories in the last batch I read admittedly, I think binging it as much as I was started to burn me out when they were getting pretty inconsistent. Found it really weird how early on in the collection The Once Upon a Time arc was, for example.

I feel that, I haven't really been in gaming mood either, even though I semi-recently started playing some new games (most notably, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core). Will probably start playing more games once the Mario 3D World port comes out to Switch. Wasn't super into the game back when it was on the Wii U, and I'm not even that interested in the base game on Switch, but Bowser's Fury sounds awesome. I didn't know what I expect, but a co-op open-world/sandbox Mario game was not what I was expecting. Bowser Jr. being playable, the fact that Bowser will occasionally awaken and change the world and provide a constant threat to the player while he stays awake, and that Mario is even given new movement options (namely the dive) has gotten me hype. Always preferred sandbox Mario, so to think Bowser's Fury was going to be that was really surprising. Pokémon Snap 2 also looked pretty good, do you have any interest in that. One last game thing, Sephiroth in Smash is incredible, and he's one of the most fun DLC characters thus far. Maybe even my favourite.

The Pixar movies are great but this is making me realize how little of them I've seen. I have seen the first eight though, albeit I've never seen the the last third of Ratatouille despite seeing the first two-thirds like two or three times. It was never I didn't like the movie and stopped watching, moreso that they kept playing it in School and never let it finish. But after those eight I've only seen Toy Story 3 & 4, Monsters University, Incredibles 2, and Inside Out. Which movies are going to be new for you? And do you have a favourite so far?
Terrestrious Dec 5, 2020 4:39 PM
Aye, it's just kind of easier than anime to consume quickly, even if I'd probably prefer the anime version. I mostly read Demon Slayer out of curiosity for it's insane popularity, like in four years it managed to become like the tenth best selling manga of all-time, and even sold like a fourth of what One Piece sold in that time. It's just insane to me, and wanted to see if I can figure out why (I'm sure the anime helped it a lot though but it can't just be that). Even if I don't love the series myself, I do think I kinda understand it's popularity. Not entirely sure I'd prefer the anime though. On one hand, Ufotable's animation is usually fantastic and the later fights in the manga I had trouble following the actual flow of the battles. But on the other hand, having to hear Zenitsu's voice would probably ruin him. I think you made a comment that you liked him in his introduction, but I found him kind of annoying from the get-go (though Tanjiro's reactions to him were fun so it wasn't awful) but having to hear him is a different thing altogether. Pretty disappointing how Zenitsu's character development kind of just happened, he got over that needs to be asleep thing with barely any attention.

I would not have survived trying to read Fishman Island week to week, that's probably my least favourite arc in One Piece so I can't say I blame you there. I got another friend in real life who I guess I finally managed to convince to get caught up during the Wano hype, so it's been cool to talk to him about those as they come out too.

Started reading Astro Boy as well, almost entirely because I just want proper context for Pluto, so I'll likely be starting that series soon since I think I'm about to read the story Pluto's adapted from. For the most part, I've quite enjoyed reading Astro Boy on it's own merits though, it's a fun series. One thing I really love about them are all these intro segments with Tezuka himself explaining sort of the history about the chapter. It's pretty fascinating to get this historical account about these stories, adds to the feeling of legacy while reading them.

Tekkon Kinkreet will probably be the first film I see by them (I might watch some of the shorter music videos by them first). No clue when I'll get around to that though. Well, actually I'll probably get to Mind Game first since I do want to finishing going through Yuasa's works. Though with anime I'll probably want to check finish up with Satoshi Kon and watch Paranoia Agent. Some many good stuff to get too.

Wow, Dragon Age II reads as such a regression here, though getting sarcastic personality sounds a lot of fun, lol. Do you have a lot of choices for the voice acting, I kind of imagine there'd probably be limited options based on sex, I believe that's how it was in Mass Effect (didn't play a ton of those games either). I guess it doesn't really matter but I am curious. Hoping the third game ends up as the best one yet, but I feel like I probably hear Origins the most from the series, so I'm not sure if that's due to it's quality or just my social circle. At the very least, hope Dragon Age III works as a good send-off to your PS3.
Terrestrious Dec 2, 2020 12:35 AM
It's a mixed experience, I definitely don't prefer it to binging but it hasn't been as a bad as last times with One Piece, especially when I tried reading Dressrosa week-to-week. It does feel more like a habit/something to do than something I'm actively invested in though, but most of the individual chapters have enough fun and/or charm that it hasn't caused me to put the series on hold. Although there have certainly been a few chapters that I get very little out, I just get bored of the action focus I guess. And I also want to be able to read chapter 1000 as it comes out, as that's certain to be a massive chapter for the series. I think it also helps that unlike Dressrosa and Whole Cake Island, Wano feels like an endgame. To best avoid spoilers, and just because I spent so much of my life on One Piece, I would like to experience it's ending live, and it actually feels like we're on one of the last arcs.

That endgame thing is a big part of why I keep checking into MHA, since that really does feel like it's wrapping up. I know it's not the last arc and recent chapters have made it seem more clear that they baddies will run away but it just really felt like the series was wrapping up, especially with Bakugo's developments, stuff like his body just moving on it's on and saving Deku paralleling Deku's pivotal moment in the first chapter. Kirishima got to pay back Pinky for the Machia stuff in his past, getting Deku vs. Shigaraki, the fact that so much it read to me like a resolution has kept it an interesting read. The Dabi revelations (which I think everyone called around his introduction, but I appreciated how it was revealed at the very beginning of the last chapter, shows Horikoshi knows everyone figured it out so he didn't treat it as the big chapter cliffhanger). I'm thankful for that though cause I'm not sure I've enjoyed the series much outside of these sides. I really don't like how the power scale jumped from like 10 to 1,000 in this most recent arc. The escalation is too much. Though I loved how Twice's story arc ended up, his death chapter is one of the best of the series, so the arc hasn't been too awful.

I looked into Studio 4°C and I've barely seen anything from them, and everything I did see, I didn't rate very high. My favourite thing I saw from them is probably PES: Peace Eco Smile, which is a 7 short episode Toyota ad but I do remember that anime specifically being incredibly beautiful (and having really great music too). Scrolling through their page on MAL, a lot of the pictures caught my eye, I'm going to look into them a bit more after I finishing typing this. One of them is bound to connect on a level beyond gorgeous visuals I'd hope, but if I just get the gorgeous visuals, that's not much of a loss.

Ah I see. I don't really collect much physical media so I never looked into that. I'm kinda neutral on the PS5 design myself, but I'd take it over the X-Box Series X's big black rectangle.

They're just HD ports, the only real differences come with the hardware. For example, in Super Mario Galax, Mario has a spin move in Galaxy that in the Wii version, you could only perform by shaking the controller, that's now instead been mapped to a button. And thank god, when I heard about that I was really glad I never got to play Galaxy on the Wii. It doesn't remove all the motion controls though, many of them are kept in with the gyroscope, which I understand is the more authentic experience but I would've love the option for some traditional controls cause I hate controlling some of these "vehicles" with them, but I'm sure that'd be true on the Wii (and I use the Pro controller, maybe it'd be better with the Joy-Cons). The star pointer in portable mode is touch screen operated from what I heard, don't know that I like that but I never play in portable mode so maybe it's fine in practice.

Originally, Sunshine was compatible with the Gamecube controller, but Nintendo recently patched that in. They even made it with the analog triggers functionality, so that how much you press the R button will determine how much water Mario sprays with FLUDD, so with that update you can basically play it exactly as if it was on the Gamecube.

It is worth noting that for Super Mario 64 they're actually using the Shindou version. Basically in Japan only, they re-released Super Mario 64 about a year after it's first released. It's basically identical from the original version except it had the English voices (with some lines changed/removed "So long, king/gay Bowser" for example [not because people mishearing it, because he's not called Bowser there) and Rumble functionality added-in. They always removed the Backwards Long Jump glitch that would become a staple for speedrunners. As far as I know, those are the only differences from the original release.

So yeah, basically just straight up ports. I do know Sunshine had some emulation issues but as far as I know those were patched out in the update that added the Gamecube controller. And the issues were minor to begin with. It's slightly disappointing that they didn't do more with them, or I guess, Sunshine. Sunshine's has a strange lack of polish for a Nintendo game, and features some straight up jank physics (the Pachinko bonus level is a nightmare I gave up on) but it was preserved warts and all. Just as a reminder, Nitendo is going to stop selling the collection physically and on it's digital store front after March 31st, 2021. I'm under the assumption that they'll just be selling the games separately on the eshop after that, and the only bonus features in the game is the entire soundtrack for all three games so if I'm right there's no real rush. But it's one ofthe reasons I picked it up immediately.

I knew you were going through PS3 games, I didn't know why though. That's a really cool idea though, how many games do you have left? And I played a little of Dragon Age: Origins (I think it was Origins anyway) but not enough to well, even remember if it was Origins or not lol. I remember there being a dog you could name, was that Origins? Whatever Dragon Age it was, I only played the beginning prologue section bit and from what I recall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was looking forward to playing more. I don't know what happened, I'm thinking because it was my brother's copy on his 360 I just never made time for it when he was usually playing the 360 and I had the PS3. I
Terrestrious Nov 29, 2020 3:33 AM

I mostly watched the second season because I watched the first season with my brother, and I figured if we were going to watch it again, it might've well been when the manga was fresh on my mind so I can more directly compare them. I really wish Shingo Natsume was still helming the series. I do like the manga much more though regardless, I love the art and especially the flipbook animation sequences. Absolutely breathtaking work by Murata. Also, I was so invested in Garou's character that I went ahead and just finished that whole arc in the webcomic. I don't know if you read it so I don't want to say much, but I will say it's the peak of One Punch Man so far. Reminded me more of Mob Psycho in all honesty.

Pretty cool that you got to go through FFVII essentially spoiler-free. Sans Aerith's death but I'm pretty sure anyone who's even heard of Final Fantasy VII knows Aerith dies in it. Pretty sure the first time I heard about the game it was about her death sequence.

Ah yes, the next generation of gaming. To be honest, at the moment Astro's Playroom is the only reason I want a PS5 (loved Rescue Mission, heard nothing but praise for it, and it comes free on the system) so it'll probably be quite awhile til I get one, though I have a PS4 so it makes less sense to buy. With PS5 being backwards compatible with PS4, you'll have a lot of games you can grab when/if you grab it next year. I also hear the Dualsense controller is amazing, one of the best ever. I'm a bit skeptical of that myself, mostly since the design seems modeled after the Xbox & I prefer the classic design they've been using since day one. Interested in the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers though.

One thing I read that was pretty interesting was Sneeze!, a collection of short stories by Naoki Urasawa that I tried to get approved into MAL but seemingly failed. Outside of Damiyan, none of these one-shots are even featured in MAL, which is slightly annoying but whatever, it was cool to read through some of his other works, and get brief comments from Urasawa on their history and stuff. One of the stories "It's a Beautiful Day" ends with Urasawa telling how the manga came to be, and I felt like context of that one-shot is what made it work, which is kinda neat. One of the one-shots is just a series of stories about like Urasawa's experiences with musicians. One of those is like a Looney Tunes/Tom & Jerry thing about mice. I always love looking at the shorter pieces from mangaka, even if the stories aren't anything too special, it's always interesting to get a better grasp on their portfolio.

Outside of that, not really. The last two anime I watched a pretty similar in the respect that they were visually outstanding but a tad indecipherable. With Puparia, it's a three minute short done by one guy, Shingo Tamagawa. If nothing else, I really want Shingo to succeed in the anime industry because the artwork here is top-notch, the character designs and the backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous. You can watch it here, if you're interested. Maybe you could extract some meaning out of the visuals which I couldn't, I feel like he might trying to say something with this. But even as just a demo reel of his artwork, I think it's cool for that.

The other one was Children of the Sea. This was actually a movie I was super excited to see in theatres, back when that was an option, and that was entirely because I saw some gifs on twitter about it that made it look like the most visually stunning anime out there. I finally got to watch it at home instead, and it more or less lived up to my expectations. There's a few visual missteps, usually small stuff like a few walking scenes using CGI backgrounds which just made it look wonky, but overall an absolute gorgeous film which may just be the best looking anime feature. I think the movie's worth watching for the visual spectacle alone, I just wish it wasn't only worth watching for the visual spectacle.

It's not really fair to call indecipherable but I definitely feel like the plot was disjointed and not really well explained. Some plot threads are brought up but barely touched upon so they didn't really register any meaningful connection with me, some I don't even know why they were even in the film. And the movie's climax is this like high concept animation sequence that is absolutely breathtaking from visually about I was kind more focused on questions of "what am I watching?". I wasn't really emotionally invested in the conflict because I didn't fully grasp the scenario I was watching play out. And granted, I do get the character side of things now, there were some actions that confused me while watching it that I made sense of later when thinking about it but I'd be lying if I say I truly grasped the plot here, at least by the end. Again, I'm glad I seen it just because there's so many beautiful shots and moments of animation but I don't think I'll be revisiting this one.

Most of my time has been going to games as of late. Mostly playing the 3D Mario All-Stars Collection and Hollow Knight. I only ever really played Mario 64 through the DS port before, so going through the classic has been pretty fun. Still hate those Bowser boss fights though. I played a good amount of Sunshine growing up but never beat it, finally did it a few weeks back. It was the one I focused on first, really interesting and fun Mario game but I kind of hate the structure of the game. Having to do the first seven missions of every level in order to beat the game makes collecting Shines useless since they're not really tied to progression anymore and it removes the freedom of the other 3D Mario titles that makes them so fun. Not a huge issue though since the game's still fun and at least I can glitch my way past some of the more annoying missions. Galaxy I only ever played as the second player once so I've never played Galaxy before. It might shape up to be my favourite of the collection, and I love that goes back to the freedom of the 64. Since I never played this one before, I've been going for just about every star in every level, and it's really cool to like, unlock a new set of levels and see that I could skip straight the Boss fight and not play any of the levels in order to progress. Not that I ever did that, but I like seeing the option available pop up.

Hollow Knight was made free on PSN this month, which reminded me that I bought it months ago and never touched it. My backlog of PSN games is ridiculously high & I've kind of accepted I'll never get through most of them. But I'm glad I made time for Hollow Knight because it's one of my favourites games of all-time. Never really touch Metroidvania's because backtracking is probably my least favourite word in gaming but always had an eye on Hollow Knight because of it's general aesthetics, the hand drawn gothic style of the world is very appealing to me. Backtracking did bother me on occasion, mostly when I kept dying to a difficult boss that without any checkpoint close by but most of the time the game is really good about providing one. One time I thought there wasn't any close by, I actually found a hidden one right next to the boss after defeating it, felt like a real idiot since they even had a sign pointing to it. The game actually offers a lot of clues to it's hidden areas actually. There was a sub-area I missed entirely, I eventually looked up a guide to see where on the map to access it, and when I got to that point I noticed enemies flying by the breakable wall that come from that sub-area. The only other instance of them showing up out of that sub-area I can think of was another time they were right by a different entrance to the sub-area. That's a really clever game design, I could've easily figure it out just due to the enemy placement.

And back to backtracking, eventually you can gain the ability to set your own checkpoints and teleport back to them whenever you wanted, this helped eliminate the backtracking issue I had entirely with one of the bosses that was giving me the most trouble (I didn't have the ability when I first fought him, got so annoyed at losing and having to get all the way back to him that I just left a marker on the map to tell me to go back there later - I was so happy when I discovered that checkpoint ability). I think my favourite thing about this game is the combat and movement options. So many of my favourite 2D platformer mechanics feel perfected here, and constantly gaining new abilities over the course of my journey was fun. It really was exciting to gain an ability that would drastically increase my mobility options to explore in progress. There's also a good amount of fast travel options that helped mitigate having to return to previously explored areas when you receive an ability that can help you reach a section you previously couldn't. And the boss battles, a really excellent, reactive, difficult but usually fairly so (the ability to heal yourself helps a lot), and there's a good amount of feedback to make each hit satisfying (and in addition to doing damage, hitting any enemy replenishes your Soul which allows you to use magic (for me, mostly to heal myself). Coming up with different strategies, or Charm set-ups to tackle different scenarios is great. I love that there's a level of strategy in boss preparation if you need it. Hollow Knight might have my favourite boss battles in any game.

The world is also fairly interesting, though I can't say I've dug too deep into understanding the lore and the history of the world, mostly just the basics but I really like all the NPCs. And your interactions with them can effect them in tangible ways, like for example one of them can even help you during a boss fight, and your gameplay actions can affect whether some of them they live or die, it's really cool to see your affects on the inhabitants.

You got any gaming going on, or too busy?
Terrestrious Sep 2, 2020 11:46 PM
Well that sucks, hopefully things are alright though.

I have heard a lot of good things about King or Garou, neither which I remember even appearing in the first season (I know both were mentioned though. What you say about Garou does actually make me more interested in continuing, I prefer ONE's serious side to his comedic side anyway. Oh and I definitely agree that the manga's art is among the best. I've seen several like panels on like social media and stuff and it always like blows me away. You obviously have more experience than me but from everyone manga I've seen scattered artwork for, I think Berserk is the only series that competes with One Punch Man. I have been looking for more manga to read, and I've been thinking about Chainsaw Man since I've been hearing a lot of good things about it, but maybe One Punch Man will be my next venture. Maybe I'll start a bunch of a series instead of just super focusing on one. We'll see.

Let me know when you get around to watching Death Parade, I think it's a pretty interesting series.

OH, I've gone all in on Final Fantasy VII. In the past month I've beaten Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake. I'm going to be looking at a way to see Advent Children, even though I've heard it's terrible (though I will watch the Complete 2 hour version when I do, since I hear it makes no sense in the version that most people saw where they cut out twenty minutes), and I'm going to be looking for a way to play Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core since I don't have a working PSP anymore. I played like the first mission when I was a kid and everyone I know who played it speaks highly of it so I want to experience that game. And I'm likely going to avoid Dirge of Cerberus since I hear it's terrible and Vincent was probably my least favourite of the party members.

Anyway, original Final Fantasy VII was really good. I wouldn't agree with the best game of all time, or even my favourite RPG but it was really fun. I remember you saying that like traveling around could be a bit clunky and I definitely experienced that. I remember specifically having trouble figuring out how to progress in the section where Aerith is leading Cloud to Section 7, I was just fighting Hell Houses for minutes trying to figure out how I'm suppose to move until I just youtube'd a walkthrough and saw the path I was suppose to take. Like it's this red beam you're suppose to walk over but it looks like it's connected to the top level but it's actually the bottom level. I didn't really like the mini-games either, the G-Bike segment was cool but I don't think any of the others were good. The snowboarding one disappointed me the most, I was really looking forward to that one but it controls kinda weird and the fact that they didn't have any music made it kind of uncomfortable to play. It also lasted too long. I also thought that Materia swapping was a bit annoying. Like Items has several options to arrange them, but Materia you had to arrange them yourselves. When you get a lot of Materia by the end of the game I really wished they had a way to re-arrange them by type so it'd be easier to find everything. That's definitely a nitpick (and the Remake solves that problem, all Materia are automatically grouped together by type).

So I know you played on the Switch, the PS4 version had some additional options to it by clicking the analog sticks. Like if you clicked the right stick, you'd enter God mode, which is something I almost entirely ignored. I did end up using it to finish up the Battle Square to get Cloud's final Limit Break, because I had beaten all rounds on the Battle Square before, you don't gain any EXP or AP from the Battle Square, and the Battle Square is BS. The slots are bad enough, but the final round with the Ghost Skeleton Ship that can just throw you out of the match before you even get a turn is so rage-inducing. I lost in God mode because of that guy. But the most important feature that I used all the time, was the 3x Speed option. Anytime I used a summon, I always clicked the left stick and sped through the cutscene because the game would've dragged on for ages if I didn't. Some of those Summon's still took a long time even on 3x Speed, and I haven't even gotten Knights of the Round, which I hear is like a minute long. They were all cool the first time, but I'm so glad the PS4 added that option. I hope the Switch port kept that in.

Did you fights the weapons in FFVII? I haven't yet, I wanted to just beat the game and defeat Sephiroth but I am working towards fighting them now, as like a side thing I'll try and accomplish in-between other gaming sessions.

But the positives of Final Fantasy VII definitely comes from it's characters, in particular Aerith and Cloud. Because it's the most well-known spoiler in video-game history, I knew Aerith died, which when I started going through the game I remember telling my brother the worst thing about this is that Aerith's my favourite character. Like I think Final Fantasy VII truly begins when Cloud crashes through the Church and meets Aerith, she's such a fun and kinda tragic character, her theme is great and she never left my party when I had her. Not just because I like using my favourite characters but because her limit breaks were amazing. Did you get Great Gospel? Wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, you have to really focus on Aerith and you get Great Gospel in such an obtuse way I don't know how you'd every figure it out without a guide but it make the entire party invincible temporarily, and fully restores your Party's HP & MP, it is broken. Her death scene was so well executed, just the fact that theme kept playing through the boss battle was genius. It didn't make me cry but it's the closest I think a video game has came to making me cry. Aerith's theme is already one of my favourite compositions (the OST was great as a whole, I also loved Cosmo Canyon a lot), and just the way it lingers throughout the fight was beautiful. And I even knew from spoilers that it was going to play through the boss battle but it still just hit.

Cloud on the other hand, I think is my favourite main character in an RPG. I found his story arc to be very fascinating, and again, through gaming osmosis I was aware that Cloud was repurposing Zack's memory but thankfully I knew less of the details. I had no idea Cloud was that Shinra Soldier during Nibelheim, that reveal really shocked me, I loved it. How much of the game's notable moments where spoiled for you? I mean, I say spoiled but I definitely still found most of the stuff I knew effective in the moment. Also, who did you end up dating in the Golden Saucer? I got Aerith obviously, she's the easiest to get and she was my favourite in general, but I have seen everyone's date on youtube. Barret's was hilarious but Aerith's was probably my favourite of the bunch anyway. Gameplay-wise though, Tifa's Limit Breaks probably made her my favourite party member to use.

As for Remake, I probably do prefer the original because pacing is better and it's complete but honestly the two are kind of close for me. I think the combat in Remake is better than the original, there are some annoyances in there though. Like when you do a Limit Break, the game will zoom in on the character as the do some prep animation but the enemies aren't liked stunned during this so I had some moments where the enemies just moved out of the way during that prep animation. You can be hit during your animations and still lose your ATB despite not actually getting to cast the spell you selected. And I kinda wish that the limit gauge didn't resent in-between fights. Also this isn't really about the battle system, but I was upset that Red XIII wasn't playable in any form (you can't even command his AI) but at least his AI was good enough to heal me on several occasions. Though the AI as a whole isn't that helpful.

But those gripes aside, the battle system is so much fun. I really love how distinctive everyone feels from each-other. Like everyone has two actions that don't cost ATB. They have their combo string button and then they have like their unique action button. And everyone's unique action is mechanically different from each-other. Like Cloud has two modes, and his unique action switches between them, his Punisher mode sacrificing movement for more powerful slashes. Aerith is a move called Tempest, which has different power and properties depending on how long you hold the button down. Barret has Overcharge where he shoots out a several powerful blasts but Overcharge has a cool-down time. When it's in cool-down, you can press the button to charge it, so you can use it faster but leave yourself vulnerable to attack while you charge. And Tifa is the coolest, so she just has a powerful strike. Whirling Uppercut. But her first weapon ability, Unbridled Strength, which does cost ATB, will add an additional strike for a one time use, and you can use it twice. So instead of Whirling Uppercut, she'd have Rise & Fall then Omnistrike then Whirling Uppercut, and stringing all three together in a combo can do some massive damage and is really satisfying. I love it because it also feels true to Tifa's original gameplay, like how her limit break would she her using multiple of her special attacks in succession.

Weapon abilities are another new addition I love, every weapon in the game gives them a unique ability. Every weapon has weapon proficiency, and by satisfying a certain requirement enough times (usually amounting to just using the weapon ability), you can learn that weapon ability and use it regardless of what weapon you have. So it encourages you to use each weapon, and I don't think each weapon necessarily replaces the next. You can upgrade each weapon in specific ways and some weapons can be more useful depending on the circumstance or your playstyle. I do think a lot of the best weapons are the last ones you get (less so for Barret since a lot of his last ones are close-range). Staggering also really satisfying. And the game is actually challenging and difficult. Like the original Final Fantasy VII is really easy, I do think the combat is fun so it's not a huge problem. The final area and the Sunken Gelnika were probably the only times I struggled, and the former mostly because of all the enemies that can cast death. But I prefer Remake's combat because the characters are really distinct and all fun to play as, the game even kind of encourages you play as everyone and swapping between them to make the most of some of the difficult encounters, and the higher challenge makes encounters more memorable and gratifying to defeat. Admittedly, one of the last bosses was too frustratingly difficult because it's a multi-phase fights with unskippable cutscenes between the phases, which is really cool in practice especially in the end of the game but dying forces you to do everything again and if you could maybe skip those cut-scenes I'd be more forgiving but that was just frustrating. Also, Remake's mini-games are much more fun.

The other thing that Remake does better, besides obviously the graphics (the game is gorgeous, especially whenever you're high up and could look down on all of Midgar, it's breathtaking; though it does have weak moments), is I think honestly the characters and the dialogue. Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie are obviously most stronger characters this time around, since we spend more time with them and get greater insight into who they are. But like my favourite chapter in the game was probably Chapter 8, where Cloud meets Aerith after crashing through the Church and it's not because of the gameplay, but all the interactions between the two. In fact, the gameplay is kinda mediocre in this part, since a lot of it is spent on surface level side-quests which you don't have to do, but doing all them in a chapter unlocks provides you with several benefits like an additional scene, in this case one between Cloud and Aerith, which is one of my favourite scenes in the whole game. There's so many like, adorable, fun exchanges between the two that highlight their different personalities, as well as Cloud beginning to change and open up more thanks to Aerith's influence (really highlighted in that aforementioned scene). Facial expressions and body language can are also well-used. I do have my issues with some of the story decisions they've made, especially near the end of the game though, and the pacing kind be pretty bad at points, but the character work I think as a whole is much stronger, maybe not Red XIII since he's in so little but the party members you do play as I think all comes across as stronger characters here, albeit lacking the complete arc of the original (so OG Cloud still has his advantages). Not to discredit the original, obviously, since they handled those scenes great and I even changed to Aerith before getting through much of a Remake, certainly before Chapter 8. Which you know, does re-use dialogue from the original, they just add much more to it. Like the rooftop travel is much longer than it is in the original, and the focus is all on the banter between Aerith and Cloud.

Not that the Remake doesn't improve upon several moments in the Midgar section of the story, it absolutely does. Though I think the original still handles a few scenes better, I like Aerith's backstory better in the original. I loved in the original when Elmyra is telling the gang about Aerith's backstory, how the camera like pans up in the present and then without a scene transitions pans down into the past with young Aerith running down the stairs. I don't hate how the Remake handles that scene, but it's a lot more conventional and the way the original handled it had a bigger impact because of how it was presented.

I will say I'm definitely glad I played the original first, Remake does end up relying on knowledge of the original. I think for large portion of the game it would've still worked without playing the original, but by the end it definitely requires it more and more. And some of the stuff that would work, would work well in an "Oh what is this hinting towards way", whereas knowing the game, one of those moments is actually like a quick tearjerker, didn't make me cry but it did hit me hard. And that's just way more valuable to me. Which I don't necessarily view as a flaw, by the way. And though I have my issues with the ending, I do think the direction was pretty interesting, kinda need to wait til it's all complete before I can really comment.

Also, both games took me about 40 hours to beat the main campaign, and Remake took longer of the two. I got through Midgar in the first game in 5 & a half hours. That's just worth throwing out there. I know you're not really interested in playing the Remake, but I wanted to share the strengths.
Terrestrious Jul 11, 2020 7:38 PM
Ah I see, thanks for the clarification. And I just checked the manga again and Trunks does call them 19 & 20 the first time, yikes. I'm not sure how I missed that, I know I went on a break from reading the manga around that point for awhile but still. Maybe it's cause I've gone through other versions of that story where that mistake's not present but yeah, that's pretty awful.

Cool, I definitely agree with all of that too. Mob Psycho's anime has some of the best animation I've ever seen, the fight against Mogami put most anime movies I've seen to shame in terms of visual spectacle. On the topic of sakuga and ONE, what are your thoughts on One Punch Man? I've only seen the first season (and I think some of the specials) and to be honest I mostly enjoyed that solely for the sakuga (and the OST was awesome). Until that Mogami episode, the fight between Boros & Saitama was probably my pick for best animated fight on a TV show. The actual content of the show itself I wasn't too fond of though, I didn't actively dislike it or anything, but it didn't really have much appeal to it beyond the action sequences. The one exception was the Mumen Rider episode, where Saitama beats Sea King and then credits the other heroes for weakening him so their reputation isn't tarnished. That was the only episode I felt had a strong theme to it, and it was easily the episode with the most heart. And I enjoyed the moment after the fight with Boros and Saitama a lot, but overall, I didn't find the series base story & characters strong enough on it's own so when I heard Madhouse and Shingo Natsume weren't involved with Season 2, I decided to just not watch it. Especially since I felt season one ended off well enough, without giving Saitama a true opponent I'm not sure what other direction could be taken with him honestly that would be a more satisfying end point than the Boros defeat. I'll probably check it out regardless at some point due to my love for Mob Psycho but I'm interested in your take. One Punch Man kind of feels like ONE's Yu Yu Hakusho while Mob's his Hunter x Hunter.

On a similar note, have you ever seen Death Parade? It was the brain child of Yuzuru Tachikawa, the director of Mob Psycho 100. To be honest, I watched Mob more because of his name than ONE's, Death Parade was a really great anime, and made Tachikawa one of my favourite anime directors. I do like Mob Psycho 100 more than Death Parade, but it's still a fairly great series. Fairly unique premise and a great mixture of over-arcing narrative and episodic story-telling. I'll also probably check out Deca-Dence too at some point because of Tachikawa's involvement.
Terrestrious Jul 7, 2020 11:35 PM
Oh yeah, Toriyama doesn't hint to them at the beginning of the arc at all. I more so meant the way we were introduced to the possibility of different threats prior to defeating the current ones. Like how during the battle with Gero we get Trunks appearance not recognizing Android 19 implying the existence of different androids before it Gero goes out of his way to bring them out. Or how we discover the other time machine right after the Androids beat up all the Dragon Warriors. It's admittedly not alluded to much more before the story transitions into focusing on the new threat, but I liked the sense of mystery that it brings along with it. The story is still pretty loosey-goosey regardless but I think it was handled the best way it could.

It should be stated, that the reason why the plot unfolded this way was due to editorial input. Originally Android 19 & 20 were going to the only villains of the arc. There's an interview here where they talk about it. I couldn't imagine how the arc would've played out with just 19 & 20. I do agree that 16, 17, & 18 were the most interesting antagonists in the arc, they're three of my favourites in the cast, 17 in particular.

I haven't watched the Dragon Ball Z anime since my youth, so I can't say how well it holds up. As a kid I loved it, but I know the pacing can get pretty bad, Goku vs. Frieza lasts 19 episodes in the anime iirc. I can say for certainty this didn't bother me as a kid, in fact I would watch the repeats of the fights a lot since it took forever for them to air the Android stuff but I'm pretty sure I'd just get annoyed. I do plan on watching The Other World Tournament arc soon, one of the only filler arcs the Z anime had. I recall loving that part of the series, probably my favourite filler arc in anime (that or the G-8 arc from One Piece, tbh there's not a lot of good ones out there). If you've seen the movies then you've probably seen Pikkon, he's always been a favourite of mine. Admittedly, he's kind of just a discount Piccolo, but his fighting abilities with fire and tornadoes were unique and cool. I should probably get around to watching all of the GT series, but I really wasn't a fan of what I saw, though it was ages ago.

lol, that's an awesome story. I use to read stuff out of order but I never had something like that happened. Yeah, 16's death would've landed better if he had any interaction with Gohan, and the anime doesn't really rectify that to my memory (spending more time with 16 and the power of the OST/voice acting helps make it land stronger though), I always assumed that it was just because of the similar disposition towards fighting and Gohan knowing he tried to sacrifice himself to stop Cell, as well as being a straw that broke the camel back. But I definitely would've expected something between them if I read that scene first, especially since what triggered Goku was Krillin's death.

Hmm, I never really though about ranking them outside of having a favourite, so this will be my first time doing this. I will also state, I do like all the arcs as well. From worst to best . . .
X. Search for the Dragon Balls arc
IX. Piccolo arc
VIII. 21st Tenkaichi Budokai arc
VII. Buu arc
VI. 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai arc
V. Red Ribbon Army arc
IV. 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai arc
III. Saiyan arc
II. Namek arc
I. Cell arc

I don't know how much of it can be placed down to just nostalgia, but I do definitely prefer the Z portion of the series. You seem more balanced on that front than I do, I just feel like there's more interesting elements in the Z stuff. Probably cause they're longer, or they tend to have more character focus (i.e. they have Vegeta) or stronger thematic elements. In a weird way, I think that's why Piccolo ranks low for me. It's the action-orientated Z style of arc but unlike the Z style it's still primarily focused on just Goku. Still good, it just lacks the charm the other Dragon Ball arcs and doesn't do the action stuff as well as the Z segments. Search for the Dragon Balls is last for me mostly just because of how short it is.

Outside of Dragon Ball, I did recently go through and read all the Mob Pyscho 100 chapters yet to be adapted into anime. I was just going to read the manga up until that point, but I got impatient so I just skipped and read the last few arcs, and I absolutely loved them, best part of the story. I see you've read them and watched the anime and I was wondering what your take on the anime adaption is?

I know you almost always prefer the manga original but the manga really surprised me here seeing how different the anime was. Like how several of the omakes in the manga were turned into scenes in the anime. I remember in the anime where Mob is training for the race, there was a scene where Ritsu and Hanazawa cover for him at Reigen's only for Tsubomi and her friend to come in for relationship advice. That felt like such a natural part of the story it shocked me to see it as an unrelated omake in the last stretch of the manga. Or when I was reading the first chapters, seeing that Ritsu wasn't introduced in the manga until the fight with Hanazawa.
Terrestrious Jul 3, 2020 9:04 PM
Being set at the same time as the first game is a really weird decision, can't think of any other games that really do that. But I guess it works if the game is going to feel like an extension. I youtube'd Dominion Battles, and those seem pretty interesting but not enough to really interest me to buy it. I'll probably check it out if I ever get around to finishing the first Cyber Sleuth game though.

I've basically reached the same point in the manga that I have in the anime, and it's pretty strange to see how different the two can be despite hitting the some plot beats. I guess I do prefer that than reading the same exact stuff over again, and it's fun to try and discuss which version is better. Not sure how it is with Boruto, but I don't always have a clear answer with the manga. Namely with the Black arc, that's one where I think the best version would be a blending of the two, the anime version and the manga version strength's are completely different. I will note I'm glad I read the anime version of that first, since one of their strengths was how they made the plot filled with this lengthy mystery about the main antagonist (it also developed the antagonist more), whereas in the manga they reveal all that detail before the fighting even starts (at that point though, I mostly prefer the manga).

Yeah, the plot of the Cell arc is rather loosey-goosey, it takes the longest time to settle on direction, so I definitely understand not liking it because of that. It never bothered me much myself, I like how Toriyama always built-up/alluded to the next set up villains ahead of time, so there was a small sense of mystery to it, and at least with Cell's introduction, it's the only time I can think of that Dragon Ball played with horror elements. Though it doesn't make a strong narrative so I wouldn't really praise. 16's death is the key moment I was referring to when I mentioned the manga version didn't carry as much weight. I do like the scene isolated, but it worked stronger for me in the anime. It's possible that it's just because I was much younger or the music helped a lot but I recall there being several filler scenes of the Androids during their travel to find Goku, so I felt a stronger connection towards them then (even if 16 remained the strong silent nature loving guy all throughout). So I do agree it's not really earned, even if I still like the moment isolated.

I finished the Buu arc recently, my biggest problem with it was pretty much the duration of the Super Buu fight. It was just constant power-ups and role-reversals, where the good guys would dominate for a bit then Buu would, and just kept alternating like that and wasn't very engaging. There were fun moments within that of course, Candy Vegito is a series highlight for me, but that whole period of the arc is probably where my interest waned the most. I was really happy with the Kid Buu fight though, particularly because the Kid Buu fight was mostly treated as a background event. It was just a backdrop to allow for character reflection and to convey the theme of the positive influence of people around us. I like how the core of the Buu arc tends to be on the influence of people, the necessity of having those in our lives, whom we love and can care for. Kid Buu's is evil incarnate specifically because he lacks the influence of anyone, the more people he absorbed and came in contact too, the better person he became. Fat Buu himself changed to good thanks to Hercules, the world's affection for Hercules is ultimately what defeated Buu, and Vegeta's own character arc here is driven by how he's changed, thanks to Kakarot and his family. None of this really occurred to me as a kid, but I can really appreciate it now as adult.

I never even heard of MistareFusion but I checked out the last two parts of his Buu Dissection before writing this and I'll probably be going back and watching a lot of them. I don't agree with all his views but I definitely appreciated his take, and I found the whole Piccolo/Ma Jr. rant pretty funny. I also agree with him on finding Gohan and Trunks Super Saiyan transformations comical more than being upsetting, though I was definitely on the other side of that argument as a kid. I also never put much conscious thought into the World Tournament losing it's soul, so I enjoyed seeing a thorough take on it. Thanks for the recommendation.
Terrestrious Jun 30, 2020 7:29 PM
I have a lot of fun with the Pirate Warriors games, and gameplay-wise Pirate Warriors 4 is probably the best one. Adding jumping and mid-air combos adds a bit of variety to the combat, and considering combat is basically all you do, that's definitely a plus. I also love the change to the specials. Every character has a list of special moves and you can select a load-out of four to use in battle, so there's a little more character customization this time around (again it's minor, but in previous games everyone had two specials that were set in stone, so being able to mix things up a bit is nice). I find the core gameplay really fun but your mileage may vary on that, it's worth noting that taking down hordes of fodder and some harder level characters are all you do, the game is pretty repetitive. There are different mission objectives but those rarely change my approach, they more so just give me a general direction. The cast of playable characters help a lot though, they definitely make good use of One Piece's vast array of unique powers and they all manage to feel distinct, aside from Sanji's brothers, they all play pretty much identical to each-other. Being able to just tower over and annihilate as Big Mom or Kaido is a lot of fun, or messing around with Law's Room

That said, if you can get Pirate Warriors 3, that might be better. I like the character roster more, and I'd say it has more content than 4. The story mode feels a lot more comprehensive. Pirate Warriors 4 only covers Alabasta, CP9, Marineford, Saboady, Dressrosa, Whole Cake, & Wano (which quickly veers off into a game original plot for it), whereas Pirate Warriors 3 covers every arc starting from Axe-Hand Morgan to Dressrosa (though Dressrosa is game original). Every arc was a single mission in this game, so I'm not sure the story mode is longer per se, but it was definitely more enjoyable, since we got to see more different locales. The maps themselves don't entirely matter outside of aesthetics, but PW3 definitely had a wider selection, especially with Thriller Bark. Losing Thriller Bark also hurt because the boss fight with Oars in PW3 was probably the most different gameplay experience offered. Also in Pirate Warriors 3, every mission had 9 extra missions like beat it on hard difficult, unlock every cutscene (certain cutscenes would only play if you do something specific in the level, or played as specific character). This does mean 3 is more grindy of an experience if you want to get everything I've already managed to platinum Pirate Warriors 4.

Though if you haven't played any Warriors games period, Hyrule Warriors is my favorite of that ilk. The Adventure Maps are the best side-mode I've seen in a Warrior game, and provid e a ton of extra content, and the few Zelda-isms they added to the gameplay make the experience more fun, at least in terms of adding a little spice to the gameplay. Like having bosses that require use of equipment to beat is something I really love since it changes the way you approach the combat from standard enemies a bit. The gameplay is still inherently very repetitive though, I just feel Hyrule Warriors mitigates it the best. The definitive edition for the switch is definitely the way to go.

I only played the first 14 chapters of Cyber Sleuth but I definitely really enjoyed that game. The plot and characters could get a bit too generic anime for me at times, but the gameplay was really fun. I loved the process of managing my Digimon was really fun, trying to fill out the digimon guide via Digivolving or trying to go down a certain path to get certain Digimon (like Puppetmon, I don't think I every got him but I remember working my way to grab him), it could be really satisfying. How's the sequel? Is it actually like a direct sequel or just kind of a spiritual thing?

The Super manga does continue after the anime, but even more than that, apparently the manga and anime can be quite different in terms of arcs. On a positive note, the manga outright skips the Resurrection of F arc from what I've heard, and I know there are some more significant alterations in the Black arc because I've skimmed the manga version to see the details of the final fight have changed quite a bit. So I'm probably going to read through it after Dragon Ball proper.

Haha, I echo your sentiments on The New World exactly, minus the fact that I liked pretty much everything about the Zou arc too. Every other arc outside of Zou and Wano, have had highlights that I enjoyed but as a whole not so much. The only part of Fishman Island I really liked was the Fisher Tiger backstory tbh, it's one of my favorite flashbacks in all of One Piece in fact. But that's kind of it, I don't even really remember much about it beyond that outside of the broad strokes though tbh.

I still think the whole Future Trunks/Cell part is probably the best arc of Dragon Ball as a whole but I do think the beginning of Namek is *easily* the strongest part of the series. And to be honest, I wasn't as engaged with the Cell stuff as I was reading most of the rest of the manga. I think that partially comes down to the pacing, the manga goes by fast and I felt some of the scenes didn't carry the emotional weight they did in the anime. But then again, I was also a kid when I watched the anime countless times, and since this is my favorite part of the series, I've went through it more than any other part so I'm the most familiar with it. Either way, it's still the part of the series I feel has the best distribution of character focus, from Gohan's long-running power plot thread bearing fruit, to Piccolo and Krillin's small character arcs, to the inverse parallels between the father son dynamics of Vegeta & Trunks and Goku/Gohan. And I think it features the strongest climax in the series. The sense of dread after Cell's resurrection, the father-son Kamehameha is iconic, Vegeta's involvement, I find it to be the most well-crafted climaxes. And I liked the recurring theme of arrogance.

On the flip-side, I've enjoyed the Buu saga way more than I remembered. I always recalled loving the beginning of it up until Majin Vegeta's sacrifice, and then it kinda fell off a cliff for me but so far it's been a really fun read. I think the quicker pacing of the manga really helps this arc a lot more. Then again, I'm not finished with it so maybe I will get more apathetic towards it as the battle rages on but right now, it's pretty great.
Terrestrious Jun 9, 2020 4:19 AM
Haha, yeah Paranoia Agent will definitely be in March at the latest. But I'm planning on checking it out sooner than that. & I see, I'm guessing Kon is just a really big fan of Hirasawa then, maybe it's possible certain songs inspired certain scenes so he decided to implement those? Maybe he even storyboarded some scenes with the songs already in mind? I guess I should look into the creative process of these films, behind the scenes stuff like that is always interesting to me.

I've mostly been working, do to being "essential" (got a thirteen hour shift I got to get ready for soon) so I haven't had a lot of free-time for something as big of an investment as Final Fantasy VII's Remake, though I do want to play it. I have heard spoilers about it though, that I won't repeat if you haven't looked into them, but it both made me simultaneously more excited to play it but also kind of convinced me that I should play through the original first. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do on that end. I have played Pirate Warriors 4 quite a bit and platinum'd both Persona 3 & 5's dancing game. It's a bit weird to say my only real experience with the Persona series are those dancing games, but it has gotten me more interested in finally going through them all. You have much experience with the Persona games?

I've also been going through Dragon Ball Super with my brother. The Battle of Gods arc was pretty painful to sit through, I legitimately love the movie so seeing it adapted so poorly hurt. The Resurrection of 'F' fared better since I'm not a big fan of the movie to begin with, and I even liked it better than the movie until the Frieza fight started then it just became a dragged out bore. But thankfully, once they stopped adapting the movies the series has become pretty fun. The Universe 6 tournament saga was enjoyable aside from one baffling decision where three episodes into the arc they decided to spend like ten minutes recapping the first episode of said arc. Enjoying the Future Trunks stuff too.

Also read a ton of One Piece, I'm about five or so chapters behind now and plan to start binging through those again. Wano is probably the best One Piece arc is ages, I loved Zou too so it depends on how Wano wraps up but I'm glad to see it since at this point, Wano & Zou are kind of the only New World arcs I fully enjoy.
Terrestrious Apr 22, 2020 3:23 PM
The only reference I got was Godzilla, which was pretty late into the film but at least keyed me in on the fact that there were probably several I was missing out on. Most of that is lost on me but it's definitely a cool element, makes the movie feel a bit more sincere knowing it includes so many nods to the history of cinema too. As for Perfect Blue, yeah that took awhile for me to process what I should rate it, but since I ended up with a 9 it's pretty clear I did end up enjoying it quite a bit. Grappled between an 8 and a 9 because it's a bit hard to say I truly loved it but ultimately it was a really strong experience, and the twist with Rumi was absolutely brilliant. The kind of twist that I never really saw coming but the second I figured it out (which was like, just as Mima did so just when the movie wanted me too) it made 100% perfect sense. The movie played me like a fiddle, they did such a good job of messing with me that I was starting to believe Mima was the culprit behind the murders too, I loved it.

After seeing all four of his movies, I'd say Tokyo Godfathers is still easily my favourite. Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress are kinda equal for me, I think Perfect Blue is overall the stronger film but the last ten or so minutes of Millennium Actress tops anything in Perfect Blue, so I'd give Millennium Actress the nod as my second favourite. Paprika is easily my least favourite since I didn't find the main plot all that interesting (the antagonists especially were rather bland) but I still loved the stuff with Konakawa. It's heartbreaking that Dreaming Machine will likely never be finished.

I haven't listened to all of Technique or Relief but from what I've sampled Ghost Bridge and World Cell are my favourites off of that. I'll likely give more of his stuff of a listen later, interesting to hear the Millennium Actress soundtrack mostly comes from one of his albums though. I had assumed that they were written for the movie specifically, kinda weird to hear to that wasn't the case. Is that the norm for Susumu? Was Paprika and Beserk the same story? Went back and listened to my favourite Beserk song, Guts' theme and yeah, it's obvious to me now that it's his work.

The 2000 OVA was definitely worse, mostly just because they were adapting far weaker material. Unlike the first OVA, I actually preferred the 2000 OVA the more they strayed from the source. The two episodes I really liked where the ones where they compared Polnareff & Forever's fight into a single episode and the final episode against Enya & Justice. I actually kinda loved their take on the Justice fight, I think I might even prefer it to the original. The Justice fight was never one of the stronger ones in JoJo, it had a strong set-up but there wasn't really any strategy to it, Jotaro just kinda wins but getting a new ability, so just making it this over-the-top spectacle worked. Between Justice being a Mist kaiju essentially, Avdol's big return, every Crusader actually got something to contribute to the fight (albeit, not much in cases for Joseph or Kakyoin but still more than they originally did), and since they put Jotaro's cigarette bluff in here, there was actually a bit more strategy added in. Though this OVA was my fourth time going through Stardust Crusaders, so I guess any change was nice to experience. Even though they removed most of what the Vanilla Ice fight worked, I still kinda prefer watching this different interpretation of it, though clearly it helps knowing we've got a good adaption of it.
Terrestrious Mar 28, 2020 9:00 PM
That's true, growing up on the anime would make those moments stand out a lot more, I've yet to even get many of the moments I've mentioned in my re-read, so it'll be interesting to see how they pan out to my memory of them. I put a pause on my re-read since I want to focus on anime in March (and I'm doing a bang-up job at that with 8 completed and three days left) but I will admit, it so far isn't living up to my memory. I still enjoy it, but the beginning of the Namek saga is likely to remain the highlight of the series, though I think Cell will still overall take it, if just because I really love seeing the culmination of all Gohan's build and I think the Father-Son Kamehameha is the best finish of a fight in Dragon Ball.

Lu Over The Wall was better, though for me that more comes down to Ride Your Wave's failings than anything Lu Over The Wall did. The decision to make Minato explicitly a supernatural force definitely dampened that experience for me, the interpretation that it was a coping mechanism resonated much stronger since it felt more real, and it was a pretty disappointing resolution at the end (although I can understand why they went in that direction). Conversely, Lu Over The Wall was pretty consistent and cohesive all the way through, I rather liked how the merfolk operated as a symbol for expression and how that theme was told. I didn't care for the cast themselves too much, Kai's grandfather was my favourite, in part due to how much I liked the different visual styling over his flashbacks, whereas I liked the cast of Ride Your Wave more. And I'll check out Mind Game next then, at least for Masaaki Yuasa films.

I read this comment earlier today, and the thing about Millennium Actress being close in tone to Tokyo Godfathers is why I ended up watching it today, and it was another fantastic movie, though not one I enjoyed as much as Tokyo Godfathers! Mainly because the movie got pretty repetitive during the period where Genya started getting involved and saving Chiyoko in some manner, it started feeling like I was watching the same scene over and over again with just a different coat of paint on it. That stated, I did love the premise of using the different movies in her career being used to tell her story, and that repetition served it's purpose well, the climax where she starts running towards Hokkaido intercut with all the different scenes from the movie was a thing of beauty. The whole last several minutes of the movie were perfect, the reveal of the Wraith's identity, the shot composition, the reveal that Genya knew the painter died ages ago, ending with her rocket ship for her final words, I was honestly on the verge of tears it was a masterpiece. And yeah, the music was awesome, looked up Susumu Hirasawa to see he did the Berserk soundtrack (or at least Forces), I knew the styling sounded familiar. Looking forward to checking out the rest of his works.

Finished the JoJo OVA, and while I'm glad to see it, it's definitely not my favourite version of the story. Didn't expect it going in, but the first half turned out much stronger for me. The Vanilla Ice fight is my personal favourite fight in all of Stardust Crusaders (and in the top of my favourites in JoJo period), and they basically straight up ruined that fight. I wasn't too big on how they handled the Jotaro/DIO fight either honestly, though there was definitely still good stuff in that battle. I'll be moving on to the 2000 OVA soon, which everyone I know seems to rate it lower, and it's already covering far weaker material, so can't say I'm looking forward to that. Still, I'm glad to have seen the OVA, and even though I think the alterations to the Vanilla Ice and DIO fight were mostly to their detriment, I do enjoy experience a different interpretation to them, that's always kind of cool. That's why it's a shame the Phantom Blood movie is lost media (as far as I know anyway), even for as much as Phantom Blood sucks, it would've been neat to see this different version of it. I know Speedwagon isn't in it, which makes it sound more appealing to me anyway. For the most part, I would say I prefer the TV adaption to the manga for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, David Production does an absolutely stellar job with JoJo so I hope you end up enjoying them more. Although Phantom Blood is unsalvageable.

Okay wow, really didn't expect that comparison, lol. But I can see what you mean, had no idea they added stuff in like item breaking or like daily challenges, the latter is especially really cool. Animal Crossing is kind of the perfect game to add something like that in.

And thanks, hope you're handling things fine too.
Terrestrious Mar 20, 2020 9:39 PM
I agree that the Buu arc is mostly just the Saiyan characters (though Hercules is certainly a key player in that arc) but I don't think it's entirely fair to say that about the Cell arc. Piccolo's pretty relevant during the mid-point of that arc, his fusing with Kami I recall being a great moment, and I loved his fight with 17 (growing up, that was my favourite fight in Z, it's not the best constructed battle or anything, but it was pretty cool evenly fought contest between 17 & Piccolo, and though it doesn't have a true finish, I liked the kinda team-up they had when they fought Cell afterward). Tien's Tri-Beam rescue only really amounts as a stall admittedly, but it's one of the most bad-ass moments in the series imo, even as a kid it made Tien into one of my favourite characters, although all I really knew about him prior was dying against Nappa. And Krillin's little romantic subplot really isn't much, but it's something that does effect the plot on some small level. Although stuff like the Cell Games is mostly them just standing around doing nothing until the Cell Jr's get involved, and it's kinda like that during the Android 19 fight but they did have Gero stop them from interfering, which I appreciated. Can't really defend Buu arc in this regard, but I never cared too much for that part of the series to begin with. And yeah, the Red Ribbon army is the most obvious in this regards, but I agree it makes sense. And wasn't much of an issue for me, I actually love the gag of him having defeated the whole army before his friends arrive to help.

I definitely do want to see his series too. Tatami Galaxy, Eizouken, and Kaiba especially. It's just, I guess I've finally hit the point where movies are easier to commit to than tv series, even though I know none of those series are particularly long. Kinda upsetting to read that Yuasa's movies have been becoming more traditional over time tbh, but I'll definitely check out Lu Over the Wall if I can find it.

So early in the month I saw Tokyo Godfathers and in short, I loved it. My favourite anime movie now, probably my second favourite movie after Spider-Verse. Going into it, I had no idea that it was a Satoshi Kon film, as strange as that probably sounds. I've always wanted to see it since I knew Keiko Nobumoto [co-]wrote the script, since I'm a big fan of her works, so now I think along with Yuasa I might try and check out Satoshi Kon's stuff, what are your generally opinions on his stuff. I see that you also rated Tokyo Godfathers pretty highly, but I known that's not really the most emblematic of his work (from my understanding, it's his most traditional work).?

I had heard about changing the landscape, but being able to create your own character is news and it's hard to believe it took this long to implement. I must've just looked up a guide because I don't remember having any issues with New Leaf but for the original Gamecube ones, I remember having to keep resetting the game multiple times cause I didn't get an appearance I was happy with. I don't know when I'll get around to getting Animal Crossing, if ever, but I do agree that it's coming out in a good time. Did you already get it via download or no?
JoshXGahan Mar 19, 2020 2:21 PM
Alright thank you very much I might read all off it one day just because I don’t really like skipping around in stories, (even if they’re not all linked) idk I’ll see if I rlly don’t like some parts then I’ll just skip too the ones you said but thanks in anyway
Terrestrious Mar 1, 2020 7:14 PM
That's true about Blue, I never really thought about that. I looked up the date General Blue first appeared, and it was 1986, pretty cool that Toriyama had a better grasp on that way back then. Hearing that Blue is a pedophile in the anime sure makes me glad I read the manga though, lol. What an awful decision. That Slump crossover made me think I should've probably read Slump first, but I had a detached appreciation for it at least. I can imagine how cool that would've been if it wasn't my first real look at most of the cast. I can't help but wonder how wild that must've been for fans of Toriyama at the time though. I wonder if Jump heavily promoted in their weekly serialization or if it was something that just happened out of the [general] blue.

The 22nd Budokai was great, and I agree that it's the perfect middle ground. I actually rather like how all the Budokai Tournament arcs display the transition in focus throughout the series. Having so many tournament arcs in a series can be pretty draining or tedious (*cough* Yu Yu Hakusho *cough*) but that was never a problem with Dragon Ball. And I think in part that can be attributed to how the series grew. The first tournament being mostly comedic bouts while the last tournament only had Chi-Chi vs. Goku, the arcs made for nice tent-poles for the series. I think the 23rd's my favorite but it's pretty close between that and the 22nd.

For the most part, I can agree with that being the strongest run of chapters in Dragon Ball. Growing up, the whole Future Trunks segment of the story was always my favourite in Z, and I'm kind of expecting that to remain the case upon reread but since I haven't gotten there yet, I can definitely side with that being really strong. I did really enjoy the preparation for the Saiyan stuff, and ditto on loving Piccolo and Gohan's relationship. I'll be honest though and say the fight with the Saibaman and Nappa don't really do much for me. I think it works but I didn't find much of it too engaging. I think it hurts that I already know how it plays out, Nappa kills almost everyone than Goku dramatically makes mince meat out of him, but also because so many of the deaths were quick and fast, none of them really carried much impact imo. Only Piccolo's death was giving time to have weight.

Growing up the Vegeta fight never really stood out too much to me, but aside from some minor nitpicks, I loved the fight with Vegeta. I certainly don't hold it to the high standard you do but I can see why you hold it in high regard. I particularly love just how much teamwork is required to defeat Vegeta, in stark contrast to literally every other big bad encounter so far where Goku is able to take care of them by himself (even allowing Piccolo a free hit because Kami got involved). And it's so cathartic to see Krillin, Gohan, and Yajirobe contribute to Vegeta's downfall. One of the most common things I've heard about why the Dragon Ball portion is better than Z is because it utilizes it's cast better, but I have to say I kinda strongly disagree with that. Outside of the tournament arcs, Goku's basically the only one who ever gets time to shine. Which was mildly frustrating at points though mostly fine because I liked Goku enough. I get during the Z portion many characters end up left by the wayside, but there's still a lot more focus moments for the cast they do keep around, and I think the strongest character work comes from Z in general. Namely Vegeta, who does have a great character arc throughout Namek. My favorite Dragon Ball character growing up could be pretty fluid but I'm pretty sure Vegeta was number one more times than not, and he's definitely already claimed the top spot while reading the manga. Definitely agree with your other thoughts on Namek, though there's definitely still some fun stuff post-Ginyu Force.

Pretty reassuring to hear that Ride Your Wave is probably his Yuasa worst film. I definitely want to check out more of his stuff, I've seen the DVD/Blue-Ray for Night Is Short, Walk on Girl around before, so I'm probably going to buy that sooner or later and check it out. If nothing else, title alone interest me. What are your favourite movies of his?

I didn't even watch the Animal Crossing Direct, got enough information off that to know that I'll probably like it, though those games are pretty chill so I'm not really hyped for it. I assume my brother will buy it and I can just move into his town or something. What were some of the stuff the Direct showed off?