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Nathann34 May 23, 9:11 AM
I actually started Pluto the other day, a friend happened to own the volumes so he gave them to me. Afterward, I'll probably read the original manga. Thanks for the help.
Nathann34 May 19, 12:38 PM
Interested in getting into Astro Boy but I really don't know where to start. Do any of the anime adaptations follow the manga or no? If so which is the best version overall to watch/read
Terrestrious Apr 14, 3:59 PM
Think I've heard of Mary and the Witch's Flower, looking into it now feels a little weird to think about how that'd be one of the ones to get a cinema release, mostly due to it being by a newer studio. The Wind Rises being Ghibli and, the "final" Miyazaki film seems monumental enough that I could see it getting a big worldwide release. Especially with Mary and the Witch's Flower getting dubbed into Swedish, again like Your Name was a huge success so I can definitely see that. Maybe Mary and the Witch's Flower was a bigger deal than I realized. Really cool though regardless. I need to check out more of Hosoda's films on that note too, think I saw Mirai on Blue-ray a month ago but passed on it to get Princess Mononoke instead.

I see, it's always sad when physical media die out but I suppose it's a bit inevitable. Especially with how easy it is to simply find them online. Even though I rarely purchase manga anymore (I still plan on buying all of Hunter x Hunter, and I'll probably buy all of Rakugo Shinju & Kaiji if they get full released too but otherwise, meh), I could definitely imagine how disappointed I'd be if they stopped releasing manga over here.

I guess I'd agree that I probably wouldn't care too much about what happens to most of the One Piece characters, at least aside from the Straw Hats themselves for me. I've got a good deal of emotional investment into pretty much all of them because of a combination of a likable personalities, strong backstories, and perhaps most importantly, just how much time I've spent with all of them. But I liked Ace too and was kinda apathetic to his death, though I thought the death speech was well-constructed but in fairness that might've been because I was spoiled about it, and I watched that in the anime first, where the arc was horribly paced. On that note, the anime kinda made me dislike Buggy a bit. I do like how long he lasted and in the manga I think how he remained relevant is humorous, but in the anime, during the Marineford War Arc, the anime was adapting one chapter an episode at that point pretty much, and one of the ways they'd fill the runtime is by constantly cutting back to Buggy and his comedy antics. It was a totally tonal clash (tbf, this petered out at the end, they weren't cutting to Buggy when Ace was giving his death speech obviously, but the first two thirds of the arc I recall it being pretty rampant), was pretty much the same joke, and it was really annoying. Bartolomeo I agree was really funny though.

And yeah, the Straw Hats themselves don't have much growth (outside of power abilities) throughout the series, it doesn't really bother me though, I think it works well within the format of the series, and Oda usually gives some character arc to the supporting cast in the particular islands (Vivi probably being the most notable example). The only time this kinda bothers me is with Usopp, just because the whole him being a big coward then being really brave is something of a constant story beat that's pretty redundant at this point. Like, Dressrosa I think had one of the strongest usage of that formula, but I did spend a lot of the coward build up kinda annoyed because we've been there before, and I know how it was going to play out. Admittedly, I don't want Usopp to became immediately brave upon ever top situation but it's the only time I can really think of where the static nature of the crew kinda bothers me. Though I loved his stuff during the CP9 arc, but again, that was likely the most character driven section of the series as a whole.

I know a lot of people will be really sad when One Piece finally ends but I can't wait for the series to come to a close. A re-read after the whole thing is finished is something that I think will be really fun but also, I just believe in endings. It's like with Supernatural, the show was recently confirmed to be ending with the 15th season, and a lot of fans on reddit are clearly upset about it concluding. Which makes sense, many of them been with the show for over a decade after all, but I'm stoked that the show is finally ending, and can't wait to see how the journey finally finishes.

Speaking of anime, I've seen you completed Kaiba and rated it very highly. Really glad to see that, because it's been a series pretty high on my watch-list ever since I saw Ping Pong the Animation, I love Masaaki Yuasa's visual style on that series (and that series as a whole), which got me really interested in Kaiba. The fact that Kaiba doesn't have a source material also intrigues me, since I assume that means it'll be more tuned to Yuasa's own vision, which gets me pretty excited (I don't mean to imply any slight to Ping Pong being adapted from a manga mind you, I freakin' loved Ping Pong the Animation, my favorite time as an anime fan was the time Chimera Ant, Ping Pong, & Mushishi were all airing simultaneously). That also got me really interested in the Tatami Galaxy, which I've seen you also given a ten like Kaiba. I'll probably wait til next March to watch either of those if they're not on one of my streaming services but they're both high up on my list by interest alone. Which one did like better, Tatami Galaxy or Kaiba?

Back to games for a bit, how many experience do you have with FromSoftware games? I've never touched any of them, but Sekiro has really been catching my eye. Never really had any interest in the Souls game, but Sekiro has both a more appealing aesthetic and setting for me and what I understand about the differences in gameplay make it seem more like something I'd enjoy. That said, it'll probably be awhile before I get it. Partially because I don't want to pay full price for it but mostly because I'm trying to go through my PSN backlog. I counted it up and I had over 70 games on the PSN I've bought but never even touched, and I thought that was a bit ridiculous. Of what I've sampled so far, Psychonauts has been the best. Albeit, I played that a bit on the PS2, but now I'm playing it on the PS4. Aiming to beat that one. I know you were going through your backlog a bit, so how's that been going? Beat Spirit Tracks?

Oh, and Disney Plus! I'm not 100% certain that'll be coming to Sweden admittedly, but I do know Disney wants a more global release, at least compared to what most of my streaming service like VRV aim for, so I assume it'll wind up there in some capacity. They recently released details for it, and I'm pretty excited for it. I don't really care about a lot of the original programs they seem to be offering, though some of the Marvel ideas are neat. But having a place to conveniently watch all those movies is pretty neat. I'm curious to find out which version of the original Star Wars movies they'll be offering, always wanted to revisit those but didn't really want to bother with the Lucas edits down the road. And of course, there's plenty of classic Disney movies that'd be nice to watch again, since I haven't since childhood. Was also pretty surprised to see Malcolm in the Middle confirmed for the streaming service too, but it'll definitely be something I check out.
Terrestrious Mar 25, 9:39 PM
I've heard mixed things about Super post-movie arcs. Haven't digged too much into reception but I think people generally seemed to like the final tournament arc, and Goku Black arc I've heard mixed things. Haven't heard anything else really about it, I think there's a lot of self-contained episodes but not too sure. I'll eventually go through all of it I'm sure, but it's going to be a slow grind until I get to original stuff I think.

The Broly sequel movies are my least favourite Dragon Ball movies. I'm going to have to re-watch them at some point so I can rate them properly (it bothers me that I don't) but they're terrible and Broly is less of a character in them. I don't really remember them, but it's kinda baffling that they followed up Broly's story with them, and it's kinda impressive that his popularity survived them. I don't remember much from Bio Broly outside of it being a miserable time, but I remember the second movie being way more focused on comedy (including inserting comedy during the fight with Broly himself), which is just such a puzzling way to follow up on the original film. And lol, yeah I can get that. Power level discussions in Dragon Ball is rather boring. In something like Hunter x Hunter or JoJo's I can enjoy reading battle threads since the powers themselves often lie more in ingenuity, but in Dragon Ball it's usually so obvious and straightforward I can't get much out of discussing in. But I get why people like it, the action is a huge part of DBZ's worldwide success, and out of all the Dragon Ball movies, the original Broly is just the most action centric one.

Huh. You know, I though Dragon Ball had enough worldwide popularity that it'd be featured in cinemas more broadly than I guess I suspected. Guess that's presumptuous of me, really interesting to hear that Your Name has had a noticeable effect over there in terms of anime market. I'm not entirely sure I'd say it did over here, but it could've. I did see the first Made in Abyss movie in theatres the other day (in basically an empty theatre, like I think there were four people besides me who went to it's one night showing). When I saw Battle of Gods in theatres, it was I believe the third time I watched it, and it was my favourite viewing. Partially because it was the first time hearing it dubbed with the voices I grew up with, but also because of how involved the audience got. Like, the point where Beerus pimp slaps Bulma and Vegeta starts beating him up, like the whole place erupted in cheers and clapping, Vegeta basically got a standing ovation. What anime movies have you gotten to see in theatres, if any?

Oh well lol, what can you do? It's not like I don't understand your issues with Sanji, though I never really found him unnecessarily mean towards men (sans Zoro) but I guess that's just because I always framed it as him being ridiculously kind to woman (like, any instance I could think of where he was mean to men was always something like where he'd be super kind to woman and then just refuse to treat the men the same) but like I said, I do think he's sexist, but I don't feel it's like insidious, and I do think the white knight thing helps because I don't feel his relationship with woman is just him perving over them, though that is a majority. Guess for me it helps because he just seems harmless, like his actions in the series make it clear that he'd never like sexual assault them, which I don't always feel is the case. None of Sanji's fights rank among my favourites either too tbh, but I still think his fighting style of kicks and fire is pretty cool (but I'm always partial to fire).

I feel like I should clarify, when I stated Sanji's backstory is one of the stronger ones, I was specifically referring to his original one. The newer one was one of the last things I read in One Piece, but I kinda only remember the broad strokes of it. I don't necessarily agree that it did nothing for his character, at the very least, I don't think it's coincidental that the only real sources of light in his childhood came from female relatives was the source of his suffering was due to the male side. That being said, this does lean more on personal interpretation since Sanji has attributed Zeff's aggressive parenting to that aspect of Sanji's character since at least Enies Lobby (I don't know if it was brought up in Baratie properly), which means the backstory couldn't really comment on it directly but I definitely feel the building blocks are there. Not sure that makes it better or worse honestly since that just means Oda really couldn't use the situations to delve deeper into Sanji's character traits but overall I recall thinking the backstory was fine.

But who is your favourite character in One Piece?

Quick side note on Skypiea, I forgot to mention the Dials! That helped developed a sense of culture to the people, and I think that along with Mantra, truly helped make Skypiea feel like a special place, at least at the time as Mantra was later revealed to be Observation Haki, which was a good decision even if Haki is a bit of a mixed bag for me, kind of a necessary evil.

I do think some individual One Piece flashbacks carry on for too long but overall I like One Piece's usages of flashbacks. I don't have any real issues with the idea that Oda will explain everything about the world either, with as enormously long as One Piece is I think I'd be more disappointed if he didn't. Not that I particularly care about the intricacies of everything in One Piece, like I think Devil Fruits are going to eventually get some explanation, or maybe they already have, when Vegapunk gets introduced or something and I couldn't really care less about the history of them but I just feel with how heavy world-building is in One Piece and how long audience's have experienced it, it'd feel like a waste not too, it'd stick out like a sore thumb at this point to not address something.

In terms of how Hunter x Hunter and One Piece different usage of flashbacks, I feel that's just reflective of the series different priorities. Hunter x Hunter is character driven, so anything like that is simply going to be for the purposes of character insight, and they're kinda rare. One Piece is plot driven, so the backstories being lengthy story pieces built into the narrative works really fine. I prefer HxH's character driven approach, though in terms of backstory I like One Piece's more. Partially because they can be a break from the main story format, and featured death when it previously didn't exist outside of them, but also because they're just a more fundamental part of the experience. They also fit well in continuing the whole inherited will theme, at least usually, and they do often connect back to the main narrative thread in some way. Course, if the actual content of the flashback doesn't work for you, that means One Piece is certain to drag but I think generally it works, and it's one of the stronger parts of One Piece's construction.

The only things from J.J. Abrams I've really seen are Force Awakens and like some of Fringe. I'm really hoping he doesn't retcon anything from Last Jedi, I don't really think he will. Going to be pretty upset if he overturns the Rey's parent's were nobody thing though. I don't think he will though, since from an interview I recall reading after seeing Last Jedi J.J. Abrams stated he has the same plan I think.

From what I read, the developers approached Nintendo about using Zelda stuff in a DLC, but Nintendo were like, super on-board and pushed for it to be a full game, which is pretty wild to think about. I think I may be more excited for this than Link's Awakening, partially just cause you can play Zelda and Smash has made me in love with that, and partially cause I'm sure it won't be full priced whereas I'm still iffy on Link's Awakening.
Terrestrious Mar 20, 11:59 PM
The Broly movie takes place after the events of Super but requires almost zero knowledge of anything that happened in Super, it's very easy to jump in right into it from Resurrection of F. There is one spoiler from Super that I'll note in a spoiler tag, but considering the nature of the series, I don't think it's very surprising, and depending on how much you looked into it, I think some of the trailers even gave it away but just in case.

In short, I went in a group of people, none of who have seen all of Super, and it didn't matter in the slightest. I actually tried catching up on Super before going to see it but never got past the Battle of Gods arc. I hate the series decision to have the first arcs be the movies again. I want to go through it eventually because I want to see the later arcs but going through an even worse version of Resurrection of F is a scary thought. Though it might actually be better, since I care more about Battle of Gods so it hurts a little more to see the series ruin what worked about that movie (not always mind you, but Beerus vs. Goku's fight on King Kai's Planet was rightfully lambasted though not necessarily for the right reasons, dragging out the fight to a full episode's length removes all the impact and weight the two minute fight had in the original film).

But about Broly, yes I think it's very good! Personally, the experience of watching it was just unbridled joy for most of it's runtime for me, though I should note going with a group and seeing it at the theatres certainly enhances that element. Broly is actually a character this time around, there's much more too him than "Kakarot cried loudly a lot", lol. Not that that's hard, but Toriyama's interpretation of the character fits really well within the world I think, and is more engaging as a character, whereas the original one was basically just a threat. Though to be honest, I feel Goku benefits the most from the changes to Broly, two of the best moment of the scenes are between those two, and I love them for how the express who Goku fundamentally is as a character. Also feel like the movie doesn't really do a good job of re-capturing the initial appeal of Broly, which was his overwhelming power. Don't get me wrong, this version of Broly is far stronger than the original Broly but the battles here are far more evenly contested, it's not just Broly dominating them endlessly. Which greatly lessens the impression of power that was so crucial to the success of Broly's original film, which is not a complaint, just an observation. So on those fronts, I think it's pretty different from the original Broly film, and certainly nothing like the horrendous sequels.

There is no new transformation in the film too (which is weird I cause I think Super added another one but it still caps out at Blue here). I didn't mind the new Blue transformation in Resurrection of F myself, since it kinda felt self-aware at the ridiculousness of it at the point (the super long name doesn't help), though that did help one of my major problems with Resurrection of F, which was the lack of any dramatic tension. Still, there's a lot of transformations in the movie and some of it does feel pretty unnecessary.

The animation is excellent, easily out-classes any previous Dragon Ball anything I've ever seen. There's still jarring shifts to CGI, but at least the 3D models here reminded me more of FighterZ, which made them feel a little better. And there's a lot of action here, it's also easily the most action heavy Dragon Ball movie since Battle of Gods. There's still a great amount of comedy, and the fight's paced with well-time humour to break it up and help it from feeling endless but I was definitely getting bored with the action by the last stretch of the fight. And the animation is certainly what holds up the fighting, it's a visual spectacle and was really fun to watch for just how well it was made, but the fight on a base level isn't very memorable. There's only about two action sequences that I even remember (well three, but third one I don't like and can't talk discuss without spoiling), and one of them was a direct homage to the first Broly film (which, mind you, I loved and thought was a good touch to include but it does mean the most memorable sequence for me was lifted elsewhere).

Another thing worth noting, is that this is most tightly focused movie of the recent batch, and it only uses a small handful of the cast. Half the group I went with considered it to be the greatest Dragon Ball movie and while I'm not in that half, it's certainly my second favourite after Battle of Gods, and those are probably the only two I could comfortably recommend.

I guess the contest is similar to the Davy Back Fight, though I'll be honest I don't really remember much from the contest portion outside of bits & pieces. I do think it was smart to have Zoro & Sanji conflict during the contest, it is similar to Davy Back Fight in that regard but I think that's actually a positive. It's a way of reinforcing their typical dynamic before changing the context of that by making it more strained and serious instead of the typical purpose of comic relief that it usually serves. So I guess I'd say I think the movie's actually stronger for re-using that.

Side-note on the Davy Back stuff though, the anime actually removed like, all the canon stuff from it. There's only two scenes in the Davy Back Fight arc that have any real relevance to the overarching plot, at least as far as I know, the meeting with Aokiji, and the discussion to fix up the Merry. The latter scene was inserted into the filler arc right before Davy Back, the G-8 arc (which as a side note, is one of the high-points of the One Piece anime), while the former was inserted into another filler arc, that served as somewhat of a sequel to the Davy Back Fight as Foxy tries to get revenge on the Straw Hats. Despite it being a sequel, Foxy's only relevant in the first half of that filler arc, whereas Aokiji is only in the second half. That means, you could basically skip Foxy entirely in the anime, without missing anything relevant. It's so weird that they did this too, where the filler G-8 arc technically has more story relevance than the canon Davy Back Fight arc. And one of the things that makes it weird, is they clearly love Foxy. They actually play two games of Davy Back Fight in the anime, and Foxy comes back multiple times afterward in the anime (the aforementioned sequel arc and then one more after Thriller Bark [which in fairness, totals out to three episodes]; as well appearing in some of the alternate reality filler episodes).

Sanji's my favourite character! I always really gravitated towards the way he fights, his design is really cool, he has one of the stronger backstories (in the manga anyway), and I find his pervy/white prince gimmick to be consistently amusing (though I do get tired of it at times but that's true of like every character's running gag). I think it was very smart to incorporate the White Prince aspect to Sanji's character, perverts are everywhere in shonen but rarely do the treat women with the same amount of respect that Sanji tends too, I feel like it's a big reason why people like Sanji but complain endlessly about say Mineta from My Hero Academia). I also like how the limits he puts on fighting, I do think that not fighting woman thing is pretty sexist but it does create from some interesting limits, one of my favourite things about the whole CP9 saga was how both of Sanji's restrictions were challenged, he fought with hands in one fight and was confronted with Kalifa in CP9 (though he couldn't manage to break that one). But another big reason why Sanji's my favourite is because of how Oda usually structures his big moments in arcs, a lot of them aren't even very action-orientated. His constant thread of disappearing and then re-appearing and saving the day in some way is really satisfying and cool to me, with the most notable examples being Mr. Prince in Alabasta and closing the Gates of Justice in Enies Lobby.

The Alabasta arc (though just the Alabasta part, I think if I included everything from Whiskey Peak onward I'd actually like it less) absolutely would've been one of my favourite arcs if Oda didn't have Pell survive the bomb explosion. It basically few in the face of one of the strongest themes in Alabasta, powerful scenes where Luffy confronts Vivi's idealist view on how the rebellion on Crocodile is going to go, forcing her to confront the fact that people die in war, people being stating willingness to die for their country, the little moment where Crocodile and Luffy agree about that naivete on Vivi's part, Pell's sacrifice served as a powerful conclusion to that thematic string, and the fact that he survived it with basically zero explanation or reason is infuriating to me. Like, I even loved Chaka's scene at the grave. Where he talks about how he can't believe he's dead, can't even shed a tear. I thought that was a nice little moment but it turned out to be some sort of lame foreshadowing that Pell actually survived. Which also doesn't make sense from a logically point of view. Either her survived the bomb explosion which would make no sense, or he drop that bomb at some point which seems contradictory to his commitment. Oda's refusal to kill characters in present day pre-Ace has always been a bit of a nitpick for me but generally I don't think most instances really detract from the story, Pell's surviving is pretty much the only one that I think actively hurts the arc, and I still can't think of a good reason to do it. The thought that he did it just so Ace's death would have more impact would make this even worse imo, but that's the best thought I got. And it's a shame, because the Alabasta arc is filled with a ton of great stuff, Crocodile's probably my favourite villain, I love the Mr. Prince moment, Nami has her best fight here, and the goodbye to Vivi is one of the best moments of the series imo. Pell surviving doesn't ruin Alabasta for me, since there's so much great stuff in it but it does keep it out of my favourites.

Skypiea on the other hand, I can definitely agree with. In the manga, it's my probably my favourite arc. Despite One Piece being a series with a lot of traveling between islands, the arcs rarely feature much emphasis on adventure but Skypiea is the strongest exception. There's a genuine sense of discovery and exploration embedded throughout the entire arc, it kinds feels like what a quintessential One Piece arc should be. I think Eneru is great villain too, in personality he's not to interested but he's one of the best built up threats. Whenever someone makes the claim of being a God, there's a large responsibility for them to display powers befitting of that. And while I do think Naruto did a good job justifying that claim with Pain, I think Eneru tops it, his introduction into the war presents him on a scale entirely above anything we've seen before, which of course makes the reveal that Luffy's immune to his lightning powers all the more effective (this is also, the best showcase of Devil Fruit's powers granting match-up advantages). The fight with Eneru is pretty great too, one of the best in the series. This is largely because the defeat of Eneru is probably the best climax in a One Piece fight. The way it takes advantage of the properties of their powers & battle & gold, the way it connects back to the backstory with the bell ringing, to the monster in the sky victory pose that Cricket sees tying it all the way back into the beginning of the Jaya arc, it's a finish that is satisfying on so many levels.

And the Nolan/Calgara backstory is one of the best backstory/flashbacks in all of One Piece imo. Out of curiosity, what would you say your favourite flashbacks/backstories are in One Piece. My top five in rough order would be Luffy/Ace/Sabo', Nami's, Nolan/Calgara's, Robin's, & Fisher Tiger's.

Outside of Skypiea, I really love the Water 7 stuff, and it's my favourite arc in the anime (one of my favourites in the manga too [I use to prefer the Enies Lobby arc to it in the manga but that was mostly because of how poor the anime's pacing was during that arc, so going to the manga after the anime the Enies Lobby stuff seemed stronger cause I was comparing it to a weaker adaption]). Much like Skypiea is one of the few arcs that I feel put a lot of emphasis on adventure, I feel like Water 7 is one of the few arcs that put a lot of emphasis on character. I love how it's all about the crew dynamics, about their structure being damaged and how the remaining legs had to try and deal with it, Merry was a great parallel throughout this and Enies Lobby. And I love how with even all this big world-building stuff and huge revelations, it's always still framed around how it impacts the Straw Hats. Even with all the CP9 and Pluton, the emphasis was on Robin and the Straw Hats. I also loved how it handled battles here, it was actually much more like a Hunter x Hunter arc, in that fights were sparse and only really happened if they were necessary to advance the plot. Plus, the fight with Luffy & Usopp is one of the best moments in the whole series. Maybe my favourite fight for both the Batman vs. Superman element of it but namely how strongly it hinged on character drama and the emotional divide between them. I loved Luffy's "It's heavy" line after winning and Zoro's "That's burden as Captain", one of my favourite exchanges in One Piece. Sanji's disappear and reappear "bingo" was also cool, and I thought the twist for CP9 was really well done (sure as hell didn't expect Blueno).

I'm not crazy about the Sea Train stuff though, its' really the only problem I have with the Water 7 arc (and to a lesser extent, Franky's backstory, which isn't bad, just one of the weakest ones in One Piece). I like that it introduces Sogeking, and that Sanji ends up having to fight using knives, but it reverts back to the more fight-orientated plot structure that I loved Water 7 so much for avoiding.

Really glad to hear you're enjoying the Wano arc (which I assume is the current one). I haven't read One Piece in awhile but I definitely felt it gone downhill after the Time-skip, though with still great moments peppered throughout. The Zou arc has probably been the only arc after the time-skip that I can say I fully liked but that's partially because I haven't finished the Sanji arc. I stopped at the point where Luffy agrees to team up with Capone Bege to take down Big Mom or something. I stopped because I caught up and didn't want to read it weekly, but it also helped that I mostly got the resolution to Sanji's drama which was the most compelling reason for me to continue reading at the moment. I should really get back to it.

Ah, I see. Stuff like that's never really affected me, but I can definitely see why that'd cause such a disconnect. Never really heard any discussions comparing The Last Jedi and Infinity War, but I don't actively look for conversations about those pieces (though of course, I've heard a ton of discussion about both films individually, avoiding that would involve leaving most sites). The Last Jedi's my favourite Star Wars movie (in part due to not having watched the original trilogy since I was a kid), and I definitely don't agree with all the hate that got, or that Infinity War succeeded where it failed. I would say I'm not excited for Episode IX, though that has less to do with the fandom (though side-note, there are some awful vocal people in the Star Wars fandom, so I definitely avoid them) and more to do with J.J. Abrams returning to direct it. Nothing really against J.J. Abrams per se, I thought the Force Awakens was fine, but the trilogy was a lot more enticing to me when it was a different director for every film.

I never had any plans to watch Captain Marvel, so I didn't even look at a single trailer of it, but it's nice to hear there wasn't much focus on her origin story. I think it'd probably suit most Marvel movie properties better to take that approach, and it was definitely something I liked about both Black Panther and Spider-Man and their early introductions in Civil War. And yeah, lol, I'd definitely stay away from those type of discussions.

Also, CADENCE OF HYRULE! This is one of the weirdest announcements Nintendo's made in quite some time, it looks sick though. Had Crypt of the Necrodancer on my plan to buy list for years I feel, but never got around to actually buying it, so I'll definitely be starting here. Really looking forward to this one.
Terrestrious Mar 18, 9:57 PM
OH, okay. I'm a lot more interested in these Dragon Ball movies now. Will probably check them out once I get past the Dragon Ball stuff in the manga. I mean, I was going to watch them regardless simply because it's Dragon Ball, but I'm more interested in them now. Not surprised to here about the pacing though, reading that third was based around two arcs raised a warning flag for me, albeit I don't know to what extent nor do I really know how long those arcs are.

Post-Time Skip One Piece does have that issue, since there's been far less wiggle room between arcs where a movie could naturally fit within, but that hasn't really been a major issue, granted most movies happened pre-time skip anyway (only Z & Gold are post-time skip ones so far), though it doesn't cause much problem for me if they can't be slotted easily into the timeline since yeah, growing up I got use to it since the Dragon Ball Z movies never really did with few exceptions. But on the note of movie timelines, something I think is kinda cool from the One Piece movies is that Movie 5 takes place like immediately after Movie 4. There's really no plot connection between the two, they're completely separate stories but I appreciated that touch.

What scenes did Hosoda re-use from the series btw? It's been years since I've seen it, and nothing's jumping to mind but most of the imagery that comes to mind when I think about the movie is stuff like that body horror weird flower stem thing with all the Straw Hats in it, or Luffy's final punch to Baron, where he punched all the colour out of the screen (an effect that anime reused when Luffy punched the Celestial Dragon).

Definitely let me know what you think of any of the One Piece movie's whenever/if you ever get around to seeing them. Definitely understand Strong World having the highest priority there. As for the design of the anime, my biggest issues with it visually is how inconsistent. I remember not to long ago watching the Enies Lobby arc with my brother, and the episode right before they say goodbye to Merry looked awful, and the episode where they say goodbye to Merry was such a stark improvement over it. Which makes sense, they've made nearly 1000 episodes at this point I think, it's understandable to pick and choose the moments to pour love into, but makes for too uneven of a viewing experience. Couldn't imagine how bad that'd come off when you don't like the series look to begin with. The really tall and weird body proportions description makes me think of Clamp though. Was never really a fan of how Code Geass looked for example, so I can get that. And yeah, the movies are pretty much better looking version of the anime, outside of Hosoda which was something of a drastic departure, I don't imagine the movies would end up looking much better than the TV show did for me.

One final note about One Piece movies, I'm pretty interested in the newest one, Stampede. I know almost nothing about it, but I do distinctly remember Oda saying he wouldn't have allowed the movie's story to be done if it wasn't commemorating the anime's 20th anniversary, which is a pretty intriguing line.

Should've thought about Pokémon and Zelda when I asked that. Never played either Uncharted or Assassin's Creed (any of their games, really) but I've heard countless times that Uncharted really picked up with the second one. Most I hear about Assassin's Creed is that they make too many of them, and the one with the pirate stuff (Black Flag, I think?) was pretty cool. Not sure if I'll ever play either, Uncharted interests me more because it seems there's finality to it, and I loved the Crash Bandicoot games (the N. Sane trilogy versions at least, never played PSOne classics).

Nah, I haven't watched Captain Marvel, not really planning on checking it out either. Feel free to spoil me, was there anything specific that re-sparked your interest Endgame in the film? Like anything that connected to it or lead into it, or just the movie's own quality kinda propping up the MCU?
Terrestrious Mar 13, 12:37 AM
It's an odd decision to air that while the anime was going on but the anime going on for like another two years after the manga ended is also pretty odd. Well, I know it's that way because Naruto's a cash cow but it's not something I particularly like. Skimmed through the episode listing of it, and apparently chapter 699 was episode 479, and episode 500 was about Hinata & Naruto getting married? The ending of The Last showed snapshots of their wedding, so maybe the movie was meant to help flow into the finale since it doesn't appear like they covered The Last movie in the anime. I don't know, never plan on watching the anime version because I'm not insane. I can get being upset that the romance was relegated to the movie, for me I was just grateful to get any.

Never saw the Dragon Ball movies, only the ones from Z & onward (having seen the GT one either, since I recall hating the series enough to not bother with it), wasn't aware those were recaps. Maybe I knew it once and that's why I put them off since I hadn't gone through the series proper. I'll probably check those out after going through the manga stuff so I can have a more direct comparison point. & the Hunter x Hunter movies are definitely worse for being attached to Hunter x Hunter. I went in with low expectations, so I don't hate either of them, but I don't think either are good films, and it kinda annoys me that Kurapika was essentially a damsel in distress in both movies. Recall enjoying some of the fanservice in Last Mission and the animation in one of the fights was really good (the two on one with Gon & Killua, but yeah, the fight is just animation good, lacked any of the tactical intrigue the series is known for, which is a problem), whereas I felt Phantom Rogue's use of fanservice of like resurrecting dead Phantom Troupe members to be kinda insulting, because it felt like the movie was insisting itself into canon. And after having read Kurapika's backstory manga, I don't think Phantom Rogue even did a good job adapting that. So I definitely preferred Last Mission, but yeah neither were good. The Yu Yu Hakusho movies weren't very good either, though I liked the second one better than either of the HxH movies.

I think One Piece generally has the best collection of movies out of any shonen series. I like pretty much every movie on some level. They're still Shonen movies mind you, and they have a few of the trappings (the earlier One Piece films had an annoying habit of having a prominent OC kid character in there to either learn the main theme of the movie or parallel one of the MC's). Of all the One Piece movies, Hosoda's is my favourite, in fact it's probably my favourite of all movies based off a shonen series except maybe Battle of Gods. The most recent movies have all had involvement from Oda to some extent, and while I think most people prefer that, I don't because of Hosoda's film, it was so cool to see someone leave their own artistic impression on One Piece. And granted, we probably wouldn't be getting that even if Oda wasn't involved but still. The only real issues I had with the film were some OOC moments and nerfing of the cast that I can kinda give a pass towards because they were both necessary for the film's goals. If you hadn't seen that, I would've recommend it. Outside of it, nothing would really get a strong recommend from me.

The one with the manga backstory and the flying pirate, is Strong World, which I believe is the most popular One Piece movie. A lot of that has to do with the fact that it's essentially canon material, there's nothing that really contradicts the main line series and more importantly, it's the only film Oda is credited as co-writer. He was very hands-on with it as far as I can tell, and for most people it paid off. This would be the second strongest recommendation from me due to Oda's involvement and the general reception among most being positive, but I found Shiki (the flying pirate antagonist) to be annoying and a really poor villain, I thought the runtime was too long and it dragged, and the plot was pretty predictable. I also didn't care for some of the bigger action set-pieces. That said, there were some really great visuals spectacles, the finishing blow was really cool. And it's not like I hated the movie from start to finish, but it is one of my least favourite One Piece movies.

My second favourite One Piece movie though is Episode of Chopper, it's a recap of the Drum Island arc except they did something pretty cool, this is a version of Drum Island that takes place after the CP9 stuff, meaning there's no Vivi but Franky & Robin are there. There's also a new villain, designed by Oda himself I think, I believe he was Wapol's brother or something. Now, having this happen post-CP9 doesn't really change anything, the plot is still largely the same but I really appreciated having this side bit of flavour added to it. It's just kinda cool seeing them during this location and story. The villain is mostly replaces Luffy's goofy fight with Wapol, with a more serious climatic type of battle. I think I prefer the cartoonish in the original fight, but I do remember liking the fight here, I think the animation was really good and it was nice to get something original out of this movie too. Ultimately though, if the Drum Island arc is one you really like, then I'd say it's worth watching. Because it's a good adaption of the core story with great visuals and there's enough new flavour there that it doesn't feel entirely like a wasted retread. At least not to me.

After the others worth mentioning are the first Movie, Dead End Adventure, Movie 7, & Film Gold. The first movie is the shortest of all them, a little under an hour, and I just remember it being a solid fun movie that captures the energy and charm of the base series pretty well. The shorter crew at this point (it happens pre-Sanji) also kinda a plus here, the crew dynamic pretty well. Nothing spectacular, but pretty entertaining for an hour. This might be one of the strongest recs from me. Dead End Adventure's first half was a ton of fun, a pirate race and I recall really enjoying the stuff focused on the racing between ships, using their powers to aid them and stuff. The second half was a bit of a letdown, I don't recall thinking the plot was horrible or anything but I do recall finding the antagonist really lame, and his fight is essentially a worse version of Crocodiles.

Movie 7 almost feels like a response to Hosoda's movie, because it's like the complete opposite. The first hour of that film is just a bunch of stupid fun, I thought they nailed the humour there. It would be my second favourite One Piece movie but I felt the final fight dragged on too long, especially considering the movie never even pretends the antagonist is actually a threat (and overall, I love that, I thought there were some really good jokes and moments about that). I think the most known thing about this movie is how over the top the animation was on the boobs, which normally I would have a problem with but I think it actually kinda meshed well with the ridiculous tone they were going for. Like I wouldn't have missed it but it didn't seem out of place.

And finally Film Gold. At one point, this was going to be my second favourite too while watching it. Because I love the casino/gambling aesthetic and vibe of the film, there's a lot of fun scenes, and builds really well, the soundtrack was amazing, there's this really fun heist segments in it, and outside of the CGI the movie looks top-notch. But unfortunately, it's biggest failings come at the end. My favourite scene in the movie is the villain's backstory. Prior to it, I thought he was one of the worst villains out of all the movies, but after it, he became one of my favourites. And a lot of it's not the content but the delivery. Honestly the direction style felt closer to Cowboy Bebop rather than One Piece for his backstory. But it doesn't connect to the overall narrative in any meaningful way imo, rendering it feeling kinda superfluous. The other big flaw is some pretty sloppy writing to end out the most important side-story in the arc, completely manipulating framing's there that feel a bit insulting.

So I do still like all those four, I wouldn't call any of them excellent or must-watches, but I think there's still enough good in all of them, that if you decide you want to spend some time with the One Piece crew, you're in for a good time. However, for something that I'd give a strong recommendation towards though, it's not a movie but if the Arlong Park arc is one of your favourites, I do strongly recommend the Episode of Nami special. In my opinion, it is the definitive version of that arc. Top tier animation, but most importantly, they understood that the fights weren't the focus, it was the Nami's story. The fights are abridged here, and some people dislike that but personally, I loved it. The time was better spent on the lead-up, and we still get the iconic emotional conclusion done really well, and quite frankly, I think the quicker pace made the fights way more enjoyable and includes one moment that's incredibly satisfying that's exclusive to the movie's version of the fight. I love it, I even like it better than the Hosoda film.

Oh that reminds me, along with Neji dying, I also was "spoiled" that Gaara dies. Of course he never dies, but thinking that he did definitely made some of the fights stuff a little more intense for me. And I like the moment Neji dies, I think it carries a lot of proper weight, but it doesn't seem too impactful overall, so I can't blame you for forgetting it, especially with how non-existent Neji was after the time-skip.

Interesting. I do like Sasori a lot too, and most of the Akatsuki members as well. My favourite there was probably Hidan, almost entirely because he runs counter-point to pretty much every other villain in Naruto (this is true of Kakuzu too, but Hidan stuck out more like a sore thumb due to his more over-the-top personality and outlandish immortality which the series never even attempts to justify, they just run with it [again, running counter-point to pretty much every other character in Naruto actually]) in that there wasn't any attempt to give him depth or an emotional reason to get in the war, just a pure entertaining villain for Shikamaru to defeat. Deidara is the only member of the Akatsuki I don't really like, I found his art thing to be pretty annoying.

Ah I see. I definitely can understand all that with Obito. And I definitely liked how different he was from the other Uchiha's at that point during Kakashi Gaiden too. I will say, I kinda like Obito more that he lived. As you said, Naruto has a lot of characters that resemble each-other, which I wonder if that's why you don't really have a favourite or anything, I think that type of characterization is valid but to me it's a lot less interesting, since the only sense of individualism comes from comparing the models, rather than being a series of unique characters. Anyway, I think I prefer Obito more that he lived because I thought it was more interesting to have a Naruto model character that did get corrupted by the hate. I have my issues with the execution, and it's a bit lame that another Uchiha became the bad guy but I think the alteration to the Naruto model to be pretty interesting and effective. The drama with him lasted too long but again, I would agree that he's the best of that mold but for me, a large part comes from the difference in route. On the flip side, I think this is a large part of the reason why Kakashi is one of my favourites in Naruto, because he's the only one in the Sasuke model that never goes bad.

I really wish Legacy of Goku didn't scare me off or that I still had a way to play Gameboy Advance games, because I definitely want to play Legacy of Goku 2. I've been considering hacking my SNES Classic to include Gameboy Advance games entirely because I want to play Mother 3 since for some reason they still haven't released it outside of Japan. Though I like the note of it being one of your favourite sequels. Anything else come to mind for you there? For me, I immediately thought of Melee, it's not my favourite in the franchise but it definitely made the biggest leap forward from it's predecessor, so I'd say it's the best sequel. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 also comes to mind.

Having played Astro Bot, I can confirm that it's a ton of fun. Very Mario-esque in the way that it utilizies all the functionality of the VR (I guess, outside of the Move controllers) into the platforming gameplay. I feel like Astro Bot kinda validates VR as a platform with how well-integrated it is to the mechanics. Love it so far. Don't love VR itself though. It's cool, don't get me wrong, but my options are limited without the move controllers, I don't have the biggest play area anyway, and I do prefer traditional gaming. I think I'll pick up Resident Evil 7 and play through it on VR, because I hear that's a great game so if I don't like it in VR I can just play it regular. Biggest problem I have with VR is that it does cause eye strain and headaches for me after like an hour or so. Granted, I think it depends on the game, for like Astro Bot you're looking around a lot so that might accelerate it. I've only beaten the first two worlds of that game, but I had to do them in separate sittings with like an hour break. I started getting the strain earlier than that but was having too much fun to stop so I kept going throughout the world til the endings. Not sure if I just calibrated something wrong, or maybe it's the brightness. I wouldn't really say it was worth the money but being a tax return purchase and with how much fun I had with Astro Bot, I definitely don't regret it.
Terrestrious Mar 6, 7:17 PM
If it wasn't for the fact that I know my brother is going to watch all of Black Mirror, I'd be more tempted to just watch San Junipero on it's own.

Never really thought much about that, the clothes culture and architecture. but yeah that is a cool thing Kishimoto did well with Naruto.

Oh dude, I remember audibly groaning with Ginkaku and Kinkaku's introduction, lol. They were really boring characters and the backstory that the survived inside Nine-tails stomach was really lame, and filler characters is pretty much a perfect description. I did like their word battle with Darui admittedly, but outside of that element it was definitely a low-point of the whole war arc. Can't really blame you for losing interest there. Wonder if it would've been better to establish them ahead time. Considering the Edo Tensei was otherwise fully utilized on previously established characters, those two definitely stuck out like sore thumbs even more.

Speaking of Kaguya, I saw the Last Movie and while I don't think she was ever actually mentioned during it, but her existence kinda naturally lent the story to that whole moon thing. I thought The Last was pretty great, or more specifically, I thought the stuff directly with Hinata & Naruto was pretty great because I'm a sap. Leaving it I felt like giving it an 8, especially at the super cheesy end point of them kissing center-framed the moon backdrop but after thinking about it I gave it a 7 because the Toneri stuff was not very compelling, he was a pretty bad villain. And I do have some issues with the romance stuff too. Still, I was a bit surprised by how much I ended up enjoying it, one of my favourite anime movies tied to a shonen property for sure. Which isn't like, a high bar but still.

Outside of the stuff I already mentioned being spoiled on (the Sasuke stuff and some end-game couples), I knew a few big things. I knew Minato was Naruto's father, and I knew Neji died in the War arc. Neither which turned out to be really big deals. I like the moment where Neji died in the War arc mind you, but the fact that his death was pretty much his first moment in post time-skip kinda dampened any emotional involvement. As for Obito, I knew Obito was villain but I didn't know he was Tobi, but obviously it wasn't too hard to parse the connection together. Especially when Tobi was revealed to not actually be Madara, I was 100% certain he was Tobi.

As an aside, who is your favourite Naruto character? I think I've mentioned that mines a toss-up between Gaara & Kakashi but don't think you've ever mentioned yours.

I pretty much only like the motion controls for Wii Sports, never really enjoyed them in any other games. Can't remember which Twilight Princess I played but I didn't get too far into that. Think the beginning was just too slow & uninteresting for me, but if it was the Wii version I tried I'm sure the motion controls didn't help. And to be honest, I forgot the the 3DS even had a mic in it still, lol. Guess it's probably used for some WarioWare stuff. I think even with the DS, I gravitated towards the games that didn't really utilize both screens. Nintendogs and mini-games on like Mario games being the only really exceptions. Though I loved Kid Icarus Uprising on the 3DS, and I believe touch screen was mandatory for the on rails flying sections. Been years so I don't really remember the experience that well, and my affection for it was mostly tied to the character interactions and personalities. Hoping for a Switch port tbh.

I think it hurts my impression of it that Zelda and Mario took big departures from their previous entries with their first Switch title. I really wanted to see other Nintendo franchises take that kinda leap again. Seemed like Metroid was with returning to the Prime series after like over a decade. I suppose in fairness, Pokémon can do something similar to Smash, in just trying to create the ultimate rendition for it. Time will tell on that one though.

Hmm, pretty interesting that your Dragon Ball gaming experience is mostly handle while mine was mostly console. And the Budokai Tenkaichi games were incredibly same-y, the only real difference between the three as far as I recall were the different single player campaign (and the increased roster size each game, BT3 had over 150 characters). I haven't played those games in ages so I might be wrong there. Regardless, I spent the most time on the third one, but the second was my favourite since it was basically Budokai 3's story mode. I never got to play the sequels but I did play the original Legacy of Goku and that game is awful. Always wanted to play the sequels since I heard they were much better, but never got my hands on them. And really cool to hear they kept the American tracks, I love Bruce Faulconer's score for the series. Never cared for what I heard from the Japanese soundtrack for the series.

I'm sure Storm 4 probably plays just like the first two, can't really imagine those games would really alter the gameplay much, probably instead the appeal to keep getting them would just be increased roster size and stuff. It'll be a while before I play that though, just bought a bunch of games with my tax return money, which was probably a mistake since my backlog's big enough. And even more so, with same tax return money, I decided to buy a PS VR! Won't get a chance to play it until Monday, but I decided to take the plunge into that world. To be honest, I was never too interesting the PS VR, seemed very motion control/gimmicky to me that I wouldn't be too interested in. But Nitro Rad's review of the Astro Bot convinced me that I wanted to at least play that game, so I kinda convinced myself to buy the whole thing. Got the bundle with Astro Bot & Moss, partially because I'm buying it mostly to play Astro Bot, and partially because it doesn't come with the move controllers, making it only $250 instead of over $300. As long as Astro Bot is good, I think I'll enjoy my purchase. Will definitely have to play Moss too considering the money I spent on it, and I've got a few other games already that have a VR mode (Thumper's going to be intense). As long as neither of those require the Move controllers, I'll be fine (I know Astro Bot & Moss don't, otherwise it would've been bundled).
Terrestrious Mar 2, 8:42 PM
Hmm, I guess that's kinda a trademark of anthology series. By their very nature they definitely seem more inclined to be hit or miss but I figured Black Mirror might have a better chance of being consistent since it seemed to have a stronger thematic semblance. Didn't realize Charlie wrote every episode, but that would've made me suspect even more it be less hit and miss too. Is your favourite episode San Junipero by any chance? All I really know about that episodes is 80's, lesbians, that it has a happier ending than most, and that it's in season 3 (I looked it up so I didn't accidentally spoil you). To be honest, that's the main reason why I wanted to watch it. Charlie Brooker appeared on a lot of British Panel Shows, like Would I Lie To You? and one of the youtube comments on one of his appearances was like "Hard to believe that this guy wrote one of the best episodes ever with San Junipero". That's how I discovered the series even existed and it's been on my radar since then. It is a bit disheartening to read that was the only one to show it in a positive light, but I'm not too surprised reading that.

Ah, yeah I'll check out Gaiden then. And since I prefer anime to manga, I will happily skip the Boruto manga and just watch the movie. Speaking of Naruto though, I finally finished it and I've been on the crossroads to whether or not I want to rate it a 6 or a 7. Part one would probably get an 8 for me, but trying to figure out how I'd rate the second half is a lot stranger since it felt a lot more inconsistent. There's a lot of a disappoint in the last stretch of the manga. I kinda wish I didn't know about Kaguya's last minute appearance and subsequent dispatchment of Madara, since I'm curious to how I would've reacted. As in, I think it's completely unsatisfying but on the other hand, I was growing bored of the Madara stuff (even though The Infinite Tsukuyomi could've re-escalated tension a lot & I thought that moment was executed well and had weight to it) so I also kinda appreciated the change up. They did almost nothing with Kaguya herself though, and her defeat was equally unsatisfying since it all came about because Obito gifted Kakashi a temporary power-up post dying. It's a bit hard to grasp what the point of her even was. I just figure that Kishimoto still wanted to have a kinda "talk-no-jutsu" moment with Madara (which he did kinda get with Hashirama [& I did like their moment]) but needed Team 7 to defeat the big bad so due to that we needed a new villain without any real human qualities that he'd have to tie down to that. Because she basically had no personality whatsoever, I actually really liked that Reverse Harem moment because it worked on her and that is like the most moment of character she had. I will note, it was a bit weird that Kishimoto started injecting a lot of humour into the end of the war arc, I didn't mind it myself since I wasn't invested in the dramatics due to quick escalation of powers, and especially with Kaguya being a last minute threat I didn't have much investment, but I do think it kinda removes a lot of drama so might not been the smartest call. Either way, I liked that I was chuckling throughout, so not really a complaint.

And then there's the Sasuke stuff. I know for you, he stopped working after the Chunin Exams and I don't like the plotline at all but like, I think the most frustrating thing about the Sasuke plotline is how easily it could've gelled strongly with me. I do like the direction Sasuke takes after joining the war and I do like, not necessarily the final fight, but the aftermath of the final fight. I think Kishimoto executed that moment really well, the use of the flashbacks and thoughts from Sasuke, the expressions, he drew that chapter really well and several moments were effective based on the drawing (like Sasuke's expression after Naruto said it hurt seeing Sasuke isolate himself again), and the final imagery of the lack of arm, and blood hand holding reinforcing their relationship was pretty strong too, and came as a shock when turning that page. I want to praise that but the thought running through my head was "I really wish this worked for me, I really wish the build-up matched" because like, this kinda ridiculously loyalty, saving someone trying to martyr themselves, is totally up my wheelhouse. But the two biggest problems is that I don't think what we saw of Naruto & Sasuke's relationship prior to his departure warranted the dedication that Naruto held for him (which granted, they did pin somewhat on Sakura making him promise), and I feel the stuff about their childhood probably should've been established prior to the arc where he was basically leaving. Like I really liked Gungrave which had a similar best friends turn enemy kinda thing to it but that worked a lot more for me because it did a much better job of establishing a strong bond between those two protagonists. Here, it just seemed like kinda your typical shonen rival relationship, until Sasuke decides he's going to run off to Oorochimaru, once that threat's established, we start getting deeper insight into what Sasuke means to Naruto, and while I think it connects fine to what we know about both of them, coming in at that point feels a bit forced. The other problem being Sasuke just going completely off the rails after finding out Itachi's backstory and deciding that everyone in Konoha needed to die. Like, if he didn't have that extreme drop, I think this could've really worked for me because in isolation, I do really like that conclusion chapter to their conflict, but as a whole, Sasuke was too all over the place.

Yeah, that's probably why I hear a lot of praise for the Piccolo arc. The Dragon Ball manga is definitely what I'm reading next, though I'm probably taking a break on manga for a bit after all that Naruto. Wanna focus on anime for my March Mania plan.

lol, Co-op on the Wii New Super Mario Bros. basically devolved into my brother and I constantly finding ways to kill each-other, picking our spots and stuff. It was fun, but did not last long. & yeah, I expect most Mario Maker levels will be platformer strict, I don't think you should get it if that's not going to appeal to you. I just wanted to highlight that some people have utilized the tool set to make some different types of levels and that's really cool.

A little surprised to read the controls are the best thing about them, but glad you're having a lot of fun with it. I feel like I'd probably hate it, I'm usually against heavy reliance on the touch screen but unless I play it I wouldn't know. How does it use the mic, just to like blow in it?

Anodyne also has a sequel coming out at some point, Anodyne 2: Return to Dust. I actually heard about this one first, and it's a weird hybrid of the Zelda style gameplay of the first one, and a 3-D PS1 platformer. That is such a weird mixture that I'm really looking forward to it, especially since I enjoyed my time in Anodyne. I love how experimental and weird several indy titles can get.

Yeah, kinda funny that they announce the Pokémon games right after we talked about it. As you probably expected, I'm pretty disappointed by it. They did note at one point that there would be new features in line with also keeping tradition near the end of the direct, and all I could think is "couldn't you show some of those new features then". Like, nothing in this direct really felt new to me. I know they were just doing a basic reveal of it but something that would've got me hyped is if they choose three different starter types. Because there are plenty of types for the Rock, Paper, Scissors format of the starters, and there's no reason for it to always be Fire, Grass, and Water. If we had a different type set for the starters, that would've been a great way to communicate to me that they are going to be new elements to here while still keeping tradition. For me, it's probably a pass but you know, the Pokémon formula is fun and I'm sure the game will be fun. It's just too much of a time sink for me to get back into (especially now when it's going to be full console price) without something substantial feeling added to warrant me experiencing a full-fledged Pokémon again. I went through Silver twice so I get, and my finger will be on the pulse.

Haha, yeah. I find that a lot of times I use games as a way to express my love for another property. Like, I also played a ton of wrestling games too, I think I may have put more hours into playing wrestling games than I have actually watched wrestling. And this is definitely true for anime games, I've play a ton. I've played I think, the vast majority of Dragon Ball Z games released on home consoles, I've missed a few but I've dabbled in several (looking forward to that Action RPG one that's coming out). My favourite probably being Budokai 3 still, even though I know FighterZ has the better fighting system, I just found the story mode to be too much of a slog to get through. Though FighterZ is up there. What Dragon Ball games are your favourites? I've played both the JoJo fighters for the Playstation, All Star Battle & Eyes of Heaven, even platinum'd the former. I played both Fullmetal Alchemist RPGs for the PS2, only beat the first one. Which was fine, I actually recall really liking the story of that one and the OST but my biggest memory is how terrible Al's AI was. Like I transmuted him a little tank to drive in. He got in it, drove cannon first into a wall, and then started shooting until he blew the tank and nearly killed himself. I had to call my brother in for that because I couldn't believe it. I've played all the One Piece Warriors games (and the first Attack on Titan Warriors game, which is my favourite Attack on Titan thing), as well as Burning Blood and World Seeker Red (never beat it though). I don't think I played Grand Battle but I did play Grand Adventure. Not huge on the kinda chibi-art style they went with for those games to be honest, but I had fun with the gameplay. Played a Yu Yu Hakusho GBA that I don't think was very good but I know I spent a lot of time on it. A few Yu-Gi-Oh games, and few other crossover fighters. Like uh, Dengki Bunko I think, had Shizuo from Durarara!! & Taiga from Toradora as playable fighters. I play a few others too I think, the SNES had some decent anime RPGs that I hacked onto my SNES Classic. The JoJo one's weird.

As for Naruto, I only played Clash of Ninja 2, where you could unlock Akamaru and he was really broken. Only ever managed to win against him if I was Gaara, who I was a lot fortunately cause he was my favourite. I played a demo of one of the Ninja Storm games and liked it but didn't have the disposable income to warrant purchasing it, However, when I went to buy Anodyne on my PS4, I noticed Bandai Namco was having a sale and the Boruto edition of the 4th Ninja Storm game was only about 13 dollars so I do own that now. Haven't played it yet but I will soon.
Terrestrious Feb 25, 9:11 PM
How is Black Mirror? That's an anthology series I always wanted to get into but never found the time for (maybe after Tales From the Crypt, either that or Tales from the Darkside, watch anthology series with my brother so not just my decision). I believe one of the episodes of Black Mirror is interactive? Have you seen/played that one yet? I've seen very few HBO, but most of the stuff I have is quality (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Flight of the Conchords, the aforementioned Tales From the Crypt) and I understand a lot of their stuff is suppose to be top-notch in general. And that is a smart plan with Viaplay, I should realistic do something like that with more of my streaming services.

And yeah, you don't have much choice with anime. Paying import fees and all that would be financially irresponsible, my rule of thumb is if it's not legally available in your country, then it's fair game. Of course, in the States I've got many sources of anime streaming, so I'm more likely to just watch something else and wait for an availability, with several exceptions (namely in terms of movies and such, since those are less likely to get brought over here). Even stuff that's legally available but on a streaming service I don't have, like Violet Evergarden or Devilman Crybaby on Netflix, are just series I'm putting on hold for now until they get brought over to another platform or more likely, I bite the bullet and grab Netflix again.

I want back and skimmed through the first chapter since I don't remember that part, but yeah it's definitely there. That definitely looks like Choji's father but I do think it's likely a case of Kishimoto just reusing a design rather than being a character, and I will note, this kill Naruto thing does happen after they're under the impression that he stole the secret scroll. But this is admittedly, more harsh than I had recalled. I will say the fact that Naruto was shown to have a somewhat friendlier relationship with Shikamaru and some of the others did feel a bit more like revising his past to me. I do still think a lot of it came from the non-ninja's, which yeah, are practically non-existent characters in the manga. Only the Ramen guy comes to mind, and I don't even know if he has a name.

Never really heard of Naruto Gaiden, so I wasn't planning on it but I probably will now. My plan was just to watch The Last movie after finishing the manga. As for Boruto, I might end up giving that a shot but I'm not going to commit myself to sticking with it. Part of me thinks maybe the anime would be the way to go with Boruto but if just for how awesome the animation was for that Naruto & Sasuke vs. Momoshiki fight, though I do believe that's kinda an isolated occurrence and I don't want to sit through all that just to get to one cool part I already watched on Youtube, so yeah, I'll probably check out the first volume and decide from there.

Ah, I see. I only saw the anime, which is why I kinda want to give it a shot in the manga because part of the reason I lost interest in the series during the Soul Society arc, is that I remember it being very slow paced. I also didn't really care for any of the fights, or most of the characters involved (Rukia was my favourite so the story should've worked more for me, but taking her out for so long might've just disinterested me more, since Ichigo was the only other one I remember caring about). I did enjoy MOTW Bleach though. If I go through it, I'll make sure to finish the Soul Society arc but after that I might just drop it. I'll decide when I get to that point.

Interesting. If I hear one Dragon Ball arc talked about a lot, assuming it's not one of the tournaments and counting the stuff I'd classify as "Z", it's the Piccolo arc, so hearing it being one of the weaker ones is a bit of surprise. Good to hear the Red Ribbon is strong though. Think Dragon Ball will probably be next after all the Naruto stuff, just because I can see myself finishing it which I have trouble seeing with Bleach. Besides, I just looked it up, and the SJ site doesn't have all the Bleach chapters available yet for some reason.

Hehe, I actually relate to that, I have a lot of love for Mario but most of it comes from the 3D entries like Odyssey, with Super Mario Bros. 3 & World being my favourites of the side-scrolling entries. I have though played a fair deal of most of the side-scrolling Mario games. The New Super Mario Bros. series kinda exemplifies my issue with them, which is that they're all well-designed but they don't have a lot of personality to them. This is especially problematic for New Super Mario Bros., since there's hardly any graphical difference between them, I ended up getting bored with all but the first entry within a couple of worlds (though I will likely pick up the Switch port because I still imagine I'll have some fun with it, and I never touched the Luigi U stuff). Beat the first one, never played the second, had some fun with co-op in Wii, and probably tapped out of Wii U after World 1. The older games are better in that regard but in terms of platformers, I'd still take Donkey Kong Country, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Kirby over the Mario games. In fact, a big reason why Super Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite of the side-scrolling Mario is because the screen play aesthetic gives it a unique identity. That said, platformers are still my favourite genres, so it's not like I'll have a bad time with any side-scrolling Mario Maker.

The cool thing about Mario Maker, is that some levels aren't created as platforming challenge levels. Most are definitely, but I seen some pretty cool puzzle/exploration type levels youtubers played in Let's Play. One of my favourite type of levels were the murder mystery ones. Like, you'd walk around, get statements from those around, involved, then have to decide which Mario enemy committed the murder. Usually then followed by some sort of boss encounter with the killer before seeing them locked up. Sometimes you'd have to find discrepancy in the people's statements, sometimes they were just describing the killer. None of the mysteries I saw were even slightly difficult to solve, but I think it's really cool that people chose to make an entirely different type of level in Mario Maker.

Is Spirit Tracks one of those that you control with the touch screen? If so, how does it control? I don't even know how much you control with the Spirit Tracks. As for Link's Awakening, I do like that it's not trying to replicate the old-school vibes, but I'm a bit turned off by the, I guess plastic-y sheen to the textures. Not sure how to explain it properly.

Speaking of Link's Awakening, you ever hear of Anodyne. It's probably most comparable to Link's Awakening, cause it's very much plays like a 2D Zelda and like Link's Awakening you can jump in it. It's more simplified than a Zelda game, the only real collectibles are cards which are mostly just used for progress (some area's are locked behind card counts), and in terms of equipment, you only got your broom (which is your weapon) and a few upgrades for it (plus jumping shoes, which you get fairly early on). I really like the soundtrack though, and the later areas of the game gets a lot more surreal than anything in Zelda. And I found exploring the surroundings enjoyable, there were some pretty funny interactions with NPC. Didn't find the game that difficult, and I will note it's pretty short. I beat it in 5 & half hours, and that's with explaining every area fully & grabbing all the collectibles available to me. Haven't done any of the post-game content though, and from what I've heard, the post-game stuff is seriously rad though I don't imagine it'd add more than two or so hours to the total time. Mentioning this because I believe the game is being released on Switch in a few days, I had fun with it on the PS4 for what it was. My only real gripe is that the trophies are glitched, so some bosses I had to re-fight twice in order to get it to the pop, and I never got the trophy for beating the final boss, which I did seven times. That won't be an issue on the Switch.

It's weird that all those games are slated for this year but we know almost nothing about all of them. Dragon Quest aside since that's a port. I imagine I'll probably pick up Animal Crossing regardless of what they add/change about it, but both Pokémon and Luigi's Mansion 3 I'm a bit on the fence for. If the Pokémon game feels like just the handheld games on the Switch, I'm going to pass and if Luigi's Mansion 3 doesn't bring back the Portrait Ghosts, I'm passing too. Portrait Ghosts were pretty much the entire reason I loved the original, so I passed on Dark Moon when I found out they were removed. I imagine they're coming back, and I'll be hyped if they do, but until that's confirmed, I'm not getting my hopes up. Town could be interesting, the idea of the whole game taking place in one singular location is pretty unique for an RPG, and the little we saw of the battle system intrigue me, but there's too little to go off of. Can't wait for E3 or the next direct though, should be a lot of cool stuff coming from Nintendo. My brother's going to get Yoshi's Crafted World, so I'll probably end up playing that but I'm not too interested in it myself.

lol, almost everyone I see comment on the roster was upset with Kaguya's inclusion, especially over Madara (though dataminers basically confirmed he's coming back as DLC). And I do have J-Stars Victory Vs. . . . in fact I own both versions. I remember when J-Stars came out I didn't have a job yet, so I had to do a bunch of chores and save up the like 80 dollars I think it took to import it from Japan, and had to wait like a month after it came out to finally play it. I even platinum'd the game, and then eventually buying Victory Vs. + so just I could have the game in English and get a better grasp of the story. But the story mode was really boring and I didn't get very far in it. At the moment, I'd say I like Jump Force better, because the fighting system, while less unique, is more tightly designed (just having it being one on one instead of two vs. two). But I mean, there may be recency bias there, I do think J-Stars is better in several ways. I like that it has a menu instead of the hub world lobby system of Jump Force. I like that in J-Stars you have to unlock the majority of the characters, rather than pretty much having everyone available at the start like in Jump Force. Story mode I'm a little conflicted on which is better, I don't really like either of them that much. But I've put Jump Force's story mode on pause. And in terms of roster, I like that J-Stars actually feels more like a Jump Force rather than a sequel to Battle Stadium D.O.N. but than on the other hand, I can't say for sure that I like J-Stars roster better since a lot more of my favourites got into Jump Force (Gaara, Kakashi, Sanji, Trunks, Kurapika, Hisoka, & Jotaro/DIO are better reps than Joseph/Jonathan).

Speaking of Battle Stadium D.O.N., that was a fun game I only played on emulators, but man, that has absolutely the worst system for unlocking characters I've ever seen in any game. After beating the arcade mode as somebody, you get coins to use on a slot machine. In order to unlock a new character, you have to line up the slot machine up on the Jump pirate logo. Which opens up like another slot machine set of patterns that you have to line up on a specific logo again. If it was just one spin of the slot machine, I'd be annoyed but it would be tolerable, the fact that you have to line it up on something to get a shot at unlocking someone with the next spin is ridiculous. Never unlocked a single character in that game.
Terrestrious Feb 22, 10:46 PM
Yeah, anime is still my favorite medium, even though I basically took an big hiatus from it last year. VRV is definitely my favourite of the bunch at the moment, it's a shame it's availability is really limited (I think it's just US & Canada). What streaming services do you guys have over in Sweden? Like anything kinda exclusive over there or no? I assume Netflix is still really solid over there.

I can't really speak to Jio's backstory but in defense of Naruto, all the adult characters we spend time with later in the manga are almost exclusively those near the top of the hierarchy, Jonin and such like Kakashi who have a much better grasp of the context of being a Jinchuriki and the circumstances that occurred. I'm pretty sure it was largely the regular non-ninja folk or maybe some of the lower level ninja parents, that started the ostracizing (which just rubbed off on their children), because they didn't really know the circumstances behind his birth, just that he carried the thing that wrecked their village. Which if nothing else, I think served to help to established a lot of thematic background with the perpetuity of hate and it's ramifications that are later explored in more depth (mostly during the Pain arc, and with the whole Sasuke story with far less successful results).

Ah, good old Dragon Ball. It's a shame that 666 Satan isn't included with the Jump Viz subscription (which makes sense, as it was apparently serialized in Gangan) since that'd probably be the next manga I'd jump into after finishing up Naruto. I do like the sounds of an imaginative power system. Not opposed to just reading scanlations of course so it might still be, just where as I've got the Jump subscription, I do want to hone in on that a bit. Part of me wants to see how far I can make it into Bleach before tapping out, I gave up on the anime during the Soul Society arc, which most consider the peak of the series. But Dragon Ball might be my next big leap, DBZ was my childhood pretty much, yet I've never actually gone through the Dragon Ball portion of the series in full (Never seen the Red Ribbon or Piccolo arcs, kinda jumped around earlier on too).

Dude I'm so excited for Mario Maker 2! That's like, Game of the Year for me pretty much confirmed. The only downside to it is that I'm going to have to buy Nintendo Online to get anything really out of it. Didn't play a ton on the Wii U because it was on the Wii U but I loved what I did play of it. Which was mostly player created levels, even with the Wii U's lower install base, that had what felt like an endless amount of levels to play, I can't imagine how much more crazy, loaded, and interestingly designed levels will be getting with the Switch version, both because of the larger percentage of people who have a Switch, and some of the additions they've made. Going to try and get into level making more this time, only made one level in the Wii U version which was honestly BS, lol. It was a challenging underwater level that pretty much required pixel perfect control. The problem was I made the level have four path ways, and three of them were dead-ends. I have no idea why I did this, because despite the high challenge, I thought the true path was really fun. Nobody ever beat that level (except for me, you have to beat your level to upload it) and I don't blame them. But I really want to get into the level designing aspect this time around. Are you not into side-scrolling Mario much or is it the creating aspect that doesn't really appeal to you?

The Direct had several cool things I'm looking forward to. Even though the Smash 3.0 thing was a cock-tease with no real information, the fact that they even mentioned that update tells me it'll have a substantial addition to it, not just balancing & glitch fixes. I'm hoping for a Boss Rush mode similiar to the one in Brawl, where it plays like the old All-Stars formula (and is also co-op). I really like the boss fights in this game, and it's a shame that I can't really replay most of them without doing a specific route in Classic, or going through World of Light all over again. That or bringing back Stage Builder would be nice, especially if it's more like the version in Brawl. Though honestly, I'd probably only make one stage layout I've had in the Brawl and Wii U and that's it. Astral Chain looks really sick too! Haven't touched much from Platinum Games (Played a little Anarchy Reigns and Bayonetta, but not really for a lengthy time) but I really like the look of the game.

And are you excited for the Link's Awakening remake? I know you've only played like a handful of Zelda games and I doubt this was one of them. Personally, this entirely falls on the price point. No way I'm paying full price for a GBA Remake, unless they add a ridiculous amount of content for it. Also not super thrilled with the art-style though I don't dislike it, which segues nicely into Jump Force.

I do have Jump Force and I really like it. That said, most of the criticism lobbied at the game is fair. Personally, I like the art-style fine, it's a weird direction to go but I don't think it looks bad that it is a bit off-putting how much better the JoJo characters look. Like, Jotaro Kujo has the best character model in the game by far I feel, and it's odd how he can retain much of his identity compared to say Deku from My Hero. The lack of facial animation is more of a turn off though. And what I've played of story mode is uninteresting mostly, but I can't say that's been too much of an issue for me since I never expected anything close to a gripping narrative. The AI also is awful. They all carry that timid game-play style, so pretty much every fight I had against a computer starts with me having to run up to them and press the grab button because they always start off holding down guard. And load times were atrocious, they've been patched and are definitely better now though. Still not great though.

And while this isn't a complaint I've heard from many, I'm not too thrilled about the CAC. It's cool that it's there, but I would've preferred them not including it and including more Jump characters instead (especially since Dragon Ball, One Piece, & Naruto take up nearly high the roster). I don't think it's poorly implemented per se, in fact I really like that you can customize the gameplay a bit. You only have three combo styles to choose from (one based on Dragon Ball, One Piece, & Naruto respectively), but you can customize their specials & ultimates freely, using a majority of the ones from the Jump Roster (there are exceptions, like you can't use JoJo characters specials/ultimates for example). My problem comes more from the fact that pretty much all the costumes you can use to accessorize your character with all come from various Jump characters (which does include characters not in the game, like I've seen some Neferpitou's). Which is fine in concept but it's just hard for me to feel like my character's design is my character's design, when all the attire options are iconic to someone else. It's still do-able probably, but I'm kinda disinterested and only play CAC when it's required for Story mode (which I don't touch much, and only really do for trophies).

Despite all that, I really like the game because the gameplay is a lot of fun imo, and online has been pretty much my go to the last few times I've played it. I'm usually averse to playing online, fighters in particular since I'm usually not good enough to fight on a competitive level. Usually I just do it for some trophies (winning one ranked match in Tekken 7 online took me hours to do, but it was satisfying once I did it [and I had a lot of fun fights there) but I think this game is changing that, at least here. I still don't win a lot (though I've won three in a row when I played last) but unless I get a spammer it's been pretty fun (and I've actually had a moment where someone did something to me in Round 1 that I didn't know was possible, which lead to me integrating that into my play-style, subsequently helping me to beat said person). Besides, there's just no other game where I can play as Kurapika, which is a plus. And according to dataminers, Bisky is going to be DLC for the game, which is pretty interesting.

So playing strictly online or locally (which I have done too), I have a blast playing as several of my favourite characters and also Sasuke. I definitely say that if online isn't your thing, or if you don't have people to play it with, it's definitely not worth the investment. But I don't regret the purchase, though that doesn't mean I necessarily think it was worth the full price either.
Terrestrious Feb 18, 7:23 PM
Ah, gotcha lol. Probably shouldn't have assumed you've seen all the Pooh stuff. Never read any of the books and never even heard of the 2011 movie, though that one does seem more entertaining. I read that it was hand animated too, which is another plus (and kinda surprising).

Snowpiercer being his worst doesn't surprise me, like I said it definitely seemed the least appealing once I looked into his other works. I don't like to say this since it makes me seem pretty snobbish, but the fact that it had like the most detailed wikipedia page and seemed to generate the most broad appeal (which I might've just jumped to that conclusion because of Chris Evans in a Post-Captain America role) kinda lead me to believe the others would be interesting. I'll definitely start with Memories of Murder than, along with Mother that definitely seemed to be the most interesting, partially because they seem to be in a genre space I'm more interested in. No idea when I'll check it out, but it's definitely on my radar.

I use Amazon, VRV, Funimation, WWE Network, and Shonen Jump (which admittedly, isn't a video streaming service but a manga one). Amazon's video service is pretty much a bonus for me, since I mostly have it for the two day shipping with Prime. Shame to hear it's awful in Sweden because it's a pretty solid one here. I mostly only use it for the anime they pick up (they've got Dororo over here, and they previously got After the Rain, Made in Abyss, & Land of the Lustrous so they have a tendency of picking up a lot of my favorites of the year). They use to be awful with anime though, since anime use to be under a double paywall, Anime Strike as a subscription channel which was thankfully dropped. I also really like the Amazon does weekly releases for anime, the fact that Netflix holds all series over until they're done airing is part of the reason I dropped them. But on another note, Amazon over here does have some of Bong's movies. I looked it up, and while many of them I'd have to pay for so they're not really a part of the service per se, Memories of Murder is free with the subscription, which makes it more likely I'd watch it. VRV combines both Crunchyroll & HiDive, which is nice as two of the other suppliers of anime, plus it has some other channels and I've been enjoying what little I've seen of Last Man so far. Funimation is also for anime, mostly dubs of shows I want to see again that I watch with my brother since he prefers dubs. And also for Dragon Ball Super (whenever I get around to that) so I don't like the sub of Dragon Ball very much. I'm kinda in and out of wrestling, but the Network is good to keep around whenever I get an itch, or am available a Sunday where they're holding a PPV.

Yeah, I can't imagine I'd be able to keep up with Naruto on a weekly basis, probably at any point though. Maybe some of the earlier stuff it'd be easier to do, but I generally don't find most series pack enough content in a single chapter to really be worth it. Hunter x Hunter's proven to be the only exception to this, but I think that might just be because of how complex and dense the current arc has been, I think I'd probably put it on pause during the earlier arcs. Still, the war arc especially probably would've been painful. I'll say that I've been mostly enjoying it though, it can be a bit of a slog sometime (the Asuma stuff [though I kinda liked the end-point of that] or ) but I like some of the smaller stories with Zabuza & Haku (as completely unnecessary as it was), and I think the stuff with Itachi has been strong so far (outside of that quick cop-out about the ten year wait on the jutsu). I do think reading a volume at a time is why I've been more positive on it though. Ten-ish chapters is enough for me to gleam enough of the positives from it, while not enough for me to be exhausted by the pacing.

I could see the communally aspect helping the Jiraiya fight. I wish could articulate why I felt that fight was pretty boring, but I honestly already forgot much of the action. Probably doesn't help that I never cared much for Jiraiya, I knew he would die at some point & Kishimoto raised a bunch of death flags prior to this, and I found the frogs on his shoulder dynamic a little grating. I do like the concept behind Pain a lot though, with each one having an individual power. And I like the idea of all the fights prior to Naruto's showdown with him being them collecting information for him, I just thought the action sequences were kinda boring, and that maybe the information gathering didn't impact Naruto's battle with Pain as much as I would've liked. I will, I did really like the bit with them decoding the message Jiraiya left them (especially the part where Kakashi is too embarrassed to read out the erotica) but Jiraiya pretty clearly denoted the trick with Pain, so it was a little upsetting how much longer after finding out his message, until somebody put the pieces together. Still, those are quibbles since I did really enjoy the second half of that arc.

I agree about talk no jutsu, that's always been a strong point to me since it basically translates to Kishimoto injecting more character work into his villains that other shonen series often ignore. I think most of those complaints either come from people seeking action solely or maybe because Naruto's dialogue tends to skewer to some pretty cheesy notes, which I can see making it feel a bit less realistic. I can definitely imagine the resurrection coming off worse whilst reading it live though, because boy the discussion thread on MAL was really negative when that happened lol. The stuff about Kishimoto's past is pretty interesting, nice to see that ties in.

Someone mentioned that manga in one of the discussion thread (under the guise of Kishimoto ripping off his brother), didn't look much into it. I'll probably end up looking into 666 Satan at some point, how does it compare to Naruto?
Terrestrious Feb 13, 1:24 AM
Ah I see, I should've figured that would've happened with a top twenty list, especially with the difference in Sweden release dates. Still, I get the power of nostalgia, and it's good to see it managed to capture that with Pooh and Eeyore. I don't have much connection with Pooh myself, so I guess it wouldn't do much for me. I do think I seen that Winnie the Pooh 1977 movie, I definitely seen some Pooh stuff as a kid though, I think the one that I remember the most of is Grand Adventure: Search for Christopher Robin but not really sure. Did skim through scenes of both, which was not really helpful in jogging my memory but wow am I impressed with the quality of animation from the 1977 film. I guess I shouldn't be since it's Disney but honestly, I think it tops the Grand Adventure, and those are like two decades a apart. As I write this, I keep getting distracted in searching up stuff about Grand Adventure, and I'm now convinced this is the film I saw as a kid, and it's really making me want to re-visit it. It's the only thing I really remember from Pooh though, so as a bigger fan what are your thoughts on Grand Adventure?

That's good to hear, though I do feel like it's probably easier in a theatre. I have a lot of distractions at my house, I can't imagine that there wouldn't be a point where I'd get restless. But obviously if you can get immersed in the film that'll help a lot, and especially if there's a lot of stimuli. It's something I do feel like I'd end up really appreciating but the length is a lot. Maybe one day though. Although it doesn't seem like there's a legal way for me to watch it (all I could find was an unavailable DVD on amazon) so I'm definitely putting a pin on that for now.

And I'll keep that in mind with Okja, kinda makes it more interesting. Skimmed through the wiki pages for Bong's movies (then Letterboxd because a few of the Wiki entries didn't give me much to go off of) and he definitely seems like an interesting fella. Snowpiercer is the first one the caught my attention (almost entirely because it takes place on a train I guess) but after looking into a few of them, it seems the less appealing of the ones I'm interested I'm seeing (with those being Mother, Memories of Murder, and The Host [from most to least interested]). I will have to check out his work at some point.

And I've only seen season one of BoJack Horseman, which is probably the amount I've seen since we last talked about it since it's been quite some time since I ditched Netflix as a streaming service (there's just too many streaming services out there, and Netflix's got the least of what I'd watch [I think it was basically just BoJack at the point I stopped]). At this point, I would probably think about re-watching the first season again just so I can remember the stuff well but wow, that's huge praise.

Yeah, it feels like Naruto is just going to be about this war (though currently I'm on Naruto's training with Killer Bee), and I'm not really looking forward to it tbh, kinda why I've started just reading a volume at a time. My feelings on Naruto on a whole are kinda dwindling overall, a lot of it feeling a bit on the dull side with nothing much for me to really latch onto, and I have to say, the Naruto/Sasuke conflict is really feeling dragged out. To be honest, Naruto's the bigger problem there than Sasuke. I remember someone in the forum said "I actually liked Sasuke in that one panel where he was like 'What the fuck is wrong you' because really, what the fuck is wrong with him?". Stuff like Naruto hyperventilating over Sasuke, Naruto's unwavering dedication to save Sasuke even after his serious attempt at murdering Sakura, it just seems ridiculous, and honestly kinda forced. I just don't feel like the time we spent with the two together actually warrants the amount of conviction and affection Naruto has for Sasuke. Too much of Naruto's character seems drowned by the Sasuke drama. And I'm upset that they didn't kill of Karin. To be frank, I'm not sure I like that Sasuke actually hasn't really accomplished that many evil-doings. He failed to kidnap Killer Bee, he failed to kill Raikage, he failed to kill Sakura or Karin, and the only kills he had thus far were from clear antagonists, Oorochimaru (well, he kinda killed him), Itachi, and Danzo. In a way, it feels like a scripted to lead to Sasuke getting absolved. Mind you, it hasn't been a complete chore to read, I still think Kishimoto handled Gaara well for example, and while the Master Bee training stuff hasn't been great (I quite liked Master Bee in his introduction, but his gimmick is wearing thin quick now, he's better in far shorter bursts) I did actually enjoy the last volume, at least when it got into the flashback to Naruto's birth/Nine-Tails sealing.

And nah, nothing's came close to the Chunin Exams. Pretty sure that will easily remain my favorite from the series, which is slightly disappointing but not unexpected. I did really enjoy the Pain arc, or at least, once it got going. I didn't find the first half of that arc to be very compelling, partially I think because I knew going in Pain's damage would be undone. A lot of the first half of that arc relies on the hype factor I guess, with just how much damage Pain does and all the characters he interacts with and kills, but it's hard to garner investment in that part when going in you know it doesn't really matter. I also thought the beginning portion of the fight with Naruto was a little boring (minus his heroic save [side-note: The Sage training, whilst had some interesting tidbits, was kinda boring (I did like how it managed to pay off though in the fight, with Naruto using it to transform one of the Pain's into a frog statue, that was clever [and the moment the arc started turning around for me])]). But the second half was pretty great, Nagato turned into a great character, with a nice counter to Naruto's philosophy, Hinata's moment was awesome, the final bit of the fight where Naruto shadow clones were disguised as rubble was really fun and classic, and I do like the resolution. It did feel a bit too easy to change Nagato's viewpoint (though tying it with his memories of Jiraiya was smart and made it believable) and I don't like the amount of destiny/fate they threw into this encounter (this is applying to more than just the Pain arc though) but otherwise, no real complaints. I don't even have a problem with the resurrections, I think it worked well as a reflection of Nagato's change in perspective, which better served the arc in a fitting manner. To be honest though, not even sure I'd rank it as my second favorite arc.

I kinda found the Pain fight boring until it was down to like two Pain's (didn't care much for Jiraiya's fight with Pain either) and overall, most of the fights as of late don't really do much for me, outside of maybe a page spread or something (I liked the Liger Bomb to Sasuke). I thought Sasuke vs. Itachi was alright, appropriately long and high scaled powers for how long this conflict had been developing for, but I wouldn't argue against it being boring. Rather than "really boring" I'd probably say "kinda boring" for me but that's not exactly high praise either. I didn't mind Sasuke vs. Danzo since I found Danzo's ability interesting and I like how they constructed the fight around it (though obviously stuff like Sasuke's Susano power-up due to his rage knocks it down a bit, it just didn't feel emotionally satisfying) but in general, it's not doing much for me. Kisame vs. Killer Bee was also kinda boring imo, though I loved the bit about his sword betraying him. There were some awesome action moments in the Kage Summit I think, with Gaara mostly. So overall, not very fond of them but they can have nice moments. You said it earlier, that constant escalating powers really did hurt the fights.

I preferred the older style but it's not a huge difference in quality to me, so I'm not really bothered by the more, I guess refined direction the series went to. I do think the panel layout and construction was a bit stronger earlier on though. In fairness to Kishimoto, this may just be because he does re-use a lot of the same tricks (which is not a slight, having a defined style there is a good thing) but the first part of the series definitely had me gushing more over the varied layout of the panels. Hinata's "I love you" reveal in the Pain arc was the last time I really gushed over the structure of the panels, and how they were used to enhance the moment. I feel like stuff like that comes less often (though there was a nice little moment recently, here, I like how there's a sense of momentum and flow between the top two panels, knowing Minato's ability the two could've easily been in sequence, which helps add to the instantaneous movement and small time window Minato had).
Terrestrious Feb 9, 10:44 PM
It makes sense that the live-action Pokémon movie would be based off Detective Pikachu more than a main-line entry, mostly because Detective Pikachu is (I'd hope) a more narrative heavier experience than the main-line games and having a talking Pikachu probably makes the idea more accessible or something. At least, easier to have the Pokémon display a character arc or something.

Little surprised to see Christopher Robin on there, never seen the movie myself mind you but I didn't really think the trailer I saw was too appealing, though admittedly I never checked into how it was received. Otherwise, An Elephant Sitting Still definitely was the most eye-catching on the list. Not only because I think it has the most interesting box-art but clicking the page and reading the premise as well as watching the trailer made it seem all the more appealing but then I saw the length. I may still watch it at some point, but at over three & a half hours, it's hard to imagine I'll ever put the time commitment in.

Didn't know about that Oscars rule, but that definitely makes sense. And lol at the Netflix logo getting booed. Never heard of Okja, but I looked into it on letterboxd and if I ever get Netflix again (which I probably will at some point, wanna catch up on BoJack at some point), that's something I definitely want to see. Seems like a real fun time.

It's kinda weird to me that Kishimoto has handled Shikamaru really well as opposed to the rest of the supporting cast. Quite frankly, it feels like he's more deserving of the main cast credit than Sakura is. Which is fine because I really like Shikamaru and Sakura is one of the worst characters in the manga, but I do think it's interesting how well he's been handled as opposed to Rock Lee, whose practically non-existent despite the amount of love and screen-time he got pre-time skip since his debut. Hinata getting nothing doesn't surprise me, but I still would've enjoyed seeing her get an arc. I did get to that moment that should've lead into a romance sub-plot with her, the confession of love during the Pain arc. I thought the moment was awesome, really well-done, and I nice little cap-off to her previous development but even knowing it goes nowhere ahead of time, it's still irritating how that seems to have been completely forgotten. Like, it seems like we're moving into a complete different plot without it having really been addressed by Naruto or Hinata in any capacity since then. I was expecting maybe like a thought bubble during the celebration or something at least.

Oh yeah, I'm not expecting any of the Naruto films to be good. I just enjoying getting the full scope of a franchise I guess, watched all the Dragon Ball Z, Hunter x Hunter, and One Piece movies too, and most of those movies aren't very good either (I'd say One Piece has the best set of movies out of them all). The Last Movie is definitely were I'll start though, seems like that'd be a solid follow-up to the series, while the rest are more or less something I can just throw on to kill 90 minutes or something. I'll probably skip around on those like I did with One Piece, heard some decent things about Road to Ninja, so that'd probably be the next one. But I gotta get through Naruto first, which I hope to do by the end of February.

lol, Didn't notice that but you're right. What can I say, it's solid reasoning. And yeah, the Hunter Exam is my second least favorite arc in Hunter x Hunter (Zoldyck Family arc being last place), pretty much everything after the Hunter Exam surpassing it for me. The Chunin Exams definitely don't stand a chance against Yorknew or Chimera Ant.

And yeah, definitely. The fact that his takeaway from Itachi's backstory was that everyone in Konoha, even the clearly oblivious, need to be murdered is just baffling. Hoping there's some kind of bluff with his speech to Madara, but it seems likely that wasn't the case (there was at least one line of internal thought from Sasuke that seemed to confirm he meant what he said there, which is disparaging). Considering that this stuff was sandwiched in between the Pain arc, seems like Kishimoto was using Sasuke here as an extreme example of the cycle of hatred, in a way to help verify Pain's philosophical stance. Which is a fine enough idea but the whole everyone needs to die, almost self-aware hatred speech, was over-board, and I think the point itself was made with Sasuke's bluffed stance of only the Elders needing to die, all Kishimoto managed to accomplish there was removing the last traces of like-ability from Sasuke.
Terrestrious Feb 2, 3:07 AM
lol, I'm the exact same way with Mario Kart 7. I've always wanted to pick it up simply because I've played all the other Mario Kart releases to some extent (except those Arcade games with Pac-Man characters for obvious reasons, though I really wish I could) but haven't because I can't imagine I'd put much time in it. Just a couple Grand Prix's and then probably done for good. Link Between Worlds and Paper Jam are too 3DS games that I'd like to play that I never got around to getting. Probably will never get around to either, I'm not sure Paper Jam would scratch my desire for another classic Paper Mario game anyway, since I'm sure it's modeled after Mario & Luigi (which is still fun from the little I've played but still). Detective Pikachu I think I'm just going to wait on the movie, which I'm kinda conflicted on though I actually personally like the art direction they went with for the Pokémon. You think you're going to end up playing that before the movie?

Ah, I see that makes sense. Did The Favourite end up winding up on your list then? Whether it did or not, I can say that the only film from your list I've seen is Spider-Verse. Despite being last, Isle of Dogs is the one that sounds the most interesting to me (well, The Tale actually sounds the most interesting to me but it's probably the one I'd want to watch the least due to it's subject matter [I'm not adverse to engaging with media about rape per se, but for a movie-length amount of time, it's not high on my watch list]). Just the fact that it's Stop-motion does a lot to pique my interest, haven't had a lot of exposure to it and that is something I want to change (only really exposure to Stop-motion was from some Wallace & Gromit and Gumby stuff I use to watch as a kid, and some Robot Chicken later on). Still kicking myself for not seeing Kubo and the Two Strings, I plan to watch that some day. Maybe that'll kick me off on a stop-motion kick and I can watch Isle of Dogs and the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie which I also wanted to see. Pretty interesting to hear Roma's from Netflix though, since I know that got a theatrical run. Not near me, but as somebody who vastly prefers watching movies in the theatres, it's cool to know that Netflix produced flicks can still get a run like that. I wonder if it was based on the strength of the film itself, or if Netlfix does this with all it's movies.

Side-note, I love making yearly top lists too (though not for films) btw, though I'm not very successful at it. Usually never end up playing enough new games in a year to do it and I usually listen to too much new music to do one for that. Usually anime is the only thing I can do that for, but I didn't watch enough anime last year to fill out a top ten (or even a five, I think).

I still like Naruto himself a fair bit but I won't deny that he's mostly coasting off his part one iteration for that. I did really like his extreme empathy towards Gaara in the rescue arc but since then he hasn't showed much outside of stock shonen improvements and an intense desire to rescue Sasuke. Which is fine I suppose, at least since in the last two arcs I've read Naruto hasn't been all that important, as the former was essentially about Shikamaru (which is so far, easily my favorite arc since the time-skip) and the latter was basically about Sasuke. Which if nothing else, I like that Sasuke's been maintaining a staunch no-killing policy, it's helping him maintain likability with me. True with him taking down Oorochimaru in a sense too though I do think this has rendered the conflict with Sasuka & Naruto kinda meaningless. Naruto brought it up himself I think that it means Sasuke didn't really turn his back on them (and even if he did, taking care of Oorochimaru surely would mend the fences) so while it's clear Sasuke had a team in mind for his revenge against Itachi, there really isn't any reason why he couldn't return after finishing off Itachi but most importantly, Naruto's goal of bringing him back doesn't hold any real weight anymore. Like, Sasuke for all intents and purposes killed off a big bad, he's killed nobody else, and is only aiming for Itachi, who is also a big bad and Konoha's enemy. I kinda just feel like they should just accept that it's Sasuke life and leave him be. And I get that it's because Itachi's dangerous but I don't know, I'm caring less and less about Naruto bringing Sasuke back.

Ah so Kishimoto has the Akira Toriyama method of planning things up then. Didn't really expect we'd get much attention to a romantic plot-line with Naruto and Hinata, so I can't say I'm disappointed to read that but it is a shame. Even though relationships like that in Shonen Jump are almost never strongly written, I admit I'm still a sucker for most of them, and I certainly would've appreciated the diversion. But to be honest, I'm glad to hear there's at least attention to it in one of the movies, since I do plan on checking those out at some point (seen all of One Piece's and Dragon Ball Z's, so might as well).

I would say overall I probably do prefer the fourth phase in the Hunter Exam to the Forest of Death-test, for essentially the same reason, and I also do really like that Gon vs. Hisoka isn't a climatic battle that happens there (but instead happens in Heaven's Arena, albeit that too seemed to serve as the basis for a future encounter [which may or may not happen, I'll be honest I think Togashi might actually kill off Hisoka before that happens]) but I don't really mind Chunin Exam's more by-the-book, especially when the final conflict is done so well though I certainly get the preference. The ending of the Hunter Exam is actually one of the stronger parts of it too, it turned Killua from my least favorite of the group to my favourite (though Kurapika quickly stole back that distinction in Yorknew).

On the flipside, I feel looking at the arcs in connection to the rest of the series makes the Chunin Exam stick out stronger. Not in terms to importance to the series, since I kinda think both are equally important to both (I'd probably argue that the Chunin Exams do more on that note if only for Naruto's more singular narrative focus) but when it comes down to it, the Hunter Exam is my second least favorite arc in HxH whereas the Chunin Exam is the peak of Naruto. So my mind already associates it with a superlative, and I don't really hold the Chunin Exams accountable for the future arcs' inability to give the supporting cast (aside from Shikamaru it seems) something to do, it just makes those arcs seem worse. I guess way I can put it, the Chunin Exam makes the rest of Naruto feel worse because it showed it could do better whereas with Hunter x Hunter most all of it's strongest material takes place after it (& the Zoldyck Family arc). That said, definitely get your stance, and I enjoy reading these comparisons.

It's been awhile since I read Naruto but since I have the arc listings up when I do read them, I just feel like I should mention, I already feel what you mean by the series should've started wrapping up with the Pain arc. It seems like a lot of the Akatsuki have been dealt with already at this point, and Sasuke/Itachi's fated showdown seems to be happening very soon, already kinda feels like the series is heading towards resolving many of the long-standing threads.