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Terrestrious Jan 9, 5:34 PM
First of all, nice save on the Toriyama Collection. Believe it or not, this isn't even the first time I had to re-work several of my chapter posts due to a mistake on my part haha. While I was reading GetBackers, the site I was reading it on just straight up skipped a chapter, and I didn't notice until several chapters later. Had to re-edit all those too.

I had completely forgotten about the Denji taking care of Power bit, that was awful.

For me, the highlight of the manga was the fight between Denji and Aki at the end. I figured since you didn't really care for any of the characters that probably wasn't going to work for you, but I thought it was really structured. The mixture between the snowball fight vision and reality was pretty effective, I particularly liked how we saw the Aki's death through the lens of his vision, with Denji disappearing and his brother much this tied up previous threads, like Denji's apathetic nature towards the deaths of those close to him, how he didn't really care about Himeno and thought there wasn't a chance he'd care for Aki, but it was his tears, his human emotion that defeated Aki in the end. And I'm also a sucker for citizens saving the heroes that protect them, so that bit was nice.

I agree that Makima wasn't a good villain either. I liked her as a point of intrigue throughout the series, but once we actually got her I feel her characterization was pretty weak. I don't care much for the last arc.

A part two to Chainsaw Man feels too unnecessary but I'll check it out. Don't blame you for skipping though, feel kinda bad for going to bat for the series when you didn't end up enjoying it lol. But at least you liked Look Back (which is easily his best).

Did some searching into World Apartment Horror, and I managed to find both! The manga wasn't too bad, it seems that's available on several of those manga reading sites I'm sure MAL doesn't want me openly linking (I can PM them if you want). The movie on the other hand was a bit of a pain to track down, but I managed to find the full thing on youtube, with English subtitles. Skimming through, the subs seem they can be a bit hard to read, but I think this is best we can expect. Here it is, I may try and watch this soon myself.

I finished UnderHero and I have to say the end of the game really bumped up my impression of it. Legitimately one of the coolest final boss battles I've ever played. Granted, I have a tendency to not finish games, but still. Hades is probably the best introduction to Rogue-lites, since it's the most forgiving and has plenty of options to help alleviate any frustrations people tend to have with the genre. It's actually not uncommon to hear people who hate the genre end up loving Hades.

Can't say I'm too surprised that I haven't played many of these. The only game on this list I put considerable time into was Infamous, and I only played the first area (though I 100% that area, least I got the trophy for doing it). Definitely had a lot of fun with it though. I do own The Last of Us (it came with my PS4), so maybe I'll try it at some point.

Ni no Kuni has always been something I've been interested in for years for obvious reasons, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons interested me more from the gameplay concept, controlling both characters with the thumbsticks. However, gameplay was pretty much the only thing I knew about this, you've got me a lot more interested in it now. Never knew it had an emotional story or that the gameplay isn't just a fun idea, but an integral component of the storytelling itself.

When it comes to story in video games, what I really look for and appreciate are how the game mechanics contribute to it. Hearing that this couldn't be achieved in any other medium is exactly what I want. My brother has an X-Box and Game Pass, if that game's on there I'll try and play it soon. If it isn't, it might be a bit, but it's definitely high on my games to buy.

I have seen Spider-Man: No Way Home but I should specify, my local theatre did not survive the pandemic, and I uh, ended up watching a camrip. I was just looking up to see if Maguire and Garfield were actually in the movie and found leaked cam scenes of the movie, and that lead me to just kinda watching the full thing. I will buy the DVD's or online version when that's allowed, both to ease some guilt and to experience the movie at a better quality. I just feel like prefacing that I went into the movie, knowing a lot of surprises and that I saw it camripped, both which likely hurt my experience. The quality of the Camrip was mostly solid, and it was cool to be able to hear the fans cheer for Garfield & Tobey's appearances (especially since they were quiet for the rest of it), but it probably detracted.

All that aside, the movie was a lot of fun. I wish I re-watched the Raimi films prior to refresh my memory but it was still undeniably cool to just see these characters again, and to see them interact with each-other. Especially once Maguire and Garfield entered the picture, it was so much fun just seeing them all interact with each-other, like talking about the fact that Raimi's Spider-Man can shoot webs from his body (which is honestly, I change I always liked from the Raimi films), or Garfield's "I don't have time for Peter Parker" stuff chat with Tobey.

And despite that easily being the biggest appeal of the movie, I really respect the decision to keep No Way Home a Tom Holland Spider-Man film. Maguire and Garfield don't enter the picture until the last hour, and while both of them have little arcs that callback to their original films (with Garfield's rescue of MJ in particularly being pretty satisfying), I don't feel the focus of the film ever deviated far from Holland's conflict. I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish the film had leaned more into the crossover element of the Spider-Man's more but that probably would've made for a worse film. I do think they did a good job of not allowing the crossover aspect overshadow the personal story they were telling with Tom Holland.

I suppose my biggest problem with the film might've been that said story was basically Spider-Man's origin story. Aunt May's death didn't really land for me at all, and I'm not sure it's a fair criticisms since my reaction here is based upon my own conclusions from previous films. In Civil War Peter tells Stark "If you can do what I can do but don't, then when bad things happen, they happen because of you", and in Homecoming when Ned finds out, Peter convinces him not to tell Aunt May because "She can not know, I can not do that to her right now. You know, with everything that's happened with her." I've always interpreted both of those lines as Marvel's subtle acknowledgement that the Uncle Ben stuff did happen, they're just not going to address it. And the former at least shows that he understands the "Great power comes great responsibility lesson", so having Aunt May substitute Uncle Ben's role here sort of disconnected me from the intended emotion of the scene. Again, this may not be fair.

I did like the scene at the end where Peter ends up meeting with MJ and Ned at the cafe but ultimately decides not to try and remind them of who he was because that level of sacrifice has always been at the core of Spider-Man's character to me, and it's one of the reasons I've latched onto the character so much. I found that more effective. And I loved the ending, with Spider-Man stripped of all his connections to the MCU, and just on his own, with his own hand-made costume, and being Spider-Man. I was never one bothered by how the MCU stuff got incorporated into Homecoming or Far From Home, they've always seemed like they were there as vehicles for Spider-Man character rather than the other way around, I never seen him as Iron Man Jr. but even so, stripping all those elements and having Spider-Man on his own was such an exciting way to end the film, and has me very excited for the potential future of Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

Also, while I honestly prefer Raimi's Green Goblin design, it was pretty surreal seeing Willem Dafoe's gradually shift into a design reminiscent of the comic book incarnation. And speaking of the villains, I liked how all of them had their own distinct motivations throughout the movie that lead them to their roles in this climactic battle.

I don't entirely know how to evaluate No Way Home, but similar to you, I don't love it like everyone seems to. I loved certain moments of it and the experience was mostly a blast, but I do prefer the other Holland films to No Way Home. Maybe a full re-watch of the Home films will change that, but as it stands I think Homecoming and Far From Home were better.

Also, No Way Home did convince me to re-watch the first two Raimi films, and yeah, those two were much better movies than No Way Home. The most popular of the Raimi trilogy seems to be Spider-Man 2, though I personally preferred the first. The train scene in 2 is probably the highlight of the Raimi trilogy (outside of J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, he steals every scene), and that's always been the scene that stuck with me throughout the years.
Terrestrious Dec 12, 2021 10:33 PM
That's a fair take on Chainsaw Man. I likely wouldn't mind if those elements were removed altogether either, as I hated most of the Bat Devil arc, but I do sincerely appreciate the effort to do more with that, even if it doesn't do enough with it.

I checked where you are, and you're at the peak of the series imo. I really enjoyed the International Assassins arc, I liked the structure of introducing multiple antagonists to deal with at roughly the same time than one at time, with each of the different antagonists having fairly distinctive gimmicks to them. I recall quite liking Aldo's little story arc there, and thought the Santa Claus twist was well-executed (I had anticipated her & Tolka to be the biggest deals since their presentation was quite different from the rest, but I didn't expect that much). I also love when stories dip into surrealism, and the trip to Hell did that rather effectively I thought. Fujimoto's art was probably at it's best there. And I recall liking the fight with Santa Claus if just for the moment where they end up playing Tug of War, that made me laugh.

While I mentioned I don't care much for the final arc (at least I think I did), I do think the best part of the series is just ahead of you. I'll be curious to see if you end up agreeing with that.

And Opus was great! Oddly, I sort of think the ending we got was better than a proper ending would've been. At the core, Opus was about the artists relationship with their art, and the plot hinged around the finality of one's work, so this weird auto-biographical/meta direction was the like the perfect summation for the series' heart.

But more so than anything that happened in the chapter, what sticks with more most is the fact that it exists. Especially at the point Kon was in his career, there was really no reason to make this chapter, even in the incompleted form we got it in. What stands out to me is the clear amount of passion & dedication Satoshi Kon had to his characters. The ending message "She'll get the cool ending she deserves someday. I'm not sure where or when, but I look forward to meeting you again!" had me fighting tears. It just makes me miss the man all the more.

On a similar depressing note, Keiko Nobumoto recently passed away. There's no name in the anime industry that got me more excited/interested in a project more than hers, outside of maybe Kon himself as I began to dig into his works. In my top ten, there's no name more common than hers, with Tokyo Godfathers, Cowboy Bebop, and Wolf's Rain. Think I'm going to have to watch Macross Plus, which features the same dream team of Shinchiro Watanabe, Yoko Kanno, and Keiko Nobumoto.

Have you ever watched World Apartment Horror? I was looking into other Nobumoto works (her resume is impressive, but rather small) and this caught my eye. It seems that in addition to Keiko working on the screenplay with Otomo, the story is done by Satoshi Kon (he apparently even did a manga adaption of it later).

Oh, and before I forget, thanks for not commenting on the plot at all. That was a real fun blind read-through.

Interesting, so in a way Yuasa almost made it more like Matsumoto's style than the manga itself? Least on a small scale. Glad you loved it, definitely one of the best anime I've ever seen too. I watched it as it aired, and that was like the best time to be an anime fan. Because along with Ping Pong, there were new episodes of Mushishi and Hunter x Hunter was in final stages of Chimera Ant at the time.

90 HOURS!? Mate that's insane. Stuff like that's why I won't get into a lot of RPGs, like the Persona games, since I know a lot of them hit that ridiculously length. I tend to find 40 hours pushing it tbh. Shame it doesn't even sound good.

Now that you've finished up the PS3, I'm curious, what would be your top five/ten games for it? And yeah, the PS5's are still very hard to get a hold of, but thankfully I don't think there's much reason to get one atm anyway.

Yeah, I've played a few solid titles recently.

The first being Metroid Dread. Really good game, the in-game clock said I beat it in about 9 hours, think it was like 9:18 or something but the in-game clock only counts time from save-point to save-point so the amount of times I've died to like bosses were counted so I'm sure you could add a few hours to it. But it was fun, my favourite thing was easily the combat. The boss battles in Dread, the final one especially, are really fun. Very challenging, without every feeling punishingly difficult. Especially since most of them have counter spots, where if you activate the counter, you can bombard them was ton of free damage. And a few bosses even have hidden techniques that will allow you to basically skip a section of the fight (though those require skill on your part as well).

For example, you can get the morph ball bomb early if you know what to do and are able to complete some pretty tricky platformer challenges. If you have the bomb early, then you can essentially skip the second phase of the Kraid boss fight, it's super cool. It's how I did that fight, simply because I learned from my brother that I could. The other one I know of isn't as cool, but you can still end one of the last boss fights early with proper shinesparking.

In terms of exploration, I think the game generally does a really good job of informing the player where to go next. Clearly there can be benefits for explorations once you know certain stuff, but I think the sense of direction the game constantly gives you is pretty great. Which makes the moments they fail all the more frustrating. The most egregious example happens near the beginning of the game after the first boss, where your path forward is by shooting at some wall that's not really indicated to the player. There's one environmental cue I noticed that would probably alert veterans of the game (though even my brother got stuck at this point, and Metroid's one of his all-time favourites), but I don't think it does much for anyone besides the diehards.

I knew about that moment going in so it wasn't a big problem for me, but there were other times where I had to look up a guide to see where I needed to go next to progress, and each time I was suppose to shoot the landscape. One of those times, the area I needed to shoot was actually the area I thought I needed to shoot to progress but it didn't break because I didn't shoot it with missiles. The earlier example I mentioned above did not require missiles to destroy the land, so the game didn't train me to use missiles there specifically (there are a lot of hidden missile or E-Tank upgrades hidden behind missiles specifically, but that's different from mandatory path progression).

The EMMI's are another problem I have with the game, which is a shame because they're what hooked me originally. At first, they are a pretty fun pace breaker but quickly they just became annoying. Especially since they always seem to be right by whatever entrance you use when you enter their areas. I do like killing them, those kind of come across as tense life or death puzzles tbh, since it takes awhile to deliver the death blow and you can't move or you lose your charge, so you have to find the best spot in the limited space to deliver it. Getting an upgrade for it is always great since it relates to an ability they've been using to chase you. And thankfully, around halfway through the game the EMMI's kinda peter out in prominence. Or maybe I just sucked less so I was able to go through their sections more quickly lol.

The only other negative I can think of is maybe Samus is too weak at the start. Some relatively early enemies can take multiple fully charged energy shots to take down but that does make the end of the game more satisfying when every standard enemy can be swiftly dealt with a lot more satisfying. This does make me completely uninterested in ever doing a replay though. Metroid's kinda set-up for multiple playthroughs but the idea of playing as neutered Samus again sounds like a nightmare to me. Oh, and loading screens were kinda long traveling from area to area.

Mostly had a really fun time with Dread though. Doesn't sell me on Metroid as a whole though, especially since the combat I love so much aren't going to be present in the earlier entries, since Dread gives Samus additional mobility options and the counter's only been in one other game.

I'll be quicker for the next two. I've been playing Underhero as well. It's a rather fun mixture of a sidescrolling platformer and an RPG, with a nice comical story and tone, like the Mario RPGs basically. Like, the boss fights have you sidescrolling throughout their attack phases, and then when you have an open you go up to them and activate the battle system, it's a fun system. What I love about the timing based battle system, is the lack of any menu's. All your actions are mapped to the face buttons & triggers, which are helpfully displayed on screen at all time with colourful pictures to remind you what each button does. Next time I play it I'll likely finish it.

The last game of note is Hades. I think it's every bit as good as everyone said it was, and I find it pretty addictive. It's probably the best rogue-lite game I've ever played, there's a constant sense of progression. There are several collectibles during runs that can fuel different upgrades and advancements, in-between runs gives you a lot of the story & character progression so losing a run still pushes you forward in some capacity (the integration between story & gameplay is very well-handled), there's just so much options and agency placed on the player. And the base gameplay's a ton of fun, I like most of the weapons available, and they did a good job of making them feel distinct.

Maybe I'll end up getting frustrated with it later, but right now it's just been a blast.
Terrestrious Aug 9, 2021 10:47 PM
Glad to hear you enjoyed Look Back, especially since I hyped it so much lol. Ordinarily I'd probably agree with you on the school massacre bit, but in the case of Look Back it works for me, and that's because of the external context of Look Back. Didn't want to mention this when recommending it since I felt it'd be too close to a spoiler but Look Back exists in response to the Kyoto Animation arson attack. Guess it wasn't officially stated it was made as a tribute piece but it was released on the anniversary of the arson attack, the reason the guy gave for his massacre was plagiarism which is the same motivation the arsonist gave, and Kyomoto's name, being a portmanteau of KyoAni & Fujimoto. Which also note, I love how much Fujimoto places himself in here too, Fuji(no) & (Kyo)moto with his own career track, having seven one-shots published at such an early age is true to him, Shark Kick having 11 volumes like Chainsaw Man, and there were visual nods to Fire Punch and Chainsaw Man.

But yeah, having that outside context made the school tragedy effective for. Made it read like more of an effective tribute piece to all the artists in the industry, and it wouldn't surprised me if Look Back was written as part of the grieving process for him. Definitely love the visual storytelling and art in Look Back too. My favourite part of the manga was the very end where after Fujino talks about how she doesn't even like drawing and questioning why she even does it (which side-note, very relatable for anyone who had creative aspirations I think), that the answer we're giving is in the silent memories of her time with Kyomoto, and the effect her work had on her.

I haven't read either of those, but I probably will at some point simply because I like getting a complete look at an artists work. I'm somewhat interested in the first one you mentioned, since it at least sounds like it has it's heart in the right place but the second one kind of sounds just awful.

Interested but wary is probably a safe bet with Fujimoto. The only other work I've read from him besides Chainsaw Man & Look Back is his other serialized work, Fire Punch. A series I had interest in from it's cover picture but never got around to reading it until after Chainsaw Man & Look Back, and I'm glad I waited because if I started with this, I might not have gotten past chapter one and dismissed his other works entirely. The first chapter was miserable, and the first several chapters felt way more concerned with shoving every taboo dark thing they could think of rather than creating a good story or giving anything to emotionally latch on to.

Once a character named Togata, who is this kinda vulgar, cinephile director badass gets introduced, the series became a blast to read, capturing the manic sense of fun I was hoping for. Togata's also the only character that I think ends up working on any dramatic level, it's hard to think of another series where a single character managed to dramatically change my impression on the series. Even outside of Togata it gets fun, for example the main villains' motivation for their plan is one of the best things I've read. The last third of the series shifts focus again, and there's a few notes I like there, it does kind of feel pretentious, a bit too focused on a emotional thread that never worked for me, and it's the weird mixture of very weird story directions whilst also being kinda dull at the same time.

I've heard Fire Punch be described as a shit-post, and I don't really disagree (although again, the last third does seem like it wants you to take it more seriously). It left it hard for me to rate, since at least the middle bits I loved. I ended up going with 6 mostly because I tend to lean more positive in my ratings, it's a pretty quick read, and I can honestly sort of appreciate how all over the place it was. I just have a soft-spot for weird experiences I'm not really going to get elsewhere.

Wouldn't really recommend Fire Punch though. I could spoil some of the more interesting moments or the motivation I mentioned (I have those panels saved because I shared them with friends who I knew would never read it), but I didn't want to do that here since those are like the main rewards for reading it. Interested in hearing your thoughts on Chainsaw Man when you get around to it, it is one of the more interesting Shonen offerings in years at least.

Prince of Tennis ~ The only thing I know about this series is eventually they start using super powers while playing Tennis, like I think one of them has a black hole technique. Not surprised to hear it's boring though. When it comes to Tennis series, I'd recommend Baby Steps. I only seen the anime but it's probably my favourite straight sports series (not counting Ping Pong). It's got a pretty unique main character, and probably the most dedicated to the actual sports it's portraying.

Neuro ~ Only know about this series because of J-Stars Victory Vs., don't entirely get an idea of what it's about from the synopsis but shame it stunk.

Assassination Classroom ~ I saw the Jump Fiesta OVA of it years back and gave it a four, I think I found it dull and slightly annoying. At least hearing your thoughts on it makes me think it was probably fair enough for me to stop watching. Hearing this mangaka did Neuro also further makes me less interested in that.

Orange ~ I've actually seen this one fully, in the anime (which had some production dips, so I'm sure the manga's probably better tbh), and I personally did like it. I did check to make sure you read it all, so I'll talk about it a bit. It's been years since I've seen it, but I'll fully admit suicide is just a topic that's a bit close to home for me, so a series that would be so emotionally bare about it did line up with my bias. It never made me cry but there were a few scenes that came close, which is a pretty uncommon thing for me so that helped my impression of it. The only other things I really remember as being strong points where that I liked that it was ultimately Kakeru's decision to live and I remember Suwa being an awesome bro.

But I did have issues with it. I remember Kakeru finds an unsent text from his mother which was written in the most dramatically convenient way possible which felt forced. And I felt they spent way too much time on detailing the actual mechanics of how the time travel letter thing worked which I felt was unnecessary, especially when the series was more concerned with the flat-out emotion.

And thinking back on it now, the premise does kind of fall apart when you think about it, like the letter is definitely a drama construct that kind of falls apart logically. Like, I remember we didn't even learn that Kakeru was suicidal until episode 3 in the anime I think, but realistically why would the letter be so vague. Like the day his mother commits suicide, why would they write the letter to include a vague ominous warning? I felt it did work to create dramatic tension but it does sort of forgo logic I guess.

Food Wars ~ The mangaka does hentai, lmao that makes so much sense. My only familiarity with Food Wars are the Sanji One-Shots they made, didn't like the first chapter but the following two were better. The third one didn't even have an orgasm bit, it was set during Alabasta and the orgasm bit at eating Sanji's great cooking was replaced with a spread shot of Vivi's memories with the crew. Can't say I'd recommend those though, especially you don't like Sanji.

Sneeze ~ Went through and read your comments, and I can get enjoying the musical memories even if they weren't really highlights for me. I do love the musical aspects of 20th Century Boys, and the companion song Urasawa released with it I really enjoyed it, both versions were great and I thought it helped 20th Century Boys a lot. I've only seen a few pictures of Asadora, considering me surprised to hear that's at least kind of a Kaiju manga! Would've never guessed that from what little I've seen.

Urasawa's not really a mangaka I want to read piece by piece, so I probably won't read Asadora until it finishes, but you do remind me I need to get back to his other works. Putting Astro Boy on hold kind of put Pluto on the backburner, but maybe I should try out Billy Bat at some point soon.

But I think Opus will have to come first. Especially looking into it and seeing that it's a pretty short series.

Added GoGo Monster to my PTR, especially with how short it's chapter count is (also added Go For it, Nakamura! I do like how short many of these are, nice contrast to most of the shonen stuff I read). Will probably just watch Tekkon Kinkreet movie, at least before reading the manga version, though may save that for next March. I do have a bunch of manga volumes lying around my house that I've never really read, I've been meaning to start those first, maybe after that I'll go through some of these. Really depends on time.

How straight of an adaption has the Ping Pong anime been so far? I've always been curious to how much of the visual styling is Yuasa's influence.
Terrestrious Aug 1, 2021 3:39 AM
Ah gotcha! It's probably not super worth getting, but it's cool that you could probably borrow the Wii, my friends and I don't go beyond borrowing games. Although I've gone mostly digital at this point, so that's kind of stopped too haha. Still pretty upset they didn't include Galaxy 2 in the 3D collection, or even as a separate download on the e-shop.

I hear the original Mega Man has a lot of the glitches or bad enemy placement that really hurts it, but the rest are suppose to be excellent. 2 & 3 specifically. I've played a bit of several of them since my brother's a huge fan of them, but I never really got into the Mega Man games. It's stupid, but I could never get over the fact that Mega Man could only shoot in one direction. Though back into the conversation about the SNES holding up much better, I did enjoy the X games I've played a lot more. Though admittedly, my favourite version of the original X game is the PSP version which allows you to play as Vile.

True, only one person in the group needs to buy Mario Party. Guess I'm just too use to being the one in the group who buys them lol. You probably should just pass then.

Chainsaw Man was a pretty fun read imo. I don't personally consider it edgy though I could understand someone forming that opinion of it. While Chainsaw Man is willing to include darker subject matter (not necessarily exploring them mind you, just featuring them) and has a readiness to kill off it's cast unseen in any other Shonen I can think off (which I found refreshing with how many shonen seem to refuse to kill anyone), Chainsaw Man is much more willing to indulge in over-the-top silly hype action sequences. Not just in a, it's really violent way, but in a it creates ridiculous circumstances or set-pieces. The series has too much fun with itself during the action sequences for me to really consider it edgy, a lot of the deaths it does have don't even really weigh on the series until the end.

They're still treated as deaths mind you, but the series rarely ever drowns in it's darkness in a way that's trying to show off it's more serious & meaningful than it is, they're used for stakes or as a tool to further characterize Denji, but the series mostly just maintains a fun over-the-top tone that made it usually a blast to read. The last arc is probably the only time it gets to the way of edginess, I'm not quite sure I'd label it as such, but I didn't care much for it, though it still had several notes about it I did like, and I thought final chapter was a really a satisfying conclusion that I'm kinda uninterested in the sequel series. I'll probably read it, but it seems unnecessary.

I feel I should note that I think only two of the deaths hold any emotional weight, but I one of them in specific is the emotional high-point of the series for me. The best scripted death sequence I've seen in any shonen by far, sans Hunter x Hunter of course. Strongly scripted, with multiple pay-offs of seeds planted & nurtured for most of the series, and great visual storytelling. There's also one point in the manga that dips heavily into surrealism, I loved that too.

I guess I'm mentioning this stuff to say it's not just all about the fun action, though I think that's a big selling-point that maybe won't do much for you. I can't say it's one of the most mature series but I do think there's a level of maturity to it, even if sounded by some goofiness or comical writing. A really good example happens early on, I'll spoil tag it but the vague gist is it committed to a bit I really didn't like but the ending salvaged it.

So said spoiler tag is an instance of maturity. It's not Urasawa or anything obviously, but I don't think there's a good base level of maturity for what this series is. As for fanservice, I think Chainsaw Man is probably the most sexually charged I've read but I don't think it's has that much fanservice. Off the top of my head, a small amount of the cover pages are just straight up fanservice. There's a group of characters introduced in a lesbian orgy, which does establish those characters dynamic & all of them quickly but also, is still a lesbian orgy so still fanservice cause they could've found another quick way to establish those things, even if it does serve a function. And at one point, I think a character has an outfit that's more revealing than I'd like but I don't recall the series gawking at her body much during this period at least.

There are other sort of sexual situations that come up from time to time, at least one of them I believe is intentionally uncomfortable (at least it made me uncomfortable). I think most of the other ones though sort some sort of narrative or character purpose, it's rarely every felt like it was for the sexual gratification of the readers. Still the stuff they do have might be even for you to write off, which is fair. But it's not as a bad as a lot of shonen.

As for whether I recommend it or not, I think it's probably better than you're assuming but I don't know if it's a strong recommendation. I think if anything I said piqued your interest, or if you like the one shot, it's worth giving the first chapter a read. I already liked it from chapter one since I think it did a good job of making Denji likable so if you read the first chapter and don't like it, I can't really say the rest would work for you.

I do want to state Look Back is nothing like his other works though. I would absolutely recommend it to people who didn't even like Chainsaw Man. Not to hype it too much, it's just a completely different style of series.

I saw a few episodes of the Soul Eater anime, I remember finding it kinda fun, I liked Death the Kid for the OCD jokes but yeah, I recall there being a decent amount of fanservice, and I'm pretty sure I read that the anime toned it down from the manga quite a bit, so yikes. I've never really liked fanservice either, so I can't blame you there, even though I'm sure I have more tolerance for it. Was that the only shonen you read that suffered from it? Were the others you tried just kind of typical boring shonen stuff?

I tend to still like Shonen myself, but I can't blame you for finding most boring. Honestly the main reason they tend to be what I read is just because they're just the most convenient and readily available.
Terrestrious Jul 30, 2021 3:53 AM
Oh? You don't have Wii, and you don't have a Wii U either right? Are you planning on buying one of those for consoles anyway for other Wii games because I would not advise buying a Wii just for Skyward Sword, since you know you won't like it. Like the Switch port doesn't really change that much from the original it seems. It adds a new control scheme without motion control but you could just opt to play with the original control scheme using the Joy-cons. And I know it made it so the Fi's advice is something you have to trigger instead of something that constantly interrupts gameplay to hold your hands, and I think you can like fast-forward dialogue now. I guess it's not the original experience, but it seems to me if you play with the motion controls the only real differences are quality of life that don't really have to do with gameplay so much, just allowing you to play it without as much pausing.

But I haven't played either since I can't speak from experience, I just hope there's more incentive to get it the Wii then Skyward Sword if you go down that path. I think for me, Mario Galaxy 2, and maybe Super Paper Mario, are the only Wii games I'd want to play that I can't play already play on different hardware.

I never actually played the original Mario Bros. games on the NES, I only played the All-Stars version. I think they have slightly tweaked physics, at least the original Super Mari Bros., but I'd mostly agree that they aged well, at least in the sense that I'd still recommend people play Mario Bros 3. I still like several other NES games, like I enjoyed my playthrough of Kid Icarus, but I wouldn't really recommend it, a fun time but there's many other better games. The Mega Man probably aged well for people who like them. Compared to the SNES, which I still think has one of the strongest gaming libraries, and many of my all-time favourite games are on there.

Do you think the online aspect of Mario Party Superstars will be something you'd make use of? I don't even have Switch Online but it's not something that would interest me anyway, especially with something like Mario Party. But I am pretty impressed with the fact that if you're playing online with friends, you don't have to play a full game in one setting. Being able to save the progress mid-game and pick it up later sounds insane to me for Online Play, but maybe that's just because I focus on Offline play. And yeah, adult life really kills multiplayer experience lol.

Ended up finishing The Vertical World btw. I definitely preferred the series when it took place in the Vertical World itself, though they handled the Earth reveal/fabricated world reveal a lot better than I expected. I had suspected that twist several times before but I usually get worried that this reveal would essentially serve to undermine previously seeds they planted in the The Vertical World but thankfully most of the foreshadowing still had tangible payoffs, and I did really like the arc where they were on the Colony ship. Didn't care much for Kepler returning as the big bad at the end though. Overall a really fun series though, probably a 7/10 series for me elevated to an 8/10 through the way it was told. The vertically storytelling was brilliant, and they did it so well that I kind of don't need another series every told in this format again, you know? Sometimes scrolling down with the way the panels would constantly zoom out and fade into colours, it felt like animation. Certain sequences I would just basically scroll back up and loop because it was so cool to see.

Interested to see what the future would hold for Kuu Tanaka, especially if they continue in future manga with the vertical format, I imagine they won't since it was so purposefully done in The Vertical World, but I'd like to read other works from them.

Speaking of manga, there was a recent one-shot released awhile back by Tatsuki Fujimoto of Chainsaw Man fame (which I'm sure you've at least heard of) called Look Back. It's only 144 pages long, it should be available for free on MangaPlus, and I highly recommend reading it. I actually think it's easily the best work Fujimoto produced, and it's easily one of my favourite manga. It's probably better if I don't say too much about it sense it's so short, but yeah, it's a quick and beautifully profound read imo.
Terrestrious Jun 27, 2021 4:10 PM
I have finished the Soul Society arc now, and while I don't like it as much as the early chapters, I did actually like it this time around. The best part of it was pretty much the Soul Society itself, seeing all the different captains with their own unique perspectives, goals, and alliances were all pretty interesting. I ended up liking a good deal of them as well. And losing the Ichigo/Rukia dynamic stinks but I also liked Rukia's characterization quite a bit too, found it pretty relatable at points. Thought the Aizen reveal was done pretty well, I knew going in he was the big bad, I'm not even sure it's possible to know of Bleach without knowing that twist at this point, but I did appreciate how much sense it made. Kubo dedicated like two chapters just with him explaining everything, and it lined up with everything before, answered several questions, and didn't feel BS at all. The battles of the arc were still weak and I didn't really find it entertaining to watch Ichigo's ridiculous growth in power throughout the arc, definitely the weakest part of the plotting here.

& lol, I already kind of feel like I'm done reading Bleach. I'm sure I'll get back to reading it someday, maybe even someday soon, but having completed the Soul Society arc, I kinda wish that the series ended there. Sure Aizen is still out there and they seeded a re-match with Grand Fisher that hasn't happened it, but I kinda don't care about any of that. The conclusion of Rukia deciding to stay in the Soul Society arc, Ichigo's acceptance & their goodbye, with everyone going home & Ichigo getting well-deserved rest at the end, it just feels like a fitting resolution to what the series has been about so far, which is the relationship between Ichigo & Rukia. Maybe I just feel this way because everyone says the series goes don't hill from here, or maybe it's just because I care about plot far less than most, but right now I'm content to put Bleach on the back burner.

Which I guess saying that makes it little weird that I asked about Berserk's manga cliffhanger, but hearing one big thing got somewhat resolved recently is definitely something I'm happy about. I actually did have some issue with the anime's ending but I did watch it 8 years ago so maybe it'd bother me less now, and I still really liked the anime regardless. I'll probably start the Berserk manga soon, part of me is considering waiting until I can afford to get the series physically rather than relying on online scans, which outside of time is one of the biggest reasons I haven't started it. It's high on my PTW list though.

Guessing since you've played a bit of Skyward Sword, you already own it? Definitely makes sense to go for the Wii if that's the case, or do you not and you just rather play it on the original experience? If you don't own it, hope you can get it for cheap, I suspect the Switch version releasing might make it less expensive. The only one of those Zelda games you've mentioned that I've even dabbled with is a Link Between Worlds since I played a demo for it. Honestly one of the Zelda games I most want to play.

I'm in the same boat as you with E3, at least this year I only bothered with Nintendo. I do skim Youtube to see if any trailers catch my eyes, and not really this year. Though I did watch the Final Fantasy Origin trailer, gameplay seemed fun but everything around it wasn't too appealing. The main character, is the most normally looking guy ever and is apparently named Jack, which is weird. Also, the trailer was only about two minutes and they said "Chaos" like 8 times, with the main character constantly saying he wanted to kill chaos.

But for Nintendo I was pretty happy with their show. I love the looks of Metroid Dread. I never really got into the series, only playing a bit of the Prime games. Part of this was because I assumed I'd hate Metroidvania's since I don't typically like backtracking, but Hollow Knight became one of my favourite games off all-time so I've been meaning to get into it, and Dread looks like the most promising to me. I liked that it's incorporating horror gameplay design (even if I don't play horror games).

In defense of Metroid, Dread has caused a lot people to be interested in Metroid, and I've seen several Metroid fans commenting about starting points, and most of them say to skip the original Metroid, or that it wasn't very good. It seems like many regard it as the weakest of the mainline side-scrolling ones, including my brother who loves the franchise. I'll probably start with Super Metroid when I get into it.

Yeah, BotW 2 was probably something they felt obligated to show since a lot of time has passed without much, but they didn't really want to showcase much of anything. This theory is sort of supported because I read that BotW 2 does indeed have an actual subtitle, but they haven't revealed it yet because it'll spoil something about the game. Looking forward to whatever that is, but I mostly just want a playable Zelda, maybe even co-op BotW. But I get wanting to go in without knowing anything, since much of the original game's appeal is the exploration. Seems like you'll get one thing spoiled with the subtitle at least.

For me, the other key moments were Smash Reveal, Super Monkey Ball, & Mario Party. For Smash, Kazuya is in weird place where he's neither an exciting announcement or a disappoint one, he's just an announcement. I like Tekken, but I honestly never even played as him in any of the games until after his reveal. Still, interested in how he plays, Tekken breaks fighting game tradition by having the main characters be some of the hardest characters to play, so he's not likely to feel like Ryu or Terry. And also found his reveal trailer kind of hilarious, just how he was murdering all the cast (Kazuya was only the main character in the first Tekken iirc, ever since then he's been antagonist I believe [he is in 7 at least, which is the only one I put much time into]).

Mario Party Superstars is something I've wanted from Mario Party for awhile, and it's exactly what people wanted from the The Top 100. Collection of the best mini-games with several of the best boards in Mario Party history. Slightly worried about only having 5 boards though. Party 2 & 3 only had 6 boards, but they also had additional modes, like a story mode or a duel mode (MP3), if it's just five boards, minigames, & online I'm probably not going to get a whole lot out of it. Nintendo games have been getting into sort of a bad habit of releasing games with minimal content and finishing them later via free updates, so maybe this is another example, and they'll add more boards later. Also, I don't know why they choose Peach's Birthday Cake as one of the boards.

Super Monkey Ball remakes was the highlight for me though. I've been dying to replay the first two games (especially the second), and getting a third game I've never played before is an added bonus, whether it's good or not. Monkey Ball is such a unique series gameplay wise, but I had so much fun with those first two games years ago, especially the mini-games like Monkey Target.
Terrestrious Jun 4, 2021 6:04 AM
The Vertical World is great. My favourite part of it is definitely the structure in with it's told. It's not just being told vertically for the sake of it, most of the early chapters showed some new trick of the vertically paneling that couldn't have really been achieved with the traditional format. It's excellent, and unique. But I also like that it being digital, they're more easily able to add colour to the story, and that they've only chosen to do it for specific moments to make them more effective, like colouring in blood for example.

The actually story itself is good too. The last thing I read was the Geezer stuff, where he disappeared after saving his family, which was probably my favourite chapter so far. Simple but effective drama, I kind of saw all those beats coming but they were effectively delivered. Kelvin's my favourite character so far. I can't say I care that much about the mysteries of the world to be honest, but it's pretty fun to watch it play out and come up with some theories on it's own.

Honestly, one of the main reasons why I haven't read as much of it is simply because I sort of feel obligated to leave chapter discussion threads so nobody seems to be talking about the series. I've always been someone who looked forward to glancing at the community reception to a chapter so every-time I see something without a discussion thread, I like to make when for those like me. At least when I like the series. And I just know that's going to cut into my read time.

Yeah so about Bleach, I first watched it when it first aired over here in the US and I quite liked it . . . until the start of the Soul Society arc. I didn't like the Soul Society arc so I dropped it somewhere during that, and only saw a few sparse episodes because my brother kept watching it. There's no episode count because I don't remember what episode I gave up on. I always liked to believe that maybe the anime's pacing was just bad, because a lot of people, including those who's opinions I respect, praise the Soul Society arc when it's the part that killed the series for me. So I figured it was time to finally read through the manga and see if I can like the Soul Society arc.

You echoing my thoughts that the best part of the series is behind me is slightly worrying lol, but at least you said Soul Society was good. The last twenty chapters I read where Rukia left and they started preparing for the Soul Society, I already felt my interest waning. There were some good things about it, but overall it already feel like the series is dwindling.

I think what it comes down to for me, is that the worst part of Bleach is the action. Like occasionally Kubo can create cool action panels or some decent moments, but he hasn't really showed to me any ability to construct good fights. And from my understanding, Kubo abandons pretty much everything except the fights. Part of the reason why I like early Bleach is because most of the time the fights weren't really the focus. Another reason why I think I lost interest way back when was that my favourite part of the series, and still is having read the early manga, was the dynamic between Ichigo & Rukia. So losing that kind of sucks.

I'm not committed to finishing Bleach, though knowing me I probably will just for the experience of finishing all big threes (well, as much as I can with One Piece). But I definitely just want to go through the Soul Society arc if nothing else.

Speaking of manga, I really want to get into Berserk, for the obvious unfortunate reasons. Having only seen the 90's anime of it, I didn't expect Miura's passing would've affected me as much as it did, but that really did ruin my day. I think you've read all that's been released and I assume they're not going to continue but how bad is the unintended ending? Do I need to prepare for a massive cliffhanger?

Glad to hear about Pokémon Snap. I haven't gotten it myself but I think after so long in-between titles it makes sense to just by in large give the same experience with better visuals. The visuals are like the biggest selling point of that game, so it's cool that it'll deliver.

I don't think we've ever talked about Skyward Sword, what are your thoughts on that? I never bothered with the Wii version since I hate motion controls so I was really excited when Skyward Sword got announced because character & story-wise I've always wanted to play that. But then I heard it was releasing for full price and that they were locking a Quality of Life being a amiibo that costs more than most, and now I'm not sure I want to bother.

And any hope for E3?
Terrestrious Apr 20, 2021 5:12 AM
I should probably make time to watch Twin Peaks at some point then. The series has always interested me for as long as I've known about it but I never took the time to watch it. Doesn't seem like it's on any of the streaming services I have atm, so probably won't start for awhile but one day.

Yes, one the reason I decided to watch Mind Game when I saw it on Crunchyroll was because you recommended it after we were talking about Lu. I'm kind of hoping to get back into watching anime more regularly outside of just in March (or the typical shonen stuff I can watch with my brother) so hopefully it won't take long for me to check out the Tatami Galaxy and Night is Short, Walk on Girl. But if I don't get to them, I'll definitely watch them next March. Maybe since I've basically finished Satoshi Kon's work this March (I think I just have his short piece for Ani*Kuri15 left), next I can focus on finishing Yuasa's if I don't. At the very least, I want to watch those two and Kaiba, that ones always interested me the most.

The Vertical World sounds pretty interesting. I already decided I was going to give it a try since the premise sounds like Sci-fi Made in Abyss but then you mentioned it's told vertically and it's probably going to be something I'll start fairly soon. That unique way of telling a story alone is enough for me to give it a shot. Also, I never heard of this Manga Pluss app, so thanks for that lol. Seems like most of the stuff on there is already on my Viz subscription, but The Vertical World isn't, so I'll at least use it for that.

I've only seen a few snippets from the manga and while I wouldn't say what I saw looked awful, it was definitely ugly. One of the reasons I haven't checked out the manga, though the anime can still be pretty ugly at point, the colour and animation helps it out at least.

Interesting but I guess that explains why it seemed the community discussion of Attack on Titan kept up, even if the series hype definitely dwindled compared to season one. I think the two things that tend to drive community discussion (at least in the anime circles) tend to be intense/thrilling/hype action sequences or like mystery solving puzzle boxes, so I can see why I was still hearing about Attack on Titan if the focus was about explaining all the mysteries.

I remember hearing a few people say that Claymore's was great until the end, so I suppose there problem was that it started explaining. Does sound like Claymore handled it better, that might be a series I check out a some-point. l'd probably finish Attack on Titan but that'll probably be with the anime if I do bother.

Never heard of that coding, but oof. That's unfortunate. I did hear there was some problematic content in Attack on Titan, nice to get some context for it.
Terrestrious Mar 31, 2021 11:55 PM
I ended up loving most of the episodes of Paranoia Agent, but there were a lot of people in the episode discussion threads who were getting disappointed with the later ones, mostly due to the increasingly disconnected nature of the episodes. Episodes 1-4 despite featuring a self-contained story, were very tightly woven into the over-arcing narrative, episodes 8-10 were basically completely stand-alone, with 9 and 10 only have like, a line of dialogue connecting it to the previous episode. But that never really bothered, mostly because those episodes were some of the best in the series. Well, I think episode 9 (this one was about housewives telling various Shonen Bat stories, so a legit anthology episode) was one of the weaker entries but 8 & 10 were top tier.

Honestly I thought Paranoia Agent became weaker when it was dealing with the main plot. At least in terms of Maniwa's direction, didn't really care for how his role played out. Maybe it's because his side leans stronger towards the supernatural, since he gets relevant information in methods that don't really logical line up, like the major breakthrough in the case he gets thanks to some vague line from the old guy. Which to be honest, I think it's a part of the show that didn't really work out for me. I get that Maniwa becoming the old man at the end, right down to writing the same exact equation down, was meant to emphasis how this is a continual problem. How Shonen Bat's Sayonara was only a resolution for those characters, but people are always going to be looking towards escapism rather than reality, it just felt kind forced with how specifically the circular nature was presented at the end (though Maniwa doing the ending poem was a nice touch).

That said, I loved the series finale, it's probably my favourite episode of the series. Previously, most of my love for Paranoia Agent had been from an intellectual aspect, but it was never an emotionally moving one really. But the series finale had me fighting tears multiple times. I loved the resolution of Tsukiko & Maromi. But Ikari's scene with his wife and the aforementioned destruction of his fantasy was probably the highlight of the series. The first half was incredibly emotionally touching and the latter scene, just to quote myself from the episode discussion, "just a perfect encapsulation of the series entire message, "That's the reality I have to face". Very few series have ever built up to a scene so triumphant and cathartic that just expresses what the series truly is."

And yes, the suicide episode was amazing! Probably my second favourite. It's actually the episode that first introduced me to the series, I saw it in a video about the best stand-alone episodes to show non-anime fans or something like that. I'm glad I watched it in context, since I think the way they connected it to the main plot was pretty clever but it's definitely an incredible story regardless.

Mind Game definitely became my favourite Yuasa film (though I've still only seen a handful). I actually think Lu Over the Wall had stronger plotting and thematics and Ride Your Wave had better character writing and emotional moments but Mind Game insane visual variance and commitment to absurd animation detours is just something of a rare commodity. Once God got introduced the movie just became an absolute blast (and the concept of God's constantly shifting design was pure genius), and I was really surprised at the direction of them getting eating in a whale, but that's definitely when the movie was at it's strongest. The run scene at the end is one of the strongest climaxes I've seen in an movie.

Ah, giving Memoires a 6 kind of hurt tbh. I sort of wish it was like Short Peace, where for whatever reason MAL separated all the stories into separate entries. I'm in the group of people that don't like Stink Bomb, it pretty much tanked the score for me. I do think the animation is great there, and I can even appreciate the absurd extremes it took it's premise, but it just felt like I was watching the same gag for 40 minutes. I reckon I spent about half the run-time just waiting for it to an end and side-eyeing the clock. I loved Magnetic Rose though, after Paranoia Agent it's probably the best thing I've watched this month, and I Cannon Fodder is a marvel from a technical standpoint.

I find Cannon Fodder basically lives and dies in it's design, both in it's aesthetics and the machinations of the world. I do absolutely love the art style, but I did get bored at certain points, like during the first canon loading scene but my appreciation for the movie just continuously grew as the credits rolled on. I can't reflect on Cannon Fodder and not just be impressed with it, with how deeply it presented a day in the life of this world, and most importantly how it's all one continuous take. Not a single cut, it is a technical achievement. It would've probably only gotten a 7 for me, cause I can't deny my feelings at points while watching the first time, but I'd definitely hold it in high regard even if personally I could love it.

Looking through all those manga you're reading at least most of them seem to be really good. And I think Attack on Titan is a couple chapters away from ending so at least you won't have to deal with that for wrong. lol at it's score being so low, has the series always been that low for you. I only saw the first two seasons, I remember thinking that Attack on Titan was basically a good thrill-ride and basically that was it. From what I saw, I actually still think the Battle of Trost arc was the best part of the series from like the half I seen. I heard AoT changed direction away from the thrill-ride aspect of it, it's not why I stopped but I wonder if that shift is why it's at a 4 or if you think it was never that good to begin with.
Terrestrious Mar 23, 2021 4:45 AM
Yeah if I was you I wouldn't bother then. Having to re-watch a movie you don't like just to be able to experience something you also won't like likes awful. If you every do that, I'll be interested in hearing how much you regretted that decision lol. I assume the tonal changes of Justice League would at least be addressed in the Snyder Cut, though that's complete conjecture.

Oh interesting! It's kind of cool that Kon decided or just managed to warp up all those different ideas into a more serialized venture cause presumably he could've just done a straight up anthology, though maybe that would've been a harder sell to any production committee. Regardless, I really appreciate how contextualized many of the individual stories are, interesting to hear the series at it's conceptions was just to get all these smaller ideas out.

I will say that episode 5, the RPG interrogation episode, is by far the worst thing I've seen with Satoshi Kon's name attached to it. Didn't enjoy that episode at all, though thankfully the show bounced back pretty quickly since I thought episode 6 was excellent. Man, I was really glad I was wrong about that actually being Shonen Bat and the Copy Cat theory was correct. I'm currently working under the theory that Shonen Bat is a Tulpa. The latest episode I saw was probably my favourite, episode 8, the suicide pact episode. It was easily the most isolated of the series thus far but I still thought their connection to Fox managed to connect to the main story enough that it still provided that sense of connectivity that the earlier episodes had, which I certainly appreciated. There was some wonky art/animation in the first half of the episode, but that was my only complaint. Otherwise this was funny, endearing, and cleverly written episode (I didn't get the twist until after the episode admittedly, but once I realized it and all the dots connected, it really elevated the episode for me).

I don't have much on my watchlist, was contemplating not even doing it this year tbh. Mostly did because of tradition and knowing that I did want to see Paranoia Agent, and it's just a nice excuse to spend my chance watching other anime I'd likely enjoy but put off for some reason or another. Other than Paranoia Agent, my only plans for the this month were to watch something One Piece related, finish Oregairu since it's final season aired awhile ago, watch the third Made in Abyss movie, and watch Yami Shibai's 8th season. Yami Shibai has turned out to be a March Mania tradition oddly, I've completed a season of that every year in March since 2017. I never expected that to be an eternal series but here we are.

If you're not familiar with it, it's an anthology horror slide-show series where each episode is only about 4 minutes long. The first season was the only one that was remotely good at the horror aspect, several episodes did a good job of escalating tension and suspense, though I was annoyed at the jump scare endings most of them concluded with. The next few seasons were getting progressively worse but they had the decency to be bad in different ways, like season three tried to scare with monster designs which was not going to work with their limited production values (though there's a charm to it's visual style, it just actively detracted in this season) while season four was over reliant on narration, so that kind of kept it interesting to keep up. After season 4, the show got better, with season 6 actually being my favourite, though a good bit of that has to do with them telling some non-scary ghost stories. There are some pretty good episodes in there. One of my biggest problems with the series was that every episode ended with the main character dying or suffering some awful fate. It's not until season 5 where they have an episode where the MC survives. If every episode ends the same way, it's hard to get invested so I'm glad they finally ditched that rule and even experimented with more bittersweet emotional episodes. Regardless, it's four minutes an episode and I'm 7 seasons in, so I'll be watching this show as long as they keep making it.

Also kind of want to see the Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild films now that they final one is out. Not sure if I will though, since I sort of doubt I'd be able to find a good quality version of the last movie since it was so recently released, but I may get started regardless. Don't really think that Eva needed to be redone, but I'm interested in seeing yet another interpretation of the story, since I enjoyed both the anime and the manga's story (though admittedly my memory on the details of both of those is a bit fuzzy now).

And yes, Ringing Bell was quite good. Besides what I mentioned, most of the rest of what I'm watching is just me checking random movies on Crunchyroll or something and picking what sticks out. Ended up hearing someone say Ringing Bell was like a violent Bambi, and with it being under an hour long it was a perfect fit. I had some issues with the film, I didn't care for the musical interludes, or the OST in general, I thought it was too overbearing in it's emotional punctuation. Chirin's lamb design could also get distracting (sometimes he looked more like a kid wearing a lamb costume than an actual lamb) but quibbles aside, it was a smartly crafted film. I love the kind of circular storytelling, and despite the simple nature of the plot everything was weaved together satisfyingly in the climax which made it quite powerful. I loved this shot in the film a lot. Just a fantastic way to depict the contrast to who Chirin became. From the colours, the amount of detail in the designs, even the movement in the scene itself (Chririn being a static background basically while the lamb bouncing forwards), everything highlighted just how much has changed.
Terrestrious Mar 20, 2021 8:21 PM
My big hope with Arceus is that they do something different with the battle system. From what little of the what we seen it's still turn-based, which I'm fine with but if it turns out it's just the same as the mainline Pokémon games I'm probably going to pass on it. I could understand the mentality of keeping it the same since Pokémon BOTW is already a structural departure but why bother venturing into new material to just rely on the same-old same old? One foot out and one foot in. I'm going to pass if that's the case with Arceus, but I'm at least interested in it. Though I agree that it's going to be likely underwhelming, the world felt very barren but it could be cool. And the Gen 4 remake is one of those rare should never happen cases where the original looks graphically superior.

Glad to hear about Coco, that's definitely something I'll try to check out soon, probably next month. Should probably find time to watch Wall-E as well, since I've always wanted to see the first half of that movie at least. And wow, those Cars sequels really suck huh, lol. Such a drop off in rating from the rest of the list. Can't say I'm surprised though.

Speaking of DC, the Zack Synder Cut of Justice League recently released, you going to check it out? Having never seen a DC film since like, Nolan's Batman's, I'm not going to bother but how interested are you in that? With it being four hours long and locked with a 4:3 aspect ratio, I'd probably have to be paid to actually watch it, but it's certainly interesting from a production stand-point. The fact the same movie ostensibly exists twice, but divided between two very different visions is pretty fascinating. Not enough to make me watch both films to compare and contrast myself, but enough that I've kept some tabs on the general consensus. From what I can tell, most people seem to like it better than the original but with the caveat that it's still not a good movie (though a few admitted to enjoying it regardless).

I do think most 3D animated movies attempt to just emulate Pixar's visual style, lending to them visually being a lot more homogenized, though I'm hoping the future will showcase more variance (stuff like Into The Spiderverse), a long with more 2D animation.

Lookin at Disney's output in the 2010s', I've only seen Frozen and Zootopia, whereas with Pixar I've seen Inside Out, Toy Story 3, Incredibles 2, and Monster's University. Based on what I've sampled, I'd give the edge to Pixar, albeit Monster's University was a tad on the lame side. Though looking at the stuff I didn't see, it does seem kind of clear from my outside perspective that Disney had the better output, none of their outputs scream "avoid watching me" like the Cars sequels do.


Forgot to mention, I've started Paranoia Agent. Loving it so far, I can easily see this becoming my second favourite Satoshi Kon work (Tokyo Godfathers is probably untouchable for me). I'm only four episodes in but I'm really impressed already, I love that none of the cinematic flare is lost in the series. Episode three about Harumi/Maria had so many excellent transitions and cuts to truly embedded you in her situation. I also really appreciate the series structure so far, it's basically a serialized anthology series with how well these stand-alone stories weave together in the over-arcing narrative is fantastic. Stuff like how the main characters were all previously established in the episode prior, like Harumi being Ichi's tutor or Hirukawa being one of Maria's customers. And with Shonen Bat having been caught (possibly some copy cat but I lean towards it being him atm), I am really excited to find out how the plot is going to unravel going forward since I definitely didn't expect this so early on.
Terrestrious Feb 3, 2021 3:20 AM
I did read that Made in Abyss shifted into movies but upon looking further into it, that doesn't seem to be confirmed. After the two recap movies that covered the material in the first season, they released a third movie that covered the next arc and since announced that they'll be continuing to adapt Made in Abyss, but I can't find any confirmation on whether the series will be a second season or a movie, just that it'll take place after the third events. I think the consensus is leaning towards it being a second season at the moment, though the movie direction is still possible. If it is a second season, I guess it's exactly like Demon Slayer in that you'll have to watch a movie in-between seasons in order to get the full narrative.

It's pretty hard to argue against Once Upon a Time being the best Astro Boy had to offer, really surprised they didn't save that one til the end since it's essentially the finale (I know Tezuka wrote more Astro Boy chapters after but still), and I was really surprised at the direction that arc took. How it started with the ending of Astro before cycling back to his origins, even with his death and creation intersecting. I will say the last third that was fleshing out his origins wasn't as compelling for me compared to what came before, but it was still great. Scara's probably one of my favourite characters in Astro Boy too, I'm pretty sure I didn't like her in her first appearance but she made for a really fun dynamic with Astro and I thought her development was pretty good. The only real complaint I have for that arc as a whole was that there were several times where rather than drawing what happened, Tezuka would just write what happened. But it's not a major issue, especially since it tapered off the further in the story got. I also want to say The Angel of Vietnam is probably the best chapter in all of Astro Boy, at least from what I've read (though it'll be hard to top). Astro's final act being to save the villagers and them repaying his kindness was as beautiful as reading about their deaths the very next day was devastating. Just a powerful chapter, and Astro going all-in on the Angel of Death thing was awesome.

Besides that I have several other favourites. The Hot Dog Corps for one. Fun fact, the site I was reading this on only had the first two story segments, and I had foolishly assumed that the story will just resume later in the collection. Took me a few volumes before I finally realized it's not coming back up and the site screwed up, and it quickly became a favourite of mine. Dog's are just an easy way to my heart I guess, but the story of Pero/#44 was genuinely inventive, heart-warming, and funny. The Greatest Robot On Earth is another favourite, which bodes well for Pluto, really curious how that is going to transfer over. It's mostly just a really solid shonen arc, it has some great characterization (Pluto, Epsilon) and easily the best fights in Astro Boy. Other three favourites of mine where The Artificial Sun (Mr. I Hate Robots becoming a proud robot due to Astro was great, and the Sun made for an interesting threat), The Invisible Giant (I'm a sucker for The Fly plot, and Tezuka's take was strong), and The Man Who Returned From Mars (Judas Patter's probably my favourite antagonist in Astro Boy). I quite like Dr. Tenma as well, though I don't think any of his stories rank in my favourites sans the Once Upon a Time one. It's always a pleasure when he shows up that.

To be fair, Pokémon Snap 2 is the best Pokémon's ever looked imo, so I think there's some value there, though I do agree it doesn't have the same appeal back then, it's probably more nostalgic appeal. I really don't understand why Pokémon Snap 2 didn't come out for the Wii U since the Gamepad would've been perfect for taking pictures, but I guess Fatal Frame used that gimmick instead.

The DLC characters are all pretty unique and fun. Byleth's got some weapon variety with them but they're least interesting DLC character come out imo. But if you already got Fighter Pass 1 and don't have Fighter Pass 2 you wouldn't have to spend any money on them so that's a plus. I love Min Min's playstyle, it's probably the most simple since you basically just spam her arms, but there's enough there to not make her feel mindless (like being able to angle her arms, or deciding what weapon her second arm will have). I'm terrible as Steve/Alex but they're the most unique DLC fighter easily. They literally had to reworked every stage in the game so that where you choose to mine as them actually effects what materials you get.

Sephiroth is just a blast. They really allowed his sword's range to be ridiculous, and all his specials have some unique gimmick to them, Shadow Flare being my favourite so the attacks don't hit until some time has passed. Really fun character, and his Classic Route is a Boss Rush, I would've preferred that just be added in as a game mode but I'm glad to have the option in some form anyway. Also love all the Final Fantasy VII music added in with them, the new remix of Aerith's Theme in particular is amazing.

Haven't heard much about Soul but a lot about Coco. If I'm going to watch any new Pixar film, it'll be that one. Hopefully it lives up to the hype when you get that.

Hmm, I probably tend towards Pixar over Disney myself, if for no other reason than their catalogue is more consistent. Though there is much of a gap for me between them, at least when it comes to my favourites from both. And I remember the time where Disney was sort of like a cultural joke in comparison to Pixar or Dreamworks, for reasons that I'm pretty sure entirely boiled down to Disney being 2D animation instead of 3D animation. Although when the switched over to 3D they released stuff like Chicken Little which I'm not sure I ever heard a positive review of so maybe that wasn't all there was to it.

That's fair, though I personally liked that Pixar would add family drama like that. Like Marlon and Mr. Incredible are probably my favourite characters from their respective movies. The adult-orientated stuff I guess is more of a plus for me. Speaking of The Incredibles though, how does that hold up after the market's been flooded with superhero movies? Obviously you still think it's good considering your rating but I'm curious if after the sea of Marvel movies anything stands out with compared to The Incredibles.

It's hard for me to really claim a favourite Pixar movie since many of them I haven't seen since their DVD release window at latest. What I've seen of the first ten is more like loose memories at this point, but I do know my favourite as kid was also Monster's Inc. It's definitely the Pixar movie I've watched the most, or at least tied with Finding Nemo (though that's not by choice, it was played a lot in school to the point where my opinion started souring on it). I just loved the premise of the world and found Sully & Mike's dynamic really fun and the relationship with them and Boo was sweet too. Also, the whole door vault thing made for some of the most interesting set-pieces. I will say, I outright don't remember Mike having a girlfriend in the film lol, so I'm guessing I'd agree that element didn't really work at least.

For the more recent stuff, probably either Toy Story 4 or Inside Out. Even these movies I'd feel I'd need to watch again for a refresher. I kind of feel like Toy Story 4 is standing out to me mostly due to recency bias though, so I'd probably go with Inside Out as my favourite Pixar movie. Mostly for how deftly it handles it's subject matter, and out of the movies I've seen, it's probably Pixar's strongest thematic work. Or at the very least, it tackles themes that speak the most to me.
Terrestrious Jan 17, 2021 1:27 PM
It reminds me a bit of Made in Abyss in that regard, how the first season was an anime and then moved to movies, albeit it's not quite the same situation since Made In Abyss had recap films and I think is going to be primarily a movie series now. Whereas, from what I understand anyway, the Demon Slayer movie will be followed by a season two, which makes sense since I don't think the later arcs would work condensed into a film's runtime, whereas the Infinity Train arc certainly makes sense for one. And considering Infinity Train became the highest grossing film in Japanese history, I think they made the right call making it a movie.

Yeah, chapter 1000 was surprisingly standard. The chapter itself was good but I left it pretty disappointing. It even seemed like Oda was setting chapter 1000 up for something big too, with how the Will of D. was getting brought up in the previous chapters especially with Yamato talking about it at near the end of chapter 999. Chapter 1001 was pretty fun and I'm still enjoying Wano though, so it's not a big deal.

Ended up putting Astro Boy on hold, started to feel like they front-loaded the manga with most of the best stories. There was still good to great stories in the last batch I read admittedly, I think binging it as much as I was started to burn me out when they were getting pretty inconsistent. Found it really weird how early on in the collection The Once Upon a Time arc was, for example.

I feel that, I haven't really been in gaming mood either, even though I semi-recently started playing some new games (most notably, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core). Will probably start playing more games once the Mario 3D World port comes out to Switch. Wasn't super into the game back when it was on the Wii U, and I'm not even that interested in the base game on Switch, but Bowser's Fury sounds awesome. I didn't know what I expect, but a co-op open-world/sandbox Mario game was not what I was expecting. Bowser Jr. being playable, the fact that Bowser will occasionally awaken and change the world and provide a constant threat to the player while he stays awake, and that Mario is even given new movement options (namely the dive) has gotten me hype. Always preferred sandbox Mario, so to think Bowser's Fury was going to be that was really surprising. Pokémon Snap 2 also looked pretty good, do you have any interest in that. One last game thing, Sephiroth in Smash is incredible, and he's one of the most fun DLC characters thus far. Maybe even my favourite.

The Pixar movies are great but this is making me realize how little of them I've seen. I have seen the first eight though, albeit I've never seen the the last third of Ratatouille despite seeing the first two-thirds like two or three times. It was never I didn't like the movie and stopped watching, moreso that they kept playing it in School and never let it finish. But after those eight I've only seen Toy Story 3 & 4, Monsters University, Incredibles 2, and Inside Out. Which movies are going to be new for you? And do you have a favourite so far?
Terrestrious Dec 5, 2020 4:39 PM
Aye, it's just kind of easier than anime to consume quickly, even if I'd probably prefer the anime version. I mostly read Demon Slayer out of curiosity for it's insane popularity, like in four years it managed to become like the tenth best selling manga of all-time, and even sold like a fourth of what One Piece sold in that time. It's just insane to me, and wanted to see if I can figure out why (I'm sure the anime helped it a lot though but it can't just be that). Even if I don't love the series myself, I do think I kinda understand it's popularity. Not entirely sure I'd prefer the anime though. On one hand, Ufotable's animation is usually fantastic and the later fights in the manga I had trouble following the actual flow of the battles. But on the other hand, having to hear Zenitsu's voice would probably ruin him. I think you made a comment that you liked him in his introduction, but I found him kind of annoying from the get-go (though Tanjiro's reactions to him were fun so it wasn't awful) but having to hear him is a different thing altogether. Pretty disappointing how Zenitsu's character development kind of just happened, he got over that needs to be asleep thing with barely any attention.

I would not have survived trying to read Fishman Island week to week, that's probably my least favourite arc in One Piece so I can't say I blame you there. I got another friend in real life who I guess I finally managed to convince to get caught up during the Wano hype, so it's been cool to talk to him about those as they come out too.

Started reading Astro Boy as well, almost entirely because I just want proper context for Pluto, so I'll likely be starting that series soon since I think I'm about to read the story Pluto's adapted from. For the most part, I've quite enjoyed reading Astro Boy on it's own merits though, it's a fun series. One thing I really love about them are all these intro segments with Tezuka himself explaining sort of the history about the chapter. It's pretty fascinating to get this historical account about these stories, adds to the feeling of legacy while reading them.

Tekkon Kinkreet will probably be the first film I see by them (I might watch some of the shorter music videos by them first). No clue when I'll get around to that though. Well, actually I'll probably get to Mind Game first since I do want to finishing going through Yuasa's works. Though with anime I'll probably want to check finish up with Satoshi Kon and watch Paranoia Agent. Some many good stuff to get too.

Wow, Dragon Age II reads as such a regression here, though getting sarcastic personality sounds a lot of fun, lol. Do you have a lot of choices for the voice acting, I kind of imagine there'd probably be limited options based on sex, I believe that's how it was in Mass Effect (didn't play a ton of those games either). I guess it doesn't really matter but I am curious. Hoping the third game ends up as the best one yet, but I feel like I probably hear Origins the most from the series, so I'm not sure if that's due to it's quality or just my social circle. At the very least, hope Dragon Age III works as a good send-off to your PS3.
Terrestrious Dec 2, 2020 12:35 AM
It's a mixed experience, I definitely don't prefer it to binging but it hasn't been as a bad as last times with One Piece, especially when I tried reading Dressrosa week-to-week. It does feel more like a habit/something to do than something I'm actively invested in though, but most of the individual chapters have enough fun and/or charm that it hasn't caused me to put the series on hold. Although there have certainly been a few chapters that I get very little out, I just get bored of the action focus I guess. And I also want to be able to read chapter 1000 as it comes out, as that's certain to be a massive chapter for the series. I think it also helps that unlike Dressrosa and Whole Cake Island, Wano feels like an endgame. To best avoid spoilers, and just because I spent so much of my life on One Piece, I would like to experience it's ending live, and it actually feels like we're on one of the last arcs.

That endgame thing is a big part of why I keep checking into MHA, since that really does feel like it's wrapping up. I know it's not the last arc and recent chapters have made it seem more clear that they baddies will run away but it just really felt like the series was wrapping up, especially with Bakugo's developments, stuff like his body just moving on it's on and saving Deku paralleling Deku's pivotal moment in the first chapter. Kirishima got to pay back Pinky for the Machia stuff in his past, getting Deku vs. Shigaraki, the fact that so much it read to me like a resolution has kept it an interesting read. The Dabi revelations (which I think everyone called around his introduction, but I appreciated how it was revealed at the very beginning of the last chapter, shows Horikoshi knows everyone figured it out so he didn't treat it as the big chapter cliffhanger). I'm thankful for that though cause I'm not sure I've enjoyed the series much outside of these sides. I really don't like how the power scale jumped from like 10 to 1,000 in this most recent arc. The escalation is too much. Though I loved how Twice's story arc ended up, his death chapter is one of the best of the series, so the arc hasn't been too awful.

I looked into Studio 4°C and I've barely seen anything from them, and everything I did see, I didn't rate very high. My favourite thing I saw from them is probably PES: Peace Eco Smile, which is a 7 short episode Toyota ad but I do remember that anime specifically being incredibly beautiful (and having really great music too). Scrolling through their page on MAL, a lot of the pictures caught my eye, I'm going to look into them a bit more after I finishing typing this. One of them is bound to connect on a level beyond gorgeous visuals I'd hope, but if I just get the gorgeous visuals, that's not much of a loss.

Ah I see. I don't really collect much physical media so I never looked into that. I'm kinda neutral on the PS5 design myself, but I'd take it over the X-Box Series X's big black rectangle.

They're just HD ports, the only real differences come with the hardware. For example, in Super Mario Galax, Mario has a spin move in Galaxy that in the Wii version, you could only perform by shaking the controller, that's now instead been mapped to a button. And thank god, when I heard about that I was really glad I never got to play Galaxy on the Wii. It doesn't remove all the motion controls though, many of them are kept in with the gyroscope, which I understand is the more authentic experience but I would've love the option for some traditional controls cause I hate controlling some of these "vehicles" with them, but I'm sure that'd be true on the Wii (and I use the Pro controller, maybe it'd be better with the Joy-Cons). The star pointer in portable mode is touch screen operated from what I heard, don't know that I like that but I never play in portable mode so maybe it's fine in practice.

Originally, Sunshine was compatible with the Gamecube controller, but Nintendo recently patched that in. They even made it with the analog triggers functionality, so that how much you press the R button will determine how much water Mario sprays with FLUDD, so with that update you can basically play it exactly as if it was on the Gamecube.

It is worth noting that for Super Mario 64 they're actually using the Shindou version. Basically in Japan only, they re-released Super Mario 64 about a year after it's first released. It's basically identical from the original version except it had the English voices (with some lines changed/removed "So long, king/gay Bowser" for example [not because people mishearing it, because he's not called Bowser there) and Rumble functionality added-in. They always removed the Backwards Long Jump glitch that would become a staple for speedrunners. As far as I know, those are the only differences from the original release.

So yeah, basically just straight up ports. I do know Sunshine had some emulation issues but as far as I know those were patched out in the update that added the Gamecube controller. And the issues were minor to begin with. It's slightly disappointing that they didn't do more with them, or I guess, Sunshine. Sunshine's has a strange lack of polish for a Nintendo game, and features some straight up jank physics (the Pachinko bonus level is a nightmare I gave up on) but it was preserved warts and all. Just as a reminder, Nitendo is going to stop selling the collection physically and on it's digital store front after March 31st, 2021. I'm under the assumption that they'll just be selling the games separately on the eshop after that, and the only bonus features in the game is the entire soundtrack for all three games so if I'm right there's no real rush. But it's one ofthe reasons I picked it up immediately.

I knew you were going through PS3 games, I didn't know why though. That's a really cool idea though, how many games do you have left? And I played a little of Dragon Age: Origins (I think it was Origins anyway) but not enough to well, even remember if it was Origins or not lol. I remember there being a dog you could name, was that Origins? Whatever Dragon Age it was, I only played the beginning prologue section bit and from what I recall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was looking forward to playing more. I don't know what happened, I'm thinking because it was my brother's copy on his 360 I just never made time for it when he was usually playing the 360 and I had the PS3. I