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FarWalker Feb 28, 11:57 AM
Wow thanks for the clarification, i am not well versed when it comes to the details regarding production etc. i Just started reading the overlord novels recently, i hope they don't get worse because so far they are pretty good and i like them. But seasons 2 is that lizard arc, well that's not for everyone. Maybe im picky but in terms of animation s1> s4 > s2 > s3. It could be the horrendous cgi though. however I hope that we get as much Frieren as possible in the best way possible, because if season 2 is as good as 1, then Frieren is moving in to my fav shows.
FarWalker Feb 28, 11:21 AM
I saw a thread a while back, that The next season will plummet when it comes to it's production. That there is a possibility, that it won't be as good as the first season. Im concerned about the production afterwards, i hope it's as good as the first season. Madhouse tend to make great first seasons then take a dive with later seasons, it kinda happened to Overlord. It's probably better to read the whole manga instead.
FarWalker Feb 27, 2:23 PM
I heard that the novels for the show was supposed to be very good, maybe i want to check it out sometime. I hope i like the manga for frieren, i probably will.
FarWalker Feb 26, 4:18 PM
No i haven't seen it yet but i have it my plan to watch, i am a spider so what right? is it good?

Yeah i've noticed the sticking the butt out from bushes and stuff too. Yeah i agree many shows lacks in writing even the good ones, but they are cute anime girls so i pretend to not see it lol. I'll read the manga soon, i really want to read it but i'll wait until the anime finishes.
FarWalker Feb 26, 2:17 AM
I honestly thought that Qual looked sick ngl, that's probably why i thought this looks interesting. a cute elf mage messing these kinds of demons up sounded nice, im a sucker for fantasy and adventure in general. I just eat up these kind of shows all the time. The mimic gimmick is so funny, love frieren's curiosity and hoarding addiction is amusing to me. Omg yeah people love to hate on popular shows, especially petty people that want their other popular show to come out on top or something stupid like that.
Yeah i get what you are saying but in anime isn't it a fact that they love reuse tropes even in good shows, i see it all the time and at this point i feel like it's a given with all the shows that come out these days. It's not easy to find a show that doesn't repeat stuff. I personally like when the character has a problem and develops, changing things for the better or worse, just that something new always happens to their personality or actions. Otherwise it's just a bore tbh. Oh yeah i remebered kraft from the lodge they were in, he was honestly badass. When it comes to Frieren i feel like she's mostly aloof when it comes to things from the past, she just doesnt keep up with everything, only things that matter to her personally or had an impact on her. However im curious about the other mages as well, like i mentioned earlier, it's kinda cool how nobody is able to defeat Frieren even though she looks like she would be weak.
FarWalker Feb 25, 11:40 AM
I had the same thoughts as you initially, so far i've only seen like 2-3 eps. I'll have to watch more to form an opinion, but i got a feeling that it's gonna go through some sort of repetitive cycle when ot comes to the plot development like every other basic mid show out there. But i liked the initial concept of the show, him dying and then being revived as an actual skeleton was interesting to me. I'll probably continue watching it.
FarWalker Feb 25, 11:37 AM
If i remember correctly it was when Fern and Frieren defeated Qual, the one with the attacks and stuff in like ep 3 or 4 i don't remember which episode it was. Yeah Himmel is such a cutie pie. The thing i also love about the show, is the exploration of the unknown. It's like Frieren has already explored everything, but we haven't so we are coming along on the journey. Oh yeah the fight with Aura was also amazing, it was so cool when she suprised her with the mana reveal.

Yeah everyone to their own but for me this show is amazing and some people like stuff i don't that's just natural, but i haven't heard like bad things from people as much i do for other shows. That's why i mentioned it, the show is suprisingly postive as well.

Im a sucker for Fern and her pouty faces, reactions and how she acts like their mother in a way. Which is funny to me, i get that it can be repetitive for others but i like it . Yeah some of the other mages are cool especially the old guy who threw hands and Ubel is eerie too. I find it funny that there is so much german influence in the names of the characters.
FarWalker Feb 24, 7:56 PM
btw sorry for writing so much, but i wanted to ask how you are feeling about Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha? I recently started it too. :)
FarWalker Feb 24, 7:32 PM
Yeah it's honestly a great show, i am totally in love with Frieren and Fern's interactions, they are so funny and cute together. I like stark too, the whole cast is lovable too. The author did so many good things when creating this manga/show. Props to the studio and the production behind the anime, the animation is so subtle and great. I saw a clip when it first started airing that hooked me in, ever since i've been loving the journey. The opening song slaps as well. The thing is i haven't heard any bad reviews or negative slander about the show so far, which is refreshing. It's a comfy and fun show so i hope more people starts watching it. who's your favorite character? mine is either Fern or Frieren, which is like everyone else.
FarWalker Feb 24, 1:39 PM
I'll finish the anime first then after i'll read the manga immediately, I am enjoying it a lot. The setting of frieren is a perfect mix of relaxing and action. are you watching it too?
FarWalker Feb 23, 5:41 PM
okay thanks for the recommendation i will try to watch it as soon as possible, i'll tell you how i felt about it. :)
FarWalker Feb 22, 5:43 PM
oooh i love hana from prison school and btw is mushishi any good? i've heard a lot about it, but haven't gotten around to watch it yet.
Chiyomi Jan 13, 12:19 PM
Not sure, as I still don't have shelves for them (I ordered 3 some months ago and they will arrive february and I hope they will be enough for a while). Right now I have multiple boxes full and my window sill is also full with them. I wish I had the shelves earlier, but my brother was living with me for 8 years and we had to trade rooms a few times, so I never knew where I should put them and my space was to cramped (my apartment is not ideal for siblings/roommates to live together).

Yes NGE is Evangelion. And yeah Casshern Sins wasn't very popular, so I am not very surprised. I loved it. Was a piece of art imho. :D
I think it's an issue with a lot of older anime that they should have had fewer episodes. Though I am sometimes missing those old formats with 24 and 36 or 52 episodes (especially if they cover the whole story and where you don't have to hope for sequals), I think most studios are doing a better job on anime when they only have 12/13-24 Episodes. Pacing is just better since then.

Sure. I think most of them were running regularly until the beginning 00's on one of the channels for children (some of them got newer versions now). I loved Heidi, but most other 70's anime I didn't care much about tbh. "Biene Maja" (the 2nd one I've mentioned) was something I never really liked, even though it was very popular. Newer anime and cartoons like Bugs Bunny was more interesting to me then.
I am not so sure about Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. But I still believe we got them from USA, at least Dragon Ball. That would at least explain why it got censored in the way it has been. Sailor Moon was running pretty early on german TV in comparison, so it might be that we got that one from france.
To be honest, in general I am just very glad that internet exists and we got plenty of opportunities to watch anime in the original version. Subtitles can be bad, but some anime were simply not translated well back then and also some voiceacting wasn't good (I hated Naruto in the german version as it sounded like a show for 5 year old and some stuff got censored which I never understood why. Already had seen the first few seasons of it in japanese and was shocked back then, when it aired in Germany).

True. I can understand that. Gege Akutami is a mess. But I had good laughs because of his attempts to explain the stuff. It never really was an issue for me though. But I am a bit simple in these cases, at least if I can still enjoy what's happening.
KnY hast just very bad art, at least the first few volumes. She got a bit better at drawing later on as far as I know, but I can't get over the feeling that there was not much passion in the drawings and the emotions of the characters don't come across well for me. But what I really don't like is the character designs. Just not for me. I will eventually start the anime at some point, but it's not urgent for me. Only reason I will watch is so that people stop bugging me about it. xD

She didn't die in the anime at all as far as I remember. I know she does in the manga, but I don't know at what point as I've not read it yet (this year it will finally be released as manga in my country and I am very excited about that. \o/), but I am sure she doesn't die by Toguro. That left me rather confused why she did die at all in the live action adaptation. She was an important character beyond the one training session with her.
And true, Pu was also important in the anime. I can relate why that's something that other people might miss and criticise for it.

I think bugs were generally something that was more prioritized back then. But bigger companys do make a lot of cuts at quality assurances nowadays. I mean there were always some buggy game out there (Gothic 3, god I loved and hated the game and never managed to play til the end because some bug killed the game for me twice). However, I think online games were something where a lot of gamepublishers worked better together with the community playing the game back then compared to nowadays, where you only get an automatic, impersonal messages back whenever you try to talk to a GM for problems.
On euRO I remember that we had castles (those you could take over in WoE) with the name of real german places. But it's so long ago, I am not so sure about that anymore.

At least I thought there would be much more house related quests. There wasn't much of that there, that's true. Could have been more in general and I agree that more content patches would have been nice.
About Quidditch I wanted to say that I've seen something about betatesting a few weeks back. However, then I opened Steam and it seems they seriously want to make a new full game out of that. Well, I won't play that. I don't want to throw my money against some nonsense. It should totally have been a DLC in my opinion.
What I would also have liked is the option for coop-playing. It's such a big world and it would have worked well. But oh well, most games don't have coop, so why do I complain. *shrug*

I am trying. It's something related to an disorder I have and some other problems. Also since I was 16 I had issues with sleeping (sometimes I have a period where I sleep well, and then there are periods where I get 4 hours of sleep or even less). And the fact that the days in winter now are very short (sun goes up at 8 AM and sunset is at 4.30 PM here at the moment) isn't helping either. Normally it never mattered to me as I like to be inside the house and never did got much sun. But the last 2 years I started to go outside a lot for longer walks and hiking as I had some severe depression while corona (but not because of corona, because that never impacted my life - some other stuff happened, so that's why I had them) and it helped me to be active and go outside. So I guess now I am suddenly lacking Vitamin D. Next winter I will be better prepared for that, as I plan to get medical advise on that and will take supplements. Right now I am trying some meds for my depression and disorder, but they don't help as much as I hoped. Well I need some better discipline then. Right now some things are better than last year (brother moved out, I can finally furnish my flat how I need it, a new relationship with a lovely man is in sight, i can freely choose my subjects next semester and so on), so maybe that helps my reset and my studying. :) As long as I only fail the one exam I have planned to fail (I want to try next semester again, as I haven't much time for that in this one), I will be fine.

Maybe I am just jaded as I've watched a lot of more pointless stuff before. I totally understand your point. It's just that I think, that it is the fun part of the anime. Perhaps I wouldn't even watch it any further if it was just another adventure anime and Sousou no Frieren sufficient enough for me in this area. Right now I am looking forward to whatever Senshi will prepare next and how they will move forward in recuing the sister.^^
I guess the focus on food also comes from, that they wouldn't have the problem in the beginning if everyone didn't starve while fighting the dragon. So they want to make sure that they are. Of course if it's such an urgent matter, the taste shouldn't be something that much. But I also think, if I was in their shoes I wouldn't want to eat most of these monsters shown and if it's not my brother or my grandma or someone else I dearly love, I would rather take the chance to opt-out of the party. If I think like this, Senshi is a real lifesafer and it's not that unrealistic anymore, though I would try to get there as fast as possible. Pretty sure I am again thinking too simple on this matter, so pardon me. :D
Chiyomi Jan 13, 7:12 AM
I have about 1000 manga in my collection. Still growing, but a bit more slowly right now.

Never really watched Cowboy Bebop. I saw some single episodes as it was on MTV when I was a teenager, but it never caught me. I prefered another music channel which brought other anime like Noir and some other stuff. Sci-Fi just isn't very interesting to me most of the time, though there are some that I really like, like Casshern Sins and Pluto. Though I will try out the manga of NGE in the future, because there is a new edition out now in germany and people love it so much. Maybe I'll give Cowboy Bebop another try sometime.

Oh, we bought most of our anime from the USA in the 90s, I think, aside from those anime that were made for german viewers in the 70's and 80's ( and for example). It has the same problems like your country buying it from french. That's why Satoshi from Pokémon is called Ash, and in Digimon, they go by 'T. K.', 'Joey', 'Matt', and there are some other issues with translating from English dubs.

I like the Manga of JJK, but I understand that it's not everyones cup of tea, as many find the drawings bad. I like them tbh, they fit the story well. Also, there were only 2, maybe 3 pages where I didn't really know what was happening. But maybe I just have a higher tolerance... Though there are Manga that I don't like because of the drawings like Kimetsu no Yaiba. Not a fan of that one because the drawings are too unappealing to me. But if it's the story: The story in manga and anime is just the same, no major differences at all.^^

That's true, but I guess I don't have the same standards for every media of the same story. The original is definitely better than the live-action adaptation. I also had some problems like how Genkai died in the live action, but overall it was fine to me. In the end, it's a very, very short version of Yu Yu Hakusho's first 70 episodes or whatever that was, with an alternate story.

Ah yeah, something like that. I didn't understand what she was saying back then, but I found out much later that she was telling the truth. Unfortunately, I've already forgotten the details.

Well, we will see. I am very excited for the game, but I think we will start when my exams are over. It won't be perfect for sure, but I think it will be fun nonetheless.

Encountering bugs in online games is quite common. In some cases they don't bother me at all. People always said that WoW is buggy, but I never noticed much until recently (like 3 years ago while leveling some alts), where those bugs really killed the joy of the game because you couldn't get past them. TESO had some of those issues when we tried it out, so we quit. But they don't seem to be so common, as someone I got to know says that he never had these issues. So I guess we just had some bad luck. These games are just so huge, and whenever they receive an update, some things may not work smoothly anymore.

Yeah, I remember Morroc with the castle.^^

I think I understand what you mean with Hogwarts Legacy. I think I understand what you mean with Hogwarts Legacy. I also bought it, had fun, but it quickly became boring, and some limitations within the game were annoying. I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't for a friend who is a big Potterhead (I do like Harry Potter; I read the books when I was a teenager, but I am very casual about it).

I do and I do not. I like the professors, the fact that we are only a small group in my semester (13 people) and the subjects and all. However, I do have some mental health issues, and this winter was challenging for me to keep up. I am happy when the exams are over, and I can reset and begin anew in the next semester. I hope it will be better and less stressful then.

Ah, okay. I understand where you are coming from. For me and my friend it's not really an issue. This just adds some humour for me. But I think I understand why it can leave a bad taste, as you might not be able to take seriously that their friend and family member was being eaten by a big dragon. In this sense, the taste of the food shouldn't be the main problem.

Chiyomi Jan 11, 7:03 AM
Yeah, I heard good stuff about it. Some day I might give it a try. ^^

There are Manga that are coloured. I have 2 of them, but they are rather rare (I kinda think it's originally a webtoon when I think about it). And then there are official coloured pages, in most cases for some anniversary. For example I had a lot of coloured pages in my Gold Edition of Dragon Ball (there was a limited sale 20 years ago, where you could by a set of the first 7 volumes in gold), which was official.

Yep, I feel that. It's the same for me with Sci-Fi. Sometimes you will find some rare diamond in midst something you normally are not interested in.
I started to read Kono Oto Tomare when it came out ~10 years ago, so that's how I got to the anime. I am still sad that the manga is still hasn't managed to get international recognition outside of Japan and since last year in France. I'd love to have it in my collection as it's such a great manga with very beautiful artwork and the story is great and touching. Thinking about buying it in the french version, but I'd prefer a version where I can understand what written, so english or german would be better (still hoping).^^' I also hope it'll get its deserved continuation. Would love to hear the song some day that they will play in the national tournament.
True, there are a lot of them. I meant this one though: I got interested after I saw some clips in social media and kinda wanted to see what it's like. It was so bad, that I couldn't stop watching it. xD

Totally understandable. I try not to spoil others either. Don't wanna ruin others joy of experiencing things on their own. There are some spoilers which kinda make me mad, as there is no way to hide from them beside going offline. Jujutsu Kaisen-fandom is really annoying imho. ^^ But aside from that I am not very sensitive with spoilers, I tend to forget them anyways.

Nah, I haven't watched it either. I know it got a good reception, but I don't care about most live action series.^^ Not sure why every anime should get one. Though I watched the Yu Yu Hakusho one over Christmas. Wasn't bad at all tbh. :D Although I still prefer the anime version by a lot.
Yeah. Well my country it's not religion that was the problem. We had a few school shootings and somehow people thought anime and video games are responsible for that, so as a fan of both there were a lot of judgement going on. And my friend back then had some other reasons. It was because she heared that in Asia there were a lot of kids expieriencing an epileptic seizures while watching the first episode of Pokemon. Which is a true story, but it's just a reaction to the animation. No god or devil involved, just a health problem for some people.^^' She was 12 back then when she did that, so in hindsight I can laugh about that.

We also played Divinity. We liked that a lot, so we are glad that we can play something similar. I think some gameplay mechanics of Baldur's Gate will suit my friend better. I heared that there are more options how to gain something than in Divinity.

Oh I also played Ragnarök Online. :) First I played it in 2003. Then I somehow got my friends to play it, while I didn't have Internet. I could join them in 2006 and played until 2008. We started on the official servers but moved to some private servers at the end of 2006. I did a lot of solo stuff, but I loved to sit in Morroc or Prontera and chat with other people. My friends did WoE, so they had their fair share of MMO. :D
The Elder Scrolls is nice. But my friend and I wasn't very fond of the Online Version when we tried it last year. Too many bugs which were nervewhrecking, so we stopped playing after 2 or 3 days.
I also don't play a lot of the newer games, especially from Triple-A Publishers. And if I do, then I wait for a sale where I can get at least 50% off. Most of them aren't worth the money anymore. But my friend got me into some more genres the past 2 years after I stopped playing WoW, so I did buy a few indie games since then. Especially the coop-puzzle-games are a blast.

I am studying information science, so I can become a librarian. Or maybe I will go into IT as I prefer to avoid working with customers. I am still in my 2nd semester. Before that I worked in the office as accountant, but I wasn't happy with that, especially because of working with my family members.

//Edit: I was tad bit too tired yesterday, so I am answering now:
You mean the fact that they have to save his sister, but also have to feed themselves until then and so they try to eat monsters? To be honest, I had a good laugh at watching the first too episodes yesterday.^^ It's cool, I think it has a rather unique take on a adventure-story, as food is normally a side issue.
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