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Akiba Meido Sensou
Akiba Meido Sensou
Nov 25, 2:00 AM
Watching 8/12 · Scored 6
Violet Evergarden: Recollections
Violet Evergarden: Recollections
Nov 24, 3:27 PM
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Azumanga Daiou The Animation
Azumanga Daiou The Animation
Nov 23, 9:10 PM
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Nov 23, 2:41 PM
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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Nov 22, 9:31 AM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Nov 18, 11:17 AM
Reading 373/? · Scored 3

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MissCactus Nov 16, 12:04 PM
I never watch the French dub, most of the time it's pretty bad, I try to avoid it even for movies and series when I can. So I only watch in Japanese for free too (ahah we know what that means)

I love her voice! Actually I still listen to the movie's songs, I really like them. I had never heard of Ado before the movie so I'm glad it could at least make me discover a great singer.

I'm the opposite of you, I usually don't really care about people's opinion because what they see as a flaw could be (and usually is) something I don't find that bothering lol. Kotonoha no Niwa's animation was beautiful but as you said, the story wasn't that good and that's what I focus on when watching something. It felt like very rushed to me and since I absolutely love Kimi no na wa, I was a bit disappointed by the story and the characters.

Right, the voice acting was amazing! Hanako's voice actor was incredible, I really love how she portrayed Hanako. Now when reading the manga I can still hear her voice when Hanako is screaming or crying, she's really good.
I've always wanted to watch them so I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing so sooner or later, though my biggest problem is that I want to watch too many anime at the same time... !

Well, that's hard to say, what I watch depends on my mood. I love Adventure/Action anime like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Magi (I have the taste of a 12 year old boy except I'm not a boy and I'm not 12 lol) and also Idol anime (Love Live! is too much for my heart). I often like reading BL manga and lately I've been reading isekai villainess manga/webtoon. What about you?
MissCactus Nov 16, 10:24 AM
I had to go to a different cinema because I wanted to watch it in Japanese and I also forced my brother to go with me, so I ended up paying for the two of us, that's why it was more expensive than usual.

No I don't think it was that moment, it was a flashback and Uta was younger, Luffy & his crew weren't there yet. It happened when she was living on the island with Gordon, Shanks had already left but she wasn't famous yet. But honestly, you're right, I probably won't be able to ever like Uta, I just find her character both annoying and irritating.

I just don't understand why people can't simply accept we can have different opinion. And yeah, I get it, you can be hurt when people criticise what you like if you're a big fan (some of my friends hate One Piece), but it's not like they're attacking you. People can just like different things, otherwise everything would be boring...

I'm still hoping there will be a new season one day, but I'm pretty sure the anime is there only to promote the manga so we probably won't have one :( I'm readind the manga as well and so far (chapter 44) no new character, but I still have 70 chapters left to read. Good thing though, the manga is as hilarious as the anime, you should definitely keep reading it!
Nichijou is on my PTW list, is it good? It seems most people who watched it loved it, so I think (and hope) I'll enjoy it too. Same for Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai and I love the artstyle so I'll probably watch it soon (I always say that ahah)
I've watched Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and as far as I remember, it was really fun! It's been more than five years though so I don't remember much, but I liked it a lot.
MissCactus Nov 16, 8:54 AM
Oh okay, sorry I took it the wrong way then. But yeah, I was really sad because I was so sure I was going to love it I didn't watch any trailers and just went to the theater (and boy did it cost me a lot too)

I'm not going to watch the movie again to check, but didn't she find recordings of what had happened one day when she was on the island and that's when she understood Shanks didn't do anything? I feel like there was something like that in the movie but I may be wrong and that's why I thought Uta wasn't really a good character (I'm the type to just forger things when I don't like them ahah).

Ohh you should have just talked about Asobi Asobase then! It probably looked like I was quite unpleasant but a few days ago someone came to my profile to tell me I shouldn't watch One Piece if I didn't like the movie (he deleted his comments though) so I'm a bit careful when people come to talk about it. Anyway, I love Asobi Asobase, it's hilarious and it still makes me laugh even though I've watched it several times!
MissCactus Nov 15, 3:24 PM
Oh so I’m not allowed to just write a review whenever I want to? Or am I just not allowed to not like something related to One Piece because I’m a fan?

Also Uta knew Shanks wasn’t responsible way before the events in the movie: ‘She would find out 11 years later that the Red Hair Pirates were innocent and that she was responsible for the island's destruction, but her grudge against her father, his crew, and pirates in general persisted.’ (
WhatAGoodShow Nov 4, 10:52 AM
My reviews are spoilerfree. If you are interested to see if the movie is worthy being watched, you could check the reviews out. However, as a Dragon Ball fan watching DBZ Movie 8 Legendary Super Saiyan is a must regardless.
WhatAGoodShow Nov 4, 5:58 AM
No, I dropped that. That is not the Dragon Ball I enjoyed. In case you are curious, I have reviews up for almost anything Dragon Ball related.
WhatAGoodShow Nov 4, 3:23 AM
Good Dragon Ball Super Super Heroes review
Terrestrious Nov 2, 12:01 PM
Added to my plan to read section, thanks for the recommendation.
LadyMarble Oct 30, 2:08 PM
I'm slowly working through my "On Hold" manga, so I'll definitely return to Bleach one day!

The Princess Hao thing was incredibly strange and came out of nowhere! I'm glad that the story finally got finished beyond that, but it was a seriously terrible way to end things. The way to increase their power level was to die and be resurrected -- it's like a glitch in a game that the main characters kept abusing! Everything was incredibly rushed at the end, I was really disappointed.

The only one I'm watching right now is Chainsawman. When it was announced, my friend made me promise not to read the manga before watching the anime so I could be completely clueless as to what would happen next. It was very difficult because, honestly, shonen with action and supernatural focus is my favourite kind of anime. I'm enjoying it a lot so far, and looking forward to the next episode every week! I also want to watch Spy x Family and Mob Psycho, but I'm waiting for a few episodes to build up before I start. It's not cliche to like the most popular series - there's a reason they're so popular!
LadyMarble Oct 26, 11:23 AM
Honestly, I put Bleach on hold back when I was about 15(?) because I recall thinking, "I'll read this when the manga is finished", and then never picked it up again. I recall finishing the Arrancar arc.

I didn't know that about the Shaman King mangaka. I understand the big three, One Piece, Bleach and Naruto, were the most popular at the time, but that's still no reason to lose hope! I agree with you, him feeling his work wasn't as good as those manga might be what led to such a poor ending to the series.

Ahh, the Promised Neverland. One of my favourite manga and most disliked anime. The second season didn't follow the manga for some reason I'm honestly unsure about since the manga was almost finished when the anime came out. I haven't finished the second season since I was so disappointed/devastated that they didn't show my favourite arc and several interesting characters from the manga never made it to the anime. I'm not saying the manga was perfect, but it kept me wondering what would happen next with all its twists and turns. I really enjoyed it, and I would recommend reading that over the anime.
LadyMarble Oct 25, 6:30 PM
Hello! Thank you for the friend request. I enjoy our discussions in the Tokyo Revengers forum. I haven’t finished reading Bleach (yet, I’ll get around to it!) so I can’t comment on that. The one that came to mind straight away was Shaman King. A series I really enjoyed, right up until the final arc. Even ignoring that they originally left the series on a cliffhanger of the final battle unfinished, the re-release which filled in those missing scenes was so rushed it didn’t feel like anything important was really at stake. And the battle between the MC and his former friend was over in a flash when I was looking forward to more angst. That’s my personal opinion of course.

Anyway, Deadman Wonderland, Oumagadoki Zoo, Host Club and Rozen Maiden also suffered from poor, rushed endings which left me feeling unfulfilled when I finished reading them. Again, they were all manga with promising starts that I enjoyed reading — up until the final arc.
luciojb Oct 25, 2:04 PM
finally watched all rebuild films of EVA aired to the day, and gotta say i like the series and The End of Evangelion a lot more. The first movies are okayish but then it starts to lose control and become something crazy. Gotta say tho, they explain things more and better history wise. But the series and end of evangelion are way better in general to me.
2KD-FTV Oct 24, 9:29 AM
You are welcome
2KD-FTV Oct 24, 3:48 AM
Yamada Asaemon Sagiri from Jigokuraku
KoreanQTPie Apr 13, 2021 7:58 AM
i haven't!, something like this: