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EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 27, 8:18 PM
believe it or not, but i think this is fucking hot

i easily would have as a kid and i still do now
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 25, 10:56 PM
















OMFG lol
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 25, 4:39 PM
CGI has nothing to do with artstyle
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 24, 5:23 AM
I.... ALREADAY.... KNEW.... THAT..... why... does... that... matter?

i didnt say anything about the CGI, i said the artstyle....

EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 22, 9:12 AM
That's a change in artstyle tho, why does that matter

I actually don't like Crystals artstyle, idgaf that it's newer, I'd take the old series any day
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 22, 6:42 AM
I know but I was born in 89, so idk why I'd fall into that category

It's not something that matters in the slightest anyway, idgaf what was used to draw it as long as it looks good

And there are old anime with styles like that
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 22, 3:15 AM
That's my favorite part of anime, doesn't mean I don't like anything else about it, and wtf does that have to do with anything?

Ok? And how does affect what people think about old vs new? I can't even tell at the difference in art at a certain point in time

I wasn't paying attention to the "overly" part when I responded to that thread.... and once again... howf is that relevant???
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 21, 4:17 PM
what have you seen that gives that impression?

and how is that relevant to anything and why does that matter?
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 21, 10:03 AM
people like myself? what?

what is different about older anime and anime today?

you do realize that i don't think older anime is any different, any better or any worse than anime now, right?

where are you getting this from? when did i EVER imply that i thought modern anime was better?

or are you just trying to trigger me into a debate?
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 21, 6:35 AM
how does not being a critical watcher mean i give a shit about those things lol?
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 20, 11:34 AM
what the FUCK gave you the idea that i have a problem with the age or artstyle LOL?

i know Cutie Honey is 70s but i watch a TON of 80s and obviously 90s anime... i mean... i was born in 89 and grew up seeing those first...

theres VERY FEW anime with artstyles that put me off.. and age.. wtf? when did i ever say how old an anime is matters?

the hell nigga?
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 20, 8:45 AM
What the fuck kind of question?
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 16, 5:55 PM
at least Gunsmith is getting a short this year or next
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 16, 2:23 AM
ok well the internet didn't exist, and it was harder to spread news.... and many shows kinda had to be underground... ofc many didn't get noticed
EcchiGodMamsterP Apr 15, 3:26 PM
thats cause anime wasn't nearly as well known as it is now?