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Dec 12, 2018
Warning: These side-stories (SS), shouldn't be read without having read the main series.
SS1 should be seen only after you read vol13, whereas SS2's after vol16.

Overall these SS's where a nice surprise, the main series suffers a bit at some parts with dragged out sequences of the plot (mostly on the magic side), something not present here due to the SS narrative structure of tackling more individual short stories that end up connecting which each other and can even complement some aspects of the main series's plot.

I found SS1 more focused and interesting than SS2, 1st has way less chapters and bigger and more stories ...
Apr 30, 2018
Date A Live (Manga) add
Preliminary (106/146 chp)
DAL (Date a Live) has a very silly premise, we all have to agree that the concept is fairly unrealistic and dumb if you force yourself to compare it to reality, BUT I m expecting that anyone already knowledgeable of the harem genre can bypass such trivial matters.
I have read my fair share of harem light novels, what I expect the most out of them is pure enjoyment, silly comedy and the wish fulfillement from being surround by so many cuties!
If one wants to write a sucessfull harem series, the criteria above has to be meet, the plot can suffer a bit here and there, ...
Oct 27, 2016
Gurenki (Manga) add
After putting the manga on hold for an year I decided to came back and finish it, and I must say I m very pleased in making this choice, but also sadened to have finish the last chapter, seeing where it could have gone too... it would have been amazing, but due to situations the mangaka cancelled the manga after hiatus.

Why do I care, to even write this? Because this is a gem among yuri reads.
There is alot of yuri, yet the story doesnt rely on it solely to grab the viewers attention.
Neither is Suou and Creo the only pair that should be mentionated, as ...
May 22, 2016
Mixed Feelings
So what can you expect from this, a picture drama?
The usual, just like every other PD, it mainly consists of still frame pictures with VA (voice acting), on which the art will be usually better.
Long story short, episode 1 was boring, it was mainly the little guys commenting some scenes from the beggining of the series, average at best most of the times.
Thank god, episode 2 changed its focus, with Zakuro and the rest of the girls providing some good art :3, while we get some more generic but entertaining tropes going on.
I would score 5 to the first episode, and a 7 to the ...
Apr 27, 2016
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, "Your Lie in April".

I will be brief here.
It has been awhile since I have seen an anime that connected with me this much. I teared alot, some people use the word overrated too much when talking about the anime, I woudnt necessarily disagree, but calling it cheap, something that appeals to mass-media but lacks in content and message... while an opinion, is one that I will have to disagree with.

There were moments it felt a bit forced, since the foreshadowing for the main plot can get annoying, but look past those flawns, and you will find a work of ...
Mar 27, 2016
Pretty much your usual fanservice specials but I was taken by surprise it how they built the "unseen foreshadowing" to its last episode! First time I actually seen specials with a plotline. It is short so it is really easy to see, and it actually manages to invokes bits of emotions with special 6, so if you enjoyed the series, you may as well see this.
Gotta be said, I have seen the anime awhile ago, and this just made me relieve some feelings, like the MC's sister being dead... it really made me want to see more of the story progressing, but it would be ...
Mar 22, 2016
Preliminary (24/118 chp)
(updated 17/04)

It has been years since my last contact with the series, I had first seen both anime, had alot of fun doing so, since the cast had alot of charm, but then, the usual LN anime adaptation situation happens, and after almost 3 years, the LNs are finally available to read in english!

Have you seen the anime before, enjoyed it? Then you just read these, you will probably still remenber bits of the story so most twists wont came as such... well dont worry about that, because now that I have readed enough, there is alot of material that wasnt adapted to the anime, ...
Mar 8, 2016
Absolute Duo (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Absolute Duo is another of those anime that aims to capture people with cute art, to make a good first impression but it then fails to deliver in the development of the cast, the story and in keeping quality in check.
Despite being generic I could see some potential in the cast and in the story, it is a pity they failed to bring it together here. Starting the anime hinting to the ending, and then having a weak generic conclusion doesnt cames in favor.

I mentionated I liked the designs for the female cast, I like them cute, and they were for the most part cute, ...
Jun 9, 2015
Hoshi no Koe (Manga) add
I came to read this after the anime movie, left me with mixed feelings, the setting was very different and interesting for your usual romantic story, but the pacing of the movie didnt let the story get the needed development for it to become something more.

Enters the manga, 2 years after the movie was released.
The plotline didnt change much from the movie, but was extend enough, there is alot more development for the beggining, before Mikako goes into space, there are some new faces and situations, but all in all it follows the anime story, uses its potential to the fullest and manages to give ...
Jun 8, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Ragnarock City is something unique, that I have to give to the mangaka, is that bad thing? I will let you judge it for yourself after this review.

For starters the story sucks, we may even argue it doesnt have one.
MC (Reichieru) arrives to a city (Ragnarok) where science and magic go hand in hand, so they say, but the manga never dwelved into this, the city itself, is actually an interesting setting never well explored...
Aliens, robots and humans living together, bland, but what I found kinda neat is how they explain almost every girl being naked, by showing of their "goodies" they prove that they ...