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Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season
Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season
Feb 6, 1:04 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
High School DxD Hero
High School DxD Hero
Feb 5, 1:46 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 2
Bikini Warriors OVA
Bikini Warriors OVA
Feb 2, 12:42 PM
Completed 5/5 · Scored 7
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Playcool Jan 31, 10:41 AM
There is always luck involved, but you also need to leave a nice impression, and something on the paper can leave it, but you being able to sell yourself on the interview is fundamental also, you need both that, and the skills and background on paper to match that you are being real about yourself, and with good reason, there is no bluffs there, you just aint fucking around.

I think there a trailer for Movie II at 60fps, is this what you meant?
Playcool Jan 18, 3:09 PM
Isnt major what you do choose after first 3 years of college?
My degree is Materials Engineer.
Playcool Jan 17, 8:26 AM
Nothing that I know of.
Exams, very busy, January's month is always a bitch.
Playcool Jan 14, 7:11 PM
I had to PM you since that was the only way to say something, glad you back.
Playcool May 11, 2018 7:54 AM
That would surely be a different way to go at it versus what most people do that suddently just stop using their accounts.

Nah, if I miss the day, I only go for it the following day if that person is close to me enough, but yeah... you know what I do to people which Bday I dont care the least bit, and those that I dont from my past? Delete button, been using Bday notification for more than a year now as a method of purging my friends list on FB, you either have it people that I at least know, or some hot chicks to look at, if I dont fancy someone, I wont have it on my list.

I rarely miss BDays now due to FB, but I used to miss alot back then solely since I wasnt able to remenber. If you remenber and at least have some emphaty towards said person, why not give him a cheers up?!

Well I have quite enough people wishing me Bdays, alot more than vs what I get from my whole family. That said family is whereas my heart lies upon, so in a sense I have a much bigger family than solely my whole blood line one~~
It is by thinking about what I have been through with all these peoples I consider family, what they think of me, how much we treasured those memories together, that is what makes me move forward and find motivation to do what needs to be done.
Playcool May 9, 2018 7:40 AM
I dont agree with him though, everyone is entitled to like what they like.
If anyone shares the views of Miyazaki then they should just focus themselves on doing something to change the situation, like producing content that isnt actually trash.

Dont share your view on that, I forgot most people Bdays, that simple, I dont think that would make me less friendly with them, there are things way more important than that. Please stop thinking like that, it will only be worst on yourself.
You dont really know what is in store for other people, or what they have to keep track of daily.
I only "remenber" most of friends Bdays due to facebook, some also have quite unique dates, like 31 of December, so that gets far easier, and of course, I have an idea of the date for most of my family I keep track with, but I dont expect it from others.
I have quite some great friends that I go out to have a drink or eat lunch from time to time, they didnt wish me happy birthday, I dont care, that doesnt take anything from it.
Playcool May 7, 2018 7:59 AM
Yeah, in the end you cant spell AGE witout RAGE, it is life.

Ah, the eternal words!!

Thanks for not forgetting, even though I probably will forget yours~~
(MAL doesnt give you direct notifications to it afterall)
Playcool Apr 30, 2018 11:54 AM
Well, that is just what I heard some random dude calling some years ago in some random forum post (probably) outside MAL.
Take it as you may, but it fits quite in with the series nature, I couldnt choose between Meiya and Sumika, MLA did the favor for me and then butchers everything. T_T

Yay, that is the version on Steam, applying the patch replaces these with PS3 high quality version, and you can switch in between this one and the classic masterpiece by Ryukishi07 (no thank you).
Playcool Apr 17, 2018 6:03 AM
You arent sure about the second? You mean the spoiler?

Well, IV is only going to be 13 episodes, no way they will cover everything this season.
Still stopping only 3 chapters before the conclusion... I can understand that you want to save it to possibily see the anime doing it, but why did you get that far into Sigma in the first place?

Lol, I had started Umineko in 2015, played till ep5 stopped for like 3 years before coming back this year. You should give the steam version with the patch a go, 1080p art quality!
Playcool Apr 12, 2018 8:10 AM

Show support and interest in getting more ML stuff translated, and you will get them. It is pointless to go through the process of learning japanese just for the sake of these, you are clearly underestimate how hard it is to learn kanji, you would need years of practise in reading raw and learning all the grammar just for the sake of reading spin offs. I ask you to consider it again, IMO it is not worth it.
Now if you plan to live in japan or start to watch/read raw content aside stuff like ML spin offs, now that is another matter.

You mean spoiled about MLA TE? Spoilers ahead,

Little Witch Academia then? Made in Abyss?! There are anime just the way he likes, they are just scattered in between all the rest, also thank god not everyone shares Miyazaki tastes, generic can also be enjoyable, all is fine by me as long as it manages to entertain me, and I pride myself in having a lower barrier of resistence to have fun watching anime vs most people~~

Let me change that term, we need lesser good anime to apreciate the better ones, bad anime are not needed.
I can still take some joy from the lesser good stuff, but none from the bad ones.´

Seriously?! I dont understand anyone that stops so late in any kind of plot, so but soo close till its conclusion, I have this friend from back in the days of my first college enrollment, he is STILL on episode 21/25 of Code Geass S2, why, why...
Playcool Mar 29, 2018 6:31 AM
You played them both? Fully in english?
It has been a long time since I have followed the updates, I mostly forgotten what was released, and what was translated, aside trilogy and TE.

Learning japanese just to read some raw VNs isnt worth it anymore, more and more these are getting translation, kanji learning is a life time investement, and by far you would need way more than a single year to start understand some bits here and there.
If I m going to use my time to learn japanese instead of using for something else, than it wont be for reading only VNs.

TE VN later half wasnt adapted, butchers best girl and makes the other ship not an option, classic MLA fuckery.

Lol, he was fucking harsh right there, cant agree with that statement, there is some truth but also alot of hate cuz current anime arent done in the style he likes doing it himself, salty.

I didnt, it reached, 1.2 million, still not enough, it also needs to get those sales on steam, and if you just search yourself it is still not getting that much attention, just like most VNs, steins gate it due to anime adaptation...
At this point they just have to go for it, try get some DECENT funding and pray that whoever they choose goes 200% on the project.

Well just an advise, if you keep your manga list private, there is no way I would even know you have been reading Sigma... you finished it?
I completed SR recently, amazing sequel. S4 hype.
Playcool Mar 23, 2018 4:19 PM
Well, what have you played aside the trilogy? I mean the only thing I m trully psyced for is TDA but I dont even know what is the status of ML spin off VNs...

If they animate it with justice, it will be a hit, otherwise it will be a failure. You have to remenber, aside some really clever twists and brutal revelations, the series only truly shines due to the execution of each scene, and more than ever, in adapting the series, they really do need to bring that impact to a new level that we rarely see in anime medium.

You meant Studio's Ghibli Miyazaki? I actually never searched what was in saying in the matter, aside that meme of his.

I actually do think a KS for the anime to help raise funds and make producers in japan trust in giving the studios adapting it, an insane large budget... that would be one way to go for it.
Talking about those goals, I paid over 575€ more than 2 years ago and still nothing, it is like I stopped believing that I would someday even receive those.
My mind just doesnt believe on it no more. :(

Spoilers ahead? I m currently on Second Raid, and I m glad I saved my 9, because this one really deserves it, so far every single episode as been amazing. KyoAni first and only mecha show, Xebex will have alot to prove themselves with competing with thise 2005 anime.

Playcool Mar 18, 2018 4:26 AM
Oh, you finished the movie around the same time as me then. It was March 2013 when I got into NGE series... time surely flies.

I can only say, "Okay I guess..." to that. I can see his point and potential in the idea, yet I dont want the whole series to be milking till it becomes concrete GARBAGE.

Honestly I think for now, they should just focus on animating the trilogy, they arent going to get much more popular with the games alone, they are already available to the western audience, but they are still VN games, most people will still skip it. We need a fucking huge budget project for the series ASAP!

And yes I have seen that before, people saying MLA "Crash" was "heavily" inspired into that...

Just finished FMP S1, more than anything else, it really gave me some really serious ML Unlimited vibes, it is just a shame S1 had so much fillers and some retarded stuff about it (like Gauron, I like him as a villain but it was just ridiculous at times). First episodes were actualy very enjoyable SoL/romcom, after that almost all the light stuff is plain retarded fillers... mecha and drama had some really high moments, which clearly shows this series can at times be a real great mecha series on its own, really digged all that drama/military stuff.
Still an 8 for me (seen your score), Fumoffu seems to be comedy light hearted gold, and second raid seems to be drama great stuff... I m not saying the series cant be both at the same time, but those fillers were really retarded.

Best character for me is Sousoke, really like his vibe. Kanna is a great main ship, but in terms of charm I go for Tessa.

One of the most gorgeous anime girls surely, along with Sento from Amagi Brillaint Park (which also from the same writter)!

Going for second raid first, comedy seems like a good leftovers for after SR. After that, will read the LNs, in time for S4 I guess.
(I m expecting the LN to explain whatever happened on S1 way better, and without any filler)

Playcool Mar 16, 2018 4:42 AM
That is a pretty old video, I remenber seeing it years ago, and I do reccomend it to anyone after finish EoE.
When did you finish NGE though?
indigoDAYS Mar 11, 2018 4:13 AM
You should do it eventually, I know the postponing thing, though. I went through that a lot, but I think it's also a nice distraction from everyday-life.

Yes, Japan would be the most interesting country for me even, but living conditions there are pretty rough, so I wouldn't move there.
But a long time trip would be definitely worth it. Thought about going there someday. For minimum 3-4 weeks.

Saving money... I just buy what I want, I can't help it. But it's nice and I don't have troubles with money. I don't have a girlfriend anyway, because I suck at dating, I guess. There just never was the one who really fell for me, too, and didn't really give me the chance of letting me show them who I really am, which is pretty unclear to me why, after only 1 date, which was fine. I'm not a cool guy, but I'm nice and honest - guess girls don't like it that way.
Well, and saving money for myself is like cooking a big fancy meal only for myself. Nice, but I'm okay with small meals, too, so what to do with all of it/all the money? I don't want to go on a trip only by myself, anyway. And I haven't seen my friends in a while, too. Currently looking for some more friends, which is pretty hard, if you don't want to look crazy or lonesome. :D

Btw, I bought Nier now, but I haven't give it a try, yet. Bought it and 10 more games, when there was a sale at amazon - haven't really played anything, yet though.

But when you first contacted me again, there was a link with Muv-Luv Alternative news. What was it? I don't see a discussion there, because the URL is wrong.
Did you mean the relaunch, which is online now btw, or was it something else?
I really want the Photon stories now!