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Garo: Vanishing Line
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Playcool Oct 8, 11:29 AM
I doubt it, late VN adaptations made me too skeptical about the whole deal..
Playcool Sep 16, 9:03 AM
15th anniversary? And when is that?
indigoDAYS Sep 2, 1:48 PM
Shitty man, I know that feel, always had trouble with my mom too, so I avoided her pretty much. But when I started working and I left we are now on good terms every time I visit. I don't see my father that often because they broke up when I was little, but I still have a bit of contact to him, and when we meet I like to talk to him too.

Now. Make up your mind. What do you want to do. What job do you want.
Optional: Search a hot asian gf. Or maybe just a nice one. Or kawaii one. Or maybe you even prefer a white or black one. Or all of them. No one would care. Do what YOU want.
Remember to stand up every time you fall. Bruce Wayne style. And that there's always someone to talk to if you're down, even if it's just me, I'll listen to you and try to give some advice if I can, because you seem like a good person, so don't waste it.
OR get a new topic to talk about, because the topic itself is kinda demotivational.

How about asian girls or pantsu.
indigoDAYS Sep 2, 1:05 PM
@Playcool is pretty much true.

Well suicide, because suicide rate in Japan is pretty high. I only thought about it casually when I was younger, but I couldn't even do it, because I'm too scared, lol. So much that I wouldn't even try.
I'm not THAT frustrated, I just hate my work. :D

Yeah true, but since I always want to find something new anyways, I'll always give recommendations a try, but that doesn't mean I'll finish them all.
Life is too short, that's true. And also interests change, which is fine, too.

I can't even dream to ask my parents money for games.

I don't understand. You don't get money from them? You live alone?

Playcool Sep 2, 12:48 PM
I much prefer to live through life, than simply survive, no expectations, no emotions.. seems like a boring life, seems like you are just surviving.
In order to reach happiness we have to be prepared to acept Pain, it is part of the process.

Uh? It is already released at least for me~~
Playing Subahiki now.
indigoDAYS Sep 2, 2:07 AM
I wasn't forced into studying, because I didn't even get another chance when it was too late - teachers didn't even want me to visit the school anymore so I just got a -very- bad graduation. I wasn't a problem child, or maybe not that much, but I didn't take anything serious at the time, so I hardly ever went to a lesson on time. (but I mostly went there eventually) Homework. I hardly done that too. So after my NEET phase, I just searched for a job for a year after school, while doing something like part-time, that is a special course in Germany - normally for low thugs to socialize them, or people who -really- don't know what they want to/can do in life, like me back then.
So in a way I avoided suicide, lol. You were forced? I understand people who are forced into something lacking the motivation. Just do what you want. As long as it's legal.
When I have work I'm usually awake from 4AM early shift/9AM late shift until 12-1AM, then sleep, because I need this lifestyle for my work, but if I had no work, why should I even bother to maintain it - is what I meant.
I don't feel like watching 3 hours anime per day, but I get what you're saying.
Some friends are into KonoSuba pretty much, but I have yet to give that and all of your other recommendations a try. But I still have them in a .txt file and some more years to live.

Wait, how come you haven't got Steam yet? 9/19 Incident will be soon. Grab Alternative!
indigoDAYS Sep 1, 7:17 AM
Sounds serious.
I hoped you weren't a NEET, so I would've asked you how (the fuck) you manage to watch/read so much AND still being able to sleep properly.
Good luck with fixing that, if you even want to. (Work will still suck then, but you're better off if you do something for a living someday - even if it's just financially)
Some say a wife and a job will help, but you'll just end up having a lot new problems, too - so you can forget your own - it's up to you to take them all and overcome them to get stronger, which I can't even do myself, so who am I to talk, lol. gf-less since day 0, too. But I have plenty of waifus in 2D and PVC. Harem growing even at this very moment.
You shouldn't postpone Monogatari, although it's good enough, if you're still giving it a try some day.
I've watched enough anime to realize the similarities between different anime, like all these fucking beach episodes, onsen, etc. although I pretty much consider them as a good way to spend my time in RL, too. So it's understandable. (I -only- visit a sauna occasionally, though.)
3) - or that Gintama quote - is so true. I remember being NEET for 4 months right after finishing school 7 years ago, and it was great, but only for so long. Sometimes I want to go back, but I wasted my time anyway with drinking and shit like that. (No 'hard' drugs, though.) Although I would spend my time better now - at least by taking my current way of thinking - it'll be boring very fast. The limit I can take and still live a normal life is 3 weeks. A week more and I'm completely nocturnal again.
I completely understand the PC part. I always had good computers, not the best, but it was okay to play the newest games, but they got old too fast and even broke after 1-2 years everytime. 4 years ago I bought a HP notebook and still use it today. Maybe my best investment ever, but everything besides VN is laggy.
I have about everything you don't need too (Skype, Discord, etc.) but I don't use any of these anymore, lol. MYSPACE FACEBOOK NEXTTHINGTOCOME - couldn't care less now. Maybe that's why I still can't summon my Persona. (Missing social links)

I understand the 'make my own game' part, but it's too blasphemous for me. I'd rather be a commoner who still believes in the VG kami delivering them all. (without the fucked up -mathematical- process of actually making a game)

I could always manage to limit myself, buying figures and stuff, just like I quit smoking, well maybe harder than that, but I seriously don't want to. In a way, that's what I'm even working for. To collect stuff.
indigoDAYS Aug 31, 3:25 PM
That was just a Monogatari quote, lol. I loved the finale, btw. But yeah, you seemed quite active recently, so I thought you finally had fun watching anime again, but seems like it's still the same as always.

Well, I'm still the same, too, not only with Initial D 4th Stage, I'm afraid I don't know why I haven't finished it yet, although it is really fun, but I still postpone nearly everything and always want to experience something new. School Rumble (read the manga first) is the first anime which is so much fun so I can watch at least around 2 episodes a day, sometimes a bit more, IN A WHILE. But I really like and prefer reading VN much more recently. Also I play much more video games than the last time we wrote. For example, just recently I finished Persona 4 Golden, P4 Dancing All Night, P5, and started P3. (and many other games, mainly Shin Megami Tensei, or Final Fantasy) As for anime, I just can't sit around all day and do nothing anymore, I just want to do something myself, even if it's just moving my fingers on a gamepad, or clicking with the mouse while reading VN/picking choices, lol, so I usually only watch anime while I eat, or soon after/while making/waiting for food.
Or today I played the first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.
Now I can't wait for the next & obviously for Muv-Luv Alternative. Yet I guess, I won't run out of games/VN, even if it got postponed last minute.

Also my merchandise collection grew pretty much over the time. So much so, that I could already fill the upcoming showcase too... it's not even good looking anymore, but rather only serves for collecting purposes, so the next time I'll probably buy 2 more, and my room couldn't handle one more after that already. Seems like I should either move again, or restrain from buying so much, although the latter would probably be the worst outcome for a) me b) sellers all over the world, mainly residing in Japan c) customs, although c) isn't good for me (my health, mainly nerves) either.

In short, I'd say I'm fine. Really nothing (good) ever happens in RL, so I just make the best out of it. Although nothing bad happens either; so... I'm bored all the time most of the time, except for this heavenly mind-peaceful state called 'Day off', which only ever lasts so long, as to start and soon drop something you want to do. I love being part-time and part-human. ❤
But no, seriously: it all could be worse, and work sucks for everyone, I guess.

+1 More:
Funny video, eurobeat gets me pumped all the time.

Feel free to add me on Steam, and/or PSN, if you want!

Don't know if you're even interested in half of the titles I mentioned, or even in the text, but maybe you'll get some inspiration for spending time from it - at least until MLA arrives. I could still hit myself with a hammer, not finding out about it until after the kickstarter...

indigoDAYS Aug 31, 10:05 AM
Thank you!
How are you?
You look so lively. Did something good happen?
Playcool Aug 25, 1:38 AM
No expectations is a pretty boring way to live yourself tbh, but sometimes it is just for the better.

Well, MLA VN already came out, I played just a tiny bit of it on steam, it is still in BETA early release for backers.
Valaskjalf Aug 18, 8:10 AM
orochimaru theme lol
Valaskjalf Aug 18, 12:43 AM
Playcool Aug 7, 1:24 PM
Hmm, you have a point there, I have never seen a good series that had amazing story but shitty plot, that said, it can be true, IF the characters are at least decent, and dont bring it down too much.

Boruto, yeah, but you know the feeling I was talking about, I wont experience something like this again, Joseph was such a great JoJo, and then surprise of the surprises, part 3 features in alot!! I was so happy since like part 2 had ended and I was like, no more of Joseph...

Evangelion 2?? You mean rebuild 2.22?
Well, that OP is from the original show, it would nice to see a remix on 4.44... but hey, at least I can tell you this, each OST for the movies is great on its own, still evangelion but also something new and fresh, there isnt much re-using of older tunes.

2.22 is the best part so far of the movies, expect 3.33 to disappoint, that movie really depends on 4.44, to make it an amazing movie, or just a disappointment, watch it with minimum hype, and go for the amazing art, visuals and OST.
Playcool Aug 7, 6:41 AM
Seems like that is a cool world indeed, if something like an anime adaptation ever happens, I have faith it will have everything needed to really excel.

Joseph is best JoJo yes, but alot of characters also came to be very enjoyable, like Speedwagon was during Part 1 and 2, and same for that Nazi captain for part 2.

Fate isnt the same, Joseph is the MC on part 2 and very important to part 3, I can see where you are getting with, but the whole thing around Joseph feels way different, you see in young, learning and kickass, and follow him till he is older but still kicks ass, along with his family = EPIC!