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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku
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Playcool Yesterday, 4:26 AM
Oh, you finished the movie around the same time as me then. It was March 2013 when I got into NGE series... time surely flies.

I can only say, "Okay I guess..." to that. I can see his point and potential in the idea, yet I dont want the whole series to be milking till it becomes concrete GARBAGE.

Honestly I think for now, they should just focus on animating the trilogy, they arent going to get much more popular with the games alone, they are already available to the western audience, but they are still VN games, most people will still skip it. We need a fucking huge budget project for the series ASAP!

And yes I have seen that before, people saying MLA "Crash" was "heavily" inspired into that...

Just finished FMP S1, more than anything else, it really gave me some really serious ML Unlimited vibes, it is just a shame S1 had so much fillers and some retarded stuff about it (like Gauron, I like him as a villain but it was just ridiculous at times). First episodes were actualy very enjoyable SoL/romcom, after that almost all the light stuff is plain retarded fillers... mecha and drama had some really high moments, which clearly shows this series can at times be a real great mecha series on its own, really digged all that drama/military stuff.
Still an 8 for me (seen your score), Fumoffu seems to be comedy light hearted gold, and second raid seems to be drama great stuff... I m not saying the series cant be both at the same time, but those fillers were really retarded.

Best character for me is Sousoke, really like his vibe. Kanna is a great main ship, but in terms of charm I go for Tessa.

One of the most gorgeous anime girls surely, along with Sento from Amagi Brillaint Park (which also from the same writter)!

Going for second raid first, comedy seems like a good leftovers for after SR. After that, will read the LNs, in time for S4 I guess.
(I m expecting the LN to explain whatever happened on S1 way better, and without any filler)

Playcool Mar 16, 4:42 AM
That is a pretty old video, I remenber seeing it years ago, and I do reccomend it to anyone after finish EoE.
When did you finish NGE though?
Indigo-kun Mar 11, 4:13 AM
You should do it eventually, I know the postponing thing, though. I went through that a lot, but I think it's also a nice distraction from everyday-life.

Yes, Japan would be the most interesting country for me even, but living conditions there are pretty rough, so I wouldn't move there.
But a long time trip would be definitely worth it. Thought about going there someday. For minimum 3-4 weeks.

Saving money... I just buy what I want, I can't help it. But it's nice and I don't have troubles with money. I don't have a girlfriend anyway, because I suck at dating, I guess. There just never was the one who really fell for me, too, and didn't really give me the chance of letting me show them who I really am, which is pretty unclear to me why, after only 1 date, which was fine. I'm not a cool guy, but I'm nice and honest - guess girls don't like it that way.
Well, and saving money for myself is like cooking a big fancy meal only for myself. Nice, but I'm okay with small meals, too, so what to do with all of it/all the money? I don't want to go on a trip only by myself, anyway. And I haven't seen my friends in a while, too. Currently looking for some more friends, which is pretty hard, if you don't want to look crazy or lonesome. :D

Btw, I bought Nier now, but I haven't give it a try, yet. Bought it and 10 more games, when there was a sale at amazon - haven't really played anything, yet though.

But when you first contacted me again, there was a link with Muv-Luv Alternative news. What was it? I don't see a discussion there, because the URL is wrong.
Did you mean the relaunch, which is online now btw, or was it something else?
I really want the Photon stories now!
Indigo-kun Feb 27, 2:30 AM
I am super tired. But I really need to do it for my body because it's 3 years since I did workout and I gained a lot of weight. I'm still average but I miss my old build.

I know the being picky about VNs part, so I usually end up reading none at all, although I still have 40-50 I have yet to finish - only from the ones I already bought, I mean.

Funny story, I did recently think about having a trip to Japan this year, and also talked about it with some friends about when to fly there, but I just can't save any money. It'd definitely be a beautiful experience, though, but for now that's just a dream. What about you? Have you thought about that? Or any other trips?
Indigo-kun Feb 26, 2:11 AM
So you found your interest in VNs again. Finally! I read that one and it was cool. Too bad they haven't translated more, yet.

I'm fine, thank you! Have started working out in a gym 2-3 times a week, and also I go swimming 1-2 times a week, too - as distraction from work and stress.
And I feel really better.
How about you? Any changes?

I still don't play that much video games right now. Started re-watching Dragon Ball anime and also bought many of the games. Some already beaten.
And then there's Dissidia NT and FF14.
You linked me wrong. Do you have Steam now? You can add me: Indigo-kun
So we could write there sometimes!
Indigo-kun Nov 8, 2017 3:05 PM
Let's go for that then, I understand. :D
Since release, I was always interested in Nier: Automata but have yet to play it, because it was always too expensive for a game, I only watched a trailer from and never heard about before. Also I prefered Persona 5 around that time. Then it was sold out and hyped as fuck, maybe I will buy it soon on ebay, because it seems like I would like it, but currently I have my hands full on Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy 14 Online, and of course VNs, anyway.
Still reading Alternative, then Little Busters. Finished Clannad last month 100%.
And also hyped for Pokémon Ultra Sun&Moon. Getting all the legendaries and beat up all the villains in a single game. THE DREAM!
Also bought Dragon Ball Xenoverse, pretty funny, but some missions are way too hard.
Then there's Pokémon Tekken and Mario Kart 8. Also thinking about buying Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Looks funny.
Somehow I remembered Final Fantasy 12 now, which is around half beaten. I even like it very much... I should play it some day.
Then I also have Odin Sphere.

I also have JRPG weakness.

Indigo-kun Nov 8, 2017 4:41 AM
It's just your first text yesterday basically told me 'Hey Indigo, I'm alright now.'
And then I thought, you're still struggling, so I wanted to at least say some kind words, but ended up writing this wall of text. You seem unmotivated, maybe a little bit depressed, but that's hard to tell from here, and even then I didn't study psychology, and most likely couldn't tell.
I also didn't want to give you instructions at all, but maybe ideas for some activities.
Of course, if somebody would tell me to live my life like this or that, I wouldn't do it at once, but maybe, if he's telling something which makes a bit of sense, I would give the idea of changing something a second thought.

Like: YOU SHOULD STOP SMOKING. IT SMELLS. And I was always like: NO.
Eventually, I did stop, because every morning it was hard for me to breathe with around 30 cigarettes a day it was no miracle, and also because of money, of course. 10 days of smoking equal buying a new game in price, lol. But not because my friends told me so, just because it wasn't smelling nice.
I just wanted to come near to that meaning. Nothing more.

Maybe some day you'll even wake up and just change your life from scratch. Who knows?
Of course it's not because of me, of course I don't want the credits. And you don't have to tell me then, but you're a nice guy, and IF you were depressed, it would be a shame if you've give up without a fight, is what I was thinking, although by now, I think you are way to smart for that. And now don't tell me you aren't smart or I eat my shoes.

I have 2 friends. I meet them occasionally. Like every 1-2 months or so. I work, they are working - one day, I don't want to meet them, then they don't want to. Because we are tired, or ill. But eventually we meet. And we keep being friends like that. That's what I meant with: I'm fine being alone, I have much to do, and I often change my activites, even if it doesn't make a huge difference, but sometimes I really want to meet them to see how they are doing.
Indigo-kun Nov 8, 2017 3:06 AM
Let me be your senpai.
Nothing without money, kid.
I started working with 17, as a shop assistant, so as of now it's been 7 years. It can be tough, but you'll soon get used to it.
It isn't fun, but it also isn't without money.
Of course much money isn't guaranteed if you're working, but you can still save a bit of that every month, and maybe more if you're still living with your parents.
Use that money for PS4, computer, and maybe PS3, too. (because SONY sucks and you can't play PS3 games on PS4 consoles)
And a Switch. Definitely a Switch.
Be quasi-happy.
Get your own room after this step.
Get some asian or unasian girlfriend. Marry her or not, and get some two-digit amount of children.
Be quasi-unhappy, quasi-happy - together.
(Don't know about the last step, but it sounds 'fucking' good.)

In the meantime, maybe join a club, if you lack social interactions in real life. Don't know about how much friends you have. No insult intetended. You'll find friends sooner than you want! I know that, because I'm quite happy alone, too, but nobody can live that way. It's really cliché but all humans feel lonely.
I have 2 really good friends in real life, which is kinda few around here, or maybe even international. But they are enough for me, and maybe, without them I would never have come this 'far'. Even if it was just drinking - in moderation - sometimes, or some chit chat, it was a huge distraction to stress and bullying at work, and I still meet them occasionally.

So: get some social links (Persona style), get some (part-)beito, get a hobby or two, or three.
I'm watching anime, also some normal movies, collect vinyl/CDs, collect anime merchandise, play card games, like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Hearthstone, listen to music, play chess, go swimming/sauna, play video games, try to draw, watch porn, try to learn languages from time to time, and although I suck at most creative activities, I never really give up. Maybe some day I'll also learn piano, ever wanted to do that.

What I'm trying to say is, there's more than to you than it seems to your current self, and you just gotta find it!
Nobody can help you with that, nobody will ever make you feel happy, one-sidedly.
First you have to try it yourself.

Somehow I ended up doing one of these texts again. But I really mean it, if you were around here, I'd just take you by the hand and drag you to all different kinds of places, but unfortunately I can't do that from here, so this is all I can give you.

Indigo-kun Nov 7, 2017 1:18 PM
So, you're working now?
How is it? What kind?
I'm fine, same as always. Much of work, bought a Nintendo Switch now, but still prefer VN and sometimes Final Fantasy 14. Nearly no anime.
Indigo-kun Nov 7, 2017 12:45 PM
LOL, please just give me a normal flag, to know I'm on your route. But really, I'm routing for you. :D
Really glad it helps, although I'm not really good with words.
How's your mood or motivation right now?
Playcool Oct 8, 2017 11:29 AM
I doubt it, late VN adaptations made me too skeptical about the whole deal..
Playcool Sep 16, 2017 9:03 AM
15th anniversary? And when is that?
Indigo-kun Sep 2, 2017 1:48 PM
Shitty man, I know that feel, always had trouble with my mom too, so I avoided her pretty much. But when I started working and I left we are now on good terms every time I visit. I don't see my father that often because they broke up when I was little, but I still have a bit of contact to him, and when we meet I like to talk to him too.

Now. Make up your mind. What do you want to do. What job do you want.
Optional: Search a hot asian gf. Or maybe just a nice one. Or kawaii one. Or maybe you even prefer a white or black one. Or all of them. No one would care. Do what YOU want.
Remember to stand up every time you fall. Bruce Wayne style. And that there's always someone to talk to if you're down, even if it's just me, I'll listen to you and try to give some advice if I can, because you seem like a good person, so don't waste it.
OR get a new topic to talk about, because the topic itself is kinda demotivational.

How about asian girls or pantsu.
Indigo-kun Sep 2, 2017 1:05 PM
@Playcool is pretty much true.

Well suicide, because suicide rate in Japan is pretty high. I only thought about it casually when I was younger, but I couldn't even do it, because I'm too scared, lol. So much that I wouldn't even try.
I'm not THAT frustrated, I just hate my work. :D

Yeah true, but since I always want to find something new anyways, I'll always give recommendations a try, but that doesn't mean I'll finish them all.
Life is too short, that's true. And also interests change, which is fine, too.

I can't even dream to ask my parents money for games.

I don't understand. You don't get money from them? You live alone?