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Playcool Apr 17, 9:06 AM
(this took me too long, more than I would have liked, so I didnt proofread, just say if there is something you didnt get)
But they took this long, and the creator saying it was waiting for the right one to do it... I do feel S1 was far from being bad on its later half, so I was eager to see S2, but I hate to watch airings, so I waited for it to end, to be frustated there is no S3 announced and it ends like that, FUCKING WASTE.
MLA is really popular in Japan, I dunno if they choose that shit ending cuz it was not getting good support...

The thing about corporations isnt really new, and I expected to be at least some creatives that would see it through.
Also I dont think cancel culture would work, neither we need it, we have been eating good with a lot of adaptations, Frieren and Hitorigoto, and even Mushoku Tensei.
It is just that MLA got the short end of the stick, and in the context that it took this long for it to arrive, SUCKS.
Chinese anime is full of cultivation nonsense, good luck on that, there are a few gems, but most of their hype stuff is them adapating either korean or japanese content, and considering China is a dicatorship, I dont have much faith in the future for them.

But for a long time for people living on the "West", it was stable, no true uncertainty, no major conflict, now the whole word is on fire and you are seeing the rise of totalitarism, and the USA is a great example of a society that is more and more fractured and divided.
I have not even considered how the world will be like in 20 years with global warming, lets not go there right now, and there was always conflict, but NOT LIKE THIS.
Things that we did not want to see for a long time have finally been brough back to light, the problem that Putin represents to the world (a crazy man that with the years only grown to be more paranoid and narrow minded about pursuing his goals.
China's CCP has only grown more bold, and the leadership more daring and not caring for the consequences of their actions in the world around them.

Power corrupts everyone, you can argue a few can resist, but my point is a lot of people in positions of power also had humble beginnings and lofty goals, and see where that lead to.
We are having this conversation, as the people we are right now, if we where exposed to such positions, eventually there are things we do, we would not agree with them.
We are just human beings, we are fragile inside, we are far from perfect, and in knowing this, we should build systems that regulate us and everyone around us, so we can be taken in account to our actions, and never forget what is the end goal we had all along.
Many of these systems are failing on modern society, or they were never there to begin with, if China and Russia had been exposed to democracy for a long time, the way their societies behave and think, would be far different how they are now.

People distract themselves with meaningless consumerism, because they dont have meaningful things in their lives to strive for, because it takes hard work and chance from what they do now, it requires hardship and self control.
It is a futile endeavour that will only lead to a hollow life, sure there are things we want and that bring us joy, but there is a fine line you have to drawn, you cant lose the sight of what is important and will bring you fullliment, even when you are old and look back to the life you lived.

Then you need to change yourself, dont expect others to take that step for you, if it doesnt come from you, you will never take control of your life, and you cant let others drag you down. You need to find yourself man, someone you want to be, do whatever it takes to be that person, you cant rely on others for that.
If you feel you need a community, then build it yourself (again I dunno the context), but the more you depend on the outside, and use it as excuses for things you want to achieve, the less you will achieve.

I feel you cant live your life has you have been living it any longer, if you want to be happy, despite the problems around you, it starts with you, not with others.
Gym and exercise is great to get rid of stress, but you have to understand why you are doing it, and you have to enjoy the process. When I go to the gym, I know why I go, and that it is good for me and I try to enjoy the time there, and I have goals that I pursuit that motivate me further.

"I am forced to choose between things I don't want so I choose not to chance anything because is easier." Again I have no context, but I know there is almost ways a choice, something that will give you peace of mind, when you consider the other options, you have to satisfied with what you achieved because you have given your all, that is how you are able to enjoy life, when you love yourself.
Are you satisfied with yourself? No excuses, thrown out external factors, have you done everything you possible could?

Everyone would benefit from a shrimp, I would, and to me that is totally different from those channels, I would want someone I could talk one to one, and immediatly get feedback on stuff, not searching for one talking about stuff, I know about a few channels like that, they are good, but not suited to what I would be looking for.
Neither I have any serious problems that would warrant me spending money on one, it would be a good thing, since there is no way we can possible understand ourselves fully, and the shrimp would analyze me and be rather helpful for that.

Helldivers 2 is actually a game I have played very regularly, it is a game that deserves it too, to just chill and blow up a few assholes, there is no commitment other than having fun.

You wont see me wasting my time on any MMO or game as a service, especially when I know they have predatory tactics and repetitive gameplay, if anything, outside Helldivers 2, The Division 2 is the other "MMO" that I really enjoy, but in small bursts, here and there.

I have resisted the waifuus gacha game for a long time, first I believe waifuu talk, when taking serious, is insanity and people should get a life, because even if sad and full of ups and downs, it is better than adoring some fake shit and being delusional about it.
Tried Genshin Impact before, it is a game I would see myself playing more, IF I didnt have all other more amazing and rewarding games on my backlog, so I would never priotize those over something like Genshin, UNLESS I was bored of everything, and for a bit of time needed to chill out and play something that would not engage my brain, other than my primitive male monkey brain of seeing some nice 2D chicks.

Nah, I have all mobile games, it is trash for me, most meaningful experiences are not on mobile, and when I m on my mobile, I have music to listen to, things to read and maybe reply to, things to schedule, etc. There is a whole lot of produtivity you can go with the mobile and I m either doing that or chilling with some music and reading some stuff.

Again, I have said all of the above, but also I dont have any mental health issues to bother me, nothing I know at least, I dunno how much my perspective on life would change, because when you have some of those issues, even if you know what is right, feeling it and making the effort is another deal.

Despite my failures I dont feel I have ever wasted my younger days, I was living to the best I knew, and I have changed a lot in some ways, in others too little, for what I wanted to change, but I m at peace with it all.

It is a okay to have an happy life alone, there are surely things that can fullfil you, but IMO, a life shared with the right people, will be much brighter, at least for me.
But I m not desperate to achieve such a thing, because that would only lead to emptyness, also you cant be truly happy in a relationship, if you dont like yourself.
Economic value as motivator for relationships? Sorry my dude that but is not healthy, it wouldnt be me, and I m a cheapskate with stuff, but there are things you cant put value on, and ways in which one interacts with others, in which just feels wrong to expect something good to know for you.

If you live a life of indifference to what surrounds you, you cant really call that living in my opinion.
But hey, you replied this almost an year ago? Maybe something changed for better for you? The world hasnt improved, if anything it become worst and it seems we have yet to see its final form.
Playcool Mar 18, 2023 11:55 AM
You call it an empty shell but I did like S1 for what it was, have yet to see S2 since to me it was rather odd and disappointing that they went with such an open ending for S2, like had they had not planned to do 3 seasons, wtf is this!? FUCK OFF

The world has been too crazy for too long, this is the new normal, and it is just wrong to adapt to such a thing, with the rift that is happening and the deglobalization effect due to countries like China finally revealing their true colors, the whole world is going back to what it was evolving too and should have been, it was all a lie unless regimes like the Chinese and Russian stop existing, we will never really have true peace, the last 30 years we where living under this fake peace, not realizing the true direction things were set in motion...

You can honestly consider the pursuit of finding your purpose in life so that you have no real goal, not the worst thing, it is probably very common, but you should try to change that, some answers you can't find yourself alone, our psyche can be rather vexing to work out, I would recommend a shrimp, to have someone to take to, probably help you understand yourself better, coming to terms and finding something you might want to aim for.
TBH I might for a shrimp one day just to have a long talk, he would tell me what is wrong and I would say, dunno, ask me questions and eventually you will hit on something I want to address, I m very happy now, but we all have problems and things we want to process, even when you are happier in your life, my current life is not bad, but I will hopefully find something way more meaningful with time.

I won't say any MMO is a waste of time, I at least want to experience the plotline of FF XIV for once, up to all the latest DLC and Endwalker, but I would never dedicate most of my time solely to a game ever again.

That is a trap that tons of people fall into nowadays, I also want to try Genshin Impact a bit more, but I will never spend too much time on it or money, at my core, I value single-player experiences way more than cash-grab shit online gaming has become, me and mobile games don't go hand in hand, I avoid them like the plague they are.
I learned long ago those can experiences only lead to a meaningless existence, and never have gone back.

I know a lot of people, but most of them I would say I m all too friendly with them due to the age gap, I get along with them, but that is it, there are a few cool dudes, but the friends I mostly want to spend time with would be people more from my age, and everyone is busy nowadays, but here and there we manage to meet.

Anyways, took a long time to write but here it is, how is life treating you these past few months?
Playcool Jan 20, 2023 11:18 AM
I will reply to you one day, didnt forget, just have tons of stuff in the queue and too busy right now.
Playcool May 12, 2022 11:58 AM
Been a while huh?
You know the drill (kinda short on time so I will try to make this fast, otherwise will delay replying again)

1 - MLA S1 anime is still pretty decent in the end IMO, managed to convey a lot of feels for the earlier parts of the VN.

3 - Covid situation in my country still is far from where I want it to be, for me to consider going to the gym.

If you have some cash laying around (you are quitting so you must not be that bad), why not go on a trip or something?
That will let you relax, reset your mind and came out with fresh ideas for what you want to do in your life next?

4 - I just upgraded my tablet, after 8 years, so expect my multitasking skills to grow even more during trips now.
Since nowadays you can even write notes and take pics from whatever you see on your screen (if you have a Samsung tablet, Samsung Notes is kinda amazing).

5 - So much time passed since we last talked... I got a 16TB Exos this march, for 320€, lol.
And you can expect 20TB to be a thing and be hella cheap in the future, like in 10 years, no joke, I think you will see 20TB at a great price that even you would consider going for.
So as long as you have enough HDDs for backing stuff up, you should never really need cloud service for heavy data storage.

6 - I'm never playing that sorry, but it seems like a big waste to me.
But you are not doing something productive with LoL, so how can you relax? I have not watched a lot of anime recently, but still keep my range of hobbies diverse enough, to the point I always have something to jump to if I want, IF life gives me time to do so.

I will see Gintama one day. Been on ep24-26 since 2014!

7 - I rush all the time when I m commuting, and I dislike when I m walking across the street, busy with my life, and people try to stop me, to get to spend money or something.
So I can understand some of the rush people have in their lives, but that shouldn't be the pace of your life your whole day, daily.

As for social media, I really don't care about it much, you can consider MAL a bit as social media, and look, at how active I m with my replies.

When I was working I did not have time for anything else, so not the best example, but if I had a more normal job, and were stuck to a routine, wasting my life away daily, I don't think I would make any friends outside work.

In my country, we have the habit of making small chats with others in certain situations, so it is not like we can't enjoy chatting with others.
I get your point, I m not that active either, but I still like to go to parties from time to time (going to one now after writing this).
Sometimes it is good to do something different, when life allows it, that said we cant put many expectations of what we want on others, that is a trap, it is better to just enjoy things for what they are.

Laters, dunno when I will reply back to you again, probably much sooner than last time.
DarkwindJR Jan 11, 2022 4:48 PM
Thanks for the advance greeting
Playcool Oct 22, 2021 7:56 AM
1- I got MLA TDA 1-2 on sale yesterday, 0 and 3 were on 50% as well, but I skipped those, for now, it was still too expensive IMO to get everything, considering it was 30€ for all of them, and you get like 30-40h of reading, this on 50% sale.

I plan to get to them all one day when I do a quick read to the original trilogy again, until then, not interested.
Considering we should at least get one more MLA season, and the pacing is so shit, I might return for a read to the trilogy next year since I have yet to experience the Kickstarter translation...

3 - In such a situation, while it may seem meaningless at first, you need to find and pick something, and if you dont feel like it, as long as it is not something negative, KEEP AT IT, otherwise you wont go anywhere.
Most people don't find anything they want to do with their lives, something they really are eager to and can strive for, dreams are a sweet concept that most people dont share, that is life.
It is up to you to start doing something, even if you are feeling lazy, you need to fake it at first, try to fool your brain you are eager to do something, try it, and keep at it, then the brain will follow and will engage at it.
But you need to give yourself that PUSH to do something.

Others expectations are not what matters, what matters is how you feel, that your brain is engaged, the rest will follow.
Considering what you are saying, you have been doing nothing for too long, most jobs should do, that notion you have doesn't matter, you need to get your brain engaged in something, even if it takes time for that brain to wake up.
Something is better than nothing, after you are doing something your horizons should open up, at least more than they are now.

4 - I enjoy them as much as possible, definitely better than never experiencing them, I dont have the kind of time where I can do everything I want in a day, without multitasking, there are certain tasks you should have a bigger focus on, so it be, the rest, what I can multitask, I will.

Right now I spent a good chunk of my day outside, which has its own positives and negatives, you gotta make good use of your time, otherwise, you are not going anywhere.

5 - For data storage, HHD is still the king, like backups or photos/documents, SSDs are too expensive to be worth it to data like that, that you are meant to store, not in your PC, that you will be accessing through only from time to time.
And even for inside the desktop, you wont benefit that much from having most data on an SSD, unless you are gaming, using software that will benefit from FAST reads, or doing professional work.
Purely for data storing SSD storage is still less reliable long term than HDD.

Currently, it is still not a good time to invest on any kind of PC hardware, prices are still abnormal, even outside GPUs.

6 - Not the same, from time to time I do like to play online games, as long as they have a loop that feels rewarding and doesn't feel like it is trying to exploit your wallet.
Dead by Daylight and Battlefield 4 are 2 great examples I can give you, from recently, had a blast with both on my PS5.

The problem is that you are not doing anything productive with your life, when you start doing so, when you invest and work yourself out through the day, you will need to actually relax, and the time spent doing so will be worth it.
You cant expect to feel good from relaxing, when that is the sole way you are spending your life, both times of working and times spent relaxing balance themselves out, giving you a more fulfilling life than just doing one or the other.

7 - Sometimes you need a person in front of you, that you can focus on and open to, for it to work.
Internet and doing stuff online is not always the best solution.

You realize MAL itself is also kinda like a social media platform, right?
Social media has its uses, it is useful to keep tabs on friends you have to know for a long time, connect together after a while apart, chatting with people is how I mostly use it for, anything else, waste of time.
Outside the basics I use it for, spending them there otherwise is just a waste of time and a very shallow activity, besides to chat I do use WhatsApp and discord more nowadays, but not everyone uses those, or I have their numbers.
Simlarn Oct 20, 2021 2:05 PM
Less by the day I only watch occasionally now, what a shame this adaptation is, it's like they decided to only animate the transition between every events, as it was adapted with the watcher playing the game between each episode in minds, every scene involving the main cast is skipped or seen as a few flashback picture, at this point they could've been some random character and it would've turned out the same
Simlarn Oct 13, 2021 1:34 PM
Anime is a mistake !
Playcool Jul 12, 2021 12:26 PM
Guess it is kinda late but thanks anyway, xD

1 - Did you end up watching Breaking Bad though? 10/10.
Breaking Bad will definitely be a great watch no matter at which age you watch it, just dont forget it exists (bookmark it or something).

3 - Conscious in what way? IMO the more conscious you about the true value of both the good and bad you have in your life, the more you can enjoy the good points of it.
Graduating from high school is a critical point true, and in the end, no matter what you are told, the only sound advice is that you should at least try, and pursue something, and stick to it when you find something you find the worth of your time and like enough.
It took me 6-7 years to really find my way after high school, currently, I could say, if I had taken another part, I could be liking something even more, or less.
But as I am right now, everything considered, I m pretty satisfied.

4 - Haven't even started that one, I don't watch as much anime nowadays, at least not with the same mindset.
Currently, I got a 4K 43 inch TV screen, so for the less savory shit I feel the need to get over with, I can always leave it on like 1/5 of the screen, and be productive with whatever I have to be doing on the moment on my desktop, and get shit over with.
Even easier for English movies, since I don't even need to pay as much attention, and if the thing will eventually get good for me, I will start paying more attention to it.

5 - As for HDDs go, never use as the main HDD, one WD Blue for more than a few years, like 3-4.
After a certain point, just pop them out of the desktop and keep them as backup HDDs (get a docking station).
Data loss is never fun, thankfully I got a WD Black 6TB in 2018, which is still my default HDD.
As for Windows, get an SSD solely for that and installing stuff, and if you can, get another SSD solely for games (nowadays you can get 1TB SSD for 100€).

6 - Nah, there is media content that while amazing, you really don't get much out of it in terms of life lessons, like Breaking Bad, and some you do get.
Game of Thrones, aside from last season, I never felt overall it reached me something, and that did not stop it from being top entertaining material.

7 - If you are constantly stuck in the past, it is either because you feel the memories are much better and what you have now, that sucks, or there is a certain regret you can't forget.
No one is perfect, there will always be times people will tend to look back more than they should, but at the end of it, you can't forget that life is always moving forward, no matter what.
It is okay to have regret, doubts, and look back, just don't let it prevent you from doing what you feel needs to be done "in the now".
I will never forget those that were dear to me and are gone, both the good and bad will live within me as I go by my life, is how you face it and turn it into determination to take the next step that matters.

If you would only be able to remember your worst memories, sure it would be depressing, meditation does address stuff like this, you can reset yourself and be forced to think more positive thoughts and keep at it and will feel better over time.
You can actually get sick, if you only relive bad stuff, the power of the mind goes for both ways, more so than we think...

At the end of the day, I would say a shrink can do wonders, and you don't need to be feeling really like shit or at your worst, to benefit from one.
Having someone you can talk to, and that can understand on the human mind works does certainly help I feel.
The only problem is that I don't think they are cheap at all. xD
Playcool Feb 22, 2021 9:50 AM
A bit later? I mean, at the time you replied, you would still have to wait a year for the anime itself no?
Since I think they are foreseeing a Fall 2021 release.

If you ever have the patience to watch any TV series again, watch Breaking Bad, there is only a series that I know that starts good to great, and then keeps topping itself with each season, and that is this one, it is not a joke, it is probably the best writing you can see on TV.

3 - That is the key to happiness, it came from the inside, sure they are external factors that can make you feel happy, but if you are a broken mess inside, it is not going to last, and physical stuff will only get you so far.
Really, I think you should look into meditating and the concept of mindfulness.
I think it is easier for some than others, but for the most part, I have accepted myself a long time ago, my good and lesser good parts, I mean, how can I expect others to accept me if I cant do it myself? I have to be the first doing it, IMO.

Oh yeah, you were also reading Umineko right? Been so long since you talked about it.
I think the most normal situation is people that play the VN and in the span of 1-2 years, finish it, but we both are really outside the norm for that.
Like, I started the VN in early 2015, from January to June finished ep1-4 (around 90h of reading), then it took me 2018-2019 to finally start and finish ep5-7, and after reading ep7 I still wanted to take a break and not go right away to ep8, but finish reading the manga stuff to that point, to better organize my thoughts.

I still want to finish manga ep6 and ep7, before I start ep8... beware, Umineko will challenge you, the truth of ep7 is kinda fucked up, and left me wanting for a break so that I could come to terms with ep5-6, and accept ep7.
Maybe I m being a bit dramatic, but I did come to the series with some expectations, and it definitely goes in other ways vs what I wanted and desired, and it was tough to read, in a good way, episode 7. Ep5-6, mixed feelings about it, the first being really great, till part of the end where I lost patience for 3h, but then ends great again, but that 3 h left a bitter taste.
Ep6 is where I started to conflict with the direction it goes sometimes, while also enjoying the highs, yet becoming more confused than ever.

But Ange is great, and ep3-4 were awesome (expect to see more Ange in the future).

I have been reading Oregairu LN, for what you have written, I think you will connect with it, and would take a lot of joy from reading it.
It is certainly full of personality.
That said, I think, if you read and finish Umineko, it will improve your mood, or at least, it has the possibility to be a read that will change you for the better in the end.
I learned a lot with MLA.

Rather than that, it is how our brain works, I really don't agree with that last statement, an human being would break if they were forced to relive their saddest moments all the time in their minds, so we have a mechanism to deal with that, but that doesn't mean you can run from stuff, it stays there inside, and you until you deal with it and come to terms, it will haunt you.
There are things you may never really get over, but it is important to accept that is okay, and to move on.
The mind LOVES to live in the past and in the future, things that haunt us, things we fucked up, painfully experiences... our past, connecting it to the future, to things that could go wrong, uncertainty, fears... it is our goal to tame our minds and focus in the present, live it, while making sure you learned from the past, to prepare to the future.
Your present is the sole vehicle to live and direct your life, thus it has to be the habit where your mind resides and takes action from.

Again, would really recommend you to try Meditation.
DarkwindJR Jan 19, 2021 5:44 AM
Thanks :)
Playcool Oct 4, 2020 10:05 AM
You late on the news man, been avoiding replying, cuz I had quite a lot of replies to handle.
That trailer was showed like 2-3 months ago I believe, and late last month, they shared this with people:

That countdown leading to 26 of October if memory doesn't fail me.

I never expected much from the new Trilogy, always good such to watch some nice special effects and eat popcorn, dumb fun.
Maybe at first, I m approach them with that mentality, hoping I would be surprised, but I quickly lost it when I finished the first movie, which so many people praised and I was like, are you real?!

Most of the SW I watched, was during my early childhood, as in 5-11 years old, so I don't have that strong opinion on it as some, but I really enjoyed The Revenge of the Syth, I watched it during my teenage years already, loved it, didn't become a fan of the series, but enjoyed it a lot.
I m mostly someone that just enjoys the series for what it is worth it, rather than go fanatic, don't have time, if I had, I would go fanatic about things like MLA instead, among others, to break out of the anime medium, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones (Seasons 1 to 7, fuck 8).

2 - I can't understand that though. I recently finished Cold Steel III a very long and narrative-driven game, and now I m addicted (it is the right word) to No Man Sky on PC, a game that focuses much more on gameplay, it is rare that I enjoy games with almost no plot and solely for gameplay, and I m certain games like Fortnite, LoL, Minecraft or Terraria is not for me, I tried, don't like them, nothing drives me to keep it up.
NMS on the other hand, what a surprise and come back, suddenly I don't mind there isn't much plot, there is still some mystery, and the gameplay is just 10/10.
The fact that you can have an "open-world" game, where the scale is this insane, wow.
I mean, I don't see any loading while on a space system, sure there is a lot of voids, but man, you just get excited like a little kid when you realize you can explore all those planets, and their scale.
Sure it is randomly generated, but they have improved it a lot, there is so much diversity and color now, the game has quite a lot of mechanics, I enjoy good crafting and making your own adventure, loved Subnautica, love exploring games done right, the depth of No Man Sky is insane, I can easily see how people can spend thousands of hours here, plus there is now proper multiplayer.

Want a game you will love to play, and not hate to, watch this:

Everyone gave ALOT of SHIT on this game for a good reason, but if there was ever the greatest story of Redemption in gaming, this is it!

3 - Don't worry about it to the point you let if affect you in a negative light, you have to understand this goes out to everyone else, and even if to you they seem to be living the life, fun, friends, party, to some point that may be real, but a lot of people show shove it around to you, like the BIG dick they have, they want others to see (disgusting), to hide their own shallowness, you can never enjoy life to the fullest if you are not able to feel good for what you are, if right now you don't feel good, try to become someone you want to be, just don't go overboard, love yourself, and take joy on the little things you have, and strive to become someone that can look yourself in the mirror and feel proud of, do that and you will live a life you won't regret.
It is so simple and sounds so easy right? Yeah.
But I guarantee you if you work on with step by step, you won't regret it when you look back.

I say this to yourself, as well to myself and to everyone else, we tend to forget it, so it is always good to recall and don't lose faith, gambete~~
Playcool Apr 20, 2020 10:10 AM
Happens to everyone, but usually, if you can manage to go back to the chrome page you wrote it, it should have saved that text there man.

I was never hyped for the new Star Wars movies coming out since from the beginning it felt more like a cash grab than anything else, from Disney's part.

1 -
Did you mean that? I will give it a try sometime.
I think your best bet, other than seeking help online, is consulting a shrink, there is no shame in that, even I would do it without suffering severely from something in particular, just because we all are human, and have things to deal with, and having someone there that understands how we work and to get around the corners and obstacles of our mind, is just a very invaluable experience, that said, I don't think I have the sort of money for that, and it is not an extreme necessity right now.
But in the days we live at if you have the money, when not try to resort to some online shrink? I think there are quite a lot of consulting websites out there that could really help you, you just need to give that step forward.

2 - Couldn't be the best opportunity for you, give it a try. xD
Feels very surreal, but I won't complain much, I have it easy and most of the family and people I m in contact with aren't experiencing a lot of the negatives either.
You just need to bring out the best of this extra-long stay at home.
I have been nailing over 100 hours in CS III already, meanwhile finished other games, TV series, projects and some studying, also going out to jog here and there makes it more bearable to say inside the rest of the time.

3 - I think there is a fine thin line that separates the sane from the insane.
That said, you do need to experience some heavy trauma, or just been born really fucked, to cross that line, but when you do, and you keep crossing between both boundaries, your brain is really your biggest enemy, and if you can control yourself, channel your thoughts to what matters, and gather the necessary will to take action and take it till the end, you will have a much more productive life.
But taking control of our desires and thoughts isn't that easy at all, that said, the best kind of development you can achieve is when you focus on developing your inner self since everything else sprouts from there.

In the end, knowledge is power, but too much knowledge without the proper self-discipline may only bring harm, they say some genius has it really hard, but someones you need to know, open your eyes, awake from blindness, process it and have the clarity of mind to learn from it rather than letting that information bring you harm.
I m sure there is stuff we can blind ourselves towards, but if it is something that is harming us or others we care for, we should face the trust, take responsibility, otherwise, the situation will not change, sure there are things that are meaningless, but there is stuff that matter way more than we would like to think, and we only realize the importance when it is too late, so in the end, you should aim for removing all the unnecessary noise/thoughts out of your mind and focus on what matters, there are thing that matter, a lot mate, realize what they are for you, before it is too late to change, because no one else will be able to do it for you.
Playcool Feb 7, 2020 7:44 AM
I was following the stream at the time, at least the later part of it.
Mildly excited I would say, for both, since we don't yet know the studios doing the adaptation (would hype more if Sunrise), and a sequel to MLA, with a new different MC, could be great or end in failure.

1 - The brain likes to overcomplicate things, sometimes you just have to man up and do what needs to be done, AND not let yourself distracted by things that don't really matter.

2 - You should contact a shrink IMO. I don't think you need to be in a pinch to use one, any healthy human being would benefit one from time to time if it was expensive that is.

3 - I actually prefer to be older vs when I was a child, unaware of the scope of the world surrounding me, they say ignorance is a bliss, but I prefer to stay aware and treasure the understanding that comes with adulthood staying as child forever would suck, there is so much more you can do later on in your life.
Playcool Sep 18, 2019 5:34 AM
1 - That is not what you rely want then, you are just trying to always find something new, you get bored of anything too fast, no matter the quality or advantages... you need to fix this, definitly not something that will help with in the future.
You need to find what you really want to do, something that WILL make you fullfiled inside out, not some fake shit that just gives you thrills and illudes you for a shortwhile.

2 - Think I saw that video before, cant now, on class xD
That was random lol (dunno what is that either)
The world is a cruel place, dont expect salvation at another hands, you either get it with your hands or you are always waiting for it, while your life gets worst and worst, until you meet your end.
If you keep going at this, either something really drastic happens and you manage to change your mindset for better, or you lose yourself forever... have you considered a shrimp?
I m sure you are not alone in feeling like you do, and there is a trick for it, because thank god we humans are similiar and present for the most part a somehow preditable path of though and reacting, which in itself helps your learn from others mistakes, and controls us, avoiding giving in fully to our strongest emotions... it is no shame consulting a shrimp, in fact even though I m not that bad myself, I would like to have one, someone I could take with and learn more about myself and what I can do.
ALSO this is a great, which works.
I need it awhile ago, that is my personality traits, being able to better identify yours, put it on paper and knowing the weakness and the strong points, along consels to leave with this personally, could help you alot.

3 - Well, I m not as agressive on that kind of though as you expressed yourself... I guess it wouldnt be easier to make friends when you are older, alone and working on a job you dont like, neither identify yourself with any of your colleges, it must be really hard, which is why you need to something else, in preference something that puts you outside more, for starters, and let things flow from there.

4 - Steins;Gate0 indeed awesome, for everything it represents and how it had to live to its name.
I dont think so, FSN is much more digestable and enjoyable from the start, that VN is really easy to start reading and immediatly creating interest on you.
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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